Random Humanoid Horde

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<sgdisplay iterations="5">[main]




1,Most of these [Race] are [Aspect]. They are ruled by [Organization] and [Allies]. They are headquartered in [BattlefieldType]. Most carry a [Weapon] of some kind.


1,sword 1,bow 1,crossbow 1,net 1,bola 1,whip 1,staff 1,mace 1,morning-star 1,spear 1,scythe or sickle 1,warhammer 1,war axe 1,throwing axe 1,spiked chain 1,dagger or knife


1,goblinoids 1,dark elves 1,jackal-headed warriors 1,hyena-like humanoids 1,crow-headed creatures 1,leopard-people 1,goat-headed warriors 1,lizardfolk 1,snake-people 1,cannibal halflings 1,devildwarves 1,unnatural humans 3,[Animal.Weirdsymbol]men


1,Lewis Carrol-esque 1,cloned 1,incredibly decadent 1,drunk 1,drugged 1,enslaved 1,slavers 1,experimental test subjects 1,friendly 1,giants 1,extremely intelligent 1,immobile 1,insane 1,organized and militarized (like Tolkien orcs) 1,mutant or crippled 1,worshippers of the plague gods 1,religious 1,sexy 1,soulless and strange 1,modified in some steampunkish way 1,tiny 2,typical warriors of their race


1,[Numbertwofive] wizards, shamen, witches, etc. 1,a single wizard, witch, shaman, etc. 1,[Numbertwofive] leaders with [Numbronesix] more HD than the rest 1,a single leader with [Numberoneeight] more HD than the rest 1,the whisperings of a bizarre idol 1,[Leader] 1,[Leader] schooled in the mystical arts 1,a member of a non- or animal-intelligence species (giant ape, froghemoth, yellow mold, etc.) whose wishes are interpreted by a priest or witch 1,a hyperintelligent member of a usually non- or animal-intelligent species 1,a(n) [Aspect] upper caste 1,[Numberonefour] crippled or deformed (a bloated queen, sacred paraplegiac, etc) tyrant(s) 1,the withered and old, who are [Numberonefour] points wiser and weaker than the rest 1,a symbiotic unimind 1,no-one but 25% are berserk warrior-types with 2hd more than the rest and +2 damage. (These may also carry 2-handed weapons.) 1,an surprisingly complex bureaucracy comprising a bodyguard caste as well as magic users


1,one 1,two 1,three 1,four


1,two 1,three 1,four 1,five


1,one 1,two 1,three 1,four 1,five 1,six 1,seven 1,eight


1,one 1,two 1,three 1,four 1,five 1,six


1,a castle 1,a cemetery 1,a monastery 1,a village 1,a ship 1,a ruin 1,a port 1,a prison 1,a labyrinth 1,a volcano 1,a mine 1,a necropolis 1,a warren beneath a bridge 1,a freakish structure resembling no human architecture 1,a fortress 1,a mountain fortress 1,a city of their own 1,a city of their own beneath the earth 1,the steppe 1,the tundra 1,a forest 1,the corpse of a colossal creature 1,a mist-bound valley 1,a site of an ancient battle 1,a giant's home 1,a strange village 1,a river 1,a town
[Fantasy Town (Simpler).main] 1,a stepwell 1,a temple 1,a cathedral 1,a desert 1,a hill-strewn area 1,a swamp 1,a wasteland 1,a monastery 1,a prison 1,a necropolis 1,a freakish structure resembling no human architecture 1,a mountainous area 1,a mountain fortress 1,ancient ruins containing:
These traps:[Traps.main], [Traps.main], [Traps.main]
These creatures:[Weird Fantasy Monster.main],[Weird Fantasy Monster.main], [Weird Fantasy Monster.main] 1,a slum 1,an inn
[Inn and Tavern Names.main], famous for its [FantasyMenu.Descriptor][FantasyMenu.MainMeals] 1,the docks 1,a laboratory 1,a wizard's tower 1,a fortress 1,a legendary forest 1,a lost city 1,a madman's fortress 1,a magical lake 1,the mansion of a powerful NPC. Contains:
[Fantasy Mansion Domestic Security Measures.main][Fantasy Mansion Domestic Security Measures.main] 1,a military encampment 1,the palace of the ruler or local lord 1,a catacombs 1,a cave complex 1,a classic dungeon 1,a cosmopolitan city 1,an exotic distant land 1,an island 1,an alternate plane


1,are allied to no-one 1,are allied to no-one 1,are allied to no-one 1,are allied to no-one 1,are allied to no-one 1,are allied to no-one 1,are mounted on [Exoticmounts] 1,breed small attack animals (dogs, boars, lizards, etc.) 1,use swarm bombs (jars of bees, wasps, snakes, etc.) 1,go into battle accompanied by d4+1 monsters on chains (tentacle-panthers, iron boars, etc.) 1,go into battle with 1-2 gigantic monsters (mammoths, trolls, etc.) 1,their priest/witch raises dead to fight with the host as zombies when they fall 1,are allied with a group of [Race] rumored to all be [Aspect] 1,go into battle with d4+1 golems or steampunkish devices 1,have a mutual-defense treaty or agreement with another distant local monster or group 1,use strange monsters with weird attacks (basilisks, mushroom men, etc.) as shock troops


1,rhinoceroses 1,tigers 1,leopards 1,enormous hyenas 1,panthers 1,warwolves 1,sabre-toothed tigers 1,mastodons 1,elephants 1,huge lizards 1,dinosaurs 1,giant snakes 1,centipedes 1,strange horses 1,mushroom men 1,spiders 1,giant beetles 1,the backs of idiotic trolls


20,[Racetwo] [Gender] [Class] [Level] 1,a group of disturbing ravens 1,a toad creature 1,a gnoll 1,a hobgoblin 1,a lizardperson 1,a half-orc 1,a werejaguar 1,a werewolf 1,a hand centaur 1,a demon 1,a doppelganger 1,a spider centaur 1,a dryad 1,an ettin 1,a giant 1,a gibbering mouther 1,a clay golem 1,a flesh golem 1,an iron golem 1,a stone golem 1,a hag 1,a lamia 1,a manticore 1,a medusa 1,a naga 1,a night hag 1,an ogre 1,a rakshasa (probably disguised) 1,a salamander 1,a sphinx 1,a treant 1,a troll 1,a wraith 1,a cthuloid demon 1,a goblin 1,a dark elf 1,a jackal-headed warrior 1,a hyena-like humanoid 1,a crow-headed creature 1,a leopardman 1,a goat-headed warrior 1,a lizardman 1,a snakeman 1,a cannibal halflings 1,a devildwarf 1,an unnatural humans 1,a witch


1,cleric 1,fighter 1,paladin 1,barbarian 1,wizard 1,thief 1,assassin 1,druid 1,ranger 1,witch


10,male 10,female 1,androgynous


5,a human 2,an elven 1,a dwarven 1,a halfling 1,a half-orc 1,a half-elf 1,[Exoticspecies]


1,a goblinoid 1,a dark elf