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  • This page is meant as a general-purpose toolbox – a first stop when creating new generators. Many commonly-used routines have already been coded, so looking through here first may save you time! It’s not intended as a portal, but a self-contained repository of routines (related links may still be noted, if clearly marked as such). Each subtable lists five examples. Reference in your own generators by calling [Utility.subname] (substituting the desired routine name for “subname”).

<sgdisplay iterations="1">


Spatial Position/Directions

Subname Sample Result
CompassDirection [CompassDirection]; [CompassDirection]; [CompassDirection]; [CompassDirection]; [CompassDirection]
CompassDirectionEight [CompassDirectionEight]; [CompassDirectionEight]; [CompassDirectionEight]; [CompassDirectionEight]; [CompassDirectionEight]
CompassDirection16 [CompassDirection16]; [CompassDirection16]; [CompassDirection16]; [CompassDirection16]; [CompassDirection16]
FrontRear [FrontRear]; [FrontRear]; [FrontRear]; [FrontRear]; [FrontRear]
LeftRight [LeftRight]; [LeftRight]; [LeftRight]; [LeftRight]; [LeftRight]
Terrains [Terrains]; [Terrains]; [Terrains]; [Terrains]; [Terrains]
TerrainsCap [TerrainsCap]; [TerrainsCap]; [TerrainsCap]; [TerrainsCap]; [TerrainsCap]

Note: TO-DO: adjectives of relative position/proximity


Subname Sample Result
BrightColors [BrightColors]; [BrightColors]; [BrightColors]; [BrightColors]; [BrightColors]
LightColors [LightColors]; [LightColors]; [LightColors]; [LightColors]; [LightColors]
DullColors [DullColors]; [DullColors]; [DullColors]; [DullColors]; [DullColors]
DarkColors [DarkColors]; [DarkColors]; [DarkColors]; [DarkColors]; [DarkColors]
GlassColors [GlassColors]; [GlassColors]; [GlassColors]; [GlassColors]; [GlassColors]
LeatherColor [LeatherColor]; [LeatherColor]; [LeatherColor]; [LeatherColor]; [LeatherColor]


  • These color routines are all weighted equally.
  • Unlike the others, “LeatherColor” has no -s
  • The Color page offers a (much) wider color selection, but with weighting.


Subname Sample Result
CreatureTypes [CreatureTypes]; [CreatureTypes]; [CreatureTypes]; [CreatureTypes]; [CreatureTypes]
RuneLanguage [RuneLanguage]; [RuneLanguage]; [RuneLanguage]; [RuneLanguage]; [RuneLanguage]
Teeth [Teeth]; [Teeth]; [Teeth]; [Teeth]; [Teeth]

Note: TO-DO: move teeth → Body Parts page


Subname Sample Result
Berry [Berry]; [Berry]; [Berry]; [Berry]; [Berry]
Citrus [Citrus]; [Citrus]; [Citrus]; [Citrus]; [Citrus]
Food [Food]; [Food]; [Food]; [Food]; [Food]
Fruit [Fruit]; [Fruit]; [Fruit]; [Fruit]; [Fruit]
Vegetables [FantasyMenu.Veggies]; [FantasyMenu.Veggies]; [FantasyMenu.Veggies]; [FantasyMenu.Veggies]; [FantasyMenu.Veggies]
Nuts [FantasyMenu.Nuts]; [FantasyMenu.Nuts]; [FantasyMenu.Nuts]; [FantasyMenu.Nuts]; [FantasyMenu.Nuts]
Grain [Grain]; [Grain]; [Grain]; [Grain]; [Grain]
Herb [Herb]; [Herb]; [Herb]; [Herb]; [Herb]
HerbSpice [HerbSpice]; [HerbSpice]; [HerbSpice]; [HerbSpice]; [HerbSpice]
Melon [Melon]; [Melon]; [Melon]; [Melon]; [Melon]
Pepper [Pepper]; [Pepper]; [Pepper]; [Pepper]; [Pepper]
Spice [Spice]; [Spice]; [Spice]; [Spice]; [Spice]

Note: TO-DO: Promote “Edibles” a level; add grain types; visually distinguish external links (lest things get even more confusing!) …


Subname Sample Result
Element [Element]; [Element]; [Element]; [Element]; [Element]
ElementPara [ElementPara]; [ElementPara]; [ElementPara]; [ElementPara]; [ElementPara]
ElementQuasi [ElementQuasi]; [ElementQuasi]; [ElementQuasi]; [ElementQuasi]; [ElementQuasi]
ElementQuasiPositive [ElementQuasiPositive]; [ElementQuasiPositive]; [ElementQuasiPositive]; [ElementQuasiPositive]; [ElementQuasiPositive]
ElementQuasiNegative [ElementQuasiNegative]; [ElementQuasiNegative]; [ElementQuasiNegative]; [ElementQuasiNegative]; [ElementQuasiNegative]
ElementAny [ElementAny]; [ElementAny]; [ElementAny]; [ElementAny]; [ElementAny]
ElementExotic [ElementExotic]; [ElementExotic]; [ElementExotic]; [ElementExotic]; [ElementExotic]
ElementOriental [ElementOriental]; [ElementOriental]; [ElementOriental]; [ElementOriental]; [ElementOriental]
ElementPeriodic [ElementPeriodic]; [ElementPeriodic]; [ElementPeriodic]; [ElementPeriodic]; [ElementPeriodic]
ElementBySolarAbundance [ElementBySolarAbundance]; [ElementBySolarAbundance]; [ElementBySolarAbundance]; [ElementBySolarAbundance]; [ElementBySolarAbundance]

Note: Elements by solar abundance are broken into subtables by order of magnitude. The interesting ones start around subtables EBSA1 ([EBSA1]), EBSA0 ([EBSA0]), and EBSA-1 ([EBSA-1])


Subname Sample Result
EnergyType [EnergyType]; [EnergyType]; [EnergyType]; [EnergyType]; [EnergyType]
EnergyTypeAdjective [EnergyTypeAdjective]; [EnergyTypeAdjective]; [EnergyTypeAdjective]; [EnergyTypeAdjective]; [EnergyTypeAdjective]
EnergyTypeNoun [EnergyTypeNoun]; [EnergyTypeNoun]; [EnergyTypeNoun]; [EnergyTypeNoun]; [EnergyTypeNoun]

