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Story Games Name Project


Compiled by Moyra Turkington


All credit goes to John Hodgman’s musical reading of 700 hobo names from Hobo Matters in "The Areas of My Expertise" which inspired the 700 Hobos Project.


<sgdisplay iterations="4">[male]</sgdisplay>


<sgdisplay iterations="4">[female]</sgdisplay>



1,[male] 1,[female]


1,Ironbelly Norton 1,Timely Clayton, Human Writstwatch 1,Frog Eatin’ Lou 1,Stungun Jones 1,Kid Silverhair 1,Robert Eatsforfree 1,Floyd Dangle 1,Senator Cletus Scoffpossum 1,Sir Francis Drank 1,Jeremiah Tip Top 1,Aesop Bedroll 1,Dr. Bill Stainchin, the Boxcar Medic 1,Jebediah Dryasdust 1,Hugo Stares 1,Tar Nose Cohen 1,Boxcar Jones 1,Kneepants Erasmus 1,Monkey’s Paw Patterson 1,King Cotton 1,Nooney Sockjelly 1,Oklahoma Stilgar 1,Jiminy Sinner 1,Crispy Morton 1,Ashen Merle Buzzard 1,Battling Joe Frick-n-Frack 1,Shagrat, Orc of the Ozarks 1,Captain Slicktalk 1,Venemous Byron 1,Celestial Stubbs 1,Ammonia Cocktail Jones 1,Cholly the Yegg 1,Birdflu Barry 1,Crooner Sly 1,Whiman Sampler 1,Thermos H. Christ 1,Sockless, Shoeless Buster Bareass 1,Pally McAffable, Everybody’s Friend 1,Unconditional Gavin 1,The Goose 1,Not the Goose


1,Molly Bewigged 1,Candleyed Sally 1,Mermaid Betty Scales 1,Ol’ Barb Stabyouquick 1,Shanty Queen Elizabeth Regina 1,Nit Louise 1,Mairah Nix 1,Unshakably Morose Flo 1,Honest Amelia Dirt 1,Bathsheba Ditz 1,Andrea Clarke, the Human Shark 1,Cecilia Graveside 1,Betty, the Excorcist 1,Antigone Spit 1,Pamela Chickeneggs 1,Scabpicker Sandy Rump 1,Moped Enid 1,Trixie of the West 1,Elephantine McMoot 1,Norma Shinynickels 1,Sylvia Patience Hidden-Forks 1,Ma Churchill 1,Laura Delite 1,Nootka the Flatworm 1,Amen to Polly Fud 1,South Carolina Sarah Lardblood 1,Mastiff Mama 1,Amanda Until 1,Sally Hoot-Hoot 1,Ribery Dana 1,Chili-Mix Wilma Bensen 1,Itinerant Jane 1,Holy Hannah Hottentot-Smythe 1,Pick Mama Susan Xavier 1,Amanda CeeCee Stobelight 1,Chelsea Bacon 1,Mallory Many-Bruises 1,Lolly Hoot Holler 1,Maria the Pumpkin-Patch Crooner


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