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<sgdisplay iterations="10">





1,Huge 1,Massive 1,Tremendous 1,Great 1,Magnificent 1,Bulky 1,Lustrous 1,Polished 1,Humble 1,Modest 1,Narrow 1,Slim 1,Slender


1,surrounding 1,encompassing 1,enclosing 1,encircling 1,hanging from 1,hanging from one side of 1,attached to 1,attached to one side of 1,at the bottoms of 1,half enclosing 1,half encompassing


1,twelve 1,fourteen 1,ten 1,eight 1,six 1,sixteen


1,marble 1,sandstone 1,obsidian 1,ivory 1,granite 1,alabaster 1,marmoreal 1,limestone 1,onyx 1,travertine 1,basalt 1,soapstone


1,the entire 1,most of the 1,the lower levels of the 1,every part of the


1,bathe it in an orange glow 1,blanket everything in a warm glow 1,shroud it in a dark orange radiance 1,paint the hall a range of yellows and oranges 1,their light wraps the hall in a warm radiance 1,engulf the throne hall in a brilliant glimmer 1,coat everything in an orange glimmer 1,radiate warmth across this hall 1,mantle the hall in warm yellows 1,cover the hall in warm oranges and dancing shadows 1,cover the hall in dancing shadows and a warm radiance 1,allow shadows to play and dance where light cannot reach 1,bathe the hall in a dancing glow of orange 1,engulf everything in a flickering radiance


1,gems of the many artworks on 1,illustration of battles on 1,angelic paintings on 1,artistic depictions of legends on 1,paintings of vast landscapes on 1,illustrations of a legendary victory on 1,paintings of angels and cherubs on 1,intricate golden patterns on 1,carved symmetric patterns on 1,relatively modest chandeliers hanging from 1,humongous chandeliers hanging from 1,thousands of gems on 1,large mirrors on 1,countless gems on 1,tapestries depicting the kingdom hanging from 1,intricately carved woodwork hanging from 1,intricate and symmetrical design patterns on 1,illustrations of a kingdom in the sky on 1,gemmed runes on 1,relatively simple stonework on 1,unadorned stones on 1,marble stone of 1,illustrations of gods on 1,stained glass windows in 1,glass of the windows in


1,domed 1,arched 1,rounded 1,bowed 1,embowed 1,curved 1,slanted 1,terraced 1,layered 1,oblique 1,askew 1,sloped


1,statues[nm9b] 1,gargoyles[nm9b] 1,memorials[nm9b] 1,stone effigies[nm9b] 1,statuettes[nm9b] 1,sculptures[nm9b] 1,marble icons[nm9b] 1,carved images[nm9b]


1, and statues 1, and gargoyles 1, and memorials 1, and stone effigies 1, and statuettes 1, and sculptures 1, and marble icons 1, and carved images 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1,


1,marble 1,stone 1,wooden 1,mahogany 1,granite 1,obsidian 1,oaken 1,limestone 1,slate 1,porcelain 1,mosaic 1,grey wood 1,maple 1,teak


1,august 1,ceremonious 1,elegant 1,extravagant 1,glorious 1,grand 1,imposing 1,impressive 1,lavish 1,luxurious 1,magnificent 1,majestic 1,marvelous 1,monumental 1,opulent 1,ostentatious 1,radiant 1,regal 1,royal 1,sublime


1,A beryl 1,A cardinal 1,A carmine 1,A chestnut 1,A cobalt 1,A coral 1,A crimson 1,A golden 1,A jade 1,A lavender 1,A lilac 1,A magenta 1,A malachite 1,A maroon 1,A ruby 1,A saffron 1,A sanguine 1,A sapphire 1,A scarlet 1,A silver 1,A teal 1,A turquoise 1,A verdigris 1,A vermilion 1,A violet 1,A viridian 1,An alabaster 1,An amber 1,An azure 1,An ebony 1,An ivory 1,An onyx 1,An orchid


1,beryl 1,cardinal 1,carmine 1,chestnut 1,cobalt 1,coral 1,crimson 1,golden 1,jade 1,lavender 1,lilac 1,magenta 1,malachite 1,maroon 1,ruby 1,saffron 1,sanguine 1,sapphire 1,scarlet 1,silver 1,teal 1,turquoise 1,verdigris 1,vermilion 1,violet 1,viridian 1,alabaster 1,amber 1,azure 1,ebony 1,ivory 1,onyx 1,orchid


1,splits the entire room in half from the doors to the throne 1,splits part of the room in half from the throne to midway down the hall 1,runs from the throne down through the center and splits into two paths leading out 1,runs from the throne down the center and loops back from both left and right 1,runs down from the throne and marks the closest spot people can stand when they address the royal highness 1,runs down from the throne for a few meters before coming to an end 1,splits the entire room in half and is matched by the thinner ones on either side of the hall 1,runs from the throne to the doors and is matched by smaller ones on either side of the hall 1,runs down from the throne and splits to encircle the entire hall 1,runs in a circle around the room, with two paths at the throne and the main entrance


