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Story Games Name Project

Compiled by Selene Tan


Included here are silly or unusual Filipino male, female, and neutral first names, as well as Filipino surnames of Spanish, indigenous, and Chinese origin. "Normal" Filipino first names look pretty normal; you can probably pick up a US or Spanish or whatever list of first names, and they'll come out right. A lot of Filipino women have names starting with "Maria", which are frequently shortened. (e.g. "Maria Theresa" becomes "Maritess".)

Make your own silly Filipino names: (usually only one technique is used at a time):

  • Make a pun, because puns are awesome
  • Combine words or names to make new ones (e.g. Vanessa + Dolphy = Vandolph, He and Her son = Heherson)
  • Add an extra "h" (e.g. "Ben" becomes "Bhen")
  • Use one syllable and repeat it
  • Start from a desired nickname and pick a real name to go with it

Finally, as a bonus, I've included some Filipino meals and snack or party foods.



<sgdisplay iterations="4">[male]</sgdisplay>


<sgdisplay iterations="4">[female]</sgdisplay>


<sgdisplay iterations="4">[neutral]</sgdisplay>

Spanish Surnames

<sgdisplay iterations="4">[spanish-surnames]</sgdisplay>

Chinese-Descent Surnames

<sgdisplay iterations="4">[chinese-surnames]</sgdisplay>

Indigenous Origin Surnames

<sgdisplay iterations="4">[indigenous-surnames]</sgdisplay>

Mixed Surnames

<sgdisplay iterations="4">[mixed-surnames]</sgdisplay>

Silly Full Names

<sgdisplay iterations="4">[silly]</sgdisplay>


<sgdisplay iterations="4">[meals]</sgdisplay>

Snacks/party Foods

<sgdisplay iterations="4">[snacks]</sgdisplay>



1,[male] [surnames] 1,[female] [surnames] 1,[neutral] [surnames]


1,Boboy 1,Aprodicio 1,Earvin 1,Eadgee 1,Mark Laser 1,Juhn 1,Yam 1,Abdulaziz 1,Peng 1,Luis Buiton 1,Bocoy 1,Vandolph 1,Hercules 1,Bhoy 1,Jayjay 1,Totoy 1,Acy 1,Ahvic 1,Dondon 1,Eliutaro 1,Ronron 1,Adonis 1,Tootsie 1,Rhob 1,Boy Blue 1,Bhen 1,Dandan 1,Wimpy 1,Kerwin 1,Gustave 1,Gomburza 1,Atom 1,Frumen 1,Adanjose 1,Heherson 1,Bongbong 1,Baldo 1,Titoy 1,Gutsy 1,Rommel


1,Cherry Pie 1,Apples 1,Diday 1,Maritess 1,Spice 1,Mayouno 1,Kampupot 1,Chuchay 1,Chingbee 1,Mirinda 1,Maan 1,Sushi 1,Babes 1,Whisky 1,Mai-Mai 1,Apple Pie 1,Ditsi 1,Maricel 1,KitKat 1,Zsuzsanna 1,Nice 1,Aphro(dite) 1,Mhel 1,Starlet 1,Computerlyn 1,Ai Ai 1,Jingjing 1,Thess 1,Ehmie 1,Girlie 1,Kryle Queen 1,Bamba 1,Lady Urania 1,Abril 1,Luzviminda 1,Chuchi 1,Bingbing 1,Melenaida 1,Jomari 1,Jejomar


1,Buhay 1,Bekbek 1,Suplay 1,Sanorjo 1,Pepper 1,Jello 1,Magdiwang 1,Paraluman 1,Liwayway 1,Pechay 1,Chabet 1,TenTen 1,Luningning 1,Linbert 1,Letlet 1,Dalisay 1,Orange 1,Patat 1,Cola 1,Volks 1,Frumen 1,Bacon 1,Merrimas 1,Cheese 1,Homobono 1,Chevy 1,Tuna 1,Tagumpay 1,Luwalhati 1,Uod 1,Binky 1,Congee 1,Adobo 1,Lenlen 1,Carrot 1,Bonbon 1,Ciriaca 1,Chabeng 1,Bathaluman


1,[spanish-surnames] 1,[chinese-surnames] 1,[indigenous-surnames] 1,[mixed-surnames]


