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<sgdisplay iterations="1">Quotations from the [Book] of [BookAdj] [BookNoun]


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1,[Demonstrative1] [Noun1] [Verb1] the [Noun2] of [Demonstrative2] [Adjective1] [Noun3]. 1,[Question1] [Noun1] be the [Noun2] of [Demonstrative2] [Adjective1] [Noun3]? 1,A [Noun1] [Verb1] [Noun2]: [LeadIn1] [Adjective1] [Noun3]. 1,[Demonstrative3] [Adjective1] [Noun3] [Verb1] [Demonstrative2] [Noun2]. 1,[Demonstrative3] [Adjective1] [Noun3] [Verb1] [Demonstrative2] [Noun2] which [Verb1] the [Adjective1] [Noun1]. 1,[Demonstrative4] [Noun4] [Verb1] the [Noun2] of [Demonstrative2] [Adjective1] [Noun3].


1,Apocrypha 5,Book 3,Chants 5,Codex 1,Diary 1,Fragment 1,Forbidden Text 1,Grimoire 3,History 1,Holy Book 1,Inscriptions 1,Last Testament 1,Letters 1,Lost Wisdom 1,Manuscript 3,Pages 1,Palimpsest 1,Papyrus 1,Parables 3,Prayer 3,Prophecies 1,Sacred Texts 5,Sayings 5,Scroll 3,Song 1,Stone Tablets 5,Sutra 5,Teachings 2,Tome 3,Words 2,Writings


