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The FantasyDrinks is pretty good for restaurants in downtown, or any other civilized part of the world. But the Barrens are not those places. Use this to determine what random brew some fool is brewing in 5 gallon pails out back.

One of the Shadowrun Tools and Plots generators.

This is a shameless modification and tailoring of FantasyDrinks to Shadowrun.


Barrens Brew

<sgdisplay iterations="10">[main]</sgdisplay>



3,[Alcoholic] 1,[Nonalcoholic]


2,[water] water 1,[Utility.Fruit] flavored juice 1,[milk] milk 1,[tea] tea 2,[Coffee] 2,[SoyCaf] 1,[Barrens Menu Generator.MainMeals] broth






1, 1,iced


1, 1,high rise 1,vente 1,kids


1, 1,northern 1,caramel 1,spicy 1,Ho Ho mint 1,pumpkin spice 1,very berry 1,red velvet 1,mint 1,berry white 1,campfire 1,smore 1,devil 1,angel 1,leprechaun 1,vanilla 1,vanilla white 1,peach 1,mango black 1,pomegranate 1,cinnamon 1,cemon 1,black 1,mango 1,pear 1,apple


1,coffee 1,cold press coffee 1,lite latte 1,latte 1,mocha 1,lite mocha 1,cappuccino 1,macchiatto 1,breve


1,SoyCaf 1,cold press soycaf 1,lite soylatte 1,soylatte 1,soymocha 1,lite soymocha 1,cappucsoyo 1,basoyiatto 1,breve-soy


1,[HighQualityDrinks] 1,[LowQualityDrinks]


1,[DrinkNames] [BeersNAles] ale 2,[DrinkNames] [BeersNAles] beer 4,[DrinkNames] [BeersNAles] flavored soy beer 4,[DrinkNames] [BeersNAles] flavored rice beer 1,[mead] mead 4,[wine] wine 4,[whiskey] whiskey 4,[whiskey] flavored synth-ahol 1,[CiderDescription] [CiderType] cider 1,[Brewnames.main] 1,[LiqueurFlavor] [Liqueur] 2,[vodka] vodka 4,[Utility.Fruit] Soy-Nectar 1,[Utility.Fruit] Nectar 4,[Utility.Fruit] Soy-Schnapps 1,[Utility.Fruit] Schnapps 1,gin 1,brandy 1,cognac 1,rum 1,[eggnog] 1,absinthe 1,ambrosia 1,applejack

alcoholic general

10,beer 10,wine 8,ale 7,cider 5,mead 5,whiskey 2,bourbon 2,brandy 2,cognac 2,gin 2,rum 1,absinthe 1,sake 1,vodka


10, 5,looks-like-its-from-a-puddle 5,mop-rag 5,like-dish 10,well- 10,distilled 1,spring 1,minty 1,lemon 1,mineral 5,rain 10,filtered but not clean 5,blue-ish sewer looking


1, 10,soy 10,almond 15,vat grown 1,sheep’s 1,goat’s 1,bison 1,camel’s 1,elk’s 1,wolf’s 1,dire boar’s 2,dire rat’s


1,[herbal tea] 1,black 1,darjeeling 1,Earl Grey 1,english breakfast 1,green 1,irish breakfast 1,oolong 1,orange Pekoe 1,red 1,white 1,yellow

herbal tea

10,[herbal tea]-[herbal tea] 6,[Utility.Fruit] 5,iced [herbal tea] 1,alfalfa 1,allspice 1,anise 1,aarley 1,basil 1,bee balm 1,blackberry 1,blackberry leaf 1,blackcurrant 1,calendula flower 1,cardamom 1,catnip 1,chamomile 1,cherry bark 1,chicory 1,cinnamon 1,clove 1,coriander 1,dandelion root 1,echinacea 1,elderberry flower 1,gensing 1,ginger 1,ginko 1,hawthorn 1,hibiscus 1,honeybush 1,hyssop 1,lavender 1,lemon balm 1,lemon peel 1,lemon thyme 1,lemon verbena 1,licorice root 1,lingonberry 1,lovage 1,marigold 1,milk thistle 1,mothers milk 1,nutmeg 1,orange blossom 1,peppermint 1,raspberry 1,red clover 1,rose hip 1,rosemary 1,rosepetal 1,sage 1,sarsparilla 1,sassafras 1,savory 15,soy 1,spearmint 1,thyme 1,vanilla bean 1,wild cherry


