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These random generators are for planet generation for Stars Without Number, an incredible sci-fi retroclone created by Kevin Crawford. The content comes from the free version of the game, except where labeled otherwise. Relationships between worlds are from the Revised Edition.

<sgdisplay iterations="1">



3,System Name: [name collection]

Primary Populated Planet

Additional Points of Interest:

[points] 2,System Name: [name collection]

Primary Populated Planet
Secondary Populated Planet[secondary world]

Additional Points of Interest:

[points] 1,System Name: [name collection]

Primary Populated Planet
Secondary Populated Planet[secondary world]

Tertiary Populated Planet[secondary world]

Additional Points of Interest:



1,None 2,[point]











1,[point type]

point type

1,Deep-space station
Occupied By: [1occupants]
Situation: [1situation] 1,Asteroid base
Occupied By: [2occupants]
Situation: [2situation] 1,Remote moon base
Occupied By: [3occupants]
Situation: [3situation] 1,Ancient orbital ruin
Occupied By: [4occupants]
Situation: [4situation] 1,Research base
Occupied By: [5occupants]
Situation: [5situation] 1,Asteroid belt
Occupied By: [6occupants]
Situation: [6situation] 1,Gas giant mine
Occupied By: [7occupants]
Situation: [7situation] 1,Refueling station
Occupied By: [8occupants]
Situation: [8situation]


1,Dangerously odd transhumans 1,Freeze-dried ancient corpses 1,Secretive military observers 1,Eccentric oligarch and minions 1,Deranged but brilliant scientist


1,Systems breaking down 1,Foreign sabotage attempt 1,Black market for the elite 1,Vault for dangerous pretech 1,Supply base for pirates


1,Zealous religious sectarians 1,Failed rebels from another world 1,Wage-slave corporate miners 1,Independent asteroid prospectors 1,Pirates masquerading as otherwise


1,Life support is threatened 1,Base needs a new asteroid 1,Dug out something nasty 1,Fighting another asteroid 1,Hit a priceless vein of ore


1,Unlucky corporate researchers 1,Reclusive hermit genius 1,Remnants of a failed colony 1,Military listening post 1,Lonely overseers and robot miners


1,Something dark has awoken 1,Criminals trying to take over 1,Moon plague breaking out 1,Desperate for vital supplies 1,Rich but badly-protected


1,Robots of dubious sentience 1,Trigger-happy scavengers 1,Government researchers 1,Military quarantine enforcers 1,Heirs of the original alien builders


1,Trying to stop it awakening 1,Meddling with strange tech 1,Impending tech calamity 1,A terrible secret is unearthed 1,Fighting outside interlopers


1,Experiments that have gotten loose 1,Scientists from a major local corp 1,Black-ops governmental researchers 1,Secret employees of a foreign power 1,Aliens studying the human locals


1,Perilous research underway 1,Hideously immoral research 1,Held hostage by outsiders 1,Science monsters run amok 1,Selling black-market tech


1,Grizzled belter mine laborers 1,Ancient automated guardian drones 1,Survivors of destroyed asteroid base 1,Pirates hiding out among the rocks 1,Lonely military patrol base staff


1,Ruptured rock released a peril 1,Foreign spy ships hide there 1,Gold rush for new minerals 1,Ancient ruins dot the rocks 1,War between rival rocks


1,Miserable gas-miner slaves or serfs 1,Strange robots and their overseers 1,Scientists studying the alien life 1,Scrappers in the ruined old mine 1,Impoverished separatist group


1,Things are emerging below 1,They need vital supplies 1,The workers are in revolt 1,Pirates secretly fuel there 1,Alien remnants were found


1,Half-crazed hermit caretaker 1,Sordid purveyors of decadent fun 1,Extortionate corporate minions 1,Religious missionaries to travelers 1,Brainless automated vendors


1,A ship is in severe distress 1,Pirates have taken over 1,Has corrupt customs agents 1,Foreign saboteurs are active 1,Deep-space alien signal

secondary world

[world]Origin: [origin]
Current Relationship with Primary Planet: [relationship]
Contact Point with Primary Planet: [contact]


