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This generator picks a culture, race, species, or faction at random from several published settings (from RPGs, video games, movies, books, and blogs). The idea for it was that it could be interesting to explore a mashup setting where several randomly selected cultures coexist. How would interacting with these other cultures instead of those from their source material change them?

Alternatively, you could take two and mash them together to create a new culture. Either way, hopefully it leads to some fun worldbuilding!



8,{{#replace:[dresden_files]|🌎|Dresden Files}} 10,{{#replace:[mechanical_dream]|🌎|Mechanical Dream}} 10,{{#replace:[wod]|🌎|World of Darkness}} 513,[fantasy] 197,[scifi]


10,{{#replace:[birthright]|🌎|Birthright}} 10,{{#replace:[centerra]|🌎|Centerra}} 10,{{#replace:[dark_sun]|🌎|Dark Sun}} 5,{{#replace:[dragon_age]|🌎|Dragon Age}} 11,{{#replace:[dragonlance]|🌎|Dragonlance}} 9,{{#replace:[earthdawn]|🌎|Earthdawn}} 17,{{#replace:[eberron]|🌎|Eberron}} 15,{{#replace:[endless_legend]|🌎|Endless Legend}} 5,{{#replace:[final_fantasy_x]|🌎|Final Fantasy X}} 9,{{#replace:[glorantha]|🌎|Glorantha}} 6,{{#replace:[greedfall]|🌎|GreedFall}} 5,{{#replace:[guild_wars]|🌎|Guild Wars}} 14,{{#replace:[gwenthia]|🌎|Gwenthia}} 2,{{#replace:[jakandor]|🌎|Jakandor}} 96,{{#replace:[mtg]|🌎|Magic: The Gathering}} 9,{{#replace:[middle_earth]|🌎|Middle Earth}} 27,{{#replace:[midgard]|🌎|Midgard Campaign Setting}} 12,{{#replace:[midnight]|🌎|Midnight}} 12,{{#replace:[mistborn]|🌎|Mistborn}} 9,{{#replace:[pillars_of_eternity]|🌎|Pillars of Eternity}} 13,{{#replace:[planescape]|🌎|Planescape}} 17,{{#replace:[ravenflight]|🌎|Ravenflight}} 15,{{#replace:[scarred_lands]|🌎|Scarred_Lands}} 9,{{#replace:[soverign_stone]|🌎|Soverign Stone}} 79,{{#replace:[talislanta]|🌎|Talislanta}} 23,{{#replace:[talislanta_savage_land]|🌎|Talislanta: Savage Land}} 10,{{#replace:[tamriel]|🌎|Tamriel}} 10,{{#replace:[varkith]|🌎|Varkith}} 29,{{#replace:[warcraft]|🌎|Warcraft}} 15,{{#replace:[wfrp]|🌎|Warhammer Fantasy}}


36,{{#replace:[endless_space]|🌎|Endless Space}} 12,{{#replace:[fading_suns]|🌎|Fading Suns}} 17,{{#replace:[mass_effect]|🌎|Mass_Effect}} 3,{{#replace:[starcraft]|🌎|StarCraft}} 24,{{#replace:[star_control]|🌎|Star Control}} 98,{{#replace:[star_wars]|🌎|Star Wars}} 7,{{#replace:[w40k]|🌎|Warhammer 40,000}}


0,Birthright by Rich Baker, Colin McComb, TSR Inc. 1,Anuireans (🌎) - Feudal Humans similar to late medieval French and Norman English 1,Brecht (🌎) - Short, stocky, seafaring humans who support free enterprise and have lots of guilds. Inspiration: Holy Roman Empire, Hanseatic League, Venice. 1,Khinasi (🌎) - Tall, dark-skinned, and lanky humans with universities dedicated to studying magic, and to whom family, clan, and saving face are very important. Inspiration: Spanish Moors and Arabs. 1,Rjurik (🌎) - Tall, fair humans who braid their hair and live in clans run by a Jarl and his druid advisor. Inspiration: Vikings and Celts. 1,Vos (🌎) - Tall, sallow-skinned tribes of bloodthirsty raider humans who disdain trade and weakness and follow a rigid code of honor that demands blood for even the smallest offense. Inspiration: Russians, Huns, Mongols. 1,Sidhelien (🌎) - Fickle, passionate, freedom-loving elves with a grudge against humans and will kill any who stray into their forests. Inspiration: Celtic Sidhe. 1,Halflings (🌎) - Native to the Shadow World, they fled it when the Usurper corrupted it, but can sense where the barriers between the worlds are thin and walk between them, as well as detect evil and perform necromancy. 1,Karamhul (🌎) - Isolationist dwarves with gray, stony, cold skin who subsist on the minerals and magic in dirt. 1,Goblins (🌎) - Aggressive raiders and mercenaries who live in clan steadings and tend livestock. 1,Orogs (🌎) - Militaristic, nocturnal orcs who ride giant fire lizards, are excellent metalworkers, and live in a state of constant war with everyone.


0,Centerra, by Arnold Kemp at 1,Tamberlanders (🌎) - Humanoid constructs of wood, copper, and prosthetics, who equate power with the number of descendants they've created and are known for their balloonists, scouts, traders, alchemy, and immunity to poison. 1,Gnomes (🌎) - Tiny, arrogant humanoids who grow from gems, have gem-like eyes and conical skulls that grow as they age, and are known for their mushroom wine and fierce fighters, and incredible strength for their size. 1,Zerino (🌎) - Cheerful, effusive human-like creatures with monkey-like tails, blonde hair worn in mohawks or braids that run from the head down the back to the tail, renowned sailors, merchants, and pirates whose religion forbids living on land too long 1,Afner (🌎) - Short humanoids with hair and skin of all shades of brown but no body hair, who are known for their machismo, being family minded, stubbornness, quick tempers, and excellent cooking. 1,Bashani (🌎) - Clever, impulsive humanoids with yellow or bronze skin, blue or green eyes, dark hair, and horns, who live in cities in the jungle, have brightly colored clothes and houses, and are known for being passionate, sociable, tardy, sarcastic, and for their lethal duels, powerful mustaches, shamelessness, and skilled swordsmen. 1,Gileans (🌎) - People with pure black hair, chalk-white skin that turns black when wet, facial tattoos denoting occupation, and are known for their art, the worst cuisine in the world, introversion, moodiness, martial arts, and pet hyenas. 1,Lassics (🌎) - People with dusty red hair, copper colored hair, fingernails, teeth, and bones, and broad shoulders, who are known for being proud, vain, fat, lovers of comfort and food, lazy, and tricksters. 1,Medurans (🌎) - Tall, lithe people with dark red, almost purple skin and hard, sharp fingernails, known for their love of spices, dreaming and philosophizing, generosity, leadership, drunkenness, drug use, and petty thievery. 1,Nikal (🌎) - tall, broad-shouldered people with black hair and skin, golden-brown eyes, and no pinky fingers, who are known for sleeping standing up with their eyes open, living in snowy southern prairies, riding bull horses and huge birds, practicing warping magic, great appetites, hospitality, martial prowess, patience, and determination. 1,Chelinauscans (🌎) - Centipede-centaurs with red, brown or gold skin and long poisonous index fingers, who wear precious metals, jewels and perfumes, replace their body plates with decorated metal ones, known for their metallurgy, noble magic users, and poison-using martial arts. 1,Mt. Doldrum Dwarves (🌎) - Practical dwarves incapable of creativity, who capture an outsider to be their imprisoned king and propose solutions to their problems, known for their square architecture, boring conversation, bland cuisine, mines, and stockpiles of gold. 1,Octaros (🌎) - Small goblinoids with eight-fingered hands, eight-toed feet, a single eye, fused needle-like teeth, and cartilage instead of bones, who live in squalid underground villages, and are curious, shy, fond of shiny things and fish skeletons, psychically empathic, and worshipers of "The Watcher Behind the World." 1,Brackles (🌎) - Thin, wiry, hermaphroditic, forest-dwelling, plantlike humanoids with angular faces, no visible eyes, thorny heads, who are born in the spring and die in the winter, live passionately for the moment, focus on the future, and remember experiences of their ancestors. 1,Longstriders (🌎) - Tall, skinny giants with sharp business savvy who ride giraffes, work as either slaves or wandering merchants, can transfer curses with their breath, and are known for their humility. 1,Halflings (🌎) - short humanoids known for their bravery, machismo, fierce grudges, pets, hatred of slavery, and being vegetarians since eating meat gradually makes them insane and turns them into goblins 1,Goblins (🌎) - Semi-insane, short, bald, green-skinned humanoids with sharp teeth, an obsession with meat, and a love of machinations and traps, who used to be halflings until they ate meat, and who give birth to large litters but always die in childbirth. 1,Elves (🌎) - Aloof, wise, humanoids with a drive to dominate and create beauty, even if it requires necromancy, fleshcrafting, or environmental damage, who equate beauty with morality, claim all natural beauty belongs to them, and are known for their many euphemisms, mastery of magic, disdain for armor and violence, and ancestor golems. 1,Orcs (🌎) - Dystheists who believe their gods hate them and cursed them with stupidity, ugliness, and misfortune, who are known for their haruspices, trying to appease their gods with violence and suffering, and only showing love and compassion in their own homes where the gods can't see. 1,Ventrue (🌎) - Tall, woolly-haired, wookie-like humanoids with long furry necks, who only communicate telepathically, live in the mountains, and are known for their herbalists, shamans, love of the cold, knowledge of planar travel, and trance magic. 1,Merfolk (🌎) - Finned, fishlike, marine humanoids with long tails, who seek metal above all, claim all oceans as their dominion, build most of their cities along coastlines and beaches, and travel in half-submerged ships.


0,Dark Sun by Timothy B. Brown, Troy Denning, TSR, Inc. 1,Aarakocra (🌎) - Intelligent, claustrophobic vulture- and raptor-like humanoids living in small tribes in the rocky badlands and mountains. 1,Dray (🌎) - Tall, scaley dragon-like humanoids with tails but no wings who were created by a Sorceror-King but re now refugees following his defeat. 1,Dwarves (🌎) - Tough Dwarves with little to no hair, gifted artisans of stone and metal at home above or below ground, who cannot practice arcane magic and are commonly used as slave labor. 1,Elves (🌎) - Swift-running, fast-talking herders, traders, thieves, and raiders considered untrustworthy by many, who prefer to live in the moment and avoid hard work or drudgery as much as possible. 1,Half-giants (🌎) - Demihumans used as slaves, gladiators, and soldiers with fickle demeanors. 1,Halflings (🌎) - The oldest race, who live in shamanistic jungle tribes and are known for their savage, cannibalistic tribalism, xenophobia, and reverence of nature. 1,Humans (🌎) - Most numerous race, who live mostly in city-states and are considered better than the "lesser races". 1,Muls (🌎) - Large, strong, completely hairless, dwarven-human hybrids bred by the sorcerer-kings as a race of slave soldiers, possessed of tremendous endurance. 1,Pterrans (🌎) - Intelligent, reptiloids with a shamanistic culture who believe themselves to be the planet's chosen children. 1,Thri-Kreen (🌎) - Large, predatory, bipedal, four-armed, humanoid sized insect people resembling mantises with great jumping and psionic abilities and poisonous bites who dwell in deserts and plains.


0,Dragon Age games by BioWare 1,Dwarves (🌎) - Short, stocky, strong, and technologically advanced, their great underground kingdoms have fallen into decline. With the Stone Sense they can hear the song of lyrium, they do not dream, lack magical ability, and are resistant to magic. 1,Humans (🌎) - Most numerous and most contentious of all peoples. 1,Elves (🌎) - Slender, lithe, and pointy-eared, they are associated with poverty and crime, and many are enslaved by humans. 1,Qunari (🌎) - White haired, metallic-skinned, horned giants who follow the philosophy of the Qun and to whom duty is paramount. 1,Darkspawn (🌎) - Tainted, bloodthirsty, quick-healing pale humanoids with a strange blackness bleeding out of their eyes and mouths who come from underground and wage war against all sentient beings.


0,Dragonlance, by Laura and Tracy Hickman, Margaret Weis, TSR Inc. 1,Humans (🌎) - Most common humanoid group. 1,Silvanesti (🌎) - Secluded, isolationist elves with fine features and a caste-based society, who believe themselves the Firstborn of the gods and who twist trees into structures of marble and silver with magic. 1,Qualinesti (🌎) - Tan-skinned elves with fair hair who are extremely open and the most friendly and diplomatic of the elves, ruled by the Speaker of the Sun and a senate of the leaders of society. 1,Kagonesti (🌎) - Wild, tribal, tattooed elves who live in caves and trees instead of buildings, value harmony with nature, and are suspicious of outsiders because of mistreatment in the past. 1,Dargonesti (🌎) - Extremely isolationist, deeply blue-skinned, underwater "deep elves", the tallest of all elves, whose language sounds like the clicking of dolphins and who have webbed fingers and toes, gill slits beneath their pointed ears, and long, braided silver hair. 1,Dimernesti (🌎) - Surly underwater "shoal elves" who believe in freedom of choice and live in choral reefs and other underwater natural formations. They have light blue skin, webbed fingers and toes, gill slits beneath their pointed ears, and pale gold or dark green hair. 1,Dwarves (🌎) - Short, stocky crafters and artisans who fight amongst clans unless united against a common enemy. 1,Kender (🌎) - Fearlesss halfling kleptomaniacs (they call it borrowing) and lockpicks who are prone to wanderlust. 1,Gnomes (🌎) - Short, brown-skinned, tinkerers and inventors, notoriously fast talkers who run their words together, each is given a Life Quest that they must complete before they and their ancestors can rest. 1,Minotaurs (🌎) - Seafaring, bigoted, bovine humanoids who believe in honor, ruled by champions of the Great Circus and seeking the destruction of all other races. 1,Draconians (🌎) - Reptilian humanoids used as crack troops in war, created by corrupting a dragon egg.


0,The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher 1,The White Council (🌎) - Governing body of the wizards of the world, protecting humanity, ruled by a 7-seat Senior Council led by the Merlin and aided by the Wardens, their enforcers. 1,White Court Vampires (🌎) - Scheming human-like vampires who prefer to avoid direct confrontation but feed off of emotions and life force, are born into vampirism, and are organized in a number of close-knit Houses that fight amongst each other. 1,Red Court Vampires (🌎) - Bat-like vampires in human guise, incredibly strong and fast, with a potent narcotic saliva and a feudalistic society and grow their numbers by infecting humans. 1,Black Court Vampires (🌎) - Reanimated bloodthirsty corpses, vampires who can enthrall humans. 1,Faerie Courts (🌎) - The Summer and Winter Sidhe Courts, engaged in a perpetual cold war, cannot tell direct lies but instead twist their words to exploit loopholes. 1,Knights of the Cross (🌎) - People chosen to wield one of three holy swords that God sent to Earth to serve the righteous for a just cause. 1,Order of the Blackened Denarius (🌎) - The union of a human host and one of the Fallen (exiled Angels), created when a human touches a tarnished silver coin that paid for a betrayal and their soul is trapped inside allowing the Fallen to overtake the host, and who seek to disrupt human civilization and sow chaos. 1,Nevernever Demons (🌎) - Demons with a hierarchical caste system, who may be summoned by a wizard using their true name and seek to both break free of any confinement and kill the one who summoned them.


0,Earthdawn by Greg Gorden, FASA Games 1,Dwarfs (🌎) - Short and stocky, the predominant people group in the world, with a Renaissance-era level culture and who form the backbone of resistance against the Empire. 1,Elves (🌎) - Tall, lithe, pointy-eared humanoids who prefer living in nature and who have ever-bleeding thorns piercing their skin causing constant pain but saving them from madness. 1,Humans (🌎) - Most versatile people group, but tend to have a warlike outlook. 1,Obsidimen (🌎) - Large, slow-moving, deliberate rock-based humanoids loyal to the community around the Liferock from which they emerged and with which they will one day re-merge. 1,Orks (🌎) - Tribal, nomadic, barbaric humanoids with olive, tan, beige or ebony skin who are short-lived and as a result attempt to leave a legacy marked by a memorable death. 1,Trolls (🌎) - Tall humanoids with hardened skin and horns who are fiercely loyal to their clans, often raid one another, and are known for their airships. 1,T'skrang (🌎) - Swashbuckling, lizard-like, amphibian humanoids with long tails and a flair for dramatics and sailing. 1,Windling (🌎) - Small, winged, fairy-like humanoids who can see into the astral plane, and are considered lucky, mischievous, hedonistic, and curious. 1,Horrors (🌎) - Alien creatures from a distant, otherworldly dimension who crossed into this one because of a rise in magic and who seek to devour all they encounter.


0,Eberron by Keith Baker, Wizards of the Coast 1,Changelings (🌎) - Capricious, evasive, adaptive, cautious shapeshifters descended from doppelgangers who face a stigma of distrust. 1,Dwarves (🌎) - Short and enduring bankers, merchants, and miners, who are often unfairly stereotyped as money obsessed alcoholics. 1,Aerenal elves (🌎) - Necromantic ancestor-worshipping elves rules by the Undying Court, made up of Deathless ancestors. 1,Valenar elves (🌎) - Horse-riding warclans of ruthless, expanionist elves who seek to emulate their warrior ancestors. Inspiration: Mongols. 1,Khorvaire elves (🌎) - Elves who have assimilated into other cultures and follow local customs. 1,Drow (🌎) - Dark-skinned, white haired, nomadic, tribal elves who revere the traditions of their ancestors, worship a scorpion god, and scar themselves with scorpion venom. 1,Gnomes (🌎) - Short and inquisitive, they lust for knowledge, and are skilled at espionage, poetry, music, illusion magic, and elemental binding. 1,Halflings (🌎) - Dinosaur-riding, nomadic, short barbarians who live on the plains and wear tribal masks. 1,Orcs (🌎) - Unfairly stereotyped as savage brutes and ravaging barbarians, their isolationist tribes and hard-working clans live in marshes and worship nature with a strong druidic tradition. 1,Kalashtar (🌎) - Psionic hybrids whose human ancestors fused with outsider spirits, natural telepaths and martial artists effectively indistinguishable from humans, they were driven from their homeland and now conduct a secret war against evil dream spirits. 1,Shifters (🌎) - Descended from humans and lycanthropes, with no distinct homeland but who usually dwell in rural areas, who value self-sufficiency can shift parts of their body to become animal-like temporarily. 1,Warforged (🌎) - Sentient, free-willed, magic-powered constructs of wood, metal, and stone, built for war but now filling various roles in society, who lack facial expression, never tire or grow bored, and well understand duty and chain of command. 1,Karrnathi (🌎) - Militaristic human nation with mandatory military service and no qualms about using necromancy in the military. 1,Thranish (🌎) - Human theocracy of the Church of the Silver Flame, with a conservative culture devoted to religion, family, work and puritanical ideals. 1,Aundarians (🌎) - Human nation of fertile farmlands, hardworking agriculturalists and learned intellectuals, known for somewhat arrogant attitudes, stubbornness, and fashion sense. 1,Brelish (🌎) - Only democratic human nation, with a parliamentary monarchy, a mix of proud agricultural traditions and an urban industrial outlook, they are tolerant and accepting. 1,Lhazaarians (🌎) - Mostly human confederacy of sea princes, pirates, and merchant traders, where might makes right.


