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Story Games Name Project


Note - this generator uses weather disasters only! The places are real but the disasters are invented.

<sgdisplay iterations="10">[main]</sgdisplay> <sgtable>


1,[Disaster] has struck [Location]. [Report].


10,Category [Category] Hurricane [Hurricane] 1,Flood 1,Tornado 2,Tropical Storm [Hurricane] 1,F1 Tornado 1,F2 Tornado 1,F3 Tornado 1,F4 Tornado 1,A multiple-tornado storm 1,A big downburst


5,1 4,2 3,3 2,4 1,5


1,Amanda 1,Jenny 1,Jessica 1,Katherine 1,Kimberly 1,Megan 1,Nicole 1,Alexis 1,Amber 1,Amy 1,Andrea 1,Angela 1,Anne 1,Ashley 1,Barbara 1,Brittany 1,Caitlin 1,Caroline 1,Christine 1,Cindy 1,Claire 1,Courtney 1,Cynthia 1,Dana 1,Danielle 1,Deborah 1,Denise 1,Beth 1,Erica 1,Erin 1,Gina 1,Heather 1,Jackie 1,Jamie 1,Janet 1,Julie 1,Karen 1,Kelly 1,Kirsten 1,Kristin 1,Laura 1,Lindsay 1,Lori 1,Marcy 1,Margaret 1,Maria 1,Mary 1,Maureen 1,Melanie 1,Melissa 1,Miguela 1,Monica 1,Natalie 1,Nora 1,Becky 1,Aaron 1,Adam 1,Benjamin 1,Brad 1,Brandon 1,Craig 1,Doug 1,Eric 1,Evan 1,Gregory 1,Jacob 1,Jason 1,Jeffrey 1,Jeremy 1,John 1,Jonathan 1,Joey 1,Joshua 1,Justin 1,Kenneth 1,Kevin 1,Nathan 1,Nick 1,Adrian 1,Alec 1,Ali 1,Angelo 1,Arthur 1,Austin 1,Beau 1,Bernard 1,Blake 1,Boyd 1,Brendan 1,Brent 1,Bruce 1,Bryce 1,Byron 1,Calvin 1,Cameron 1,Carlos 1,Carson 1,Casey 1,Chad 1,Chase 1,Clay 1,Clifford 1,Clint 1,Cody 1,Cole 1,Colin 1,Connor 1,Corey 1,Curtis 1,Cyrus 1,Dale 1,Damian 1,Darren 1,Darryl 1,Derek 1,Desmond 1,Devin 1,Diego 1,Dominic 1,Donald 1,Dustin 1,Dylan 1,Edward 1,Eli 1,Ethan 1,Eugene 1,Fraser 1,Garth 1,Gary 1,Gavin 1,Glenn 1,Gordon 1,Graham 1,Grant 1,Harold 1,Henry 1,Howard 1,Hugh 1,Isaac 1,Isaiah 1,Jared 1,Jay 1,Jerome 1,Jesse 1,Joel 1,Jordan 1,Julio 1,Karl 1,Kurt 1,Lance 1,Lawrence 1,Lee 1,Leonard 1,Logan 1,Lucas 1,Luke 1,Malcolm 1,Manuel 1,Marco 1,Martin 1,Max 1,Miles


1,Cocoa, Florida 1,Ocala, Florida 1,Yulee, Florida 1,Florence, South Carolina 1,Escambia County, Florida 1,Escambia County, Alabama 1,St. Petersburg, Florida 1,Bunnell, Florida 1,Pascagoula, Mississippi 1,Slidell, Louisiana 1,the Seven Cities area of Virginia 1,Gulfport, Mississippi 1,Brownsville, Texas 1,Kenedy County (sic!), Texas 1,Lake Charles, Louisiana 1,Miami, Florida 1,Tampa, Florida 1,Savannah, Georgia 1,St. Augustine, Florida 1,Brunswick, Georgia 1,Mobile, Alabama 1,Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 1,Vero Beach, Florida 1,Fort Pierce, Florida 1,Nassau County, Florida 1,Naples, Florida 1,Inverness, Florida 1,Gilchrist County, Florida


1,Evacuation ordered 1,Damage estimates are not available 1,Shelters are packed 1,The runaway shelter was damaged 1,No major injuries reported 1,Two deaths reported 1,Eighteen buildings report minor damage 1,Two buildings report major damage 1,Weather spotters report all quiet 1,Small plane found wrecked at scene 1,Only [Category] found with major injuries 1,A secondary storm is also approaching 1,Lightning has struck a building and set it on fire 1,Voluntary evacuation order in force 1,No deaths reported 1,Reported [Dice.1d8] killed and [Dice.1d8][Dice.1d8] injured </sgtable>