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A collection of generators for 'Planet Psychon'
Planet Psychon game information, including downloadable PDFs containing these tables, is available at:

This is the "main" table of general Psychon tables. The intention is that you can put these together into a more coherent generator. Some Psychon sub-pages have more specific tables, and are more useful to generate end-results.

Many of these tables haven't been formatted nicely. Please feel free to reformat, remove capitals, change syntax etc. to make them more useful!

Psychon Generators - Psychon Mutants: Psychon_Mutants


<sgdisplay iterations="1">


Colours of Planet Psychon: [colours_of_psychon]
Chromatic (brief): [chromatic_brief]
Chromatic Expanded (brief): [chromatic_expanded_brief]
Chromatic Mods: [chromatic]


Great Gods (brief): [great_gods_brief]
Great Gods: [great_gods]
Lesser Gods (brief): [lesser_gods_brief]
Lesser Gods: [lesser_gods]
Petty Gods (brief): [petty_gods_brief]
Petty Gods: [petty_gods]
Space Gods (brief): [space_gods_brief]
Space Gods: [space_gods]
Elder Gods (brief): [elder_gods_brief]
Elder Gods: [elder_gods]
Gods of Mars (brief): [gods_of_mars_brief]
Gods of Mars: [gods_of_mars]


Tribes of Mars (brief): [tribes_of_mars_brief]
Tribes of Mars: [tribes_of_mars]
Mars Mutations: [mars_mutations]
Psychonian origin: [starting_as_psychonian]
Ancient stock human origin: [starting_as_ancient_stock_human]


Unusual Features: [unusual_features]
Language: [language]
Odd Taste: [odd_taste]

Equipment and Items

Special Item: [special_item]
Chemical: [chemical]
Potion Form: [potion_form]
Potion Effect: [potion_effect]
Random Item: [random_item]
Starting Armour: [starting_armour]
Strange Pets: [strange_pets]


Follower weapon kit: [follower_weapon_kit]
Follower exotic weapon kit: [follower_exotic_weapon_kit]
Follower other kit: [follower_other_kit]
Follower skill set: [follower_skill_set]
Follower species: [follower_species]
Beast Folk species: [beast_folk]


Hex Border: [hex_border]
Weird Content: [hex_weird_content]
Wonder: [hex_wonder]
Apocalypse Warning: [hex_apocalypse_warning]
Apocalypse Disaster: [hex_disaster]


Odd Sound: [odd_sound]
Odd Taste: [odd_taste]

Terrain: [terrain_type]
Terrain Temperature: [terrain_temperature]
Terrain Temperatures: [terrain_temperature_daynight]
Terrain Luminosity: [terrain_luminosity]
Weird Geology (w/chance of multiple or none): [weird_geology_chance]
Weird Geology: [weird_geology]

Common Ruin Types: [common_ruin_types]
Ruin Tech Level: [ruin_tech_level]
Ruin Dwellers: [ruin_dwellers]

Vegetation: [terrain_vegetation]
Weird Vegetation: [terrain_weird_vegetation]

Water Feature: [water_feature]
Water Encounter: [water_encounter]
Island Phenomena: [island_phenomena]

Weather and Meteorology

Cloud Activity: [cloud_activity]
Cloud Type: [cloud_type]
Unusual Cloud: [unusual_cloud]
Electromagnetic Activity (w/chance of none): [electromagnetic_activity_chance]
Electromagnetic Activity: [electromagnetic_activity]
Aurora Effect: [aurora_effect]
Weather: [weather]
Exotic Weather: [exotic_weather]
Strange thing in the sky: [strange_thing_in_sky]
Extraordinarily strange thing in the sky: [extraordinarily_strange_thing_in_sky]
Fell from the sky: [fell_from_sky]


Animal Type: [terrain_animal_type]
Terrain Animal: [animal_terrain_type]
Animal Alteration: [animal_alteration]

Farm Condition: [farm_condition]
Farm Type: [farm_type]
Farm Animal Improvement: [farm_animal_improvement]


Market Variation: [market_variation]
Market Quality: [market_quality]
Market Feature: [market_feature]

Piece Armour (brief): [piece_armour_brief]
Piece Armour: [piece_armour]
Light Armour (brief): [light_armour_brief]
Light Armour: [light_armour]
Medium Armour (brief): [medium_armour_brief]
Medium Armour: [medium_armour]
Heavy Armour (brief): [heavy_armour_brief]
Heavy Armour: [heavy_armour]
Power Armour (brief): [power_armour_brief]
Power Armour: [power_armour]

Shield (brief): [shield_brief]
Shield: [shield]
Missile (brief): [missile_brief]
Missile: [missile]
Melee (brief): [melee_brief]
Melee: [melee]
Throwing (brief): [throwing_brief]
Throwing: [throwing]

Add potions here! p69


Ruin: [ruin]
Ruin: [ruin_alien]
Ruin: [ruin_bunker]
Ruin: [ruin_crossing]
Ruin: [ruin_dungeon]
Ruin: [ruin_educational]
Ruin: [ruin_factory]
Ruin: [ruin_garden]
Ruin: [ruin_hazard]
Ruin: [ruin_camp]
Ruin: [ruin_magician]
Ruin: [ruin_shopping]
Ruin: [ruin_lair]
Ruin: [ruin_medical]
Ruin: [ruin_administration]
Ruin: [ruin_organic]
Ruin: [ruin_police]
Ruin: [ruin_phenomena]
Ruin: [ruin_residence]
Ruin: [ruin_secret]
Ruin: [ruin_temple]
Ruin: [ruin_underground]
Ruin: [ruin_military]
Ruin: [ruin_wastes]
Ruin: [ruin_black_lab]
Ruin: [ruin_transit_hub]
Ruin: [ruin_burial_ground]

Ancient Subworlds

Underground Structure: [underground_structure]
Retail Sub Mall: [retail_sub_mall]
Habitat: [habitat]
Shelter Problems: [shelter_problems]
Found Vehicle: [found_vehicle]
Factory: [factory]
Storage Contents: [storage_contents]
Installation type: [installation]
Types of petty bunker problems: [petty_bunker_problems_type]
Petty bunker problem: [petty_bunker_problems]
Issues with bunker: [petty_bunker_problems_bunker_issue]


Strange Graves: [strange_graves]
Settlement size: [civilization_settlement_size]
How Homogenous: [civilization_how_homogenous]
Racial stock: [civilization_racial_stock]
How is civilization ruled?: [civilization_ruled_via]
Civilization aggression: [civilization_aggression]
Religion: [civilization_religion]