0,Endless Legend game by Amplitude Studios 1,Ardent Mages (🌎) - Sorcerers who warp their bodies and minds to achieve great magical power and sustained life by mastering Dust magic, agony, and rage. 1,Broken Lords (🌎) - Knights of honor and chivalry who have lost their humanity, depend on Dust instead of food, and remain as specters within their suits of armor. 1,Cult of the Eternal End (🌎) - A monolithic, fanatical cult that spreads influence on lesser races, mechanical in their appearance and thought, who maintain a single city, wish to destroy the relics of the Endless. 1,Drakken (🌎) - An ancient dragon race whose longevity has made them a wise race of scholars and diplomats. 1,Mezari (🌎) - Human space settlers who must adapt the best they can to terrestrial conditions due to a loss of their ship and technology. 1,Necrophages (🌎) - A great hive mind horde of insectoid creatures that can spread plagues while infecting and controlling others. 1,Roving Clans (🌎) - Patient, wily, peaceful, nomadic travelers and merchants from distant lands whose great cities move with them, perched on the backs of giant Setseke scarabs. 1,Vaulters (🌎) - Conservative and wary, these clans of great smiths and craftsmen have lived in solitude underground for most of history but were forced to abandon their great halls by the Great Quake. 1,Wild Walkers (🌎) - Former forest dwelling elves who harnessed magic to control and shape the natural world and have shaped great towers and cities. 1,Forgotten (🌎) - Survivors from a "thought to be extinct faction" embracing the shadows by specializing into deception, infiltration, and sabotage. 1,Allayi (🌎) - Ancient beings who change form with the seasons, hold a tight bond with the world, and are sworn to protect it. 1,Morgawr (🌎) - Ancient, psychic, twisted underwater constructs who broke out of their prisons deep beneath the ocean. 1,Kapaku (🌎) - Tinkerer and inventor emigrants forced from their volcanic homeworld who seek to transform this world into a 'paradise of ash and fire', and have a symbiotic relationship with their indefatigable golem workers. 1,Mykara (🌎) - A race of sentient plant matter and fungal humanoids, a single vast organism spread throughout the world as an underground root system.


0,Endless Space games by Amplitude Studios 1,United Empire (🌎) - A totalitarian human government operating under a combination of corporate rule and feudal monarchy, bent on galactic supremacy. 1,Pilgrims (🌎) - A faction of human exiles and rebels from the United Empire, united in their desire for freedom and quasi-religious veneration of the Endless. 1,Horatio (🌎) - A species of clones derived from the megalomaniacal human trillionaire Horatio, seeing themselves as a master race and desiring to "beautify" the universe by populating it with more of their kind. 1,Sophons (🌎) - A diminutive, curious, and highly advanced species of scientists and engineers, seeking to unlock the secrets of the universe. 1,Cravers (🌎) - A species of ravenous cyborgs originally created as a bioweapon, whose only goal is to expand, consume and destroy. 1,Amoeba (🌎) - A peaceful species of highly evolved amoeboid lifeforms, valuing all life and seeking trade and diplomacy. 1,Hissho (🌎) - An empire of fierce avian tribal warriors seeking conquest and glory. 1,Sowers (🌎) - A network of terraforming robots created by the Endless to make the galaxy suitable for habitation who have never stopped performing their original task. 1,Sheredyn (🌎) - The royal bodyguards and special forces of the United Empire. 1,Automatons (🌎) - A robotic faction created when Dust induced sentience in the abandoned technology of an extinct civilization. 1,Harmony (🌎) - Crystalline lifeforms that have existed since the beginning of the universe, broken from a single entity into numerous individuals by exposure to Dust and seek to eradicate the terrifying plague of Dust from the universe no matter the cost. 1,Vaulters (🌎) - A resilient human culture with traditionally female leaders, that have recently escaped their dying planet Auriga and now seek a new home among the stars from which to one day go back and rescue those who stayed behind. 1,Unfallen (🌎) - Race of sentient trees who see themselves as guardians of peace and harmony. 1,Vodyani (🌎) - A theocracy that worships their precursors who gained divinity when they were saved by ancient technology from over industrialization, who believe they have a religious mandate to force all creatures in the galaxy to undergo the same physical conversion they did. 1,Riftborn (🌎) - Time-shifting, quasi-robotic forms that house beings who ventured from their home dimension when a rift brought disorder to their abstract, timeless dimension. 1,Amblyr (🌎) - Peaceful, quiet, lethargic race of marine reptile-like aliens. 1,Basryxo (🌎) - A meticulous, introspective people from a garbage planet, who focus on recycling, reuse, and the environment. 1,Bhagaba (🌎) - Cheerful, pacifist, and charmingly clumsy race of strange coral-like creatures who are avatars of a planet-sized "supercomputer." 1,Deuyivans (🌎) - Clever, grotesque, hive-mind insectoid race of tireless, intelligent scientists. 1,Epistis (🌎) - Group of mechanical beings who fanatically pursue their directive of preserving a fragile ecology and recycling everything that can be recycled. 1,Galvran (🌎) - Four-eyed miners and masters of technology who live underground and are accustomed to cold temperatures and dim light. 1,Gnashast (🌎) - Stocky, six-fingered, deeply territorial beings who will defend their tidal flats with great determination and great violence. 1,Haroshem (🌎) - Simple, peaceful, agriculturalists and traders. 1,Illo (🌎) - Robots who believe in the Divine Will, the ruthless creator of the universe, and in survival of the fittest. 1,Kal'Tik'Ma (🌎) - Solid, resilient stoics who lost their homeworld when the star went supernova and now scavenge and dream of their lost home. 1,Kalgeros (🌎) - Small, strong, agile, marsupial-like species of jolly and gregarious martial artists. 1,Kalmat (🌎) - A rugged, resilient, tardigrade-like species who have mastered cybernetics and survival in volcanic environments. 1,Lumeris (🌎) - Also known as the Four Families, this alien society revolves around trade, economic growth, and business. 1,Mavros (🌎) - Small, three-fingered mercenaries, bounty hunters, and enforcers who love crafting and building and have a reputation for troublemaking and crime. 1,Niris (🌎) - Tentacled, aquatic aliens who nearly destroyed their ecosystem but have bounced back with an extremely ecological outlook on life. 1,Remnant (🌎) - Robotic assassins recently awakened from hibernation who've been reprogrammed to build a better galaxy for the most deserving. 1,Sefaloros (🌎) - Efficient undersea industrialists who spin, weave, or secrete their infrastructure. 1,Tikanan (🌎) - Wild, aggressive insectoid species imported for "zoological reasons" who escaped their research lab and later swarmed their former captors. 1,Xirmisala (🌎) - Dust-sensitive, bipedal, horned ungulates skilled at seeking out relics. 1,Yuusho (🌎) - Industrious, martial, aggressive, hardy, long-lost cousins of the Hissho whose society centers around martial arts, honor, war, and bloodshed. 1,Z'vali (🌎) - Curious, technically savvy, self-reliant species who trust in the power of science, travel in close-knit, nomadic communities, and have mastered creating computer-generated alternate realities and simulations. 1,Silics (🌎) - Slow-moving mineral elementals who guard underground crystal farms.


0,Final Fantasy X by Squaresoft. 1,Al Bhed (🌎) - Tribe of desert-dwelling, scavenging humans with green eyes and spiral-shaped pupils, who have mastered the use of machina like airships and other machines powered by electricity, but were blamed for an ancient catastrophe and are shunned by the world at large because of it. 1,Guado (🌎) - Long-limbed forest-dwelling humanoids with oversized claw-like hands, wooden skin, varicose veins, and hair that resembles brambles or vines, are renowned for their physical speed and religiosity, and guard the entrance to the Farplane, where the spirits of the dead gather. 1,Hypello (🌎) - Short, blue-skinned, bipedal amphibian beings with yellow eyes, slitted pupils, two antenna stalks, large bulbous cheeks, three fingered hands, webbed feet, a characteristic lisp, and a generally lackadaisical disposition. 1,Ronso (🌎) - Tall, nimble, muscular anthropomorphic felines with clawed hands and feet, long tails, fur ranging from blue to yellow to white, a horn growing from the males' foreheads denoting power and status, and a strong sense of duty, honor, pride, and loyalty, who live near and guard the most sacred mountain. 1,Spirans (🌎) - Technophobic humans who prefer the use of magic, are dominated by the Temple of Yevon, and revere the summoners who go on regular pilgrimages to protect their society from Sin, believed to have been unleashed by the overuse of machina in ages past.


0,Fading Suns by Bill Bridges, Andrew Greenberg, Holistic Design, Inc. 1,Imperium (🌎) - Feudal human empire ruled by five Royal Houses under an Emperor, influenced by the Universal Church of the Celestial Sun, as well as the Merchant League. 1,Vuldroks (🌎) - Human raiders and barbarians who make up a small number of nations. Inspiration: Vikings. 1,Kurgans (🌎) - A barbarian caliphate of educated, polite humans. Inspiration: Arabs. 1,Ascorbites (🌎) - Persecuted insectoid sentients who drink blood, have an unnerving appearance, and revere dark beings now disappeared. 1,Etyri (🌎) - Avian sentients known for their racial dimorphism, capable of flight and adhering to a religion that pronounces dead anyone who moves off-planet. 1,Gannok (🌎) - Small simian sentients known for their mechanical aptitude, pungent stench and propensity towards sometimes dangerous practical jokes. 1,Hironem (🌎) - Reptilian sentients whose society consists of a caste system and who can use the S'su, a psi-like energy. 1,Oro'ym (🌎) - Aquarian sentients divided into seven clans who practice animism and can regrow lost limbs or tail. 1,Shantor (🌎) - Horse-like sentients who have been subjugated into living on reserves. 1,Ur-Obun (🌎) - Human-like but with dark pupiless eyes, they have developed a pacifist and philosophical society and suffer the least prejudice of all alien species. 1,Ur-Ukar (🌎) - Pale human-like aliens with extensive body scarification, black pupiless eyes, natural gifts for Psi powers, whose society is naturalistic, honest, tribalistic, and heavy with tradition. 1,Vorox (🌎) - Incredibly tall, shaggy, four-armed, lupine aliens with poison claws who live in packs called Angeraks.


0,Glorantha by Greg Stafford 1,Broos (🌎) - Body of a man mixed with an animal, creatures of chaos. 1,Scorpionmen (🌎) - Belligerent, vicious scorpion-human centaurs with a religion focusing on devouring. 1,Durulz (🌎) - Large intelligent ducks with arms instead of wings with a mystical affinity with Death. 1,Aldryami (🌎) - Alien plantmen who worship deities of nature and sun and are excellent archers 1,Mostali (🌎) - Xenophobic, machine-like dwarves who work with magical iron. 1,Uz (🌎) - Large, intelligent, matriarchal trolls with highly-developed sonar-sense. 1,Dragonewts (🌎) - Magical race of neotenic, reincarnating dragons who must have oral surgery in order to speak human languages. 1,Triolini (🌎) - Merfolk 1,Timinits (🌎) - Insectoids


0,GreedFall by Spiders Games 1,The Congregation of Merchants (🌎) - A trading nation ruled by prince merchants who use their vast riches to gather power and maintain neutrality between warring factions. 1,The Bridge Alliance (🌎) - A nation that believes science can explain everything and knowledge is power. Inspiration: Ottomans. 1,The Coin Guard (🌎) - A guild of mercenaries, bodyguards, paid assassins, and combat instructors. Inspiration: the Landsknecht. 1,Thélème (🌎) - Religious nation driven to conquest for the conversion of neighboring populations. Inspiration: Spanish kingdoms during the Reconquista. 1,Nauts (🌎) - Skilled sailors and navigators who cross the high sea, with a penchant for face tattoos that denote rank. Inspiration: Maori and European sailors. 1,Teer Fradean (🌎) - Native islanders who live in harmony with nature, which they consider sacred. Some can use elemental magic or call for creatures.


0,Guild Wars games by ArenaNet 1,Asura (🌎) - Short, large-eared, intellectual, clever inventors who craft with knowledge, skill, and magic. 1,Charr (🌎) - Military state of large, savage, horned, bipedal feline creatures whose existence is defined by war. 1,Human (🌎) - Unshaken despite losing their homeland, security, gods, and former glory, they are viewed as the most conservative by other races. 1,Norn (🌎) - Large, proud, individualistic, human-like race that can shapeshift into animal forms and live to hunt and track. 1,Sylvari (🌎) - Inquisitive, botanical humanoids who sprout fully formed from the Pale Tree instead of being born, have tilted eyes, pointed ear tips, foliage and petals for hair, and glow at nighttime.


0,Gwenthia by Tom Zunder and The Design Mechanism 1,Arboreals (🌎) - Jungle-dwelling, sharp-eyed humans distinguished by wide eyes and long arms, equally at home on the ground or in trees. 1,Croman (🌎) - Human-like but with six fingers and longer lifespans, they are reserved, thoughtful, and resistant to disease. 1,Gara’dien (🌎) - Mostly human nation bent on spreading the Jade Path, its style of government, faith, and martial prowess, to the entire known world. 1,Iqari (🌎) - Muscular flying humanoids with the heads of giant raptors and massive wings. 1,Lapithians (🌎) - Mountain dwelling, bipedal humanoids with long snouts, long thin tongues, grey fur, large humanoid hands and acidic saliva, who eat rocks and insects. 1,Red Desert Nomads (🌎) - Tall humanoids with webbed feet and fingers descended from amphibians but who now dwell in the desert. 1,Shades (🌎) - Humanoids who can subtly change their skin-tone to match their surroundings, have six proto-filaments growing over the ears and into the hair-line, and live in a subtropical climate. 1,Tharux (🌎) - Tall, slim, dark brown skinned people with an affinity for science and technology, and a caste-based society, who emphasize appearance and elongate their necks and earlobes with rings. 1,Zathurians (🌎) - Xenophobic, agoraphobic, purple-skinned aliens not native to this world, also known as Children of the Moons, who dwell in sealed cities of incredibly advanced technology. 1,Telbrin (🌎) - Vibrant, outgoing, expanionist republic of human explorers, thieves, thaumaturgists, and merchants. 1,Nhi-Tual (🌎) - Semi-nomadic, xenophobic humans who are vehemently protective of their goddess and way of life, and live in a harsh, barren land. 1,Parkheshi (🌎) - Collection of human city-states fraught with civil war that reanimate the dead and put them to use performing servant labor. 1,KiDelan (🌎) - Diverse group of strong, brave, passionate humans who live in AurUrbis and focus on physical activity, often seemingly less intelligent. 1,KiMentas (🌎) - Short, ebony-skinned humanoids with black irises that fill their eyes, no nose or ears but composite sensory array on their elongated chin strands, who are physically weak but have heightened senses and even telepathy.


0,Jakandor by Jeff Grubb, TSR Inc. 1,Charonti (🌎) - Tattooed, aetheist necromancers bound by tradition and a caste system 1,Knorr (🌎) - Proud, honor-bound barbarian warriors and shamans who fear magic and undead. Inspiration: Vikings, Native Americans, and Japanese Samurai.


0,Magic: The Gathering by Wizards of the Coast 7,[amonkhet] 9,[eldraine] 5,[ixalan] 6,[kaladesh] 10,[lorwyn] 9,[mirrodin] 11,[ravnica] 10,[tarkir] 7,[theros] 8,[zendikar] 1,Azra (🌎) - Horned humanoids distantly descended from demons, with purple, blue or dark skin, interested in wealth, taste, and trickery so many become merchants, rogues, or assassins. 1,Dauthi (🌎) - Insane shadow-beings trapped in the void between two planes. 1,Phyrexians (🌎) - Vat-grown undead creatures and humanoids who have varying amounts of their flesh replaced with artifice. 1,Slivers (🌎) - Mesomorphic, hive-minded creatures with armored heads, long, bifurcated whip-like tail, and talons for hands. 1,Vec (🌎) - Semi-nomadic, fair-skinned, dark-haired human tribe of the plains motivated by religion who build elaborate tombs and are known for using a curved blade attached to a long chain as a weapon. 1,Dal (🌎) - human tribe of warriors and wizards known for their long, braided brown or reddish-brown hair and beards 1,Stone Dwarves (🌎) - Blue-skinned dwarves whose druids practice powerful stone, earth, and fire elemental magic. 1,Llanowar Elves (🌎) - Seven kingdoms of long-lived zealously xenophobic elves who don white skin-paint, tattoos, brightly-dyed mohawks, and eyepatches said to grant magical true sight from the Goddess, and who use giant, six-legged, square-jawed mutant reptiles as beasts of burden. 1,Garan Elves (🌎) - Identical to humans in appearance, even lacking pointed ears, except for great natural beauty and wide eyes with irises that change color according to their mood, for whom weapons are forbidden, who fight only with their fast, agile bodies, and are brutal towards their own children to teach them self-defense. 1,Nacatl (🌎) - Anthropomorphic lions, jaguars, tigers, and ocelots, some tribes peaceful and chivalrous, some violent and wild. 1,Viashino (🌎) - Desert clans of bipedal humanoid lizard-folk descended from dragons, over whom they exert some power, who are militaristic but also known for metalsmithing and crafts. 1,Nantuko (🌎) - Mostly benevolent praying mantis-like creatures with strong respect for nature who protect the forests. 1,Nexumi (🌎) - Anthropomorphic ninja and samurai rats who live in swamps, raid human cities, and whose shamans summon insects to swarm and distract their enemies. 1,Orochi (🌎) - Bipedal snakemen with four arms and no tails, segregated into tribes of warriors, snipers, scouts, and animistic shaman.


0,Amonkhet from Magic: The Gathering by Wizards of the Coast 1,Angels (🌎) - Servants and personal agents of the God-Pharoah, with thin, elongated limbs, huge white and black wings, light shining through their chests and joints. 1,Aven (🌎) - Human bodies with ibis or falcon heads and wings who enjoy flying over their foes. 1,Sphinxes (🌎) - Leonine bodies, hawklike wings, and faces resembling either humans or rams, framed by great frills or manes of feathers with impenetrable minds unable to be controlled or corrupted, who whisper dire prophecies. 1,Humans (🌎) - The only race not aligned with one of the gods, leaving them free to dedicate themselves to any they choose or find balance between them all. Inspiration: Ancient Egypt. 1,Khenra (🌎) - Tall, lean human-like species with heads resembling jackals, covered in dark, sleek hair who are nearly all born twins and devote themselves to honing their physical strength, resilience, adaptability, and wrestling abilities. 1,Minotaurs (🌎) - Ovine humanoids on two hooves, with horns furling tightly against the sides of their heads to encircle their ears, and manes of shaggy fur falling over their broad shoulders, who favor magic manifesting as flaming weapons. 1,Naga (🌎) - Cobra-like creatures with a humanoid torso and arms and a serpentine lower body and head, with males sprouting larger hoods than females, who believe in the Sweetest Harmony, a principle of perfect balance between the body and the mind.


