Shadowrun Time Between Jobs

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Time between jobs is the time from when they got a call from a contact, until they get another call from a contact or Johnson for a job. It does not reflect how long a job will take. So if a call for a job comes one day after the last call, they could still be on a job. Crazy times Chummer.

One of the Shadowrun Tools and Plots generators.

Time Between Jobs


<sgdisplay iterations="5">[Main]

Next Job

<sgdisplay iterations="1">[Run Generator.main]



1,It will be [days] before your next job.


4,[Dice.1d6] days 3,[Dice.2d6] days 2,[Dice.4d6] days 1,[Dice.2d20] days 1,[Dice.1d4+1] days 1,[Dice.2d10] hours