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<sgdisplay iterations="1">+[Dice.1d12] hp (d12)
[barbarian thing]
[barbarian thing]</sgdisplay>


<sgdisplay iterations="1">+[Dice.1d10] hp (d10)
[warrior thing]
[warrior thing]</sgdisplay>


<sgdisplay iterations="1">+[Dice.1d10] hp (d10)
[tactician thing]
[tactician thing]</sgdisplay>


<sgdisplay iterations="1">+[Dice.1d8] hp (d8)
[ranger thing]
[ranger thing]</sgdisplay>


<sgdisplay iterations="1">+[Dice.1d8] hp (d8)
[cleric thing]
[cleric thing]</sgdisplay>


<sgdisplay iterations="1">+[Dice.1d6] hp (d6)
[fool thing]
[cleric thing]</sgdisplay>


<sgdisplay iterations="1">+[Dice.1d6] hp (d6)
[trickster thief thing]

[fool thing]</sgdisplay>


<sgdisplay iterations="1">+[Dice.1d6] hp (d6)
[thief thing]
[thief thing]</sgdisplay>


<sgdisplay iterations="1">[Dice.1d6] hp (d6)
[trickster thief thing]
[trickster thief thing]</sgdisplay>


<sgdisplay iterations="1">[Dice.1d4] hp (d4)
[magic-user thing]</sgdisplay>


<sgdisplay iterations="1">[Dice.1d4] hp (d4)
[magic-user thing]</sgdisplay>


barbarian thing

1,[standard stuff] 2,[standard combat maneuvers] 3,[brutal combat maneuvers] 2,[wilderness survival lore] 2,[fighter flaws] 1,[bodygrowth]

warrior thing

1,[standard stuff] 2,[standard combat maneuvers] 2,[inspiring combat maneuvers] 1,[brutal combat maneuvers] 1,[fighter flaws] 1,[bodygrowth]

tactician thing

1,[standard stuff] 2,[standard combat maneuvers] 2,[inspiring combat maneuvers] 1,[brutal combat maneuvers] 1,[standard diplomacy] 1,[controller diplomacy] 1,[probably bodygrowth]

ranger thing

1,[standard stuff] 2,[standard combat maneuvers] 2,[tricky combat maneuvers] 3,[wilderness survival lore] 1,[probably bodygrowth]

thief thing

10,two skill points or increase your thief skills one rank 1,[standard stuff] 2,[standard combat maneuvers] 3,[tricky combat maneuvers] 2,[innocent diplomacy] 1,[standard diplomacy] 1,[specialist skills] 1,[lucky situational bonuses] 1,[probably bodygrowth]

trickster thief thing

10,two skill points or increase your thief skills one rank 1,[standard stuff] 1,[standard combat maneuvers] 2,[tricky combat maneuvers] 1,[innocent diplomacy] 1,[standard diplomacy] 1,[specialist skills] 1,[controller diplomacy] 1,[trickster spell-like stuff] 1,[probably bodygrowth]

fool thing

1,[innocent diplomacy] 1,[tricky combat maneuvers] 1,[controller diplomacy] 1,[probably bodygrowth]

magic-user thing

10,[spells] 1,[standard stuff] 1,[standard diplomacy] 1,[controller diplomacy] 1,[magic flaws] 1,[eldritch spell-like stuff] 1,[trickster spell-like stuff] 1,[probably mindgrowth] 1,[mindgrowth]

cleric thing

10,[spells] 1,[standard stuff] 1,[standard diplomacy] 1,[controller diplomacy] 1,[eldritch spell-like stuff] 1,[purity spell-like stuff] 1,[lucky situational bonuses] 1,[probably mindgrowth] 1,[mindgrowth]

standard stuff

1,get an exceptional henchman 1,get an exceptional horse 1,get an exceptional hound 1,(one use) when you die, you lose a limb instead 1,(one use) you learn a spell - any spell of your choice, but you can cast it only once, as a 15th level wizard 1,learn 1 language

standard combat maneuvers

1,(once per opponent) on a successful hit you also knock the target prone 1,(once per opponent) on a successful hit you also knock the target back 10 feet 1,[combat bonus] while unarmed 1,[combat bonus] using bows and crossbows 1,get an extra attack each round (split your combat bonus between attacks) 1,on a successful hit you can knock creatures of animal-intelligence prone 1,on a critical hit, deal 3x damage