Note: Any per-table notes belong here …


Subname Sample Result
AnimalSymbol [AnimalSymbol]; [AnimalSymbol]; [AnimalSymbol]; [AnimalSymbol]; [AnimalSymbol]
CreatureSymbol [CreatureSymbol]; [CreatureSymbol]; [CreatureSymbol]; [CreatureSymbol]; [CreatureSymbol]
GeometricSymbol [GeometricSymbol]; [GeometricSymbol]; [GeometricSymbol]; [GeometricSymbol]; [GeometricSymbol]
MiscSymbol [MiscSymbol]; [MiscSymbol]; [MiscSymbol]; [MiscSymbol]; [MiscSymbol]
PlantSymbol [PlantSymbol]; [PlantSymbol]; [PlantSymbol]; [PlantSymbol]; [PlantSymbol]
Symbol [Symbol]; [Symbol]; [Symbol]; [Symbol]; [Symbol]
SymbolEnding [SymbolEnding]; [SymbolEnding]; [SymbolEnding]; [SymbolEnding]; [SymbolEnding]
Symbols [Symbols]; [Symbols]; [Symbols]; [Symbols]; [Symbols]

Note: TO-DO: italicize French heraldic terms



Subname Sample Result
Fancy Stones [Fancy Stones]; [Fancy Stones]; [Fancy Stones]; [Fancy Stones]; [Fancy Stones]
GemQuality [GemQuality]; [GemQuality]; [GemQuality]; [GemQuality]; [GemQuality]
Gems [Gems]; [Gems]; [Gems]; [Gems]; [Gems]
GemType [GemType]; [GemType]; [GemType]; [GemType]; [GemType]
Hardstones [Hardstones]; [Hardstones]; [Hardstones]; [Hardstones]; [Hardstones]
Jewels [Jewels]; [Jewels]; [Jewels]; [Jewels]; [Jewels]
notgems [notgems]; [notgems]; [notgems]; [notgems]; [notgems]
Ornamental Stones [Ornamental Stones]; [Ornamental Stones]; [Ornamental Stones]; [Ornamental Stones]; [Ornamental Stones]
Precious Stones [Precious Stones]; [Precious Stones]; [Precious Stones]; [Precious Stones]; [Precious Stones]
SemiPrecious Stones [SemiPrecious Stones]; [SemiPrecious Stones]; [SemiPrecious Stones]; [SemiPrecious Stones]; [SemiPrecious Stones]
StoneDecorative [StoneDecorative]; [StoneDecorative]; [StoneDecorative]; [StoneDecorative]; [StoneDecorative]

Note: Any per-table notes belong here …

Cloth, Fur, Horn, Shell

Subname Sample Result
Cloth [Cloth]; [Cloth]; [Cloth]; [Cloth]; [Cloth]
ClothFancy [ClothFancy]; [ClothFancy]; [ClothFancy]; [ClothFancy]; [ClothFancy]
Fur [Fur]; [Fur]; [Fur]; [Fur]; [Fur]
HornIvory [HornIvory]; [HornIvory]; [HornIvory]; [HornIvory]; [HornIvory]
Shells [Shells]; [Shells]; [Shells]; [Shells]; [Shells]

Note: Any per-table notes belong here …


Subname Sample Result
LeatherColor [LeatherColor]; [LeatherColor]; [LeatherColor]; [LeatherColor]; [LeatherColor]
LeatherHide [LeatherHide]; [LeatherHide]; [LeatherHide]; [LeatherHide]; [LeatherHide]
LeatherHideSentient [LeatherHideSentient]; [LeatherHideSentient]; [LeatherHideSentient]; [LeatherHideSentient]; [LeatherHideSentient]
LeatherShinyness [LeatherShinyness]; [LeatherShinyness]; [LeatherShinyness]; [LeatherShinyness]; [LeatherShinyness]
LeatherType [LeatherType]; [LeatherType]; [LeatherType]; [LeatherType]; [LeatherType]

Note: Some fantastic (unreal) creatures here; also shinyness and type may (?) have issues …


Subname Sample Result
Wood [Wood]; [Wood]; [Wood]; [Wood]; [Wood]
WoodBow [WoodBow]; [WoodBow]; [WoodBow]; [WoodBow]; [WoodBow]
WoodDecorative [WoodDecorative]; [WoodDecorative]; [WoodDecorative]; [WoodDecorative]; [WoodDecorative]
WoodsHard [WoodsHard]; [WoodsHard]; [WoodsHard]; [WoodsHard]; [WoodsHard]
WoodsRare [WoodsRare]; [WoodsRare]; [WoodsRare]; [WoodsRare]; [WoodsRare]
WoodsSoft [WoodsSoft]; [WoodsSoft]; [WoodsSoft]; [WoodsSoft]; [WoodsSoft]
WoodWeapon [WoodWeapon]; [WoodWeapon]; [WoodWeapon]; [WoodWeapon]; [WoodWeapon]

Note: Any per-table notes belong here …


Subname Sample Result
Metal [Metal]; [Metal]; [Metal]; [Metal]; [Metal]
MetalArmor [MetalArmor]; [MetalArmor]; [MetalArmor]; [MetalArmor]; [MetalArmor]
MetalArmorRegular [MetalArmorRegular]; [MetalArmorRegular]; [MetalArmorRegular]; [MetalArmorRegular]; [MetalArmorRegular]
MetalDecor [MetalDecor]; [MetalDecor]; [MetalDecor]; [MetalDecor]; [MetalDecor]
MetalExotic [MetalExotic]; [MetalExotic]; [MetalExotic]; [MetalExotic]; [MetalExotic]
MetalExoticArmor [MetalExoticArmor]; [MetalExoticArmor]; [MetalExoticArmor]; [MetalExoticArmor]; [MetalExoticArmor]
MetalHard [MetalHard]; [MetalHard]; [MetalHard]; [MetalHard]; [MetalHard]
MetalPrecious [MetalPrecious]; [MetalPrecious]; [MetalPrecious]; [MetalPrecious]; [MetalPrecious]
MetalSoft [MetalSoft]; [MetalSoft]; [MetalSoft]; [MetalSoft]; [MetalSoft]
MetalWeapon [MetalWeapon]; [MetalWeapon]; [MetalWeapon]; [MetalWeapon]; [MetalWeapon]

Note: Any per-table notes belong here …



Subname Sample Result
Flower [Flower]; [Flower]; [Flower]; [Flower]; [Flower]
GlassOpacity [GlassOpacity]; [GlassOpacity]; [GlassOpacity]; [GlassOpacity]; [GlassOpacity]
Chitin [Chitin]; [Chitin]; [Chitin]; [Chitin]; [Chitin]
RelativeSize [RelativeSize]; [RelativeSize]; [RelativeSize]; [RelativeSize]; [RelativeSize]
Scales [Scales]; [Scales]; [Scales]; [Scales]; [Scales]
NumeralPrefix [NumeralPrefix]; [NumeralPrefix]; [NumeralPrefix]; [NumeralPrefix]; [NumeralPrefix];
Time [Time]; [Time]; [Time]; [Time]; [Time]
Time_Normal [Time_Normal]; [Time_Normal]; [Time_Normal]; [Time_Normal]; [Time_Normal]
24HourTime [24HourTime]; [24HourTime]; [24HourTime]; [24HourTime]; [24HourTime]

