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Story Games Name Project


Compiled by Jason Morningstar.


These are interesting because they are from a transitional time, so many names have a familiar sound to them but are not entirely mod-ern. Some of the surnames are not surnames at all; if you don’t like “of Udsta”, just make Udsta the surname. Source: Donaldson, Gordon, ed. The Court Book of Shetland 1602-1604. Edinburgh: J. Skinner & Co. Ltd., 1954.


<sgdisplay iterations="4">[male] [surname]</sgdisplay>


<sgdisplay iterations="4">[female] [surname]</sgdisplay>



1,[male] [surname] 1,[female] [surname]


6,Magnús 6,Androw 3,Ollaw 3,Óláfr 6,William 6,David 3,Jhone 3,Johne 6,Nichale 6,Nicole 6,James 6,Hendrie 6,Mathow 6,Alexander 6,Donald 6,Erasmus 6,Patrik 6,Thomas 6,Cristopher 6,Frances 6,George 6,Lowrence 6,Binnie 6,Cristane 6,Eaner 6,Piter 6,Grigerous 6,Malcum 6,Mertein 6,Ossie 6,Ringyeane 6,Robert 6,Walter 6,Edward 2,Garthe 2,Garði 2,Garðr 6,Harie 6,Hew 6,Richert 3,Symoine 3,Symond 6,Antoun 6,Mark 6,Arthour


6,Mareoun 3,Mairgrete 3,Margret 3,Anne 3,Annie 3,Elizabethe 3,Elspet 3,Catherein 3,Kathering 3,Ingagar 3,Ingigerðr 3,Sinavo 3,Sunnifa 3,Cristane 3,Kirstaine 3,Breta 3,Brita 6,Geilis 6,Mairjorie 6,Agnes 6,Gutherome 6,Inga 6,Isbell 3,Magdalen 3,Maidlaine 6,Bryd 6,Elene 6,Lillies 6,Ursula


1,Knycht 1,Lauder 1,“of Sandis” 1,Blance 1,“of Burrafrthe” 1,Calmie 1,“of Ustanes” 1,Aclay 1,Betoun 1,“of Mangirsetter” 1,Mowat 1,Neip 1,“of Nesting” 1,Roy 1,“of Howasetter” 1,Hoxasetter 1,Keilo 1,“of Buthdoun” 1,Sinclair 1,“of Vaulsgarthe” 1,“of Westerhous” 1,Strang 1,“of Newhouse” 1,Boynd 1,“of Brughe” 1,Nisbett 1,Orak 1,Leisk 1,“of Kewis” 1,Kinnard 1,“of Stobrek” 1,Dischingtoune 1,“of Dowarie” 1,Archbald 1,Beg 1,Farchar 1,“of Kirkatoun” 1,Leslie 1,“of Ordaill” 1,Piters 1,Porteous 1,“of Quoyis” 1,Wischert 1,“of Woddirsta” 1,Bunt 1,Skaw 1,Clerk 1,“of Bulye” 1,Craik 1,Cristopher 1,Flett 1,“of Grunye” 1,Laxfurd 1,Halcro 1,“of Fluagair” 1,Forbes 1,Kirkhous 1,Skeller 1,Cheine 1,Forrett 1,“of Hamme” 1,Couckas 1,Hey 1,“of Hoversta” 1,Law 1,Colt 1,Turvole 1,Work 1,Litylljhone 1,Tulloche 1,Hill 1,Lews 1,“of Hagirsetter” 1,Foster 1,Cromertie 1,“of Corsbuster” 1,Smyth 1,MacRitchie 1,“of Mainland” 1,Scott 1,“of Scatstay” 1,Cuming 1,Lindsay 1,Fleming 1,“of Frangord” 1,Frissall 1,“of Tingwall” 1,Gairdie 1,Linklett 1,Gaitt 1,Sclatter 1,“of Southdaile” 1,Spens 1,Giffair 1,“of Gilbrek” 1,Gray 1,Hekfuird 1,Clowstaine 1,“of Scrawall” 1,Silvester 1,Cogill 1,Hemlein 1,Fowler 1,Himmill 1,Stevin 1,Sutherland 1,“of Swenesetter” 1,Thomassoun 1,Turvous 1,“of Udsta” 1,Lundiman 1,Fouller 1,“of Lunay” 1,Still 1,Clipagarthe


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