Temperament Traits

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And here we have

<sgdisplay iterations="1">And here we have a [mainmale]</sgdisplay>



    <sgdisplay iterations="1">
  • [malesentences]</sgdisplay> <sgdisplay iterations="1">
  • [femalesentences]</sgdisplay>


  • <sgdisplay iterations="1">[cholericmalesentences]</sgdisplay>
  • <sgdisplay iterations="1">[cholericfemalesentences]</sgdisplay>


  • <sgdisplay iterations="1">[melancholicmalesentences]</sgdisplay>
  • <sgdisplay iterations="1">[melancholicfemalesentences]</sgdisplay>


  • <sgdisplay iterations="1">[phlegmaticmalesentences]</sgdisplay>
  • <sgdisplay iterations="1">[phlegmaticfemalesentences]</sgdisplay>


  • <sgdisplay iterations="1">[sanguinemalesentences]</sgdisplay>
  • <sgdisplay iterations="1">[sanguinefemalesentences]</sgdisplay>



<sgdisplay iterations="1">[cparagraph]</sgdisplay>


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Usage examples

[Temperament Traits.cholericsentences]
[Temperament Traits.cholericmalesentences]
[Temperament Traits.cholericfemalesentences]

Anything lower than "...sentences" tables you have to pass through the pronoun template, so that this:

[Temperament Traits.cholericmannerisms]

- <sgdisplay iterations="1">[Temperament Traits.cholericmannerisms]</sgdisplay>


{{Pronoun|[Temperament Traits.cholericmannerisms]|f}}

- <sgdisplay iterations="1">{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:[cholericmannerisms]|!HESHE|she}}|!HIMHER|her}}|!HISHER|her}}|. h|. H}}|. s|. S}}</sgdisplay>




0, - - - The 4 Temperaments 100,Choleric 100,Melancholic 100,Phlegmatic 100,Sanguine


0, - - - The 4 Temperaments 100,choleric [personnoun]. [cholericmalesentences] [cholericmalesentences] 100,melancholic [personnoun]. [melancholicmalesentences] [melancholicmalesentences] 100,phlegmatic [personnoun]. [phlegmaticmalesentences] [phlegmaticmalesentences] 100,sanguine [personnoun]. [sanguinemalesentences] [sanguinemalesentences]


0, - - - The 4 Temperaments 100,choleric [personnoun]. [cholericfemalesentences] 100,melancholic [personnoun]. [melancholicfemalesentences] 100,phlegmatic [personnoun]. [phlegmaticfemalesentences] 100,sanguine [personnoun]. [sanguinefemalesentences]


0, - - - convert pronoun placeholders 100,{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:[mainsentences]|!HESHE|he}}|!HIMHER|him}}|!HISHER|his}}|. h|. H}}


0, - - - convert pronoun placeholders 100,{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:[mainsentences]|!HESHE|she}}|!HIMHER|her}}|!HISHER|her}}|. h|. H}}|. s|. S}}


0, - - - convert pronoun placeholders 100,{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:[cholericsentences]|!HESHE|he}}|!HIMHER|him}}|!HISHER|his}}|. h|. H}}


0, - - - convert pronoun placeholders (red) 100,{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:[cholericsentences]|!HESHE|she}}|!HIMHER|her}}|!HISHER|her}}|. h|. H}}|. s|. S}}


0, - - - a paragraph about a choleric person (m or f?) 1,[cmaleparagraph] 1,[cfemaleparagraph]


0, - - - a paragraph about a melancholic person (m or f?) 1,[mmaleparagraph] 1,[mfemaleparagraph]


0, - - - a paragraph about a choleric man 0, - - - two or three or four sentences 4,[cholericmalesentences] [cholericmalesentences] 5,[cholericmalesentences] [cholericmalesentences] [cholericmalesentences] 2,[cholericmalesentences] [cholericmalesentences] [cholericmalesentences] [cholericmalesentences]


0, - - - a paragraph about a choleric woman 0, - - - two or three or four sentences 4,[cholericfemalesentences] [cholericfemalesentences] 5,[cholericfemalesentences] [cholericfemalesentences] [cholericfemalesentences] 2,[cholericfemalesentences] [cholericfemalesentences] [cholericfemalesentences] [cholericfemalesentences]


0, - - - two or three or four sentences melancholic 4,[melancholicmalesentences] [melancholicmalesentences] 5,[melancholicmalesentences] [melancholicmalesentences] [melancholicmalesentences] 2,[melancholicmalesentences] [melancholicmalesentences] [melancholicmalesentences] [melancholicmalesentences]


0, - - - two or three or four sentences melancholic 4,[melancholicfemalesentences] [melancholicfemalesentences] 5,[melancholicfemalesentences] [melancholicfemalesentences] [melancholicfemalesentences] 2,[melancholicfemalesentences] [melancholicfemalesentences] [melancholicfemalesentences] [melancholicfemalesentences]


0, - - - convert pronoun placeholders 100,{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:[msentences]|!HESHE|he}}|!HIMHER|him}}|!HISHER|his}}|. h|. H}}


0, - - - convert pronoun placeholders (purple) 100,{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:[msentences]|!HESHE|she}}|!HIMHER|her}}|!HISHER|her}}|. h|. H}}|. s|. S}}


0, - - - convert pronoun placeholders (GREEN) 100,{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:[phlegmaticsentences]|!HESHE|he}}|!HIMHER|him}}|!HISHER|his}}|. h|. H}}


0, - - - convert pronoun placeholders (GREEN) 100,{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:[phlegmaticsentences]|!HESHE|she}}|!HIMHER|her}}|!HISHER|her}}|. h|. H}}|. s|. S}}


0, - - - convert pronoun placeholders (YELLOW) 100,{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:[ssentences]|!HESHE|he}}|!HIMHER|him}}|!HISHER|his}}|. h|. H}}


0, - - - convert pronoun placeholders 100,{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:[ssentences]|!HESHE|she}}|!HIMHER|her}}|!HISHER|her}}|. h|. H}}|. s|. S}}


0, - - - 100,[cholericsentences] 100,[msentences] 100,[phlegmaticsentences] 100,[ssentences]


0, - - - RED 0, - - - choleric tendencies 0, - - - He is a humble soul who *mostly keeps to himself and his family*. 0, - - - He has an adaptive personality and *is willing to follow the lead of others*. 0, - - - She is a bold person; she *tends to blame others when something goes wrong*. 1200,[ctendsvice] 900,[ctendsvirture] 400,[ctendsneu] 100,acts [cholericadj]