1,Abiding 1,Accustomed 1,Active 1,Adulatory 1,Adumbral 1,Aerial 1,Affable 1,Affected 1,Affecting 1,Ageless 1,Aggressive 1,Agreeable 1,Airy 1,All-Consuming 1,All-Embracing 1,All-Inclusive 1,All-Powerful 1,Almighty 1,Aloof 1,Amaranthine 1,Amenable 1,Amiable 1,Amicable 1,Angered 1,Angry 1,Animated 1,Anxious 1,Apathetic 1,Ardent 1,Argent 1,Arid 1,Aroused 1,Assured 1,Auroral 1,Austral 1,Authoritarian 1,Avid 1,Backward 1,Base 1,Beaming 1,Belligerent 1,Benevolent 1,Benign 1,Benignant 1,Black 1,Blatant 1,Blazing 1,Blinding 1,Blistering 1,Blue 1,Boiling 1,Bosky 1,Boundless 1,Brazen 1,Breezy 1,Bright 1,Brilliant 1,Broiling 1,Brown 1,Burning 1,Burnished 1,Calescent 1,Callous 1,Calm 1,Carefree 1,Careless 1,Casual 1,Cautious 1,Ceaseless 1,Celestial 1,Ceremonious 1,Changeable 1,Chimerical 1,Choice 1,Choleric 1,Civil 1,Clarion 1,Clear 1,Clement 1,Cloudy 1,Cold 1,Collected 1,Colorless 1,Combustible 1,Comforting 1,Compassionate 1,Complacent 1,Complaisant 1,Complimentary 1,Concerned 1,Conciliatory 1,Concise 1,Confident 1,Considerate 1,Consistent 1,Constant 1,Contemplative 1,Contented 1,Conventional 1,Convulsive 1,Cool 1,Corrupt 1,Coruscating 1,Cosmic 1,Cosmopolitan 1,Covered 1,Crazed 1,Crimson 1,Cruel 1,Cultivated 1,Cumbrous 1,Cunning 1,Cursory 1,Curtailed 1,Dainty 1,Dark 1,Dazzling 1,Dead 1,Deathless 1,Debased 1,Debauched 1,Decadent 1,Decalescent 1,Decalescent 1,Decayed 1,Decaying 1,Deceptive 1,Declining 1,Decorous 1,Decrepit 1,Deep 1,Deferential 1,Degenerate 1,Degenerated 1,Degraded 1,Deliberate 1,Delicate 1,Delirious 1,Demanding 1,Demeaned 1,Demulcent 1,Demure 1,Depraved 1,Depressed 1,Desirous 1,Detached 1,Deteriorated 1,Devout 1,Diffident 1,Dignified 1,Dim 1,Disciplined 1,Dispassioned 1,Disinterested 1,Dispassionate 1,Dispirited 1,Disreputable 1,Dissipated 1,Dissolute 1,Distant 1,Distraught 1,Disturbing 1,Docile 1,Domesticated 1,Dreary 1,Dull 1,Dusky 1,Eager 1,Earnest 1,Earthly 1,Easeful 1,Easy 1,Ecstatic 1,Ecumenical 1,Effete 1,Efficacious 1,Effortless 1,Effulgent 1,Eloquent 1,Elusive 1,Emerald 1,Emollient 1,Emotional 1,Emotionless 1,Empty 1,Empyrean 1,Enduring 1,Energetic 1,Enervated 1,Enfeebled 1,Enlightened 1,Enthused 1,Enthusiastic 1,Ephemeral 1,Equable 1,Equanimous 1,Equitable 1,Eremitic 1,Erotic 1,Errant 1,Erratic 1,Erudite 1,Eulogistic 1,Evading 1,Evanescent 1,Everlasting 1,Evil 1,Excitable 1,Exhausted 1,Expressive 1,Exquisite 1,Fading 1,Failing 1,Faint 1,Fallen 1,False 1,Fanciful 1,Favorable 1,Febrile 1,Feculent 1,Feeble 1,Fervent 1,Fervid 1,Fevered 1,Feverish 1,Feverous 1,Fierce 1,Fiery 1,Finite 1,Fixed 1,Flagitious 1,Flaming 1,Flaring 1,Flashing 1,Fleeting 1,Flexible 1,Flickering 1,Florid 1,Fluctuating 1,Fluorescent 1,Flushed 1,Flustered 1,Forbearant 1,Forbearing 1,Forceful 1,Forgiving 1,Formal 1,Fragile 1,Frail 1,Frantic 1,Frenzied 1,Frigid 1,Fugacious 1,Fugitive 1,Fulgent 1,Fulgid 1,Fuming 1,Furious 1,Garish 1,Gaudy 1,Genial 1,Genteel 1,Gentle 1,Glaring 1,Gleaming 1,Glistening 1,Glittering 1,Gloomy 1,Glorious 1,Glossy 