Sufficiently Advanced Oracle

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Oracle for Sufficiently Advanced, a Game of the Far Future, based on the existing Briefing Generator and Situation Generator.

Briefing from the Transcendentals

<sgdisplay iterations="1"> 1. You must [You_Must] [And].
2. Then you will [Then_You_Will].
3. After which, [After_Which]. </sgdisplay>

Facts on the Ground

<sgdisplay iterations="1">

Red Herring: [Problem]
The Real Problem: [Problem]
Source of the Problem: [Source_of_the_Problem]
Human Complication: [Human_Complication]
Nonhuman Complication: [Nonhuman_Complication]
Inspector Hooks: [Inspector_Hooks].
Consequences of Failure: [Consequences_of_Failure]


Random Civilizations

<sgdisplay iterations="3">

Description: [Bleakworld.Temperature], [Bleakworld.Colour] [Bleakworld.Terrain] world [Bleakworld.Function]
Core Values: [Core_Value] and [Core_Value]
Inspector Status: [Inspector_Status]




1,attend (event) 1,defend the Patent Office’s recent actions in (location) 1,defend the Patent Office’s recent actions to [Civilization] 1,find and apprehend (NPC) 1,infiltrate (large group) of [Civilization] 1,negotiate with (large group) of [Civilization] 1,speak with (NPC) 1,take a vacation on (world) 1,travel to (location), which is under a wormhole interdiction field, 1,wormhole to (location) 1,wormhole to [Civilization]


1,Civilization #1 1,Civilization #2 1,Civilization #3


1,as an official representative of the Transcendentals 1,as soon as possible 1,at your convenience 1,before (date) 1,in disguise 1,individually 1,not before (date) 1,unnoticed 1,with (NPC) 1,with an open mind


1,act as mediator 1,avoid human contact 1,be the target of an attack 1,ensure that intellectual property law is being followed 1,investigate the use of [Technology] 1,make contact with (small group) of [Civilization] 1,prevent the activation of [Technology] 1,prevent the spread of [Technology] 1,simply observe 1,speak with (NPC)


1,[Technology_Type] [Technology_Application] technology


1,AI 1,biofeedback 1,biotech 1,cognitech 1,decay-induction field 1,empathic 1,infosphere 1,metatech 1,nanophage 1,nanotech 1,neural meshes 1,psychohistory 1,replicator 1,stringtech 1,transmutation 1,weather 1,wormhole


1,informational 1,infrastructure 1,medical 1,offensive 1,protective 1,quality Of Life 1,self-replicating 1,transportation 1,utility


1,backup will be available as you need it 1,we have no further information at this time 1,you can take a week off 1,you should be prepared for conflict 1,you should contact the Central Office 1,you should stand ready for a new mission immediately 1,you should work as quickly as possible to resolve the problem 1,you will be unable to return for three weeks 1,you will be updated in situ 1,you will have to use your best judgment


4,[Fantasy Names.MaleFirstName] 4,[Arabesque Names.main] 2,[Aztec Names.main] 3,[Centaur Names.Male] 3,[Centaur Names.Female] 1,[Ancient Greek Female Names.main] 1,[Ancient Greek Island Names.main] 1,[Ancient Greek Male Names.main] 5,[SGNP orcish.main] 5,[Fantasy barbarian names.female] 5,[Fantasy barbarian names.male] 2,[Afrika Names.main] 1,[SGNP norse.female1] 1,[SGNP norse.female2] 1,[SGNP norse.female3] 1,[SGNP norse.male1] 1,[SGNP norse.male2] 1,[SGNP norse.male3]