Note: Any per-table notes belong here …

Not Created Yet

Subname Sample Result
Claws [Claws]; [Claws]; [Claws]; [Claws]; [Claws]
Depictions [Depictions]; [Depictions]; [Depictions]; [Depictions]; [Depictions]
Embellishments [Embellishments]; [Embellishments]; [Embellishments]; [Embellishments]; [Embellishments]
EmptyTable [EmptyTable]; [EmptyTable]; [EmptyTable]; [EmptyTable]; [EmptyTable]
Feathers [Feathers]; [Feathers]; [Feathers]; [Feathers]; [Feathers]
FeathersCommon [FeathersCommon]; [FeathersCommon]; [FeathersCommon]; [FeathersCommon]; [FeathersCommon]
FeathersExotic [FeathersExotic]; [FeathersExotic]; [FeathersExotic]; [FeathersExotic]; [FeathersExotic]
HornsAntlers [HornsAntlers]; [HornsAntlers]; [HornsAntlers]; [HornsAntlers]; [HornsAntlers]

Note: Feel free to add these!



Internal subtables

Feel free to fill in any tables which may still be blank…

AnimalSymbol; Berry; BrightColors; CarrierOil; Chitin; Citrus; Claws; Cloth; ClothFancy; CoatOfArms; CoatOfArmsSymbol; CompassDirection; CompassDirectionEight; CreatureSymbol; CreatureTypes; DarkColors; Depictions; DullColors; Element; ElementAny; ElementExotic; ElementOriental; Embellishments; EmptyTable; EnergyType; EnergyTypeAdjective; EnergyTypeNoun; Essential Oil; Fancy Stones; Feathers; FeathersCommon; FeathersExotic; Flower; Food; FrontRear; Fruit; Fur; FurForm; GemQuality; Gems; GemType; GeometricSymbol; GlassColors; GlassOpacity; Grain; Hardstones; HeraldrySymbol; Herb; HerbSpice; HornIvory; HornsAntlers; Jewels; LeatherColor; LeatherHide; LeatherHideSentient; LeatherShinyness; LeatherType; LeftRight; LightColors; Melon; Metal; MetalArmor; MetalArmorRegular; MetalDecor; MetalExotic; MetalExoticArmor; MetalHard; MetalPrecious; MetalSoft; MetalWeapon; MiscSymbol; notgems; Ornamental Stones; OtherOil, Pepper; PerfumeContainer; PerfumeScents; PlantSymbol; Precious Stones; RelativeSize; RuneLanguage; Scales; SemiPrecious Stones; Shells; Spice; StoneDecorative; Symbol; SymbolEnding; Symbols; Teeth; Terrains; TerrainsCap; Tradegoods; TradeGoodsAnimals; TradeGoodsFood; TradeGoodsMagicItems; TradeGoodsMaterials; TradeGoodsOther; TradeGoodsPreciousItems; TradeGoodsTextiles; TradeGoodsWeaponAndArmor; Wood; WoodBow; WoodDecorative; WoodsHard; WoodsRare; WoodsSoft; WoodWeapon

External subtables





1,[GemType] [GemQuality]


25,[Ornamental Stones] 25,[SemiPrecious Stones] 15,[Fancy Stones] 15,[Precious Stones] 10,[Hardstones] 1,[Shells] 8,[notgems] 3,[Jewels]

Ornamental Stones

2,Azurite 2,Banded Agate 2,Bluestone 2,Blue Quartz 2,Rose Quartz 2,Smoky Quartz 2,Clear Quartz 2,Eye Agate 2,Fire Agate 2,Feldspar 2,Frost Agate 2,Calcite 2,Black Mica 2,Hematite 2,Lapis Lazuli 2,Lynx Eye 3,Malachite 2,Moss Agate 2,White Mica 3,Obsidian 3,Quartz crystal 2,Chalcedony 2,Rhodochrosite 2,Sunstone 2,Tiger-Eye Agate 2,Turquoise 2,Pyrite

SemiPrecious Stones

2,Alestone 2,Andar 2,Aventurine 4,Bloodstone 2,Boakhar 3,Carnelian 3,High-Grade Chalcedony 2,Chrysoprase 3,Citrine 2,Clelophane 2,Datchas 2,Dioptase 2,Fool’s Gold 2,Hambergyle 2,Hydrophane 2,Hypersthene 2,Iol 3,Jasper 3,Mid Grade Lapis Lazuli 2,Irtios 2,Lyriyl 2,Malacon 2,Mellochrysos 3,Moonstone 3,High Grade Obsidian 2,Mykaro 2,Mynteer 4,Onyx 2,Orprase 2,Phenalope 2,Rainbow Obsidian 4,Rock Crystal 2,Samarskite 3,Sardonyx 3,Serpentine 2,Skydrop 4,Well Formed Quartz Crystal 2,Well Formed Smoky Quartz Crystal 3,Well Formed Rose Quartz Crystal 2,Tabasheer 2,Tchazar 2,Witherite 3,Zircon

Fancy Stones

6,Alexandrite 8,Amber 8,Amethyst 4,Angel’s Skin 4,Brandeen 6,Chrysoberyl 8,Coral 4,Jargoon 6,Jade 6,Jet 4,Kornerupine 4,Muras’s Tears 4,Octel 4,Scapra 4,Shandon 4,Karavin’s Crystal 3,Star Diopside 4,Tourmaline 2,Tremair 2,Ulvaen 2,Waterstar 2,Ziose

Precious Stones

7,Aquamarine 7,Euclase 7,Flamedance 8,Red Garnet 8,White Garnet 7,Horn Coral 7,Orbaline 8,Pearl 8,Peridot 8,Raindrop 6,Fugilite 7,Sphene 7,Spinel 5,Topaz


8,Black Opal 8,Fire Opal 8,Jasmal 8,Moonbar 8,Opal 8,Moonstone 8,Meteorite 8,Ravenar 8,Red Tears 4,Sapphire 3,Underdark Amethyst 3,Underdark Topaz 7,Tomb Jade 5,Water Opal 6,Extra-Planar Quartz


2,Dragon’s Breath Amethyst 3,Oriental Amethyst 2,Pure Earth Crystal (From Elemental plane of Earth) 5,Oriental Emerald 10,Black Sapphire 20,Diamond 20,Emerald 15,Jacinth 2,King’s Tears 1,Rogue Stone 20,Ruby 10,Sapphire 1,Extra-Planar Emerald 3,Oriental Topaz 10,Star Ruby 10,Star Sapphire 4,[MagicalWondrous.Gemstones]


