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<sgdisplay iterations="10">[MALE]</sgdisplay>


<sgdisplay iterations="10">[FEMALE]</sgdisplay>



1,[MALE] (male) 1,[FEMALE] (female)






1,Francesc 1,Bernat 1,Joan 1,Carles 1,Llorenç 1,Vicens 1,Narcís 1,Benet 1,Bartomeu 1,Gaspar 1,Andreu 1,Jaume 1,Pere 1,Mateu 1,Gil 1,Jacme 1,Martí 1,Miquel 1,Nicolau 1,Celdoni 1,Alfons 1,Arnau 1,Berenguer 1,Bertran 1,Bonadona 1,Calvet 1,Dalmu 1,Dolcet 1,Ferrer 1,Gilabert 1,Guillem 1,Hug 1,Miró 1,Olivar 1,Pere 1,Perpinyà 1,Ponç 1,Ricart 1,Seguinus 1,Vidal


1,Beatriu 1,Geralla 1,Anglesa 1,Aldinícia 1,Bartomeua 1,Brígida 1,Caterina 1,Elionor 1,Elisabet 1,Eufràsia 1,Eulàlia 1,Francina 1,Jaumeta 1,Joana 1,Margarida 1,Maria 1,Miquela 1,Samuela 1,Segimona 1,Tecla


1,Amalric 1,Berenguer 1,de Villagut 1,d'Eures 1,de Rodes 1,Bofill 1,Coqui 1,de Giró 1,de la Sclusa 1,Amat 1,Baró 1,de Muntanyola 1,Salamó 1,de Sargantans 1,Domènec 1,Ermengol 1,Foget 1,de Montrodon 1,Guifre 1,Sumar 1,Fisnerola 1,Queralt 1,Colom 1,Dardarich 1,Puig 1,Gorgoll 1,Canyelles 1,de Cubells 1,Prat 1,Mateu 1,Esteve 1,Domènech 1,Fontanills 1,Palau 1,Paguer 1,Carbó 1,Vilagrassa 1,Muntargull 1,Obradors 1,Nabet 1,Rofreo 1,Roca 1,Paguer 1,Pariquet 1,Moreu 1,Torner 1,Guiscart 1,Torens 1,Sala 1,Parés 1,Mas 1,Gilabert 1,Llorens 1,Rossolló 1,Bosens 1,Lió 1,Barberà 1,Goscemps 1,Reguera 1,Roca </sgtable>


Catalonia, a territory of Spain falling between Valencia to the South, Aragon to the West, France to the North and the Mediterranean to the East, developed as a culture during the rule of the Counts of Barcelona in the 9th Century, and leaving the French kingdom in the 13th. It was a thriving area of the Mediterranean with its own distinctive flavour.

Catalan is a language with much common to both French and Spanish, and sounds a little like a less lyrical Italian. Like French, J and G are both soft, and C can be also; however, the words do not end silently and the emphasis / pacing of the words is similar to Spanish.

Modern Catalan employs the combination of paternal and maternal names (in that order) seen also in Spanish, separated by a y. However, it may be that this practise was imported from Spanish tradition and law as I have not found any medieval names that follow this pattern.

Compiled by Alex Fradera

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