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(stage 2 & final; +variation to lessen stiltedness)
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'''The factions in play are:'''
'''The factions in play are:'''
{{Cols|1|<ul><sgdisplay iterations="7"><li>[main]</sgdisplay></ul>}}
{{Cols|1|<ul><sgdisplay iterations="7"><li>[main]</sgdisplay></ul>}}
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The factions in play are:




1,The [fakelatin] are [demeanor] [gimmick], [now] [agenda].


6,currently 1,at the present time 1,at this moment 1,currently 1,now 1,right now


1,Adamusians 1,Adrianas 1,Adrians 1,Aegidias 1,Aegidius 1,Aemilius 1,Aeneals 1,Agnetans 1,Alannusians 1,Alianora 1,Aloysiusians 1,Amabilians 1,Ambrosians 1,Amia 1,Artalian 1,Arturu 1,Avicia 1,Barnabas 1,Beatrize 1,Beniaminus 1,Caecilia 1,Caelia 1,Caritas 1,Carolus 1,Catalina 1,Catalinus 1,Clementia 1,Coelia 1,Constans 1,Constantia 1,Crispians 1,Cudburdus 1,Cuthbertus 1,Dorothea 1,Dulcia 1,Edrus 1,Egidia 1,Egidius 1,Ethelreda 1,Eusebius 1,Ezekia 1,Ezekielis 1,Fida 1,Florens 1,Gartruda 1,Gasparus 1,Gatharuda 1,Gaufrida 1,Georgius 1,Giraldus 1,Gratia 1,Gualterians 1,Guillemota 1,Guine 1,Hadria 1,Hannoria 1,Honoria 1,Ishachus 1,Jabu 1,Jana 1,Jno 1,Johes 1,Katan 1,Ludovicus 1,Martinus 1,Mauritius 1,Misericordia 1,Mycaelians 1,Nich 1,Offylus 1,Oliverus 1,Onoria 1,Patentia 1,Patricus 1,Petrus 1,Ric 1,Ricus 1,Rosa 1,Rosamundi 1,Septimus 1,Sextus 1,Sibyllia 1,Spes 1,Terentius 1,Umfridus 1,Wido 1,Xpofer 1,Xtianus


1,archaic 1,creative 1,cultured 1,decadent 1,enlightened 1,exotic 1,fallen 1,frivolous 1,insane 1,militant 1,monstrous 1,mysterious 1,new 1,nomadic 1,political 1,populist 1,rebellious 1,rich 1,ritualistic 1,rough 1,spiritual 1,traditional 1,unpredictable 1,urbane 1,violent 1,visionary 1,wild 1,zealous


1,artists 1,assassins 1,brutes 1,criminals 1,entertainers 1,inquisitors 1,martial artists 1,merchants 1,messengers 1,mystics 1,negotiators 1,outcasts 1,priests 1,rabble rousers 1,savants 1,schemers 1,scholars 1,soldiers 1,spies 1,technologists 1,warriors


1,at war 1,disgraced 1,disgusted with politics 1,gathering strength 1,hiding something 1,highly factionalized 1,in ascension 1,in mourning 1,looking for an excuse to strike 1,missing 1,operating from the shadows 1,playing a deeper game than anyone realizes 1,rotting from within 1,ruled with an iron hand 1,scattered to the four winds 1,seeking allies in quarters unknown 1,seeking to return to the old ways 1,split into two camps 1,wasting away 1,weakened, and dependent on their patron