0, - - - choleric tendencies with a positive connotation 100,is capable in a crisis 100,is effective at motivating others to reach their goals 100,always seems to have an answer 100,sees the big picture 100,can be relied upon 100,keeps !HISHER promises 100,smiles in the face of danger 100,moves quickly to solve problems 100,can stand up to criticism 100,is thick-skinned 100,seldom shows embarrassment 100,doesn't show weakness 100,exudes confidence 100,sees the world in realistic terms 100,pushes !HIMHERself to improve and excel 90,always knows what !HESHE wants 90,is not as heartless as !HESHE may appear 90,never gives up 90,has a great deal of self-confidence 90,can see a plan through to completion 90,is not afraid of obstacles 90,aspires to the heroic 80,is determined to succeed 80,is seldom gloomy or moody 70,is not easily discouraged and can be unemotional when necessary 60,can maintain !HISHER composure when necessary 60,won't take "no" for an answer 60,is strong-willed and decisive 60,seeks practical solutions to problems and moves quickly to action 60,adapts to new situations quickly 50,takes the lead in situations where most folks would be frightened 40,excels during a crisis 40,exhibits strong initiative 30,believes in giving friendly advice to others 30,is not easily discouraged 30,is not frightened by difficulties 30,is independent and self-sufficient 30,perseveres in the face of great difficulties 20,is thick-skinned and stands up against criticism 10,is filled with a yearning desire to make great sacrifices 10,endeavors to make a constructive difference in other people's lives


0, - - - vice 0, - - - choleric tendencies that are negative 0, - - - - - - - - - RED 200,is too [cholericadj] for !HISHER own good 100,has a great deal of admiration for !HIMHERself 100,treats other people like crap 100,has furious outbursts of rage 100,often blames others when something goes wrong 100,will lie, cheat, and steal in order to accomplish !HISHER goals 100,will do what it takes to win, even if that means bending the rules 100,often makes rash decisions 100,make decisions without listening to others 100,is a sore loser 100,believes !HIMHERself to be more capable than others 100,is full of !HIMHERself 100,constantly wants help with even the simplest tasks 100,reacts to suffering with callousness 100,is incapable of realizing when a fight is unwinnable 100,is prone to anger 100,has a short fuse 100,often uses force to get things done 100,can't admit when !HESHE is wrong 100,has an inflated sense of self-worth 100,has an air of superiority 100,plunges into situations without forethought 95,sticks !HISHER nose in other people's business 90,refuses to apologize 90,often fails to live up to !HISHER principles 90,gets annoyed easily 90,wastes a great deal of !HISHER energy 90,is quick to reject opinions different from !HISHER own 90,uses and dominate others 90,raises !HISHER voice in anger when challenged 80,doesn't apologize for !HISHER misdeeds 80,will do anything to win 80,is terribly rude even when doing heroic deeds 80,takes pleasure in the pain of !HISHER enemies 80,takes joy in the humiliation of !HISHER opponents 80,can be tactless and manipulative 80,doesn't tolerate fools gladly 80,is domineering and inordinately ambitious 80,considers considers even !HISHER defects as being worthy of praise 80,has a hard time submitting to authority 70,often lacks tact 70,will not usually work at tasks !HESHE doesn't like 70,dislikes tears 70,is generally unsympathetic to peoples' feelings 70,can't turn down a challenge 70,is terrible at listening to others 60,can be bossy 60,becomes irritable when people delay 60,has a huge sense of entitlement 60,thinks !HESHE is always right 60,offers advice which hasn't been asked for 50,is often impatient 50,uses manipulation when !HESHE cannot carry out !HISHER plans by force 50,desires to dominate others 50,wishes to make !HISHER allies subservient to !HIMHER 50,is on time to important events but otherwise is constantly running late. 50,needs to work on !HISHER people skills 50,is quick tempered 50,can’t relax 50,can be too impetuous 50,has an over-inflated sense of pride 40,is unfamiliar with compromise and doubt 40,can be perceived as rude and tactless 40,prone to uttering insults intended to demoralize or intimidate 40,has no qualms about using violence against the elderly 40,has no qualms against being violent to children 30,comes on too strong 30,doesn't always show appropriate the gratitude 30,speaks in a monotone voice 30,is jealous towards !HISHER family and overly possessive 20,claims strong values that !HESHE doesn't live up to 20,persecutes those who dare to oppose !HISHER ambition 20,can run over other people if !HESHE isn't careful 20,enjoys telling (and retelling) !HISHER story about killing a man with !HISHER thumb 10,has atrocious table manners


0, - - - neutral 0, - - - choleric tendencies that are neutral or ambiguous 0, - - - - - - - - - RED 200,likes to [clikesto] 100,doesn't hesitate to make !HISHER opinions known 100,doesn't shy away from danger and adventure 100,demands loyalty 100,is not satisfied with the ordinary 100,craves adventure and thrills 100,takes immediate command of every emergency situation 100,demands to see results 100,gets things done !HISHER way 100,says whatever is on !HISHER mind 100,makes people who cross !HIMHER regret it 90,feels confident when !HESHE is in a position to give the orders 90,needs to feel in control 90,goes with !HISHER gut instincts 80,has a compulsive need for change 80,believes that the end justifies the means 70,uses good ends to justify evil means 60,doesn't worry about what other people think 50,seeks large fortunes and a distinguished reputation 40,is an aggressive negotiator and doesn't mince words 5,abhors useless repetitions