1,Atmosphere: [atmosphere]
Temperature: [temperature]
Biosphere: [biosphere]
Population: [population]
Tech Level: [tech_level]
World Tag #1: [world_tags]
World Tag #2: [world_tags]


1,Recent colony from the primary world 1,Refuge for exiles from primary 1,Founded ages ago by a different group 1,Founded long before the primary world 1,Lost ancient colony of the primary 1,Colony recently torn free of the primary 1,Long-standing cooperative colony world 1,Recent interstellar colony from elsewhere


1,Confirmed hatred of each other 1,Active cold war between them 1,Old grudges or resentments 1,Cultural disgust and avoidance 1,Polite interchange and trade 1,Cultural admiration for primary 1,Long-standing friendship 1,Unflinching mutual loyalty


1,Trade in vital goods 1,Shared religion 1,Mutual language 1,Entertainment content 1,Shared research 1,Threat to both of them 1,Shared elite families 1,Exploiting shared resource

name collection

1,[arabic] (planets [arabic], [arabic], [arabic]) 1,[chinese] (planets [chinese], [chinese], [chinese]) 1,[english] (planets [english], [english], [english]) 1,[indian] (planets [indian], [indian], [indian]) 1,[japanese] (planets [japanese], [japanese], [japanese]) 1,[nigerian] (planets [nigerian], [nigerian], [nigerian]) 1,[russian] (planets [russian], [russian], [russian]) 1,[spanish] (planets [spanish], [spanish], [spanish])


1,Corrosive atmosphere 2,Inert gas 3,Airless or thin atmosphere 24,Breathable mix 3,Thick atmosphere, breathable with a pressure mask 2,Invasive, toxic atmosphere 1,Corrosive and invasive atmosphere


2,Frozen 4,Variable cold-to-temperate 14,Cold 32,Temperate 7,Warm, desert 7,Warm, wet 4,Variable temperate-to-warm 2,Burning


1,Biosphere remnants 2,Microbial life 7,No native biosphere 16,Human-miscible biosphere 7,Immiscible biosphere 2,Hybrid biosphere 1,Engineered biosphere


1,Failed colony 2,Outpost 7,Tens of thousands of inhabitants 16,Hundreds of thousands of inhabitants 7,Millions of inhabitants 2,Billions of inhabitants 1,Alien civilization


1,TL 0 Stone-age technology 2,TL 1 Medieval technology 3,TL 2 Nineteenth-century technology 9,TL 3 Twentieth-century technology 18,TL 4 Baseline postech 2,TL 4 Postech with specialties or some surviving pretech 1,TL 5 Pretech, pre-Silence technology


1,Abandoned Colony 1,Alien Ruins 1,Altered Humanity 1,Area 51 1,Badlands World 1,Bubble Cities 1,Civil War 1,Cold War 1,Colonized Population 1,Desert World 1,Eugenic Cult 1,Exchange Consulate 1,Feral World 1,Flying Cities 1,Forbidden Tech 1,Freak Geology 1,Freak Weather 1,Friendly Foe 1,Gold Rush 1,Hatred 1,Heavy Industry 1,Heavy Mining 1,Hostile Biosphere 1,Hostile Space 1,Local Specialty 1,Local Tech 1,Major Spaceyard 1,Minimal Contact 1,Misandry/Misogyny 1,Oceanic World 1,Out of Contact 1,Outpost World 1,Perimeter Agency 1,Pilgrimage Site 1,Police State 1,Preceptor Archive 1,Pretech Cultists 1,Primitive Aliens 1,Psionics Fear 1,Psionics Worship 1,Psionics Academy 1,Quarantined World 1,Radioactive World 1,Regional Hegemon 1,Restrictive Laws 1,Rigid Culture 1,Seagoing Cities 1,Sealed Menace 1,Sectarians 1,Seismic Instability 1,Secret Masters 1,Theocracy 1,Tomb World 1,Trade Hub 1,Tyranny 1,Unbraked AI 1,Warlords 1,Xenophiles 1,Xenophobes 1,Zombies 1,Artificial World 1,Weak Gravity 1,Heavy Gravity


