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admiring your work. trying my own central casting.

Fantasy Lives

Thanks for making tables and charts I could borrow from.

the main backstory generator page is at CC-Fantasy-Lives

I've gotten my Casting-style background tables prepared to the point

I want to call for help and beta-testing. my email is Egyptoid @ gmail - com

or my user discussion page User_talk:Egyptoid

please run it a few times, and tell me about what stinks.

also I ask what should the final layout look like ?

some of the errors are minor, and come from trying to parse grammar

across 4 sub-charts, like: the sorcerer summoned the an water elemental that fallen into a volcano

previous authors have tried to adhere to the book, I have just used the Casting book as a skeleton,

and tried to improvise and expand with the wide capabilities of Abulafia.

please let me know if you like it not, and why.