1,matching 1,forked 1,ribbon 1,pennant 1,burgee 1,guidon 1,winged 1,pointed 1,embattled 1,square dag 1,swallow tail 1,rectangular 1,rounded


1,gilded 1,golden 1,emblazoned 1,embellished 1,adorned 1,ornate 1,burnished


1,borders 1,corners 1,crowns 1,decorations 1,edges 1,embroideries 1,fringes 1,lacery 1,margins 1,needlework 1,ornaments 1,plumes 1,quilting 1,ridges 1,sides 1,sigils 1,tapestries 1,tassels 1,tips 1,tracery 1,trimmings 1,tufts


1,dangle gently from 1,hang from 1,drape from 1,swing gently from 1,droop from 1,decorate 1,cover parts of 1,


1,hangs a torch 1,hangs a lantern 1,hangs a small chandelier 1,hangs a small luster 1,stands a large candlestick 1,stands a tall candle 1,stand several tapers of various sizes 1,sits a small alter full of candles 1,sits a shrine-like ornament covered in candles 1,


1,they've all been 1,many of them have been 1,some of them have been 1,a few of them have been 1,almost all of them have been 1,all but a few have been 1,none but a few have been


1,paintings 1,tapestries 1,statues 1,statuettes 1,sculptures 1,mosaics 1,wall paintings 1,murals 1,portraits 1,depictions 1,artistic depictions 1,artistic portrayals


1,royalty long gone 1,late royal family members 1,late rulers 1,gods and goddesses 1,divine beings 1,legendary creatures 1,conquerors and victors 1,heroes and legends 1,heroes and leaders 1,leaders and legends 1,divine beings 1,other leaders of the world 1,powerful creatures 1,war heroes 1,the fiercest creatures of this kingdom 1,late heroes 1,folk heroes and legends


1,Tall 1,Broad 1,Wide 1,Narrow 1,Slim 1,Modest 1,High 1,Grand 1,Massive 1,Hefty 1,Huge 1,Vast 1,Thick 1,Extensive 1,Immense 1,Humble


1,, stained glass windows[nm23b] 1,, stained glass windows[nm23b] 1,, stained glass windows[nm23b] 1,, stained glass windows[nm23b] 1,, stained glass windows[nm23b] 1,, colored glass windows 1,, tinted glass windows 1,, washed glass windows 1, 1, 1,


1, 1, depicting ancient legends 1, of intricate mosaics 1, depicting divine beings 1, depicting gods and goddesses 1, depicting important moments of victory 1, depicting late royalty 1, depicting important royal moments 1, of heavenly mosaics 1, of mesmerizing mosaics 1, with symmetric designs


1,covered 1,shrouded 1,hidden 1,concealed 1,bordered 1,contoured 1,framed 1,enclosed 1,edged 1,neighbored


1,curtains 1,drapes 1,draperies 1,veils


1,jewels 1,gold leaves 1,intricate embroidery 1,fine patterns 1,impressive needlework 1,gilded linings 1,fancy tassels 1,emblazoned edges 1,burnished corners 1,embellished borders 1,decorated tips


1,A ceremonious 1,A dignified 1,A grand 1,A grandiose 1,A great 1,A lavish 1,A magnificent 1,A majestic 1,A noble 1,A pompous 1,A radiant 1,A regal 1,A stately 1,A striking 1,A sublime 1,A towering 1,An elegant 1,An imposing 1,An impressive


1,teak 1,gold 1,silver 1,stone 1,marble 1,onyx 1,obsidian 1,jade 1,sapphire 1,mahogany 1,oak 1,iron 1,molten steel 1,granite 1,carved rock 1,gold 1,porcelain 1,gold 1,silver 1,bronze 1,brass 1,gold 1,mahogany 1,mahogany 1,oak 1,oak 1,marble 1,marble 1,stone


1,atop an elevated platform 1,at the center of a small platform 1,amidst two large statues 1,below a grand chandelier 1,in front of a giant painting of the previous ruler 1,in front of a giant painting of the kingdom 1,in front of a large window radiating light onto the throne 1,within a pagoda of sorts within this hall 1,behind a lavish gate of gilded wood 1,beneath an impressively decorated baldachin (canopy) 1,beneath a fairly plain looking baldachin (canopy) 1,beneath an almost entirely close baldachin (canopy) 1,beneath two overlooking statues of legendary beasts 1,atop a tall elevated platform 1,atop a balcony overlooking the throne hall


1,two 1,three 1,four 1,five 1,six 1,two 1,two 1,three


1,smaller and less elaborate 1,equally impressive 1,almost identical 1,plain, but comfortable 1,equally lavish 1,similar, but smaller 1,similar, but less ornate 1,rather plain looking 1,large, but far less ornate 1,similar, but undecorated


