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0,extrapolated for ease of changing (e.g. to italics) 1,


0,extrapolated for ease of changing (e.g. to bold) 1,

0,note trailing spc! 1, Contains the spells:


40,[title] [featurelist][→][magicuser]. 8,[b][Holy Books.main][b]: [cover] [featurelist] Contains the Cleric spells: [cleric]. 1,[uniquebook]


1,[title] Contains the spell: [muOne]. 1,[title][→][muOne], [muOne]. 1,[title][→][muOne], [muOne], [muOne]. 1,[title] [featurelist][→][muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne]. 1,[title] [featurelist][→][muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne]. 1,[title] [featurelist][→][muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne].


1,[title] [featurelist][→][muOne], [muOne], [muOne]. 1,[title] [featurelist][→][muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne]. 1,[title] [featurelist][→][muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne]. 1,[title] [featurelist][→][muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne].


1,[title] [featurelist][→]1: [muOne], [muOne], [muOne] / 2: [muTwo]. 1,[title] [featurelist][→]1: [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne] / 2: [muTwo]. 1,[title] [featurelist][→]1: [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne] / 2: [muTwo]. 1,[title] [featurelist][→]1: [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne] / 2: [muTwo]. 1,[title] [featurelist][→]1: [muOne], [muOne], [muOne] / 2: [muTwo], [muTwo]. 1,[title] [featurelist][→]1: [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne] / 2: [muTwo], [muTwo]. 1,[title] [featurelist][→]1: [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne] / 2: [muTwo], [muTwo]. 1,[title] [featurelist][→]1: [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne] / 2: [muTwo], [muTwo].


1,[title] [featurelist][→]1: [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne] / 2: [muTwo], [muTwo]. 1,[title] [featurelist][→]1: [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne] / 2: [muTwo], [muTwo]. 1,[title] [featurelist][→]1: [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne] / 2: [muTwo], [muTwo].


1,[title] [featurelist][→]1: [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne] / 2: [muTwo], [muTwo] / 3: [muThree] 1,[title] [featurelist][→]1: [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne] / 2: [muTwo], [muTwo] / 3: [muThree] 1,[title] [featurelist][→]1: [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne] / 2: [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo] / 3: [muThree]


1,[title] [featurelist][→]1: [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne] / 2: [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo] / 3: [muThree], [muThree]


1,[title] [featurelist][→]1: [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne] / 2: [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo] / 3: [muThree], [muThree] / 4: [muFour]


1,[title] [featurelist][→]1: [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne] / 2: [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo] / 3: [muThree], [muThree], [muThree] / 4: [muFour], [muFour]


1,[title] [featurelist][→]1: [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne] / 2: [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo] / 3: [muThree], [muThree], [muThree], [muThree] / 4: [muFour], [muFour] / 5: [muFive]


1,[title] [featurelist][→]1: [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne] / 2: [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo] / 3: [muThree], [muThree], [muThree], [muThree] / 4: [muFour], [muFour], [muFour] / 5: [muFive], [muFive]


1,[title] [featurelist][→]1: [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne] / 2: [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo] / 3: [muThree], [muThree], [muThree], [muThree], [muThree] / 4: [muFour], [muFour], [muFour], [muFour] / 5: [muFive], [muFive] / 6: [muSix]


1,[title] [featurelist][→]1: [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne] / 2: [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo] / 3: [muThree], [muThree], [muThree], [muThree], [muThree] / 4: [muFour], [muFour], [muFour], [muFour] / 5: [muFive], [muFive], [muFive] / 6: [muSix], [muSix]


1,[title] [protection] [protection] [featurelist][→]1: [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne] / 2: [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo] / 3: [muThree], [muThree], [muThree], [muThree], [muThree], [muThree] / 4: [muFour], [muFour], [muFour], [muFour], [muFour] / 5: [muFive], [muFive], [muFive], [muFive], [muFive] / 6: [muSix], [muSix], [muSix]


8,[b][Holy Books.main][b]: [cover] [featurelist] Contains the Cleric spells: [cleric].


