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An oracle for Sufficiently Advanced, a Game of the Far Future. This oracle creates multiple Stardweller homes - specifically, ones that have some sort of trouble going on so that they'll make better settings for adventures. This oracle is basically complete. There will soon be a Stardweller Characters generator as well.

Sometimes (though not too often) this oracle will feed you nonsense. It will say something like "only one person lives here" and "about half of the population is a single group-mind." You will need to decide which part of that to drop.


<sgdisplay iterations="3">


This mission is [size] [mission] [population]. [neuroform1][neuroform2]. Temperatures are typically [temperature][varitemp]. The physical space is [analogfeel], while digital space [digitalfeel] [digitalmetaphor]. [society] have an unexpectedly large presence. Also visiting are some citizens from [foreign] and [foreign].

On the surface, [surfaceissues], but underneath, [deeperissues]. You will find aid from [tagonists], but face both [tagonists], and [tagonists]. Meanwhile, [tagonists] are pulling strings in the background.




1,[name] is a [size] [mission] [population]. [neuroform1][neuroform2]. Temperatures are typically [temperature][varitemp]. The physical space is [analogfeel], while digital space [digitalfeel] [digitalmetaphor]. [society] have an unexpectedly large presence. Also visiting are some citizens from [foreign] and [foreign]. On the surface, [surfaceissues], but underneath, [deeperissues]. You will find aid from [tagonists], but face both [tagonists], and [tagonists]. Meanwhile, [tagonists] are pulling strings in the background.


1,[scifi] 1,[hitchhiker] 1,[poetic]


1,[Greek letter names.main] [Star Wars location.Planets]


1,[Galactic sector.main]


1,The [maybeadj] [Poetic Destinations.StarPlace] of [Poetic Destinations.StarTrait]


1, 1,[Poetic Destinations.StarAdj]


1,a tiny 3,a small 5,an average-sized 3,a large 1,a tremendous


5,Armada[extremophile]. This fleet of [shiptype] 1,Warband[extremophile]. This [phystype] 3,Research group[extremophile]. This [phystype] 4,Mainstay group[extremophile]. This [phystype]


1,houses only a single individual 3,has individuals so distantly spread that they rarely see each other 5,has individuals spread out as in a small town 7,has a single center of population and many individual or family dwellings 9,has a densely clustered population, as in a city 5,has a very densely packed population, with many groups in each home 1,has people packed in like sardines


5,Most citizens are baseline dynamic 5,Most citizens are baseline digital 5,The citizenry is equally split between physical and dataform


5, 2,, and group-minds are common 1,. A few mass-mind compositions make up a substantial portion of the population 1,, with nearly all citizens belonging to a single mass-mind composition 1,, with mutual parasitism as a typical state of being


1,iridescent insectoid ships 1,biological whale-like starships 1,metallic cephalopod starships 1,blocky, modular starships 1,continuously recombining nanotech ships 1,translucent foam and bubbles 1,chromed, sharp-edged starships 1,long, dark, sleek starships 1,retro-looking rocketships 1,pop-culture-inspired starships 1,spiderwebbed starships 1,asymmetric eye-catching starships 1,jump-capable asteroids 1,broken-down, leaking hulks 1,tacky, pre-fabricated, brightly-painted starships 1,carefully pruned treeships 1,gloriously overgrown treeships 1,tether-connected independent podships 1,ziggurat-shaped stone starships 1,elegant gravity-driven skiffs 1,glowing arrangements of plastic and light 1,rotating cylindrical ships 1,classic ring-and-spindle starships


1,iridescent insectoid ship 1,biological whale-like starship 1,metallic cephalopod starship 1,blocky, modular starship 1,set of continuously recombining nanotech ships 1,arrangement of translucent foam and bubbles 1,chromed, sharp-edged starship 1,long, dark, sleek starship 1,retro-looking rocketship 1,suspiciously pop-culture-inspired starship 1,spiderwebbed arrangement of starships 1,asymmetric eye-catching starship 1,jump-capable asteroid 1,broken-down, leaking hulk 1,tacky, pre-fabricated, brightly-painted ship 1,carefully pruned treeship 1,gloriously overgrown mess of a treeship 1,set of tether-connected independent podships 1,ziggurat-shaped stone starship 1,elegant gravity-driven skiff 1,glowing arrangement of plastic and light 1,rotating cylindrical ships 1,classic ring-and-spindle starship


12,[shiptype2] 3,beautiful, fertile terrestrial planet 3,harsh and unforgiving terrestrial planet 3,dank underground colony 3,cozy, well-engraved underground colony 3,inhabitable water moon 3,inhabitable terrestrial moon 3,classic ring-shaped space station 3,blocky but welcoming space station 3,black-and-neon space station 3,shiny, antiseptic space station 2,domed undersea colony 2,undersea colony made of tubes and blocks 2,domed lunar colony 2,domed colony on an ice moon 2,gorgeous reflection nebula 2,impressive protoplanetary disk 1,location in the void of deep space 1,ringworld 1,dyson swarm


3, 1, of Extremophiles


1,frozen 3,cold 5,moderate 3,warm 1,hot


3, 1,, with extreme variations


1,filled with jetpacks and rayguns 1,dark, imposing, and gothic 1,full of neon and reckless designs 1,sleek and chromed 1,gritty and blocky 1,organized and orderly 1,like a cosmic Jack Kirby scene 1,a constant surrealist fever-dream 1,carefully crafted to look organic and ancient 1,dripping with life in all varieties