0,Eldraine from Magic: The Gathering by Wizards of the Coast 1,Dwarves (🌎) - Industrious people led by a council, who exemplify the virtue of courage and are known for their feasts and jousting contests. 1,Locthwain elves (🌎) - Elves who joined with humans instead of withdraw, who value Persistence and are ruled by a Queen from a mobile, floating castle in the clouds. 1,Elves of the Wilds (🌎) - Keen, quick, arrogant, vain, cruel elves ruled by a council of druids, who wear clothing woven of flax and thistle and crowns of flowers and leaves in their hair, and who seek to restore their ancient oppressive rule. 1,Faeries (🌎) - Small, spiteful, magical, butterfly-winged blue faeries with sharp teeth. 1,Giants (🌎) - Giants who exemplify the virtue of strength and live in a desolate, uncultivated land with walled roads and clusters of standing stones. 1,Humans (🌎) - Knights and lords straight out of Arthurian legend. 1,Ogres (🌎) - Massive, brutish, blocky humanoids with wedge-shaped heads and thick hides 1,Redcaps (🌎) - Goblins known to ride weasels and smear their swords with poisonous pussflower juice. 1,Undines (🌎) - Legless merfolk with amber-colored seaweed-like hair, flat nostril slits, and large shining eyes.


0,Ixalan from Magic: The Gathering by Wizards of the Coast 1,The Brazen Coalition (🌎) - Society of pirates that answers to no one and includes Humans, monkey-like goblins, orcs, and sirens. 1,The Sun Empire (🌎) - Prosperous human empire that commands and rides dinosaurs, is protected by their sun priests, and takes pride in their traditions and heritage. Inspiration: Mesoamerica. 1,The River Heralds (🌎) - A tribal merfolk nation of the oceans, rivers, and rain forests, who can breathe in the air or underwater, have two legs, wield jade weapons and armor and whose Shaper shamans wield the natural, raw force of nature to protect the natural world from disaster. 1,The Legion of Dusk (🌎) - Nation of humans and pale-skinned vampires with batlike ears but run by aristocratic vampire lords who value ritual and taboo, are viewed as holy, are unharmed by the sun and believe everything exists in state of balance; gain is impossible without loss. Inspiration: Spanish Conquistadors. 1,Dryads (🌎) - Plantlike humanoids with bark-like skin who view themselves as protects of the forest, uninterested in civilization, and heal any wounded in the forest because they despise seeing others suffer.


0,Kaladesh from Magic: The Gathering by Wizards of the Coast 1,Aetherborn (🌎) - Genderless humanoid creatures made from aether as a byproduct of the refinement process, who can sense the emotional state of nearby beings and whose bodies are in constant flux and squeeze out every last drop of enjoyment from their short lives. 1,Dwarves (🌎) - Focusing on quality and order, these meticulous artisans have an unparalleled work ethic and are unable to feel fear. 1,Elves (🌎) - Elves deeply in tune with the flow of aether and how it influences the natural world, whose artisans create elegant, efficient, harmonious inventions inspired by nature. 1,Humans (🌎) - With a physiology unaffected by aether, these ambitious, passionate dreamers strive to achieve the impossible with their inventions. 1,Vedalken (🌎) - Tall, thin, blue-skinned, six-fingered, curious humanoids that subscribe to the view that nothing is perfect but still seek to learn and innovate. 1,Giants (🌎) - Massive nomadic humanoids that follow aether streams in extended migrations.


0,Lorwyn-Shadowmoor from Magic: The Gathering by Wizards of the Coast 1,Kithkin (🌎) - Short, quick, agile, fair-skinned elf-like creatures with round faces and exaggerated noses and ears who value community, simplicity, and forthrightness, are connected by an empathic web called the thoughtweft, and practice powder-based magic. 1,Elves (🌎) - An aristocratic, ruthless, and predatory society of horned, long-eared elves in which personal attractiveness determines social rank, who cultivate the moonglove poison and view nature as something to be cultivated, improved, and rearranged. 1,Merrows (🌎) - Fish-tailed merfolk with fin-like ears who serve as merchants, messengers, and guides, and control the system of rivers that crisscrosses the world. 1,Flamekin (🌎) - Fickle humanoids of fire and mutable stone whose strong, intense passions drive them to wander the world. 1,Boggarts (🌎) - Diverse race of goblins, of all skin colors, with curving horns, stubby horns, or no horns at all, long snouts or goatlike muzzles, broad floppy ears or sharp pointy ears, who are collectors of sensation. 1,Treefolk (🌎) - Deciduous trees who have Risen to sentience and mobility, who practice shamanistic magic. 1,Giants (🌎) - Reclusive, lonely, long-lived giant humanoid hermits, arbiters, explorers, and oracles. 1,Faeries (🌎) - Fun-loving and whimsical but also carelessly cruel, capricious, and vindictive, they harvest dreams into energy and pursue gossip, diversions, and amusing intrigues. 1,Changelings (🌎) - Semi-intelligent humanoids who can change their shape to that of the creatures around them but with a characteristic opalescent sheen, and who are skilled at mimicry but aren't devious or deceptive and can only speak in incoherent parrotings. 1,Duergars (🌎) - Small, hard-working, twisted dwarves who resemble gnomes or goblins with spindly limbs, oversized heads, bulbous noses, drooping ears, stubbly chins, and wispy sideburns, and who are unaware of the surface world.


0,Mirrodin from Magic: The Gathering by Wizards of the Coast 1,Viridian Elves (🌎) - Bright green- or pale white-skinned elves with intricate plates and spikes of copper grown across their bodies, who live in a vast, twisted forest of copper tree-like spires. 1,Vulshok (🌎) - Six tribes of primitive, large, tan-skinned mountain human barbarians and sorcerers with iron spikes jutting from their bodies and hair that resembles flexible metal wire. 1,Goblins (🌎) - Small, flat headed goblins with swept-back, sharply-pointed ears, four-fingered hands, and three-toed feet with large claws who have considerable talent for artifice, led by a priesthood. 1,Sylvok (🌎) - Fair- or light-green-skinned hunter-gatherer humans who live in a forest of metal spires, with skin studded or laced with intricate copper workings, who often wear long coats of metallic armor. 1,Moriok (🌎) - Hateful, aggressive, greedy human scavenger clans who live in sludge and swamps, with dark stringy hair, metal plates that grow over their eyes and blind them, and who revere the black moon. 1,Neurok (🌎) - Short slender, light pink- or faint grey-skinned humans with brown or red hair, elaborate clothing, and goggles who live in crude settlements of tin, value knowledge and often become wizards, spies, and thieves. 1,Vedalken (🌎) - Tall, thin, hairless, blue-skinned, cunning humanoids with four arms and gills, no visible noses or ears, who are ruled by a Synod and have a tendency to paranoia. 1,Auriok (🌎) - Tall, bronze- and gold-skinned humans who wear loose tunics or loincloths, known for their champions, steelshapers, and powerful wizards. 1,Loxodons (🌎) - Stubborn, plains-dwelling, anthropomorphic elephants who follow the Modest Truth, a code of morality, and ascribe religious superiority to those born albino. 1,Leonin (🌎) - Anthropomorphic, plains-dwelling lions with an honor-based society that worships the white sun, and whose skyhunters ride flying reptiles.


0,Ravnica from Magic: The Gathering by Wizards of the Coast 1,The Azorius Senate (🌎) - The hierarchical and bureaucratic lawmakers; Archons, Birdfolk, Elementals, Griffins, Humans, Sphinxes, Spirits, and Vedalken obsessed with history, stability, the rule of law, and keeping the status quo, no matter the cost. 1,The Boros Legion (🌎) - A militaristic guild with a highly stratified hierarchy made up of Angels, Birdmen, Giants, Goblins, Humans, Elementals, Griffins, Lizardmen, and Minotaurs who act as enforcers of order and are not against using force to keep the peace. 1,House Dimir (🌎) - Secretive, shadowy guild of Drakes, Faeries, Humans, Horrors, Insects, Shapeshifters, Skeletons, Specters, Spirits, Vampires, and Zombies that most think no longer exists which traffics in secrets, employing a network of spies and assassins on a strictly need-to-know basis to discover them and enforce their use in blackmail. 1,The Cult of Rakdos (🌎) - Guild of Demons, Devils, Dragons, Goblins, Horrors, Humans, Imps, Nightmares, Ogres, Shades, Thrulls, and Zombies who provide heavy labor, catering, entertainment, and assassinations in pursuit of a "good time" which often involves murder and mayhem. 1,The Golgari Swarm (🌎) - A sect of Elementals, Elves, Fungi, Gorfons, Horrors, Humans, Imps, Insects, Plantfolk, Skeletons, Trolls, and Zombies, responsible for food production and organic waste disposal, which emphasizes that death is an essential aspect of the life cycle, and which to that end encourages death and plague in order to foster regrowth. 1,The Gruul Clans (🌎) - Fractured group of berzerker clans consisting of Centaurs, Cyclopes, Elementals, Giants, Goblins, Humans, Lizardfolk, Ogres, Phoenixes, and Trolls, who were originally intent on protecting nature from people and people from nature, but now are bent on destroying civilization, whether for revenge or fun. 1,The Izzet League (🌎) - Guild of Djinni, Dragons, Elementals, Faeries, Goblins, Humans, Lizardfolk, and Ogres responsible for almost all beneficial technologies and magics, but also many failed, explosive experiments. 1,The Orzhov Syndicate (🌎) - A Mafia of Angels, Gargoyles, Giants, Humans, Spirits, Thrulls, and Vampires masquerading as a religion, who control all economic transactions and hoard their wealth. 1,The Selesnya Conclave (🌎) - A quasi-monastic, conservationist, charitable order of Centaurs, Dryads, Elementals, Elves, Humans, and Plantfolk who are zealously dedicated to keeping life in balance and disapprove of individuality, holding that the good of the whole is always more important than that of a single being. 1,The Simic Combine (🌎) - Guild of Elves, Elementals, Fearies, Humans, Merfolk, Saprolings, Shapeshifters, Trolls, and Vedalken devoted to providing medical assistance , biological research, and creating new creatures who can survive and thrive in the great city since no natural ecosystem remains. 1,Kraul (🌎) - Hard-headed, literal minded, six-legged insectile centaurs led by death priests and necromancers.


0,Tarkir from Magic: The Gathering by Wizards of the Coast 1,Abzan Houses (🌎) - Resilient, disciplined, familial human warriors from rugged desert plains, promoters of peace, who protect trade routes and adopt the orphans of their enemies, including orcs, vulture-like birdfolk, houndfolk, and elephantmen. Inspiration: Ottomans. 1,The Jeskai Way (🌎) - Clan of humans, elementals, efreeti, djinni, crane or falcon-like birdmen, martial artists, mystics and monks, who focus on strategy over strength, believe themselves to be the keepers of the world's knowledge, and live in isolated mountain strongholds. Inspiration: Chinese Shaolin Monks. 1,Sultai Brood (🌎) - Decadent and merciless clan of humans, naga, rakshasa, birdmen, and demons, lurking in steaming jungles and employing poison and necromancy to fuel their schemes of domination. Inspiration: Khmer Empire. 1,Mardu Horde (🌎) - Fearsome human, goblin, ogre, and orc, raiders that live for the heat of battle, dwell on rocky wastes, utilize lightning magic and archery, wear samurai-like armor, and are governed by a code of honor inscribed on dragon-hide scrolls. Inspiration: Mongol hordes. 1,Temur Frontier (🌎) - Fierce, rugged human, houndfolk, raven-like birdmen, and wooly mammoth-like elephantmen survivors in a harsh arctic environment, who value family and weapon-play, and whose shamans are called whisperers and connect them with their frozen ancestors. Inspiration: shamanistic Siberian culture. 1,Goblins (🌎) - Tenacious, furry, rodent-like ceatures with varying fur colors who eat anything they can get their claws on. 1,Temur Ainok (🌎) - Anthropomorphic Tibetan Mastiffs, eager to fight for any reason, some of whom resent human domination. 1,Abzan Ainok (🌎) - Anthropomorphic jackals preferring to live on the fringes of human society, experienced with sand magic and adept at survival in the desert. 1,Kheru vampires (🌎) - Long-limbed vampires of the swamps with giant tongues and large tusk-like fangs. 1,Rakshasa (🌎) - Demonic anthropomorphic tigers who wield fearful, potent dark magic of great destruction and summoning abominations.


0,Theros from Magic: The Gathering by Wizards of the Coast 1,Meletis (🌎) - City state of learning, magic, progressive thinkers, pious thaumaturges, and wise oracles, ruled by a council of twelve philosophers. Inspiration: Athens. 1,Akros (🌎) - Feared city-state of spear warriors high in the mountains, who value perfecting the mind and body for combat, and who are ruled by a king and queen. Inspiration: Sparta. 1,Setessa (🌎) - Forested city-state full of parks. Inspiration: Themyscira. 1,Satyrs (🌎) - Carefree, hedonistic woodland, horned half human half goat beings, known for their pipe-playing, win, and readiness for every physical pleasure. 1,Lagonna Band Centaurs (🌎) - Somewhat civilized, diplomatic merchant centaurs with fragile and uneasy alliances with human city-states. 1,Pheres Band Centaurs (🌎) - Savage, tall, tattooed, bloodthirsty centaurs who raid and rely entirely on "might makes right." 1,Archons (🌎) - mystical celestial beings with obscured faces who ride winged lions and oxen, and seek to reclaim the massive tyrannical empire which they once held but which has since fallen.


0,Zendikar from Magic: The Gathering by Wizards of the Coast 1,Eldrazi (🌎) - Ancient, genderless race with no physical form with ceaseless hunger who devour mana and life energy from planes, who werer imprisoned long ago. 1,Elves (🌎) - Highly adaptive race who make their homes in the treetops, have a fearless demeanor and strong survival instinct, practice mysticism, and commune with their ancestral spirits. 1,Goblins (🌎) - Short, slender, and spindly red-eyed creatures with skin the color of stone, bone protrusions on their spines and elbows, who are adept at climbing and aspire to be warriors, traders, scouts, and beastmasters. 1,Humans (🌎) - Resourceful but haggard and oppressed scavengers and refugees. 1,Hurda (🌎) - Docile, reptilian giants commonly used as pack slaves who walk on strong forearms while tiny, vestigial legs dangle beneath them and thick tails keep them balanced. 1,Kor (🌎) - Nomadic blue, grey or white skinned humanoids with slightly elongated skulls and on the men, small beard-like barbels protruding from the chin, who value portability and invidual skill, and are masters of ropes and hooks and stoneforging magic. 1,Merfolk (🌎) - Curious, thoughtful, and analytical merfolk with muted skin tones but brightly colored hair and fins on the backs of their arms and calves, who look more like humans than fish and tame and ride flying manta rays. 1,Vampires (🌎) - Vampires with spiky horns growing from their shoulders, divided into families led by bloodchiefs, who drain the blood of sentient creatures to create new vampires or faceless zombies.


0,Mass Effect by Bioware 1,Asari (🌎) - Elegant, diplomatic, cooperative, long-lived, attractive mono-gendered species of blue- or purple-skinned females with semi-flexible, cartilage-based scalp-crests instead of hair. 1,Drell (🌎) - Reptilian, wiry, strong, green-skinned humanoids with two sets of eyelids, glossy black eyes with no sclera, frills instead of hair, skin infused with a mild venom, and an eidetic memory, who are deeply religious polytheists. 1,Elcor (🌎) - Massive, deliberate, conservative, strong, thick-skinned, four legged species native to a high-gravity world, with multiple vertical slits instead of mouths. 1,Hanar (🌎) - Large, genderless, jellyfish-like species known for intense politeness and sometimes intolerance, who require antigravity packs to life their own weight outside of aquatic environments, and communicate using sophisticated patterns of bioluminescence. 1,Humans (🌎) - Newest space-faring species with great genetic diversity, intelligence, ambition, individualism, curiosity, and adaptability. 1,Keepers (🌎) - Bio-engineered, mute, four-legged insectoid race who maintain a great space station but self-destruct with a form of acid if taken into custody. 1,Salarians (🌎) - Tall, warm-blooded, amphibious, bipedal, hyperactive, relatively short-lived humanoids with elongated bodies, red, green, blue, or grey skin, glossy black eyes with no sclera, and long thin heads with a pair of horns, who are known for research and inventions, have photographic memories, and can see ultraviolet. 1,Turians (🌎) - Militaristic, disciplined species of tall, tattooed humanoid peacekeepers with talons on their hands and feet, a metallic, plate-like carapace, a crest of horns on males' heads, and mandibles around their mouths, whose society is a hierarchical meritocracy. 1,Volus (🌎) - Traders and bankers with an ammonia-based biochemistry who must wear pressure suits and breathers when in environments other than their home, and can spit coppery-blue acidic saliva. 1,Batarians (🌎) - Four-eyed, pointy-eared, furry bipeds with a flat stripe of ridged cartilage from the top of their heads down their spines, and a reputation for disrepute, pirating, slavery, drug-dealing and thuggery. 1,Collectors (🌎) - Four-eyed, human-sized bipedal insects with a chitinous exoskeleton, distinct, large, tapering heads, and fully developed wings that let them fly, who are rarely seen, prefer to work through agents, and controlled by a single leader who can possess any member of its species at any time. 1,Geth (🌎) - Networked humanoid artificial intelligences with a single brightly glowing photoreceptor, causing some to refer to them as "flashlight heads", who were created as laborers and warriors who gained sentience and sought to exterminate their former masters. 1,Krogan (🌎) - large reptilian bipeds with wide-set eyes, slitted pupils with red, green, amber, or blue irises, thick hides, large shoulder humps that store fluid and nutrients, and redundant "backup" organs, who respect strength and self-reliance and whose culture is steeped in ritual. 1,Quarians (🌎) - Nomadic species of shorter, three-fingered humanoids known for their skills with technology and synthetic intelligence, who wear environmental suits at all times and live aboard a huge migratory fleet of starships, and whose top priority is the survival of the fleet. 1,Reapers (🌎) - Ancient, highly-advanced machine race of massive synthetic-organic starships made of billions of organic minds, uploaded and conjoined within immortal machine bodies that resemble cuttlefish or squid with bulky semi-cylindrical bodies and five tentacles, who exert mental manipulation to gain mindless slaves. 1,Vorcha (🌎) - Primitive, aggressive, combative, short-lived, bipedal species of mercenaries, pests, and scavengers with flat snouts, sharp teeth, spiky head frills, and limited regenerative abilities. 1,Protheans (🌎) - Ancient, technologically advanced, nearly extinct species with two pairs of dual-pupiled eyes, three pairs of nostrils, thick carapace-covered heads with a distinctive diamond shape, blue-grey or brown skin, three-fingered hands, and wide, two toed feet, who can exchange thoughts by touch.


