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1,[Dish] in {{Article|[Package]}} with [Side] in {{Article|[Package]}}, a packet of [Drink] power drink mix to add to hot or cold water, [CoffeeMix] powder, plus [Desserts] in {{Article|[Package]}}, and accessory pack of gum, toilet paper, matches, [others] Provides nutrition for 1 days hard activity. 5 NY.
1,[Dish] in {{Article|[Package]}} with [Side] in {{Article|[Package]}}, a packet of [Drink] power drink mix to add to hot or cold water, [CoffeeMix] powder, plus [Desserts] in {{Article|[Package]}}, and accessory pack of gum, toilet paper, matches, [others] Provides nutrition for 1 days hard activity. 5 NY.
1,Screw top tube of [Dish] (like a toothpaste tube). Provides nutrition for 1 days hard activity. 5 NY.
1,Screw top [VacSeal][SelfWarming]tube of [Dish] (like a toothpaste tube). Provides nutrition for 1 days hard activity. 5 NY.

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The FantasyDrinks and FantasyMenu is pretty good for restaurants in downtown, or any other civilized part of the world. But combat is not those places, use this to see what flavor your Shadowrunner or Infantryman gets from his generic 5 Ny ration.

One of the Shadowrun Tools and Plots generators.

This is a shameless modification and tailoring of FantasyDrinks and FantasyMenu to Shadowrun.



<sgdisplay iterations="5">[main]



1,[Dish] in a [Package] with [Side] in a [Package], a packet of [Drink] power drink mix to add to hot or cold water, [CoffeeMix] powder, plus [Desserts] in a [Package], and accessory pack of gum, toilet paper, matches, [others] Provides nutrition for 1 days hard activity. 5 NY. 1,Screw top [VacSeal][SelfWarming]tube of [Dish] (like a toothpaste tube). Provides nutrition for 1 days hard activity. 5 NY.


1,[razor][towel] seasoning pack (salt, pepper, tobasco, sriracha) and flint.


1, 1,razor,


1, 1,moist towelette,


1,[VacSeal][SelfWarming]plastic tube 1,[VacSeal][SelfWarming]plastic package 1,[VacSeal][SelfWarming]plastic can 1,[VacSeal][SelfWarming]zip top resealable bag 1,[VacSeal][SelfWarming]foil bag 1,[VacSeal][SelfWarming]foil resealable bag


1, 1,vacuum sealed


1, 1,self warming


1,Chinese General Tsao's [Fake] 1,Tikrit Masala [Fake] 1,Vindaloo [Fake] 1,Chop Suey 1,Chinese Pepper [Fake] 1,Mongolian [Fake] 1,Egg Foo Young [Fake] 2,Pepper Steak 2,Chili 2,Cheese and Macaroni 2,[Fake] sauce and [Pastas] 2,Spaghetti and [Fake] sauce 2,Turketti 2,[Fake] Pot roast 2,[Fake] Enchiladas 2,Cajun Rice, Beans and Sausage 2,[Fake] Enchilada 2,[Fake] Sloppy Joe filling


10,mock-[Meat] 5,soy cube 10,[Meat] flavored Tofu 1,pickled [FreshwaterFish] flavored tofu 1,pickled Mock-[FreshwaterFish]


20,beef 1,liver 10,beef Ribs 1,beef Heart 1,beef Tenderloin 1,beef Tongue 10,bacon 1,lamb 1,leg of Lamb 1,rack of Lamb 1,duck 1,goose 1,game Hen 20,chicken 20,pork 1,pork Ribs 1,pork Tenderloin 1,ham 1,boar 1,boar Ribs 1,[VeggiesCookable] 1,goat 1,goat Leg 1,rabbit 1,coney 1,hare 1,[FreshwaterFish] 1,sheep 1,mutton 1,venison 1,veal 1,quail 1,partridge 1,pheasant 1,turkey 1,elk 1,elk Ribs 1,[SausageType] sausage 1,[MainMealsExotic] sausage 1,[MainMealsExotic] 1,[SaltwaterFish]


