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My Generators/Generators in production:

DnD 3 5 Character Generator

Mixed Pathfinder/3 5 Character Generator

Pathfinder Artifact

Pathfinder Character Generator

Pathfinder Magic Item

Pathfinder Spell List

Pathfinder / 3 5 Monster


Real World Deities

Trade Goods


Lesser Generators


Neverwinter Nights 2 Character

Pathfinder Mundane Objects

Pathfinder Potions - a Help to Pathfinder Magic Items

Pathfinder Spell List A-D

Pathfinder Spell List E-H

Pathfinder Spell List I-L

Pathfinder Spell List M-P

Pathfinder Spell List Q-T

Pathfinder Spell List U-Z

Pathfinder Spell List 3PP

Pathfinder Treasure

Premade Pathfinder Character


Also have worked a lot on:


Fantasy Pantheon

Utility (especially Food and Symbol sections)



Tarot Card ( descriptions)


Real World Deities - Finish Celtic deities from thewhitegoddess

Real World Deities - Get Greek, Roman, and Norse deities added; because the lack of them at this point is rather embarrassing.

Pathfinder Spell List - Add D spells.

Tarot Card - Add facade meanings for: 9. The Hermit, Three of Wands, Four of Cups, Ten of Cups, Ace of Swords, Ten of Pentacles, 13. Death (reversed), Ten of Wands (reversed), Six of Cups (reversed), Ace of Swords (reversed), Three of Pentacles (reversed), Nine of Pentacles (reversed), Knight of Pentacles (reversed).