1,Accountability 1,Authenticity 1,Caution 1,Charity 1,Community 1,Competition 1,Creation 1,Creativity 1,Diligence 1,Discovery 1,Diversity 1,Efficiency 1,Elegance 1,Entitlement 1,Expansion 1,Exploration 1,Expression 1,Faith 1,Family 1,Freedom 1,Friendship 1,Growth 1,Hierarchy 1,Honesty 1,Hospitality 1,Humility 1,Independence 1,Information 1,Invention 1,Knowledge 1,Law 1,Logic 1,Peace 1,Pleasure 1,Power 1,Privacy 1,Profit 1,Property 1,Questioning 1,Recklessness 1,Responsibility 1,Ritual 1,Safety 1,Sanity 1,Secrecy 1,Security 1,Serenity 1,Silence 1,Simplicity 1,Solidarity 1,Stories 1,Teamwork 1,The Future 1,Tradition 1,Travel 1,Truth 1,Unity 1,Variety 1,Wanderlust 1,Winning 1,Worship


1,Personal guests of the head of government 4,Equivalent to an FBI or customs agent 5,Equivalent to a local police officer 3,Non-citizen with no rights 1,Ignored 1,Unwelcome


1,[Civilization] 1,A Civilization that none of the PCs are from 1,A Civilization that some of the PCs are from 1,A lone lunatic 1,A Society that none of the PCs are from 1,A Society that some of the PCs are from 1,An entirely new faction - an unknown Civilization, Society, or alien species 1,Runaway technology 1,The Darwinians 1,Well-intentioned fools


1,A major misunderstanding between groups 1,A new Transcendental 1,A patent violation 1,A personal feud with supporters on both sides 1,Long-running disagreements come to a head 1,One of the Inspectors is the problem 1,Potential devastation 1,Runaway technology 1,Serious misuse of technology 1,The presence of human beings in this region


1,Cosmic disaster - supernova, gamma ray bursters, pulsars, etc 1,Dangerous conditions. Examples include superhot planets, open vacuum and hard radiation 1,Ecological problems - new phase in life cycles, plague, emerging life form, natural pollution 1,Fragile environment, such as underground, a starship, or an undersea city 1,Hostile alien activity - Aia or Skotadi 1,Nearby alien presence - Aia or Skotadi 1,Planetary/Stellar destruction - intense solar flares, widespread vulcanism 1,Relics from an ancient alien civilization 1,Time limit - days, weeks, months or years 1,Total power outage


1,Heavy spying going on (e.g. a Roamer encampment nearby, rivals stepped up spying, unknown third party) 1,Innocents caught in the middle - stranded travelers, an ill fated love affair caught between the sides, etc 1,Law enforcement conflicts with humanitarianism 1,One or both sides outright lying about what they want 1,Total incompetence from someone the Inspectors must work with 1,Tremendous (and fragile) egos 1,Unknown third party attempting to sabotage all others 1,Wartime conditions - bombardment, autonomous war machines, phage blooms, infosphere denial, memetic virii, martial law 1,Inspectors lack legal authority here 1,The infosphere has problems - connectivity off world, its down, intermittent access, surveillance, censorship, I-war attacks or hostile a-life


1,An Inspector’s Core Value opposes the mission 1,An Inspector’s Core Value supports the mission 1,Conflict between major NPC core values and an Inspector’s 1,Inspector’s family or friends involved 1,Mission revolves around an Inspector’s Society 1,Mission takes place in a Civilization that is an enemy of an Inspector’s home Civilization 1,Mission takes place in an Inspector’s home Civilization 1,One of the Inspectors is an expert in a particularly relevant Profession, and has been asked for by name


1,A Civilization rejects the Transcendentals 1,Distant, undefined consequences for the Desired Future 1,Economic collapse for a particular Civilization 1,Fragmentation of a particular Civilization - into 2 major Civilizations, minor Civilizations, civil war, etc 1,Massive death or destruction 1,One single very important person dies or loses their way 1,Rise or fall of a Civilization - ascent from minor to major, descent to a society (or societies), civil war 1,Rise or fall of a Society 1,Transcendentals incommunicado for X days/weeks/months/years 1,War between Civilizations