1,Arroyo 1,Reyes 1,Santiago 1,Fernandez 1,Gonzales 1,Garcia 1,Lopez 1,Aquino 1,Velasquez 1,Vargas 1,Guzman 1,Ortega 1,Mariano 1,Montano 1,Mendez 1,Romero 1,Cruz 1,Dolorfino 1,Bautista 1,De Jesus


1,Yap 1,Cojuangco 1,Tan 1,Songcuya 1,Tintiangco 1,Singson 1,Ayson 1,Lim 1,Sy 1,Locsin 1,Yuyitung 1,Tantoco 1,Tampingco 1,Tiaoqui 1,Diyakson 1,Samson 1,Ongpin 1,Mapua 1,Benzon 1,Quimpo


1,Magsaysay 1,Ongoy 1,Inding 1,Ysip 1,Macapagal 1,Tumibay 1,Silang 1,Pinpin 1,Agbay 1,Guani 1,Lacbawan 1,Dumlao 1,Bulatao 1,Puyat 1,Caparas 1,Salonga 1,Manlangit 1,Nakpil 1,Katapang 1,Carandang


1,Anonuevo 1,Portero 1,Dagdag 1,Suero 1,Pagtakhan 1,Mamaril 1,Asis 1,Hagibis 1,Lakarin 1,Bocaycay 1,De Asis 1,Jurado 1,Mangubat 1,Malihim 1,Almundo 1,Reyes 1,Natividad 1,Tampipi 1,Fruto 1,Ignacio


1,Mercedes Benzon 1,Maki Comida 1,Spice Arabia 1,Volks Baagen 1,Jonathon Livingstone Sy 1,Buhay Poe 1,Michael Jacks Ong 1,George Washing Tan 1,Apple Pie Poyatos 1,May Araw 1,Dingdong Pinto 1,Gucci Kho 1,Bhoy Bayani 1,Bill Clint Ong 1,Adonis de Dios 1,Ginger Ti 1,Rhaydz Ng Bayan 1,Edgar Allan Pe 1,Sushi Sy 1,Michael Jord Ang


1,Kalderetang Kambing - goat stew 1,Bistek - beef stir-fried in soy sauce and lemon 1,Lechon Kawali - roasted pig 1,Inihaw ni Liempo - grilled pork belly 1,Sinigang sa Miso - tamarind soup with bean curd 1,Lechon Manok - roasted chicken 1,Adobong Pusit - squid cooked in vinegar 1,Crispy Pata - deep-fried pork knuckle 1,Diniguan - blood stew accompanied by puto 1,Sinigang na Baka - tamarind soup with beef 1,Arroz a la Cubana - ground beef with tomatoes, peas, raisins served 1,with fried egg over rice 1,Chicken Barbeque - barbequed chicken in slightly sweet sauce 1,Tinolang Manok - gingery chicken soup with green papaya 1,Menudo - tomato pork stew 1,Lechon Paksiw - roasted pig, stewed in tangy sauce 1,Rellenong Bangus - stuffed smoked milkfish 1,Adobong Manok - chicken cooked in vinegar 1,Nilaga Baka - broth with beef and root vegetables 1,(Sizzling) Sisig - fried pig ear


1,Halo-Halo - mixed sweet things over ice with milk 1,Ginataa - coconut milk fruit soup 1,Bibingka - rice cake with brown sugar, shredded coconut, cheese, or egg 1,Champorado - chocolate rice porridge 1,Lumpia Ubod - spring roll with hearts of palm 1,Spaghetti - noodles with sweet tomato meat sauce and hot dogs 1,Taho - molasses sauce with soft bean curd and tapioca 1,Pancit Canton - glass noodles with mixed meat and vegetables in soy sauce 1,Mais Con Hielo - sweet corn with milk and ice 1,Pancit Palabok - noodles with pork and shrimp, with garlic and boiled eggs 1,Cheese Lumpia - fried cheese in wonton wrappers 1,Suman - steamed glutinous pressed rice 1,Siopao - barbeque pork bun 1,Ube - purple yam pudding 1,Arroz Caldo - chicken rice porridge 1,Polvoron - shortbread milk candy 1,Matamis na Saging - chilled banana in syrup 1,Puto - steamed rice cake 1,Turon - fried banana in wonton wrapper 1,Sago at Gulaman - molasses drink with tapioca and gelatin </sgtable>

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