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1,[Descriptor 1] [Descriptor 2] [Role]

Descriptor 1

1,Hyper Violent 1,Twitchy 1,Foul Mouthed 1,Boastful 1,Paranoid 1,Loud 1,Fatally Moronic 1,Tragically Forthright 1,Absurdly Colored 1,Embarrassingly Grandiose 1,Bat-Shit Crazy 1,Surprisingly Frail

Descriptor 2

1,Tutu 1,Chainsaw 1,Dark 1,Axe Murdering 1,Candy 1,Clockwork 1,Sparkling 1,Spiral 1,Potion 1,Bomb 1,Dream-coated 1,Drill


1,Fighter 1,Cleric 1,Wizard 1,Thief 1,Paladin 1,Noble 1,Philosopher 1,Farmer 1,Vagrant 1,Criminal 1,Anti-Paladin 1,Overlord


Originally by Reynaldo M at Bum Rush the Titan!