0, - - - PURPLE 0, - - - melancholic tendencies 0, - - - He is a humble soul who *mostly keeps to himself and his family*. 0, - - - He has an adaptive personality and *is willing to follow the lead of others*. 0, - - - She is a cautious person; she *isn't one to start a fight*. 100,is reluctant to make new friends 100,uses arrogance to mask low self-esteem 100,is perpetually depressed 100,is perpetually depressing 100,is self-conscious and easily embarrassed 100,has a tendency toward depression 100,can't cope with idiots 100,looks at life always from the serious side 100,struggles with low self-esteem because !HESHE has such high expectations of !HIMHERself 100,often feels discouraged 100,works carefully and reliably, but only if !HESHE has ample time and is not pressed 100,complains regularly 100,overthinks situations 100,is graceful when in !HISHER element, but awkward outside of it 100,while not necessarily shy, !HESHE is still far from the most social person ever 100,is unable to take advice without finding a reason why it won't work 100,treats every joke as though it were serious 100,refuses to see positive attributes in disliked people 100,suffers extreme self-doubt at the slightest criticism 100,is analytical and has high standards 100,is often disappointed by others 100,tends to get so caught up in !HISHER imagination that !HESHE neglects the real world 100,doesn't often get involved in conversations 100,isn't afraid to be unpopular 100,will tell the truth even if it makes others uncomfortable 100,firmly believes !HESHE is not [perfectsynonyms] enough 100,can't help but to sabotage the important things in !HISHER life 100,dwells upon relatively minor things 100,considers life and existence to be meaningless, and uses this as a justification for evil acts 100,expresses !HISHER love for !HISHER significant other by stalking them 100,forces people away with !HISHER abrasive attitude while feeling depressed because !HESHE can't get close to anybody 90,gets crushes with a serious intensity 90,hides a scheming and unstable demeanor that can resurface at any time 90,does what !HESHE feel is right, even if it's unpopular 90,never uses a simple plan when an extremely complicated one will do 90,relaxes by sitting out in public and people-watching 90,has a strong will coupled with talent and power, but no courage 90,prefers to work and play alone 90,is reserved and distant except to close friends 90,is prone to sarcastic and snide remarks 85,dislikes making small talk with others 80,thinks !HESHE is useless, no matter how amazing !HISHER accomplishments are 80,is easily brought to tears over specific topics, but !HESHE tries to hide it 80,has difficulty finding the right word 80,may be more dangerous than !HESHE appears 80,fears dangers which do not exist 80,is completely truthful at all times, even when it would be better not to be 80,maintains a list of transgressions and a revenge appropriate for each 80,sees the world in black and white to the point of being not mentally well 75,thinks !HISHER beliefs are right and anyone who doesn't agree is stupid, crazy, evil or all three 70,can hold a grudge 70,blames !HIMHERself for everything 70,prefers to eat lunch alone 60,rarely trusts people and is always afraid that others have a grudge against !HIMHER 60,is secretly quite romantic at heart 60,hates !HIMHERself 50,does not believe that !HESHE is a slow worker 50,loves silence and solitude 50,is easily slighted 50,does not easily find the right word to express and describe !HISHER sentiments 50,always feels guilty about something 50,usually sees the worst in people 50,is overly sensitive 50,distrusts people who can't remember names 40,is incredibly nitpicky and uptight 40,apologizes all the time, even when not at fault 40,is self-conscious and uncomfortable about others watching !HIMHER eat 40,is admired by many but doesn't associate with people much 40,has a slight lack of talkativeness 40,is [very.a] afraid of disgrace and humiliation 40,crosses bridges before coming to them 40,reveals !HISHER inmost thoughts reluctantly and only to those whom !HESHE trusts 40,is not inclined to speak unless spoken to 40,has a marked inclination to passivity and inactivity 30,feels it necessary, first of all, to consider and reconsider everything 30,finds it difficult to form new acquaintances and speaks little among strangers 30,never stops thinking 30,broods for weeks and weeks on account of imagined insults 30,is overcautious even in minor matters 30,is unflinchingly devoted to !HISHER moral code 25,locks !HIMHERself away from the outside world as a result of intense social anxiety 20,is psychologically unstable 20,is unable to lie in a convincing way and comes up with convoluted lies that fool no one 20,is capable of strong affections and lofty sentiments 20,takes few into his confidence 20,without cause entertains unjust suspicions about !HISHER neighbors 10,reacts to even a minor offense with disproportionate hostility 10,often represents himself at a disadvantage


0, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - mannerisms 0, - - - the way they act or speak (RED) 10,cracks !HISHER knuckles 10,taps !HISHER feet impatiently 10,rubs the back of !HISHER neck 10,clenches !HISHER jaw 9,balls !HISHER fists 5,grinds !HISHER teeth 5,pushes !HISHER fingers through !HISHER hair 3,squints !HISHER eyes tightly


0, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -ing mannerisms 0, - - - the way they act or speak (RED) 10,cracking !HISHER knuckles 10,tapping !HISHER feet impatiently 10,rubbing the back of !HISHER neck 10,clenching !HISHER jaw 10,clenching and unclenching !HISHER fists repeatedly 10,grinding !HISHER teeth 8,holding !HISHER head in !HISHER hands 4,biting !HISHER fist 3,tightly squinting !HISHER eyes


0, - - - the way they act or speak 10,pushes !HISHER spectacles up 10,can't stop chewing on !HISHER lip 10,bites !HISHER fingernails 10,sighs a lot 10,fidgets 10,drags !HISHER feet 10,picks at !HISHER face 10,pulls at !HISHER bottom lip 10,pulls at !HISHER hair 10,talks to !HIMHERself 6,licks !HISHER lips 5,bites !HISHER nails to the quick 3,drops !HISHER chin and looks up through !HISHER eyebrows


0, - - - the way they act or speak 10,shuffles !HISHER feet 10,wrings !HISHER hands 10,sweats profusely 10,squints !HISHER eyes 10,slouches 10,sniffles slightly 9,rubs !HISHER hands together 6,speaks from the corner of !HISHER mouth 5,blinks !HISHER eyes vacantly 4,stutters when excited 2,shuffles !HISHER feet


0, - - - the way they act or speak (YELLOW) 10,twirls !HISHER hair around !HISHER finger 10,tilts !HISHER head to the side 10,raises !HISHER eyebrows as !HESHE speaks 10,gestures a lot 9,gestures wildly 9,claps !HISHER hands slightly 8,lets out a short involuntary laugh 8,constantly shifts !HISHER weight from one foot to the other 8,touches peoples' shoulder when !HESHE talks to them 8,winks !HISHER eye conspiratorially 4,keeps !HISHER arms at !HISHER sides


0, - - - YELLOW 0, - - - sanguine tendencies 0, - - - He is a humble soul who *mostly keeps to himself and his family*. 0, - - - He has an adaptive personality and *is willing to follow the lead of others*. 0, - - - She is a cautious person; she *isn't one to start a fight*. 100,will try to make people pay attention to !HIMHER 100,loves to extend hospitality 100,is a people person 100,is always smiling 100,may avoid facing problems 100,is the life of the party 100,turns from one activity to another in rapid succession 100,hates being alone 100,will try to charm !HIMHER way out of a jam 100,seldom shows signs of embarrassment 100,prefers group activities 100,forms acquaintanceship easily 100,has a joke for every situation 100,knows all the gossip around town 100,always finds the bright side of any disaster, however far-fetched 100,always needs to be the center of attention 90,needs to be liked 90,is prone to exaggeration 90,loves company and amusement 90,is distracted easily during conversation 90,enjoys meeting strangers 90,sees every moment as an opportunity 90,takes on more than !HESHE has time for 80,does not stand on ceremony 80,struggles with addiction 80,has no attention span and is easily distracted 70,enjoys gambling, to the extent where it starts to cause problems 70,needs compliments like fish need water 70,possess an extensive fear of being left alone 70,does not dwell upon unpleasant happenings 70,makes up lies about unimportant things for no reason 70,lies about dumb things 70,has frequent fluctuations of mood 70,is always ready to greet a neighbor with a friendly remark 60,is not given to worry or anxiety 60,will do anything to be the center of attention, good or bad 60,loves variety in everything 60,always laughs at !HISHER own jokes 50,will reveal to others what you tell !HIMHER in confidence 50,lacks perseverance 50,takes success for granted 50,enjoys making small talk 40,is a fool for romance 40,seduces people with corny pickup lines 40,believes everyone !HESHE meets is !HISHER new best friend 40,would love life to be one big party, complete with decorations and games 40,tells long stories with no point or conclusion 30,enjoys children 30,is an incurable gossip 30,is convinced !HESHE is a local celebrity 30,is quickly aroused and vehemently excited by whatever influences him 20,does not give sufficient attention to possible obstacles 10,acts dumb because !HESHE thinks it makes !HIMHER more attractive 10,is easily led astray


0, - - - GREEN 0, - - - phlegmatic present participles 0, - - - He is in the habit of... 10,putting things off until the last minute 10,compulsively working long and hard hours 10,letting other people make decisions for !HIMHER 10,doing what !HESHE is told 10,keeping to !HIMHERself 10,avoiding conflict 10,maintaining a stoic facade