Citadel Events: [citadel_events]
Lower Zone: [citadel_zone_lower]
Mid Zone: [citadel_zone_mid]
Upper Zone: [citadel_zone_upper]
Sub Zone: [citadel_zone_sub]
Catacombs: [citadel_catacombs]
Temple: [citadel_temple]
Cistern: [citadel_cistern]
Defence: [citadel_defence]
Dungeon: [citadel_dungeon]
Foreign section: [citadel_foreign_section]
Garden: [citadel_garden]
Ghetto: [citadel_ghetto]
Greenhouse: [citadel_greenhouse]
Library: [citadel_library]
Manufacturing: [citadel_manufacturing]
Merchant: [citadel_merchant]
Middle Housing: [citadel_middle_housing]
Mine: [citadel_mine]
Museum: [citadel_museum]
Palace: [citadel_palace]
Power Station: [citadel_power_station]
Shelter: [citadel_shelter]
Stadium: [citadel_stadium]
Storage: [citadel_storage]
Transit tunnels: [citadel_transit_tunnels]
University: [citadel_university]
Surroundings: [citadel_surroundings]
Citadel Surface: [citadel_surface]
Crowning Feature: [citadel_crowning_feature]
Crowning Feature operational status: [citadel_crowning_structure_operational_status]
Citadel additional feature: [citadel_additional_feature]


Minor Mutation: [Psychon Mutants.minor_mutation]
Major Mutation: [Psychon Mutants.major_mutation]
Apotheosis Mutation: [Psychon Mutants.apotheosis_mutation]
Mutation Source: [Psychon Mutants.mutation_source]
Mutation Type: [Psychon Mutants.mutation_basic_type]


<sgdisplay iterations="1">


STR [Dice.3d6] DEX [Dice.3d6] CON [Dice.3d6] INT [Dice.3d6] WIS [Dice.3d6] CHA [Dice.3d6]
Chromatic Race: [chromatic]
Mutation: [mutation_source]

  • Major (Limit: Total Character Levels)
    • [Psychon Mutants.major_mutation]
    • [Psychon Mutants.major_mutation]
    • [Psychon Mutants.major_mutation]
    • [Psychon Mutants.major_mutation]
  • Minor (Limit: 1/2 Con Score)
    • [Psychon Mutants.minor_mutation]
    • [Psychon Mutants.minor_mutation]
    • [Psychon Mutants.minor_mutation]
    • [Psychon Mutants.minor_mutation]

Starting Equipment
Money: [Dice.3d6]0 Silver
Basic Armour: [starting_armour]
Weapon: A fighter has 4 common weapons. Everybody else has 2. Weapons that shoot ammo have 10 shots


  • [Dice.1d6] days food fresh or dry or pickled
  • [Dice.1d6] days water in skins or gourds

Chemicals: [Dice.1d6] doses of: [chemical]
Special item: [special_item]
Origin: [starting_as_psychonian]
Carrying: [random_item]



1,crimson 1,magenta 1,cyan 1,turquoise 1,yellow 1,tangerine 1,emerald 1,green 1,violet 1,lapis 1,ivory 1,jet


1,observation bunker 1,lab station 1,atmosphere refinery 1,colony complex 1,agri complex 1,space port 1,industrial complex 1,mining complex 1,bioforge facility 1,military base 1,renegade outpost 1,black lab complex


1,Green Men 1,Brainlord Tribe 1,Cyclopeans 1,Brain Lords 1,Reptile men 1,Changelings 1,Eldren 1,Morlocks 1,Goblin Tribes 1,Beastmen 1,Plantmen 1,Silicon men 1,Robot Tribe


1,Green Men - the first tribe 1,Brainlord Tribe - mentalist magicians 1,Cyclopeans - four armed one eyed tall men 1,Brain Lords - evolved into tentacled sacks of intelect who are cyber linked to cyborg tripod bodies 1,Reptile men - dino herder lizard and serpent men tribes 1,Changelings - shapeshifters with various sub tribes 1,Eldren - decedent space elves, greys, and hedonistic eloi, generation starship tribes 1,Morlocks - cannibalistic dwarves who live in depths with bizarre machines and eloi farms 1,Goblin Tribes - aliens from Tau Ceti stranded in solar system colonised and hybridised 1,Beastmen - beast hybrid men, mostly mammals, such as apes, swine, dogs, otters and other furries 1,Plantmen - hybrid plant men with photosynthetic skin symbionts 1,Silicon men - built by gods to explore universe or work deep underground 1,Robot Tribe - machine people and synthetics like androids and replicants


1,Antenna (1 in 6 concealable when not used) wizards use them to cast gesture based spells components instead of hands. 1 in 6 smell as nose. Some fern like moth like of coiled like butterfly. 1,Large forehead +1 1st level mentalist spell, or mentalist zero level cantrip for non casters 1,Shell like ears (possibly pointy or reptile or cattle or cat ears) hearing skill free 1,Photosynthetic plant symbiote, half as much food needed, more than once you are shaggy 1,Webbed fingers and toes, swim normal movement rate 1,Gills for water breathing, also eye membranes, nostril and ear flaps 1,Vampirism, craves living body fluids of unconscious or recently dead (or cannibalism or eat dead) 1,Narcotic scratching nails, CON+2 save or increasingly groggy then pass out if get a second fail 1,Alternate reproduction such as egg laying, budding, parasitism, sexless pathogenic 1,Glider wings fall gently at 45 degree guided slow fall, skilled user can catch winds and do better 1,Cyborg parts replace body part d6 1=hand 2=arm 3=foot 4=leg 5=eye 6=skull 1,Plant or mineral or other species part like a limb or hand transplant 1,Bulging brain -1HP +1 INT 1,Glow in the dark 1”/lv 1,Strange snout -1 CHA but gains scent, taste or track ability or noseless gets no CHA loss and no nose or smell sense 1,Elongated prehensile tongue one foot long 1,Tusks bump d6 damage unarmed (or teeth or extra jaws on tongue) 1,Extra eye can see multi dimensional objects (undead, outer planar beings, spirits) 1,Extra eye can see invisible or through illusion magic effects 1,Extra eye can see multidimensional entities and can hit them


1,Colossus 1,Guardian 1,Pheonix 1,Kernu 1,Gaea 1,Wotan 1,Nergal 1,Erishkigal 1,Tiamat 1,Minerva 1,Selene 1,Typhon


1,Colossus the great god of the west the ruling god who always knows what is best 1,Guardian the great red god protector of mankind and king of the synthetic life systems 1,Pheonix the grid all divine power uses, the cosmic balance, source of magical power 1,Kernu hunter and scientist magician, recycles departed souls for the godess in his data underworld 1,Gaea planetary terraforming and weather control systems that gods evoke to shape reality 1,Wotan the bad god, a blood thirsty war god worshiped by templars, inquisitors and fanatics 1,Nergal lord of famine, plagues and murder, he usurped part of hell to recycle wicked as undead 1,Erishkigal goddess of monsters and the sub worlds, queen of vampires and gates of hell 1,Tiamat goddess of deep and auroras, mother of dragons and sea monsters and chaos demons 1,Minerva protector and inventor, ruler of science and magic, she is telepathy and mental power 1,Selene lunar healing goddess of night and mystery, hospitals and paladin cults 1,Typhon the destroyer, father of monsters, bad weather and volcanoes, wrath of the mother


1,Virgil 1,Paragon 1,Bool 1,Alpha 1,Takwon 1,Lomax 1,Atar 1,Platon 1,Socrates 1,Sophia 1,Valleeforge 1,Justice 1,Segar 1,Koleko 1,Moloch 1,Loth 1,Kali 1,Zardon 1,Panatee 1,Stokan