1,[b][ti1][b]: [cover]


3,[ArcaneBooks.main] 3,The Grimoire of [Fantasy Names.mainNoLabel] 3,Untitled 2,[magicWord] 2,[Mathematical book.main] 2,The [subject] of [Fantasy Names.mainNoLabel] 1,[Ars Magica Books.main] 1,[Holy Books.main] 1,[Secret Society Name.main] 1,[Priest spheres.main] 1,[Wizard schools.main] 1,The [Color.all] book of [Fantasy Town Names.main] 1,The [ordinal] [Color.all] book of [Fantasy Names.mainNoLabel] 1,The [ordinal] [subject] 1,The [ordinal] book of [Fantasy Names.mainNoLabel] 1,The Book of the [Color.all] [Animal.symbolicanimal]


2,first 2,second 2,third 2,fourth 2,fifth 2,sixth 2,last 1,ancient 1,best 1,big 1,blessed 1,cursed 1,eternal 1,famous 1,favoured 1,forbidden 1,great 1,hidden 1,least 1,lesser 1,little 1,lost 1,penultimate 1,transcendent 1,unfinished


3,spells 2,poems 1,lay 1,stories 1,rituals 1,songs 1,writings 1,lore 1,secrets 1,shadows 1,magicks 1,tellings 1,commandments 1,truths 1,lies 1,makings 1,recipes 1,craft 1,tricks 1,happenings 1,life 1,death 1,end 1,story 1,quest 1,curse 1,hex 1,curse 1,rites 1,ritual 1,summoning 1,call 1,fanfare 1,introduction 1,origin 1,teachings 1,research 1,texts 1,runes


8,Bound in [coverMaterial]. 4,Bound in [coverMaterial] trimmed with [Utility.HornIvory]. 4,Made from [coverMaterial], the cover is [Feelings.Adjective]. 4,The [Feelings.Adjective], [coverMaterial] cover is marked with many runes. 3,The [coverMaterial] cover is marked with many runes. 2,[Scroll.main] 2,[unusualcover] 2,The [coverMaterial] binding is set with a [Utility.Jewels]. 2,The [coverMaterial] cover is inlaid with [Utility.MetalDecor] in [Utility.Symbols]. 2,The [coverMaterial] cover is marked with [Utility.Symbols]. 2,The [Feelings.Adjective] [coverMaterial] binding is marked with [Utility.Symbols]. 2,The cover is of [coverMaterial] and [coverMaterial].


8,Inside a small box of [Utility.WoodDecorative], are collected [Dice.1d100] [pages]. 2,Spells are recorded as [i]quipu[i]—each a string carefully knotted with magical significance. 2,[ClothingMale.MaleClothing], decorated with magical symbols. 2,[ClothingFemale.main], decorated with magical symbols. 1,A set of carefully tuned bells, stored in a box with notes. 2,A single great sheet covered in complex diagrams. 1,The spells are scribed into [immobile]. 1,Recorded in tattoos upon its author's skin. 1,A small [Animal.symbolicanimal] speaks the spells to its owner. 1,A staff marked with many cyphered runes of power. 1,A colourful tapestry, woven with spell-threads: gazing makes one dizzy. 1,An encyclopedia of [Dice.1d20] volumes. 2,A deck of cards, illustrated and marked with magical significance. 1,This book takes on the appearance of other books it finds itself near. 1,A packet of nuts and berries—each spell can only be eaten, and thus prepared [Dice.1d6] times. 1,A small set of rotating discs marked with the constellations and their magickal significances. 1,A box of cards punched with holes in the most appropriate places. 1,A collection of small cards marked with significant numbers for contacting spirits through the ether. 1,A box filled with small glass squares, each bearing an image or text visible when held to light. 1,A paper doll with a selection of ensorcelled outfits. 2,A set of magical dice. 2,Many beads on [Dice.1d12] strands contain this magic.