1,Adan 1,Ahsa 1,Andalus 1,Asmara 1,Asqlan 1,Baqubah 1,Basit 1,Baysan 1,Baytlahm 1,Bursaid 1,Dahilah 1,Darasalam 1,Dawhah 1,Ganin 1,Gebal 1,Gibuti 1,Giddah 1,Harmah 1,Hartum 1,Hibah 1,Hims 1,Hubar 1,Karbala 1,Kut 1,Lacant 1,Magrit 1,Masqat 1,Misr 1,Muruni 1,Qabis 1,Qina 1,Rabat 1,Ramlah 1,Riyadh 1,Sabtah 1,Salalah 1,Sana 1,Sinqit 1,Suqutrah 1,Sur 1,Tabuk 1,Tangah 1,Tarifah 1,Tarrakunah 1,Tisit 1,Uman 1,Urdunn 1,Wasqah 1,Yaburah 1,Yaman


1,Andong 1,Anqing 1,Anshan 1,Chaoyang 1,Chaozhou 1,Chifeng 1,Dalian 1,Dunhuang 1,Fengjia 1,Fengtian 1,Fuliang 1,Fushun 1,Gansu 1,Ganzhou 1,Guizhou 1,Hotan 1,Hunan 1,Jinan 1,Jingdezhen 1,Jinxi 1,Jinzhou 1,Kunming 1,Liaoning 1,Linyi 1,Lushun 1,Luzhou 1,Ningxia 1,Pingxiang 1,Pizhou 1,Qidong 1,Qingdao 1,Qinghai 1,Rehe 1,Shanxi 1,Taiyuan 1,Tengzhou 1,Urumqi 1,Weifang 1,Wugang 1,Wuxi 1,Xiamen 1,Xian 1,Xikang 1,Xining 1,Xinjiang 1,Yidu 1,Yingkou 1,Yuxi 1,Zigong 1,Zoige


1,Aldington 1,Appleton 1,Ashdon 1,Berwick 1,Bramford 1,Brimstage 1,Carden 1,Churchill 1,Clifton 1,Colby 1,Copford 1,Cromer 1,Davenham 1,Dersingham 1,Doverdale 1,Elsted 1,Ferring 1,Gissing 1,Heydon 1,Holt 1,Hunston 1,Hutton 1,Inkberrow 1,Inworth 1,Isfield 1,Kedington 1,Latchford 1,Leigh 1,Leighton 1,Maresfield 1,Markshall 1,Netherpool 1,Newton 1,Oxton 1,Preston 1,Ridley 1,Rochford 1,Seaford 1,Selsey 1,Stanton 1,Stockham 1,Stoke 1,Sutton 1,Thakeham 1,Thetford 1,Thorndon 1,Ulting 1,Upton 1,Westhorpe 1,Worcester


1,Ahmedabad 1,Alipurduar 1,Alubari 1,Anjanadri 1,Ankleshwar 1,Balarika 1,Bhanuja 1,Bhilwada 1,Brahmaghosa 1,Bulandshahar 1,Candrama 1,Chalisgaon 1,Chandragiri 1,Charbagh 1,Chayanka 1,Chittorgarh 1,Dayabasti 1,Dikpala 1,Ekanga 1,Gandhidham 1,Gollaprolu 1,Grahisa 1,Guwahati 1,Haridasva 1,Indraprastha 1,Jaisalmer 1,Jharonda 1,Kadambur 1,Kalasipalyam 1,Karnataka 1,Kutchuhery 1,Lalgola 1,Mainaguri 1,Nainital 1,Nandidurg 1,Narayanadri 1,Panipat 1,Panjagutta 1,Pathankot 1,Pathardih 1,Porbandar 1,Rajasthan 1,Renigunta 1,Sewagram 1,Shakurbasti 1,Siliguri 1,Sonepat 1,Teliwara 1,Tinpahar 1,Villivakkam