6,piece of Alabaster 6,piece of Archon 6,piece of [HornIvory] 6,Iris Agate 6,Lumachella 6,Luspeel 6,piece of Granite 6,piece of Marble 6,Meerschaum 6,piece of Pipestone 6,Psaedros 6,piece of Serpentine Stone 6,piece of Soapstone 1,Star Metal 6,Sulabra 6,Tempskya 4,Turritella 5,Xylopal


7,Abalone shell 7,Black Helmet shell 7,Conch shell 8,Tiger Cowrie shell 5,Pearl Cowrie shell 3,Opal Cowrie shell 7,Flame Helmet shell 7,Mother of Pearl 7,Nacre shell 7,Nautilus shell 7,Red Helmet shell 6,Sardonyx Helmet shell 5,Kraken shell 1,Purple Star Cowrie shell


10,uncut 12,rough-cut 16,rough 10,cut but totally flawed 23,cut 24,well cut 7,very well cut 5,near flawless 3,flawless


2,[Grain] Bread 2,Cheese 1,Meat, Dried 1,Meat, Cured 1,Meat, Smoked 1,Fish, Smoked 1,Fish, Salted 2,[Fruit]s 2,[Fruit]s, dried 2,Vegetables 2,Nuts


10,wheat 10,corn 10,brown rice 8,wild rice 8,barley 8,oats 8,rye 5,buckwheat 5,bulger wheat 5,millet 5,spelt 5,triticale 4,flax 3,sorghum 2,quinoa 2,amaranth


0, - - - remove exotic fruits 10,apple 10,pear 10,cherry 10,peach 10,plum 10,apricot


10,apple 5,pear 5,black cherry 5,sour cherry 5,pumpkin 4,kiwifruit 8,red grape 8,white grape 4,peach 2,apricot 3,plum 4,banana 3,mango 2,papaya 2,quince 2,starfruit 2,coconut 2,crabapple 2,fig 2,date 2,persimmon 3,pomegranate 2,cactus fruit 1,Bacon-Fruit 1,tamarind 1,mangosteen 1,longan 1,rambutan 1,lychee 30,[Berry] 6,[Citrus] 4,[Melon]


5,orange 5,lime 5,lemon 2,kumquat 2,pineapple 2,white grapefruit 4,pink grapefruit 4,tangerine 2,pomelo


10,blackberry 10,raspberry 10,strawberry 7,black currant 7,cranberry 7,red currant 6,black raspberry 6,blueberry 6,lingonberry 5,cloudberry 5,loganberry 4,boysenberry 4,elderberry 4,mulberry 4,chokecherry 3,gooseberry 3,huckleberry 2,açai berry 2,dewberry 2,goji berry 1,bilberry 1,hackberry 1,snow berry 1,whortleberry


10,watermelon 6,honeydew melon 5,cantaloupe 3,muskmelon 2,hami melon 1,sweet melon 1,sugar melon


0, - - - herbs are plants with savory or aromatic properties 1,basil 1,bay leaf 1,chives 1,coriander 1,dill 1,fennel 1,lavender 1,marjoram 1,mint 1,oregano 1,parsley 1,periwinkle 1,rosemary 1,sage 1,savory 1,tarragon 1,thyme


1,allspice 1,anise 1,caper 1,caraway 1,cardamom 1,cayenne 1,celery 1,chicory 1,chili 1,cinnamon 1,cloves 1,cumin 1,fennel seed 1,fenugreek 1,garlic 1,ginger 1,horseradish 1,juniper berry 1,licorice 1,mace 1,mustard seed 1,nutmeg 1,onion 1,paprika 1,[Pepper] 1,poppy seed 1,saffron 1,sesame 1,star anise 1,sumac 1,tamarind 1,turmeric 1,vanilla 1,wasabi


1,black pepper 1,green pepper 1,pink peppercorn 1,white pepper 1,red pepper


1,[Herb] 2,[Spice]


1,Asparagus pea 5,Field pea 4,French green bean 5,Green bean 5,Snow pea 5,Southern pea 5,Sugar snap pea 5,[FlourBean]


1,Asparagus bean 3,Baby lima bean 5,Black bean 4,Black-eyed pea 2,Black turtle bean 3,Boston bean 3,Boston navy bean 2,Broad bean 1,Cannellini bean 3,Chickpea 3,Chili bean 1,Cranberry bean 1,Dwarf bean 2,Egyptian bean 2,Egyptian white broad bean 3,English bean 4,Fava bean 3,Fava coceira 4,Frijol bola roja 4,Frijole negro 5,Great northern bean 5,Green and yellow peas 5,Kidney bean 5,Lentils 5,Lima bean 2,Madagascar bean 5,Mexican black bean 5,Mexican red bean 2,Molasses face bean 3,Mung bean 3,Mung pea 5,Navy bean 2,Pea bean 3,Peruvian bean 5,Pinto bean 5,Red bean 3,Red eye bean 5,Red kidney bean 2,Rice bean 1,Runner bean 1,Scarlet runner bean 3,Small red bean 5,Soybean 5,Wax bean 5,White kidney bean 2,White pea bean


1,allium 1,alyssum 1,amaryllis 1,anemone 1,angel's trumpet 1,apple blossom 1,apricot blossom 1,aster 1,astilbe 1,azalea 1,baby’s breath 1,bachelor's buttons 1,begonia 1,bellflower 1,black-eyed susan 1,bleeding heart 1,bluebell 1,bluebonnet 1,buttercup 1,cactus blossom 1,calla lily 1,chamomile 1,carnation 1,cherry blossom 1,chrysanthemum 1,clematis 1,clover 1,columbine 1,cosmos 1,crocus 1,daffodil 1,dahlia 1,daisy 1,dandelion 1,daylily 1,delphinium 1,dianthus 1,elderberry flower 1,feyflower 1,flax 1,forget-me-not 1,foxglove 1,freesia 1,gardenia 1,geranium 1,gladiolus 1,goldenrod 1,goldenseal 1,heather 1,hibiscus 1,holly 1,honeysuckle 1,hortensia 1,hyacinth 1,hydrangea 1,Indian paintbrush 1,iris 1,jasmine 1,lady’s slipper 1,larkspur 1,lavender 1,lilac 1,lily 1,lily of the valley 1,magnolia 1,marigold/calendula 1,myrtle 1,narcissus 1,orange blossom 1,orchid 1,pansy 1,passionflower 1,peach blossom 1,phlox 1,peony 1,petunia 1,pikake 1,plumeria 1,poinsettia 1,poppy 1,primrose 1,Queen Anne’s lace 1,ranunculus 1,rhododendron 1,rose 1,safflower 1,scotch broom 1,sego lily 1,snapdragon 1,snowdrop 1,star of bethlehem 1,stock 1,sunflower 1,sweet pea 1,thistle 1,tuberose 1,tulip 1,violet 1,water lily 1,wisteria 1,yarrow 1,yucca flower 1,zinnia