2,a great standing stone 2,the bark of an ancient yew tree still growing 1,the many stones of a beach 1,the layout of a garden 1,the arrangement of a stone circle


5,sheets of parchment 3,pieces of vellum 2,pages of fine paper 2,sheets of papyrus 1,[pages] and [pages] 1,bits of thin leather 1,bottled memories 1,ritual dice 1,wooden rune-medallions 1,written-upon leaves


3,[features]. 1, 2,[featurelist] [featurelist]


5,[protection] 4,[alchemy] 4,[form] 4,A drawing: [Utility.Symbols] 4,The book is [shape] 3,[condition] 2,[FantasyBooks.DeedOrNote] 2,[Painting.main] 1,[Fourth Page - Artifact.origin] 1,[power] 1,[seeker] 1,A hastily-written command for unknown magic: “[Command Word.main]” 1,Contains the story “[1001 Nights Story Title.Title]” 1,Details a few Cleric spells: [cleric] 1,Includes a recipe for [FantasyMenu.main] 1,Includes a score: [MusicalInstruments.SheetMusic] 1,Includes some incomplete research towards the rare spell: [Rare Spells.main] 1,On the first page: “[Inscriptions.Advice]” 1,On the last page: “[Words of Wisdom.main]”


2,Bloodstained 2,Dusty 2,Somewhat burned 1,Heavily revised 1,Paint-spattered 1,Perfumed 1,Rust-stained 1,Smelly 1,Torn 1,Water-stained


5,Heavy 4,Semicircular 3,Octagonal 2,Made up of [Dice.2d4] folios 2,Round 2,Triangular 1,Hexagonal 1,Pentagonal


3,Long and thin 5,Hinged 5,Accordion-fold 2,Pocket-sized 1,Six feet tall


4,Explains how [MonsterParts.StartItemOnly] may be used to predict [Four Season Events.events]s 2,A guide to preserving [MonsterParts.Organs]s in [MonsterParts.PreservationSubstance] 2,An alchemical recipe for [Arcane Substance.main] “[Alchemical Recipes.main]” 2,Details how [Elements.allCap] is formed into [Spells.main] 2,Explains how to create [Arcane Substance.main] with [Elements.allCap] and [MonsterParts.StartItemOnly] 2,Explains the uses for [MonsterParts.StartItemOnly] 2,Includes instructions on how to keep [MonsterParts.DryGoods]s [MonsterParts.DryPackingMethod] 1,contains research into preserving the body in a state of undeath


2,Possesses an unusual power [Fourth Page - Artifact.power] 1,A landscape illustration is actually a portal to a distant place: [Exotic Landscape.main] 3,The book levitates as it is being read 3,The book illuminates itself as a candle when open 1,Spells may be cast directly from the book—but the caster will surely die if a saving throw is failed 1,Spells may be cast directly from the book, as if it was a scroll—erasing them in the process 1,Functions as a [dndBook] 1,The book is intelligent, as a magic sword with Int [Dice.2d6] and Ego [Dice.2d6]


1,Manual of Golems 1,Manual of Bodily Health 1,Manual of Gainful Exercise 1,Manual of Quickness of Action 1,Tome of Clear Thought 1,Tome of Leadership and Influence 1,Tome of Understanding 1,Blessed Book: spells can be copied into it at no cost


30, [Utility.LeatherHide] 12, [Color.all] [Utility.ClothFancy] 10, [Utility.Fur] fur 8, [Utility.MetalDecor] 6, thin [Utility.StoneDecorative] 10, [Utility.WoodDecorative] 3, [Utility.GlassColors], [Utility.GlassOpacity] glass