1,those closest to the royal highness 1,the royal highness' direct family 1,the royal highness' family members 1,visiting dignitaries 1,the royal highness' trustees 1,those aiding the royal highness in all affairs 1,visiting royalty of other nations 1,esteemed guests


1,intricate 1,simple 1,hundreds of elaborate 1,nothing but labyrinthine 1,complicated 1,textured and layered 1,layered 1,gilded 1,tangled 1,byzantine 1,symmetric 1,baroque 1,divine 1,holy 1,hallowed 1,sacred 1,symbolic


1,carvings 1,emblems 1,sculptures 1,crests 1,designs 1,engravings 1,motifs 1,emblems 1,images 1,patterns 1,marks 1,etchings 1,inscriptions 1,illustrations


1,the backside 1,each of the wide armrests 1,each of the stubby legs 1,each of the ornate legs 1,each of the elegant armrests 1,the wide backside 1,each of the broad feet 1,each of the rather slim feet 1,each of the front legs 1,each of the rear legs 1,each of the broad ears 1,each of the slim ears


1,a gemmed 1,an abstract 1,a carved 1,an ornate 1,a sparkling 1,a crystal 1,a diamond 1,a gem encrusted 1,an elegant 1,a gilded 1,a chiseled 1,a sapphire 1,a jade 1,a ruby 1,a lavish


1,sigil 1,rose 1,flower head 1,lion's head 1,animal head 1,head of a legendary creature 1,skull 1,face 1,angel wing 1,demon wing 1,crown 1,sun 1,moon 1,star 1,trident 1,lantern 1,dragon 1,snake 1,petal 1,flower 1,tree 1,ship 1,dagger 1,crescent moon 1,divine symbol 1,symbolic emblem


1,soft 1,thick 1,thin 1,broad 1,fluffy 1,bulky 1,dense 1,light 1,stiff 1,comfortable 1,modest


1,dark 1,light


1,gilded 1,golden 1,emblazoned 1,embellished 1,adorned 1,ornate 1,burnished


1,borders 1,corners 1,edges 1,embroideries 1,fringes 1,lacery 1,margins 1,needlework 1,plumes 1,quilting 1,ridges 1,sigils 1,tassels 1,tips 1,tracery 1,tufts


1,waiting to see 1,expecting an audience with 1,wishing to witness 1,awaiting to be heard by 1,seeking the wisdom of 1,listening to 1,wishing to listen to


1,many 1,few 1,plethora of 1,countless 1,abundance of 1,several


1,lavish, but relatively simple 1,decorated, but somewhat uncomfortable 1,rather plain looking 1,extravagant and comfortable 1,opulent, albeit uncomfortable 1,gilded and otherwise extravagant 1,modest, yet comfortable 1,long and rather bulky 1,impressively carved 1,luxurious and comfortable 1,brightly decorated 1,lightly illuminated


1,wooden 1,stone 1,mahogany 1,oak 1,sandstone 1,marble 1,granite 1,teak 1,iron 1,brass 1,maple 1,birch 1,alder


1,facing the throne 1,facing the center of the hall 1,diagonally facing the throne 1,facing the throne in a half circle 1,perfectly aligned in rows 1,facing the throne in a V-shape 1,facing the throne in a wide V-shape 1,lined up perfectly symmetrical


1,more ornate 1,specially decorated 1,extremely lavish 1,overly luxurious 1,extravagant 1,excessively embellished 1,opulent 1,luxurious 1,exuberant 1,gorgeous 1,impressive 1,luxuriant 1,rather ordinary looking 1,embellished 1,ceremonial 1,gilded 1,stately 1,renovated 1,humble looking 1,rather plain 1,specially built


1,balconies 1,mezzanines 1,balustrades


1,overlooking the throne 1,overlooking the hall 1,overlooking the entire hall 1,facing the throne 1,facing the benches below


1, [nm1] braziers [nm2] each of the [nm3] [nm4] columns light up [nm5] throne hall and [nm6]. The [nm7] the [nm8] ceiling dance in the flickering light while [nm9] + nm9b[rnd9b] look down upon the [nm10] floor of this [nm11] hall. [nm12] rug [nm13] while [nm14] banners with [nm15] [nm16] [nm17] the walls. Between each banner [nm18], [nm19] lit and in turn illuminate the [nm20] of [nm21] below them. [nm22][nm23] are [nm24] by [nm25] colored the same [nm12b] as the banners. The curtains have been adorned with [nm26] and [nm26]. [nm27] throne of [nm28] sits [nm29] and is adjoined by [nm30] [nm31] seats for [nm32]. The throne is covered in [nm33] [nm34] and fixed on [nm35] is [nm36] [nm37]. The [nm38] pillows are a [nm39] [nm12b] and these too have been adorned with [nm40] [nm41]. Those [nm42] their royal highness can do so on the [nm43] [nm44] [nm45] benches, all of which are [nm46]. Those of higher standing can instead take seat in the [nm47] [nm48] [nm49].