0,Mechanical Dream by Francis Larose & Benjamin Paquette, SteamLogic 1,Emovanes (🌎) - Small amphibious craftsmen, gracious swimmers with a strongly collectivist society. 1,Frilins (🌎) - A reclusive, intellectual, mind-reading, plant-like race who do not require orpee to survive. 1,Gnaths (🌎) - A highly industrial, cunning, aggressive, hard-working rational people who are the driving force behind modernization. 1,Inaïs (🌎) - The only race able to harvest life-giving orpee, who live as passionate ascetics and whose appearance adapts to fit their surroundings. 1,Nayans (🌎) - A tall, blue-skinned, deeply passionate, familial, and charismatic race driven by a powerful martyrdom complex. 1,Odwoanes (🌎) - A diminutive race of quiet, mimicking laborers who instinctively gather and act in groups. 1,Soleks (🌎) - A race characterized by their silence and efficiency and sorcerous ability, who wear symbiotic armor and know no mercy. 1,Volkoïs (🌎) - A race bred for war and physically dependent on a constant flow of adrenaline. 1,Yakis (🌎) - A collection of tightly-knit nomadic merchant tribes with a strong understanding of the Dream who live on the backs of colossal beasts. 1,Zïns (🌎) - Extremely rare, solitary, fierce, horned beings who carry within them a volatile entity from another realm and in times of danger can transform into this incredibly powerful beast.


0,The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien 1,Dwarves (🌎) - Short, stocky miners and workers of metal who live in mountains and caves. 1,Elves (🌎) - Fair and fine featured, brilliant and proud, immortal and strong, tall and agile, their power is waning and they're either sailing into the West or becoming more and more secluded in their forests. 1,Hobbits (🌎) - People half the size of men, who tend to be fat, have hairy feet, and enjoy farming, food, ales, parties, gifts, and smoking pipeweed. 1,Ents (🌎) - Ancient, tall, tree-like creatures who shepherd forests, and are extremely patient and cautious, slow and deliberate. 1,Orcs (🌎) - Ugly, filthy, fanged humanoids who cannot stand sunlight and make only war, the elves' arch-enemy. 1,Trolls (🌎) - Large, monstrous, strong, and mostly unintelligent beings who turn to stone in sunlight. 1,Dúnedain (Middle Earth) - Brave humans descended from an older, noble race of men, who lead kingdoms or patrol the land protecting it from evil. 1,Rohirrim (🌎) - Fair-haired human herdsmen known their horses and cavalry. Inspiration: Anglo-Saxon. 1,Haradrim (🌎) - Tall, bold, and grim humans with dark hair, eyes, and skin known for their cavalry and oliphants and who live in arid southlands. Inspiration: Aztecs and Kiribati.


0,Midgard Campaign Setting by Wolfgang Baur, Kobold Press 1,Caelmarans (🌎) - Fair-skinned humans with red, green, black, or brown hair, descended from magocracies and with a reputation of association with demons and devils. 1,Dornigfolk (🌎) - Light-skinned humans of the Great Duchy, with brown or blonde hair, who value hard work and see themselves as the heirs of a great elven empire. 1,Magdar (🌎) - Beautiful, tall humans with green eyes and dark hair, skilled horsemen, traders, and adventurers of the plains and prone to drunkenness. 1,Northlanders (🌎) - Fair, light-haired, tall, strong humans with blue or purple eyes known for their fighting and survival skills. 1,Roshgazi (🌎) - Dark-skinned, sharp-nosed humans of the desert. 1,Septimes (🌎) - Small, dark-haired, olive-skinned humans quick with speech and with blade. 1,Dragonkin (🌎) - Greedy, arrogant, large, strong, scaly, clawed humanoids, skilled with elemental magic. 1,Northern Dwarves (🌎) - Strong and stout farmers, traders, warriors, ringsmiths, and berserk shapeshifters who occasionally raid the coasts in their longships for gold and slaves. 1,Cantonal Dwarves (🌎) - Reknowned miners, smiths, master craftsmen, and mercenaries, unique in their use of gunpowder and airships. 1,Southern Dwarves (🌎) - Bald, ebony-skinned dwarves of the desert who braid and wrap their black, gold, and red beards with wire, build clockwork servants, hate dragons, and are reknowned alchemists, engineers, architects, and mystics. 1,Windrunner Elves (🌎) - Nomadic weavers, archers, and herders who speak with sky spirits. 1,Shadow Elves (🌎) - Deceitful masters of illusion and trickery. 1,River Elves (🌎) - The last remnant of a great Elven empire, and masters of the arcane. 1,Gearforged (🌎) - Metal, clockwork bodies created by the priests of the Gear Goddess that house the soul of a once-living creature and don't need to eat, sleep, or breathe. 1,Kobolds (🌎) - Small, cunning, adaptable, curious, scaly, and clawed rogues, miners, scouts, tinkerers, gearsmiths, alchemists, and traders who can see in the dark. 1,Minotaurs (🌎) - Tall, strong, violent, resilient, hoofed, bull-like humanoids who take great care of their horns, decorate themselves with gilded horns, dyed fur, brands, or ritual scars, and are renowned sailors and masters of labyrinthine magic. 1,Centaurs (🌎) - Nomadic, illiterate, large, dangerous clans of the plains, prone to bullying and banditry, and skilled at archery. 1,Gnolls (🌎) - Violent, xenophobic, hyena-like humanoid hunters, scavengers, trackers, and rangers of the deserts and plains with a reputation as bullies who only respect strength. 1,Gnomes (🌎) - Dark-skinned small humanoids wearing pointy boots and funny hats, renowned as kidnappers, swindlers, and charmers, who strike deals with devils. 1,Goblins (🌎) - Short and small, green-skinned humanoids treated as vermin by other races and known as scavengers skilled at finding lost artifacts and ancient magic. 1,Halflings (🌎) - Rare, short human-like beings who prefer staying at home to adventuring but serve as ferrymen and bargefolk. 1,Tengu (🌎) - Black-feathered, long-beaked birdmen seen as unwelcome scoundrels, thieves, spies, informers, and troublemakers. 1,Tieflings (🌎) - Demonmarked humanoids who ruled human noble houses in times past, but are now shunned and strive to prove themselves trustworthy. 1,Kijani (🌎) - Contemplative, deliberative, green-skinned, -eyed, and -haired humanoids with dancelike movements who grow up as seedlings symbiotically bonded with a humanoid host until they separate from the host as an adult. 1,Nkosi (🌎) - Shapechanging lion-like humanoids with beaded, braided hair who are generally free-spirited, value oaths above morality, and are skilled trackers, rangers, and fighters. 1,Tosculi (🌎) - Carapaced, humanoid wasps with vestigial wings, compound eyes, and carapaces of a green, blue, and purple sheen, viewed as untrustworthy, fierce raiders. 1,Trollkin (🌎) - Brutal, vicious, large, stocky, tribal humanoids with elongated, muscled arms.


0,Midnight by Jeffrey Barber, Wil Upchurch, Fantasy Flight Games 1,Kurgun (🌎) - Dwarven clan-based society in the mountains, who adorn themselves with tattoos tracing their lineage. 1,Erunsil (🌎) - Fair-skinned, stout Snow Elves with long white braided hair who dwell in the frosty North. 1,Caransil (🌎) - Tall Wood Elves with skin the beautiful brown of the trees they live in, known as the best artists, craftsmen, and philosophers. 1,Miransil (🌎) - Dark-skinned Sea Elves with short, bushy dark hair who dwell along the coast and are known as expert sailors. 1,Danisil (🌎) - Small, ebony-skinned Jungle Elves with coarse dark hair worn in dreadlocks, who live in the jungle, adorn themselves with ritual scars, and are excellent workers of poison. 1,Gnomes (🌎) - Clever humanoids, barely taller and stouter than halflings, bronze-skinned, pale-eyed, with jet black hair cut short, who are renowned river runners, mercenaries, spies, and smugglers, and live on their boats on the rivers across the world. 1,Dunni (🌎) - (): Dark-skinned Halflings with coarse dark hair, some of whom live free in small farming communities, but most of whom have been enslaved. 1,Dorns (🌎) - Broad-shouldered, long-limbed humans who dwell in the North, with pale skin and blue or green eyes, gold to red hair, most of whom (even women) shave their heads. 1,Sarcosans (🌎) - Small, lean humans who live in cities or nomadic horse-riding bands in the South, with dark brown skin and black shiny hair. 1,Erenlanders (🌎) - Adaptive and quick-witted humans with medium-toned skin neither pale nor dark. 1,Orcs (🌎) - Tawny-haired, grey- or black-skinned humanoids who hail from caves deep in the northern mountains, tally their kills in scars along their arms, and are known as fearsome warriors and slavemasters. 1,Dworgs (🌎) - Tall, stocky, grey-skinned, tawny-haired, half-dwarf half-orcs banished from their clans, who nevertheless boast great strength and fortitude, and seek revenge on the orcs who sired them.


0,Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson 1,Humans (🌎) - Divided into the Noble Houses - the ruling class who possess magic allomantic abilities - and the Skaa - their oppressed slaves. 1,Terris (🌎) - Most are forced to serve as the nobility's eunuchs, stewards, and in their breeding programs, but the few remaining free Terris in hiding are the last keepers of Feruchemy. 1,Kandra (🌎) - Highly intelligent life forms without distinct shape, expert spies who can imitate any being, consuming dead creatures to replicate their physical traits perfectly, who are susceptible to mind control. 1,Koloss (🌎) - Large, dangerous, brutish, reckless humanoids who work as mercenaries and manual laborers, and continue growing all throughout their lives except for their skin which is baggy when young and stretched tight or even ripped when older.


0,Pillars of Eternity by Obsidian Entertainment 1,Thyrtan (🌎) - Strong, willful, fair-skinned, blue or green eyed Meadow Folk humans who live on the edges of elven forests and farm the plains. 1,Calbandra (🌎) - Strong, willful, dark-skinned, curly-haired Ocean Folk humans known as great sailors. Inspiration: Renaissance-era Italy. 1,Natlan (🌎) - Strong, willful, olive-skinned Savannah folk humans. Inspiration: Mesoamericans, with Bulgarian- and Ethiopian-inspired outfits. 1,Glamfellen (🌎) - Quick, intelligent, reclusive, white-, blonde-, or grey-haired Pale Elf clans of the North, whose men grow facial hair, and who worship the god of entropy. 1,Sceltrfolc (🌎) - Tall, quick, intelligent, semi-nomadic Wood Elf tribes with high cheekbones and no facial hair, who tend towards suspicion and xenophobia 1,Aptapo (🌎) - Leathery, fair- to brown-skinned Mountain Dwarves with broad features who fight fiercely to defend their independence and are driven to exploration. 1,Enutanik (🌎) - Tan, leathery-skinned Boreal Dwarves of the North, driven to exploration. 1,Aumaua (🌎) - Large, semiaquatic humanoids with blue and green or brown and yellow skin, a diverse array of skin patterns, elongated heads, tiny ears, sharp teeth, and semi-webbed hands and feet, known as skilled mercenaries, bodyguards, soldiers, laborers, fishermen, or sailors. 1,Orlans (🌎) - Small, nocturnal humanoids with hair-covered ears, skilled with guerrilla tactics, either slaves and indentured servants in civilized lands, or furrier, savage, untrustworthy, bloodthirsty xenophobes who live in forests and jungles.


0,Planescape by Zeb Cook, TSR, Inc. 1,Aasimar (🌎) - Noble, charming, confident, loyal scions with celestial ancestors, flawless skin, and radiant hair, who fight for justice and to crush evil and have assimilated into town of humans or other races. 1,Bariaur (🌎) - Peaceful, optimistic goat or ram centaurs, with rams horns on males' heads, who enjoy competition and adventure and make good traders and explorers. 1,Bladelings (🌎) - extremely xenophobic, dangerous, highly superstitious, easily provoked, glowing blue- or purple-eyed humanoid beings made mostly of metal, covered with metallic spines who possess a strong sense of duty and community 1,Genasi (🌎) - Proud, elitist, wild, confident elemental beings with appearances and voices in line with their specific element. 1,Githyanki (🌎) - Tall, twisted, gaunt, descendants of humans enslaved by evil psionic overlords, who are cold, aloof, militaristic, skilled with psionics, have mottled yellowish gray skin, glossy black eyes with no white, pointed ears, and ornate clothing. 1,Githzerai (🌎) - Tall, twisted, gaunt descendants of humans enslaved by evil psionic overlords, who are grim, cautious, quiet, freedom-loving, skilled with psionics, have dark yellow skin, yellow-gray eyes, pointed ears, and very simple clothing. 1,Khaasta (🌎) - Wild, backstabbing, deceitful lizardmen with colorful scales, long, powerful tails, blunt snouts, and a small crest running the length of the head and back, who are interested in only two things: prestige and wealth and will kidnap, extort, smuggle, and kill for it, but also follow a rigid code of conduct. 1,Modron (🌎) - Clockwork creatures resembling geometric shapes with humanoid limbs who follow a strict hierarchy and value stability, structure, order. 1,Nathri (🌎) - Short, green-skinned, flat-nosed creatures with unruly black hair and on the backs of their hands a poisonous barb, and are viewed as crude savages, scavengers, and kleptomaniacs 1,Shad (🌎) - lean, gray-skinned, short-haired rodent humanoids with oversized eyes and tons of earrings but simple drab clothing, who can contort their bodies to extreme degrees, are as distrustful of other races as they are of them, who revere nature and have a rich tradition of storytelling. 1,Tiefling (🌎) - Cunning, human-looking beings with infernal ancestry manifesting as cloven hooves, horns, tails, fur, or scales, who have a reputation of being untrustworthy and deceitful. 1,Tuladhara (🌎) - Lithe and graceful, metallic color-skinned, glowing eyed human-like beings with slight ridges in their foreheads, obsessed with fairness and balance in all things, who keep themselves above conflicts of others and try to be on good terms with everyone. 1,Zenythri (🌎) - bluish-purple-tinted skinned human-like beings with metallic skin, hair, or eyes, natural leaders, strong-willed and rational, who devote themselves to self-perfection in some manner and thus act aloof to others.


0,Ravenflight by Luke Maciak, 1,Armadans (🌎) - Dark olive skinned, tattooed human pirates and seafarers of an archipelago nation, with completely black eyes with no whites and transparent third eyelids. 1,Celestials (🌎) - Beautiful, evil, universally hated, fair-skinned, blonde, white-winged, blue-eyed angels with a ruthless, caste-based society, known for their light magic and seeking to exterminate or enslave everyone else. 1,Centaurs (🌎) - Large half-horse half-men with a mystic, ritualistic culture who live in a forest of magical trees they tend to and control, known as wanderers, traders, and marauders. 1,Mechanos (🌎) - Non-magical, purely mechanical, ornate, genderless, windup clockwork golems of varying sizes and shapes, immune to disease and poison, with no known origin, who are known as engineers, smiths, warriors, and explorers, and whose writing resembles punch cards. 1,Deep Elves (🌎) - Tall, dark brown-skinned enchanters, artificers, and miners who live in mountainside tower cities, value craftsmanship and innovation, and mix arcane magic, clockwork, and steam power. 1,Dryads (🌎) - Tree spirits who envelop themselves in large bodies of bark and branches called Ents to defend nature. 1,Gnoblars (🌎) - Small, instinctive, short-lived green-skinned humanoids with large heads and mouths but small red eyes, known for constant fidgeting and transferring knowledge between each other with chittering sounds, who operate in social-networked, parallel-processing groups that views itself as a single entity. 1,Gnomes (🌎) - Frail, sickly, bright-haired fey who used to be immortal but have cut themselves off from their home plane and age quickly, known for their magical skill at controlling animals, creating clay or flesh golems to serve as labor and defense, bringing themselves back as immortal frankenstein-like reanimations. 1,Hoblites (🌎) - Driven and ambitious, self-reliant, short-lived goblinoids with large ears and noses, raised communally such that all are literate, known for their warlocks, witches, traders, and wolf-riding rangers. 1,Troglodytes (🌎) - Lizardfolk humanoids who are all attuned to magic and use it no matter their profession, appear primitive, use tools no more advanced than wood, bone, and stone because of magical enhancements, and are known for their memory charms and Way Stone network. 1,Nords (🌎) - Tall, hardy, resilient, peaceful, egalitarian humans with brown skin, dark eyes, and jet black hair, who live in the cold North and ride bears or, if high-ranking, ice dragons. Inspiration: South Asia. 1,Orcs (🌎) - Civilized, noble, orderly, stoic, green- or grey-skinned humanoids, deeply religious with a faith centering around fire, ruled by their Priests of the Eternal Flame, and reknowned as knights and paladins. 1,Ravenfolk (🌎) - Small, flightless, anthropomorphic ravens without a land of their own, who have been oppressed for centuries and can be found as laborers, servants, beggars, rogues, and other professions on the bottom rungs of almost every society in the world. 1,Savage Dwarfs (🌎) - Primitive, savage, reclusive, feral, nomadic, forest dwelling tribes of short and stocky barbarians, raiders, expert trackers, and beastmasters. 1,Sea Nymphs (🌎) - Slimy human upper bodies with webbed hands, sharp teeth and claws, black-on-black eyes, and a mass of barbed tentacles for the lower body, with a matriarchal society of underwater coral cities that exacts a tax from all ships in the sea. 1,Imperials (🌎) - Human empire known for its feudal matriarchy, open borders, merchant caravans, and code of honor, that recently lifted its ban on magic, though its use is still frowned upon. Inspiration: Feudal Japan. 1,Unicorns (🌎) - Large, aggressive, disciplined, muscular, gray-skinned, bipedal beings with elongated faces and huge horns in place of a nose, who are rarely seen, and known for their magic-researching sages, halberds, maces, and airships.


0,Scarred Lands by White Wolf Publishing 0,,,The Humans entry needs improvement; should probably be split up into the different nations or regions 1,Mountain Dwarves (🌎) - Typical dwarves who don't care too much about their beards and have a strong tradition of runic magic. 1,Charduni Dwarves (🌎) - Dwarves bred for slavery but then abandoned, who are born grey and darken to black as they age, and practice slavery and necromancy. 1,Dark Elves (🌎) - Malicious, cruel, black-skinned elves with luminescent tattoos. 1,Forsaken Elves (🌎) - a cursed, dying race unable to reproduce, with a reputation as arrogant, stubborn, cynical, fatalistic jerks who have mastered the arcane arts and refuse to abandon their dead god. 1,Wood Elves (🌎) - Nature-loving elves led by druids, with a proclivity for tattooing and a hatred for magic which they view as unnatural. 1,Halflings (🌎) - Peaceful but impoverished, short farmers who have been forced into slave labor for generations. 1,Humans (🌎) - The most widespread and diverse race, who live in many different nations and city-states. 1,Gnomes (🌎) - Dark-skinned, nomadic, xenophobic humanoids with a mystical connection to animals, who dwell in the jungle. 1,Gnolls (🌎) - Tough-skinned hyena-like humanoids, some of whom are savage, nomadic raiders while others have settled down peacefully in cities and become civilized. 1,Terali (🌎) - Anthropomorphic leopards with a deeply spiritual culture filled with taboos and ritual cleansing. 1,Asaatthi (🌎) - Clans of tall, slender, bipedal, scaly humanoids with serpentine heads, long thin tails, and claws, who wear loose clothing and lots of jewelry and live in swamps and deserts. 1,Manticoras (🌎) - Bands of roving lion-like bipedal humanoids covered in gold fur, with feline paws instead of feet and retractable claws instead of fingernails, who enjoy tormenting their enemies to prove their superiority and relish their torment, and eat the flesh of other humanoids. 1,Slitherin (🌎) - Human-sized ratfolk scavengers known for their filthiness, red eyes, superstition, and priests. 1,Sutak (🌎) - Feuding clans of muscled humanoids covered in short, rust-colored fur, with equine hooves and faces, harsh voices, and tattoos of molten metal rather than ink, who are immune to flames and masters of fire elemental magic. 1,Orcs (🌎) - Tall, tribal, dark green leathery-skinned humanoids who are fascinated with astrology, make tattoos resembling stars or constellations, and are known for their animism, shamanism, leatherwork, and metalwork.