1,alligator 1,alligator tail 1,antelope 1,badger 1,bear 1,beaver 1,bobcat 1,caribou 1,caribou ribs 1,coyote 1,dolphin 1,dolphin fin 1,donkey 1,dove 1,frog 1,frog's legs 1,groundhog 1,grouse 1,hawk 1,heron 1,horse 1,lizard 1,lynx 1,moose 1,moose ribs 1,mouse 1,mule 1,musk ox 1,muskrat 1,ox 1,oxtail 1,peacock 1,pigeon 1,porcupine 1,porpoise 1,raccoon 1,reindeer 1,seal 1,snails 1,swan 1,turtle 1,walrus 1,whale 1,wolf 1,woodcock




10,mock-[SausageMeat][andCheese] 10,soy cube[andCheese] 10,[SausageMeat] flavored tofu[andCheese] 1,cat[andCheese] 1,dog[andCheese] 1,rat[andCheese] 1,snake[andCheese] 1,squirrel[andCheese]


10, 1,and cheese


1,beef 1,liver 1,beef Heart 1,beef Tongue 1,lamb 1,duck 1,goose 1,chicken 1,pork 1,ham 1,boar 1,venison 1,veal 1,elk


10,mock-[VeggiesCookable] 10,[VeggiesCookable] flavored soy cube 10,[VeggiesCookable] flavored tofu 5,[RawOnlyVeggies] flavored soy cube 5,[RawOnlyVeggies] flavored tofu


1,arugula 1,artichokes 1,artichoke hearts 1,wax beans 1,bean sprouts 2,beets 1,sugar beets 2,broccoli 1,cauliflower 1,celery 2,collard greens 1,corn 1,fennel bulb 2,garlic 1,hot peppers 2,green peppers 1,red peppers 1,yellow peppers 1,jalapenos 1,kale 1,leeks 1,mushrooms 1,wild mushrooms 1,okra 1,olives 1,parsnips 1,plantain 2,pumpkin 1,radishes 1,scallions 2,acorn squash 2,butternut squash 1,crookneck squash 1,spaghetti squash 1,sunchoke 2,sweet potatoes 1,yams 1,water chestnuts 1,watercress 1,spinach 1,squash 2,tomatoes 2,zucchini 5,[Fruit] 2,asparagus 2,cabbage 5,eggplant 2,onions 1,sweet onions 1,pearl onions 1,shallots 1,red onions 10,[VeggiesCookable] and [VeggiesCookable] 2,carrots 2,green beans 2,turnips 2,potatoes


1,mustard greens 1,raddiccio 1,lettuce 1,spring greens 1,sprouts 1,chard 1,cucumber 1,dandelion greens 1,endives


1, [Utility.Fruit]s


1,bass 1,carp 1,catfish 1,giant catfish 1,crayfish 1,eel 1,giant [FreshwaterFish] 1,minnows 1,panfish 1,perch 1,pickerel 1,pike 1,salmon 1,sturgeon 1,sunfish 1,brown trout 1,rainbow trout 1,snapping turtle 1,whitefish


1,amberjack 1,anchovies 1,angelfish 1,sea bass 1,bluefish 1,calamari 1,clams 1,crab 1,dolphin 1,eel 1,flounder 1,giant shellfish 1,grouper 1,haddock 1,halibut 1,herring 1,lampreys 1,lobster 1,mackerel 1,mullet 1,ocean perch 1,red snapper 1,rockfish 1,roughy 1,mussels 1,octopus 1,oysters 1,prawns 1,scallops 1,shark 1,shrimp 1,snapper 1,squid 1,swordfish 1,tuna 2,cod 1,lumpfish caviar 1,salmon caviar 1,sturgeon caviar 1,sea urchin 1,sea turtle 1,cockles 1,conch


1, [cheese] 5, [Breads] with [BreadSpreads] 1, [NutsVerb] [Nuts]s 5, [Nuts] Energy Bar 2, [ChipsType] Chips 1, [Utility.Fruit] flavored cubes 1, dried [Utility.Fruit] flavored cubes 1, dried [SausageType] Jerky 1, dried [ExoticMainMeals] Jerky 1, [Pickles] 1, [Eggs]