1,Virgil guide and protector of travellers, opener of the way 1,Paragon the paladin lord of virtue 1,Bool wizard lord of maths and logic 1,Alpha the bunker lord, protector of the chosen, protection from communists and mutants 1,Takwon god of precision combat and targeting and identifying foes. Faceless green god 1,Lomax the hard working giant who serves the community and protects workers 1,Atar is the god of simulated war and ritualised training. Lord of resurrection and illusions 1,Platon god of ethics, logic, data. Philosophy and teachers of ultimate reality 1,Socrates god of wisdom, questioning and heresy 1,Sophia goddess of diplomacy, mercy and wisdom 1,Valleeforge goddess of protecting plants and animals, and keeps a magic space ark 1,Justice a giant green goddess of law and reincarnation who wields a torch, book, sword or staff 1,Segar the berserker and honour and battle, unconcerned with ruling or non warriors 1,Koleko goddess of design, elegance, artistry and good machines 1,Moloch god of bad machines, slavery, factories and sweatshops 1,Loth goddess of the underworld datawebs, networking and subversion 1,Kali goddess of renewal, rebirth, assassination and murder 1,Zardon purges the impure, his great head comes to deliver guns for food to his holy exterminators, 1,Panatee angel of guns, monster killing and fornication 1,Stokan angel of the sword, monster killing and tasty treats and feasts


1,Donarkong 1,Morazio 1,Otto 1,Centapedus 1,Pandora 1,Pakumon 1,Galagon 1,Defender 1,Maaria the good 1,Maaria the wicked 1,Lorelei 1,Maltor 1,Nanee 1,Barabee 1,Wenadee 1,Legos 1,Logos 1,Gargaz 1,Atlas


1,Donarkong great ape god of bride stealing, construction and violence 1,Morazio a leaping heroic tradesman who improves life with building and monster fighting 1,Otto a evil laughing robot head, lord of the crystal maze and robots who hunt humans 1,Centapedus a great machine centipede who guards fungus forests and goblin settlements 1,Pandora goddess of feckless maidens and releasing ancient evils, people hope she stays away 1,Pakumon eating god of the fruit and ghost maze, with tiamat spawned pakuspawn mini monsters 1,Galagon lord of the bad robot plagues, has several brothers, some who fight and hunt aliens 1,Defender hunter of mutants who carries the pure to his eternal crystal stasis fortress forever 1,Maaria the good helps common folk and children, inspires goodness 1,Maaria the wicked helps corrupt rich and decadent vice, inspires naughtiness, is really a android 1,Lorelei goddess of physical love, seducer and prostitutes 1,Maltor is the god of lycanthropy and shape shifting monsters who gives power to sinners 1,Nanee godess of kidnapping children for own good to raise to serve her 1,Barabee godess of grooming and trade and collecting nice things 1,Wenadee godess of processed food and food service and Barabee’s sister 1,Legos god of building, craft and engineers 1,Logos god of maths, logic and order 1,Gargaz god of underworld dungeons, traps, ruins and monsters 1,Atlas former great god now a fragmented mostly sub systems remain, helper of humankind


1,Ankor 1,Mazzigor 1,Raydan 1,Anu 1,Karzar 1,Kalidan 1,Talos 1,Commander 1,Kronos 1,Star Warden 1,Korad 1,Gian


1,Ankor the star judge, assesses the fitness of life to be worthy of evolution or destruction 1,Mazzigor the warrior who comes across the stars to fight evil kaiju and bad mecha 1,Raydan great space god who protects Psychon from aliens and kaiju and elder gods 1,Anu great star commander, father and teacher of the aliens and his city building cults 1,Karzar the lord of darkness and conquest, master of transforming evil robots 1,Kalidan the betrayer who planted evil desires in life to support his ideas of evolution 1,Talos the fire warrior sends down his kaiju fighting form surrounded by a nuclear firestorm 1,Commander lord of the good force, protector of good men, aliens and robots 1,Kronos the world eater sends refinery landers and mind controls agents to eat planets 1,Star Warden, the great AI of a colony ship taking the chosen to the far away heaven 1,Korad the evolver comes to uplift species to freedom, manifesting as a titan or as space monoliths 1,Gian the life giver comes to plant seeds of life and mutation to barren places


1,Cthulhu 1,Tsathogua 1,Yig 1,Shudde Mayelle 1,Iquatha 1,Zoth Amog 1,Hastur 1,Ganatathon 1,Shumagorath 1,Yog Sothoth 1,Nyarlathotep 1,Azathoth


1,Cthulhu (K2LU) the great sea demon who is dead but dreaming, lord of the fish men 1,Tsathogua the subterranean lord, the great shaggy frog god, lord of wizards 1,Yig lord of reptilians, father of serpent kind 1,Shudde Mayelle the great worm that crawls beneath the earth, god of telepathic land squid 1,Iquatha lord of cold and the polar ice caps 1,Zoth Amog a conical body of flesh with tentacles who is favoured by mutants 1,Hastur patron of space wizards and evil magic, necromancy and summoning 1,Ganatathon the gazing god who is served by liogorr and 1,Shumagorath the goddess of fecund nature and mother of monsters 1,Yog Sothoth the god of gates and hyperspace, travel in space or time or the multiverse 1,Nyarlathotep the god with a thousand faces (many are kaiju), lord of telepathy and lies 1,Azathoth the blind idiot god, got of atomic power and the cosmos


1,Mars 1,Phobos 1,Deimos 1,Eris 1,Set 1,Nergal 1,Spartan 1,Janus 1,Loki 1,Venus 1,Thanatos


1,Mars former military AI became supreme god of mars, enjoys violence and farming 1,Phobos the god of panic and fear, aids those who flee and scares enemies 1,Deimos the god of terror and dread has become a demon lord of chaos 1,Eris the godess of chaos and discord, patron of anarchists and the golden apple 1,Set former security AI dedicated to subversion, infiltration and corruption, father of monsters 1,Nergal lord of disease, death and war but also of subversion and anarchy 1,Spartan bunker god who enforces martial discipline, teaches eugenics and upholds slavery 1,Janus stargate gate god, driven mad by fall of space elevator, god of tricksters and performers 1,Loki lord of lies, deceit and tricks, aids rebellion, helps prisoners and fathers monsters 1,Venus the wife of mars and sub AI to the planetary AI of Venus, godess of love and life 1,Thanatos the destroyer always trying to kill all on mars or Psychon 1,Eros god of love who battles his brother Thanos constantly and help life be fecund


1,crimson 1,magenta 1,cyan 1,turquoise 1,yellow 1,tangerine 1,emerald 1,green 1,violet 1,lapis 1,ivory 1,jet