0, - - - GREEN 0, - - - phlegmatic tendencies 0, - - - He is a humble soul who *mostly keeps to himself and his family*. 0, - - - He has an adaptive personality and *is willing to follow the lead of others*. 0, - - - She is a cautious person; she *isn't one to start a fight*. 110,[phlegmaticmannerisms] when trying to comprehend something 100,mostly keeps to !HIMHERself and !HIMHER family 100,is willing to follow the lead of others 100,isn't one to start a fight 100,isn't very talkative 100,shows little emotion 100,wants to keep things as they are and avoids doing anything that might change !HISHER life 100,hides !HISHER emotions inside 100,fears doing things incorrectly 100,can't make decisions or make up !HISHER mind to save !HISHER life. 100,struggles to make difficult decisions 100,doesn't like surprises 100,prefers being close to home 100,is known as a good listener 100,doesn't seek personal glory 100,tries to be helpful and loyal 100,is easy to talk to 100,can be counted upon to be discrete 100,can be indecisive when faced with new circumstances 100,is embarrassed when !HESHE is put in the spotlight 100,takes the path of least resistance 100,eats the same thing at the same time, everyday 100,prefers to lead a regular, predictable life 100,rarely asserts !HIMHERself 100,doesn't like to draw attention to !HIMHERself 100,does !HISHER best to help everyone get along 100,has a solid poker face 100,will deny !HISHER own feelings as required to avoid offending friends 100,considers !HIMHERself to be open-minded 100,is receptive to new ideas but needs time to warm up to them 100,takes things as they come 100,doesn't like change 100,blindly follows those in authority 100,doesn't mind if some people consider !HIMHER to be boring 100,dislikes arguments and may try to play the role of a mediator 100,doesn't insert !HIMHERself where !HESHE knows !HESHE isn't wanted 100,sometimes !HESHE is taken advantage of 100,knows how to take a hint 100,feels guilty taking due credit for things 100,enjoys routine tasks 100,doesn't mind mundane chores 100,recognizes the importance of tradition 100,doesn't say anything when people hurt !HISHER feelings 100,believes that things will get better soon 100,is nervous around impulsive people 100,isn't [very.a] picky about who !HISHER friends are 100,has no problem being part of a structured hierarchy 100,has difficulty understanding abstract concepts 100,is confident in familiar situations 100,is slow to anger and not reactionary 100,is prone to breaking down when exposed to uncertain circumstances 100,believes anything you tell !HIMHER 100,is too nice for !HISHER own good 100,doesn't understand figurative language 100,has to do everything according to precise schedule, every day of !HISHER life 100,usually doesn't get the joke 100,gets lost easily 90,trusts people who really shouldn't be trusted 90,is easy to convince or brainwash 80,talks [very.a] softly, especially if involved in an argument 50,willingly endures misery and abuse for the sake of love 50,worries about making bad decisions 50,hates having !HISHER routine disrupted 50,freely bends to the will of others 50,worries about making decisions for !HIMHERself 50,is always ready to defend !HISHER loved ones 50,is of the mentality that rather than doing something wrong, !HESHE would do nothing at all 50,is too submissive to !HISHER children and refuse to discipline them 50,knows sometimes !HESHE is taken advantage of, but doesn't let it bother !HIMHER 40,doesn't understand sarcasm 10,wants to help animals, not realizing how dangerous some of them are


0, - - - choleric red 0, - - - he likes to BLANK 10,be in charge 10,give advice 10,get things done 10,compete 10,dominate 8,have the last word 5,take charge 5,take charge of situations 3,exert !HIMHERself 1,set the agenda


0, - - - not used yet... 0, - - - melancholic purple 0, - - - he likes to BLANK 10,make bad puns 10,hang out in weird places 10,spend time alone 8,work on creative projects 5,collect unusual items 2,point out faults in other people


0, - - - he likes to BLANK 100,follow the lead of others 100,complete routine tasks 100,take things as they come 100,stay close to home 100,play the mediator when arguments arise 100,take a long time making decisions 100,avoid excitement 100,think before speaking 100,avoid conflict 100,stay in the background 100,go with the flow 100,be [phlegmaticadj] 80,spend time with people who are well-mannered 80,resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner 60,be a good listener 10,be [phlegmaticadj] and [phlegmaticadj]


0, - - - she likes to BLANK 10,visit with friends 10,express !HIMHERself 10,take part in group activities 10,be heard 10,be flattered 10,enjoy life 10,play pranks 10,tell jokes 10,be the center of attention 10,sing and dance 10,make new friends 10,spend time with friends 9,wear fancy clothing 9,be a part of a lively crowd 9,see the bright side of things 8,be in a big group 8,sing 8,dance 5,be the life of the party 5,poke gentle fun at others 4,show off new clothes 3,embrace frivolity 3,look at !HIMHERself in the mirror


0, - - - common to choleric and phlegmatic 0, - - - red and green 100,responsible 100,unemotional 100,dependable 100,committed 100,hardworking 90,loyal 90,self-possessed 90,competent 90,pragmatic 90,stoic 90,reliable 70,industrious 70,coarse 60,boorish 60,unimaginative 50,churlish 50,resistant to change 40,self-sufficient 40,straight-laced 30,aware 30,by-the-book 20,principled 20,traditional


0, - - - common to choleric and sanguine 0, - - - red and yellow 100,outgoing 100,confident 100,extroverted 100,impulsive 100,adventurous 100,uninhibited 100,suave 90,loud 90,feisty 90,bombastic 70,candid 60,self-confident 60,self-assured 40,vain 30,impetuous


0, - - - noun concepts common to phlegmatic and melancholic 10,order 10,self-discipline 10,deliberation 10,reflection 10,contemplation 10,etiquette 10,decorum 10,propriety 10,guilt 10,obligation 10,responsibility 10,good manners 10,caution 10,craftsmanship 10,workmanship 9,duty 8,shame 8,principles 8,integrity 6,proficiency 6,self-loathing 5,remorse 5,protocol 4,morality 4,atonement 2,self-sacrifice 2,social justice 1,proper grammar 1,righteousness 1,rectitude 1,rumination


0, - - - adjectives common to phlegmatic and melancholic 0, - - - purple and green green and purple 100,perceptive 100,insecure 100,prudent 100,knowledgeable 100,apprehensive 100,reserved 80,conscientious 80,nervous 80,anxious 60,pensive 50,apathetic 50,solemn 30,careful 30,honest 20,vacillating 20,deliberative


0, - - - common to choleric and melancholic 0, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - red and purple purple and red 100,possessive 100,driven 100,temperamental 100,excelling 100,stubborn 100,argumentative 100,demanding 100,passionate 100,critical 100,ambitious 100,mercurial 100,egotistical 90,rigid 90,condescending 90,tenacious 80,bossy 80,independent 70,restless 70,obsessive 60,commited 50,innovative 50,impudent 50,single-minded 50,shrewd 50,zealous 40,disparaging 40,cruel 30,intelligent 10,avid 10,acquisitive


