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Not sure I understand what you're trying to determine (I don't know what ORE is), but I'm interested to know if you think it works or not. -Dave Younce 18:31, 5 June 2009 (PDT)

What is ORE?

Dave, ORE (one roll engine) is Greg Stolze's core mechanic for most of his games. It's usually roll Xd10 and find sets (like 3 5s). The matched number is the "height", and the number of dice is the "width". Then things happen with them. In Reign, he has a one roll character generator, where you roll 11d10 and look up in a giant table what your character has done and which stats, etc. you get from that. For example, IIRC 2x1 is beggar, up through veteran beggar finally to 5x1 which is Beggar Monarch. Singletons (an unmatched 1) index into other, wackier tables. IIRC one of the choices for a singleton 10 is "King's Master Cobbler".

I think this works now, for d6s rather than d10s. Or at least comes very close. The probabilities will be slightly off since you can't roll a 6+ of a kind. And if you would have rolled 6+ 6s, rocks fall and everyone dies.

I'm using it here to generate a random encounter.