0,Sovereign Stone by Don Perrin, Lester Smith, Sovereign Press, Inc. 1,Vinnengaelians (🌎) - A human civilization in decline after its empire fractured. Inspiration: Medieval England. 1,Dunkargans (🌎) - A third world human nation torn in two by a terrible civil war. Inspiration: Arabs. 1,Karnuans (🌎) - Militaristic human nation who dislike all other peoples and are trying to conquer the world. Inspiration: Persia, India. 1,Nimrans (🌎) - Great human sailors and traders. Inspiration: Africa. 1,Trevenici (🌎) - Fierce human mercenaries with no formal government who live in small villages. Inspiration: Celts. 1,Dwarves (🌎) - Fierce, nomadic dwarves who claim kinship with wolves, venerate the sacred Wolf, practice fire magic, consider the horses they ride sacred, and live under open skies. Inspiration: Mongols. 1,Elves (🌎) - Long-lived, over-populated, feudal society of twelve noble houses in crowded cities with a strict class structure, that believes magic to be dishonorable, and in which politicking and intrigue abounds. Inspiration: Feudal Japan. 1,Orks (🌎) - Large, ugly masters of technology and engineering, sailors of the world, who evolved from orca whales, are peaceful and civilized, and whose shamans practice water magic and divination. 1,Pecwae (🌎) - Small, light-tan skinned, creatures with pointed dog-like ears and a primitive society in harmony with nature, who don't even bother building houses, and who practice magic of earth, stones, and gems.


0,Star Control games by Fred Ford, Paul Reiche III, Toys for Bob 1,Androsynth (🌎) - Genetically engineered humans with impeccable fashion sense, who can only reproduce by cloning. 1,Arilou Lalee'lay (🌎) - Short, enigmatic, reclusive, green-skinned humanoids with telepathic and other psychic abilities, a long-term view of time, and aren't hindered by emotion, prejudice, or instinct. 1,Chenjesu (🌎) - Silicon-based, crystalline beings with vast intellects and advanced technology who subsist on electricity and can produce sustained, controlled electrical discharges. 1,Mmrnmhrm (🌎) - Mechanical robots with an innate knowledge and a secret purpose. 1,Dnyarri (🌎) - Ancient, intelligent, evil, lazy species of large, brown toads with two suckers at the end of each of their four legs, a grossly pulsating skull and who are skilled at psychic mental compulsion. 1,Druuge (🌎) - Greedy, selfish, pig-like, horned, humanoids with an extremely capitalist, single corporation society. 1,Humans (🌎) - Newest space-faring species, with quickly advancing level of technology. 1,Ilwrath (🌎) - Violent, red, spider-like species who spread death, doom, and destruction in fanatical religious devotion to their evil gods. 1,Melnorme (🌎) - Species resembling several orange globs piled on top of each other, with a large smile and a single eye, known as traveling traders of knowledge, technology, and commodities. 1,Mycon (🌎) - Fungal beings who colonize worlds through aggressive terraforming and who can select which genes, memories, and even personality fragments to inherit from their parents. 1,Orz (🌎) - Yellow-green gill-breathers resembling parrotfishes with eyestalks rumored to be dimensional travelers from the "outside". 1,Pkunk (🌎) - Pacifistic, new-agey, toucan-like mystics with abnormally long middle fingers who claim to be in constant contact with the "spirit-world" and consider the material world unimportant. 1,Shofixti (🌎) - Courageous, honorable, brown-furred marsupials that looks like raccoons, cats, or marmots, who can reproduce rapidly. Inspiration: Japan. 1,Slylandro (🌎) - Egalitarian, sapient bags of gas who float through their gas giant homeworld's atmosphere, whose bodies are transparent to human vision. 1,Spathi (🌎) - Bright-colored species of "meta-mollusks" with a single jiggling eye, jointed pinching claws, and a single abalone-like foot, who have large families, a ritualistic relition, and a constant fear of an undetectable phantom just out of sight. 1,Syreen (🌎) - Sexy, strong, bipedal humanoids who look like blue-skinned humans with cat-like eyes, great psychic abilities but not telepathy, and a matriarchal society. 1,Taalo (🌎) - Rocklike beings immune to psychic manipulation, known as violent thugs who roll over their enemies. 1,Thraddash (🌎) - Mean-tempered, intellectually-challenged, bipedal, plated, hornless rhinoceros-like species, with strong muscled arms and a thick, tough skin, who admire force and acting tough. 1,Umgah (🌎) - Pinkish-purple blobbish creatures with multiple eyes, mouths and tentacles with a warped, sadistic sense of humor who love playing pranks, are interesting in bio-science, and live underground. 1,Ur-Quan (🌎) - Ancient, large, green-, brown-, and black-skinned predatory caterpillar-like beings with clawed legs the use to cling to ceilings, and horrific faces with a plethora of sensory organs, who boast a powerful military. 1,Utwig (🌎) - Fatalist race of stiff, thin, brown, rough-skinned humanoids with a sophisticated, somewhat mystic culture, involving masks and their dependency on an artifact known as the Ultron. 1,VUX (🌎) - Bipedal, one-eyed, anteater-snouted, green species that looks like a cross between a hideous green octopus and a banana slug, with a strong sense of duty and fashion, and who can see electromagnetic radiation. 1,Yehat (🌎) - Pterodactyl-like species of matriarchal warrior clans with a strong sense of honor. 1,Zoq-Fot-Pik (🌎) - Three militarily weak species in close alliance who look like little green plants or cobra snakes with very limited psychic abilities, blue springy things, and brown one-eyed toad-like creatures, who are obsessed with their sport called Frungy.


0,Star Wars, by Lucasfilm 1,Abyssins (🌎) - Hulking, cyclioptic, greenish-tan humanoids with two fingers and two toes, tusks, beards, regenerative abilities, and a primitive, violent tribal society, who are often hired as petty thugs. 1,Adarians (🌎) - Tall, grey- or tan-skinned humanoids with elongated skulls that have a round hole through them above where the brain is, with a rigid caste-based society of total control. 1,Aleena (🌎) - Short, reptilian bipeds with long bodies, short arms, stubby legs, and wide mouths, known for their curiosity, quick reflexes, and love of adventure. 1,Anx (🌎) - Large, reptilian bipeds with tall blade shaped heads with a soaring crest that changes color to reflect their mood, muscular tails, three-toed feet, and no noses, known as dangerous unnarmed fighters and curious explorers. 1,Aqualish (🌎) - Amphibious bipeds with two sets of eyes - one for day and one for night - two curving tusks covering their mouths, and finned hands, who are hairless except for sideburn-like beards on both genders, and known for being crude, aggressive, quick tempered, and skilled mercenaries, bounty hunters, smugglers, and pirates. 1,Arcona (🌎) - Scaleless, olive or ebony-skinned reptilians with flat, triangular heads, sharp claws, and bulbous, clear, marble-like, pupilless eyes, with a collective society and to whom salt is an addictive hallucinogen. 1,Balosars (🌎) - Human-like beings with retractable antennapalps that can hear in the subsonic range, sense emotion, and give them a sixth sense, who are immune to toxins and poisons, and stereotyped as spineless, weak-willed, depressed, sarcastic, cynical, selfish, and often criminals or drug-dealers. 1,Bardottans (🌎) - Thin reptilians with backwards-bent legs, three-toed feet, four fingered hands, colorful skin, long, curved necks, pointed heads, and beak-like snouts, known for being proud and independent, insular and secretive, and valuing knowledge and spiritual devotion 1,Bothans (🌎) - Fur-covered humanoids with tapered ears and faces that look like a mix of canine, feline, and equine features, known as skilled politicians, spies, and informants who preferred to remain neutral and play each side against each other for profit. 1,Caamasi (🌎) - Humanoids covered in dense grey or brown fur, with dark circles around their yellow eyes, thin, three-fingered hands, sheep-like ears, and a nose at the end of a flexible, tooth-filled snout, who can share and relive vivid memories with others, value peace and social justice, and often work as explorers, diplomats, and artists. 1,Cereans (🌎) - Sophisticated humanoids with large binary brains in their tall, tapering heads, known for their thinking abilities, concentration, meditation, ability to see both sides of an argument, polygamy, calmness, rationality, and living in harmony with nature. 1,Chagrians (🌎) - peaceful, amphibious, blue-skinned humanoids with two fleshy growths protruding from the sides of their heads, two horns on top of males' heads, who can breathe underwater, have no sense of taste, have a natural resistance to radiation, value education, and live along coastlines. 1,Chevin (🌎) - Large bipedal pachydermoids with long rigid snouts hanging nearly to their ankles, wide legs and bodies, thin rope-like tails, and arms so long their three-fingered hands brush the ground, who wear elaborate robes, live in small nomadic homes on carts, are opportunistic realists, and value the acquisition of wealth and power. 1,Colicoids (🌎) - Tall, four-legged, insectoid beings with flat heads, multifaceted eyes, long antennae, stinging tails, chitinous bodies, the ability to curl up into a protective ball and roll, known for their viciousness, greed, cannibalism and lack of emotion. 1,Coway (🌎) - Primitive, fatalistic tribes of humanoids covered in fine red down, with large eyelids and small eyes that can see infrared, who are unaffected by poisons because of the strong amino acids in their digestive system. 1,Devaronians (🌎) - Tall, aggressive, red-skinned humanoids with two large horns on males and dark circles on females where the horns would be, who proudly groom their horns, are resistant to poison, inhale sulfur as a stimulant, and are renowned scouts, explorers, and freighters. 1,Draethos (🌎) - Long-lived, telepathic, scaly blue, purple, or black skinned humanoids with claws, no lips, and large teeth growing outside their mouths looking like a severe overbite, who value tradition and are known as skilled warriors, hunters, and for despising pacifism. 1,Drall (🌎) - Small, furry, quiet, intelligent rodent-like bipeds with beady black eyes, short muzzles, clawed hands and feet, known for their dignity, gentle countenance, practicality, orderliness, clan-based society, scholars, meticulous record-keeping, and love of gossip. 1,Dressellians (🌎) - Tall, thin, wrinkly, brown-skinned, prune-faced humanoids with hairless heads extending behind them, who live in grasslands, value freedom above all, and prefer to keep to themselves. 1,Dugs (🌎) - Short, aggressive, xenophobic, hairless, smooth-skinned beings from the forests, with pronounced snouts and fin-like ears, who walk on their hands and use their feet for grabbing and interacting with things, known for their tempers and bullying. 1,Duros (🌎) - Humanoids with smooth blue-green skin, red goggle-like eyes, lipless mouths, and long, noseless, bald heads, with a strong tradition of lending, and renowned as pilots, explorers, and traders. 1,Ewoks (🌎) - Primitive tribes of short, furry bipeds who dwell in tree villages in the forests, use spears, slings, and hang gliders, and love music, and whose shamans served as healers and prophets. 1,Falleen (🌎) - Sleek, arrogant, calm, cold-blooded, long-lived, scaly, semi-aquatic humanoids with prominent facial and spinal ridges, who can alter the pigmentation of their skin and hold their breath for long periods, and respect discipline and self-control. 1,Feeorin (🌎) - Bald humanoids with thick tendrils on the backs of their heads, smaller ones hanging from their faces, mottled yellow, green, and blue skin, who are quick to anger, highly impersonal, and grow stronger with age rather than weaker. 1,Fluggrians (🌎) - Squat, green-skinned, amphibious humanoids with high foreheads jutting over their face, spindly limbs, three fingered, taloned hands, large square teeth, big lips, and skin dotted with purple spikes serving as sensory organs, who breathe through neck gills, and are known for criminal tendencies. 1,Frozians (🌎) - Tall, thin, furry humanoids with an extra joint in each limb giving them a weird trotting gait, whiskers extending back to their cheeks, no ears, and large brown eyes, who are known for probity, honesty, diligence, benevolence, strong work ethic, and pessimism. 1,Gamorreans (🌎) - Clans of green, heavily built, porcine humanoids with tusks, thick snouts, close set eyes, and two small horns, known for their war axes, fortress villages, and sense of honor. 1,Gands (🌎) - Stocky, three-fingered, insectiod humanoids covered in a chitinous exoskeleton, who wear face masks for breathing in non-ammonia atmospheres, can regrow lost limbs in a few days, and are known for their humility, referring to themselves in third-person, and their findsmen, shamanistic bounty hunters. 1,Geonosians (🌎) - Dark orange insectoids with long snouts, ridged skulls, bulbous thick-lidded eyes, spindly multi-jointed limbs, hard chitinous exoskeletons, and four leathery, rapid-fluttering wings, who live underground in a caste-dominated society, and relish battle and public executions. 1,Glymphids (🌎) - tall, thin, red-eyed, tan-skinned bipedal beings with long snouts, suction cup-tipped fingers, and frills on their necks. 1,Gossams (🌎) - Humanoids with wrinkled green or blue skin, narrowing, shriveled heads on elongated necks, three-fingered hands, three-toed feet, known for their shrewd business sense, merchants, smugglers, and pirates. 1,Gotals (🌎) - Tall, furry humanoids with flat, elongated faces, small flat noses, and two conical electromagnetic-sensing horns on top of their heads, and who are known as natural empaths. 1,Gran (🌎) - Peaceful, tan-skinned humanoids with goat-like snouts, three eyes on short stalks, small antennae-like nubs on the tops of their heads, and excellent vision including infared, who value family and companionship. 1,Gree (🌎) - Six-tentacled, grey-skinned cephalopods with over-sized heads, large sad-looking eyes, no visible mouths, tall foreheads marked with tattoos denoting caste and rank, and immense brain sacs which flop oddly behind their heads, whose society is made up of guilds and ruled by a grand council, and is known for its advanced technology. 1,Gungans (🌎) - Aquatic humanoids with large, floppy, fin-like ears, partially retractable eyestalks with nictitating membranes when underwater, four fingers, three toes, long extendable tongues, and wide mouths, who live in underwater bubble-like dome cities and have mastered energy field technology. 1,H'nemthe (🌎) - Bipedal reptilian humanoids with four horns and ridges of bone and skin on their faces, long gently curving noses, three-fingered hands, and pink to blue-gray skin, whose females kill their mates upon mating, who can sense electromagnetic fields and weather patterns and value music and poetry. 1,Humans (🌎) - Widespread, genetically diverse, sentient, bipedal mammals with bilateral symmetry known for their adaptability, inventiveness, and colonialism. 1,Hutts (🌎) - Large slug-like gastropods with short arms, flat noses, wide lipless cavernous mouths and huge eyes, who keep growing throughout their lives, control a large space empire and are often stereotyped as crime lords and vicious megalomaniacs. 