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1,Triple-A Corp: [AAA]
1,Triple-A Corp: [AAA]
1,SR City: [City]
1,SR City: [City]
1,SR critter: [critter]
1,SR critter: [critters]
1,SR critter in MSP: [MSPcritter]
1,SR critter in MSP: [MSPcritters]
1,Street made of: [StreetComp]
1,Street made of: [StreetComp]
1,Low class street detail: [LowClassStreetDetails]
1,Low class street detail: [LowClassStreetDetails]

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A Utility page for other Shadowrun pages to reference. Table name is case sensitive.

One of the Shadowrun Tools and Plots generators.



Name Table Name Sample
A random list of all Main <sgdisplay iterations="1">[Main], [Main], [Main]</sgdisplay>
AAA Corporations AAA <sgdisplay iterations="1">[AAA], [AAA], [AAA]</sgdisplay>
Major Shadowrun City City <sgdisplay iterations="1">[City], [City], [City]</sgdisplay>
Critters critters <sgdisplay iterations="1">[critters], [critters], [critters]</sgdisplay>
Critters (specific to MSP) MSPcritters <sgdisplay iterations="1">[MSPcritters], [MSPcritters], [MSPcritters]</sgdisplay>
Street Composition StreetComp <sgdisplay iterations="1">[StreetComp], [StreetComp], [StreetComp]</sgdisplay>
Low Class Street Details LowClassStreetDetails <sgdisplay iterations="1">[LowClassStreetDetails], [LowClassStreetDetails], [LowClassStreetDetails]</sgdisplay>
High Class Street Details HighClassStreetDetails <sgdisplay iterations="1">[HighClassStreetDetails], [HighClassStreetDetails], [HighClassStreetDetails]</sgdisplay>
Exterior Smells BarrensSmell <sgdisplay iterations="1">[BarrensSmell], [BarrensSmell], [BarrensSmell]</sgdisplay>
Exterior Sounds BarrensSounds <sgdisplay iterations="1">[BarrensSounds], [BarrensSounds], [BarrensSounds]</sgdisplay>
Building Type BuildingType <sgdisplay iterations="1">[BuildingType], [BuildingType], [BuildingType]</sgdisplay>
Building Status BuildingStatus <sgdisplay iterations="1">[BuildingStatus], [BuildingStatus], [BuildingStatus]</sgdisplay>
Residential Buildings ResidentialBuilding <sgdisplay iterations="1">[ResidentialBuilding], [ResidentialBuilding], [ResidentialBuilding]</sgdisplay>
Business Type BusinessType <sgdisplay iterations="1">[BusinessType], [BusinessType], [BusinessType]</sgdisplay>
<sgdisplay iterations="1">[], [], []</sgdisplay>
<sgdisplay iterations="1">[], [], []</sgdisplay>



1,Triple-A Corp: [AAA] 1,SR City: [City] 1,SR critter: [critters] 1,SR critter in MSP: [MSPcritters] 1,Street made of: [StreetComp] 1,Low class street detail: [LowClassStreetDetails] 1,High class street detail: [HighClassStreetDetails] 1,Smells: [BarrensSmell] 1,Sounds: [BarrensSounds] 1,Building type: [BuildingType] 1,The building is: [BuildingStatus] 1,A home: [ResidentialBuilding] 1,A business: [BusinessType]


1,Ares 1,Aztechnology 1,Evo 1,MCT 1,Neo-NET 1,Renraku 1,S-K 1,Shiawase 1,Wuxing 1,Horizon


1,Atlanta 1,Berlin 1,Chicago 1,Dallas 1,DeeCee 1,Denver 1,Detroit 1,Europort 1,Hamburg 1,London 1,Los Angeles 1,MSP'plex 1,Paris 1,Sarajevo 1,Seattle 1,Tenochtitlán


1,Basilisk 1,Jauchekafer 1,Shadowhound 1,Volleying Procupine 1,Agropelter 1,Novopossum 1,Pixie 1,Firebird 1,Stormcrow 1,Gabriel Hound 1,Gargoyle


1,Basilisk 1,Jauchekafer 1,Shadowhound 1,Volleying Procupine 1,Agropelter 1,Novopossum 1,Pixie 1,Firebird 1,Stormcrow 1,Gabriel Hound 1,Gargoyle


1,asphalt 1,synthetic cobblestone 1,fiber laminate 1,plascrete 1,loose gravel 1,recycled materials