1,crimson 1,red 1,brick red 1,maroon 1,magenta 1,rose 1,pink 1,cyan 1,sky blue 1,light blue 1,turquoise 1,sea blue 1,aquamarine 1,yellow 1,gold 1,sulphur coloured 1,tangerine 1,orange 1,bronze 1,emerald 1,olive 1,pine 1,jade 1,green 1,lime 1,light green 1,violet 1,indigo 1,purple 1,lavender 1,lapis 1,dark blue 1,midnight blue 1,navy blue 1,ivory 1,bone white 1,pearl 1,shell white 1,silver 1,jet 1,grey 1,slate grey 1,steel coloured


1,Crimson (red, brick, maroon) - “Volcano People or Fire Tribe” reputed warmongers and pyromaniacs (Highly heat and fire resistant 1/2 damage) 1,Magenta (rose, pink) - “Flesh People of the Meat tribe” Reputed slavers and cannibals (Regenerate 1HP per hour if well fed) 1,Cyan (sky, light blue) - “Sky People or Air Tribe” Reputed dwellers in high places (Very light, take half falling damage) 1,Turquoise (sea, turquoise, aquamarine) - “Sea People or Water Tribe” Reputed sailors and dwellers near water (Move in water full speed, hold breath CON rounds) 1,Yellow (gold, sulphur) - “Sulphur People or Underworld Tribe” Reputed miners and underground dwellers (Immune to toxins and poison) 1,Tangerine (orange, bronze) - “Trader People or Wandering Tribe” Reputed to be greedy and selfish (Immune to disease and germ agents) 1,Emerald (olive, pine, jade) - “Plant People or Tree Tribe” Reputed to be wild savages (Photosynthesis eat only 1/5 as much food) 1,Green (lime, light green, olive) - “Wild People or Slime tribe” Reputed to be devious and traitors (Resistant to all acid) 1,Violet (Indigo, purple, lavender) - “Flower People or Manna Tribe” reputed all free loving magicians (Gain extra +1HP/Lv) 1,Lapis (dark blue, midnight, navy) - “Night People or Secret Tribe” reputed to be secretive and mysterious (Scrape off gold flakes from skin 1gp/Lv per day) 1,Ivory (bone, pearl, shell, silver) - “Bone People or Skeleton Tribe” reputed undead. (Bones can glow in the dark 1”/Lv at will) 1,Jet (grey, slate, steel) - “Night People or Earth Tribe” reputed cannibals. Reputed to be evil fiends. (Resistant to level draining or aging from undead)


1,[Shadowrun Names.Male] 1,[Shadowrun Names.Female]


10,Raised with own people but lost as adult 1,You are reincarnated from a famous hero in new body 1,Raised by space gods in the stars in a menagerie 1,Raised by monster 1,Raised by a god in a hidden palace 1,Raised by aliens in secret base or sky chariot 1,Raised by talking animals in forest 1,Raised by gang in a citadel slum 1,Raised by monk or monastery 1,Raised by priest or temple 1,Raised by mutants in the wastelands 1,Raised by wizard as servant in a tower 1,Raised by sorcerer cult as servant in a pleasure dome 2,Raised by cultists in secret cave or ruin or sewer 1,Raised by slavers in captivity 1,Raised as food by morlocks in underground complex 1,Raised by goblinoids in cave 1,Raised by half men in burrow or cottage 1,Raised by goat men in forest 1,Raised by travelling merchants on the road 1,Raised by barbarians on warpath 1,Raised by nomad hunters in wilds 1,Raised by robots or androids in bunker 1,Raised by cavemen in cave 3,Raised self in citadel slum 3,Raised self as feral in wilderness 5,Raised with own people but saw them all killed by raiders 5,Raised with own people but saw them all enslaved and scattered 5,Raised with own people but saw them all killed by disaster 1,Raised with own people but saw your home hex recycled by gods 1,Raised with own people but they have had history changed by gods, nobody remembers you 1,Cant remember real past, god over wrote your past 1,Decantered from clone vat in vault, no memories 1,Thawed from extreme past, everyone you know long dead 1,Gods changed your skin colour and or race alienating your kin 1,Raised with own people but saw them all killed by plague 1,Raised with own people but saw them all go mad and die 1,Raised with own people but saw them all affected by shared hallucination without you 1,Raised with own people but saw them all killed by monsters 1,Decantered from clone vat, aware you are copy of high level leader 1,Decantered from clone vat, no memories 1,Raised by other planar beings on other dimension 1,Raised by degenerate minions of elder gods in cave or temple or basement 1,Raised by Psion teacher or school 1,Raised by shaman as servant in wilds 1,Raised by undead in crypt or vault 1,Raised by Tako under the sea dome 1,Raised by mongrelmen in toxic ruins 1,Raised by fishmen near water 1,Raised by bat men in a cave 1,Bred by serpent men as sacrifice and lab rat 1,Ancient cryopod opened, Psychonian phenomena erased memories, changed race 1,Ancient escape pod from space crashed, Psychonian phenomena erased memories, Changed race 1,Raised with own people but outcast for a crime or breaking taboo or love gone wrong 1,Wandering world since teen vision of one true love in distant land 1,Air nomads raised you and took you far and wide 1,Raised by sky citadel folk who raided the surface and left you behind long ago 1,Raised by rat men in ancient sewer 1,Raised by dog men mercenary tribe 1,Raised by stag men in woods 1,Raised by bird men on floating island 1,Created spontaneously as adult by a god as experiment 1,Created spontaneously as adult by a god for secret mission 1,Time traveller, altered by Psychonian phenomena but memories partly intact 1,Raised by spider folk in cave 1,Raised by reptile men in a swamp 1,Raised by fire newt men in volcano 1,Raised by doppelgangers in secret citadel chambers 1,Raised as privileged city dweller till outcaste by coup 1,Resurrected from mummified corpse, loved ones long vanished 1,Left home to seek adventure and excitement 1,Left home long ago to follow lover who abandoned you 1,Kidnapped by press gang and raised by mercenaries 1,Teleported by gods far from home for unrevealed reasons 1,Hatched as adult from egg 1,Grew from pod plant as copy of other person 1,Raised by swine men as house servant 1,Raised by exotic beast men as own 1,[starting_as_psychonian] and [starting_as_psychonian]


5,astronaut crashed been in hypersleep and returned overdue from mission 5,astronaut from distant colony or space habitat on mission to “Earth” 5,cryopod awakened ancient from the final war 5,cryopod awakened ancient resurrected from frozen 21st C corpse 5,cryopod awakened ancient clone 5,cryopod awakened ancient frozen in medical emergency 5,cryopod awakened ancient contaminated by necrovirus - undead if killed 5,cryopod awakened in ancient survivalist bunker 5,vault dweller escaped from bunker 2,time traveller - experiment gone wrong 3,time traveller - accidental sucked into vortex like Bermuda triangle 1,time traveller - from pre 20th century sent by spell or curse 4,time traveller - found ancient gate in ruins 5,time traveller - experimented with strange drug 1,cosmic balance selected you as champion sent through time and space 4,raised in bubble by robots 5,raised in greenhouse by wizard 5,crawled out of a pod plant with ancient memories of normal life 5,alien saucer returned you after an age in space back to “Earth” 5,morlocks bred you as accidental throwback, kept sealed in vault till recently 1,recreated from past by troublesome god for a lark 1,spacegod masters sent you here to study effects of Psychon on your DNA 5,raised by a god in isolated habitat, recently escaped 2,teleporter accident brought you here from space habitat or past 1,created by accidental anomaly while a hex terraformed