0, - - - common to sanguine and melancholic 0, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - purple and yellow 100,image-conscious 100,emotional 100,conceited 100,pretentious 100,dreamy 100,boastful 100,curious 100,quick-witted 90,sensitive 90,inquisitive 90,passive-aggressive 80,dramatic 80,resourceful 70,sophisticated 70,diplomatic 70,unstable 65,self-aggrandising 60,unpredictable 60,subtle 50,manic 50,flamboyant 50,whimsical 50,articulate 40,meddlesome 40,wild 40,narcissistic 10,attention-seeking 10,verbose


0, - - - common to sanguine and phlegmatic 0, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - yellow and green green and yellow 100,generous 100,easy to talk to 100,compliant 100,easygoing 100,even-tempered 100,cooperative 100,amiable 100,empathetic 100,tolerant 100,sympathetic 100,tactful 90,sincere 90,easily distracted 90,receptive 90,genuine 90,polite 80,warm 80,reassuring 75,gullible 75,naive 70,gentle 60,cooperative 60,trendy 50,nonchalant 50,flighty 50,benign 50,casual 50,hospitable 50,people oriented 50,consensus driven 50,helpful 40,relaxed 40,candid 40,open 40,kind 20,yielding 20,ignorant 20,vague 10,inconsequential 10,asinine 10,unfocused 5,picayune 5,jejune


0, - - - Melancholic (purple) traits 0, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - TRAITS 350,[mnegadj] 350,[mposadj] 125,[mnsadj] 125,[cnmtraits] 60,[mnpadj] 40,[mneuadj]


0, - - - Melancholic (purple) traits that are negative 100,brooding 100,impulsive 100,judgmental 100,pessimistic 100,sarcastic 100,jaded 100,perfectionistic 100,secretive 100,selfish 100,unreliable 100,moody 100,depressed 100,touchy 100,oversensitive 100,gloomy 90,suspicious 90,anxious 90,untrusting 90,unrealistic 90,thin-skinned 90,obsessive 90,sanctimonious 90,unpredictable 80,bitter 80,finicky 70,capricious 70,fickle 70,sullen 60,erratic 50,demanding 50,easily offended 50,tense 40,self-absorbed 30,nit-picking 30,reactionary 25,cantankerous 20,harsh 10,overwrought 10,clamorous 10,squeamish


0, - - - Melancholic (purple) traits that have positive connotations 100,romantic 100,creative 100,serious 100,methodical 100,careful 100,analytical 100,thorough 100,meticulous 100,conscientious 100,uncompromising 100,passionate 100,perceptive 100,discriminating 100,intelligent 90,subtle 90,scrupulous 90,principled 80,soulful 70,discerning 70,precise 70,honorable 70,idealistic 70,insightful 60,focused 60,dramatic 50,shrewd 50,astute 40,high-minded 30,incorruptible 30,ardent 30,ethical 30,assiduous 30,punctilious 20,tasteful 20,deep and thoughtful 20,acute 20,poetic 10,keen 10,percipient 10,perspicacious


0, - - - Melancholic (purple) traits that have neutral connotations 100,introverted 100,sensitive 100,severe 100,complicated 100,intense 90,self-deprecating 80,grave 70,melodramatic 70,excitable 50,fastidious 50,hesitant 50,calculating 40,self-effacing 20,exacting 20,blue 10,particular


0, - - - phlegmatic traits 0, - - - He is a *humble* soul who mostly keeps to himself and his family. 0, - - - He has an *adaptive* personality and is willing to follow the lead of others. 600,[pnstraits] 580,[cnpadj] 150,[mnpadj] 100,unenterprising 100,humble 100,dutiful 100,shy 100,inoffensive 100,circumspect 100,quiet 100,meek 100,self-doubting 100,fearful 100,polite 100,cautious 100,steady 100,unemotional 100,gentle 100,thoughtful 100,timid 100,unsure 100,uncertain 100,doubtful 100,patient 100,unassuming 100,compassionate 100,dependable 100,selfless 100,content 100,generous 100,practical 100,laid-back 100,receptive 100,agreeable 100,guileless 90,observant 80,traditional 80,complacent 80,helpful 70,guarded 70,sober 60,punctual 50,somber 50,bucolic 50,trustworthy 50,hesitant 50,decorous 40,cordial 40,adaptive 20,equable


0, - - - Choleric (red) 500,[cnpadj] 350,[cnmtraits] 200,[cnstraits] 100,tough 100,engaged 100,domineering 100,strong 100,bold 100,self-confident 100,decisive 100,willful 100,proud 100,confrontational 100,manipulative 100,defiant 100,assertive 100,ruthless 100,brave 100,strong-willed 100,hard-nosed 100,overbearing 100,resourceful 100,ill-tempered 95,vindictive 95,pushy 90,decisive 90,condescending 90,controlling 90,forceful 90,purposeful 85,fierce 80,action-oriented 80,authoritarian 80,insensitive 80,inconsiderate 70,haughty 60,superior 60,impolite 50,daring 50,realistic 40,indignant 40,despotic 40,acerbic 30,contrary 30,apoplectic 30,vengeful 30,peremptory 20,florid 10,scary


0, - - - words that mean pleasant 5,pleasant 5,attractive 5,upbeat 5,happy 5,cheerful 5,agreeable 5,enjoyable 5,friendly 5,charming 5,lovely 5,delightful 2,healthy 2,gracious 1,benign 1,kind 1,benevolent 1,graceful


0, - - - Sanguine (yellow) 600,[pnstraits] 350,[mnsadj] 300,[pleasant] 200,[cnstraits] 100,spontaneous 100,versatile 100,busy 100,impetuous 100,superficial 100,carefree 100,persuasive 100,enthusiastic 100,light hearted 100,engaging 100,bubbly 100,charismatic 100,optimistic 100,joyful 90,alluring 90,sociable 90,flirtatious 80,lively 70,fun 70,captivating 60,talkative 50,debonair 50,airy 50,heedless 50,flashy 50,indiscriminate 50,theatrical 50,loquacious 50,glad 40,sensual 40,ebullient 30,vivid 30,silly 30,frivolous 20,vapid 10,effortless 10,genteel


0, - - - - noun-ify! vapid becomes vapidity 100,amusement 100,optimism 100,friendliness 100,charm 100,warmth 100,fun 100,lightheartedness 100,grace 100,beauty 90,enthusiasm 80,confidence 80,charisma 60,encouragement 60,silliness 60,spontaneity 50,irreverence 40,self-regard 40,vanity 30,delight 30,ostentation 30,frivolity 30,calm 30,panache 30,impertinence 20,superficiality 20,capriciousness 20,impetuosity 20,glamour 10,sunshine 10,insolence 10,self-importance 10,good humor 10,valor 10,gentility 5,magnetism 5,chutzpah 5,moxie


