ThreeSixteen Planets

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Expeditionary Force, Brigade 3:16

<sgdisplay iterations="1">[main]



1,Planet Briefing:
You will be dropped on planet [planetname]
Planet Type: [planettype]

Intelligence Report:
The planet is infested by [planetlifeforms]
Alien Ability(AA): [alienability]
Alien Special Ability: [alienspecial]

Your Mission: Terminate All Alien Threats with Extreme Prejudice
Sub-Mission: [submission]


1,Bosch 1,Caravaggio 1,Cézanne 1,Degas 1,Dürer 1,Goya 1,Holbein 1,Kandinsky 1,Klimt 1,Matisse 1,Michelangelo 1,Monet 1,Picasso 1,Pollock 1,Rembrandt 1,Renoir 1,Reubens 1,Titian 1,Warhol 1,Whistler 1,Bergmann 1,Gabo 1,Moholy-Nagy 1,Pasmore 1,Pevsner 1,Popova 1,Rodchenko 1,Schlemmer 1,Tatlin 1,Torres 1,Baumeister 1,Caro 1,Davis 1,Diller 1,Dove 1,Fontana 1,Freundlich 1,Hepworth 1,Heron 1,Hilton 1,Kapoor 1,Kupka 1,Nadelman 1,Poliakoff 1,Rego 1,Richter 1,Twombly 1,Wols 1,Abdy 1,Bazille 1,Boudin 1,Caillebotte 1,Cassatt 1,Hassam 1,Lawson 1,MacColl 1,Manzu 1,Morisot 1,Pissarro 1,Rosso 1,Sickert 1,Sisley 1,Slevogt 1,Utrillo 1,Albertinelli 1,Aldegreve 1,Barbari 1,Bartolomeo 1,Botticini 1,Bramante 1,Lombardo 1,Dalmau 1,Gaddi 1,Mabuse 1,Pencz 1,Predis 1,Quarton 1,Raphael 1,Ratgeb 1,Sodoma 1,Stoss 1,Torrigiani 1,Tura 1,Vecchietta 1,Memling


1,Arid world 1,Asteroid belt 1,Cloud/gas planet 1,Dense atmosphere 1,Desert world 1,Electrical storms 1,Forested surface 1,High gravity 1,High humidity 1,Ice covered 1,Low gravity 1,Mountainous terrain 1,Pleasure planet 1,Poisonous atmosphere 1,Radioactive 1,Rain world 1,Reefs and coral islands 1,Temperate 1,Volcanically active 1,Water world


1,Advanced Humanoids 1,Apes 1,Artificial lifeforms 1,Birds or Flying Beasts 1,Corrupt Troopers 1,Dinosaurs 1,Dogs 1,Felines 1,Furred Creatures 1,Giants 1,Humanoids 1,Insectoids 1,Mineral‐based forms 1,Oozes 1,Plants 1,Rays, sharks or fish 1,Reptiles or Amphibians 1,Sentient planet 1,Shadow Beasts 1,Sirens


1,Lowest FA 1,Lowest FA + 1 1,Lowest FA + 2 1,Lowest NFA 1,Lowest NFA + 1 1,Lowest NFA + 2 1,Highest FA 1,Highest FA – 1 1,Highest FA – 2 1,Highest NFA 1,Highest NFA – 1 1,Highest NFA – 2 1,(High FA + Low NFA)/2 1,(High FA + Low NFA)/2 +1 1,(High FA + Low NFA)/2 +2 1,(High NFA + Low FA)/2 1,(High NFA + Low FA)/2 +1 1,(High NFA + Low FA)/2 +2 1,AA = 5 1,AA = 10


1,Ambush 1,Armour 1,Boost Ability 1,End Encounter 1,Enrage 1,Exploding Bodies 1,Flee 1,Ignore Armour 1,Ignore Wounds 1,Impair 1,Induce Weakness 1,Isolate 1,Lasting Wounds 1,Leaping 1,Rapid Movement 1,Reduce Visibility 1,Regeneration 1,Stop Technology 1,Suicide 1,Swarm


1,Administration 1,Assault 1,E-Vac 1,Investigation 1,Kill Counting 1,Latrine Duty 1,Manoeuvres 1,Meal Ticket 1,Morale 1,Propaganda 1,Recon 1,Recovery 1,Recreation 1,Relief 1,Repair 1,Seek & Destroy 1,Signalling 1,Supply 1,Support 1,Training </sgtable>