4,[DrinkNames1] 1,[Fantasy Names.MaleFirstName]’s 1,[Brewnames.main]


1,[Utility.Fruit] 2,Awakened 2,Adept's Brew 2,Barren's Brew 1,Death’s 1,Dragon’s brew 1,Duke’s Own 2,Future brew 2,Firewall 2,System Engineer 2,Sleaze-Hack 2,Brute-Force-Hack 2,Data-Processing 1,Forgotten Lore 1,Goblin’s brew 1,Golden 2,Hacker's 1,King’s 1,Light brew 1,Monk’s 1,Paladin’s 1,Pig's brew 1,Plain brew 2,Rigger's 2,Matrix brew 1,Magic's 2,Node's Brew 2,Node Jumper's 5,Nordeast 1,Prince’s 1,Queen’s 1,Sailor’s 1,Secret Node 1,Shepherd’s 1,Sheppy’s 2,Shooter's 1,Soldier’s 1,Standard 2,Stuffershack Blat Brew 2,SysAdmin's 2,Johnson's 2,Street Sammy's 2,Street Sam's 2,Merc Lodge 2,Resonance 1,Summer brew 1,Sunrise 1,Surprise 1,Winter brew 1,Wizard’s


1,[DrinkNames] swill 1,[DrinkNames] grog 1,[Drinknames] rum flavored soy grog 3,diluted [HighQualityDrinks]


10,[nonalcoholicbeer] 6,amber 5,[Utility.Fruit] Lager 5,dark 5,rustic 4,dwarvish 4,honeyed 4,lager 4,malt 4,orkish 4,pilsner 4,red 3,[GruitFlavors] 3,bitter 3,bubbly 3,Frothy 3,Light 3,Pale 8,India Pale 3,Porter 3,Rye 3,Stout 3,Watered-down 3,Wood-aged 2,Brown 1,Abbey 1,Heather 1,Highland 1,Pumpkin 1,Trappist


1,aniseed 1,caraway 1,cinnamon 1,ginger 1,heather 1,juniper berry 1,marsh rosemary 1,mugwort 1,nutmeg 1,yarrow


10,root 10,ginger 5,birch 1,sassafrass root 1,sarsparilla root 1,licorice root


10,vodka 10,schnapps 10,gin 2,jenever 5,liqueur 3,cordial


10,peppermint 10,spearmint 7,almond 2,banana 2,cherry 7,herbed 7,bitter herb 5,sweetened 4,anise 4,licorice 2,orange 10,peach 6,pecan 2,pineapple 5,grapefruit 3,lime 6,lemon 4,walnut 3,honey 3,red pepper 7,hot pepper 6,ginger 6,vanilla 6,cinnamon 5,juniper berry 2,pine


10, 5,hard 5,spiced hot 5,hot mulled 5,chilled 5,sparkling 5,honeyed


10, 10,apple 4,peach 4,pear 4,crabapple


4,eggnog (with rum) 2,eggnog (nonalcoholic) 1,[LiqueurFlavor] eggnog (with rum) 1,[LiqueurFlavor] eggnog (nonalcoholic)


1, 2,honey 1,[DrinkNames]


2, 1,[Utility.Fruit]


1,barley and grain spirits 1,barley malt 1,bayou 1,blended [Utility.Fruit] 1,blended barley & rye 1,bourbon 1,herbed & spiced bourbon 1,moonshine 1,scotch 1,straight 1,straight barley 1,straight rye 1,straight wheat 1,sweetened scotch


20,[Utility.Fruit] 10,red 10,blush 10,white 10,port 10,[wineflower] 5,beet 5,dry red 5,dry red vermouth 5,dry rose 5,dry sherry 5,dry white 5,dry white vermouth 5,herbed red 5,mulled red 5,mulled rose 5,resined white 5,rice 5,sangria 5,semi-sweet red 5,semi-sweet rose 5,semi-sweet white 5,sherry 5,sparkling red 5,sparkling rose 5,sparkling white 5,spiced red 5,spiced rose 5,sweet red 5,sweet red vermouth 5,sweet white 5,sweet white vermouth 4,eiswein 3,ice 2,frost-snap 2,raisin 2,watered-down


5,dandelion 3,elderberry flower 2,feyflower 2,honeysuckle 2,lilac 2,spiced 1,hibiscus 1,rose