1,Iktotchi (🌎) - hairless, thick-skinned humanoids with down-curved cranial horns beside their heads that can regrow, who are gifted with precognition and telepathy, and are known for their stoicism and isolationism 1,Ishi Tib (🌎) - Amphibious, green-skinned humanoids with star-shaped heads, with their cheek pouches, beak-like mouths, and large golden eyes on stalks forming a five-pointed star, who depend on regular saltwater baths and are known as meticulous strategists and managers. 1,Ithorians (🌎) - Tall, mild-mannered, pacifistic, brown-skinned humanoids with long, curving, humped necks and T-shaped heads, bulbous eyes, two mouths and four throats, and long thin suction cup-tipped fingers, who worship Mother Jungle. 1,Kaleesh (🌎) - War-like, ritualistic, spiritual, reddish-brown, four fingered humanoids with large pointed ears, flat nostrils, and two tusks jutting down from their chins, who can see in the dark, practice polygyny, and are rarely seen not wearing a mask. 1,Kaminoans (🌎) - Tall, thin humanoids with white, almost luminescent skin, long limbs, long necks, and wide-set almond shaped eyes that can see in ultraviolet and whose color determines their caste in society, who are known for their politeness and cloning technology. 1,Kel Dors (🌎) - Reddish-peach skinned humanoids with long, gaping open noses that descend to their mouth, and extrasensory organs which terminate in small black tusks, who practice telepathy, must wear masks that protect them in environments with gases harmful to them like oxygen and carbon dioxide, and who are known for their weaker constitution. 1,Kian'thar (🌎) - Tall, nomadic, purplish-pink humanoid ranchers and herders with keratin plates protecting their necks, deep-set eyes, two dangling, tentacle-like olfactory organs extending from their noses, who live by the sea, can sense emotions. 1,Kindalo (🌎) - Tall, tree-like humanoids with black, bark-like skin covered with light gray, bio-luminescent stripes, lipless, pouting mouths, glowing white eyes, and a jerky gait, who are distrustful of outsiders. 1,Koboks (🌎) - Strong, nimble, thin, skeletal insectoids with a third eye on the back of their heads, rigid and fuzzy carapaces, claws, poisonous spikes projecting from each limb, four-fingered hands, and three-toed feet, who are known for their jumping ability and militarism. 1,Koorivar (🌎) - Tall, shrewd, corporate-minded humanoids with spiraling cranial horns denoting status, banded noses, and multi-hued skin, known as merchants and businessmen. 1,Krytollaks (🌎) - Tall, bipedal humanoids with brown or black outer shells giving them a beetle-like look, whose eyes and mouth are barely visible through cracks between shell plates, and who decorate their shells, never stop growing, eats vegetables and rocks, cannot smell, and believe absolute monarchy is the only sensible form of government. 1,Kwa (🌎) - Bipedal, three-meter tall, cobalt-blue-skinned, reptilian humanoids with telepathic abilities and facial tattoos, who can run incredibly fast and build pyramidal structures known as Star Temples that enable intergalactic travel. 1,Melitto (🌎) - Eusocial, insectile humanoids with segmented plates of chitin covering their faces and forearms, no mouths or eyes, and small cilia-like bristles lining their body that act as their sensory organs. 1,Mon Calamari (🌎) - Even-tempered, bipedal, amphibious species with high-domed heads, webbed hands with three suction cup-like holes on the palms, flipper-shaped feet, and large, goggle-like eyes that can swivel independently, who are known for their artistic, design, strategy, and tactical skills. 1,Mustafarians (🌎) - Hard-shelled, egocentric, insectile humanoids with long snouts and multifaceted eyes, who wear breath masks and cybernetic prosthetics, ride lava fleas, and have a mining and industry-focused, highly symbolic culture. 1,Muuns (🌎) - Long lived, tall, thin, bald humanoids with elongated heads, tiny ears, flat noses, slim mouths, and long, spindly arms and legs, known for their intelligence, cautiousness, greed, and business acumen. 1,Nautolans (🌎) - Amphibious humanoids with large, black, lidless eyes, extrasensory head tentacles instead of hair, who can breathe underwater, sense emotions, and are excellent swimmers. 1,Neimoidians (🌎) - Noseless, hairless humanoids, with green-blue skin, lumpy foreheads, and horizontal pupils, who value wealth, possessions, status, and stylish clothing, and are stereotyped as greedy and cowardly, yet shrewd businessmen. 1,Nelvaanians (🌎) - Tribes of lupine humanoids with blue-green fur, a crest of black hair on their heads, long snouts, and a wolflike appearance, whose tribes are governed by a shaman and a chieftan and who worship the "Great Mother." 1,Neti (🌎) - Tall, sentient plants with tough, grey, bark-like skin, who survive on photsynthesis, live for several thousand years, and can shapeshift to appear more tree-like or more humanoid. 1,Nikto (🌎) - Black-eyed, leathery, wrinkled, reptilian humanoids with no noses, breathing tubes along the sides of their necks, spikes around their eyes and faces, and other unique cosmetic features depending on the environment in which they live, who are known as fierce warrior-slaves. 1,Nimbanels (🌎) - Bald, pink-skinned humanoids with walrus-like faces, stringy beards, and great logical, mathematical, and organizational skills, renowned administrators and bureaucrats. 1,Nosaurians (🌎) - Nimble, scaly, bipedal reptilians with a crest of long horns, who can emit a brief flash of light from their mouths, only see in black and white, sing down the sun at twilight, and are known as swamp- and jungle-dwelling clans. 1,Ongree (🌎) - Amphibious humanoids with elongated, tapering heads, two flexible eyestalks protruding from either side, their mouth in their forehead, four nostrils below the mouth, and a beard of tentacles, who are known as diplomatic and able to see situations from all perspectives. 1,Ortolans (🌎) - Stocky, bipedal, blue-skinned humanoids with long trunk-like snouts, large floppy ears, beady black eyes, a keen sense of smell, known for their love of food and music. 1,Pacithhip (🌎) - short, squat pachydermoid bipeds with long, thick tails and rough, blue, green or gray skin, no ears, long trunks, two nostrils at the end of the trunk and two nostrils on either side of its base, two tusks that determine the bearer's caste in society, known for using robotic stilts for greater height. 1,Pau'ans (🌎) - Long-lived, bald humanoids with pinstriped grey skin, black eyes in sunken red eyesockets, long arms, fingers, and toes, who are skilled administrators and leaders, living in a number of city-states. 1,Quarren (🌎) - Proud, self-centered, orange-skinned aquatic humanoids with triangular, squidlike heads, mouth tentacles, two fang-like teeth, a long thin tongue, gill-like ears, and suction-tipped fingers, who are known as conservative, practical, and isolationist. 1,Quermians (🌎) - Tall, white-skinned humanoids with very extended necks, bulbous heads, no noses, four spindly arms, two brains, telepathy, and olfactory glands in their hands, who are dedicated philosophers, diplomats, and thinkers. 1,Qwohog (🌎) - Small, slender, agile, amphibious humanoids with gills, no noses, long, pointed ears, round, black eyes, and raised scales on their heads, wrists, waists, and ankles which could be mistaken for hair at a distance, known as friendly, hard working farmers and hunters. 1,Rakata (🌎) - Lean, grey-skinned amphibious humanoids with tall, elongated foreheads, flat faces, eyes on short stalks protruding from each side of their head, three fingers, and three toes, who are known for their advanced technology, terraforming, cruelty, arrogance, and savagery. 1,Revwiens (🌎) - plantlike beings with cylindrical, ribbed bodies mounted atop several strong, prehensile leaves used in place of both legs and arms, and a clear, ovoid seedcase on top of their body attached by a cluster of tiny budstalks that double as eyes, who live in the jungle and value honor, unfaltering honesty, and spiritual unity. 1,Rodians (🌎) - Violent, green-skinned reptilian humanoids with large multifaceted eyes, tapir-like snouts, sucker-tipped fingers, and a pair of saucer-shaped antennae on their heads, known as criminals and bounty hunters on the fringe of society. 1,Sarkans (🌎) - Tall reptilian humanoids of varying colors with bald heads, strong tails, claws, and yellow eyes that can see in the dark, who wear ornate, loose robes and are known for their gems, wealth, and long, complex protocol rituals. 1,Selkath (🌎) - Aquatic bipeds with camouflaged blue, pink, or green skin, mouths bracketed by cephalic lobes, and venomous retractable claws, who are known for their neutrality in war, swimming skill, and distinctive vibroblades. 1,Selonians (🌎) - Tall, quick, furry, bipedal, anthropomorphic mustelines with retractable claws, long pointed faces, sharp fangs, and powerful tails, who can see in the dark, and are known for their eusocial society, friendliness, gregariousness, seeking consensus before taking action, and excellent climbing ability. 1,Shi'ido (🌎) - Curious humanoids with pale skin, wide mouths, and deep set eyes in their natural forms, but who are extremely pliable with thin, dense bones, detachable tendons, and who can change their mass, alter their skin to mimic any material, and mimic any object or being in shape and size. 1,Skrillings (🌎) - Stocky, grey-skinned humanoids with wrinkled gray skin, deep set eyes, eight nostrils, a bony ridge on their skulls running from their forehead to the nape of their neck, three-fingered hands, poor eyesight but a keen sense of smell, who have complex ritualistic bargaining customs. 1,Sludir (🌎) - Large, brown- or orange-skinned, centaur-like reptilians with two arms, six legs, rounded feet, a braided mane of hair, and a thick armored carapace, with a primitive, caste-based, tribal society that values family honor and strength in battle, venerates their ancestors, and is known for their stonemasonry. 1,Sluissi (🌎) - patient, methodical, sociable, easy-going, muscled, scaly beings with humanoid upper bodies, snake-like tails, flat faces, four-fingered hands, heat-sensing forked tongues, and a swooping, hoodlike fold of skin at the back of their heads, renowned for their technical aptitude and ability to repair starships. 1,Sullustans (🌎) - Pink, grey, and light green skinned, generally hairless humanoids with almond-shaped black eyes, facial jowls called dewflaps and big round ears, who are renowned pilots and navigators, fond of practical jokes, and often inquisitive and reckless. 1,Thisspiasians (🌎) - Long, green serpentine beings with no legs, abundant beards and hair that covers their face, who require little sleep, prefer live meals, and keep their emotions hidden. 1,Togruta (🌎) - Humanoids with large hollow horn-like projections from the top of their heads and connected to head-tails running parallel to their heads, natural striped patterns all over their bodies, and a communal, tribal society with a strong sense of unity, who are known for not earring shoes because of their bond with the land. 1,Toydarians (🌎) - Winged, stout-bodied humanoids with short pudgy trunks, two stubby facial tusks, three fingered hands, and webbed feet, who hover like hummingbirds and are resistant to mind manipulation. 1,Trandoshans (🌎) - Large, strong, scaly, short-lived, bipedal reptilian humanoids without tails who periodically shed their skin and can regenerate their clawed limbs. 1,Twi'leks (🌎) - Tall humanoids with a vast array of skin colors and a pair of long appendages called lekku extending from the back of their skull, which they use as part of their language, often enslaved. 1,Ugnaughts (🌎) - Small, hardy, porcine humanoids with slightly upturned noses, white or orange hair, short sharp tusks, and whose society is led by elected councils. 1,Veknoids (🌎) - Brown-, tan-, or orange-skinned humanoids with large under-bites, sharp teeth, long slender tails, large eyes, and fleshy ears that were positioned on the tops of their heads, and who were extremely moralistic and engaged in arranged marriages. 1,Vulptereens (🌎) - Short, barrel-shaped sentient species with shovel-like mouths, six tusks, yellow-green black-pupiled eyes that can see in the dark, known as miners and pilots. 1,Vurks (🌎) - Semi-nomadic, tall, dark green reptilian humanoids with bulbous dark eyes, a sweeping head crest, and three fingers and toes, whose society has an advanced meritocratic structure, who can breathe both in water and air, and love debate and philosophy. 1,Vuvrians (🌎) - Tall brownish-grey humanoids with large, twelve-eyed oblong insectoid heads, two long, thin antennae, a heightened sense of touch, and a low pain tolerance, whoare known as cordial, diplomatic, inquisitive, and natural problem solvers and orators. 1,Weequays (🌎) - Lipless humanoids with thick, wrinkly, leathery, tan or brown skin, and a frill along each jowl, who wear their hair in long braids, can communicate through pheromones, and often work as mercenaries, bodyguards, or criminal henchmen. 1,Whiphids (🌎) - Primitive, tall, muscled, heavily-furred creatures with elongated faces, prominent foreheads, long, bowed cheekbones, two large tusks, and thick, three-fingered, clawed hands, who live in a lands of ice and snow as skilled hunters and mercenaries. 1,Wookiees (🌎) - Tall humanoids covered in brown or black fur, with dog-like noses who live in treehouses of giant jungle trees, value honor and loyalty, and are usually calm but prone to fits of rage when provoked or beat in a game. 1,Woostoids (🌎) - Tall, thin, wiry, long-lived, red-haired, golden-skinned humanoids with large, solid black, unblinking eyes, who are known for their affinity for logic and analysis. 1,Yarkora (🌎) - Tall, three-fingered, bipedal, anthropomorphic cameloids with long snouts, wide nostrils, smooth fur, powerful senses, and a secretive society, who are known as crafty con artists, spies, scoundrels, and scouts. 1,Yevetha (🌎) - Tall, lithe, hairless, six-fingered, grey-skinned, gaunt, almost-skeletal humanoids with wide-set eyes, scale-covered backs and necks, spiky facial crests, and long retractable dewclaws, who aree known for their xenophobia, strictly hierarchical society, brutal ruthlessness, and blood sacrifices. 1,Yinchorri (🌎) - Sturdy, tall, green-skinned bipedal humanoids who look like shelless turtles, with strong willpower, who believe "might makes right", are disposed towards violence, have developed flutter-packs that let them fly, and live in a series of city states. 1,Yuuzhan Vong (🌎) - tall, muscular humanoids with sloping foreheads, hardened skin, flat noses, skull-like faces, black hair, small blue sacks beneath the eyes that expand or contract to reflect mood, with a caste-based culture centered on sacrifice and their gods, who are known as religious zealots against the blasphemy of mechanical technology. 1,Zabraks (🌎) - Human-like beings with vestigial horns crowning their heads, who are known for their facial tattoos, resistance to physical pain, pride, drive for excellence, fierce determination, and independence.


