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Story Games Name Project


Femme Fatale

    <sgdisplay iterations="5">
  1. [femme_fatale]</sgdisplay>

Serial Killer Media Name

    <sgdisplay iterations="5">
  1. [serial_killer]</sgdisplay>


    <sgdisplay iterations="5">
  1. [mobster]</sgdisplay>

Famous Historical Gun Molls

    <sgdisplay iterations="5">
  1. [gun_moll]</sgdisplay>


    <sgdisplay iterations="5">
  1. [nickname]</sgdisplay>

Famous Historical Godfather

    <sgdisplay iterations="5">
  1. [godfather]</sgdisplay>


Compiled by Moyra Turkington, Matt Strickling, and Brendan Adkins

The Story-Games Name Project uses the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.



1,[femme_fatale] 1,[serial_killer] 1,[mobster] 1,[gun_moll]


19,[femme_first] [femme_last] 1,[femme_first] [femme_last]-[femme_last]


1,Acrasia 1,Alouette 1,Amaya 1,Angel 1,Babylon 1,Brigid 1,Carmelita 1,Cecily 1,Coretta 1,Esperanza 1,Evelyn 1,Golda 1,Glory 1,Honey 1,India 1,Jacinth 1,Jessica 1,Jinx 1,Kitten 1,Kitty 1,Lara 1,Lianne 1,Moira 1,Persephone 1,Ursula 1,Veronica


1,Beaudoin 1,Calico 1,Dumont 1,Esco 1,Frisson 1,Inoue 1,Grahame 1,Kidd 1,Kittridge 1,MacLeish 1,Mays 1,Milliner 1,Montcourt 1,O'Hare 1,Penrose 1,Sandoz 1,Senkinski 1,Van Dyne 1,Weir


1,The Alphabet Man 1,The Barfly's Friend 1,The Birthday Sniper 1,The Countdown Killer 1,Doctor Twilight 1,The Dwayne 1,The Friends List Terror 1,The Glove Box Bomber 1,Jumpstart Jim 1,The Man Wearing the Bolo Tie 1,The Man with the Rattling Cough 1,Mister Shine 1,The No-Ice Murderer 1,The Regular 1,The Silver Smile 1,The Skid Row Rapist 1,The Slow Stalker 1,The Sunshine Thief 1,The Town Square Carver 1,The Wristwatch Strangler


10,[mobster_first] [mobster_nickname] [mobster_last] 3,[mobster_prefix] [mobster_first] [mobster_last] 3,[mobster_nickname] [mobster_last] 3,[mobster_first] [mobster_last]


1,Ralph 1,Nicky 1,Vito 1,Tito 1,Rafaelo 1,Tony 1,Claudio 1,Guido 1,Pasquale 1,Paolo 1,Guiseppe 1,Sylvio 1,Salvatore 1,Carmine 1,Petey


1,"The Fish" 1,"Butcher Knife" 1,"Violent" 1,"The Fixer" 1,"Pittsburgh" 1,"Trap Door" 1,"Switchblade" 1,"The Shark" 1,"The Weasel" 1,"The Snitch" 1,"The Bishop" 1,"Scarface" 1,"Six Toes" 1,"Two Times" 1,"Lucky" 1,"Fingers" 1,"The Bull" 1,"Knuckles" 1,"Shovelface" 1,"Lefty" 1,"The Blade" 1,"The Hammer" 1,"Killer" 1,"Bullet Tooth" 1,"Dutch" 1,"Mad Dog" 1,"The Enforcer" 1,"Iceman" 1,"Nails" 1,"The Fixer" 1,"The Chin"


1,Castelletti 1,Giorgio 1,D'Angelo 1,Giordano 1,Magliocco 1,Bonaducci 1,Fabiano 1,Sanzone 1,Delucci 1,Volpe 1,Romano 1,Whatshisname 1,Costa 1,DiMarco 1,Aiello 1,Amato 1,Gambino


1,"Fat" 1,"Crazy" 1,"Two Times" 1,"Skinny" 1,"Bloody" 1,"Four Fingers" 1,"Big" 1,"Little" 1,"Legs" 1,"Shifty" 1,"Smooth" 1,"Stuttering" 1,"Boss" 1,"Bananas"


1,Bonnie Parker 1,Blanche Barrow 1,Beulah Baird 1,Jean Delaney Crompton 1,Evelyn "Billie" Frechette 1,Mary Kinder 1,Kathryn Thorne 1,Opal "Mack Truck" Long 1,Helen Wawzynak 1,Virginia Hill 1,Judith Exner 1,Helen Gillis 1,Sally Bachman 1,Pearl Elliot 1,Marie “Mickey” Comforti 1,Patricia Cerrington 1,Vi Matthis 1,Ora Shannon 1,Kathryn Kelly 1,Beth Green


1,[mobster_nickname] 1,[mobster_prefix]


1,Giuseppe “Clutch Hand” Morello (New York) 1,Giuseppe “Joe” Aiello (Chicago) 1,Al “Scarface” Capone, (Chicago) 1,Steve Ferrigno, (New York) 1,Antonio “The Scourge” Lombardo (Chicago) 1,Salvatore Maranzano, (All USA) 1,Giuseppe “Joe the Boss” Masseria, (New York) 1,Johnny “the Fox” Torrio (Chicago) 1,Joseph “ Joey Bananas” Bonanno “ (New York, Arizona, California, Canada, Cuba) 1,Charles “Lucky” Luciano (New York) 1,Vincent Mangano (1888-1951, New York) 1,Giuseppe Antonio Doto “Joe Adonis” (New York) 1,Albert “Lord High Executioner” Anastasia, a.k.a "The Mad Hatter" (New York) 1,Frank “The Prime Minister” Costello (New York) 1,Vincent “The Chin” Gigante, a.k.a "Gigs" (New York) 1,John Gotti (New York) 1,Sam “MoMo” Giancana, a.k.a. “Mooney” or “Sammy the Cigar” (Chicago) 1,Carlos Marcello (New Orleans) 1,Willie Moretti (New Jersey) 1,Santo Trafficante Sr (Miami and Tampa)