1,Bando 1,Chikuma 1,Chikusei 1,Chino 1,Hitachi 1,Hitachinaka 1,Hitachiomiya 1,Hitachiota 1,Iida 1,Iiyama 1,Ina 1,Inashiki 1,Ishioka 1,Itako 1,Kamisu 1,Kasama 1,Kashima 1,Kasumigaura 1,Kitaibaraki 1,Kiyose 1,Koga 1,Komagane 1,Komoro 1,Matsumoto 1,Mito 1,Mitsukaido 1,Moriya 1,Nagano 1,Naka 1,Nakano 1,Ogi 1,Okaya 1,Omachi 1,Ryugasaki 1,Saku 1,Settsu 1,Shimotsuma 1,Shiojiri 1,Suwa 1,Suzaka 1,Takahagi 1,Takeo 1,Tomi 1,Toride 1,Tsuchiura 1,Tsukuba 1,Ueda 1,Ushiku 1,Yoshikawa 1,Yuki


1,Abadan 1,Ador 1,Agatu 1,Akamkpa 1,Akpabuyo 1,Ala 1,Askira 1,Bakassi 1,Bama 1,Bayo 1,Bekwara 1,Biase 1,Boki 1,Buruku 1,Calabar 1,Chibok 1,Damboa 1,Dikwa 1,Etung 1,Gboko 1,Gubio 1,Guzamala 1,Gwoza 1,Hawul 1,Ikom 1,Jere 1,Kalabalge 1,Katsina 1,Knoduga 1,Konshishatse 1,Kukawa 1,Kwande 1,Kwayakusar 1,Logo 1,Mafa 1,Makurdi 1,Nganzai 1,Obanliku 1,Obi 1,Obubra 1,Obudu 1,Odukpani 1,Ogbadibo 1,Ohimini 1,Okpokwu 1,Otukpo 1,Shani 1,Ugep 1,Vandeikya 1,Yala


1,Amur 1,Arkhangelsk 1,Astrakhan 1,Belgorod 1,Bryansk 1,Chelyabinsk 1,Chita 1,Gorki 1,Irkutsk 1,Ivanovo 1,Kaliningrad 1,Kaluga 1,Kamchatka 1,Kemerovo 1,Kirov 1,Kostroma 1,Kurgan 1,Kursk 1,Leningrad 1,Lipetsk 1,Magadan 1,Moscow 1,Murmansk 1,Novgorod 1,Novosibirsk 1,Omsk 1,Orenburg 1,Oryol 1,Penza 1,Perm 1,Pskov 1,Rostov 1,Ryazan 1,Sakhalin 1,Samara 1,Saratov 1,Smolensk 1,Sverdlovsk 1,Tambov 1,Tomsk 1,Tula 1,Tver 1,Tyumen 1,Ulyanovsk 1,Vladimir 1,Volgograd 1,Vologda 1,Voronezh 1,Vyborg 1,Yaroslavl


1,Aguascebas 1,Alcazar 1,Barranquete 1,Bravatas 1,Cabezudos 1,Calderon 1,Cantera 1,Castillo 1,Delgadas 1,Donablanca 1,Encinetas 1,Estrella 1,Faustino 1,Fuentebravia 1,Gafarillos 1,Gironda 1,Higueros 1,Huelago 1,Humilladero 1,Illora 1,Isabela 1,Izbor 1,Jandilla 1,Jinetes 1,Limones 1,Loreto 1,Lujar 1,Marbela 1,Matagorda 1,Nacimiento 1,Niguelas 1,Ogijares 1,Ortegicar 1,Pampanico 1,Pelado 1,Quesada 1,Quintera 1,Riguelo 1,Ruescas 1,Salteras 1,Santopitar 1,Taberno 1,Torres 1,Umbrete 1,Valdecazorla 1,Velez 1,Vistahermosa 1,Yeguas 1,Zahora 1,Zumeta