0,StarCraft by Blizzard Entertainment 1,Terrans (🌎) - Humans exiled from Earth who excel at adapting to any situation but are afflicted with frequent internal strife, civil wars and revolutions. 1,Zerg (🌎) - Insectoid, hive-minded aliens obsessed with assimilating other races in pursuit of genetic perfection. 1,Protoss (🌎) - Technologically advanced humanoid species with psionic abilities characterized by their social and political hierarchies, strict moral codes, and deeply philosophical culture.


0,Talislanta by Stephen Michael Sechi 1,Aamanians (🌎) - Stern, hairless, copper-skinned people with sculpted features, green eyes, and a rigid caste-based society, who are devout followers of High Orthodoxy and its ideal of "oneness in body and spirit." 1,Aeriad (🌎) - Slender, frail, bird-like humanoids with green or blue metallic skin, a comb of feathers, and vestigial wings that let them glide but not fly, who practice plant magic. 1,Ahazu (🌎) - Tall, lean, fierce, four-armed humanoids with bright yellow skin, red markings all over their skin, forked tongues, and dark green eyes without pupils, who wear reptile-hide loincloths, hunt in nomadic tribes in the jungle, eat their prey raw, believe magic is cowardly, and are prone to dark moods and fits of battle rage. 1,Ariane (🌎) - Tall, slender, graceful, aloof, onyx-skinned, white-haired people who live in a beautiful wooded valley, value the recording of experiences, and follow Transascendancy, a philosophy based on reincarnation and animism. 1,Arimites (🌎) - Moody, dark-skinned, dark-haired humanoids with deep-set eyes, a clan-based society, who value blood ties over laws, and are known for their knife-throwing, mining, fiery liquor, vengefulness, and cut-throat behavior. 1,Chana (🌎) - Tall, cadaverous humanoids with green skin, sharp teeth, known for their witchcraft, shrunken heads, ritual scarring, narcotic herbs, and superstitious fear of water, who live in tribes led by shamans and witchdoctors. 1,Cymrilians (🌎) - Tall, slender, humanoids with pale green skin, golden eyes, exotic clothing, appearance-altering enchantments, who are known for their magical wares and skills. 1,Danuvians (🌎) - Tall, bronze-skinned people whose females wear tattoos, torcs, and mohawks, whose males are smaller, weaker, subservient, and paler-skinned, and who live in a walled city in the desert. 1,Dhuna (🌎) - Olive-skinned humanoids with jet-black hair, who live in covens in the woods, practice witchcraft, are vegetarians, viewed with suspicion, and persecuted for their pagan beliefs. 1,Djaffir (🌎) - Wiry, dark-skinned humanoids who wear flowing head dresses, robes, and cloaks, and ornate fetish-masks, who live in merchant clans or bandit tribes in the desert. 1,Dracartans (🌎) - Tall, moody, introspective, jade-skinned people of the desert, known for their chiseled features, flowing robes, thaumaturgical skills, pyramid shrines, and exclusive knowledge of and access to Red Iron. 1,Ferrans (🌎) - Fecund, brown-furred, anthropomorphic rodents who live in underground maze-like warrens, and are known as scavengers, hoarders, rogues, and beggars. 1,Gnomekin (🌎) - Friendly, short, nut-brown skinned, muscular, wide-eyed humanoids with a crest of black fur running from the center of the forehead down their whole back, who live underground, can see in the dark, revere the earth goddess, and practice crystalomancy. 1,Gryphs (🌎) - Seven-foot tall, feathery red or orange down-covered humanoids with eagle-like heads and large wings, who are known for their hunting ability, independent spirit, and nest-like homes in the tops of the forest. 1,Jaka (🌎) - Lithe, green-eyed, furry beastlike humanoids with black and silver fur, who value freedom, trade and hunt in roving bands, and are known for their howling songs and aversion to magic. 1,Jhangarans (🌎) - Four tribes of tall, hairless, barefoot, marsh-dwelling humanoids with marbled brown and sepia skin, elongated limbs and craniums, and angular features. 1,Kang (🌎) - Tall, brutal, red-skinned, humanoids with white pupilless eyes and a militaristic nature, who often serve as bodyguards and soldiers. 1,Kasmirans (🌎) - Short, shriveled-looking humanoids known for their wealth, hooded cloaks, caution, paranoia, stinginess, honesty, attention to detail, and strong work ethic. 1,Mandalans (🌎) - Slender, gold-skinned humanoids with almond-shaped eyes, bald heads, and an enlightened culture of scholars, historians, and artisans who value family and have developed a philosophy of passive resistance to survive centuries of oppression. 1,Marukans (🌎) - Wan, pale-skinned, humanoids with sunken eyes, limp brown hair, known for their gloomy demeanor, superstition, talismancy, and for being cursed with misfortune, and thus are shunned so as not to catch their curse. 1,Mirin (🌎) - Tall, statuesque, blue-skinned, white-haired humanoids who live in crystalline ice castles, with an egalitarian society known for their priests, hunters, and alchemists, and for a melding ritual that establishes a telepathic link between two individuals. 1,Muses (🌎) - Slender, beautiful, butterfly-winged fairies with pastel colored skin, who appear aloof and distracted, have no permanent dwellings, are highly perceptive, prefer to communicate via telempathy over speaking, and have a reputation for promiscuity. 1,Orgovians (🌎) - Wiry, rugged people with dusky-orange skin and long protruding chins, known as nomadic traders, suspicious be nature, who learn to ride before they can walk. 1,Phantasians (🌎) - Pale, tall, thin humanoids who build windships, practice the art of distilling dream essence, and whose society is in decline as they have forgotten much of their ancestors' knowledge of magic. 1,Sarista (🌎) - Slender, topaz-skinned, dark-eyed, dark-haired people who like ornamentation like earrings, bracelets, facial tattoos, and gaudy clothes, known for their close-knit families, trade caravans with brightly painted wagons, healing talents, fortune telling, musicians, performers, tricksters, and thieves. 1,Sindarans (🌎) - Tall, emaciated-looking humanoids with wrinkly sand-colored skin, fin-like ears, a row of short horns from the forehead's center down the back of the neck, and a curved spur of cartilage beneath the chin, who wear earrings and bracers, have two independent brains, have a society focused on Duality, live in mesa-top communes, and love collecting. 1,Sunra (🌎) - Graceful, semi-aquatic humanoids with silver-scaled skin and deep blue eyes, who live in cities of coral and shells and are known for their skill at navigating the ocean, their love of learning, and their hunting of sea dragons for food and the materials to make anything they need. l,Thaecians (🌎) - Slender, graceful, hedonistic silver-skinned people with deep blue hair, who live in colonies of pavilions instead of buildings, never marry, disdain violence, and are known for their intoxicating Thaecian nectar drink. 1,Thralls (🌎) - Tall, muscular humanoids with pointed ears, who all look exactly alike except for gender and the colorful tattoos with which they cover their bodies, ride giant lizard mounts, are bred for combat, and have a society based on military chain of command. 1,Xambrians (🌎) - A small number of people with bone-white skin and long, raven-black hair, known as wizard hunters seeking revenge on those who murdered the rest of their kind, who revere and obey the spirits of their ancestors, and are seen as outcasts, often afflicted by depression and hallucinations. 1,Zandir (🌎) - Copper-skinned people with dark hair and eyes, with flamboyant clothing and jewelry, who live in copper towers and minarets, follow the Paradoxist religion, and are known as amorous, passionate, hot blooded, and polygamous. 1,Araq (🌎) - Aggressive, greedy, lustful, dishonest, reptilian humanoids with brown scales and a dorsal crest from the forehead to the base of the neck, who roam the wilderness in small war bands, hunt land dragons, can survive a long time without food or water, and despise magic. 1,Azir (🌎) - Peaceful, isolationist, dark-skinned, dark-haired people who wear elaborate masks, live in dome-shaped grass huts, and live in harmony with the surrounding forest. 1,Banes (🌎) - Sleek, muscular, vampiric people with coal-black skin, wild tangled black hair, eyes like burning embers, sharp fangs and claws, who are solitary, nocturnal, and known as cunning hunters, slaves, and gladiators. 1,Batreans (🌎) - Primitive species of humanoids, whose females are beautiful and beguiling and whose males are hairy and ugly, and are kept completely segregated by their slaving masters. 1,Black Savants (🌎) - Tall, gaunt, stooped people with unfeeling onyx eyes who never eat, sleep, or rest, live in cabals in onyx towers, sail in black ships at the edge of the world, consort with demons, and are not truly alive but reanimated forms a people dead long ago who seek to bring the rest of their kind back from the dead. 1,Beastmen (🌎) - Packs of furry humanoids with fangs, pointed ears and claws, who are known as cruel, nomadic, hunters and raiders. 1,Bodor (🌎) - Short, portly, amber-skinned people with pointed ears and flat snouts, known as skilled, travelling musicians and performers. 1,Callidians (🌎) - Tall, frail people with deep orange skin, skilled cryptomancers and linguists, and keepers of a library containing vast stores of lore led by the Scholar Emeritus and a hierarchy of sages and sophists. 1,Castabulanese (🌎) - Tall, slender, brown-skinned people who are known as liberal and permissive, live in eccentric observatories, practice astromancy and aeromancy, and whose society functions as a commune. 1,Chana (🌎) - Tall, cadaverous jungle-dwelling humanoids with pointed ears, green skin, sharp teeth, occult tattoos, ritual scars, who are known as the Witchtribes, practice cannibalism and black magic, are ruled by superstition as much as their shaman witchdoctors, fear water, and have trained poisonous serpents. 1,Chromids (🌎) - Short, tribal humanoids with skin of a variety of colors that determines their caste and occupation in society, who Spirit Bond with a single larger creature like an Iron Dragonfly and can telepathically communicate with their bondmate, see through their eyes, and hear their thoughts. 1,Danelek (🌎) - Primitive, nomadic tribes of harsh, cruel humanoids with glossy black skin, long white dreadlocks, known for their hunters, traders, shamans, and salt crystal mining. 1,Darklings (🌎) - Short, wiry, grey-skinned, reptilian humanoids with sharp fangs, large pointed fin-like ears, who lived in underground caverns before being flushed out, conquered, and enslaved, and who have suffered so much abuse they see nothing wrong with bringing it upon others. 1,Drukhs (🌎) - Primitive, superstitious, dark-eyed humanoids, nomadic hunter-gatherers who dye their hair and skin with purple berry juice, consider compassion a weakness, value resisting pain, and brutally torture their prisoners. 1,Farad (🌎) - Tall, emotionless, dark-skinned people with grey skin, stony visages, narrow black eyes, elaborate headdresses and robes, and a reputation as unscrupulous merchants prone to bribery. 1,Gnorls (🌎) - Reclusive, secretive, solitary, short, squat, humanoids with wrinkled dark-brown skin and glowing eyes who live in underground burrows and are known as skilled magicians who keep constant watch on their surroundings with scrying devices. 1,Green Men (🌎) - Gentle, kind, small humanoids with mossy green skin and hair, bright yellow eyes, who have a symbiotic with nature, can influence everything that grows in the ground, and reproduce by budding. 1,Harakin (🌎) - Rugged, nomadic clans of lean, gray-skinned humanoids who view other creatures as prey, and are known for their sign language, and large, domesticated, winged reptiles used for transportation and warfare. 1,Imrians (🌎) - Tall, muscular, humanoids with scaly, yellow-green skin, webbed hands and feet, and sharp teeth, who wear crude hides and brass ring necklaces, live in thatch hovels, and traffic in slaves, narcotics, exotic animals, and other contraband. 1,Ispasians (🌎) - Slender, lemon-skinned humanoids who wear fine silk robes, are known as shrewd, wealthy businessmen and investors with cool, emotionless demeanors, view every relationship as a business transaction, and inter their dead in rich jade and gold sarcophagi. 1,Kharakhan (🌎) - Tribes of huge, hulking bipedal hunter-gatherers with dusk-grey or black skin, long hair tied in a queue, and crude clothing, who aren't particularly warlike but have been driven to near extinction by their neighbors who fear them because of their fierce features. 1,Malum (🌎) - Tall, thin, spectral humanoid beings from a dark dimension, who serve Death itself, practice black magic and necromancy, commune with the dead, and trade souls. 1,Mangar (🌎) - Dark brown skinned, narrow-eyed humanoids who shave their heads, wear long mustaches, tattoos, and loose pantaloons, eat mostly seafood, and are known as marauding, superstitious pirates who burn offerings to placate sea and air elementals. 1,Manra (🌎) - Tall, green-skinned, pointy-eared, vegetarian, jungle-dwelling humanoids, known for their ability to shape-change into any living thing, including plants, who live in tribes led by shamans. 1,Mogroth (🌎) - Giant, tree-dwelling, furry humanoid sloths known for their patience, pacifism, long lives, appreciation of nature, and form of writing involving weaving, knots, and patterns. 1,Monads (🌎) - Massive, hairless, monosexual humanoids with small heads and black and white striped skin, who mostly serve other cultures as slaves. 1,Mondre Khan (🌎) - Squat, strong, feral hunter-gatherers with leathery skin and manes of black hair, who are usually born as twins and live in tribes in the mountains. 1,Moorg-Wan (🌎) - short, bulky, four legged creatures with large folds of brown skin, webbed and clawed feet, a long and heavy tail, and toad-like heads, who live chieftain-led tribes in oozing mud palaces and cities, hatch from eggs, and have a reputation as aggressive and belligerent. 1,Nagra (🌎) - Small bands of nomadic, jungle-dwelling, ebony-eyed humanoids with mottled grey-green skin and black fangs, renowned runners and trackers who wear stone spirit jars around their necks and whose shamans direct the worship and communing with their pantheon of spirits. 1,Na-Ku (🌎) - Greedy, cruel, indigo-skinned humanoids with yellow, slitted eyes, skull-like faces, long thin tails, fin-like ears, and hunched bodies, who serve their obese king, eat other humanoids, frequently go on raids in dugout canoes, and live in crude thatch huts. 1,Oceanians (🌎) - slender humanoids with green skin and dark hair, who wear clothes of rainbow scales, live in the floating city of Oceanus made mostly of sturdy kelp and governed by a council of chieftans, have a reputation as superstitious, are known as the Sea Nomads, and believe a dark witch named Jezem cursed them in ages past to never dwell on land again. 1,Parthenians (🌎) - Seven foot tall automaton humanoids with glossy, bronze, armor-like skin, hair of braided gold wire, and cold demeanor, who sail the farthest edges of the world with their slaves, haul back sunken treasure, never sleep, eat nothing but a liquid like lamp oil, and are led by The One, who ensures everything follows the Master Plan. 1,Quan (🌎) - Gluttonous, haughty, merciless humanoids with pale yellow skin, pointed ears, and gaudy apparel, who are served by slaves from birth and rule an expansive empire with an elaborate caste-based society. 1,Rahastrans (🌎) - Tall, dark-skinned folk known as lone, wandering seers and cartomancers who turn to their deck of Zodar cards for spiritual guidance. 1,Rajans (🌎) - Tall, wiry, dark-skinned humanoids with horns and blood-red eyes, who wear loose garments bound with cords, carry concealed curved daggers, live in a brick city built into the side of a mountain, have a male-dominated society, are fatalistic, and ruled by the Khadun and his High Council of Black Mystic necromancers 1,Satada (🌎) - Nomadic clans of ruthless, sinuous, reptilian bipeds with long forked tongues, golden eyes, ridged foreheads of thick bone, white claws, and large tails, who live underground, raid and enslave surface-dwellers, value strength and power, and despise humility. 1,Saurans (🌎) - Tall, anthropomorphic lizards with a matriarchal society ruled by their High Priestess, known for their volcanic forges, metalworking, aggressiveness, and worship of the giant dragon-goddess Satha. 1,Sawila (🌎) - Graceful, slender, pale humanoids with a mane of colorful feathers running from the forehead down the back of their neck, who wear feathers and shells, live in grass dwellings amongst trees, revere all avian creatures as avatars of their god, and practice spell-weaving of air and water. 1,Stryx (🌎) - Large, stoop-shouldered avian bipeds with long clawed fingers, who live in caves in cliffs and mountainsides, live in clans led by chieftains, eat carrion, weaker beings, and even their own old and infirm, and regard war and disease with favor because more death means more food. 1,Thiasians (🌎) - Slender, violet-skinned, black-haired humanoids who live on islands in homes of vines, sea shells, and coral, who are known for their skills at weaving, dancing, and other performance arts, their promiscuity, and natural aptitude for magic. 1,Ur (🌎) - Huge pointy-eared humanoids with leathery yellow-green skin, large curved fangs, and deep-set dark eyes, who respect only strength, and are known for their crude vulgarity, violent outbursts, siege engines, and constant wars. 1,Whisps (🌎) - Tiny, forest-dwelling, genderless plant elementals with butterfly wings, blue or green eyes, wide mouths, pointed ears, who are known for their great curiosity, mischievousness, and lack of subtlety. 1,Vajra (🌎) - Short, barrel-bodied humanoids covered in orange-brown armor-like scales who live in hive-like underground tunnel complexes, regard the entire species as a single family, are generally as quiet and stoic as stone, revere the earth goddess, are ruled by their Queen, and are renowned for stonework, construction, engineering, and excavation. 1,Verdir (🌎) - Tall, lanky, humanoids with grass-like skin, elongated heads, and yellow-green leaves in place of hair, who dwell in living plant homes atop huge lily-pads, use a domesticated water bug for transportation, are terrified of fire, feed on minerals and sunlight, have a penchant for hedonism and the arts, no skill for fighting, and use a fungal hallucinogen. 1,Yassan (🌎) - Short, squat, metallic-skinned people with flat features, hunched backs, and six-fingered hands with two thumbs each, who are known as some of the best artisans of metal, stone, and glass, as well as their skill in technomancy, can repair just about anything, value hard work, and despise laziness. 1,Yitek (🌎) - Wiry humanoids with dark brown hair and skin, who live as bands of desert nomads with a penchant for robbing tombs and trading the treasure and artifacts they find. 1,Yrmanians (🌎) - Bestial humanoid hunter-gatherers with deep set eyes, sharp fangs, and shaggy dreadlocks and braids, known for their strong odor, great fecundity, fearlessness, immunity to pain and poison, and savage bloodlust. 1,Za (🌎) - Nomadic bandit clans of pallid, yellow, leathery-skinned humanoids who shave their heads and either wear long braided mustaches or one long braids behind each ear, depending on gender, and are known for their tempers, cruelty, polygyny, riding skill, and swordsmanship.


0,Talislanta: The Savage Land, by Stephan Michael Sechi 1,Drakken (🌎) - Large, bulky reptilian humanoids with thick scaled hides, mantles of bone and horns, sharps claws and fangs, who live in mountain fortresses and are known for their runic literacy and warrior poets. 1,Imazi (🌎) - Tall thin humanoids with elongated heads, dark deep-set eyes, yellow and brown striped skin, and hair only on the backs of their heads and worn in a single long braid, who travel across jungles and savannas, and are known for their hunting and tracking skill, ancestor worshiping shamans, four-bladed throwing knives called gwanga. 1,Kasir (🌎) - Slim humanoids with dark brown to onyx skin, white hair, elaborate white tattoos, and fetish masks believed to protect them from the evil eye, who are known for their merchants, tomb robbers, policy of neutrality, protective charms, superstition, and seer-led clans. 1,Narada (🌎) - Tall, slow-moving, but strong plant-folk with root-like hair, fibrous green skin, tough, thorny, wooden exoskeletons, who can extend their thorns in self-defense, can speak to all plants, abhor metal and fire, gain nutrition from the soil as they rest at night instead of eating, and are known for their herbal shamans. 1,Reavers (🌎) - Roaming bands of scavengers and bandits with lean builds, pale grey skin, long black braids and dreadlocks, who ride dinosaurs and are known for their screaming berserkers and their untrustworthiness as allies. 1,Shaka (🌎) - Tan, brown, and black fur-covered humanoids with sharp fangs, retractable claws, keen senses, and thick manes of hair, who can speak with wild animals, can detect magic, which they despise, by scent, live in the savannas and woods, and are known for their wisdom, ferocity, strong bows, and hunting, tracking, and leather-working skills. 1,Shan (🌎) - Gold skinned, black-haired humanoids who revere and pray to their ancestors, wield and wear swords and armor passed down from generation to generation, and have a high sense of honor, pride, loyalty, and tradition. 1,Vandar (🌎) - Tall, large, muscled, male humanoids (there are no female Vandar) with cobalt blue skin, most of whom shave their bodies and wear tattoos to mark their battle achievements, who wear spiked armor, wield great two handed weapons, were bred for battle by their masters, value skill, bravery, loyalty, and obedience, and can heal very quickly. 1,Viragos (🌎) - Warrior-women with copper-colored skin and white hair worn in mohawks, with no magical talent but great skill in archery, mounted combat, and animal handling. 1,Warloks (🌎) - Slender, pale humanoids with black hair tied in long queues, dark eyes, occult facial tattoos, who lack souls, often work as assassins, and are known to be literate, resistant to magic, and gloomy. 1,Yann (🌎) - Short, heavily built humanoids with flat faces, small beady eyes, tough orange to brown exoskeletal plates, clawed hands, who are known for their skill in repairing and working with clockwork devices, engineering, mining, and metallurgy. 1,Azraq (🌎) - Lean reptilian humanoids with tan, black, and green scales, clawed hands and feet, long poisonous fangs, and a sail-like head crest they can lower to conserve heat, who despise everyone else and are known as swift, aggressive hunters of dragons. 1,Beastmen (🌎) - Tall, strong, furry, feral humanoids who wear twine, hide, and bits of bone, scar themselves with the marks of their pack and clan, known for their fecundity, primitive tools and weapons, bone and skull totems, cunning and hunting skill, grunts and sign language, fear of magic, and cannibalism of dissenters. 1,Boglins (🌎) - Small, short, agile humanoids with mottled brown and black skin, narrow eyes, long pointed ears, are known for their speed, stealthiness, deceit, and kleptomania, and live underground and in marshes. 1,Drudges (🌎) - Short, bald, magically artificially created humanoids with large bright eyes, pastel colored skin, and a tattooed symbol on their forehead denoting their function, known for their work ethic, loyalty, gullibility, and for often being enslaved or taken advantage of. 1,Drukhs (🌎) - Primitive people who make their dreadlocks white with ash and powdered bone, paint their entire bodies with patterns of purple vampire-root and phosphorescent ghost-mushrooms, known for their shamans, spirit-questing warriors, superstition, and use of the skullcap hallucinogen that makes them violent and erratic. 1,Golgoths (🌎) - Tall, bulky, hairless slavers and raiders with gray skin and blood-red eyes known for their imposing, spiky armor and weapons. 1,Ra (🌎) - Tall, broad shouldered humanoids with dark brown skin, red eyes, and black hair, who live in mountain strongholds, worship Death, are known for their fearsome black-armored paladins, warrior priests, sacrificial rituals, and for trying to bring back a long-dead empire. 1,Talosians (🌎) - Humanoid living statues of various metals, powered by clockwork innards and magic crystals, who have hollow voices and were each designed for service in a specific area of expertise. 1,Thrax (🌎) - Thin, hunched over people with reptilian, deathly white skin, large brows, sunken eyes, a reputation for cruelty and paranoia, great skill with poisons, alchemy, and siege weapons, and a habit of wearing dark goggles and face masks to protect them from the sandstorms they live in. 1,Umar (🌎) - Enormous humanoids with yellow-green skin, large muscles, long fangs, coarse hair worn in topknots or braids, known for their brutish warriors, totem-wearing shamans, world-conquering ambition, powerful siege engines, and environmental destruction. 1,Undermen (🌎) - Creepy, hairless, eyeless humanoids with pallid skin, a half-hunched over gait, long yellow claws, and rags for clothes, who live in underground warrens, have keen senses, speak in whispers and hisses, are ruled by the Underlord, and look forward to the day they will rise up and conquer the surface world. 1,Witchmen (🌎) - Primitive jungle-dwelling tribes with grey and green skin, emaciated looking bodies, and ritual scars and piercings that denote tribe and rank, who are known for poisoned blowdarts, narcotic herbs, and mask-wearing shamans who commune with the spirit realm and practice black magic.


0,The Elder Scrolls games, by Bethesda Game Studios 1,Altmer (🌎) - Tall, golden-skinned High Elves with sharp features, and a proud, refined, civilized culture, who value keeping their bloodlines pure, have great magical talent, and live under a feudal monarchy. 1,Argonians (🌎) - Oviparous, scaled, reptilian people with sharp teeth, gills on their necks that let them breathe underwater, who live in swampland rainforests, are experts of guerrilla tactics and stealth, have an insular culture, and a history of enslavement. 1,Bosmer (🌎) - Wood elves who live in forest wildlands in harmony with the land and creatures, decorate their bodies to blend in, can command simple-minded animals, and are renowned for their archery skill, religiously carnivorous and cannibalistic, and governed by a loose hegemony. 1,Bretons (🌎) - Pale-skinned descendants of half-elves with a fractured, feudalistic society known for its chivalric knightly orders and love of knowledge and intellectual pursuits. 1,Dunmer (🌎) - Ash-skinned, red eyed Dark Elves, who value family loyalty, are ruled by Great Houses, worship the Tribunal Temple, are known for their political machinations, legalized assassination guild, and for being vengeful, gloomy, aloof, and disdainful of other cultures. 1,Cyrodiils (🌎) - Cosmopolitan human culture known for their education, discipline, shrewd diplomacy, lawfulness, mercantilism, and mighty legions. Inspiration: Roman Empire. 1,Khajiit (🌎) - Bipedal felines with tails, whose appearance and breed is determined by the phase of the moon at their birth, live in clans run by Clan Mothers, and are known for their natural agility, stealth, and their production of moon sugar into the narcotic skooma. 1,Nords (🌎) - Tall, fair-haired humans known for their resistance to the cold in which they dwell, strong warrior culture, superstitions, and love of music and mead. 1,Orsimer (🌎) - Muscular, small-tusked Orcs with skin from light green to dark brown, who live in strongholds run by polygamous chieftains, and are known for their strong warrior culture, smithing skills, and valuing honor and personal strength. 1,Redguards (🌎) - Dark-skinned, wiry-haired humans from a continent that sank into the sea thousands of years ago, known for their beards, pride, fiercely independent spirit, and nautical, swordfighting, horsemanship, and entrepreneurial skills.


0,The Green Law of Varkith by Brendan Conway, Magpie Games 1,Orkari (🌎) - Brawny, blue-skinned, pig-snouted, tusked, humanoids who possess great wealth and influence and are driven to competition. 1,D'horvae (🌎) - Short, strong, black-eyed, tough-skinned humanoids covered in tattoos that grow as they do, who value strength and purity and often find themselves working as menial laborers. 1,V'ss'liga (🌎) - Green, grey, or blue skinned, slimy, scaly, religious humanoids with squid-like heads who are faithful to their abyssal gods and work to prepare for their coming. 1,Halarth (🌎) - Tall, four-armed (though one pair is merely vestigial), bipedal humanoids with compound eyes, known as great artists and artisans. 1,Siccyx (🌎) - Small, white-skinned humanoids with pure white eyes who see in a strange light spectrum, etch words into their skin, and are skilled with writing, rules, laws, bureaucracy, and management. 1,Isqu (🌎) - Brown-skinned beings who resemble humans, skilled sailors and traders who wear their long hair in ponytails. 1,Krktri (🌎) - Humanoids made of dirt and swarms of ants around constructed metal skeletons, who lack true faces, are viewed as unnerving and weird, and thus while hard-working make up the bottom rung of society as a result. 1,Fellegrith (🌎) - Decaying humanoid corpses inhabited by a long dead soul but not the one that originally lived in this body, who are disdained and often treated as outcasts. 1,Ym (🌎) - Beautiful, dreamlike, exquisite, intangible humanoids made of magic and ideas encased in magic crystals who can reform and alter their appearance as long as their crystal is intact. 1,Freed Ones (🌎) - Human-sized awakened former familiars of a variety of species such as dogs, cats, frogs, birds, plants, and more who gained independence from their former masters.


