Stars Without Number Corporation

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From Stars Without Number, an incredible sci-fi retroclone created by Kevin Crawford. The content comes from the free version of the game.



1,The [name] [organization], whose major business[foo] [business].
Reputation/Rumor: [rumor].


1, is 1,es include [business] and 1,es include: [business], [business], and


1,Ad Astra 1,Colonial 1,Compass 1,Daybreak 1,Frontier 1,Guo Yin 1,Highbeam 1,Imani 1,Magnus 1,Meteor 1,Neogen 1,New Dawn 1,Omnitech 1,Outertech 1,Overwatch 1,Panstellar 1,Shogun 1,Silverlight 1,Spiker 1,Stella 1,Striker 1,Sunbeam 1,Terra Prime 1,Wayfarer 1,West Wind


1,Alliance 1,Association 1,Band 1,Circle 1,Clan 1,Combine 1,Company 1,Cooperative 1,Corporation 1,Enterprises 1,Faction 1,Group 1,Megacorp 1,Multistellar 1,Organization 1,Outfit 1,Pact 1,Partnership 1,Ring 1,Society 1,Sodality 1,Syndicate 1,Union 1,Unity 1,Zaibatsu


1,Aeronautics 1,Agriculture 1,Art 1,Assassination 1,Asteroid Mining 1,Astrotech 1,Biotech 1,Bootlegging 1,Computer Hardware 1,Construction 1,Cybernetics 1,Electronics 1,Energy Weapons 1,Entertainment 1,Espionage 1,Exploration 1,Fishing 1,Fuel Refining 1,Gambling 1,Gemstones 1,Gengineering 1,Grav Vehicles 1,Heavy Weapons 1,Ideology 1,Illicit Drugs 1,Journalism 1,Law Enforcement 1,Liquor 1,Livestock 1,Maltech 1,Mercenary Work 1,Metallurgy 1,Pharmaceuticals 1,Piracy 1,Planetary Mining 1,Plastics 1,Pretech 1,Prisons 1,Programming 1,Projectile Guns 1,Prostitution 1,Psionics 1,Psitech 1,Robotics 1,Security 1,Shipyards 1,Snacks 1,Telcoms 1,Transport 1,Xenotech


6,Possibly teetering on the edge of bankruptcy 6,Reliable and trustworthy goods 6,Rumored cover-up of a massive industrial accident 6,Said to have a cache of pretech equipment 6,Stodgy and very conservative in their business plans 6,The company’s owner is dangerously insane 6,They have high-level political connections 5,Front for a planetary government’s espionage arm 5,Have a dark secret about their board of directors 5,Lost much money to an embezzler who evaded arrest 5,Notoriously xenophobic towards aliens 5,Reckless with the lives of their employees 5,Rumored ties to a eugenics cult 5,Secretly run by a psychic cabal 5,Secretly run by hostile aliens 5,Stole a lot of R&D from a rival corporation 4,Secretly run by an unbraked AI 3,They’ve turned over a new leaf with the new CEO 2,Deeply entangled with the planetary underworld