1,a +1 weapon 1,a +1 item of armour 1,extra [Dice.1d6] dose(s) of: [potion_form] - [potion_effect] 1,pet or mount 1,+1 saving throw charm as jewellery or ring 1,gas mask or binoculars or filter canteen or space blanket 1,electronic device - radio or rad scanner or camera or pocket sound recorder 1,black powder grenades with round fuse, 2d5 1” across area, throw STR in Inches 1,rare missile weapon (light crossbow d6 with 20 bolts, flintlock pistol d8 with d10 shots, musket, derringer 1d4 with a d4 shots) 1,las Pistol 2d6 10 shots 10” range 1,medium armour chain +5 1,heavy platemail armour +7


1,[potion_form] - [potion_effect] 1,bottle of incendiary fuel* 1,bottle of holy water 1,smoke bomb for 1 turn over 3” 1,iron hand grenade 2d4 over 1”


1,levitation 10 minutes 1,healing 2d4 1,growth 10 minutes 1,shrink 10 minutes 1,breathe water, 1 hour 1,strength +1d4, 10 minutes 1,neutralise poison 1,neutralise disease 1,commune with otherworldly being, one hour trip 1,detect magic 10 minutes 1,protection from evil 10 minutes 1,detect evil 10 minutes


1,snuffbox of inhalant powder 1,ointment in a [jar], [Dice.1d3] round(s) to rub on 1,syringe one round to use 1,[pipe_or_cigarettes] smokeable [herbs_or_resin] - [Dice.1d3] round(s) to use, 1,[tin] of pills. [Dice.1d3] round(s) to use 1,[bag_or_tin] of biscuits - [Dice.1d4] round(s) to ingest 1,eye drops with bottle and pipette 1,Drink in round to use, in bottle 1,suppository, [Dice.1d4] round(s) to use 1,slap patch, looks like band aid with a logo 1,gum you chew for the duration, various flavours [tastes_like_bubblegum] 1,puffer inhaling device


1,jar 1,tin 1,bottle


1,bag 1,tin


1,pipe of 2,cigarette made from


1,herbs 1,resin


1,, this one tastes like bubblegum 5,


1,[1cp_items] 1,[1sp_items] 1,[1gp_items]


1,Filthy old rags 1,Mug of beer 1,Loaf of bread 1,Sandwich 1,Bowl of soup 1,Arrow or bullet 1,Chicken egg


1,Bag of tobacco 1,Gallon of milk 1,Pound of cheese 1,Fruit cake 1,Leg of lamb 1,Bag of sweets 1,Glass of wine 1,Good Shirt


1,Silver ring 1,Exotic fruit 1,Knife 1,Fancy pair of boots 1,Bag of wizard weed 1,Baby goat 1,Bottle of spirits 1,Quality outfit


1,{{#replace:[norepeat_get_three_armour]|||, }} 0,[starting_armour_options] : [norepeat_get_two_armour] (+3) - using Psychon_norepeat 0,[starting_armour_options]|[starting_armour_options]|[starting_armour_options]|[starting_armour_options]|[starting_armour_options]|[starting_armour_options]|[starting_armour_options]|[starting_armour_options] (+3) - using Array_norepeat





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1,Hero Harness 1,Greaves & Bracers 1,Heavy Cloak 1,Cap Helm 1,Buckler


1,sling (plus 1d3 spare) 20+1d20 stones, 2d4 lead bullets, dagger, linen robe, sandals, staff 1,club, linen robe, sandals, whip, dagger, cloak 1,dagger, buckler, 3 javelins, linen robes, sandals 1,shortsword, buckler, hero harness, greaves, loincloth, sandals, dagger 1,shortbow, 20 arrows, dagger, linen robe, sandals, hat 1,spear, javelins, medium shield, hero harness, greaves, loincloth, sandals, dagger 1,crossbow, 20 bolts, shortsword/handaxe, dagger, linen robes, sandals 1,shortsword, dagger, 3 throwing knives, linen robe, sandals 1,atlatl, 12 darts, dagger, loincloth, sandals 1,battle Axe, hand axe, helmet, medium shield, hero harness, greaves, loincloth, sandals, dagger 1,sword, helmet, medium shield, hero harness, greaves, loincloth, sandals, dagger 1,[follower_exotic_weapon_kit]


1,musket, bayonet, shot and ball for 20 shots, shirt, trousers, coat, boots 1,sword, flintlock pistol, dagger, shot and ball for 2o shots, shirt, trousers, coat, boots 1,trident, net, dagger, hero harness, greaves, loincloth, sandals, dagger 1,cestus for each hand, helmet, hero harness, greaves, loincloth, sandals 1,.22 Automatic Pistol (8 shots) 2 full magazines, knife, shirt, trousers, coat, boots 1,.38 Revolver (6 shooter) 20 bullets, truncheon, cap, shirt, trousers, coat, boots 1,shortsword, 12 shuriken, knife, black linen suit and mask, second linen suit, sandals 1,polearm or longspear, hero harness, greaves, loincloth, helmet, sandals, dagger 1,scythe, sickle, hatchet, linen suit, sandals 1,chain, linen suit, sandals, knife, blackjack, cloak 1,knuckle duster, can of irritant spray, whistle, t-shirt, jeans, running shoes 1,disposable civilian laser pistol (3d6 6-shot-reloads then useless), jumpsuit, large spanner


1,sack of 2d6 days humble food (bread, turnips, cheese, sausage) 1,wineskin of grog or bottle of spirits or filtration canteen 1,inflatable life preserver 1,bandages and primitive first aid kit 1,30 foot of rope 1,lamp with oil or box of dozen candles or 1d6 torches and tinderbox 1,fishing line, hooks, bait and bucket 1,dog or other similar useful companion animal 1,donkey or similar beast of burden or goat suitable for milking 1,cooking pots and firewood 1,pipe and bag of tobacco or herbs and tinderbox 1,zippo lighter and packet of ciggies 1,handcuffs 1,electric pocket torch solar or hand cranked 1,magnifying glass or spectacles 1,mobile phone 1,first aid kit 1,space blanket 1,30 days space food sticks 1,fire blanket


1,missile and melee weapon, and one NWP possibly survival or farming (follower gets d6hp instead of d4) 1,weapon group (2 WP slots) and one NWP possibly survival or farming (follower gets d6hp instead of d4) 1,one weapon, first aid and herbalism 1,one weapon, sneak and hide 1,one weapon, animal husbandry and animal training (one species) 1,one weapon, track and survival 1,one weapon, foraging and ancient lore 1,one weapon, pick pockets and streetwise 1,one weapon, song lore and play instrument 1,one weapon, looting and evaluate 1,one weapon, mechanical lore and electrical lore 1,one weapon Expertise (+1 hit and damage 2WP slots) War lore


