Vietnam Nicknames

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Nicknames for your squad mates in a Vietnam setting. Some are straight from the movies.

<sgdisplay iterations="5">[main]





1,8-Ball 1,9-Ball 1,Ace 1,Aces 1,Animal Mother 1,Bandit 1,Blackjack 1,Blondie 1,Bones 1,Bud 1,Buddy 1,Bulldog 1,Bushman 1,Cadillac 1,Cardshark 1,Cherry 1,Chief 1,Crapgame 1,Cookoff 1,Cowboy 1,Cue-ball 1,Dallas 1,Doc 1,Doctor Feelgood 1,Einstein 1,Fingers 1,Ghost 1,Ghost Killer 1,Gomer Pile 1,Halfcock 1,Halfstack 1,Hawk 1,Hawkeye 1,Hero 1,Irish 1,Jack 1,Joker 1,Juice 1,Jungle Bunny 1,Killer 1,Longshot 1,Lotto 1,Machete 1,Matches 1,Needles 1,Oddball 1,Patch 1,Peanut 1,Pigsticker 1,Rainman 1,Rat 1,Red 1,Ribeye 1,Ripsaw 1,Romeo 1,Rooster 1,Sandman 1,Sarge 1,Scotch 1,Shaggy 1,Shortmag 1,Shortround 1,Shortstack 1,Smokes 1,Smokey 1,Snake 1,Snake-eyes 1,Snooker 1,Spider Monkey 1,Spooky 1,Spooks 1,Stoner 1,Stripes 1,Tex 1,Toker 1,Tomahawk 1,Trenchfoot 1,Vegas 1,Wildman 1,Wolf