1,broken pipes 1,sewer lid 1,monowire barrier 1,police cordon 1,backed up runoff drain 1,broken streetlights 1,flickering neon sign 1,excessive litter 1,overturned car 1,burned out bus 1,corpse in gutter 1,street that is too clean 1,streetsweeper drone 1,car on blocks 1,bag of beetles 1,bag of hypodermic needles 1,bent and twisted gun 1,massive bomb crater in street 1,devil rats 1,mangy dog 1,burn barrel


1,Lone Star patrolman 1,newsfax vendor 1,screamsheet stand 1,sloppy soy vendor 1,noodle cart 1,sarariman/suit on cell phone 1,school children 1,happy couple 1,bus stop 1,man distributing data chips 1,man selling matrix service


1,curry 1,liquor 1,petrochemicals 1,ozone 1,urine 1,rotting food 1,new car smell 1,perspiration 1,something cooking 1,flowery perfume 1,metallic tang 1,chlorine 1,sulfur 1,mildew 1,burnt rubber 1,mint 1,smog 1,burning hair 1,rubber cement 1,vomit


1,grinding gears 1,screams 1,crying 1,laughter 1,singing 1,animal grunts 1,animal whines 1,animal growls 1,motors rumbling 1,whining hydraulics 1,a door creaking 1,a large door rolling 1,a loud crash 1,automatic weapons fire 1,pistol shots 1,incessant humming 1,electronic humming 1,air leaks 1,glass breaking 1,bell ringing 1,an electronic alarm 1,high pitched squeals 1,fans blowing 1,vehicle horns 1,whistles 1,a whistle 1,thunder 1,a train whistle 1,something wet and gushy 1,electric arc crackle 1,static 1,music 1,an advertising drone broadcasting slogans 1,hookers talking on a streetcorner 1,a mother calling her children 1,a helicopter overhead 1,an aircraft overhead 1,a drone overhead


1,single merchant business 1,multi-business building 1,strip mall 1,governmental 1,corporate


1,deserted 1,clean and occupied 1,squatted 1,burned out 1,run down but occupied 1,worn but occupied


1,apartment complex 1,small apartment building ([Dice.2d2] floors) 1,coffin hotel 1,single family house 1,house divided into apartments 1,duplex 1,duplex divided into apartments 1,brownstone 1,condo [Dice.2d6]-plex 1,condo [Dice.2d6]-plex divided into apartments 1,large apartment building ([Dice.3d4] floors) 1,high rise apartment ([Dice.2d20] floors) 1,mobile home 1,converted business building


1,restaurant 1,fast food 1,diner 1,streetside vendor 1,tavern 1,nightclub 1,exotic entertainment 1,body shop 1,tech store 1,technical repair 1,specialty repair 1,computer store 1,computer repair 1,gun shop 1,grocery store 1,butcher store 1,liquor store 1,stuffer shack 1,clothes store 1,antiques store 1,bookstore 1,hardware store 1,tattoo parlor 1,massage parlor 1,brothel 1,gentleman's club 1,fortune teller 1,organ bank 1,blood bank 1,exterminator 1,florist 1,large hotel 1,small hotel 1,furniture store 1,office building 1,large bank 1,small bank 1,bakery 1,vehicle repair 1,gunsmith 1,car dealership 1,taxi garage 1,theatre 1,surplus store 1,pharmacy 1,crack house 1,NERPS dealer 1,copy shop 1,chop shop 1,soycaf shop 1,coffee shop 1,building supply 1,natural foods store 1,general contractor 1,foundry 1,junkyard 1,plater 1,metal finishing 1,dump 1,discount store (S-mart) 1,casino 1,lottery sales 1,gym 1,food bank 1,homeless shelter 1,church 1,mission 1,clinic 1,doctor's office 1,street doc clinic 1,biotech shop 1,optometrist 1,dentist 1,lawyer's ofice 1,real estate agent 1,insurance agent 1,stock broker 1,CPA 1,detective agency 1,escort agency 1,loan office 1,finance office 1,importer 1,warehouse 1,data processing center 1,chemical plant 1,parts store 1,pet store 1,hobby store 1,psychiatrists office 1,commlink sales and service 1,martial arts studio 1,gas station 1,temp agency 1,assembly plant 1,research facility 1,system integrator 1,programming shop 1,union hall 1,parcel delivery 1,courier