1,[ChipRoots] flavored soy


5,potato 5,purple potato 7,corn 5,turnip 5,radish 4,zucchini 5,sweet potato 4,summer squash 2,fennel 2,kale 2,chinese cabbage 5,beet 4,eggplant 5,parsnip 2,spinach 4,butternut squash 4,cucumber 3,yucca root 4,apple 3,banana 2,pineapple 2,plantain 3,carrot 2,swiss chard 1,lotus


1,mock-[PastaRoot] 1,soy like [PastaRoot]


1,couscous 1,egg noodles 1,wheat noodles 1,angel hair noodles 1,linguini noodles 1,fettuccine noodles 1,spaghetti noodles 1,macaroni noodles 1,bulghur Wheat 1,rigatoni noodles 1,chop suey noodles 1,rice Noodles 1,tortellini noodles 1,manicotti noodles


1,soy [BreadRoot]


1,Biscuits 1,Barley Bread 10,Crackers 1,Black Bread 1,Rye Bread 1,[Utility.Fruit] Bread 1,Oatmeal Bread 1,Sweet Bread 1,Wheat Bread 1,Seven-Grain Bread 1,Sourdough Bread 3,Flatbread 1,Toast 1,Peasant Bread 1,Pita Bread 1,[Nuts] Bread 1,[Sweeteners] Bread 1,Frybread 1,Cornbread 1,Unleavened Bread


1, [CheeseProcess] [CheeseType] Cheese


1,Aged 1,Smoked 1,Dry 1,Peppercorn-encrusted 1,Pastry-encrusted 1,Herb-encrusted 1,[Nuts]-encrusted 1,Farmstead-Style 10,Vat Grown 10,Soy Processed


1,Blue 1,Cheddar 1,Sharp 1,Porous 4,Mild 1,Extra-Sharp 1,Soft 1,Hard 1,Creamy 1,Smoky


1,Toasted 1,Roasted 1,Salted 1,Candied 1,Dry-Roasted 1,Pan-Roasted 1,Fresh-Roasted 1,Spicy 1,Blanched 1,Cinnamon 1,Smoked


1,acorn 10,almond 1,beechnut 4,brazil nut 4,cashew 1,chestnut 4,hazel nut 1,hickory nut 1,macadamia 8,peanut 4,pecan 1,pine nut 1,pistachio 2,walnut


20,soy sauce emulsion flavored [BreadSpreadRoot] 1,[BreadSpreadRoot]


1,fresh-churned butter 1,herb butter 1,honey butter 1,[Utility.Fruit] jam 1,[Utility.Fruit] jelly 1,[Utility.Citrus] marmalade 1,[Utility.Citrus] curd 1,[FruitButters] butter 1,fresh-ground [Nuts] butter 1,[SpiceButters] butter 1,[Sweeteners] butter 1,melted [cheese]


5,apple 1,peach 1,pear 1,pumpkin


1,cinnamon 1,garlic 1,licorice 1,paprika 1,chilipepper


5,honey 2,marzipan 3,molasses 1,beet sugar 1,cane sugar 3,maple syrup 1,[Utility.Fruit] syrup 20,rice sugar


1,cake 1,funnel cake 1,cinnamon cake 1,doughnuts 1,eclairs 1,[Utility.Fruit] fritters 3,[Utility.Fruit] tarts 5,[Utility.Fruit] pie 1,[Utility.Fruit] cake 1,honey rolls 1,[Utility.Fruit] strudel 1,[Utility.Fruit] torte 1,cheese and [Utility.Fruit] blintz 1,candied [Utility.Fruit] 1,[Utility.Fruit] cobbler 1,creme brulee 1,custard 1,[Utility.Fruit] custard 1,pastries 1,[Utility.Fruit] pudding 1,bread pudding with [Utility.Fruit] sauce 1,dwarven rock candy 1,gnomish sweetbread


2,pickled beets 1,pickled cauliflower 3,sweet pickles 3,dill pickles 3,sweet gherkins 2,pickled pearl onions 2,pickled peppers 1,pickled melon rind 1,salt-preserved lemons 3,pickled herring 1,pickled parsnips 1,pickled red onions 2,pickled cabbage (sauerkraut) 1,pickled eggs 1,pickled radishes 1,pickled mushrooms 1,pickled turnips 1,pickled hot peppers 1,pickled garlic