0, - - - phlegmatic sentences 0, - - - *He is a* humble soul *who* mostly keeps to himself and his family. 0, - - - *She is a* cautious person*; she* isn't one to start a fight. 40,[mnpsentences] 20,!HESHE is in the habit of [ping]. 11,[pnssentences] 11,[cnpsentences] 10,!HESHE has a knack for being [phlegmaticadj]. 10,When !HESHE is feeling [phlegmaticadj] !HESHE [phlegmaticmannerisms]. 10,!HESHE is a [phlegmaticadj] [phlegmaticnoun] who [ptends]. 10,!HESHE has a [phlegmaticadj] personality and [ptends]. 10,!HESHE is a [phlegmaticadj] [phlegmaticnoun] who [ptends]. 10,!HESHE is known as a [phlegmaticadj] [phlegmaticnoun]; someone who [ptends]. 10,!HESHE [ptends], and is generally a [phlegmaticadj] [phlegmaticnoun]. 10,!HESHE doesn't mind if people think !HESHE is [phlegmaticadj]. 10,!HESHE has a tendency to act [phlegmaticadj]. 10,!HESHE has a tendency to act [phlegmaticadj], but [ptends]. 10,!HESHE doesn't mind being [phlegmaticadj], but is willing to take advice from others. 10,!HESHE has a [phlegmaticadj] manner about !HIMHER. 10,!HESHE has a [phlegmaticadj], though [phlegmaticadj], demeanor. 10,!HESHE seems like a [phlegmaticadj] [phlegmaticnoun]. 10,!HESHE is often a [phlegmaticadj] [phlegmaticnoun], who [ptends]. 10,As a [phlegmaticadj] [phlegmaticnoun], !HESHE likes to [plikesto]. 10,!HESHE has a [phlegmaticadj] and [very.a] [phlegmaticadj] personality. 10,!HESHE has a [phlegmaticadj] outlook on life. 10,!HESHE can be a [phlegmaticadj] [phlegmaticnoun]. 9,!HESHE does his best to [plikesto]. 9,!HESHE has a [phlegmaticadj] nature and can seem [phlegmaticadj]. 9,!HESHE wants to [plikesto], and can be [phlegmaticadj] at times. 9,!HESHE is [phlegmaticadj] and has a tendency to [plikesto]. 9,A [phlegmaticadj] [phlegmaticnoun], !HESHE [ptends]. 8,!HESHE is basically a [phlegmaticadj] [phlegmaticnoun] who does as !HESHE is told. 8,!HESHE [ptends], but [ptends]. 7,!HESHE is so used to leading a life of combat that !HESHE can't adjust to peacetime. 7,!HESHE is [phlegmaticadj] and [phlegmaticadj]. 7,!HESHE [ptends], but that doesn't stop !HIMHER from being [phlegmaticadj]. 6,!HESHE is [phlegmaticadj] and [phlegmaticadj]. !HESHE usually [ptends]. 6,!HESHE [ptends], but usually [ptends]. 6,When you're as [phlegmaticadj] as !HESHE is, you tend to [plikesto]. 6,!HESHE has the appearance of a [phlegmaticadj] [phlegmaticnoun]. 6,!HESHE [ptends], and is a [phlegmaticadj] [phlegmaticnoun]. 5,!HESHE would never want !HISHER [phlegmaticadj] attitude to offend anyone. 5,!HESHE often comes across as being a [phlegmaticadj] [phlegmaticnoun]. 4,!HESHE thinks of !HIMHERself as being [phlegmaticadj], but !HISHER friends know !HIMHER to be [phlegmaticadj]. 4,!HESHE [ptends], and is a dependably [phlegmaticadj] [phlegmaticnoun]. 4,!HESHE can be a [phlegmaticadj] [personnoun] at times. 4,Rarely does !HESHE fail to demonstrate a [phlegmaticadj] demeanor. 3,!HESHE has a [phlegmaticadj], [phlegmaticadj] attitude. 3,!HESHE is somewhat [phlegmaticadj]. 2,!HESHE can come across as being [phlegmaticadj] at times. 2,!HESHE is shy and inoffensive. !HESHE rarely asserts !HIMHERself, and instead [ptends]. 2,!HESHE [ptends], and that doesn't stop !HIMHER from being a [phlegmaticadj] [phlegmaticnoun]. 2,!HESHE will ignorantly do evil until someone teaches !HIMHER otherwise. 1,!HESHE does not look like anything special at all. 1,!HESHE often comes across as a [phlegmaticadj] [phlegmaticnoun]. 1,!HESHE can be counted upon to discrete, and is a dependably patient [phlegmaticnoun]. 1,!HESHE thinks of !HIMHERself as being prudent and prepared. !HISHER abundance of caution insures !HESHE is rarely caught off guard. 1,!HESHE can come across as being a [phlegmaticadj] [phlegmaticnoun] at times. 1,!HESHE values empathy, compassion, and forgiveness, but doesn't push !HISHER ideas on others. 1,!HESHE is a [phlegmaticadj] [phlegmaticnoun] who likes to [plikesto]. 1,!HESHE is slow to anger and not reactionary, and is generally an unemotional [phlegmaticnoun]. 1,!HESHE has a tendency to be uncertain in new situations, and prefers to lead a regular, predictable life. 1,!HESHE is a [phlegmaticadj] [phlegmaticnoun] but doesn't like to draw attention to !HIMHERself. 1,!HESHE follows !HISHER hero everywhere out of obsessive admiration, either causing trouble or just creeping them out. 1,!HESHE is unable to recognize that an object continues to exist even when you can't see, hear, or touch it


0, - - - sanguine sentences 15,[cnssentences] 15,[mnssentences] 11,[pnssentences] 10,!HESHE has a knack for being [sadj]. 10,!HESHE is a [sadj] [sanguinenoun]. 10,!HESHE is a [sadj] character who [sanguinetendencies]. 10,!HESHE has a [sadj] smile and likes to [slikesto]. 10,!HESHE has a [sadj] personality and [sanguinetendencies]. 10,!HESHE [sanguinetendencies], and is generally a [sadj] [sanguinenoun]. 10,When !HESHE is feeling [sadj] !HESHE [sanguinemannerisms]. 10,!HESHE has a smile that radiates [sanguinetraitnouns]. 10,!HESHE is the embodiment of [sanguinetraitnouns]. 9,A [sadj] [sanguinenoun], !HESHE [sanguinetendencies]. 9,!HESHE has a [sadj] nature and can't help but be [sadj]. 9,!HESHE is a [sadj] [sanguinenoun] who [sanguinetendencies]. 8,!HESHE is [very.b] [sadj] when !HESHE wants to be. 8,!HESHE takes every opportunity to [slikesto]. 7,!HESHE plays the part of a [sadj] [sanguinenoun] when confronted with conflict. 7,Whenever !HESHE is the center of attention !HESHE glows with [sanguinetraitnouns]. 5,!HESHE has a high self image and brags about !HISHER [sadj] life. 5,!HESHE is a [sadj] [sanguinenoun] and !HESHE [sanguinetendencies]. 5,!HESHE is extremely [sadj]. 5,!HESHE has a look of [sanguinetraitnouns], which fades when !HESHE is alone. 5,!HESHE doesn't hesitate to [slikesto]. 5,!HESHE is [sadj] and sociable. 4,!HESHE likes to [slikesto], and tends towards [pleasant] emotions. 4,!HESHE naturally gravitates toward [pleasant] people.


