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Story Games Name Project


Compiled by Meguey Baker.


Yes, sadly, this is inspired by the von Trapplensteink list. It’s names from my family, covering a few generations and including people who married in. On reflection, I realized that my family could be the base for a whole cast of characters that I could play very believably as NPCs. Hey, play what you know, right? I encourage you to do the same sort of lists for your family. And please don’t publish stuff with the more unusual names from this list - I mean, picking up someone’s game and reading about the exploits of Albert Meisterkneckt would be weird.


<sgdisplay iterations="4">[male] [surname], who works as a [occupation] and enjoys [hobby]</sgdisplay>


<sgdisplay iterations="4">[female] [surname], who works as a [occupation] and enjoys [hobby]</sgdisplay>



1,[male] [surname] 1,[female] [surname]


1,Albert 1,Nicholas 1,Michael 1,Nathan 1,Don 1,Carl 1,Gunnar 1,Flyod 1,James 1,John 1,Art 1,Andy 1,Charlie 1,Chris 1,Phillip 1,Jake 1,Sonny 1,Harry 1,Walter 1,Tom


1,Mildred 1,Barbara 1,Karen 1,Clara 1,Doris 1,Esther 1,Serena 1,Ruth 1,Wilhelmina 1,Charlotte 1,Michelle 1,Holly 1,Heidi 1,Anne 1,Patsy 1,Melody 1,Megan 1,Katie 1,Cathy 1,Elvera


1,Lord 1,McKie 1,Nelson 1,Foley 1,Sharp 1,Graves 1,Little 1,Sojberg 1,Meisterkneckt 1,Withun 1,Bird 1,Baum 1,Mattlock 1,Mickle 1,Kingsbury 1,Wolcott 1,Helander 1,Gates 1,Robeson 1,Converse


1,Trains 1,Coin collecting 1,Knitting 1,Cooking 1,Painting 1,Whittling 1,Motorcycles 1,Flower gardening 1,Bird watching 1,Model farm equipment collecting 1,Air shows 1,Hiking 1,Quilting 1,Playing piano 1,Roller skating 1,Contra dancing 1,Putting new cane seats in chairs 1,Pool 1,Golf 1,Swimming


1,Carpenter 1,Mechanic 1,Nurse 1,Minister 1,Bank teller 1,Manager at a Wal-Mart 1,Nursery school teacher 1,Seamstress 1,Steam engineer 1,Professor 1,Helicopter pilot 1,Offcer in the Marines 1,General store owner 1,Homemaker 1,Machinist 1,Bookkeeper 1,Medical records specialist 1,Administrator 1,Farmer 1,Salesman


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