4,It is held shut by a lock 2,A page is marked with a terrible [i]Symbol of [symbolspell][i] 2,It is held shut by a lock, containing a poison-needle trap 2,Reading this book binds you into a dark contract, a [i]Geas[i]: [geas] 2,The most powerful spells are written on a [i]Secret Page[i] 2,The pages are poison—woe betide the moist-fingered reader! 2,The reader of the book suffers the [bookcurse] 2,This book foretells a doom upon you: [doom] 2,Those who read it must save or be afflicted by madness: [madness] 1,[Alignment.polarCap] folk cannot touch it 1,A glyph in this book triggers [i]The Interminable Interim[i]: save or be encased in amber, in suspended animation, until dispelled or touched by writer 1,Blades spring out when the book is opened: save or suffer 1d6 damage, and save again or lose a finger (and one point of Dexterity) 1,The book contains a part of its scribe’s soul, and readers may find themselves possessed 1,The book is guarded by an Invisible Stalker, a demon bound into its diagrams 1,The book is marked with [i]Exploding Runes[i] 1,The book itself will strike to attack readers who do not speak the password: “[Command Word.main]” 1,The book’s last owner sees all who open it 1,The reader is affected – [DoS: Effects of Magical Appropriation.DoSMAEffects] 1,The reader of this book is afflicted by lycanthropy 1,The words are a charm: those who read them find themselves persuaded by the author’s point of view, becoming [Alignment.polarCap] 1,the words of this book fill your mind, and you become tongue-tied before strangers 1,This book is home to a flea circus as [i]Pulicose Pyx[i] (http://wampuscountry.blogspot.ca/2012/04/arcane-abecediary-preview-edition.html) 1,Unwary readers are pulled into the book itself, imprisoned as an illustration 1,When the book is opened, it flashes with blinding light—save versus paralysis or be blinded


1,[i]Curse of Bloat[i] (http://ancientvaults.wordpress.com/2011/12/06/new-spell-curse-of-bloat/) 1,[i]Curse of Butter-fingers[i], being reduced to three dexterity and 50% likely to drop items in a tense situation 1,[i]Curse of Destiny[i], taking -4 on all saving throws and “to-hit” rolls 1,[i]Curse of Endumbening[i], losing all but 3 intelligence 1,[i]Curse of Fresh Blood[i] (http://ancientvaults.wordpress.com/2012/11/30/new-spell-curse-fresh-blood/) 1,[i]Curse of Great Tiredness[i], taking maximum damage from all attacks 1,[i]Curse of Ill Health[i], afflicted with Charisma of three 1,[i]Curse of Manes[i] (http://ancientvaults.wordpress.com/2011/10/12/new-spell-curse-of-manes/) 1,[i]Curse of Mockery[i], reduced to Charisma 3 1,[i]Curse of One Sound[i] (http://ancientvaults.wordpress.com/2011/11/24/new-spell-curse-of-one-sound/) 1,[i]Curse of Opposite Enviroments[i] (http://ancientvaults.wordpress.com/2012/12/06/new-spell-curse-of-opposite-environments/) 1,[i]Curse of Poor Piety[i], reduced to Wisdom 3 1,[i]Curse of the Adversary[i] (http://ancientvaults.wordpress.com/2011/10/30/new-spell-curse-of-the-adversary/) 1,[i]Curse of the Thrice-Damned Eyes[i] (http://wampuscountry.blogspot.ca/2012/01/snollygoster-squeezins.html) 1,[i]Curse of Three Giants[i] (http://ancientvaults.wordpress.com/2012/08/16/new-spell-curse-of-three-giants/) 1,[i]Curse of Weakness[i], losing all but three strength 1,[i]Shunnification[i] (http://hereticwerks.blogspot.ch/2013/10/1970-and-counting.html) 1,[i]Spectre Curse[i] (http://ancientvaults.wordpress.com/2011/10/14/new-spell-spectre-curse/) 1,[i]the Curse of the Hated and Hunted[i] (http://ancientvaults.wordpress.com/2013/07/07/new-spell-curse-hated-and-hunted/)


1,Death 1,Fear 1,Hopelessness 1,Insanity 1,Pain 1,Sleep 1,Stunning


1,[Fantasy Traits.MENTAL_AFFLICTIONS] 1,you can no longer do a common task without crying and collapsing to the ground 1,you deny the existence of the gods 1,you have become deluded about the world around you 1,you have become obsessed with this book and believe no others 1,your alignment changes to [Alignment.polarCap] 1,your intense beliefs are realized in political extremism and you become a pariah for it


5,[Quest Starter.main] 2,you are bound to the book: to protect it and deliver it back to [ArcaneBooks.ArcaneAuthor] 1,you must ensure entry of [Demon generator.main] to the world 2,[doom], unless you can find [Object of Lore.main] 1,you shall be the hand of [Angel generator.main], [Secret Society Title.main], driving sinners from this land with fire and blood