1,scrambled eggs 1,hard-boiled eggs 1,soft-boiled eggs 1,poached eggs 1,fried eggs 1,scrambled eggs with [VeggiesCookable] 1,deviled eggs


1,horseradish sauce 1,stone-ground mustard 1,honeyed mustard 1,gravy 1,marinara sauce 1,hot pepper relish 1,olive tapenade 1,garlic sauce 1,herb butter 1,cream sauce 1,cheese sauce


1,[Utility.Fruit] flavored juice 1,[milk] milk 1,[tea] tea 4,[Coffee] 4,[SoyCaf]


1,[Coffee] 1,[SoyCaf]


1,[CoffeeSize][CoffeeFlavor][CoffeeIced][CoffeeType] Coffee


1,[CoffeeSize][CoffeeFlavor][CoffeeIced][SoyCafType] SoyCaf


1, 1,iced


1, 1,high rise 1,vente 1,kids


1, 1,northern 1,caramel 1,spicy 1,Ho Ho mint 1,pumpkin spice 1,very berry 1,red velvet 1,mint 1,berry white 1,campfire 1,smore 1,devil 1,angel 1,leprechaun 1,vanilla 1,vanilla white 1,peach 1,mango black 1,pomegranate 1,cinnamon 1,cemon 1,black 1,mango 1,pear 1,apple


1,coffee 1,cold press coffee 1,lite latte 1,latte 1,mocha 1,lite mocha 1,cappuccino 1,macchiatto 1,breve


1,SoyCaf 1,cold press soycaf 1,lite soylatte 1,soylatte 1,soymocha 1,lite soymocha 1,cappucsoyo 1,basoyiatto 1,breve-soy


1, 10,soy 10,almond 15,vat grown


1,[herbal tea] 1,black 1,darjeeling 1,Earl Grey 1,english breakfast 1,green 1,irish breakfast 1,oolong 1,orange Pekoe 1,red 1,white 1,yellow

herbal tea

10,[herbal tea]-[herbal tea] 6,[Utility.Fruit] 5,iced [herbal tea] 1,alfalfa 1,allspice 1,anise 1,aarley 1,basil 1,bee balm 1,blackberry 1,blackberry leaf 1,blackcurrant 1,calendula flower 1,cardamom 1,catnip 1,chamomile 1,cherry bark 1,chicory 1,cinnamon 1,clove 1,coriander 1,dandelion root 1,echinacea 1,elderberry flower 1,gensing 1,ginger 1,ginko 1,hawthorn 1,hibiscus 1,honeybush 1,hyssop 1,lavender 1,lemon balm 1,lemon peel 1,lemon thyme 1,lemon verbena 1,licorice root 1,lingonberry 1,lovage 1,marigold 1,milk thistle 1,mothers milk 1,nutmeg 1,orange blossom 1,peppermint 1,raspberry 1,red clover 1,rose hip 1,rosemary 1,rosepetal 1,sage 1,sarsparilla 1,sassafras 1,savory 15,soy 1,spearmint 1,thyme 1,vanilla bean 1,wild cherry


1,aniseed 1,caraway 1,cinnamon 1,ginger 1,heather 1,juniper berry 1,marsh rosemary 1,mugwort 1,nutmeg 1,yarrow


10,root 10,ginger 5,birch 1,sassafrass root 1,sarsparilla root 1,licorice root


10,peppermint 10,spearmint 7,almond 2,banana 2,cherry 7,herbed 7,bitter herb 5,sweetened 4,anise 4,licorice 2,orange 10,peach 6,pecan 2,pineapple 5,grapefruit 3,lime 6,lemon 4,walnut 3,honey 3,red pepper 7,hot pepper 6,ginger 6,vanilla 6,cinnamon 5,juniper berry 2,pine


10, 5,hard 5,spiced hot 5,hot mulled 5,chilled 5,sparkling 5,honeyed


10, 10,apple 4,peach 4,pear 4,crabapple


4,eggnog (with rum) 2,eggnog (nonalcoholic) 1,[LiqueurFlavor] eggnog (with rum) 1,[LiqueurFlavor] eggnog (nonalcoholic)


5,dandelion 3,elderberry flower 2,feyflower 2,honeysuckle 2,lilac 2,spiced 1,hibiscus 1,rose