20,[WoodsHard] 20,[WoodsSoft] 1,[WoodsRare]


20,[WoodsHard] 2,[WoodsSoft] 1,[WoodsRare]


2,[WoodsHard] 1,[WoodsRare]


40,yew 20,osage 20,mulberry 20,red cedar 10,cherry 8,hickory 7,walnut 5,specially treated [WoodWeapon] 3,darkwood


10,oak 3,ironwood 5,mahogany 6,cherry 2,persimmon 4,pecan 6,walnut 6,birch 8,maple 6,ash 4,birch 3,alder 5,apple 5,beech 3,elm 4,chestnut 6,hickory 6,cypress 3,teak


10,pine 6,spruce 6,fir 2,redwood 6,cedar 4,poplar 3,willow 3,yew


3,darkwood 1,bronzewood 1,ebony 1,rosewood 1,sandalwood


1,[MetalSoft] 1,[MetalHard]


49,[MetalHard] 2,[MetalExotic]


49,[MetalHard] 2,[MetalExoticArmor]


49,[MetalHard] 2,[MetalExoticArmor]


3,[MetalHard] 7,[MetalPrecious] 1,[MetalExotic]


6,copper 6,silver 4,gold 2,platinum 1,lead 1,pewter 1,tin 2,bronze 3,electrum


100,steel 20,iron 10,high-carbon steel 5,obsidian (dragonsglass) 1,titanium 9,brass


1,low carbon steel 2,high carbon steel 1,titanium 2,stainless steel 2,tungsten alloy tool steel


10,copper 8,silver 7,gold 6,platinum 5,electrum 4,brass 4,bronze 2,pewter 2,[MetalSoft] 1,[MetalExotic]


30,Cold Iron 20,Magically Treated Silver 15,Adamantine 15,Adamantium 15,Mithral 15,Mithril 11,Magically Treated Copper 10,Magically Treated Gold 10,Magically Treated Platinum 7,Moon-metal 5,Feysteel 3,Darksteel 3,Fever Iron 3,Glassteel 3,Living Metal 2,Abyssal Bloodiron 2,Arandur 2,Aurorum 2,Blood Iron 2,Blue Ice 2,Dlarun 2,Frystalline 2,Hizagkuur 2,Solarian Truesteel 1,Astral Driftmetal 1,Entropium 1,Pandemonic Silver 1,Thinaun 1,Urdrukar 1,Ysgardian Heartwire


20,Magically Treated Silver 15,Mithral 15,Mithril 11,Magically Treated Copper 10,Adamantine 10,Adamantium 10,Magically Treated Gold 10,Magically Treated Platinum 5,Blended Quartz 5,Bronzewood 3,Blood Iron 3,Darksteel 3,Fever Iron 3,Feysteel 3,Glassteel 3,Living Metal 2,Arandur 2,Aurorum 2,Dlarun 2,Frystalline 2,Hizagkuur 2,Solarian Truesteel 2,Susalian Chainweave 1,Astral Driftmetal 1,Entropium 1,Urdrukar 1,Ysgardian Heartwire


5,granite 5,limestone 4,white marble 3,soapstone 2,sandstone 2,slate 1,black marble 1,green marble 1,obsidian 1,onyx


0, - - - undecided if to include 0, - - - skulls and tusks and such 0, - - - also need to decide how to handle plurals 10,stag antlers 10,skull of an ox 10,oxen horn 10,ram's horn 10,goat horns 8,tortoise shell 5,boar tusks 5,warthog tusks 5,steer longhorns 5,water buffalo horn 5,tusks of walrus 5,elk antlers 5,short prong horns of a fawn 5,antelope horns 5,reindeer antlers 5,scrimshawed tooth of walrus 5,narwhal horn 4,moose antlers 4,lizard horns 3,bison hoof 2,elephant tusks 2,horns of mountain goat 2,horns of musk ox 1,mammoth tusks 1,sperm-whale jawbone 1,rhinoceros horn 1,petrified iguanodon pelvis


1,[Animal.animalbird] feathers


1,canine 1,central incisor 1,first molar 1,first premolar 1,lateral incisor 1,second molar 1,second premolar 1,shovel-shaped incisor 1,selenodont 1,wisdom molar 1,carnassial


1,cosmoid 1,ganoid 1,placoid 1,leptoid 1,cycloid 1,granular 1,keeled


1,Air 1,Earth 1,Fire 1,Water


1,Ice 1,Magma 1,Ooze 1,Smoke


1,[ElementQuasiPositive] 1,[ElementQuasiNegative]


1,Positive Energy 1,Lightning 1,Mineral 1,Steam 1,Radiance


1,Negative Energy 1,Ash 1,Dust 1,Vacuum 1,Salt


1,Earth 1,Wood 1,Fire 1,Water 1,Metal


1,Thunder 1,Nature 1,Ether


4,[Element] 3,[ElementPara] 3,[ElementQuasi] 2,[ElementOriental] 1,[ElementExotic] 1,[ElementPeriodic]