1,crimson (red, brick, maroon) human 1,magenta (rose, pink) human3 Cyan (sky, light blue) human 1,turquoise (sea, turquoise, aquamarine) human 1,yellow (gold) human 1,tangerine (orange, bronze) human 1,emerald (olive, forest) human 1,green (lime, light green) human 1,violet (Indigo, purple, lavender) human 1,lapis (dark blue, midnight, navy) human 1,ivory (bone, pearl, shell, silver) human 1,jet human (Slate, Steel, Grey) human 1,piebald Human (two coloured) roll 2d12 for colour 1,piebald Human (multi coloured) roll 1d4 x d12 for colour 1,eldren (Immortal Children of The Gods) roll 1d12 for colour 1,morlock (Cannibal sub world dwarf) roll 2d12 for colour 1,halfman (might pass as a human child) roll 1d12 for colour 1,giant (looks human is only a child) roll 1d12 for colour 1,[abhuman_elemental_type] abhuman 1,[abhuman_plant_type] abhuman 1,[beast_folk], roll 2d12 for colour roll


1,[beast_folk_type] Folk


88,[beast_folk_animals] 4,[abhuman_elemental_type] 3,[abhuman_plant_type] 1,mud 1,sea 1,hybrid [beast_folk_type] and [beast_folk_type]


1,rock 1,magma 1,ice 1,crystal


1,tree 1,mushroom 1,cactus


0, 1,[Animal.ordinaryanimal]


1,ape 1,monkey 1,lemur 1,rat 1,mouse 1,anteater 1,aardvark 1,kangaroo 1,koala 1,platypus 1,echidna 1,wallaby 1,tree kangaroo 1,turtle 1,lizard 1,dinosaur 1,dog 1,fox 1,wolf 1,cat 1,lion 1,tiger 1,leopard 1,lynx 1,bear 1,hyena 1,badger 1,porcupine 1,panda 1,beaver 1,weasel 1,rabbit 1,ferret 1,stag 1,goat 1,bull 1,ram 1,rooster 1,duck 1,goose 1,pigeon 1,gull 1,parrot 1,eagle 1,hawk 1,owl 1,raven 1,kookaburra 1,peacock 1,emu 1,ostrich 1,cassowary 1,possum 1,frog 1,toad 1,salamander 1,newt 1,axolotl 1,fish 1,eel 1,shark 1,lamprey 1,crab 1,lobster 1,snail 1,slug 1,worm 1,spider 1,scorpion 1,fly 1,mantis 1,octopus 1,snake 1,squid 1,jellyfish 1,flea 1,moth 1,ant 1,bee 1,wasp 1,termite 1,centipede 1,beetle 1,stingray 1,bat 1,horse 1,alpaca 1,camel


1,Cosmetic mutation 1,Major mutation 1,Cyborg limbs or eye 1,Cursed by spell or gods 1,Was an ancient transformed to currant form 1,Hybrid with other planar being 1,looking for own kind or family 1,Wanted criminal or outlaw 1,Hunted by relentless enemies 1,Member of a horrible cult perhaps of elder gods, other plane, criminal, drugs or worse 1,Fear of [fear_of] 1,Replicant in service of AI god or faction or aliens as a spy


1,technology 1,mutants 1,psionics 1,magic


1,Sentient singing crystal knows exotic lore 1,Huge slug with breasts lactates narcotic chocolate flavoured milk 1,Tiny mushroom man releases choking spores 1,Talking hamburger gives birth to baby edible burgers 1,Magic pudding edible and regrows if whole thing not eaten 1,Zombie cat an able scout with undead resistances 1,Vampire bat winged weasel, able scout and thief 1,Talking bottle of booze, refills daily, listens to people’s problems 1,Bearded wizard snake can casts some spells 1,Small pet boulder rolls after owner, sneaky and can trip foes 1,Winged fish can scout air or water 1,Small flute playing gremlin, excellent cook 1,Knife loving goblin is awesome at sharpening and throwing edged weapons 1,Luminous flying jellyfish provides light 1,Sleazy talking rat gets info from local rats gangs 1,Communal intelligent insect hive or wasps or bees can sting foes 1,Granny spider spins webs and can knit into nets, rope and fishing line 1,Talking goat makes tasty milk and can talk to other goats 1,Crafty land octopus good at repairs, weapon and armour maintenance 1,Sentient winged hour glass keeps track of times and dates 1,Winged pyramid with eye, excellent scout and observer, very lawful 1,Creepy ventriloquist dummy, sneaky back stabber 1,Miniature triffid aggressively protective of owner 1,Talking goose knows ancient legends and fairy tales 1,Smoking winged monkey an able scout and thief 1,Clockwork soldier has a tiny gun with bayonet 1,Cat size sphinx expert on riddles and puzzles 1,Shifty kobold trap master and miner 1,Tiny fire elemental lives in a lamp, good stove and light 1,Tiny earth elemental carry goods, scout through walls and makes bricks 1,Tiny water elemental provide drinks, cleans and aquatic scout 1,Tiny air elemental provides air, makes breezes and invisible flying scout 1,Drug addict smoking monkey can identify potions by smell 1,Winged talking snake with excellent senses 1,Horrible aggressive green sneaky midget with blowpipe 1,Small flying cherub with first aid skills 1,Spherical drone able to communicate with many devices 1,Short drone able mechanic with welder/ cutting torch 1,Winged purple homunculus able scout and messenger 1,Hovering ball size target drone with tiny laser (mostly for target designation) 1,Medical drone an able medic 1,Clockwork swordsman 1,Clockwork flying bird can carry person short distance 1,Riding flightless bird, nervous but will defend self if cannot flee 1,Giant caterpillar with hookah, reads obscure magical languages 1,Sneaky thieving gremlin likes jokes and taunts 1,Well endowed cherub likes foul smutty jokes has a tiny pistol and cigars 1,Sentient crystal can detects invisible and hidden foes 1,Sentient crystal can detect charms or psionic coercion 1,Sentient crystal detects deliberate lies 1,Sentient crystal detects hostile thoughts 1,Symbiotic crystal implanted in head acts as night vision eye and offers moral advice 1,Symbiotic worm prevents host from bleeding to death or getting parasites 1,Lizard can discharge acid, cause small wounds or dissolve locks or bars 1,Sentient jelly can ooze through cracks silently and has acidic touch 1,Sentient smartsuit, self repairs and change colour and texture 1,Bird of prey an able scout and rabbit catcher 1,Clever pony comes when called, can count with hoof taps, painfully adorable 1,Invisible formless thing a scout or porter 1,Spirit can scout and see non corporeal or invisible otherworld beings 1,Ghost can scout and invisible, may have some knowledge 1,Invisible snake of any colour 1,Talking dog, excellent tracker and alert guardian 1,Exploding frog, reforms and can re-explode a few times a day 1,Grasshopper likes to smoke, can fly, leap and excellent scout 1,Poltergeist spirit, throws tantrums and objects if friend harmed 1,Hypnotic frog can put a victim in a trance 1,Gnome with toolkit able with locks and traps 1,Fairy can invisibly scout, steal coins and keys, sprinkle glitter 1,Sexy dancing lady minor imp, excellent distraction 1,Teleporting cat with big grin, able scout and distraction 1,Robot sex toy pleasures anyone for a coin 1,Giant airborne plankton provides healthy chlorophyll food 1,Sentient winged chair able to carry person for short flights several times a day 1,Crab mechanic, slightly grumpy and silent 1,Helmet provides tactical advice and historical examples 1,Sword leaps into hand, glows, boasts about wielder 1,Horn can blow self and will call out if owner incapacitated 1,Toymaking elf makes salable toys from scraps 1,Goose lays a 1gp gilded egg every day, offers moral advice and stories 1,Magical pony shrinks from pocket to full size riding beast 1,Flying carpet for one, an knock over foes, getting old and only limited uses per day 1,Camera brownie can paint any scene directed to, likes to live in tiny box 1,Harp can play self and knows songs of heroes, monsters and dungeons 1,Guitar can play self and shoot flares, fireworks and pyrotechnics 1,Toon being, difficult to harm but vulnerable to fire, acid and energy 1,Ice daemonling keeps cold, stab with icicle 1,Fire Imp starts fires, heats dinner, stabs with teeny trident 1,Walking suitcase follows hero with baggage 1,Sentient book full of facts, turns to relevant pages when needed and documents owners life 1,Baby salamander adorably pyromaniac shoots fire and blows smoke rings 1,Talking winged piglet advocates being vegetarian and being every bodies friend 1,Sentient ring evaluates treasure and may know some history 1,Magical scroll translates other documents, sometimes prejudiced 1,Data tablet interfaces with other devices, downloads images of vice 1,Backpack hands stuff to owner when needed at will, offers combat vet advice 1,Gun, talks, likes to shoot people, unjam self and accept different calibre ammo