0,Warcraft by Blizzard Entertainment 1,Humans (🌎) - Resilient, courageous race who follow the Holy Light. 1,Dwarves (🌎) - Thane-ruled clans of short, stocky, muscular humanoids with elaborate beards and hairstyles, known for their smithing, mining, machinery, siege weapons, gryphon riders, fondness for strong drink, and quick tempers. 1,Night Elves (🌎) - Reclusive, very tall, humanoids with pink or purple skin and green, blue, or purple hair, amber, silver, or golden glowing eyes, prominent eyebrows, and long, slanted, pointy ears, who worship the moon goddess, and are known for their druidic magic. 1,Gnomes (🌎) - Tiny pale-skinned humanoids with large facial features, known for their friendliness, eccentricity, tinkers, and inventors. 1,Draenei (🌎) - Blue-skinned, hoofed humanoids whose males have chin tendrils, fan-like forehead plates, and long tails, whose females have horn-like cranial extensions, who worship the Holy Light and are skilled with magic. 1,Worgen (🌎) - Large, hunched-over, lupine humanoids who walk upright but run on all fours, know no mercy or remorse, devour their own fallen as well as their victims, and whose saliva carries a dangerous infection. 1,Pandaren (🌎) - Reclusive, anthropomorphic panda bears known for their brewing, attachment to nature, martial arts, and philosophy centered around opposites. 1,Orcs (🌎) - Large, tusked, green-skinned humanoids with a noble, shamanistic, clan-based society, who have freed themselves from the demonic taint of their past and are known for their ferocity and sense of honor. 1,Forsaken (🌎) - Undead humanoids with pupil-less eyes, whose gray, rotting bodies are somewhat preserved by necromantic magic, who have been freed from the mental domination of their former master and seek to bring about his ruin. 1,Scourge (🌎) - An empire of zombies, monstrous undead, and creatures pieced together from corpses, based in the icy North, ruled by the Lich King and subject to his will. 1,Tauren (🌎) - Large, muscular, bovine humanoids with hooves and horns, who are covered with fine, short fur ranging in color from black, gray, white, red, brown and tan, known for their nomadic shamanistic society, stoicism, contemplativeness, pacifism, worship of the Earthmother, and totems. 1,Trolls (🌎) - Tall, lanky, humanoids with long pointy ears and fangs, elongated arms, three-digit hands, two-toed feet, and blue, green, tan, or purple skin, who are known for their regenerative abilities, cannibalism, and voodoo magic. 1,Blood Elves (🌎) - Fair-skinned, slender humanoids with long pointy ears pointing upwards, pupil-less glowing green eyes, who lost their homeland to disaster, wear black and red to remember their dead, are skilled in archery, magic, and swordsmanship, and are addicted to arcane energy. 1,Goblins (🌎) - Small green humanoids with big pointy ears, large sharp noses, sharp teeth, are ruled by trade princes, and have a reputation as crafty criminals, slavers, poachers, miners, traders, tinerers, and alchemists. 1,Centaurs (🌎) - Tall, warlike, nomadic tribes of half-human half-horses led by khans, known for their brutality and filthiness. 1,Demons (🌎) - Evil, immortal beings infused with fel energy, with a wide variety of wicked appearances included bat wings, fangs, horns, scales, hooves, and red skin, who feed upon magic and life. 1,Gnolls (🌎) - Hyena-like humanoids with reddish-brown, black, greenish-gray, or yellow manes, often raiding marauders or mercenaries, known for their extreme aggressiveness, beastly cunning, ferocious tempers, penchant for infighting, and laziness. 1,Jinyu (🌎) - Fish-like humanoids with white scales punctuated by splotches of yellow, orange, or red, sharp claws, and fins on their head and neck, and the backs of their forearms and calves, who have a caste-based society and are known for their elders' wisdom and their waterspeakers' ability to commune with the waters. 1,Kobolds (🌎) - Short, hunched over, rat-like humanoids with long snouts, large eyes, and white hair, who live underground and are known for their mining, scavenging, wearing candles on their heads, aversion to bright light, and rudimentary elemental magic. 1,Dragonkin (🌎) - Magical reptilian creatures descended from dragons with tails, large teeth, and colored magical scales; some have wings, some can fly and have bat-wings, some have dangerous breath, some are bipedal, some are centaur-like with four legs and two arms, and all serve the Dragon Aspect of their respective dragonflight. 1,Mantid (🌎) - Praying mantis-like insectoid people without a hive mind, who live in tall crystaline buildings, organize themselves by caste, are ruled by an Empress, and wield large curving blades of amber. 1,Murlocs (🌎) - Bipedal, brightly colored amphibians who live around bodies of water, look like a mix between frogs and fish, with large mouths, fangs, slitted pupils, and bulbous bodies, known for their guttural language. 1,Naga (🌎) - Scaly humanoid sea serpents with no legs, two or four arms, and spiny fins on their arms, head, neck, and back, whose men have draconic faces and serve as soldiers and laborers while the women have more humanlike faces and focus on spellcasting, and who dwell beneath the sea but seek to conquer the land dwellers. 1,Nerubians (🌎) - Arachnoid centaurs who live in ziggurats and have a complex caste-based society like ants or bees. 1,Ogres (🌎) - Huge, brutish humanoids with a horn on the top of their head, either one or two eyes, and either one or two heads, with a reputation for being strong but slow-witted. 1,Qiraji (🌎) - Cunning, ruthless, cruel insectiods with a caste-based society and slightly different appearances based on caste, who create servants of living obsidian. 1,Quilboar (🌎) - Primitive, fearless, boar-like humanoids with large hooflike fingernails, large tusks and manes of hair, who believe in survival of the fittest and are known as terrorists and thugs who live and fight in tight packs bolstered by their thornweaver shamans. 1,Tortollans (🌎) - Turtle-like humanoids who constantly pursue knowledge, rare artifacts, and a good story. 1,Tuskarr (🌎) - Thickset walrus humanoids with long tusks they decorate with engravings, known for their fishing, whaling, animal husbandry, and peaceful, communal culture.


0,Warhammer 40,000 by Games Workshop 1,Orks (🌎) - Large, brutal, kunnin', resourceful, crude greenskinned humanoids with a fungal physiology that lets them reproduce rapidly, and a knowledge of technology and psychic abilities that let them scrap together machines out of anything. 1,Imperium of Man (🌎) - Huge xenophobic empire of humans worshiping their emperor who cannot leave his Golden Throne because it grants him immortality, with a very hierarchical society, known for their genetically altered superhuman space marine warriors. 1,Daemons (🌎) - Intelligent creatures of pure Chaos who serve the Chaos Gods. 1,Tyranids (🌎) - Swarm of insectoid aliens psychically controlled by a Hive Mind, travel in biomechanical Hive ships, seeking to consume all biomatter to spread their species. 1,Tau (🌎) - Technologically advanced humanoids with leathery grey-blue skin, flat faces, four-digit hands, a caste-based society, and no psychic ability, who look down on other beings and follow the philosophy of the Greater Good. 1,Eldar (🌎) - Tall, lean, graceful space elves with slightly pointed ears and slanted eyes, known for their great psychic abilities, extreme emotions, huge spaceships called Craftworlds, and whose decadence ages ago birthed a dark god. 1,Necrons (🌎) - Skeletal robots known for their regenerating living metal called Necrodermis, and who seek to restore their long lost empire. Inspiration: Ancient Egypt.


0,Warhammer Fantasy by Games Workshop 1,Empire of Man (🌎) - Human empire consisting of a confederation of city-states and provinces united by a common tongue, culture, and faith in Sigmar. Inspiration: Holy Roman Empire. 1,Bretonnians (🌎) - Human feudal kingdom that values chivalry, courage, and justice, worships the Lady of the Lake, and is known for their powerful knights. Inspiration: Medieval France, Arthurian legends. 1,Kislevites (🌎) - Tribes of resilient, superstitious humans of the icy north, ruled by a the Ice Queen, known for their horsemen raiders and bear cavalry. Inspiration: Russia, Poland, and Mongols. 1,Halflings (🌎) - Short, stout humanoid farmers who love eating, drinking, cooking, smoking, and coarse conversation, with a reputation for stealth and thievery. 1,High Elves (🌎) - Tall, lean, pale humanoids who value long hair, are ruled by the hereditary Everqueen and democratically elected Phoenix King, and are known for their great magical skill, strong navy, great eagles, phoenixes, griffons, and dragons, stubbornness, and arrogance, and for seeing themselves as the guardians of the world. 1,Dark Elves (🌎) - Tall, thin, white-skinned raiders and slavers ruled by the Witch King, known for their cruelty, sadism and hubris. 1,Wood Elves (🌎) - Rustic, isolationist society of tall, lithe, pale humanoids known for their humility, capriciousness, generosity. 1,Dwarfs (🌎) - Grim, determined, short, stout humanoids who value their beards, hold grudges forever, are required by their gods to avenge the slightest insult, cause magic to mess up just by being nearby, and are known for their machines, death cults, craftsmanship, and hoarded wealth. 1,Beastmen (🌎) - Tribes of savage humanoids with horns, hooves, bestial heads, and humanlike chests and arms, known for their savagery, violence, mean spirits, and desire to destroy all civilization. 1,Skaven (🌎) - Ugly, cruel, scheming, technologically advanced rat people addicted to the magical radioactive drug known as warpstone that powers their technology, live in an intercontinental underground empire, and are known for their scientists, ninja-like assassins, bio-terrorists, and belief that they are the Master Race. 1,Lizardmen (🌎) - Savage reptilian humanoids who ride dinosaurs, were the very first civilization in the world, and seek to reclaim the glory of their ancient lost empire. Inspiration: Aztecs, Mayans and Incas. 1,Nehekharans (🌎) - Risen undead former humans of the desert, known for their wealth, mummies, tombs, obsession with death and immortality, tomb kings, lich priests, chariots, and living statues. Inspiration: Ancient Egypt. 1,Vampire Counts (🌎) - Immortal pale-skinned humanoids belonging to one of several bloodlines, who drink blood, have extreme emotions, magical powers, no need to eat food, and often hide amongst humans. 1,Greenskins (🌎) - Armies of orcs, goblins, and trolls, always looking for a fight and for WAAAGH!, and who speak in vaguely cockney-like accents, 1,Ogres (🌎) - Huge, fat, thick-skinned, loud humanoids who believe might makes right and whose religion revolves around eating, with butchers for priests and a reverence for the all-consuming god known as the Great Maw, and are known to wear gutplates, use katanas, and ride mammoths and saber-tooth tigers.


0,Wicked Fantasy by John Wick 1,Humans (🌎) - An ancient, decadent, corrupt empire that rejects the idea of gods and emphasizes education, self-determination, and seeking power from within instead. Inspiration: Late, failing Roman Empire. 1,Haffuns (🌎) - Charming, gracious, polite, naturally helpful, magically empathetic halflings, usually working as servants, who will die if they refuse to follow their compulsion to aid someone in need, are magically stealthy, and to whom murder is as routine as washing dishes. 1,Orks (🌎) - Green-skinned humanoids who killed their gods in order to be free from endless, meaningless slaughter and now live as hunter-gatherers, worship sacrifice, effort, and pain to the point of masochism, and are known as master brewers. 1,Elves (🌎) - Magical fey spirits either bonded with the soil and mortal, or bonded with one of the Great Trees of the forest and immortal, or iron-bound and living ghostly slaves, who fear iron, are obsessed with racial purity and let their leaders arrange their marriages, 1,Dach'youn (🌎) - Matriarchal, nomadic packs of hyena-like beastmen roaming the wilderness struggling to survive, who worship the moon and fear the sun, with a reputation for laziness because they're nocturnal, for dirtiness because their thick pelts overheat easily and they take daily mud baths, and for good cooking. 1,Gnomes (🌎) - Magically empathic, clever, quiet, short humanoids magically bound to the land and all living things. 1,Gobowins (🌎) - Short green-skinned humanoids with long pointy ears, who are able to shift genders, and are known for having an aura of the worst luck, and for being tricksters, con artists, and traders. 1,Uvandir (🌎) - Short, genderless, proud, arrogant, stubborn dwarves who exist only for the pride of their work, who revere their beards, communicate with grunts and gestures, love beer, are emotionally distant because melancholy can paralyze and turn them into stone, and are known for their great advances in technology and magic. 1,Roddun (🌎) - Ratlike humanoids who live in ghettos, face a lot of prejudice, and are known for their criminal mafias that also emphasize caring for the poor and disparate who choose to help them. 1,Kuba-Chubisi (🌎) - Ancient race of reptilians, masters of philosophy, magic, and the arts, who took on human form in order to secretly work within humanity to guide them down the path of virtue, encourage the arts, and protect them. 1,Uz (🌎) - Arrogant, corrupt, malignant, and cruel cephalopodian aliens who look like seaslug-taurs, collect and wallow in an addictive, psionic-augmenting serum, and dominate and enslave the minds of other sentient creatures.


0,World of Darkness by White Wolf Gaming Studio 1,Technocratic Union (🌎) - Secret organization practicing magic that looks like technology so ordinary people won't notice, who are trying to control the world in order to guide it to their vision of utopia but have over time grown corrupt and stagnant. 1,Council of Nine Mystic Traditions (🌎) - Collection of groups of mages, with a seat on the council for each Sphere of magic, united by their desire to defend magic and myth against oppressive modernism, science, and technology. 1,Banes (🌎) - Evil spirits in service of the Wyrm, trying to cleanse the universe by destroying it, who possess and corrupt creatures, or if powerful enough can materialize in the real world without requiring possession and rend reality. 1,Black Spiral Dancers (🌎) - Evil, insane werewolves with hyena-like faces and bat-like ears, who live underground and consort with evil spirits. 1,Black Furies (🌎) - All-female tribe of werewolves with a proud, fierce warrior culture and feminist ideology. 1,Bone Gnawers (🌎) - Werewolf tribe of city-dwelling scavengers, survivors, mongrels, and underdogs, who value freedom, practicality, hospitality, and egalitarianism, are very street-savvy. 1,Bunyip (🌎) - Nomadic, solitary tasmanian tiger werewolves, adept at entering and navigating the spirit world. 1,Children of Gaia (🌎) - Werewolf tribe known for peacekeeping and advocating love, mercy, and unity. 1,Fianna (🌎) - Tribe of proud werewolves known as great fighters, storytellers, and lorekeepers, with a 'holier-than-thou' attitude, a propensity for drunkenness, poor self-control, and a reputation as hopeless romantics. 1,Get of Fenris (🌎) - Violent werewolves who abhor weakness, mercy, cowardice, and indecision, glorify martial prowess above all, and have a reputation for cruelty. 1,Glass Walkers (🌎) - Werewolves known for their affinity for technology, diminished connection with Gaia, experimentation with cybernetics, and tendency towards optimism. 1,Red Talons (🌎) - Werewolves who were born wolves and acquired the ability to take human form, though not the same level of intelligence, who hate civilization and seek to destroy it. 1,Shadow Lords (🌎) - Cunning werewolves known as political masterminds, masterful strategists, and manipulative control freaks who value brains over brawn, revere lightning storms, and are willing to sacrifice themselves to further their greater goals. 1,Silent Striders (🌎) - Nomadic, introspective, tale-telling, highly spiritual werewolves forced from their home, who are masters of communicating with ghosts and the dead. 1,Silver Fangs (🌎) - Werewolves who value family ties and pure breeding, and are known for their pride, beauty, courage, honor, stringent adherence to tradition, and a tendency towards insanity. 1,Stargazers (🌎) - Werewolf martial artists known for their patience and calm demeanor, who value wisdom above all. 1,Uktena (🌎) - Primitive werewolves who value wisdom, knowledge, and secrets, practice dark occult magic, trap evil spirits for fun, are gifted with prophecy and visions, and welcome refugees into their camps. 1,Wendigo (🌎) - Angry, bitter, intolerant frost werewolves skilled at tracking and stealth, who practice ritual purity before hunts, battles or other major undertakings, and seek aid from the spirits for many matters. 1,Assamites (🌎) - Noble Middle Eastern vampires whose skin turns to obsidian as they age, and who drink the blood of other vampires, protect the weak, and are known as scholars, assassins, and diablerists. 1,Brujah (🌎) - Vampire thugs, anarchists, revolutionaries, and philosophers, known for their passion, temper, and disdain for tradition. 1,Followers of Set (🌎) - Silver-tongued vampires known for their deceit, corruption, extreme sensitivity to bright light, and serpent imagery. 1,Gangrel (🌎) - Reclusive, rural, territorial vampires with a connection to nature, who value storytelling, can communicate and control animals, and shapeshift into bestial forms when the Frenzy overtakes them. 1,Giovanni (🌎) - Vampire mafia known for their wealth, vice, corruption, soul trafficking, necromancy, reverence for tradition, and only turning members of their own family into vampires. 1,Lasombra (🌎) - Ruthless, manipulative, elegant, vain, aristocratic vampires who cast no reflections, don't show up correctly in recordings, can control darkness and shadow, are known as social darwinist predators, with domineering personalities and driven by ambition. 1,Malkavians (🌎) - Insane vampire seers and prophets, all connected to the Madness Network, a shared consciousness uniting them all, including their dead, and are known for their pranks. 1,Nosferatu (🌎) - Hideous-looking, deformed vampires living underground, who value loyalty above all, are skilled at stealth, create bizarre forms of music, sculpture, and gardening, and are known as spymasters and information brokers. 1,Ravnos (🌎) - Vampires known for being wandering vagabonds, hucksters, and charlatans who indulge their criminal vices and gleefully practice the art of deception, theft, and magical illusions. 1,Toreador (🌎) - Social, hedonistic, seductive vampires obsessed with art, beauty, and the adoration of their thralls, who can be overcome and immobilized by beauty around them. 1,Tremere (🌎) - Vampiric sorcerers known for their gargoyle soldiers, mastery of thaumaturgy and blood magic, dark experiments, drive for perfectionism, and rigid social hierarchy. 1,Tzimisce (🌎) - Secretive, eloquent, macabre vampires suffering from superiority complexes known for their fleshmolding, worship of a giant, mobile cathedral made of living and unliving flesh, and love of knowledge. 1,Ventrue (🌎) - Rich, greedy, ambitious vampire politicians and leaders known for their dominating mind control, obsession with lineage, organizational skills, traditionalism, patient, long-term schemes, and need to feed on very specific kinds of blood.


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