1,Glowing 1,Gold 1,Golden 1,Good 1,Gradual 1,Grave 1,Green 1,Halcyon 1,Hardened 1,Harmonious 1,Harsh 1,Hasty 1,Headlong 1,Heartfelt 1,Heartless 1,Hearty 1,Heated 1,Heavy 1,Hectic 1,Honorable 1,Hostile 1,Humane 1,Humble 1,Humid 1,Hungry 1,Hurried 1,Hushed 1,Hyped 1,Idle 1,Igneous 1,Ignitable 1,Ignited 1,Illimitable 1,Illuminated 1,Illumined 1,Illusory 1,Imaginary 1,Immaterial 1,Immemorial 1,Immoral 1,Immortal 1,Immutable 1,Impalpable 1,Impassible 1,Impassioned 1,Impassive 1,Imperceptible 1,Imperishable 1,Imperturbable 1,Imperturbable 1,Impetuous 1,Imponderable 1,Impulsive 1,Inactive 1,Inanimate 1,Inappreciable 1,Inaudible 1,Incandescent 1,Incensed 1,Incessant 1,Inclement 1,Inconsiderable 1,Inconspicuous 1,Incorporeal 1,Incurious 1,Indestructible 1,Indifferent 1,Indiscernible 1,Indistinct 1,Indistinguishable 1,Indolent 1,Indulgent 1,Indurate 1,Industrious 1,Ineffectual 1,Inequitable 1,Inert 1,Inexpressible 1,Inexpressive 1,Infamous 1,Infinite 1,Infinitesimal 1,Infirm 1,Inflamed 1,Informal 1,Inscrutable 1,Insensible 1,Insignificant 1,Insipid 1,Insouciant 1,Inspired 1,Inspiring 1,Instantaneous 1,Insusceptible 1,Intangible 1,Intense 1,Interesting 1,Interminable 1,Invisible 1,Irascible 1,Irenic 1,Iron 1,Irradiant 1,Irradiated 1,Irregular 1,Irrepressible 1,Irresponsible 1,Irritable 1,Isolated 1,Jejune 1,Judicious 1,Keen 1,Kind 1,Lackadaisical 1,Lambent 1,Languid 1,Lasting 1,Laudatory 1,Lazy 1,Lenient 1,Lenitive 1,less 1,Level 1,Levelheaded 1,Liberal 1,Lifeless 1,Light 1,Lighted 1,Limpid 1,Listless 1,Lively 1,Loud 1,Low 1,Low-Key 1,Low-Pressure 1,Lucent 1,Lukewarm 1,Luminous 1,Lumpy 1,Lustrous 1,Lusty 1,Mad 1,Maddened 1,Magnificent 1,Manageable 1,Mean 1,Measured 1,Medium 1,Meek 1,Mellow 1,Melodramatic 1,Merciful 1,Meretricious 1,Metaphysical 1,Meteoric 1,Methodical 1,Mighty 1,Mild 1,Misanthropic 1,Miscreant 1,Moderate 1,Modest 1,Mollifying 1,Momentary 1,Monotonous 1,Moonlit 1,Moral 1,Moribund 1,Mortal 1,Motionless 1,Moving 1,Murky 1,Murmuring 1,Muted 1,Nefarious 1,Neglectful 1,Negligent 1,Nervous 1,Neurotic 1,Neutral 1,Neutralist 1,Never-Ending 1,Nonbelligerent 1,Nonchalant 1,Nonviolent 1,Nothing 1,Numbed 1,Obeisant 1,Obliging 1,Obsolete 1,Offhand 1,Omnipotent 1,Omnipresent 1,Orange 1,Orderly 1,Over 1,Overripe 1,Overruling 1,Overwrought 1,Pacific 1,Pacificator 1,Pacifist 1,Pacifistic 1,Panegyric 1,Panic-Stricken 1,Paradisiacal 1,Paramount 1,Parched 1,Parching 1,Passing 1,Passionate 1,Passionless 1,Pastoral 1,Patient 1,Peaceable 1,Peaceful 1,Peace-Loving 1,Pellucid 1,Perennial 1,Perfervid 1,Permanent 1,Permissive 1,Perpetual 1,Perspicacious 1,Perverted 1,Philosophical 1,Phlegmatic 1,Phosphorescent 1,Pious 1,Placatory 1,Placid 1,Planetary 1,Pleasant 1,Pleased 1,Pleasing 1,Pliable 1,Poignant 1,Poised 1,Polished 1,Possessed 1,Powerful 1,Powerless 1,Precipitate 1,Pre-Eminent 1,Prim 1,Private 1,Profound 1,Proper 1,Proud 1,Quickened 1,Quiescent 1,Quiet 1,Quieted 1,Rabid 1,Radiant 1,Raging 1,Rampant 1,Raving 1,Reasonable 1,Reclusive 1,Reconciled 