Stars Without Number - Character Concept and NPC

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Character Concept Generator
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Quick NPC Generator
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1,[class] [Background] [Expert Training] 1,[class] [Background] [Warrior Training] 1,[class] [Background] [Psychic Training]


1,Expert 1,Warrior 1,Psychic


1,male [class] - [age], [high], [quirk] 1,female [class] - [age], [high], [quirk]


1,Adventuring 1,Armsman 1,Astrogator's Mate 1,Bandit 1,Biotech Crewmember 1,Comm Crewmember 1,Con Artist 1,Deck Crewmember 1,Engine Crewmember 1,Gunnery Crewmember 1,Hermit 1,Noble 1,Peasant 1,Politician 1,Priest 1,Researcher 1,Scholar 1,Security Crewmember 1,Soldier 1,Technician 1,Transport Specialist 1,Tribesman 1,Urchin 1,Worker

Expert Training

1,Adventurer 1,Bounty Hunter 1,Criminal 1,Explorer 1,Pilot 1,Preceptor Adept 1,Scientist 1,Xenoarcheologist

Psychic Training

1,Adventurer 1,Academy Graduate 1,Criminal Mind 1,Healer 1,Military Psychic 1,Psychic Researcher 1,Rogue Psychic 1,Tribal Shaman

Warrior Training

1,Adventurer 1,Assassin 1,Commando 1,Exchange Enforcer 1,Ground Force 1,Mercenary 1,Space Marine 1,Templar


1,young 1,middle-aged 1,old


1,very short 2,short 2,average height 2,tall 1,very tall


1,Grudge against local authorities. 1,Has a secret kept from their family. 1,Chronic illness. 1,Enmity of a local psychic. 1,Has enemies at work. 1,Owes loan sharks. 1,Threatened with loss of spouse, sibling, or child. 1,Close relative in trouble with the law. 1,Drug or behavioral addict. 1,Blackmailed by enemy.


1,Greed, because nothing else they can do pays better. 1,Idealistic about the job. 1,Sense of social duty. 1,Force of habit takes them through the day. 1,Seeks to please another. 1,Feels inadequate as anything else. 1,Family tradition. 1,Religious obligation or vow. 1,Nothing better to do, and they need the money. 1,They’re quitting at the first good opportunity. 1,It’s a stepping stone to better things. 1,Spite against an enemy discomfited by the work.


1,bald 1,terrible taste in clothing 1,very thin 1,powerful build 1,bad eyesight, wears spectacles 1,carries work tools constantly 1,long hair 1,bearded (if male) ankle-length hair (if female) 1,scars all over hands 1,missing digits or an ear 1,smells like their work 1,repeats himself constantly 1,talks about tabloid articles 1,booming voice 1,vocal dislike of off worlders 1,always snuffling 1,missing teeth 1,fastidiously neat 1,wears religious emblems 1,speaks as little as possible