1,you will be responsible for the death of a lover 1,your friends shall never have luck 1,your children will be warped by magic 1,even now a deadly disease stirs in your blood 1,you will never find a home 1,you will be haunted by the ghost of a past owner, [ArcaneBooks.ArcaneAuthor] 1,you will always be blamed for events near you 1,you will rise again as undead 1,you will cause [Four Season Events.events]s 2,[Fantasy Tragedies.TRAGEDIES]


1,The [FantasyBooks.Adjective] [Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishSpecial] 1,[Secret Society Title.main] 1,[Occult Spell Name.spellname] 1,[Fantasy Names.mainNoTitle] 1,[Demon generator.Name] 1,[Angel generator.Name]


1,[Fantasy Names.mainNoLabel], [Fantasy Profession.adventurers] from [Sea Encouters.justThePlace] is seeking this book 2,[ArcaneBooks.ArcaneAuthor] (Magic-user level [Dice.2d8]), is seeking this book 1,Sailing in search of this book is: [Sea Encounters.names] ([Sea Encounters.captain]), of the [Ship Names.main], [Sea Encounters.justShipType] of [Sea Encounters.justThePlace] 1,Hunting for this book is: [Sea Encounters.monsterCaptain] 1,Searching for this book is the cleric [Holy Books.Author] (level [Dice.2d6]) 1,This book is followed by the elf [Elf-folk.main] 1,This book is sought by [Sstabhmontown NPCs.unique]


32,1: [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne] / 2: [muTwo], [muTwo] / 3: [muThree] 16,1: [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne] / 2: [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo] / 3: [muThree], [muThree] / 4: [muFour] 8,1: [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne] / 2: [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo] / 3: [muThree], [muThree], [muThree] / 4: [muFour], [muFour] / 5: [muFive] 4,1: [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne] / 2: [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo] / 3: [muThree], [muThree], [muThree], [muThree] / 4: [muFour], [muFour], [muFour] / 5: [muFive], [muFive] / 6: [muSix] 2,1: [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne] / 2: [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo] / 3: [muThree], [muThree], [muThree], [muThree], [muThree] / 4: [muFour], [muFour], [muFour], [muFour], [muFour] / 5: [muFive], [muFive], [muFive] / 6: [muSix], [muSix] 1,1: [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne], [muOne] / 2: [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo], [muTwo] / 3: [muThree], [muThree], [muThree], [muThree], [muThree], [muThree] / 4: [muFour], [muFour], [muFour], [muFour], [muFour], [muFour] / 5: [muFive], [muFive], [muFive], [muFive] / 6: [muSix], [muSix], [muSix]


16,[ODnD Spell Lists.LevelOne] 6,[Vancian Spell Lists.LevelOne] 4,[ADnD Spell Lists.LevelOne] 2,[LotFP Spell Lists.LevelOne] 1,[Rare Spells.LevelOne] 1,[muOne], [muOne]


16,[ODnd Spell Lists.LevelTwo] 6,[Vancian Spell Lists.LevelTwo] 4,[ADnD Spell Lists.LevelTwo] 4,[LotFP Spell Lists.LevelTwo] 1,[Rare Spells.LevelTwo] 1,[muTwo], [muTwo]


16,[ODnd Spell Lists.LevelThree] 6,[Vancian Spell Lists.LevelThree] 4,[ADnD Spell Lists.LevelThree] 2,[LotFP Spell Lists.LevelThree] 1,[Rare Spells.LevelThree] 1,[muThree], [muThree]


16,[ODnd Spell Lists.LevelFour] 6,[Vancian Spell Lists.LevelFour] 4,[ADnD Spell Lists.LevelFour] 2,[LotFP Spell Lists.LevelFour] 1,[Rare Spells.LevelFour] 1,[muFour], [muFour]


