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Tweaky Stuff J’Adoree

September 2014

Hi there!

In my case, one might reasonably ask, “what is this non-gamer doing on Abulafia?” - Well, I might eschew RPGs, but since Commodore PET days I’ve loved me some RND(.) - the possibilities and imagination sparked by chance combinations in all their forms. And to have a resource like this handy, for when the mood strikes … wow, the mind boggles. Thanks everybody!

Since I found few details on Abu’s syntax in the existing help files, lately I’ve just been trying to familiarize myself with this (and recognize coding best practices) by randomly cleaning up other people’s generators. Occasionally, I’ll come across a better way of achieving various effects and for now, that’s what I’m mainly after. In time, though, I hope to start writing some of my own gens …

Here’s where it all happens: /Sandbox

October 2015

Lately, it seems to be becoming more of a “thing” to list one’s accomplishments up front (the “LinkedIn effect”?). To me, these mostly random odds and ends don’t seem especially representative of what I might be able to do if real inspiration were ever to strike … but, to the extent that reviewing the record to list what I did might give direction / help me stay focused:

Generators I’ve created

With all due props to Abu’s core crew of inveterate RPGers, I’m mainly here for language play – observing how our words (beyond denotation/connotation) build and alter meaning through grammatical structuring (i.e. recreational “lite” CompLing: now with 50% less analysis!). Thus, I’m keen to see other Abu users’ creativity in implementing new features, transcending old limitations, and otherwise stepping things up a notch. For that reason, I usually prefer refining existing generators to creating them. Even so, I’ve made a few:

I may be the only Abulafia user to create more templates than generators, though. “You may know me from such as …”:

Top Generators I’ve materially added to

Top Generators I’ve “optimized”

… In the words of Annette Hanshaw … “that’s all!” (for now)