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...for In a Wicked Age

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0,-----The Tempest/NM ---- 1,A duke, unjustly exiled, with his books of power 1,A young woman, beautiful and innocent, who has never seen a man 1,An airy spirit, enslaved to a cunning magician 1,A demon, deformed and bestial, who toils in bondage but harbors lust within its breast 1,A withered crone, overthrown by foreign strangers 1,A kindly king, all too trusting and naive 1,A lord, usurprous and cruel, an architect of treachery 1,A prince, valiant and brave, if not overly intelligent 1,A prince, intending to overthrow his kingly brother 1,An ancient councilor, who shielded innocents 1,Two drunken servants who do more to amuse than to offend 1,Three playful spirits, who serve only those capable of commanding them 1,Sailors, storm tossed and fearful 1,A sandy island, tropical, airy, and far removed from the main shipping lanes 1,A barren cell, home to an exiled man 1,A tree, twisted in the wind and cracked in twain 1,Shade and still water, balmy and delightful 1,A cave, home to some barbarous brute 1,A tempest, wracking ships and men within its fearful gale 1,The breaking of a staff, and casting off of power 1,The overthrow of a lawful lord by his unworthy brother 1,The arranged marriage between two youthful ingenues. 1,A drunken riot and attempted revolution 1,A joyful homecoming, an exile returned in triumph 1,A sorcerer's illusion, which has trapped a company of men 1,A collection of books, which have the learning of magic in them 1,A sorcerer's staff, his symbol and source of power 1,A ship, broken on the shoals 0,-----Two Gentlemen of Verona/NM ---- 1,A gentleman, who travels the word seeking after experience and novelty 1,A man in love, scornful of all else 1,Two men in love - with the same woman, but out of reach 1,A band of outlaws, banished gentlemen in search of a king 1,A noble duke, overly protective of his daughter's virtues 1,A lady, disguised as a page, in love with her lord 1,A lady, mourning the death of her lover 1,A clown, who serves his mistress well, even as she beats him 1,A city, far removed from all that is familiar 1,A forest redoubt, where lurk bandits 1,The tower window of a beautiful maiden 1,A planned elopement, thwarted through betrayal 1,An attempted rape, prevented in the nick of time 1,A startling discovery, which brings clarity to a lover 1,A marriage between two worthy people, approved by friends and family 1,A kidnapping, with unusual consequences 1,The crowning of a bandit king, who accepts else he would be put to death 1,A small dog, of humorous affect 1,A letter, containing protestations of love 1,A picture, meant to signify devotion 1,Two rings, exchanged at a tearful parting 0,----Merry Wives of Windsor/NM---- 1,An elderly knight, huge of stature, and desiring an easy life 1,Three men, hangers on, humorous and shiftless 1,A page, much put upon, who knows more than he can say 1,Two gentlemen, comfortable, idle, and of good cheer, confident in their wives' fidelity 1,Two ladies, friendly and virtuous, unjustly importuned 1,A priest of foreign birth, whose habits engender laughter and whose sermonizing, sleep 1,A doctor from some distant country, arrogant and reedy 1,A go between, who serves where she can and does what she must 1,A judge, of shallow mien and some humor 1,A simple country man, who serves in a manor house 1,An innkeeper, who hears everything, but speaks only as appropriate 1,Two young lovers, happy in their approaching matrimony 1,A pair of lovers, from warring clans, destined to end their families' rivalry 0,-----Romeo and Juliet/NM ---- 1,Two families, of equal rank, locked in bitter and deadly strife 1,A powerful prince, struggling to maintain civil order 1,The warlike Prince of Cats, fierce partisan in his family's feuds 1,A man of conciliatory nature, who seeks to keep the peace 1,A poet and rogue, close kin to the city's ruler 1,A man unlike in love, whose betrothed will not marry him 1,An old woman, nursemaid to a noble born daughter of a powerful family 1,A friar, whose kindly nature leads him to rash actions 1,A messenger, with vital news, untimely delayed 1,An apothecary, who mixes substances both legal and illicit 1,The castle of a noble family, resplendent with the favors of a festival 1,A tomb, containing the body of one beloved 1,A friar's barren cell, where confessions are given and received 1,A city street, strewn with the evidence of civil strife 1,A balcony, overgrown with vines, leading to a lady's bedchamber 1,A riot in the city streets, repressed in haste, but not dispelled 1,The banishment of a man who killed but in self defense 