32,1-Hydrogen (H) 32,2-Helium (He) 24,3-Lithium (Li) 24,4-Berylium (Be) 24,5-Boron (B) 24,6-Carbon (C) 24,7-Nitrogen (N) 24,8-Oxygen (O) 24,9-Flourine (F) 24,10-Neon (Ne) 16,11-Sodium (Na) 16,12-Magnesium (Mg) 16,13-Aluminum (Al) 16,14-Silicon (Si) 16,15-Phosphorus (P) 16,16-Sulphur (S) 16,17-Chlorine (Cl) 16,18-Argon (Ar) 8,19-Potasium (K) 8,20-Calcium (Ca) 8,21-Scandium (Sc) 8,22-Titanium (Ti) 8,23-vanadium (V) 8,24-Chromium (Cr) 8,25-Manganese (Mn) 8,26-Iron (Fe) 8,27-Cobalt (Co) 8,28-Nickel (Ni) 8,29-Copper (Cu) 8,30-Zinc (Zn) 8,31-Gallium (Ga) 8,32-Germanium (Ge) 8,33-Arsenic (As) 8,34-Selenium (Se) 8,35-Bromine (Br) 8,36-Krypton (Kr) 4,37-Rubidium (Rb) 4,38-Strontium (Sr) 4,39-Yttrium (Y) 4,40-Zirconium (Zr) 4,41-Niobium (Nb) 4,42-Molybdenum (Mo) 4,43-Technetium (Tc) 4,44-Ruthenium (Ru) 4,45-Rhodium (Rh) 4,46-Palladium (Pd) 4,47-Silver (Ag) 4,48-Cadmium (Cd) 4,49-Indium (In) 4,50-Tin (Sn) 4,51-Antimony (Sb) 4,52-Tellurium (Te) 4,53-Iodine (I) 4,54-Xenon (Xe) 2,55-Caesium (Cs) 2,56-Barium (Ba) 2,57-Lanthanum (La) 2,58-Cerium (Ce) 2,59-Praseodymium (Pr) 2,60-Neodymium (Pr) 2,61-Promethium (Pm) 2,62-Samarium (Sm) 2,63-Europium (Eu) 2,64-Gadolinium (Gd) 2,65-Terbium (Tb) 2,66-Dysprosium 2,67-Holmium (Ho) 2,68-Erbium (Er) 2,69-Thulium (Tm) 2,70-Ytterbium (Yb) 2,71-Lutetium (Lu) 2,72-Hafnium (Hf) 2,73-Tantalum (Ta) 2,74-Tungsten (W) 2,75-Rhenium (Re) 2,76-Osmium (Os) 2,77-Iridium (Ir) 2,78-Platinum (Pt) 2,79-Gold (Au) 2,80-Mercury (Hg) 2,81-Thallium (Tl) 2,82-Lead (Pb) 2,83-Bismuth (Bi) 2,84-Polonium (Po) 2,85-Astatine (At) 2,86-Radon (Rn) 2,87-Francium (Fr) 2,88-Radium (Ra) 1,89-Actinium (Ac) 1,90-Thorium (Th) 1,91-Protactinium (Pa) 1,92-Uranium (U) 1,93-Neptunium (Np) 1,94-Plutonium (Pu) 1,95-Americium (Am) 1,96-Curium (Cm) 1,97-Berkelium (Bk) 1,98-Californium (Cf) 1,99-Einsteinium (Es) 1,100-Fermium (Fm) 1,101-Mendelevium (Md) 1,102-Nobelium (No) 1,103-Lawrencium (Lr) 1,104-Rutherfordium (Rf) 1,105-Dubnium (Db) 1,106-Sea-borgium (Sg) 1,107-Bohrium (Bh) 1,108-Hassium (Hs) 1,109-Meitnerum (Mt) 1,110-Darmstadtium (Ds) 1,111-Roentgenium (Rg) 1,112-Copernicium (Cn) 1,113-Ununtrium (Uut) 1,114-Flerovium (Fl) 1,115-Ununpentium (Uup) 1,116-Livermorium (Lv) 1,117-Ununseptium (Uus) 1,118-Ununoctium (Uno)


280,hydrogen 28,[EBSA3]


2700,helium 27,[EBSA1]


100,carbon 240,oxygen 34,[EBSA0]


310,nitrogen 300,neon 110,magnesium 100,silicon 82,[EBSA-1]


520,sulfur 100,argon 900,iron 152,[EBSA-2]


570,sodium 850,aluminium 100,phosphorus 610,calcium 130,chromium 500,nickel 276,[EBSA-3]


520,chlorine 380,potassium 240,titanium 950,manganese 230,cobalt 130,zinc 245,[EBSA-4]


850,fluorine 290,vanadium 520,copper 120,germanium 178,[EBSA-5]


570,lithium 210,boron 340,scandium 380,gallium 630,selenium 120,bromine 480,krypton 240,strontium 114,zirconium 308,[EBSA-6]


660,arsenic 700,rubidium 460,yttrium 260,molybdenum 100,technetium 190,ruthenium 140,palladium 160,cadmium 390,tin 490,tellurium 480,xenon 450,barium 110,cerium 134,platinum 310,lead 503,[EBSA-7]


700,beryllium 700,niobium 340,rhodium 490,silver 190,indium 310,antimony 900,iodine 370,caesium 440,lanthanum 170,praseodymium 830,neodymium 100,promethium 260,samarium 330,gadolinium 400,dysprosium 250,erbium 250,ytterbium 150,hafnium 130,tungsten 670,osmium 660,iridium 190,gold 340,mercury 190,thallium 140,bismuth 100,polonium 960,[EBSA-8]


970,europium 600,terbium 890,holmium 380,thulium 370,lutetium 380,tantalum 500,rhenium 100,astatine 100,radon 100,francium 100,radium 100,actinium 450,thorium 100,protactinium 180,uranium


1,uni 2,bi 3,tri 4,quadra 5,penta 6,sexa 7,septa 8,octo 9,nova 10,deca


1,North 1,South


1,east 1,west


2,[NS] 2,[EW]


4,[CompassDirection] 4,[NS][EW]


8,[CompassDirectionEight] 2,North by North[EW] 2,South by South[EW] 2,East by [NS]east 2,West by [NS]west


80,giant crab 25,medium scorpion 10,ankheg 10,giant beetle 10,giant wasp 10,large scorpion 5,chuul 5,giant praying mantis 5,huge scorpion 5,monstrous centipede 5,remorhaz 4,umber hulk 2,formian 1,bebilith demon 1,drider 1,ice devil 1,retriever demon


17,bull horn 13,elephant ivory 12,boar tusk 10,whale tooth 10,walrus tusk 10,mammoth ivory 10,hornbill ivory 8,narwhal horn 6,dragon tooth 5,minotaur horn 5,hippopotamus tooth 2,unicorn horn 2,fiend horn


25,rabbit 25,beaver 20,fox 20,[LeatherType] boar 20,[LeatherType] badger 17,sheep 15,otter 15,mink 15,goat 15,[LeatherType] wolf 14,[LeatherType] brown bear 14,[LeatherType] black bear 11,seal 10,skunk 10,coyote 10,[LeatherType] wolverine 9,ape 9,[LeatherType] weasel 8,lynx 7,horse 7,great wolf 7,[LeatherType] rat 5,worg 5,weasel 5,marten 5,ferret 5,ermine 5,camel 5,[LeatherType] polar bear 4,sable 3,leopard 3,cheetah 3,[LeatherType] lion 2,winter wolf 2,krenshar 2,griffon 2,displacer beast 2,blink dog 2,barghest 2,[LeatherType] tiger 1,yeth hound 1,shadow mastiff 1,minotaur 1,manticore 1,hellcat 1,hell hound 1,girallon