16,[ODnd Spell Lists.LevelFive] 6,[Vancian Spell Lists.LevelFive] 4,[ADnD Spell Lists.LevelFive] 2,[LotFP Spell Lists.LevelFive] 1,[Rare Spells.LevelFive] 1,[muFive], [muFive]


16,[ODnd Spell Lists.LevelSix] 6,[Vancian Spell Lists.LevelSix] 4,[ADnD Spell Lists.LevelSix] 2,[LotFP Spell Lists.LevelSix] 1,[Rare Spells.LevelSix] 1,[muSix], [muSix]


1,[clericspell] 2,[clericspell], [clericspell] 2,[clericspell], [clericspell], [clericspell] 1,[clericspell], [clericspell], [clericspell], [clericspell] 1,[clericspell], [clericspell], [clericspell], [clericspell], [clericspell]


1,[clericOne] 1,[clericTwo] 2,[clericThree] 3,[clericFour] 3,[clericFive] 2,[rareClericSpell]


1,[Rare Spells.clericOne] 1,[Rare Spells.clericTwo] 2,[Rare Spells.clericThree] 3,[Rare Spells.clericFour] 3,[Rare Spells.clericFive]


4,[ADnD Cleric Spell Lists.LevelOne] 1,[Rare Spells.clericOne]


4,[ADnD Cleric Spell Lists.LevelTwo] 1,[Rare Spells.clericTwo]


4,[ADnD Cleric Spell Lists.LevelThree] 1,[Rare Spells.clericThree]


4,[ADnD Cleric Spell Lists.LevelFour] 1,[Rare Spells.clericFour]


4,[ADnD Cleric Spell Lists.LevelFour] 1,[Rare Spells.clericFive]