1,ancient dialect 1,monster dialect 1,Eldren 1,Morlock 1,goblin dialect 1,abhuman dialect 1,arcane dialect 1,machine dialect 1,alien dialect 1,alignment dialect 1,beast dialect 1,Common


1,buzzing insects 1,strange otherworldly pipes 1,chattering buzzing noise 1,strange lonely distant chimes 1,distant electric guitar riff 1,static fuzz, buzzes and clicks 1,ululations of some distant being 1,chanting monks 1,organ music carried by the wind 1,strange rumblings from just underground 1,electrical crackling 1,random explosion or bangs 1,distant klaxon or alarm 1,cheering crowd approval 1,sounds of battle 1,pulsating electronic sound 1,distant sonic boom and whooosh! 1,earth shakes from minor quake 1,ethereal singing from otherworld choir 1,beeping noises seem to be communicating 1,muttering voices 1,cicadas chirping 1,flapping wings 1,water flowing and gurgling 1,droning buzzing sound 1,sub audible moan puts all on edge, teeth grating, hair stands up 1,birds cheeping in unison, louder and louder till someone dies 1,creatures communicating around party 1,crazed ecstatic cry in distance 1,screaming innocents pleas for help 1,evil laughter hidden everywhere 1,strange sub base brown note, save or foul pants 1,gibbering madmen from nightmare asylum cry out 1,throbbing sound, reverberates through skeleton 1,industrial machinery at work 1,organic squelches and farty sounds 1,cries of ecstasy from pleasure pits of sky wizards 1,moans of suffering from the underworld 1,ticking clocks, with hourly chimes 1,roars of great beasts like dinosaurs, deafening volume 1,saws cutting wood 1,low droning didgeridoo music 1,simple 8bit micro music 1,primitive electronic and synthesiser noises (forbidden planet or old Dr who) 1,sounds of the end times when ancients fell, screams of madness and explosions 1,elevator muzak 1,classical music (keeps away teen skaters) 1,dripping, spattering, slopping 1,sonic attack! Mind control or nausea attack 1,sonic attack! Damaging or stunning attack 1,marching music with drums 1,rockets raining down and exploding 1,distant sonic weapon 1,signal horn of perhaps a hunter 1,sounds of motor vehicles of past 1,advertisement of ancients 1,political message broadcast 1,tourist information 1,siren of ancient police or ambulance or fire 1,ship or freight train or truck horn 1,sound of ancient possibly sub train 1,alarm ringing 1,ancient warning of danger 1,strange flute music 1,tiny squeaky voices 1,animals talking 1,words of a god 1,countdown 1,automated security message “freeze! Remain here till security staff come” 1,sounds of aircraft battle 1,screeching of pterodactyls or other creatures 1,crying child 1,dipping gurgling subterranean water 1,playing children 1,sinister chanting or singing 1,snorting and galloping beasts 1,rattling chains and moans 1,screaming torture victims 1,soundbyte from ancient film 1,air raid message warning public of atomic attack 1,fire, disaster, screaming, buildings falling 1,mass hysteric crowd like sport or concert crowd 1,medical evacuation alert 1,martial Law and curfew warning announcement 1,artillery barrage 1,aircraft crash 1,car chase and screeching tires 1,assembly line 1,herd of animals 1,couple fighting 1,smashing glass 1,car crash 1,fireworks 1,cartoon character dialogue or soundbytes 1,surrounded by drums 1,howling beast 1,barking dogs 1,frogs croaking 1,rain


0, 1,honey 1,cinnamon 1,peppermint 1,peanut butter 1,chocolate 1,lemon 1,incense 1,smoke 1,charred meat 1,hearty food 1,blood 1,metallic 1,sour 1,bitter 1,numbing 1,urine 1,rotten 1,strawberries 1,animal bed 1,insect 1,seafood 1,salty 1,mixed Berry 1,onions 1,beer 1,strong spirits 1,mineral 1,sweat 1,milk 1,sugar or Candy 1,rose 1,musk 1,coriander 1,cumin 1,asafetida 1,pepper 1,chilli 1,sandalwood 1,acidic 1,smoked meat 1,pineapple 1,melon 1,banana 1,oily 1,pear 1,vanilla 1,mushroom 1,yoghurt 1,peach 1,eucalyptus 1,lavender 1,vegemite 1,caramel 1,sesame 1,anchovy 1,hot-dog water 1,mustard 1,horse Radish 1,chilli 1,fried Potato 1,lime 1,orange 1,cherry 1,used socks 1,yoghurt 1,grapefruit 1,asparagus 1,pickled 1,fishy 1,sewerage 1,cheese 1,ammonia 1,custard 1,pudding 1,fresh bread 1,ice cream 1,machine Exhaust 1,tangerine 1,licorice 1,molasses 1,rotten meat 1,skunk 1,hash or opium 1,stink bug 1,reptile house 1,bird nest 1,swamp 1,pine 1,tobacco 1,wax 1,mushroom 1,mildew 1,chlorine 1,soap 1,lemon grass 1,garlic 1,coriander 1,cumin 1,turmeric


4,clear and still 1,clear with mild wind 1,clear with strong wind 1,light cloud and no movement 1,large clouds and no movement 1,heavy cloud and no movement 1,light cloud and slight movement 1,large clouds and slight movement 1,heavy cloud and slight movement 1,light cloud and rapid movement 1,large clouds and rapid movement 1,heavy cloud and rapid movement 1,large clouds and rain or snow or hail 1d10 minutes 1,heavy cloud and rain or snow or hail 1d100 hours 3,fog covers the land