1,Red 1,Refined 1,Refulgent 1,Regenerate 1,Regular 1,Relaxed 1,Relentless 1,Religious 1,Remote 1,Reposeful 1,Reposing 1,Repressed 1,Reserved 1,Resplendent 1,Responsive 1,Restful 1,Restrained 1,Reticent 1,Retired 1,Retiring 1,Retrograde 1,Retrogressive 1,Rhapsodic 1,Robust 1,Romantic 1,Rotten 1,Rough 1,Rousing 1,Routine 1,Ruffled 1,Ruling 1,Sagacious 1,Sanguine 1,Sapphire 1,Satisfied 1,Scalding 1,Scintillating 1,Scorched 1,Scorching 1,Screened 1,Searing 1,Secluded 1,Secret 1,Secretive 1,Sedate 1,Seemly 1,Seething 1,Self-Assured 1,Self-Contained 1,Self-Controlled 1,Self-Indulgent 1,Self-Possessed 1,Sensible 1,Sensitive 1,Sensuous 1,Sentimental 1,Sequestered 1,Serene 1,Serious 1,Severe 1,Shaded 1,Shadowed 1,Shadowy 1,Sheltered 1,Shifting 1,Shimmering 1,Shining 1,Shiny 1,Silent 1,Silver 1,Silvery 1,Sincere 1,Sinking 1,Sizzling 1,Slight 1,Slothful 1,Sluggish 1,Smiling 1,Smooth 1,Sober 1,Sociable 1,Solemn 1,Solitary 1,Somber 1,Soothing 1,Soundless 1,Sovereign 1,Sparkling 1,Spasmodic 1,Spectacular 1,Spirited 1,Spiritless 1,Splendid 1,Splendiferous 1,Splendorous 1,Spoiled 1,Stabile 1,Stable 1,Stagnant 1,Staid 1,Standstill 1,Static 1,Stationary 1,Steady 1,Stifling 1,Still 1,Stimulated 1,Stimulating 1,Stirring 1,Stoic 1,Stoical 1,Stolid 1,Stoned 1,Storm 1,Stormy 1,Strong 1,Subdued 1,Sublime 1,Submissive 1,Subservient 1,Subtle 1,Sudden 1,Sultry 1,Summary 1,Sunny 1,Superb 1,Suppressed 1,Supreme 1,Sweltering 1,Sympathetic 1,Systematic 1,Taciturn 1,Tame 1,Self-Taught 1,Tawdry 1,Temperate 1,Tempered 1,Tempestuous 1,Temporary 1,Tender 1,Tense 1,Tenuous 1,Tepid 1,Terrestrial 1,Thoughtful 1,Threatening 1,Thrilling 1,Timeless 1,Tireless 1,Together 1,Tolerant 1,Torpid 1,Torrid 1,Tractable 1,Tranquil 1,Transient 1,Transitory 1,Trifling 1,Trivial 1,Tropic 1,Tropical 1,Troubled 1,Turbulent 1,Turned-On 1,Twinkling 1,Ubiquitous 1,Umbrageous 1,Unaffected 1,Unanimated 1,Unanimous 1,Unapproachable 1,Unassuming 1,Unbalanced 1,Unbroken 1,Uncaring 1,Unceasing 1,Unchanging 1,Unclouded 1,Unconcerned 1,Uncontrollable 1,Uncontrolled 1,Uncritical 1,Undemanding 1,Undemonstrative 1,Undisturbed 1,Undying 1,Unemotional 1,Unending 1,Unenthusiastic 1,Unequal 1,Uneventful 1,Unexcitable 1,Unexcitable 1,Unexcited 1,Unexciting 1,Unfading 1,Unfeeling 1,Unfeigned 1,Unflappable 1,Unfluctuating 1,Unflustered 1,Unfrequented 1,Unhealthy 1,Unhurried 1,Uniform 1,Unimpressed 1,Uninhibited 1,Unmoved 1,Unnerved 1,Unperturbed 1,Unreal 1,Unremitting 1,Unresponsive 1,Unrestrained 1,Unruffled 1,Unstable 1,Unstaring 1,Unstirred 1,Unsubstantial 1,Unsympathetic 1,Untroubled 1,Unvarying 1,Unworried 1,Uproarious 1,Usual 1,Vacillating 1,Vacuous 1,Vague 1,Vanishing 1,Vapid 1,Variable 1,Vehement 1,Vicious 1,Vigorous 1,Villainous 1,Violent 1,Virtuous 1,Vital 1,Vivacious 1,Vivid 1,Volatile 1,Wandering 1,Wanton 1,Warm 1,Warmhearted 1,Warring 1,Wary 1,Wasted 1,Waveless 1,Weak 1,Whispering 1,White 1,Wholehearted 1,Wicked 1,Wild 1,Windless 1,Wooden 1,Worried 1,Worsening 1,Yellow 1,Zealous


