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My Generators

Megadungeon Zone Names

Lock Generator

Treasure Container which uses Container Trap

Expanded Dungeon Doors

Interesting Treasure Hoard Generator

OSR Dragon Generator

Generators I like

Dungeon Creation

Dungeon_Doors : A simple version of the expanded table above.

Dungeon Area Name : A megadungeon zone namer, using Abulafia tables.

Dungeon Room : A table to generate dungeon rooms.

Traps : Some random traps

Bag of Tricks : Roger SG Sorolla's trick generator.

New Monster Name : Some random Monster Manual style names for new monsters.

Dungeon Dressing

Sights : A currently 'short' list of things you might see for dungeon dressing.

Fantasy Debris and Detritus : And a list of crap that might be lying around.

100 even less useful items Some junk!

Sounds : And random dungeon sounds.

Treasure Tables

Jewelry : A table with a variety of different jewelry types, no gold piece values.

OSR Armor : Determine a specific type or set of armor.

Weapon : Generates a weapon from the many tables on Abulafia.

ArcaneBooks & FantasyBooks : great tables with millions of generated books, see also 100_Bookshelves : A shorter list of weirdness.

Household Treasures : Normal valuable goods.

Artwork : Artwork

Scroll : Scroll Descriptions

Delver_Fate : What Happened?


Dice : For rolling dice

Crunchy Bits : A variety of useful tables for making tables.

Utility : A variety of useful tables for making tables.

Useful external links

Random traps and dressing John's random generators

B/X Character generator over at Dizzy Dragon B/X Character

Quick Character and Personality NPC generator

A quick "trick" generator Dungeon Trick Generator

NPC Key generator NPC key