Pulp Fantasy Nation

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<sgdisplay iterations="99">[main]</sgdisplay>





2,[syllable] the [placename] of [descriptorb] 2,[syllable]'[syllable] the [placename] of [descriptorb] 2,[syllable]'[syllable] the [descriptora] [placename] 1,[syllable]'[syllable] 2,[syllable]-[syllable] 1,[syllable]'[syllable]'[syllable] 4,The [descriptora] [placename] 2,The [placename] of [descriptorb]


1,Ain 2,Ath 1,Bai 1,Bax 1,Be 1,Can 1,Dei 2,Eo 2,Fir 3,Fyr 1,Gur 2,Gor 1,Hir 2,Hor 1,Jen 2,Jor 2,Kar 2,Kam 2,Koz 2,Kyr 3,Lan 3,Mar 1,Mer 3,Mir 4,Myr 1,No 1,Nok 1,Nuk 1,Oi 1,Os 2,Po 2,Rom 2,Rath 2,Ror 1,Rex 1,Ru 2,Tek 1,To 1,Tro 1,Vlk 3,Vor 1,Xo 1,Xai 2,Xe 2,Xoth 2,Yani 1,Yor 1,Yu 1,Zhe 1,Zu


2,Red 1,Scarlet 1,Crimson 1,Grey 1,Mauve 1,Purple 2,Ebon 1,Ivory 1,Blue 2,Azure 1,Emerald 1,Ruby 1,Umber 1,Amber 2,Ash 2,Brass 1,Bronze 1,Brown 1,Carnelian 1,Cerulean 1,Coral 1,Cyan 1,Saffron 1,Golden 1,Indigo 2,Jade 1,Tyrian 5,Sighing 5,Whispering 5,Howling 4,Woeful 3,Dread 2,Dreadful 5,Desolate 4,Weeping 2,Mad 4,Endless 2,Trackless 3,Eldritch 2,Dark 2,Groaning 1,Ice 1,Fire 1,Boiling 3,Lost 3,Forgotten 3,Unknown 3,Elder 2,Barbaric 3,Savage


1,Steppes 1,Plains 2,City 1,Towns 2,Forest 1,Woods 1,Jungles 2,Isles 1,Islands 1,Tundra 2,Mountains 1,Peaks 1,Valley 2,Hills 1,Moors 1,Craters 1,Swamps 1,Marshes 1,Bogs 2,Barrens 1,Bay 2,Coast 2,Marches 2,Lands 1,Sultanate 2,Cantons 2,Kingdom 1,Satrapy 2,Empire 1,Borderlands


2,Sighs 2,Whispers 1,Groans 1,Dread 1,Ice 1,Fire 1,Howls 2,Woe 2,Fear 2,Madness 1,Beasts 1,Reavers

</sgtable> Caegory:Pulp