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Story Games Name Project


Compiled by D. Vincent Baker.


Canadian Privateers during the American Revolution - men and ships. Compiled from

For females, use a male name with "young" added to the front. Rub soot and dirt on your face. Learn to swagger. Keep to yourself.


<sgdisplay iterations="4">[male]</sgdisplay>


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Rank/Position Aboard Ship

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Provisions Aboard Ship

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<sgdisplay iterations="4">[vessel]</sgdisplay>



1,[male] 1,[female]


1,Zebulon Perkins 1,Henry Kitchen 1,Lodowick Harrington 1,Mores Doaty 1,Robert Christie 1,Thomas Rass 1,William Atwood 1,William Campbell (Gamble) 1,Daniel Parks 1,James Hammilton 1,Henry Heckland 1,Benjamin Freeman 1,Warren Godfrey 1,William Duffus 1,William Dolliver 1,Walter C. Manning 1,John Mcleod 1,Robert Barret 1,Michael Power 1,William Hemmion 1,John Lane 1,Lewis Butler 1,Joseph McNutt 1,Lawrence Hartshorne 1,John Power 1,Robert Callahan 1,James Dogget 1,John Cosby 1,John Cottingham Bates 1,Charles Ellison 1,Cesar Low 1,Hugh McMinn 1,Zenas Millard 1,Alexander Godfrey 1,Benjamin Harrington 1,Samuel Dexter 1,Patrick Marlow 1,John Hines 1,John Crofford 1,Cornelius Knowles 1,Charles Littlejohn 1,Andrew Collins 1,Thomas Parker 1,Joseph Ely 1,Siphorus Cole 1,Angus Fraser 1,Lewis Grand 1,Joseph Bartlett 1,Peleg Crowell 1,James Newcomb 1,Daniel Morine 1,Ebenezer Harrington 1,Benjamin Knaut 1,Ichab McFarlin 1,John Iraman 1,Silas Harlow 1,Benjamin Etter 1,David Johnson 1,Robert Foster 1,Elkanah Freeman


1,young [male]


1,Forecastleman 1,Carpenter 1,Steward 1,Armourer 1,Agent 1,Captain (also Capt After, Capt Fore) 1,Cook 1,Gunner 1,Prizemaster 1,Boatswain 1,Marine (also Sargeant of Marines) 1,Owner 1,Sailing Master 1,Seaman 1,Boy 1,Cooper 1,Lieutenant 1,Surgeon 1,Captain’s Clerk 1,X’s Mate (eg Boatswain’s Mate)


1,salt beef 1,salt pork 1,salt cod 1,sardines 1,anchovies 1,biscuit 1,suet 1,olives 1,olive oil 1,dry chickpeas 1,dry green peas 1,dry black-eyed peas 1,wine 1,water 1,beer 1,rum 1,raisins 1,vinegar 1,fresh fish caught, when possible 1,fresh meat from shore, when possible


1,The Liverpool 1778 Liverpool, UK 1,The Dispatch 1778 Liverpool, NS 1,The Hibernia 1782 Halifax 1,The Betsey 1778 Halifax 1,The Liverpool 1780 Halifax 1,The Success 1781 Halifax 1,The Sangplice 1781 Bermuda 1,The Betay 1778 Quebec 1,The John & Rachael 1778 Halifax 1,The Halifax Packet 1780 Halifax 1,The Lyon 1779 London 1,The Minerva 1779 Halifax 1,The Halifax Rover 1780 Halifax 1,The Sisters 1779 Halifax 1,The Rachel 1778 Halifax 1,The Europa 1778 Halifax 1,The Lively 1782 Halifax 1,The Polly 1778 Gt. Britain 1,The Delight 1778 Liverpool, NS 1,The Jack 1781 Quebec 1,The Belcour 1778 Liverpool, UK 1,The Diamond 1782 Penobscot 1,The Aurora 1782 Glasgow 1,The Hope 1779 Halifax 1,The Jean 1781 Halifax 1,The Lucy 1779 Liverpool, NS 1,The Lord Cornwallis 1781 Halifax 1,The Providence 1781 Halifax 1,The John & Rebecca 1782 London 1,The Alexander 1779 London 1,The Adventure 1780-1781 Halifax 1,The Resolution 1778 Halifax 1,The Hurly Burly 1779 Quebec 1,The Diana 1780 Glasgow 1,The Venus 1781 Halifax 1,The Howe 1781 Halifax 1,The Argyle 1778 London 1,The Campbelton 1781 Penobscot 1,The Halifax Hero 1779 Halifax/London 1,The St. Andrew 1782 Halifax & Antiqua


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