Pulp Fantasy Titles

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<sgdisplay iterations="9">[main]



1,[people]s of the [type] [subject1] 1,[subject1] of the [type] [people] 1,The [type] [subject1] 1,[subject1] of the [type] [subject2]s


1,Raider 1,Pirate 1,Warrior 1,Amazon 1,Barbarian 1,Sorcerer 1,Wizard 1,King 1,Queen 1,Prince 1,Princess 1,Lord 1,Bandit 1,Rogue 1,Slave


1,Black 1,Forbidden 1,Bloody 1,Red 1,Iron 1,Lost 1,Savage 1,Forsaken 1,Emerald 1,Diamond 1,Golden 1,Silver 1,Ebony 1,Scarlet 1,Crimson 1,Elder 1,Unhallowed 1,Cursed


1,Circle 1,Temple 1,Keep 1,Tower 1,Palace 1,Colossus 1,Tomb 1,Mountain 1,Skull 1,Ring 1,Crown 1,Peak 1,Valley 1,Canyon 1,Hill 1,Blade


1,Death 1,Doom 1,Shield 1,Sword 1,Worm 1,Devouring 1,Blood 1,Serpent 1,Visions


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