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An oracle for Sufficiently Advanced, a Game of the Far Future. This oracle creates multiple Stardweller NPCs (without Themes and Import), and could be expanded to create SA characters in general. Might be useful for one-shots. This oracle is under construction.

There is also a Stardweller Homes generator.

Sometimes (though not too often) this oracle will feed you nonsense. It will say something like "Biotech 1, Cognitech 1 with Omnicompetence." In such cases, bump up the Capabilities to fit. More often, it will give you a character with two of the same Profession. Unfortunately, with the way Abulafia works there isn't much I can do about that one.


<sgdisplay iterations="5">


From [mission] [Stardweller][maybesociety].

  • Neuroform: [neuroform]
  • Capabilities: Bio: [bio], Cog: [cog], Meta: [meta], Nano: [nano], String: [string]
  • Core Values: Diversity: [CVscore], Freedom: [CVscore], [CV]: [CVscore], [CV]: [CVscore]
  • Professions: [expertise]




1,Character: [name] from [mission] [Stardweller][maybesociety]. [neuroform]. Stats: Bio: [bio], Cog: [cog], Meta: [meta], Nano: [nano], String: [string]. CVs: Diversity: [CVscore], Freedom: [CVscore], [CV]: [CVscore], [CV]: [CVscore]. Professions: [expertise].


2,[Pilgrim Names.World Name], the [Pilgrim Names.Temple Name] 2,[Compound Word Names.whitelist] 2,[descriptivename]


5,the [extremophile]Armada 1,the [extremophile]Warband 3,the [extremophile]Research group 4,the [extremophile]Mainstay group


3, 1,Extremophile


20,Baseline dynamic 20,Dataform dynamic 6,Dataform dynamic multiple 6,Physical dynamic multiple 3,Dataform dynamic parasitic 3,Dataform dynamic slaved 3,Physical dynamic slaved 1,Physical dynamic multiple slaved 1,Dataform dynamic multiple slaved 1,Baseline dynamic parasitic 1,Baseline static


1,1 3,2 6,3 10,4 6,5


1,1 3,2 6,3 10,4 6,5


3,1 6,2 10,3 6,4 3,5


1,1 1,2 3,3 6,4 10,5


3,1 6,2 10,3 6,4 3,5


1,1 3,2 6,3 3,4 1,5


2, 1,, member of [Stardweller Homes.society2]


2,[Firsting] [Last] 2,[Firsts]-[Like]-[Last] 1,He-Who-[FirstsVerb] 1,She-Who-[FirstsVerb] 1,That-Which-[FirstsVerb]


1,As 1,Like 2,With 1,About 1,Above 1,After 1,Before 1,Behind 1,Below 1,By 1,For 1,Near 1,Spinward-of 3,Of 1,On 1,Under 1,Within


1,Bends 1,Big 1,Bites 1,Black 1,Breath 1,Cloud 1,Cool 1,Cold 1,Crazy 1,Cunning 1,Dances 1,Dark 1,Dreams 1,Eyes 1,Falls 1,Fierce 1,Fights 1,Glides 1,Hides 1,Light 1,Little 1,Mighty 1,Orbits 1,Pounces 1,Runs 1,Shouts 1,Sings 1,Soars 1,Stalks 1,Stands 1,Steps 1,Strikes 1,Strong 1,Sturdy 1,Talks 1,Swims 1,Walks 1,Warm 1,Whispers 1,White 1,Wild 1,Wise 1,Yellow


1,Bends 1,Bites 1,Calls 1,Codes 1,Dances 1,Dreams 1,Falls 1,Fights 1,Follows 1,Gathers 1,Glides 1,Hides 1,Hunts 1,Leads 1,Orbits 1,Pounces 1,Runs 1,Shouts 1,Sings 1,Soars 1,Stalks 1,Stands 1,Steps 1,Strikes 1,Talks 1,Tracks 1,Swims 1,Walks 1,Whispers


1,Big 1,Black 1,Burning 1,Coding 1,Cold 1,Cool 1,Cowardly 1,Crazy 1,Cunning 1,Dancing 1,Dark 1,Elder 1,Falling 1,Fierce 1,Fighting 1,Flying 1,Gliding 1,Great 1,Hidden 1,Light 1,Little 1,Long 1,Mighty 1,Quiet 1,Running 1,Screaming 1,Shouting 1,Silent 1,Singing 1,Sitting 1,Soaring 1,Squatting 1,Standing 1,Strong 1,Swimming 1,Talking 1,Walking 1,Whispering 1,White 1,Wild 1,Wise 1,Yellow


1,Arrow 1,Ash 1,Asteroid 1,Axe 1,Bird 1,Black Hole 1,Branch 1,Cat 1,Claw 1,Comet 1,Crow 1,Dog 1,Dream 1,Eagle 1,Feather 1,Fire 1,Fish 1,Fox 1,Ghost 1,Giants 1,Hawk 1,Healer 1,Hill 1,Knife 1,Meteor 1,Mist 1,Moon 1,Moons 1,Oak 1,Onyx 1,Pillars 1,Rabbit 1,Rain 1,Raven 1,River 1,Rock 1,Snake 1,Spirit 1,Star 1,Stone 1,Stream 1,Sun 1,Tree 1,War 1,Water 1,Wind 1,Wolf