1,[b]Twin Spells[b] Found dyed in cobalt and peacock green on a tattered white silken scroll on the one hand, inscribed on verdigrised brass plates in delicate white acid etchings on the other, these two spells appear entirely unrelated though lying amongst the same bleached bones. But are they indeed coincidentally collected together, or is there a connection after all? http://hamsterhoard.blogspot.ca/2011/03/unrelated-twins-spells.html 1,[b]The Book of the Burning Sands, first fragment[b] This spellbook—or, rather, portion of spellbook—has seen better days. Sages are uncertain whether the tawny scroll’s surface is of papyrus strengthened by magic to the durability of parchment, or of parchment enchanted to resemble papyrus; the lettering and diagrams of the spells upon the scroll’s surface are inked in sooty black, accented with vermilion and gold. A scattering of notations in the language of the Shining Sands describe the binding of desert spirits, but the scroll is incomplete—it breaks off after the third spell, tattered and scorched, and the ragged end-edge where a winding rod should be hints at a missing introduction at the least. As the Book circulates through learned circles, quests for the remainder of the scroll have been mounted but have so far been unsuccessful. http://hamsterhoard.blogspot.ca/2011/03/book-of-burning-sands-first-fragment.html 1,[b]The Book of Light[b] A small volume, this spellbook has covers of finely hammered and frosted steel with a faintly bluish tinge, formed over a core of oak. Both covers are lipped and one is slightly larger than the other, such that the pages are completely encased when the book is closed. The pages themselves are of fine parchment, the script and diagrams within recorded in a strong hand in black ink; the front cover bears an unknown sigil in cobalt and azure enamel. The Book of Light contains eight first level magic-user spells, six unique spells as detailed below with the addition of shield and magic missile. http://hamsterhoard.blogspot.ca/2010/06/book-of-light.html 1,[b]The Book of the White Cat[b] A compact volume of spells and cryptic notations on the construction of mageries, the Book of the White Cat is small enough in size to be cradled comfortably in the crook of an arm. The Book’s pages are of creamy parchment edged in gold, its contents scribed in a sure and delicate hand in black and cinnabar inks; the covers are of dense oak overlain with immaculately clean white velvet. And—over the velvet—is stitched, edged in golden thread, what seems to be the pelt of a small white cat, with its tail dangling free from the spine of the Book. The “bones” inside the tail are of silver, however, and the tail serves as a magery that will contain one spell level per day when life energy is given to power it. http://hamsterhoard.blogspot.ca/2010/03/book-of-white-cat.html 1,[b]The Least Book of Nathan Serpentarius[b] Though there are believed to be many such texts, widely varied in power and content, this slender volume is by far the most widely known of Serpentarius’ works of celestial magic. Small enough to be stitched into a girdle-binding and showing faint marks of such, the text is carefully scribed onto black-dyed vellum in silver ink. The leaves are bound in a cover composed of the silver-white scales of some unknown beast, and bear upon the front Serpentarius’ sigil of a serpent biting its own tail in blue and jade enamel. Scattered throughout the pages, intermixed with the texts of the spells, are charts and star diagrams in silver ink picked out in azure. http://hamsterhoard.blogspot.ca/2009/09/spellbooks-of-nathan-serpentarius-least.html 1,[b]Genreh’s Text[b] A tiny girdle-book of fragile parchment leaves, slim and bound in soft mink-brown doeskin and containing four carefully-annotated spells. Strangely, the contents are divided between the art of the magic-user and the miracles of the cleric; the first inked in crimson, the second in gold. The tiny book is commonly believed to be named for its discoverer. http://hamsterhoard.blogspot.ca/2009/06/genrehs-text.html 1,[b]Searing Argent Frost[b] Found on a scroll of vellum tied with silver and silk cord, within a crystal scroll-case. http://hamsterhoard.blogspot.ca/2009/04/second-level-spell-searing-argent-frost.html 1,[b]The Book of the Black Rose[b] Not a “book” at all, in reality, but an ebony box suited for containing such a book. Carved all over delicately with knotworks of barbed briars, the two halves of the box are solid pieces of ebony and the seam between them can scarcely fit a hair. Inside the box rests a handful of dried rose petals, a handful of tiny bones, and a sheaf of impossibly thin vellum sheets inked with the following spells http://hamsterhoard.blogspot.ca/2009/03/spells-book-of-black-rose.html 1,[b]Untitled[b] Inked in gold in a trembling hand on sheets of heavy parchment, clasped within a folio made of broad leaves of ivory tied with black silk cords. http://hamsterhoard.blogspot.ca/2009/03/two-second-level-spells-bleeding-edge.html 1,[b]Untitled[b] Delicate sheets of vellum inked in veridian and azure, tucked within a scrollcase of jade. http://hamsterhoard.blogspot.ca/2009/03/three-first-level-spells-cloak-of.html 1,[b]The Book of the Black Rat[b] Bound crudely in rat-hide, patches of fur still here and there. The cover bears an amateurish drawing of a rat, and the words “THERE IS ONLY ONE”. http://wampuscountry.blogspot.ca/2014/01/book-of-black-rat-spells-about-rats-and.html 1,[b]The Grimoire of the Grinch[b] The grimoire itself is square, one foot per side, and bound with some sort of hide bearing green fur. http://wampuscountry.blogspot.ca/2012/12/grimoire-of-grinch.html 1,[b]Ancient Yuletide Carols[b] The well-weathered book, bound in troll-hide, contained some smattering of cosmic lore as well as a series of hymn-spells linked to the worship of moribund lesser godlings of winter and song such as Komo and Mathys. http://wampuscountry.blogspot.ca/2013/12/ancient-yuletide-carols.html 1,[b]Hammer of the Damned[b] Bound in cracked rust colored skin, most likely from one of the denizens of the planes of punishment, this volume is partially filled with the liturgy of an extinct cult devoted to eliminating the presence of Outsiders from the material plane. It is bound with an ornate gold lock, which someone has taken a hammer to in the past. Likewise the embossed sigils on the cover have been carved at to distort them and eliminate any trace of magical protection they may have offered. http://dungeonofsigns.blogspot.ca/2012/10/hms-apollyon-grimore-hammer-of-damned.html 1,[b]Teachings of Calvidus Rex[b] A volume of thin papers, hand stitched with sinews and clumsily printed with woodblock. The paper is yellowed, but sound and the entire document wrapped in sharkskin, with the crossbones sigil of Clavidius Rex (a mildly infamous necromancer executed twenty years before) burned into it. An additional wrapping of oilcloth that stinks mildly of sewage is wound tightly around the text. http://dungeonofsigns.blogspot.ca/2012/09/hms-apollyon-grimore.html 1,[b]SPELLBOOK OF THE BLACKHEARTED YEGG[b] A small thick book, crudely glued together from seemingly random scraps of paper. The spells within its woven black eel leather covers are arranged in geometric shapes of letters and words cut from other books. possibly in an effort to avoid any corruption associated with writing out the sinister spells the book contains: 1st - Alter Self, Magic Missile (sickly yellow ray that causes necrosis), Sleep (nightmare inducing); 2nd - Obscuring Fog (Continual Darkness), Detect Lies (last four turns - will not detect untruths or evasions only flat out lies); 3rd - Miasma of Decay, Zombie Ritual (http://dungeonofsigns.blogspot.ca/2013/03/magic-items-recovered-form-haldicar.html) 1,[b]On the Conjuration of Unique and Fashionable Familiars[b] The author is listed as one Elsie Dodge, who my sources tell me is a wizardess of middling repute. Miss Dodge’s thaumaturgical researches, as detailed in the pamphlet, have yielded a few interesting twists to the summoning of familiars. By following her instructions - which involve a convex mirrored surface and a peculiar arrangement of chess-pieces - while casting the standard ‘Find Familar’ conjuration, the creature that appears may be one of those described. (http://wampuscountry.blogspot.ca/2014/04/four-familiars.html) 1,[b]UK-Ketabb, the book of blood[b] The interior pages appear blank until human or demi-human blood is spilled onto the cover. When this happens the blood runs into the pages forming words or images. The writing immediately begins to fade and is completely illegible after 1 turn (10 seconds). At least one cup of blood is needed for this transformation. (http://digitalorc.blogspot.ca/2011/03/artifact-uk-ketabb.html)


