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<sgdisplay iterations="1">[Welcome] [TownName]. [HowLearn]...

The Town Market
[MarketType] on [StreetName]
The Town Plaza
[Fantasy Town Feature.inspiration] [Fantasy Town Feature.openarea] at [StreetName]
A Residential Location
[HomesDescrip] [HomesType]s on [StreetName]
The Town Defenses
[Fantasy Town Feature.inspiration] [Fantasy Town Feature.defenses] [Area] of town</sgdisplay>


<sgdisplay iterations="1">;Magic: [MagicShop] on [StreetName]

[WeaponsShop] on [StreetName]
[OtherShop] on [StreetName]</sgdisplay>

Lodging and Entertainment

<sgdisplay iterations="3">[LodgingEntertainment] on [StreetName] </sgdisplay>

Special Locations

<sgdisplay iterations="3">[SpecialPlace] on [StreetName] </sgdisplay>

A similar concept can be found on the Fantasy Town generator.



2,[Fantasy Town Names.main] 1,[Fantasy city name paired words.main]


1,[StreetName] contains [StreetDescription] 1,[StreetName] contains [StreetDescription], while [StreetName] contains [StreetDescription] 1,[StreetName] contains [StreetDescription]; [StreetName] contains [StreetDescription]; and [StreetName] contains [StreetDescription]


1,[Fantasy Town Feature.inspiration] [Fantasy Town Feature.defenses] 1,[Fantasy Town Feature.inspiration] [Fantasy Town Feature.openarea] 1,[HomesDescrip] [HomesType]s 1,[MarketType] 1,[StreetShop] 1,[SpecialPlace]


1,Welcome to 1,You have arrived at 1,You stop in at 1,Your journey ends at


1,A map at the gate describes some key locations 1,A publican is happy to tell you about the place 1,It seems easy enough to get around here 1,The place is bustling with activity 1,You ask the guards about points of interest 1,You take a look around


1,along the [Direction]ern border 1,along the [Direction]ern edge 1,at the [Direction] gate 1,at the main gates 1,commanding the [Direction]ern portion 1,defending the [Direction]ern portion 1,holding the [Direction]ern portion 1,in the [Direction] 1,on the [Direction]ern border 1,on the [Direction]ern edge 1,overlooking the [Direction] 1,overwatching the [Direction] 1,to the [Direction] 1,watching the [Direction]


1,east 1,north 1,northeast 1,northwest 1,south 1,southeast 1,southwest 1,west


20,[NameList] [StreetType] 4,[Tree] [StreetType] 2,[Fantasy Town Names.Mineral] [StreetType] 1,The Crossroads


7,[Color.huesCap] 7,[Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishRoyalty] 7,[Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishSpecialReligious] 5,[Occupations] 5,[Occupations]'s 1,[ArcaneBooks.ArcaneProfession] 1,Broad 1,Broderick 1,Cemetery 1,Center 1,Chapel 1,Cow Path 1,Crescent 1,Cross 1,Diamond 1,Dust 1,Eagle 1,Earl 1,Emperor's 1,Front 1,Gate 1,Gilded 1,Glen 1,Gold Ring 1,Harbor 1,Hawk 1,High 1,Kings 1,King's 1,Lake 1,Leaven 1,Long 1,Lord 1,Maiden 5,Main 5,Market 1,Old 1,Old Cemetery 1,Old Chapel 1,Old Church 1,Old Cross 1,Old Lake 1,Old Maid's 1,Old Mine 1,Old River 1,Old Shield 1,River 1,Riverfront 1,Snake 1,Snake and Eagle 1,Spear 1,Stone 1,Stony


1,Ash 1,Beech 1,Cedar 1,Cherry 1,Elm 1,Fir 1,Hickory 1,Jasper 1,Juniper 1,Maple 1,Oak 1,Pine 1,Spruce 1,Walnut


3,Baker 1,Bard 1,Beggar 1,Butcher 3,Carpenter 3,Carter 1,Cartwright 1,Chandler 1,Cobbler 1,Mason 1,Merchant 1,Miller 1,Monk 1,Pilgrim 1,Sage 1,Shepherd 1,Shipwright 3,Smith 1,Smyth 1,Smythe


