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Hey Taft!

First let me say that I have noticed some really excellent generators you've been contributing to Abulafia. Thanks. However, I'm not really clear on the purpose or usefulness of the Ghetto Names page. My concern, specifically, is that it kind of seems designed to offend - riffing on African-American cultural onomastics and then calling it "Ghetto Names" isn't really the level of sensitivity I'm hoping for on this site. Maybe I'm misinterpreting - in fact I rather hope so, but in either case could you reconsider whether this is a generator worth doing? It's not normally my policy to question the content of generators, except where it has the potential to affect other users. In this case, another user on Abulafia privately emailed me to express concern about the page, and I think that concern is not unwarranted. I'd love to see your excellent generator-making talent expressed in other generators. You clearly put a lot of work into compiling the lists in the Ghetto Names generator, but I'd like you to consider amending or deleting the generator out of consideration for other users, who may not share your sense of humor.


--Dave Younce 13:08, 27 April 2010 (PDT)