1,The funeral of a beloved daughter, struck dead with grief 1,The murder of a man, well loved and cousin to the king 1,A marriage, in secret, between forbidden lovers 1,A sword, unsheathed in haste and anger, perilously wielded 1,A vial, containing a potion which mimics death 1,A lock of hair, from a lover who has been forgotten 0,-----Richard III/NM ---- 1,A king, new crowned, lavishly enjoying the fruits of victory 1,A duke, gifted of prophecy but early betrayed 1,A duke, hunchbacked and twisted, who lusts for power and seeks it at other's expense 1,A widow, wooed by her husband's murderer 1,A queen, returned from exile with dire warnings and sad prophecy 1,Two murderers, employed in traitorous service 1,A boy, thrust into kingship by his father's untimely death 1,A mother, frightened for her children's lives 1,A retainer, loyal only to his own self and the highest bidder 1,A young lord, tasked with overthrowing a usurper 1,A young woman, promised in marriage to a conquering hero 1,The ghosts of the murdered dead, seeking vengeance 1,A tomb, containing the fallen bodies of the noble dead 1,A tower, accessibly by boat, home to an imprisoned king 1,A battlefield, dead men and horses littering the ground 1,An army camp, wherein the king hold his host before the final battle 1,A cloak room, birthplace of a thousand plots 1,A throne room, seeped in the blood of war 1,A battle, and the destruction of an evil foe 1,The desertion of noble lords, fearing for their lives and lands 1,The coronation of a victorious king, surrounded by family and plots 1,The marriage of two bitter enemies, ending badly 1,The murder of the true heir to the throne, with lies of bastardy 1,The murder of an innocent man, stabbed and drowned in dungeon vile 1,A banner, flung down hastily by deserting men 1,A horse, struck down beneath its rider 1,A silk cloth, used in strangulation 1,A ring, presented falsely, and falsely accepted 0,----Henry IV, Part 2/JM --- 1,Rumour, painted full of tongues, makes a sudden appearance 0,-----Midsummer Night's Dream/JM ---- 1,A band of rude mechanicals, tasked with making a play for their Duke 1,The King and Queen of the fairy realm, much at odds 1,Two pair of love-mad youth, lost in the wood 1,Lovers, beguiled by fairies into betraying their oaths 1,A maiden's father, filled with grievances against her suitor 1,A brooding Duchess, once Queen of all the Amazons 1,An unhappy Duke, once a great warrior 1,The Court jester to the King of the fairies, filled with mischief 1,A foolish weaver, magically transformed 1,A young man of substance, filled with misguided passion 0,----As You Like It/JM ---- 1,An ever-faithful minor noble, hopelessly melancholy 1,A love-struck shepherd, bootlessly pleading his case 1,The Duke's plucky daughter, in disguise and in laughing at love 1,A handsome young gentleman, pure of heart but easily duped 1,A banished nobleman, content with exile 1,A faithful handmaiden, consumed with passions of her own 1,A cruel and impetuous usurper 1,A clown and miscreant, seeing the lewd in all things 1,A mean-spirited heir, troubled by his cruelty 1,A foolish shepherdess, in love with an illusion 1,A wrestler, eager to enrich himself and wise enough to know when to lose 1,An elderly woodsman, loyal to his liege even unto death 1,A simple-minded wanton 1,Love, striking like an arrow 1,A younger son, denied his father's kindness 1,A young woman forced to disguise herself as a man to be with the one she loves 1,Mistaken identity, mistaken love 1,An immense and mysterious forest, home to bandits 1,A manhunt with purposes both obvious and subtle 1,A simple shepherd's cottage with not-so-simple occupants 1,A contest of strength, unevenly matched 1,A ravenous lioness, desperate for meat! 1,A country wedding, with stars un-crossed 0,-----Titus Andronicus/NM ---- 1,A general, old and grizzled, returned from his final campaign 1,A barbarian queen, brought to the enemy capital in chains 1,Two barbarian princes, easily swayed to lust and murder 1,A girl, raped and mutilated to prevent the identification of the culprits 1,A man, who steals his wife from a jealous and capricious rival 1,A sallow youth, whimsical and cruel in his desires, elevated to the throne 1,Two men, framed for the death of the emperor's brother 1,An exotic foreigner, with wicked tongue and vile thoughts 1,An army, led by the war-like son of their enemy 1,A clown, perilously balanced between warring factions 1,A tribune of the people, noble and good, but out of favor with the emperor 1,A nurse, carrying fatal secrets 1,A human sacrifice, to quiet to souls of the dead 1,The triumphant return of a hero, after a long and bloody battle 1,A dinner, where a slaughtered