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==Orc Names==
==Orc Names==
<ul><sgdisplay iterations="10"><li>[Fantomx11/WOW Orcish.main] [Fantomx11/Orc Surnames.main]</sgdisplay></ul>
<ul><sgdisplay iterations="10"><li>{{ucfirst:[Fantomx11/WOW Orcish.main]}} [Fantomx11/Orc Surname.main]</sgdisplay></ul>

Latest revision as of 20:36, 8 May 2018

I am creating a few generators that will generate words that mimic those found in various WOW languages.

Here are the ones I have created.


    <sgdisplay iterations="10">
  • [Fantomx11/WOW Common.main]</sgdisplay>


    <sgdisplay iterations="10">
  • [Fantomx11/WOW Dwarven.main]</sgdisplay>

Darnassian (Night Elf)

    <sgdisplay iterations="10">
  • [Fantomx11/WOW Darnassian.main]</sgdisplay>


    <sgdisplay iterations="10">
  • [Fantomx11/WOW Orcish.main]</sgdisplay>

Orc Names

    <sgdisplay iterations="10">
  • [Fantomx11/WOW Orcish.main] [Fantomx11/Orc Surname.main]</sgdisplay>