0, - - - long desc of leather 95,[LeatherShinyness][LeatherColor] leather 50,[LeatherShinyness][LeatherColor] calfskin 40,[LeatherColor] suede 35,[LeatherShinyness][LeatherColor] deer leather 15,[LeatherShinyness][LeatherColor] sheepskin leather 15,[LeatherShinyness][LeatherColor] pigskin 14,[LeatherColor] horse hide 11,[LeatherShinyness][LeatherColor] camel leather 10,[LeatherShinyness][LeatherColor] [LeatherType]snakeskin 10,[LeatherShinyness][LeatherColor] [LeatherType]lizard skin 10,[LeatherShinyness][LeatherColor] [LeatherType]crocodile skin 9,bison hide 9,[LeatherType]boar hide 6,[LeatherShinyness][LeatherColor] [LeatherType]ape skin 6,[LeatherShinyness] alligator leather 5,dragon hide 5,[LeatherShinyness][LeatherColor] wyvern hide 5,[LeatherShinyness][LeatherColor] seal leather 5,[LeatherShinyness][LeatherColor] hydraskin 4,[LeatherHideSentient] 3,[LeatherShinyness][LeatherColor] [LeatherType]sharkskin 3,[LeatherShinyness][LeatherType]bat leather 2,rhinoceros hide 2,elephant hide 2,[LeatherShinyness]shocker lizard skin 2,[LeatherShinyness]purple worm hide 2,[LeatherShinyness]basilisk leather 2,[LeatherShinyness][LeatherColor] jabberwock hide 1,remorhaz hide 1,naga skin 1,manticore wing leather 1,grick hide 1,frost worm hide 1,destrachan hide 1,bulette hide 1,behir hide


95,leather 50,calfskin 40,suede 35,deer leather 15,sheepskin leather 15,pigskin 14,horse hide 11,camel leather 10,snakeskin 10,lizard skin 10,crocodile skin 9,bison hide 9,boar hide 6,ape skin 6,alligator leather 5,dragon hide 5,wyvern hide 5,seal leather 5,hydraskin 3,sharkskin 3,bat leather 2,rhinoceros hide 2,elephant hide 2,shocker lizard skin 2,purple worm hide 2,basilisk leather 2,jabberwock hide 1,remorhaz hide 1,naga skin 1,manticore wing leather 1,grick hide 1,frost worm hide 1,destrachan hide 1,bulette hide 1,behir hide


10,ogre hide 10,lizardfolk hide 10,koboldskin 10,human skin 10,goblinskin 10,gnoll hide 10,bugbear hide 9,orcskin 7,trollskin 7,sahaugin skin 6,hobbit skin 5,demonskin 5,devilskin 5,rakshasa hide 5,elf skin 5,dwarf skin 4,giant skin 4,ettin hide 3,yuan-ti skin 3,kuo-toa skin 3,halfling skin 3,gnome skin 2,medusa skin 2,illithid skin 2,hag skin 2,drow elf skin 2,aboleth hide 1,kraken hide 1,draco hide 1,cloaker hide 1,celestial skin


0, - - - this seems too specialized for utility 300, 10,giant 10,dire 5,albino 3,celestial 3,fiendish 1,celestial dire 1,fiendish dire


30,cotton 20,wool 15,wadmal 15,tweed 15,linen 15,hemp 6,burlap 5,canvas 4,sackcloth


30,satin 30,fine wool 20,silk 20,fine linen 20,brocade 13,velvet 11,lace 10,samite cloth


4,the image of [Symbol] 3,the image of [Symbol], and [Symbol] within a [GeometricSymbol] 3,the image of [Symbol], [Symbol] and [Symbol] within a [GeometricSymbol] 3,the image of [Symbol] within a [GeometricSymbol] 2,the symbol of [GheronUtility.OrganizationSymbol] 2,the symbol of [GheronUtility.DeitySymbol] 2,the image of [Symbol], and [Symbol] [SymbolEnding] within a [GeometricSymbol] 2,the image of [Symbol], and [Symbol] [SymbolEnding] 2,the image of [Symbol], and [Symbol] 2,the image of [Symbol], [Symbol] and [Symbol]


1,[AnimalSymbol] 1,[CreatureSymbol] 2,[PlantSymbol] 2,[MiscSymbol] 1,a [Animal.symbolicanimal] 2,a [Animal.Weirdsymbol] 1,runes in [RuneLanguage]


2,and runes in [RuneLanguage] saying [Inscriptions.main] 1,with radial symmetry 1,represented in a very stylized way 1,overlaid on concentric circles 1,overlaid on a wheel 1,overlaid on a spiral 1,overlaid on a crown 1,overlaid on a bell 1,made with smooth curves 1,made of simple shapes 1,made of harsh angles 1,involving repeating design 1,in an ornate style 1,in a very abstract style 1,as pictures in a book 1,as outlines 1,as a pattern on a breastplate


5,two intertwined snakes 5,an elephant head 5,an eagle head 5,a writhing serpent 5,a wolf’s head 5,a spread-winged bat 5,a spider 5,a snake baring its fangs 5,a shark’s silhouette 5,a shark head 5,a scorpion tail 5,a scorpion poised to strike 5,a scarab beetle 5,a roaring lion 5,a rhinoceros head 5,a rearing horse 5,a ram’s head 5,a lion rampant 5,a leaping stag 5,a horseshoe mark 5,a hornet 5,a hawk’s talons 5,a handprint 5,a goat’s head 5,a fish 5,a diving falcon 5,a bull’s head 5,a bear’s head 4,wings 4,a baying wolf in front of a moon 3,an open eye 3,an octopus 3,an eagle 3,a snake 3,a hyena head 3,a great cat about to pounce 3,a flying crow 3,a fist 3,a dolphin 3,a crow’s head 2,claws 2,a swarm of insects 2,a screaming ape 2,a lobster claw 2,a housecat’s silhouette 2,a fish scale 2,a fang 2,a crocodile silhouette 2,a crocodile head 2,a closed eye 2,a cat’s paw 2,a boar 1,a butterfly 1,a camel 1,a cat-pupiled eye 1,a charging bull 1,a crane head 1,a donkey head 1,a dove 1,a dragonfly 1,a feather 1,a fighting rooster 1,a half-closed eye 1,a heron 1,a mantis poised to strike 1,a pair of eyes 1,a parrot head 1,a rabbit’s head 1,a spider in its web 1,a swan 1,an antelope’s head with twisting horns


1,a beholder’s silhouette 1,a burning phoenix 1,a dancing satyr 1,a demonic face 1,a displacer beast ready to pounce 1,a feather 1,a floating orb with eyestalks 1,a four-faced querub 1,a griffon 1,a grinning imp face 1,a many-headed hydra 1,a massive b’hemah 1,a medusa head 1,a pegasus 1,a rearing centaur 1,a reclining nymph in a provocative pose 1,a screaming man 1,a silhouette of a simurgh 1,a skeleton 1,a skull 1,a skull encased in flame 1,a soaring eagle 1,a sphynx 1,a spread-winged wyvern 1,a stirge 1,a stylised satyr 1,a stylized dragon design 1,a tempting succubus 1,a unicorn 1,a writhing sea serpent 1,an angel in a defiant stance 1,an avenging angel 1,an illithid head 1,an umber hulk head 1,crossed bones