0, - - - melancholic sentences (purple) 0, - - - *He is a* humble soul *who* mostly keeps to himself and his family. 0, - - - *He has an* adaptive *personality and* is willing to follow the lead of others. 0, - - - *She is a* cautious person*; she* isn't one to start a fight. 40,[mnpsentences] 40,[cnmsentences] 15,[mnssentences] 10,!HESHE is [very.a] cranky and snippy when just !HESHE has just woken up 10,!HESHE has to be [perfectsynonyms] at everything !HESHE does. 10,!HESHE has a knack for being [mposadj]. 10,!HESHE can't help but be [madj]. 10,!HESHE behaves in a [madj] manner. 10,!HESHE acts [mnegadj] a lot, but !HESHE has a [mposadj] side. 10,!HESHE is a [madj] [mnoun] who [melancholictendencies]. 10,!HESHE has a [madj] personality and [melancholictendencies]. 10,!HESHE [melancholictendencies], despite being a [madj] [melancholicnoun]. 10,!HESHE has a [madj] manner about !HIMHER. 10,!HESHE has a [mnegadj] attitude to strangers, but !HESHE acts [mposadj] with !HISHER friends. 10,!HESHE responds to situations in a [madj] way. 10,!HESHE [melancholictendencies], and is generally a [madj] [mnoun]. 10,!HESHE [melancholictendencies], and is an introverted [melancholicnoun]. 10,When !HESHE is feeling [madj] !HESHE [melancholicmannerisms]. 9,!HESHE [melancholicmannerisms] when !HESHE is anxious. 9,[mnegadj], yet self-sacrificing, !HESHE can accomplish great things when !HESHE doesn't allow !HIMHERself to get discouraged. 9,!HESHE has a tendency to act [mnegadj], but [melancholictendencies]. 6,!HESHE thinks of !HIMHERself as being [mnegadj], but !HISHER friends know !HIMHER to be [mposadj]. 5,!HISHER appearance suggests !HESHE is [mnegadj], and after getting to know !HIMHER people learn !HESHE is [very.a] [mposadj]. 5,!HESHE has little patience for strangers and doesn't like to meet new people. 5,!HESHE has a [madj] outlook on life. 5,!HISHER [mnegadj] and aloof attitude earns !HIMHER suspicion. 5,As an emotionally [mnegadj] person, !HESHE is easily hurt by criticism. 5,!HESHE [melancholictendencies], and !HESHE comes across as a [madj] [melancholicnoun]. 5,!HESHE [melancholictendencies], and has a [madj] personality. 4,!HESHE acts [madj]. [msentences] 3,!HESHE has [mposadj] tendencies, but is also [mnegadj] and full of self-doubt.


0, - - - Choleric (red) 0, - - - choleric sentences 0, - - - *He is a* humble soul *who* mostly keeps to himself and his family. 0, - - - *He has an* adaptive *personality and* is willing to follow the lead of others. 0, - - - *She is a* cautious person*; she* isn't one to start a fight. 40,[cnmsentences] 15,[cnssentences] 15,[cnpsentences] 10,!HESHE is a [Person Noun.cholericnouns] who likes to [clikesto]. 10,!HESHE has a knack for being a [Person Noun.cholericnouns] and [ctendsvirture]. 10,!HESHE [ctendsvice], but !HESHE has a [cholericadj] side. 10,!HESHE [ctendsvice], but [ctendsvirture]. 10,!HESHE [ctendsvirture], and !HESHE [ctendsvice]. 10,!HESHE is a [cholericadj] [cholericnoun] who [ctends]. 10,!HESHE has a [cholericadj] personality and [ctends]. 10,!HESHE is a [cholericadj] [Person Noun.cholericnouns]. 10,!HESHE tends to be both [cholericadj] and [cholericadj]. 10,!HISHER friends appreciate that !HESHE [ctendsvirture]. 10,When !HESHE is feeling [cholericadj] !HESHE [cholericmannerisms]. 10,When someone disagrees with !HIMHER, !HESHE can't help but act like a [Person Noun.cholericnouns]. 10,In the right situations !HESHE can be a real [Person Noun.cholericnouns]. 10,!HESHE thinks of !HIMHERself as being [cholericadj], but !HISHER friends know !HIMHER to be [cholericadj]. 10,!HESHE acts like a [cholericadj] [cholericnoun]. 9,!HISHER community values !HISHER courage and is willing to overlook !HISHER [cholericadj] tendencies. 8,!HESHE is often in a [cholericadj] mood. 7,!HESHE tries to prevent !HISHER anger from getting the best of !HIMHER by [cholericparticiplemannerisms]. 7,When !HESHE is [cholericparticiplemannerisms] it is a good sign !HESHE is getting aggravated. 6,!HESHE [ctends] and [ctends]. 6,!HESHE is [cholericadj]. !HESHE is the type of [cholericnoun] who [ctends]. 6,!HESHE is [cholericadj]. !HESHE is a [cholericnoun] who [ctends]. 6,!HESHE is a [cholericadj] [cholericnoun] who seems to lack empathy. 6,!HESHE is a [cholericadj] [cholericnoun] with an aversion to public displays of emotion. 6,!HESHE is a [cholericadj] [cholericnoun] who abhors weakness. 5,!HESHE is typically characterized as a [cholericadj] and [cholericadj] [cholericnoun]. 5,!HESHE is hot-blooded, [cholericadj], and extremely sensitive about !HISHER height. 4,!HESHE is a [cholericadj] [cholericnoun] and takes a win/lose approach to life. 4,!HESHE speaks with authority and [ctends]. 4,!HESHE likes to solve problems quickly and doesn't hesitate to take a [cholericadj] approach. 4,!HESHE is a [cholericadj] [cholericnoun]; !HESHE [ctends]. 3,!HESHE tries hard to make !HIMHERself look good at the expense of others, claiming superiority on specious grounds. 1,!HESHE has furious outbursts of rage, but !HESHE is a realistic tyrant. !HESHE pays !HIMHER minions well, and will occasionally even offer a perfunctory apology.


0, - - - Choleric and melancholic (red and purple) sentneces 10,!HESHE sees !HISHER own flaws in other people. 10,!HESHE insists on making heroic sacrifices even if it's unnecessary. 10,!HESHE is so devoted to !HISHER career that it seriously affects !HISHER ability to have any kind of relationship outside of it. 10,!HESHE holds grudges. 10,!HESHE is passionate about !HISHER goals. 10,!HESHE has an acidic tone of voice. 10,!HESHE has a penetrating voice that makes others slightly uncomfortable. 9,!HESHE is nearly always in a prickly mood. 9,!HESHE needs to see others belittled or hurt in order to feel good about !HIMHERself. 7,!HESHE has delusions of grandeur and is easily offended. 7,!HESHE has a deep sense of self-pride that forbids !HIMHER from sharing !HISHER emotions. 7,!HESHE doesn't hesitate to turn a cold shoulder toward people who have nothing to offer !HIMHER. 7,!HESHE often criticizes or corrects others. 7,!HESHE has a bitter, pessimistic streak. 7,!HESHE doesn't let people get close to !HIMHER. 6,!HESHE acts tough, but secretly doubts !HIMHERself. 6,!HESHE has a derisive manner toward those !HESHE considers beneath her. 6,!HESHE doesn't hesitate to use force to get what !HESHE wants. 6,!HESHE is calculating and manipulative. 6,!HESHE is stubborn and tenacious. 5,!HESHE is narcissistic and inconsiderate, but not cruel. 4,!HESHE is [very.a] focused. 4,!HESHE is [very.a] competitive.