1,Adoration 1,Adulation 1,Aeons 1,Affirmation 1,Ages 1,Alchemy 1,Allegiance 1,Allotment 1,Allurement 1,Amity 1,Annihilation 1,Appearance 1,Appreciation 1,Ardency 1,Ardor 1,Arrangement 1,Articulation 1,Assertion 1,Assurance 1,Astrology 1,Attachment 1,Attainment 1,Augury 1,Being 1,Bereavement 1,Bewitchment 1,Births 1,Breath 1,Burdens 1,Ceremonies 1,Cessation 1,Chance 1,Charms 1,Chronology 1,Circumstance 1,Colloquy 1,Commandments 1,Commands 1,Commitment 1,Communication 1,Complication 1,Concepts 1,Condition 1,Conduct 1,Confabulation 1,Confession 1,Configuration 1,Conformation 1,Conjuring 1,Conjure 1,Consciousness 1,Consequence 1,Content 1,Continuance 1,Conveyance 1,Convention 1,Corporeality 1,Creatures 1,Custom 1,Darkness 1,Declaration 1,Decrees 1,Delay 1,Delight 1,Demise 1,Departure 1,Design 1,Designations 1,Destruction 1,Devilry 1,Devotion 1,Diabolism 1,Dictates 1,Directive 1,Discourse 1,Dissolution 1,Distress 1,Divination 1,Dread 1,Duration 1,Edicts 1,Elements 1,Embodiment 1,Emergency 1,Emotion 1,Enchantment 1,Ending 1,Endurance 1,Energy 1,Engagement 1,Enlightenment 1,Enthusiasm 1,Entities 1,Esprit 1,Essence 1,Eternity 1,Evidence 1,Exigency 1,Existence 1,Exorcism 1,Expectancy 1,Expectation 1,Experience 1,Extent 1,Extinction 1,Faith 1,Fascination 1,Fatality 1,Fervor 1,Fidelity 1,Flame 1,Flesh 1,Foreboding 1,Form 1,Formation 1,Formulae 1,Future 1,Generation 1,Grievance 1,Growth 1,Happiness 1,Harmony 1,Hate 1,Heart 1,Histories 1,History 1,Honor 1,Idolatry 1,Illusion 1,Illusions 1,Import 1,Importance 1,Impulse 1,Incantations 1,Infection 1,Infinity 1,Influence 1,Injunction 1,Instance 1,Instant 1,Interlude 1,Interval 1,Journeys 1,Juncture 1,Knowledge 1,Lastingness 1,Law 1,Life 1,Living 1,Logic 1,Longevity 1,Loss 1,Love 1,Magnitude 1,Mandate 1,Manifestation 1,Manner 1,Manners 1,Material 1,Maturation 1,Meaning 1,Methods 1,Modes 1,Mortality 1,Motive 1,Nascence 1,Nature 1,Necessitude 1,Necessity 1,Necromancy 1,Necrosis 1,Needs 1,Nonexistence 1,Oaths 1,Obliteration 1,Oblivion 1,Occasion 1,Occultism 1,Occurrences 1,Opening 1,Opportunity 1,Order 1,Paradise 1,Parting 1,Passing 1,Passion 1,Patterns 1,Pause 1,Periods 1,Perplexity 1,Phenomena 1,Piety 1,Pilgrimages 1,Placement 1,Power 1,Practices 1,Precepts 1,Prediction 1,Presage 1,Presence 1,Procedure 1,Proceeding 1,Process 1,Processes 1,Promise 1,Prophecy 1,Proportion 1,Propriety 1,Protocols 1,Purport 1,Questions 1,Quietus 1,Rapture 1,Realization 1,Recess 1,Records 1,Regard 1,Release 1,Repose 1,Reproduction 1,Resolution 1,Respite 1,Response 1,Rites 1,Rituals 1,Ruin 1,Ruination 1,Rule 1,Scheme 1,Seasons 1,Sense 1,Sentience 1,Sentiment 1,Significance 1,Silence 1,Sleep 1,Soothsaying 1,Sorcery 1,Sortilege 1,Souls 1,Spirit 1,Structure 1,Subsistence 1,Substance 1,Substantiality 1,Suffering 1,Survival 1,Symbiosis 1,Symmetry 1,Taboos 1,Tenderness 1,Termination 1,Thaumaturgy 1,Ties 1,Time 1,Topics 1,Urgency 1,Utterances 1,Value 1,Viability 1,Vicissitude 1,Vigor 1,Vitality 1,Vows 1,Ways 1,Weakness 1,Will 1,Witchcraft 1,Wizardry 1,Worship 1,Yearning 1,Zeal