brutal combat maneuvers

1,(once per opponent) on a successful hit you also blind the target for one turn 1,(once per opponent) on a successful hit you can also grab the target (though they can save) 1,[combat bonus] while throwing weapons 1,(when in melee with 3+ opponents) hit everybody around you 1,declare a grudge for +2 tohit/+2 damage (against an escaped/victorious foe, only one grudge at a time) 1,+1 critical hit range. 1,on a critical hit, instantly decapitate an enemy of your level or lower 1,(each encounter) get +1 tohit for each enemy you kill, up to +5 1,you choose a number of hit points and charge heedlessly into battle, dealing that much damage if you hit, or taking that much if you fail. 1,hold a creature for an extra round before it gets a chance to escape. its str and dex must both be less than your str 1,(once per opponent, large opponent) when the target knocks you down to under half your hit points, deal it 3x damage on your next turn

inspiring combat maneuvers 1,[combat bonus] while on horseback 1,(once per opponent) on a successful hit you can also disarm the target (though they can save) 1,(each encounter) you can spend a round to give everyone (of your level) a free save and +1 to hit next round 1,(when in melee with 3+ opponents) get +1ac for each adjacent opponent 1,give allies fighting around you +1 to hit 1,immune to [fear], and grant allies an extra save versus same 1,spend a round watching soemthing to learn one of its stats 1,(once per day) command - as the spell

tricky combat maneuvers

1,(once per opponent) on a successful hit you can make a skill check to steal something from the target 1,(once per opponent) you can wait a number of turns watching the target in order to get + that number d10 tohit and + that number d10 damage when you strike 1,(once per encounter) add your whole charisma score to hit and to damage with an improvised weapon 1,[combat bonus] using improvised weapons 1,(once per opponent, large opponent) don't attack for a round, deal 3x damage on the next round 1,(rolling max damage with a bow) put the arrow wherever you like 1,don't attack for a round, get +4 tohit with bows/crossbows next round 1,(encounter) do as many acrobatic stunts as your dex bonus (or 1 if no bonus). you can use this to move two times and attack in a turn 1,(in the first round) you can make the enemy hit itself instead of hitting you. you don't attack that round 1,when an opponent tries to hit you and fumbles, get a free critical on that target next turn

standard diplomacy

1,(once a day) an npc you meet is actually an old friend, or someone who owes you a favor 1,(once a day) you can demoralize someone by taunting them (they can save) 1,you can make friends with anything 1,you can get along and make yourself understood with people when you don't share a language, small faux pas will be ignored 1,+2 to recognise aristocrats, their rank and function. 1,(each session) make an int check to know a secret - either lore about treasure, or an embarassing NPC secret. 1,+2 to lying, and (each day) tell can one lie and be believed

innocent diplomacy

1,you can act like you belong in a strange place, and noone will suspect you 1,you can talk to anything and it will be compelled to talk back, so long as you can keep the conversation going 1,(once a day) you can talk someone into a near blind rage, by asking simple questions (they can save)

controller diplomacy

1,+1 to any sort of charm or intimidate roll. roll d6 whenever you meed an npc - on a 1, they are fascinated by you, and you get a further +2 when dealing with them. 1,each time someone fails to resist your charms, they get -1 cumulative versus further charm rolls 1,when you put a plan together, you can apply +1 to any five rolls, and reroll one fumble, as the plan is enacted

wilderness survival lore

1,(in wilderness) you can know what creatures have been here the past day - or (wis check) the past week 1,(in wilderness) immune to surprise (spot enemies 2 rounds ahead). 2x search speed. add your level to speed when pursued. 1,(in wilderness) move at full speed and keep concealment. invisible at night until you attack. wis vs dex to spot 1,(in wilderness last 4 hours) you collected some healing plants (2 doses, heal 4hp) 1,(in wilderness) spend an hour to collect poisons (save or confusion, 2d4 rounds, d6 damage per round) - they must be used in one hour of being collected 1,(in wilderness) if you make a map, the next time you pass through there (an hour or fight later) you notice any concealed or hidden features. 1,you know anything you-the-player know about monsters. you also know what animals will do one round ahead. 1,get +2 resistance versus (heat/frost/drowning) according to your culture 1,(per day) spend half an hour to eat the heart of an animal you killed. you get its strength (number of attacks, bonus to attack) but go nuts and speak in grunts. lasts one hour. you can carry preserved hearts around with you 1,you can calm animals with a charisma check. if it fails, you have effectively ac10 in the first round of ensuing combat 1,you can spend a week and 25% of the usual cost to make your own weapons. +1 to hit and damage with a weapon you made. 1,get an animal friend

specialist skills

1,+2 language skill or +1 language 1,skilled with poisons. need 40gp worth of alchemy stuff. 1,skilled with forgery, int versus wis to spot. need 40gp worth of forgery stuff. 1,skilled with disguise, int versus wis to spot. need 40gp worth of disguise stuff. 1,you can flawlessly appraise nonmagic items, can detect treasure that is somehow unusual, that it is unusual. get +1 to identify traps or unusual room features from cultures you know.

