Random encounters in the wasteland

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In the wasteland

<sgdisplay iterations="3">[wasteland]</sgdisplay>

In the settlement

<sgdisplay iterations="3">[settlement]</sgdisplay>

On a journey

<sgdisplay iterations="3">[journey]</sgdisplay>

On the road

<sgdisplay iterations="3">[road]</sgdisplay>



1,You see a [thinga], it is [thingb]. You can hear [asound] on the wind. What do you do?


1,You [walkina], and they [awho] and carrying a [aweapon]. They seem to be [amood]. What do you do?


1,You see [twistc] the road, there is a [thinga] nearby, and you see another person [awho]. They seem to be [amood]. What do you do?


1,You are [met], sporting a [weapon] and [crew].


1,ambushed by a [body] [mod] 2,approached by a [body] [mod] 1,passing a [body] on the side of the road [mod] 1,within sight of a fleeing [body]


1,motorcycle 1,trike 1,compact little sedan 1,muscle car 1,truck 1,monster truck 1,big rig 1,war rig


1, 1,with all kinds of armor 1,with two flat tires 1,with a smoking engine 1,with screaming bent metal 1,with surprising speed 1,with a high performance tune-up 1,with an array of nasty spikes 1,with crazed lunatics hanging off it


1,pintle-mounted machine gun 1,flamethrower up top 1,ring-mounted four-shaft crossbow 1,mean little woman with an assault rifle 1,nasty berserker throwing molotovs 1,grenade launcher


1,a very serious driver 1,a passenger with a crossbow 1,a passenger wearing a suicide vest screaming to be unleashed upon you 1,an armored maniac with a chainsaw 1,some kind of mechanic crawling around 1,a medic tucked away in the back 1,Gipper herself, resplendent in plastic armor 1,a crawling crew of Smegma Crazies 1,polecats ready to launch


1,[Apocalypse World Names.metatable] is on the side of 1,[Apocalypse World Names.metatable] holding a [whiffle] on the side of 1,[Apocalypse World Names.metatable] walking along the side of 1,[whiffle] on the side of 1,fresh roadkill in the middle of 1,an animal walking lazily across 1,a wrecked car in the middle of 1,a ruined building along 1,a building along


1,[Random Tools for Mutant Future.JUNK] and [Random Tools for Mutant Future.JUNK] 1,[Oddments for Apocalypse World.oddments] 1,[Gonzo post-apocalypse starting item list.main]


3,are approached by [Apocalypse World Names.metatable] 1,see [Apocalypse World Names.metatable] trying to hide 1,see [Apocalypse World Names.metatable] running from something 1,see [Apocalypse World Names.metatable] running toward you 1,see [Apocalypse World Names.metatable] limping along the path 1,catch [Apocalypse World Names.metatable] trying to sneak up on you 1,find [Apocalypse World Names.metatable] bleeding to death


2,wrecked car 2,crashed car, it's metal chassis twisted open to expose the interior to the elements 4,firepit and a chair 4,large telescope, pointing skyward 2,motorcycle, tipped over into a small ditch 2,motorcycle, parked neatly next to a cracked and dead tree 2,cabin made of sheet metal, the door is ripped from its hinges and lies on the ground 2,cabin made of sheet metal 2,short white truck, it looks like a small house on wheels 2,short white truck, the rear is bent and broken and looks like it was once covered but has now been ripped open from abuse 1,small stone sticking out of the ground 1,small wooden plank sticking out of the ground 1,grave marker made of tin cans and a wooden stake 1,large plastic board sticking out of the ground 2,wooden hut, the roof smashed and broken 2,wooden hut, solidly built and nicely maintained 4,idol made out of metal and sticks 2,empty pit, dug with shovels 2,empty pit, dug by hand 1,dead body, recognized as [Apocalypse World Names.metatable], they haven't been here long 1,dead body, whoever they were they were left unrecognizable, they haven't been here long 1,dead body, recognized as [Apocalypse World Names.metatable], they've been rotting for days 1,dead body, whoever they were they were left unrecognizable, they've been rotting for days 2,vaguely human looking sculpture made of animal bones 2,vaguely human looking sculpture made of human bones 1,field of [Nerdwerds.color] fungus, a large growth sits in the center


1,covered in blood 1,covered in feces 1,covered in weeds 1,covered with writing of some kind 1,flat but damaged map, fluttering in the wind from under a rock 1,humming slightly, almost as if it is vibrating 1,littered with wine bottles 1,near a bloody blanket 1,recently burned 1,resting on a tarp that's been staked to the ground 1,riddled with bullet holes 1,surrounded by bullet casings 1,surrounded by dead flowers and pieces of bone 1,surrounded by green canvas tents staked to the ground 1,surrounded by strange footprints 1,tarnished or worn down from wind and weather 1,undisturbed and clean, as if it was freshly abandoned and hasn't been here long


1,a low droning hum 1,a man crying 1,a woman crying 1,an electronic beeping noise 1,an unearthly wailing 1,children crying 1,growling 1,gunshots 1,somebody screaming 1,the chirping of insects 1,the fluttering of great wings 1,the hissing of many snakes 1,whispering


4,wearing simple, ragged clothing 1,wearing a ratty old astronaut's uniform 1,wearing a pristine astronaut's uniform 4,wearing [Apocalypse World Character.fashion] 8,with [Apocalypse World Character.eyes] 8,with a [Apocalypse World Character.face] 8,with a [Apocalypse World Character.body]


20,[Oddments for Apocalypse World.oddments] 2,blood-spattered club of metal 2,blood-spattered club of wood 2,bloody machete 2,bottle of liquid 2,bottle with smoke pouring out of it 2,folded map 2,rolled up map 2,stack of papers 2,tattered and old book 1,angry looking but wounded dog in their arms 1,cat and it's trying to break free from their grasp 1,mewling baby 1,virtually pristine and new looking book


3,angry 3,bleeding from the stomach, their hand clutched around the wound 2,checking you out 2,crying and sobbing profusely 2,dazed and walking around in a hypnotic manner 2,looking for somebody 2,looking for something 2,oblivious to you, for now 2,quietly crying 2,running away from something 2,scared of something 2,unaware of the fact that they're bleeding 1,bleeding from the ears 1,covered in blood, and they're smiling 1,in a good mood 1,limping