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A four-color comic book oracle for In a Wicked Age.

<sgdisplay iterations="4">[main]</sgdisplay>



1,Ace of Cyan: She takes up the mantle of a fallen hero, desperate to make a difference. 1,Two of Cyan: A young man discovers his birthright and the mask and cape that go with it. 1,Three of Cyan: By day they are lovers; by night they are on other sides of the law. Neither knows the other's secret. 1,Four of Cyan: An alien civilization bestows a gift of great power to an ordinary youth. 1,Five of Cyan: Changed by radiation, she manifests strange powers of the mind. 1,Six of Cyan: He is the only surviving volunteer of a genetic experiment. They wonder how long until he realizes they can't control him. 1,Seven of Cyan: His power is in the suit. 1,Eight of Cyan: He was content with being the sidekick until the Crisis. 1,Nine of Cyan: A masked woman seeks glory and fame. 1,Ten of Cyan: The millionaire playboy finds his true calling among the rooftops, beating up petty criminals. 1,Jack of Cyan: She came to this planet only recently and tries to fit in. 1,Queen of Cyan: Their costumes are mirror images of each other; they can never touch. 1,King of Cyan: He uses future tech here in the past to avert the apocalypse. 1,Ace of Magenta: Alarms from the downtown district echo in the city streets. 1,Two of Magenta: A mysterious craft appears over the city. 1,Three of Magenta: A three-alarm fire in the slum district. 1,Four of Magenta: A jumper on the bridge. 1,Five of Magenta: The visiting jewelry display at the museum provides a tempting target. 1,Six of Magenta: A strange visitor from another world arrives in the city with a portent of danger. 1,Seven of Magenta: A rift in time disgorges villains from the past. 1,Eight of Magenta: A cry for help turns out to be a trap for our heroes. 1,Nine of Magenta: A gathering of heroes and villains from around the world. 1,Ten of Magenta: The intrepid reporter love interest is in trouble again. 1,Jack of Magenta: A gathering of the world's brightest minds. 1,Queen of Magenta: The test of a military weapon goes horribly wrong. 1,King of Magenta: A government crackdown on costumed vigilantes. 1,Ace of Yellow: An underground lair, filled with trophies. 1,Two of Yellow: A penthouse apartment with a secret room. 1,Three of Yellow: The warehouse by the docks, not as abandoned as one might think. 1,Four of Yellow: An orbiting satellite, hidden from the world. 1,Five of Yellow: A flying fortress, invisible to radar. 1,Six of Yellow: The abandoned subway station, never completed and forgotten, now has a new use. 1,Seven of Yellow: Beneath the river, a underwater habitat. 1,Eight of Yellow: The sign on the building read CONDEMNED, but inside they met. 1,Nine of Yellow: The rooftops of the block were all interconnected and had convenient shadows. 1,Ten of Yellow: The Gothic cathedral had been undergoing renovations for years; a hidden rooftop entrance was all the security she needed. 1,Jack of Yellow: Under the ice, the crashed spaceship lies. 1,Queen of Yellow: The futuristic city on the Moon, shielded from prying eyes. 1,King of Yellow: The abandoned government bunker, deep in the mountain. 1,Ace of Black: His parents murdered, he sets off on a complicated method of revenge. 1,Two of Black: He isn't fueled by hatred, he is Hatred. 1,Three of Black: A trio of villains plot their revenge on the hero that did them wrong. 1,Four of Black: She finds committing the perfect crime thrilling. 1,Five of Black: Just one more big score, and he can retire to that island paradise. 1,Six of Black: The parasitic hive-mind seeks hosts. 1,Seven of Black: Who is behind the robot army? 1,Eight of Black: Two villains, after the same score, work against each other. 1,Nine of Black: A vain billionaire wishes to control the nation. 1,Ten of Black: A vast organization of masked terrorists plots to overthrow all world governments. 1,Jack of Black: An immortal villain wages a secret war against all that is good. 1,Queen of Black: They saved Hitler's brain! 1,King of Black: He's a former hero, driven mad by the loss of a loved one. 1,Joker: A museum devoted to gigantic props. </sgtable>