foe is served and eaten 1,A coronation of an emperor, with revelry and feast 1,The gates of a city, thrown open in welcome of its army's return 1,A barbarian camp, poised to overrun a city 1,A throne room, glorious in the riches of its fallen enemies 1,A wooded place, site of treachery, rape and murder 1,A bedchamber, where a bastard child has been ill-fated born 1,A dusty library, containing some little solace 1,Three heads, sent in vicious spirit to a father of the victims 1,A hand, cut off in pointless sacrifice 1,A book, containing a story mirroring life 1,An arrow, wrapped with supplications to the gods 1,An infant, whose life is bought with revelation of wicked deeds 0,----------Midsummer's Night's Dream/NM----- 1,A renowned duke, preparing for his nuptials 1,A foreign queen, taken captive but now in love 1,A nobleman, hostile to his daughter's lover 1,An officious steward, frequently overruled 1,Lovers, fleeing to a distant sanctuary 1,A man, pursuing his beloved, even as he is pursued 1,The King of Faerie, in titanic conflict with his Queen 1,An Indian boy, orphaned, and prized for reasons mundane and mystical 1,A spritely and capricious servant, lackey to the fairy king 1,Flower spirits, attendants on the fairy queen 1,A band of rude mechanicals, laboring at unfamiliar tasks 1,Woods outside a city, home to fey and fearful creatures 1,A city, celebrating its rulers' impending wedding 1,A great hall, prepared for theatrical performance 1,A glade, in green and gold, meeting place of fairy king 1,A green bank, soft and moss covered, resting place of fairy queen 1,A raucus clearing, wherein some sport is practiced 1,A purple flower, whose nectar is imbued with Cupid's power 1,An ass's head, affixed to some poor mortal in fairy jest 1,Costumes and wigs, as might be used in play 0,----------Othello/NM------ 1,A noble senator, consumed with bigotry 1,A beautiful woman, secretly married and forcefully disowned 1,A man of foreign birth, risen to prominence as a general, respected and envied 1,A handsome and well formed man, recently elevated to second in command 1,A schemer, consumed with jealously, envy and spite, bent on working evil 1,A love besotted fool, too easily taken advantage of 1,The governor of recently recaptured island, restored to his position 1,A ladies maid, married to an evil man, a tool in his plots 1,A duke, ruler of a powerful and sear-faring city-state, determined to recapture lost holdings 1,A courtesan, sometime lover to a military man 1,A tribunal of senators, hearing a charge of witchcraft 1,Soldiers in the service of a city, embarked on a mission of war 1,A distant and dangerous foe, a barbarous and crafty horde 1,A street at night, a cry of danger and alarum 1,A council of war, with grave tidings 1,A storm, which has set the enemy in disarray 1,A drunken brawl, leading to dismissal and disgrace 1,A traitorous stab in the back, silencing witnesses 1,A lovers bedroom, now a nest of jealousy and hate 1,A terrible accusation, revealed as false too late 1,The arrest of a troubled man, leading to suicide 1,A handkerchief, ensorcelled to ensure fidelity 1,A pillow, used to smother one who was wrongly accused 1,A bell, rung in times of trouble 0-----Henry V/NM 1,Unseen spirits recounting, witnesses to events transpired 1,A young king, embarking on a mission of war 1,Three traitors, by their own mouths condemned 1,Several common soldiers, leaving grief for new horizons 1,Soldiery, drawn from every corner of an empire 1,A herald, bringing contemptuous tidings 1,The daughter of a king, offered up as wife to a foreign conquerer 1,A lady's maid, both learned and naive, protecting her charge 1,A king, wise and proud, facing defeat 1,A prince, arrogant and vain, rash of thought and too hasty to action 1,A warlord, commander of his country's hosts, in service to a king 1,Two dukes of ancient family, too prideful and too blind 1,A high priest, with knowledge of the ancient law 1,A woman, left behind as her husband marches to war 1,The wooing of a princess, ineptly done 1,The death of an old friend, now forgotten 1,A battle, with unlikely results 1,A besieged city, quickly overrun 1,A speech, which gives new hope to desperate men 1,A man hanged for looting, in violation of certain laws 1,A treacherous attack upon an unarmed baggage train 1,A battle field, against overwhelming odds 1,A great hall, site of an historic meeting of kings 1,An army camp, fearful and demoralized 1,An army camp, given to revelry at certain victory 1,A wall, broken, but stoutly defended 1,Crates being loaded into ships, bound for war 1,A letter, revealing treachery 1,A box, containing tennis balls 1,A banner, bloodied but unbroken </sgtable>