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<sgdisplay iterations="25">[main]</sgdisplay>



1,[articlechance][title] [adjective] 2,[articlechance][article] [moniker] 6,[articlechance][propernamefirst] [propernamelast] 5,[articlechance][adjective] [propernamefirst] 2,[articlechance][adjective] [moniker] 2,[articlechance][moniker] [propernamefirst] 2,[articlechance][moniker] [porpernamelast] 2,[articlechance][adjective] [propernamefirst] [propernamelast] 1,[articlechance][moniker] [propernamefirst] [propernamelast] 1,[rank] [moniker] 1,[rank] [adjective] 1,[moniker] [adjective] [propernamefirst] 1,[moniker] [adjective] [propernamefirst] [propernamelast] 1,[rank] [propernamefirst] [propernamelast]


12,The 2,El 1,Le 1,Der


1,Abominable 1,Adorable 1,Amazing 1,Amber 3,American 1,Angel 1,Angry 1,Animal 1,Astonishing 1,Audacious 1,Avenging 2,Awesome 2,Bad 2,Beautiful 2,Big 1,Beast 1,Bionic 1,Bizarre 2,Black 1,Bloody 1,Blue 1,Bold 1,Brave 1,Brilliant 1,Bronze 1,Brown 1,Brutal 1,Brute 1,Bullet 1,Callous 1,Captivating 1,Charismatic 1,Chocolate 1,Colossal 1,Cool 1,Courageous 1,Crazy 1,Crimson 1,Cyber 1,Dancing 1,Dangerous 1,Dapper 1,Daring 1,Dark 1,Darling 1,Dazzling 1,Deadly 1,Demonic 1,Devious 1,Diamond 1,Dirty 1,Dread 2,Ebony 1,Electric 1,Electrifying 1,Emerald 1,Enigmatic 1,Evil 1,Exceptional 1,Extraordinary 1,Extreme 1,Fabulous 1,Famous 1,Fancy 1,Fantastic 1,Fearsome 1,Ferocious 1,Flying 1,Glorious 1,Golden 1,Great 1,Green 1,Grim 1,Handsome 1,Hippie 1,Hot 1,Humongous 1,Incredible 1,Infamous 1,Insane 1,Iron 1,Ivory 1,Jade 1,Jumping 1,Kamikaze 1,Killing 1,Leaping 1,Legendary 1,Lethal 1,Lone 1,Lucky 1,Macho 1,Mad 1,Magic 1,Magnificent 1,Marvelous 1,Masked 1,Mean 1,Million-Dollar 1,Mysterious 1,Mystic 1,Naughty 1,Notorious 1,Occultist 1,Patriot 1,Perfect 1,Phenomenal 1,Pink 1,Powerful 1,Quick 1,Rampaging 1,Ravishing 1,Red 1,Remarkable 1,Rowdy 1,Ruthless 1,Savage 1,Scarlet 1,Sexy 1,Shocking 1,Silver 1,Slick 1,Spectacular 1,Star-Spangled 1,Steel 1,Strange 1,Stunning 1,Super 1,Terrific 1,Tough 1,Treacherous 2,Ultimate 1,Unstoppable 1,Vicious 1,Weird 1,White 1,Wild 1,Wonderful 1,Yuppie 1,Xenophobic 1,Zany


3,Mr. 1,Ms. 1,Mrs. 1,Dr. 1,El 1,La


1,Ace 1,Bonecrusher 1,Conqueror 1,Destroyer 1,Enforcer 1,Equalizer 1,Executioner 1,Fascist 1,Felon 1,Grappler 1,Hitman 1,Hot 1,Iceman 1,Jackhammer 1,Killer 1,Machine 1,Manhunter 1,Nightmare 1,Ninja 1,Ogre, 1,Playboy 1,Predator 1,Professor 1,Punisher 1,Quizzman 1,Raver 1,Skullcrusher 1,Terror 1,Tower 1,Undertaker 1,Viking 1,Wizard 1,X-man 1,Yodler 1,Zap-man, 2,[moniker2]


1,Anvil 1,Assassin 1,Ax 1,Badger 1,Bear 1,Blade 1,Bomb 1,Bull 1,Celtic Nightmare 1,Cockroach 1,Dragon 1,Dumpster 1,Eagle 1,Fang 1,Ferret 1,Gator 1,Hammer 1,Jackal 1,Kangaroo 1,Lion 1,Nature Boy 1,Noose 1,Panther 1,Piranha 1,Rat 1,Raven 1,Razor 1,Rhino 1,Sabre 1,Scorpion 1,Shark 1,Snake 1,Spider 1,Spike 1,Tiger 1,Uzi 1,Wolf 1,Wolverine


1,Agent 1,Admiral 1,Ambassador 1,Archbishop 1,Archduke 1,Baron 1,Baroness 1,Bishop 1,Brother 1,Cadet 1,Caliph 5,Captain 1,Kapitan 1,Chancellor 1,Chief 1,Colonel 1,Commander 1,Commissioner 1,Commodore 1,Comrade 1,Contessa 1,Count 1,Countess 1,Count Von 1,Czar 1,Czarina 1,Detective 4,Doctor 1,Duchess 1,Duke 1,Earl 1,Emir 1,Emperor 1,Ensign 1,Father 1,Frau 1,General 1,Governor 1,Herr 1,Herzog 1,Inspector 1,Judge 1,Kaiser 1,King 1,La Femme 3,Lady 1,Lieutenant 1,Lord 1,Major 1,Maestro 1,Maharajah 1,Marquess 1,Marshall 1,Master 1,Mighty 3,Miss 1,Monsignor 3,Mr. 2,Ms. 1,Nurse 1,Officer 1,Pope 1,President 1,Prince 1,Princess 2,Professor 1,Rabbi 1,Rajah 1,Sheriff 1,Sergeant 1,Senator 1,Señor 1,Señora 1,Sensei 1,Shah 1,Sir 1,Sister 1,Sultan 1,Supremo 1,Viscount 2,[Ranks and Titles.Rank]


1,Adam 1,Annie 1,Andy 1,Barry 1,Ben 1,Betty 1,Bonnie 1,Bob 1,Cassidy 1.Charles 1,Christoper 1,Chris 1,Dan 1,David 1,Donald 1,Eric 1,Eve 1,Fran 1,Frank 1,George 1.Greg 1,Hank 1.Harry 1,Henry 1,Holly 1.Issac 1,Jack 1,Jane 1,Jasper 1,Jerry 1,Jill 1,Jim 1,Joe 1,John 1,Juliet 1,Kevin 1,Larry 1,Michael 1,Nick 1,Omar 1,Paul 1,Pete 1,Quincy 1,Randy 1,Romeo 1,Sally 1,Sam 1,Sara 1,Sarah 1,Sean 1,Scotty 1,Shawn 1,Steve 1,Tarka 1,Tommy 1,Tony 1,Thomas 1,Victor 1,Will 1,Xavier 1,Yohan 1,Zeke


1,Anderson 1,Brown 1,Burton 1,Casey 1,Cooper 1,Crosby 1,DeFalco 1,Donaldson 1,Erickson 1,Evans 1,Felton 1,Freeman 1,Gordon 1,Gunther 1,Hansen 1,Harrison 1,Isely 1,Johanson 1,Johnson 1,Kendall 1,Kincade 1,Lane 1,McTavish 1,Mitchell 1,Nixon 1,O'Leary 1,Peterson 1,Quilleran 1,Rogers 1,Stevens 1,Thompson 1,Unger 1,Vanhorn 1,Williams 1,Xyles 1,Yale 1,Zartan



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