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Story Games Name Project

Compiled by Shreyas Sampat


The tattooed land is so-called because it marks its people; a family who is settled there acquires an earthmark, some brand that can't be washed away or displaced. The land becomes a part of them. Priests in the tattooed land, much like some sects of Buddhist monks, take religious names; they refer to virtuous or terrible things, to remind the faithful of what to fear or emulate. Religious names are unisex, even when they appear not to be (Yellow King, for instance). The sound of these names is patterned after Turkish and Mongolian. They're also appropriate for Torchbearer.


<sgdisplay iterations="4">[male]</sgdisplay>


<sgdisplay iterations="4">[female]</sgdisplay>


<sgdisplay iterations="4">[priest]</sgdisplay>


<sgdisplay iterations="4">[earthmark]</sgdisplay>



1,[male] 1,[female] 1,[priest]


1,Harud (forest) 1,Kágubizg (horse rider) 1,Kothás (dagger) 1,Vinid (warrior) 1,Hasau (seeker) 1,Kassai (sandstorm) 1,Yosol (growing tall) 1,Meyem (raging) 1,Kañañ (burning) 1,Mór (birch tree) 1,Syar (breeze) 1,Morug (khan) 1,Násu (lightning) 1,Sesut (poplar tree) 1,Lástal (ash tree) 1,Faraz (or Ferz) (bean) 1,Dhár (strong) 1,Kathkár (hardened heart) 1,Hosor (weaver) 1,Nawar (strength of youth)


1,Luyun (blue) 1,Kúlul (bee) 1,Kálan (goose) 1,Nilázem (hawk) 1,Séliyál (sparrow) 1,Elizdi (the hundredth) 1,Lái Chweng (blackbird) 1,Nábi (lamb) 1,Kíring (brilliance) 1,Yedhem (shade) 1,Luvayry (carp) 1,Radmér (moonflower) 1,Ñíhlendu (or Néllendu) (honeysuckle) 1,Ráka (green) 1,Sóna (apple) 1,Résemu (bitter orange) 1,Thesel (lychee) 1,Payusyem (duck) 1,Kásif (white) 1,Nuíyal (crane)


1,Deeper-and-Deeper-Water 1,Crippled Deer 1,Desolate Vessel 1,Sparrow Brand 1,Iron 1,Yellow King 1,One Hundred Eyes 1,In-Darkness-He-Is-Waiting 1,the Clicking 1,Hospitable Sword 1,Sudden Nightfall 1,Magnificence 1,Flower-of-Forgetting 1,Summer-Without-Rain 1,Creator-of-All-Things 1,Bitter River 1,Patience 1,Darkened Moon 1,Black Flower 1,Scattered Spider


1,Fingers leave frost trails on surfaces 1,Clothes caked with mud 1,Moss grows on right side 1,Chewing a stalk of ripe wheat 1,Hands covered with tiny scratches 1,Sand-crusted hair 1,Always squinting as if looking into the sun 1,Smells of honeysuckle at dawn and dusk 1,Shoulders wet with rain 1,Dried salt on arms 1,Dirt under fingernails 1,Feet always bare and grass-stained 1,Gets irritable at low tide 1,Eyes that change to match the sky 1,Makes sounds like stepping on twigs 1,Dry, dust-coated lips 1,Understands the language of birds 1,Face powdered with gold dust 1,Feet purple from crushing grapes 1,Leaves footprints full of ashes </sgtable>

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