1,Alley 2,Avenue 1,Boulevard 1,Circle 1,Corner 1,Crossing 4,Lane 2,Path 1,Place 5,Road 1,Route 1,Run 5,Street 1,Trail 1,Way


1,[Fantasy Town Feature.inspiration] [Fantasy Town Feature.defenses] 1,[Fantasy Town Feature.inspiration] [Fantasy Town Feature.openarea] 1,[HomesDescrip] [HomesType]s 1,[HomesDescrip] [HomesType]s and [StreetShop] 1,[HomesDescrip] [HomesType]s and [SpecialPlace] 1,[HomesDescrip] [HomesType]s, [SpecialPlace], and [LodgingEntertainment] 1,[LodgingEntertainment], [StreetShop], and [SpecialPlace] 1,[MarketType] 1,[MarketType] and [SpecialPlace] 1,[MarketType] and [StreetShop] 1,[MarketType], [SpecialPlace], and [StreetShop] 1,[SpecialPlace] 1,[SpecialPlace] and [HomesDescrip] [HomesType]s 1,[SpecialPlace] and [HomesDescrip] [HomesType]s, and [LodgingEntertainment] 1,[SpecialPlace] and [LodgingEntertainment] 1,[SpecialPlace] and [StreetShop] 1,[SpecialPlace], [StreetShop], and [SpecialPlace] 1,[StreetShop] 1,[StreetShop], [SpecialPlace], and [MarketType] 1,[StreetShop], [SpecialPlace], and [MarketType] 1,[StreetShop], [SpecialPlace], and a [HomesType] 1,[StreetShop] and [SpecialPlace] 1,[StreetShop], [StreetShop], and [MarketType]


2,[Fantasy Town Names.main] Market 2,[Fantasy Town Names.main] Bazaar 2,[MarketDescrip] bazaar 3,[MarketDescrip] market 4,[MarketDescrip] open-air market 1,a general store 1,a trading post


1,a busy 1,a crowded 1,a dingy 1,a dirty 1,a grand 1,a great 1,a large 1,a noisy 1,a popular 1,a quaint 1,a quiet 1,a small 1,a smokey 1,a tiny 1,an empty 1,an old 1,an overcrowded


1,a few 1,a row of 1,some 1,several


1,disused house 1,home 1,house 1,hovel 1,living quarter 1,old shack 1,shack


1,[MagicShop] 1,[WeaponsShop] 1,[OtherShop]


1,a bakery 1,a blacksmith 1,a butcher shop 1,a carpenter's workshop 1,a chandler's workshop 1,a cobbler's workshop 1,a cooper's workshop 1,a fishmonger's 1,a forge 1,a jeweler 1,a mason's workshop 1,a milliner's shop 1,a music store 1,a playwright's house 1,a pottery shop 1,a stables 1,a tailor's workshop 1,a tanner's workshop 1,a thatcher shop 1,a tinker's workshop 1,a vintner 1,a waremonger's 1,a weaver's loom


1,[Temple] 1,[GovernmentLaw] 1,[School] 1,[Medical]


1,[MarketDescrip] forum 1,[MarketDescrip] plaza 1,a falconer's post 1,a gallows 1,a guard post 1,a sanatorium 1,a sentry post 1,a small jail 1,an asylum 1,the local jail 1,the prison 1,the town clerk's office 1,the town court 1,the town hall 1,the treasury


1,an alchemy practice 1,an apothecary 1,an herb merchant 1,a barber shop 1,a clinic 1,a doctor's office 1,a healer's tower 1,a hospital 1,a house of healing


1,[Fantasy Names.mainNoTitle] College 1,[Fantasy Names.mainNoTitle] Library 1,[Fantasy Names.mainNoTitle] University 3,a boarding school 4,a schoolhouse 4,a library 3,a small academy 1,a provincial college 1,a regional university 3,an orphanage 2,the city's military academy 1,The College of [Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishRoyalty] [Fantasy Names.mainNoTitle] 1,The College of [Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishSpecialReligious] [Fantasy Names.mainNoTitle] 1,The University of [Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishRoyalty] [Fantasy Names.mainNoTitle] 1,The University of [Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishSpecialReligious] [Fantasy Names.mainNoTitle]


