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...for In a Wicked Age

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1,A prestigious monastery, home to an order of warrior ascetics. 1,An ancient sage, preparing to train his final pupil. 1,A rebellious student, about to take precipitous action before he is truly ready. 1,The crumbling ruins of a once-proud temple, now forgotten and abandoned. 1,A troupe of traveling actors and acrobats, hiding fugitives in their midst. 1,An oppressive warlord, scouring the countryside for imagined enemies. 1,The lovely daughter of a rice-farmer, pursued by suitors above her station. 1,A deadly assassin, skilled in the technique of the Death Touch. 1,The mighty Emperor himself, whom no person is permitted to approach. 1,A brother & sister, separated at birth and raised in very different circumstances, soon to meet once more. 1,A courtesan, troubled by the terrible events of her past. 1,A mountain fortress, cunningly defended, but vulnerable to treachery from within. 1,A legendary weapon, presented as tribute to a great ruler. 1,A vast conquering army, darkening the plain with their numbers, and shaking the earth with their marching tread. 1,A Court Judge, traveling with his wives and entourage, seeking refuge from a sudden storm. 1,An aging recluse, the last master of a powerful martial technique. 1,A rabble-rouser and rebel, pursued by Imperial troops. 1,A team of martial artists, each specializing in a different school -- and each sworn to be the individual who slays their mutual foe. 1,A country bumpkin, easily taken advantage of by shrewder folk. 1,A master calligrapher, who knows all the ancient forms of the character for 'sword'. 1,A vengeful woman, betrayed by her lover and her serving-girl. 1,A pearl of great value, found by a simple fisherman. 1,A haunted site, where the ghosts reenact their grisly murders. 1,An officer in the army, sworn to do his duty despite his misgivings. 1,A swordsman from a distant province, concealing his broken heart behind a stern visage. 1,A child, born in circumstances matching a heretical prophecy. 1,A contest of skill, which suddenly turns deadly. 1,A supernatural creature, yearning to become human. 1,The denizens of a small town, their spirits crushed by oppressive taxes. 1,A supernatural weapon, thirsting for blood. 1,A girl with green eyes, kidnapped to be the bride of an immortal sorcerer. 1,A foreigner, outlandish in dress and manners, trying to recover his lost property. 1,A secret martial arts tournament, where the penalty for failure is death. 1,A duel between chosen champions, before the walls of a besieged city. 1,The Five Elemental Lords, taking human form in order to settle an idle wager. 1,An animist sorcerer, living alone and wild in the forest. 1,The various suitors of a great lord's daughter, tasked with an impossible mission in order to win her hand. 1,A fox-spirit, tricking and deceiving everyone she meets. 1,A member of the Celestial Bureaucracy, in charge of balancing the world's positive and negative Chi. 1,An exorcist, conducting a group of Hopping Vampires back to their graves in a far province. 1,An outcast god, searching the land for a sacred manuscript that has been lost for ages. 1,A wise hermit, master of an unusual and difficult martial art, looking for the proper student to teach before he dies. 1,A delinquent son, unable to live up to his father's expectations. 1,Self-serving aristocrats, angry at a mysterious thief who has been robbing them without a sound or trace. 1,The student of a great master, who suddenly achieves enlightenment. 1,A site where wicked ghosts gather and dance. 1,A winsome girl, sweet-tempered and too innocent for the company she keeps. 1,A contemplative garden, weeded and raked by a singularly ill-tempered old man. 1,A tiny noodle shop, warm with steam, frequented by insular neighborhood regulars. 1,A lovely female assassin, her mystically prehensile hair wound and pinned into an elaborate coiffure. 1,Steel blades flying out of the night, missing their target by scant inches. 1,An exotic weapon, bearer of legends, revered by many; stolen by one. </sgtable>