1,is a hyperrealistic portrayal of analog space 1,is a work of cubist art 1,is a pointillistic display 1,has a superflat aesthetic 1,is encoded in heiroglyphics and ancient structures 1,has a surrealist aesthetic 1,is a purely auditory experience 1,is a text-only interface 1,is a shifting fractal 1,looks and feels like a continuous disaster movie


1,that operates like a simulation of the analogue world 1,that uses astronomical phenomena as a metaphor 1,that operates under the ancient desktop-style metaphor 1,that represents node-link diagrams 1,and is operated as if it were a huge steampunk machine 1,with a flat filesystem that operates via mnemonic search 1,and a hierarchical filesystem with so much metadata that it outweighs the regular data 1,with a multidimensional categorization system for all files and sites 1,that uses a strategy game to manage files and processes 1,that uses a hierarchy of data ghosts in place of of an operating system


1,a religious schism interferes with the mission 1,extremism threatens to tear the mission apart 1,infrastructure failures wreak havoc on the mission 1,the populace is in open revolt 1,there is substantial trouble with corruption in the government 1,abuses of power make life difficult for many 1,a nearby rival mission is causing trouble for this one 1,Nested Digital Delusion Disorder is sweeping the populace 1,the citizens seem too bound in tradition to evolve 1,overpopulation is creating resource issues 1,underpopulation is threatening the continuation of the mission 1,the people are suffering under contradictory and pathological laws


1,money is the real problem 1,the people are living in fear 1,jealousy is the real issue 1,the problem is that the people have given up hope 1,the problem is greed at the top of the power structure 1,the mission is divided over ideological issues 1,citizens are living in contradiction of their Core Values 2,this mission has been infiltrated by outside forces


1,the Replicants 1,the Stored 1,the Builders 1,the Union 1,the Daoine 1,the Disciples 1,the Masquerade 1,Gaia 1,the Independents 1,the Nanori 1,the Logicians 1,the Tao of History 1,Mechanica 1,an Old-Worlder settlement 1,the Spacers 1,a Cargo Cult 10,another Stardweller mission


1,The Abstractionists 1,The Artisans 1,The Breathstealers 1,The CAPP 1,The Collectors 1,The Darwinians 1,The Dancers on Broken Worlds 1,Explorers 1,The Fictionaries 1,God’s Janitors 1,Heterolinguists 1,Members of High Society 1,The Hospitalers 1,Hyperevolutes 1,The Instinct-Builders 1,New-Worlders 1,Organized Crime 1,The Roamers 1,Sleepers 1,Technomagi 1,The Traders 1,The Wargamers


1,the Abstractionists 1,the Artisans 1,the Breathstealers 1,the CAPP 1,the Collectors 1,the Darwinians 1,the Dancers on Broken Worlds 1,the Explorers 1,the Fictionaries 1,God’s Janitors 1,the Heterolinguists 1,High Society 1,the Hospitalers 1,the Hyperevolutes 1,the Instinct-Builders 1,the New-Worlders 1,Organized Crime 1,the Roamers 1,the Sleepers 1,the Technomagi 1,the Traders 1,the Wargamers


10,[tagonistAdj] [tagonistNoun] 10,[tagonistAdj] [tagonistNoun] [tagonistEmbellish] 10,[tagonistNoun] [tagonistEmbellish] 2,[tagonistAdj] [tagonistNoun] from [society2] 2,[tagonistAdj] [tagonistNoun] from [society2] [tagonistEmbellish] 2,[tagonistNoun] from [society2] [tagonistEmbellish] 1,[tagonistAdj] [tagonistNoun] from [foreign] [tagonistEmbellish] 1,[tagonistAdj] [tagonistNoun] from [foreign] 1,[tagonistNoun] from [foreign] [tagonistEmbellish]


1,angry 1,bored 1,canny 1,clever 1,conflicted 1,controlling 1,cranky 1,data-starved 1,devious 1,disillusioned 1,exuberant 1,fed-up 1,fired-up 1,freeloading 1,frustrated 1,genius 1,greedy 1,harsh 1,highly-placed 1,hyperactive 1,lazy 1,leftover 1,mad 1,misguided 1,obnoxious 1,oppressed 1,over-zealous 1,overbearing 1,over-protective 1,overworked 1,pious 1,precocious 1,pushy 1,rich 1,sadistic 1,secretive 1,sneaky 1,starving 1,twisted 1,unwary 1,well-intentioned


1,artists 1,children 1,city planners 1,con artists 1,Crisis Control officers 1,cultists 1,do-gooders 1,doctors 1,elders 1,engineers 1,financiers 1,grassroots activists 1,judges 1,lens programmers 1,local leaders 1,police officers 1,politicians 1,public servants 1,rabble-rousers 1,rebels 1,xenophiles 1,religious leaders 1,reporters 1,researchers 1,xenophiles


1,stuck in a past mission 1,who don't know their own limits 1,frustrated with the real world 1,in a tough situation 1,who have lost everything 1,overwhelmed by their work 1,without a moral compass 1,who don't know how much trouble they're in 1,who saw everything they worked for destroyed 1,who lost someone close to them 1,trapped in a viral lens 1,without enough information 1,forced into a lose-lose situation 1,manipulated by forces beyond their understanding 1,who just want to watch the world burn 1,fed up with their government 1,with a death-wish and a terrible secret


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