trickster spell-like stuff

1,get a second shape 1,you can mimic voices flawlessly 1,you can steal abstract stuff from people (like senses, feelings) for a minute (they get a save) 1,any agreement you make is binding (as the geas spell) 1,you can trade individual powers with willing creatures, for up to a week

eldritch spell-like stuff

1,three things are doomed to happen to you. you choose one, another player chooses one, and the DM chooses one. 1,you can speak with beasts, elements, or plants (choose) 1,you can make a save to return a spell to its caster 1,cruel curse (range 100 feet, affects a number of creatures equal to your caster level, lasts as many days) you must watch the target do the same thing for two rounds. the target is then compelled either to always do the thing, or never, for the duration of the curse 1,you can detect spells and magic creatures within a 30foot area in the past day - but not know them, just know that they were there 1,you can write magic contracts that deal (your caster level)d6 damage to oathbreakers. 1,you can read the souls of people of your level -2. you can detect lies, magic influences, if they are what they seem. 1,you have a removable limb or organ (hand, eye, heart, etc) which must stay within 100 feet. 1,you recieve prophesies each time you dream 1,(once per campaign) make a major prophesy, it will come true, though perhaps twisted

purity spell-like stuff

1,you cannot be attacked by an enemy so long as you keep their eye contact 1,you cannot be attacked by an enemy of animal intelligence, unless they are evil 1,immunity to poison/disease/fear (choose one) 1,you can cure poison


20,a spell of your level 1,a spell you know is now bound inside an object - you can use it twice a day as a wizard of your caster level+1. others can use it as a wizard of your caster level-1 1,a random higher level spell 1,a copy of a spell you know, activates when a specific trigger occurs. the trigger can be set and the spell can be cast once a week 1,any higher level spell of your choice, but it has a 50% chance to backfire. 1,one 8th level spell, cast as a ritual. takes 25- your int hours. the target must be present. can cast once per month. 1,summon a demon, of your level-1, once a month. it might possess your familiar or henchman. it serves for 6 days, then it is released on the world. 1,you can make a will save to absorb any spell that affects only you, dispelling it - and must release it again within 8 hours. 1,a spell that is totally random each day 1,when casting an offensive spell you can hold the spell a number of rounds to cast it as a wizard of your caster level + that number.

lucky situational bonuses

1,(once a day) you can reroll one dice 1,you can choose the outcome of a gambling game, once per day 1,(once a day) you have the right (mundane) object on you for the situation 1,(once a week) make a fortunate plot twist happen (eg a secret door in your prison cell)

fighter flaws

1,you are easily enraged, must save or attack at the slightest insult 1,must never back down from a challenge (or will lose a level) 1,must eat twice own your weight each day or begin to starve 1,-4 save versus charms, lies 1,you have a monstrous appearance, will be considered as an ogre

magic flaws

1,partial loss of one of your senses (eg you are blind but have a seeing rock) 1,all your lovers are doomed to die 1,you no longer sleep, or laugh 1,you no longer eat or drink, and you lose all sense of taste 1,you no longer age, and cannot die, but your body can be destroyed, and you can exist as powerless braindust forever 1,your blood is worms 1,you are hollow 1,you are mutated (roll mutation) 1,you must no longer eat meat 1,you must no longer bathe 1,you must no longer cut your hair 1,you must no longer touch the dead 1,you must no longer drink alcohol 1,you are no longer able to wear red 1,you are no longer able to light fires 1,you are no longer able to sit facing east 1,you must sleep while hanging upside down like a bat


1,fear 1,surprise 1,insanity and confusion

probably bodygrowth

3,[bodygrowth] 1,[mindgrowth]

probably mindgrowth

1,[bodygrowth] 3,[mindgrowth]


4,[bonus] wis 4,[bonus] cha 4,[bonus] int 3,[bonus] wis/int/cha (choose) 2,[bonus] wis, [bonus] cha 2,[bonus] wis, [bonus] int 2,[bonus] int, [bonus] cha 1,+1 wis, +1 int, +1 cha


4,[bonus] str 4,[bonus] dex 4,[bonus] con 3,[bonus] str/dex/con (choose) 2,[bonus] str, [bonus] dex 2,[bonus] str, [bonus] con 2,[bonus] dex, [bonus] con 1,+1 str, +1 dex, +1 con


1,+2 tohit 1,+1 tohit 5,


1,+2 tohit 1,+1 tohit 3,






4, 1,[bonus] fortitude


3, 1,[bonus] fortitude


3, 1,[bonus] reflex


3, 1,[bonus] will


4, 1,[bonus] will


5,+1 1,+2

combat bonus

4,+2 to hit 1,+4 to hit 1,use a larger damage die </sgtable>

( based on Zak Smith's class tables and scrap princess' archetypes as classes. for spells try: Category:Spell_Lists) if you get a thing twice, just kick it up another notch.