5,an oak leaf 5,a rose 5,a holly leaf 3,an acorn 3,a thorny stem 3,a stylized oak tree 3,a laurel crown 3,a [Fruit] 2,an apple tree 2,a maple leaf 2,a flower 2,a [Flower] 2,[FantasyMenu.Veggies] 1,a bull-rush or cat’s tail reed 1,a bunch of grapes 1,a cactus 1,a carnation 1,a cloverleaf 1,a cornucopia 1,a daisy 1,a fern leaf 1,a leafless tree 1,a mistletoe branch 1,a mushroom 1,a palm tree 1,a pear 1,a pine branch 1,a pine needle (pair) 1,a pinecone 1,a pumpkin 1,a sagebrush 1,a shamrock 1,a sheaf of grain 1,a sprig of mint 1,a stem of rosemary 1,a strawberry 1,a thistle 1,a tree 1,a violet 1,a wheat stalk 1,a willow tree 1,an apple 1,an olive branch 1,mandrake root 1,vines


79,a [ms] 1,candles 1,crossed hammer and chisel 1,crossed swords 1,dice 1,flames 1,keys 1,musical notes 1,storm clouds 1,the setting sun 1,the sun


0, - - - does this stand for misc? 2,harp 2,mask 2,ship 1,anchor 1,ankh 1,anvil 1,arrow 1,axe 1,bag of coins 1,banjo 1,bent bow and an arrow 1,book 1,bow 1,breastplate 1,brilliant-cut gem 1,bugle 1,campfire 1,candle 1,castle 1,chain 1,chalice 1,cloud 1,club 1,coffin 1,compass 1,constellation 1,crescent moon 1,crossbow 1,crown 1,cup 1,door 1,drum 1,eclipsed sun 1,eight-pointed star 1,five-pointed star 1,flask 1,flute 1,full moon 1,gallows 1,gate 1,gem 1,half moon 1,hammer 1,hearth 1,horseshoe 1,inverted five-pointed star 1,key 1,knot 1,lightning bolt 1,longbow 1,lute 1,mace 1,mirror 1,mountain 1,needle and thread 1,open book 1,open scroll 1,pair of gauntlets 1,pike 1,quiver 1,rainbow 1,raindrop 1,rapier 1,ring 1,rune 1,sandal 1,scepter 1,scimitar 1,scroll 1,scythe 1,set of scales 1,sheaf of grain 1,shield 1,sickle 1,sitar 1,six-pointed star 1,snowflake 1,staff 1,star 1,tombstone 1,tower 1,treasure chest 1,wall 1,waterfall 1,wave 1,whip 1,window


1,[GeometricSymbol] in a [GeometricSymbol] 1,banner (as emblem) 1,cameo shape 1,cartouche shape 1,circle 1,diamond shape 1,eight-pointed star 1,eight-pointed star in a shield 1,five-pointed star 1,heart shape 1,hexagon 1,inverted five-pointed star 1,inverted triangle 1,octagon 1,oval 1,pentagon 1,set of concentric circles 1,shield shape 1,six-pointed star 1,square 1,star 1,stylized shield shape 1,sun shape (spiked circle) 1,teardrop shape 1,triangle


30,Dwarvish 20,Elvish 10,Celestial 5,Abyssal 5,Infernal 5,Atlantean 1,Aquan 1,Auran 1,Ignan 1,Terran 1,Giant 1,Draconic 10,an unknown language


3,near-opaque 2,frosted 3,translucent 7,transparent


10,clear 5,[BrightColors] 2,[DarkColors]


50,brown 25,black 25,[DarkColors] 10,[DullColors] 10,[BrightColors] 2,[LightColors]


1,blue 1,blue-green 1,green 1,orange 1,pink 1,fuchsia 1,magenta 1,red 1,red-orange 1,vermilion 1,white 1,yellow 1,yellow-green 1,yellow-orange


1,apricot 1,beige 1,cream 1,lime 1,loam 1,mint 1,paisley 1,peach 1,periwinkle 1,pink 1,taupe 1,sand 1,white


1,black 1,blue 1,blue-violet 1,brown 1,crimson 1,ebon 1,eggplant 1,gray 1,grey 1,indigo 1,maroon 1,navy 1,purple 1,red-violet 1,violet


1,beige 1,black 1,brown 1,cream 1,drab 1,gray 1,grey 1,olive 1,rust 1,sand 1,taupe


3,oiled 3,shiny 3,dull 4,pebbled 5,


2,Fire 2,Cold 1,Acid 1,Electricity 1,Sonic 1,Holy 1,Unholy


2,Fire 2,Cold 1,Acid 1,Electricity 1,Thunder 1,Heaven 1,Hell


2,Fiery 2,Cold 1,Acidic 1,Electric 1,Sonic 1,Holy 1,Unholy


2,[tiny] 2,very small 2,wee 2,small 2,undersized 2,puny 3,average-sized 3,ordinary-sized 3,regular-sized 2,large 2,full-sized 2,oversized 2,very large 2,super-sized 2,[big]


2,tiny 1,teeny 1,itsy-bitsy 1,minuscule 1,miniature


2,big 1,colossal 1,massive 1,enormous 1,huge 1,ginormous 1,gigantic


1,left 1,right


1,front 1,rear


5,woodland 3,plains 3,mountain 3,hill 2,swamp 2,steppe 2,desert 1,badland 1,forest 1,jungle 1,prairie 1,tundra 1,wasteland




7,Monstrous Humanoid 7,Humanoid 5,Vermin 5,Magical Beast 5,Giant 5,Fey 5,Evil Creature 5,Dragon 4,Reptilian 4,Natural Creature 4,Goblinoid 3,Undead 3,Aberration 2,Shapechanger 2,Ooze 2,Good Creature 2,Elemental 1,Plant 1,Outsider 1,Construct


0, 1,01 1,02 1,03 1,04 1,05 1,06 1,07 1,08 1,09 1,10 1,11 1,12


0, 12,[d12] 1,13 1,14 1,15 1,16 1,17 1,18 1,19 1,20 1,21 1,22 1,23 1,00


0, 12,[d12] 1,13 1,14 1,15 1,16 1,17 1,18 1,19 1,20 1,21 1,22 1,23 1,24 1,25 1,26 1,27 1,28


0, 28,[d28] 1,29 1,30


0, 30,[d30] 1,31


0, 1,00 30,[d30] 1,31 1,32 1,33 1,34 1,35 1,36 1,37 1,38 1,39 1,40 1,41 1,42 1,43 1,44 1,45 1,46 1,47 1,48 1,49 1,50 1,51 1,52 1,53 1,54 1,55 1,56 1,57 1,58 1,59


1,[d12]/[d28] 4,[d12]/[d30] 7,[d12]/[d31]


1,[d12]/[d28] [d24]:[d59]:[d59] 4,[d12]/[d30] [d24]:[d59]:[d59] 7,[d12]/[d31] [d24]:[d59]:[d59]




1,[Dice.1d12]:[d59] a.m. 1,[Dice.1d12]:[d59] p.m.