1,Accountability 1,Anonymity 1,Authenticity 1,Brotherhood 1,Calm 1,Carpe Diem 1,Caution 1,Charity 1,Community 1,Competition 1,Completeness 1,Complexity 1,Concealing Knowledge 1,Connection 1,Continuity 1,Control 1,Creation 1,Creativity 1,Details 1,Different Paths for Different People 1,Diligence 1,Discovery 1,Efficiency 1,Elegance 1,Entitlement 1,Excitement 1,Expansion 1,Experimentation 1,Exploration 1,Expression 1,Faith 1,Family 1,Fellow Officers 1,Foresight 1,Friendship 1,Good Breeding 1,Grand Works 1,Growing Up Right 1,Growth 1,Hierarchy 1,Home 1,Honesty 1,Hospitality 1,Humanity 1,Humility 1,Identity 1,Immersion 1,Independence 1,Individuality 1,Information 1,Interconnection 1,Invention 1,I Seek Glory 1,I Seek Redemption 1,Knowledge 1,Law 1,Life 1,Logic 1,My Congregation 1,My Constituents 1,My Crew 1,My Students 1,My Team 1,My Town 1,New Horizons 1,New Things 1,Obedience 1,One Coin One Vote 1,Order 1,Peace 1,Physical Perfection 1,Pleasure 1,Power 1,Privacy 1,Profit 1,Property 1,Protecting Others 1,Questioning 1,Rank Has Its Privileges 1,Reciprocation 1,Recklessness 1,Recycling 1,Responsibility 1,Ritual 1,Safety 1,Sanctity of Mind 1,Sanity 1,Secrecy 1,Security 1,Serenity 1,Showmanship 1,Silence 1,Simplicity 1,Solidarity 1,Stories 1,Survival of the Fittest 1,Teamwork 1,The Body 1,The Forge Of Battle 1,The Future 1,The Horizon 1,The Law 1,The Public Good 1,Tough Luck 1,Tradition 1,Travel 1,Truth, 1,Understanding 1,Unity 1,Variety 1,Wanderlust 1,Winning 1,Worship


1,the Replicants 1,the Stored 1,the Builders 1,the Union 1,the Daoine 1,the Disciples 1,the Masquerade 1,Gaia 1,the Independents 1,the Nanori 1,the Logicians 1,the Tao of History 1,Mechanica 1,an Old-Worlder settlement 1,the Spacers 1,a Cargo Cult


4,Professional: [profession] 3. Omnicompetent. 4,Professional: [profession] 3, [profession] 2, [profession] 1. Locality: [foreign] 2. [adept] 2,Professional: [profession] 3, [profession] 2, [profession] 1. Locality: [foreign] 2 2,Professional: [profession] 3, [profession] 2, [profession] 1. Locality: [foreign] 2, Satori: [profession] 1,Amateur: [profession] 2, [profession] 1, [profession] 1. Locality: [foreign] 2 1,Master: [profession] 3, [profession] 3, [profession] 2, [profession] 2. Locality: [foreign] 2


3,Artist 2,Athlete 3,Courtesan 1,Criminal 4,Crisis Control 2,Engineer (Biotech) 2,Engineer (Cognitech) 2,Engineer (Metatech) 2,Engineer (Nanotech) 2,Engineer (Stringtech) 3,Explorer 3,Farmer 3,Financial 3,Legal 3,Locality: [foreign] 3,Media 3,Medical 3,Outdoorsman 3,Police 3,Political 3,Programmer 3,Religious 2,Researcher (Biotech) 2,Researcher (Cognitech) 2,Researcher (Metatech) 2,Researcher (Nanotech) 2,Researcher (Stringtech) 2,Soldier 5,Spacer 3,Spy 3,Teacher


1,Adept (Biotech): Engineer (Biotech) 3, Researcher (Biotech) 3, [bioskills] 1,Adept (Cognitech): Engineer (Cognitech) 3, Researcher (Cognitech) 3, [cogskills] 1,Adept (Metatech): Engineer (Metatech) 3, Researcher (Metatech) 3, [metaskills] 1,Adept (Nanotech): Engineer (Nanotech) 3, Researcher (Nanotech) 3, [nanoskills] 1,Adept (Stringtech): Engineer (Stringtech) 3, Researcher (Stringtech) 3, [stringskills]


1,Athlete 3, Courtesan 3, Medical 3 1,Courtesan 3, Artist 3, Medical 3 1,Crisis Control 3, Explorer 3, Outdoorsman 3 1,Explorer 3, Farmer 3, Outdoorsman 3 1,Medical 3, Crisis Control 3, Explorer 3


1,Criminal 3, Financial 3, Legal 3 1,Explorer 3, Spy 3, Spacer 3 1,Financial 3, Legal 3, Media 3 1,Programmer 3, Spy 3, Teacher 3 1,Programmer 3, Financial 3, Criminal 3 1,Teacher 3, Researcher (Metatech) 3, one other profession at 3


1,Artist 3, Media 3, Teacher 3 1,Courtesan 3, Artist 3, Criminal 3 1,Criminal 3, Spy 3, Political 3 1,Legal 3, Political 3, Media 3 1,Media 3, Courtesan 3, Artist 3 1,Political 3, Religious 3, Legal 3 1,Religious 3, Artist 3, Media 3 1,Spy 3, Financial 3, Crisis Control 3 1,Teacher 3, Media 3, one other profession at 3


1,Artist 3, Spacer 3, Engineer (Stringtech) 3 1,Criminal 3, Spy 3, Police 3 1,Explorer 3, Spacer 3, Police 3 1,Crisis Control 3, Police 3, Soldier 3 1,Police 3, Criminal 3, Researcher (Stringtech) 3


1,Crisis Control 3, Police 3, Soldier 3 1,Police 3, Spacer 3, Soldier 3 1,Police 3, Engineer (Nanotech) 3, Explorer 3 1,Spacer 3, Explorer 3, Soldier 3 1,Soldier 3, Researcher (Nanotech) 3, Crisis Control 3


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