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<sgdisplay iterations="10">[Main]</sgdisplay>



1,[Personality] [Adjective] [Noun]


1,Ancient 1,Austere 1,Brave 1,Brutal 1,Controlling 1,Corrupt 1,Defiant 1,Degenerate 1,Double-dealing 1,Fanatic 1,Honorable 1,Peaceful 1,Popular 1,Rapacious 1,Secretive 1,Sinister 1,Terrifying 1,Tyrannical 1,Underhanded 1,Underdeveloped 1,Violent 1,Wealthy 1,Xenophobic


1,Anarchist 1,Authoritarian 1,Colonizing 1,Corporate 1,Criminal 1,Diplomatic 1,Expansionist 1,High Tech 1,Industrious 1,Mercenary 1,Merchant 1,Military 1,Political 1,Rebel 1,Regimented 1,Religious 1,Scientific 1,Starfaring 1,Trade


1,Alliance 1,Armada 1,Autocracy 1,Brotherhood 1,Cartel 1,Clans 1,Coalition 1,Collective 1,Conclave 1,Confederacy 1,Consortium 1,Corporation 1,Council 1,Cult 1,Dominion 1,Empire 1,Federation 1,Fellowship 1,Fleet 1,Government 1,Guild 1,Hegemony 1,League 1,Legion 1,Network 1,Oligarchy 1,Orthodoxy 1,Plutocracy 1,Protectorate 1,Regime 1,Religion 1,Republic 1,Society 1,Syndicate 1,Theocracy 1,Union


Based on the faction generator from the Uncharted Worlds RPG, but expanded upon.

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