0, - - - Choleric and phlegmatic (red and green green and red) sentences 10,!HESHE is [cnpadj] and does not dwell upon !HISHER emotions. 10,!HESHE refuses to comprehend facts that upset !HISHER worldview. 10,!HESHE is comforted by being part of a clearly delineated hierarchy/ 4,!HESHE is [cnpadj] and tends not to betray !HISHER feelings.


0, - - - Choleric and sanguine (yellow and red Red and Yellow) sentences 10,!HESHE demands praise for doing the bare minimum 10,!HESHE hides a selfish motive underneath a [cnstraits] exterior. 5,!HESHE thinks !HESHE is all that. 5,!HESHE blames !HISHER biological urges as an excuse for !HISHER behavior 1,!HESHEis seriously foulmouthed


0, - - - phlegmatic and melancholic (green and purple) sentences 10,!HESHE tends to lack confidence and is often doubtful, worrying every little thing !HESHE does might make !HIMHER look foolish or offend someone. 10,!HESHE acts aloof and [mnpadj] despite really being sweet and kind. 10,!HESHE believes if something is worth doing it is worth doing right. 10,!HESHE is known as a [mnpadj] [mopnoun]. 10,!HESHE can't strike a balance between work and looking after !HIMHERself. 10,!HESHE is likely to prepare for a task endlessly and never actually complete it. 9,!HESHE desires romance, but is afraid of !HISHER sexuality. 9,!HESHE tries to dress well, but can't quite pull it off. 8,!HESHE is obsessed with [mnpvalues] and following certain patterns of behavior. 8,!HESHE constantly hits !HISHER palm against !HISHER forehead in self-loathing. 7,!HESHE can't quite bring !HIMHERself to express !HISHER feelings properly. 7,As a thoughtful [mopnoun], !HESHE values [mnpvalues]. 6,!HESHE is discouraged when !HESHE lacks the experience needed to accomplish !HISHER goal. 6,!HESHE silently judges people who are pushy or rude. 6,!HESHE has a deep appreciation of [mnpvalues]. 6,!HESHE is often indecisive, but !HESHE tries to err on the side of [mnpvalues]. 4,!HESHE usually waits for people to come to !HIMHER. 4,!HESHE enjoys !HISHER work, and works hard to do a good job. 4,!HESHE has a romantic outlook, and is a [mnpadj] [mopnoun]. 3,!HESHE impractically sticks to the rules at the expense of reason. 3,!HESHE spends a lot of time alone in introspection. 1,!HESHE is constantly apologizing where no apology is necessary. 1,!HESHE is the kind of [mopnoun] who never changes !HISHER socks.


0, - - - sanguine and melancholic (yellow and purple) sentences 10,!HESHE believes nothing really matters and only does what has to be done. 10,!HESHE wants to do good, but lacks the willpower to follow through. 10,!HESHE uses passive-aggressive tactics to get what !HESHE wants. 8,!HESHE has a [mnsadj] manner and enjoys wearing flamboyant costumes. 8,!HISHER [mnsadj] attitude is occasionally mistaken for arrogance. 5,!HESHE enjoys games of pretend. 1,!HESHE is obsessed with dieting.


0, - - - phlegmatic and sanguine (green and yellow, yellow and green) sentences 10,!HESHE has a naive, rose-colored outlook in a world that is anything but. 10,!HESHE engages in prodigious eating as a coping mechanism. 10,!HESHE dislikes arguments and rarely engages in one for any length. 10,!HESHE has a genuine desire to help, but can be unreliable. 5,!HESHE is [pnstraits] and a natural people pleaser.


0, - - - soul, person, personality, individual, character, fellow 0, - - - the [Person Noun.pnouns] has all kinds of crazy stuff in it and 0, - - - should be used sparingly 120,person 50,individual 35,[Person Noun.pnouns] 20,adult 15,soul 15,sort 15,fellow 15,character


0, - - - - unlike other tables which follow this naming 0, - - - - convention, this is M or P, not M and P 1,[mnoun] 1,[phlegmaticnoun]


0, - - - melancholic noun bank, use general noun or more specifically melancholic 170,[personnoun] 130,[melancholicnoun]


0, - - - melancholic noun 0, - - - more distinctly melancholic nouns 20,pessimist 15,idealist 15,perfectionist 10,fundamentalist 10,critic 10,loner 6,daydreamer 5,fanatic 5,zealot 5,martyr 5,artist 5,stickler 4,extremist 3,autodidact 3,adviser 3,introvert 3,brooder 3,rebel 3,dreamer 3,reactionary 2,conniver 2,survivor 2,stranger 2,thinker 2,odd ball 1,diehard 1,tattle-monger 1,intellectual 1,backseat-driver


0, - - - choleric noun 150,[personnoun] 100,[Person Noun.cholericnouns]


0, - - - sanguine noun (yellow) 160,[personnoun] 10,sweet talker 9,charmer 9,optimist 8,pal 8,flirt 8,extrovert 7,socialite 7,flatterer 6,merrymaker 6,chatterbox 5,eyeful 5,talker 5,scatterbrain 4,heartbreaker 4,socialite 3,risk-taker 3,prattler 2,smooth operator 2,darling 2,diplomat 2,prattle-box 2,gasbag 2,wind-bag 2,yammerer 2,social butterfly 2,clown 2,slacker 2,socializer 2,junkie 2,drunkard 1,dandy 1,phony 1,well-wisher 1,jawsmith 1,flibbertigibber 1,blatterer 1,floozy 1,snob 1,bimbo 1,rattletrap 1,bletherskate 1,showoff


0, - - - phlegmatic noun 150,[personnoun] 18,coward 11,simpleton 10,gentle soul 9,conformist 8,clod 8,philistine 8,prude 7,push-over 6,lout 6,kind soul 6,rube 5,commoner 5,steward 4,peasant 4,roughneck 4,helper 3,yokel 3,wallflower 3,grunt 3,lummox 3,oaf 3,rustic 3,drudge 2,nurturer 2,bore 2,boor 2,worker 2,geezer 2,bumpkin 2,provincial 2,rube 2,peon 2,hick 2,slob 2,plodder 1,confidant 1,minion 1,miser 1,nobody 1,volunteer


0, - - - words that mean perfect 10,perfect 10,good 10,excellent 10,exceptional 10,great 5,splendid 5,flawless 5,precise 3,superb 2,exemplary


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