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Shakespeare Oracle

This is an Oracle for In a Wicked Age, and is drawn from Shakespeare's plays and poems. It is still under construction, with an eye towards eventually being split into separate Oracles for Tragedies, Comedies and Histories. Other contributions are not discouraged, but please indicate from which play or source they are derived, and please be aware I may add my own interpretation of a particular play, even if its already on the list (I won't delete any, regardless).

Questions and comments welcome.


Neil Masterae

(This is my favorite oracle ever -- JM)

Current Plays

These plays have been added to the Shakespeare Oracle. If you add a new play, please indicate here which play was added.

The Tempest (comedy)

Two Gentlemen of Verona (comedy)

Merry Wives of Windsor (comedy)

A Midsummer Night's Dream (comedy, two interpretations)

As You Like It (comedy)

Romeo and Juliet (tragedy)

Titus Andronicus (tragedy)

Othello (tragedy)

Richard III (tragedy/history)

Henry IV Part 1 (history, incomplete)

Henry V (history)


Insanely good oracle. My god this is fantastic. Ryan Stoughton 12:38, 29 March 2008 (PDT)