1,[Fantasy Names.mainNoTitle]'s Opera House 1,[Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishRoyalty] [Fantasy Names.mainNoTitle]'s Stage 4,[Inn and Tavern Names.main] 4,[Inn and Tavern Names.main] 1,[MarketDescrip] bar 1,[MarketDescrip] boarding house 1,[MarketDescrip] cafe 1,[MarketDescrip] gambling parlor 1,[MarketDescrip] guest house 1,[MarketDescrip] inn 1,[MarketDescrip] parlor 1,[MarketDescrip] pub 1,[MarketDescrip] public house 1,[MarketDescrip] saloon 1,[MarketDescrip] taproom 1,[MarketDescrip] tavern 1,[MarketDescrip] wayfarer's house 1,a [TempleType] opera house 1,a [TempleType] arena 1,a [TempleType] stadium 1,a brewery 1,a house of bawd 1,a house of ill repute 1,an open stage


1,[SGNP magicians.MALE]'s [MagicShopType] Shop 1,[SGNP magicians.FEMALE]'s [MagicShopType] Shop 1,[SGNP magicians.MALE]'s Shop of [MagicShopTypeEnd] 1,[SGNP magicians.FEMALE]'s Shop of [MagicShopTypeEnd] 1,[SGNP magicians.MALE]'s [OddShop] 1,[SGNP magicians.FEMALE]'s [OddShop] 1,a [Magician] shop 1,an old [ArcaneBooks.ArcaneProfession]'s shop 1,[MarketDescrip] book store


1,mage's 1,magic 1,warlock's 1,witch's 1,wizard's 1,wizardry


1,Antiquities 1,Mystery 1,Oddity 1,Magical Wonder 1,Mystical Wonder 1,Secret 1,Unspeakable Wonder


1,Antiquities 1,Magic Emporium 1,Magical Delight 1,Magical Wonders 1,Mystical Wonders 1,Mystery 1,Oddities 1,Secrets 1,The Arcane 1,The Unknown 1,Unspeakable Wonders 1,Wonder Emporium 1,Wonders


4,[ArcaneBooks.DiscAdj]ium 4,[ArcaneBooks.DiscAdj]arium 5,[ArcaneBooks.DivinationType]nium 3,[ArcaneBooks.DivinationType] Emporium 1,Discotarium 1,Discorium


1,an exotic weapons shop 1,an expensive weapons shop 2,a [Fame] archery shop 2,a [Fame] armory 2,a [Fame] weapons shop 1,a large weapons shop 1,a small weapons shop 1,a weapons shop specializing in [WeaponSpecialties] 5,[Fantasy Names.mainNoTitle]'s [WeaponsShopName]


1,[WeaponType] Bazaar 1,[WeaponType] Emporium 1,[WeaponType] Exchange 1,[WeaponType] Market 1,[WeaponType] Shop 1,[WeaponType] and Trade 1,Custom Crafted [WeaponType] 1,Discount [WeaponType] 1,Exquisite [WeaponType] 1,Exotic [WeaponType] 1,House of [WeaponType] 1,Imported [WeaponType] 1,Master Crafted [WeaponType] 1,Second-Hand [WeaponType] 1,Used [WeaponType]


1,Archery 1,Armor 1,Arms 1,Blades 1,Bows 1,Shields 1,Swords 1,Weapons


1,heavy armor 1,light armor 1,[WeaponSpecialtiesDescrip] armor 1,[WeaponSpecialtiesDescrip] arms 1,[WeaponSpecialtiesDescrip] blades 1,[WeaponSpecialtiesDescrip] bows 1,[WeaponSpecialtiesDescrip] shields 1,[WeaponSpecialtiesDescrip] swords 1,[WeaponSpecialtiesDescrip] weapons


1,exotic 1,expensive 1,expertly made 1,exquisitely crafted 1,imported 1,masterfully crafted 1,refurbishing old 1,repairing old 1,used 1,well-crafted


10,the [Fame] [Fantasy Town Feature.religiousplace] 2,[Fantasy Town Feature.inspiration] [Fantasy Town Feature.deadpeople] 2,a [TempleType] cathedral 3,a [TempleType] church 1,a [TempleType] mosque 5,a [TempleType] temple 1,two temples


1,famous 1,highly-recommended 1,impressive 1,local landmark, 1,lovely 1,renowned 1,well-known


1,grand 1,great 1,large 1,quaint 1,small 1,spired 1,squat