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This generator is meant to generate words that mimic the frequency and forms of Common in World of Warcraft

    <sgdisplay iterations="10">
  • [main]</sgdisplay>



1,[bodypart][doer] 1,[bodypart][tool] 1,[creature][bodypart] 1,[creature][doer] 1,[creature][tool] 1,[tool][doer]


1,abuser 1,assaulter 1,abolisher 1,accuser 1,attacker 1,banger 1,beater 1,biter 1,blaster 1,blocker 1,breaker 1,catcher 1,challenger 1,charger 1,chaser 1,checker 1,chewer 1,choker 1,clasher 1,cleaver 1,climber 1,clutcher 1,collapser 1,crasher 1,crawler 1,crippler 1,crusher 1,cutter 1,dispatcher 1,dragger 1,drinker 1,eater 1,eliminator 1,flattener 1,flayer 1,flogger 1,gnawer 1,gouger 1,grabber 1,grinder 1,growler 1,hacker 1,harasser 1,hater 1,hitter 1,hurler 1,hurtler 1,impaler 1,injurer 1,invader 1,jerker 1,jumper 1,kicker 1,killer 1,knifer 1,leader 1,lifter 1,leaper 1,leveller 1,lover 1,lunger 1,maimer 1,mangler 1,mauler 1,mocker 1,monger 1,mutilator 1,nailer 1,overcomer 1,penetrator 1,pinner 1,pincher 1,pitcher 1,plunger 1,poker 1,poker 1,pouncer 1,provoker 1,pummeler 1,puncher 1,punisher 1,purger 1,pursuer 1,pusher 1,rammer 1,ripper 1,rocker 1,roller 1,runner 1,rusher 1,screamer 1,seizer 1,shaker 1,shooter 1,shover 1,slammer 1,slasher 1,slayer 1,slicer 1,smasher 1,snatcher 1,speaker 1,spiker 1,spotter 1,stamper 1,sticker 1,stomper 1,stopper 1,strangler 1,striker 1,stroker 1,stunner 1,subduer 1,swiper 1,tackler 1,target 1,taunter 1,thrasher 1,threatener 1,throttler 1,thrower 1,torturer 1,tracker 1,trapper 1,tripper 1,trouncer 1,vanquisher 1,violator 1,walker 1,warder 1,watcher 1,whacker 1,whipper 1,whistler 1,wielder 1,wrecker 1,wrencher 1,wrestler


1,axe 1,dirk 1,hammer 1,knife 1,sword 1,dagger 1,mace 1,flail


1,beast 1,death 1,moon 1,dwarf 1,earth 1,elf 1,foe 1,[Animal.fantasyAll]


1;arm 1;back 1;blood 1;chest 1;ear 1;eye 1;face 1;finger 1;foot 1,hair 1;hand 1;head 1;heart 1;jaw 1;knee 1;leg 1;mucus 1;nail 1;neck 1;nose 1;skull 1;spit 1;toe 1;tooth