This generator uses tables from these other pages: ArcaneBooks, ODnD Spell Lists, Vancian Spell Lists, ADnD Spell Lists, LotFP Spell Lists, Rare Spells, Scroll, Fourth Page - Artifact, Inscriptions, Utility, Color, FantasyMenu, MonsterParts, Alchemical Recipes, Alignment, Painting, MusicalInstruments, Words of Wisdom, Feelings, Exotic Landscape, Command Word, Holy Books, Fantasy Town Names, Ars Magica Books, Priest spheres, Wizard schools

How it works

This table generates spellbooks inspired by Greenwood-type storied books. They’re calculated for your favourite Old-School variant, with the following considerations:

  • Rare spells come from Rare Spells, drawn from lots of free sources: blog posts, free PDFs, etc.
  • Once in awhile you’ll find a unique spell book someone wrote up on their blog, too.
  • Also unusual: cleric spells. These are from ADnD Cleric Spell Lists or from Rare Spells. Those AD&D cleric spells are neat and precious when your clerics only have the OD&D list to start with.
  • Many of the Cleric books have religious names from pseudo-Christian Holy Books. If that doesn’t work for your game, change the way you play. Clerics are awesome.
  • Yeah, OK, even though they use the original 6 levels, the whole spellbook containing an assortment is a big AD&Dism, whatever … I don’t care.
  • Lots of the spellbooks have neat things about them: traps, protections, special powers, maps or recipes, illustrations, or people who are looking to get them back. Neat! Add more if you want.
  • j/k about that argumentative stuff; your game is probably awesome.
  • if you want a mix of these with regular books drawn from a bunch of other generators on this site, check Sstabhmontown Library

Alternate tables

  • [main] is a random table of interesting books that belonged to a level five magic user or better, but really high-level stuff is relatively rare.
  • [mu-one] through [mu-twelve] give a spellbook roughly set up for a magic-user of that level. Some things: lower level books have more level one spells in them, because this is a play aid, not about realism, and those are plentiful. You get a few more spells than you can probably cast as you pass the first level you can cast that spell-level at, good to have some redundancy.
  • [mu-powerful] is good for a slightly more important villain. It comes with guaranteed protections or two, and a wider selection of spells than your average level twelve.
  • [clericbook] is the one if you’re stealing treasure from an abbey or something.