3,The 3,This 3,A 3,Some 1,No 1,Thy 1,Any


3,the 3,this 3,any 1,some 1,thy 1,our 1,their


3,The 3,This 3,Any 1,Thy 1,Your 1,Our 1,their


5,An 3,That 3,Yonder 1,Nothing less than an 1,Yet another 1,Any


1,Which 1,Whose 1,Why is it that a 1,When will a 1,If [Demonstrative3]


1,it is the 1,it may be the 1,it is often some 1,it is not


1,topic 1,totality 1,divisibility 1,horizon 1,point 1,subject 1,thesis 1,thought 1,person 1,man 1,one 1,ruler 1,character 1,role 1,part 1,voice 1,song 1,conflict 1,dream 1,beauty 1,void 1,light 1,shadow 1,word


1,valence 1,cause 1,creation 1,charm 1,spirit 1,time 1,place 1,fault 1,poison 1,surface 1,hatred 1,devotion 1,passion 1,wisdom 1,tide 1,waste 1,presence 1,vitality 1,zenith 1,sagacity 1,prudence 1,bridge 1,betrayal 1,portal 1,realm 1,nexus


1,nemesis 1,judgment 1,divinity 1,light 1,darkness 1,pattern 1,consecration 1,void 1,closure 1,controversy 1,chaos 1,conflict 1,character 1,mass 1,thought 1,nourishment 1,hatred 1,love 1,decision 1,mortality 1,passage 1,vision 1,sky


1,earth 1,echo 1,end 1,ancient one 1,enlightenment 1,emotion 1,inflexibility 1,ignorance 1,equinox 1,utterance 1,expression 1,argument 1,individual 1,idea


1,is 1,isn’t 1,can be 1,cannot be 1,is subject to 1,is demanded by 1,speaks to 1,is always 1,is balanced by 1,is precluded by 1,is contradicted by 1,knows not 1,calls forth 1,appears to be 1,achieves 1,violates 1,treasures 1,derives 1,confounds 1,conflates 1,contradicts 1,foreshadows 1,presupposes 1,revitalizes 1,destroys 1,negates 1,hides 1,reveals 1,falsifies 1,fertilizes 1,dissolves 1,transcends 1,spies upon 1,radiates 1,is enchanted by 1,is consumed by 1,is adored by 1,is enhanced by


1,all-encompassing 1,universal 1,timeless 1,vast 1,unknowable 1,immanent 1,eternal 1,shadowed 1,veiled 1,final 1,original 1,blazing 1,impotent 1,omnipotent 1,benevolent 1,thoughtless 1,decadent 1,fertile 1,brilliant 1,false 1,unquestioning 1,awesome 1,effulgent 1,indistinct 1,primordial 1,gleaming 1,spiritual 1,pure 1,terrible