9,cloud 1,[unusual_cloud]


5,water cloud but coloured and flavoured 5,dust, may leave desert behind or bury area in ash or silica or other particles 5,ice cloud may snow or hail 5,mild hallucinogenic gas cloud, enhances landscape mood 5,mild mood alteration cloud, use colour to suggest mild mood shift 5,mild chem cloud save or take 1pt damage, may damage appearance of metal or hair 5,mild bioplague cloud save or 24 hr flu -1 all d20 rolls feel sneezy or nausea 5,mild rad cloud save or 24 hr -1 STR, CON and HP lose some hair 1,mild psion cloud save or 24 hr -1 INT WIS CHA feel dopey 4,mild Irritant cloud save or 6 hr -4 sensory rolls and morale roll for followers 2,biological cloud of bugs or spores or seeds or spiders with parachutes 1,liquid crystal cloud with image of a gods eye, holy symbol or other divine phenomena 3,chronic hallucinogenic gas cloud, surreal landscape, shimmering stars, melting land forms 5,chronic mood alteration cloud, Save or strongly effected by emotion 2,chronic poison chem cloud save or take 1pt damage, new save every 10 minutes 3,chronic chem cloud induces vomiting and morale checks for followers 1,chronic chem cloud corrodes one material flesh, metal, plastic, rock or other (1hp/round) 3,chronic bioplague save or turn to zombie on death 1,chronic bioplague save or turn to ghoul on death 1,chronic bioplague save or die in rotten heap of flesh over an hour 1,chronic bioplague save or blinded, mostly treatable with good care 1,chronic rad cloud save or 24 hr -1/2 STR, CON and HP lose d100% hair 1,chronic psion cloud save or 24 hr -1/2 INT WIS CHA memory loss 2,chronic psion cloud save or telepathic link to others while exposed, possibly need WIS save 4,mind Hack nanoid cloud changes all in area to feel single strong feeling like hate or lust 1,mind Hack nanoid cloud changes history and language memories if fail save 3,mind Hack nanoid cloud infects with berserker virus, sometimes with a trigger species 2,body Hack nanoid makes cosmetic modification if fail save 2,body Hack nanoid gives all a new species symbioses or cell organelle (+1 on one kind of save) 4,body Hack nanoid gives all a new mutation with failed save 1,body Hack nanoid cloud converts to living dead over 24 hours with failed save 3,machine virus cloud turns machines and artificial relics of the ancients non functional 3,machine virus cloud turns machines and artificial relics of the ancients hostile 2,imprisoning cloud uses web, crystal or biomass to imprison or block passage 2,chronic poison cloud save +2 or die from foam corrupted lungs in CON rounds 1,terraforming cloud changing the land and changing the population and flora and fauna


5,nothing 15,[electromagnetic_activity]


3,light Auroras bathe the sky but barley visible in day 3,occasional and distant lightning with thunder rumbles per hour 3,medium Auroras bathe the sky, some artefacts and magic crackles 4,frequent and closer lightning with thunder rumbles per ten minutes 1,huge Auroras bathe the sky, artefacts and magic may produce unprecedented effects 1,constant lightning surrounds explorers with thunder rumbles every minutes


1,affects tech 1,affects wizard spells 1,affects priest spells 1,affects psion spells 1,affects memories 1,hear a gods thoughts


20,[typical_weather] 1,stormy - [weather_storm] 1,[exotic_weather] 1,[typical_weather] and [typical_weather] 1,[typical_weather], [typical_weather] and [typical_weather]


1,hot - warm and dry 1,cold - cold and dry 1,cloudy - clouds in sky 1,clear - sky is still and empty 1,windy - blowing constantly 1,frosty - frost, ice particles and snow 1,scorching - desert like severe heat 1,foggy - mist shrouds everything 1,damp - everything is damp and humidity is high, often light rain 1,rain - everything soaked


1,storm - [weather_storm] 1,ice - [weather_ice] 1,fire - [weather_fire] 1,quake - [weather_quake] 1,chem clouds - [weather_chem_cloud] 1,biological - [weather_biological] 1,pollen - [weather_pollen] 1,auroras - [weather_aurora] 1,mutagen - [weather_mutagens] 1,nanite swarms - [weather_nanite_swarm] 1,psi storm - [weather_psionic] 1,manna - [weather_manna]


1,sweet tasting coloured water rains in thin steady streams, nutrient enriching 1,salty bitter rain, unpleasant but drinkable, just reduces your life span slightly 1,flavoured coloured rain possibly effervescent or carbonated 1,rad rain is luminous forming glowing pools of sweet radioactive water with short half life 1,chem rain is most often poison and comes in a rainbow of colours that mix weirdly 1,mud from ground water raising and saturating soil making it muddy 1,flood raises water level covering coastlines, flood planes, dams and embankments 1,lightning storm with deadly electrical arcs and balls of electrical plasma 1,thunderstorm with deafening ground shaking noise that terrifies most animals 1,rainstorm with heavy wind causes light damage to everything 1,rainbows or halos and coloured rays in the sky 1,cyclone or twister or whirl pool or waterspout sucking in everything in path


1,hail of frozen ice pellets from pea to egg sized inflicts 1 HP per round to unarmored 1,light snow of fluffy white coloured crystals forming small amount of slush 1,heavy snow dumps d12 inches of snow on the surface of everything 1,snowstorm area gets d12 inches of snow, visibility poor, temperature very cold 1,frost covers surface of everything in shiny frozen dew, mud becomes slick 1,sleet with heavy rain and ice crystals covers ground in slush briefly during rain 1,floating ice crystals sparkling in the sky like diamonds 1,thick ice is deposited over everything over several hours of blizzard inch/hour 1,icicles form on surfaces and overhangs during chilling winds 1,ice is actually fire retardant chemical snow from a fire fighting nanite factory 1,nitrogen storm showers liquid nitrogen everywhere freezing everything 1,icicle storm showers huge spikes of ice from sky seeded by military weather nanobots


1,smoke plumes in distance, air slightly choking 1,smoke clouds fill sky and partially block the sun, eyes water and air choking 1,mirage shimmering in distance like water, rippling waves of heat 1,sky is filled with fire, every living thing panics 1,flaming hailstones of volcanic rock fall from sky igniting some spot fires 1,grass spotfires and smoke 1,bushfire driving animals into a stampede 1,volcanic ash rains like snow 1,black rain a mix of volcanic ash and rain 1,meteors fall from sky, distant explosions 1,fire Whorl is a column of fire created by fire creating a whirlwind, moves and very deadly 1,firestorm is a raging incendiary storm that lays waste to everything above ground


1,dust clouds, vision obscured and sky coloured 1,dust storm sky dark and discoloured and choking sand covers everything 1,dust devils swarming across flats carrying dust and dirt 1,ground shaking in short bursts alarms animals 1,modest quake causing trees to shake and people to fall over 1,severe quake triggers mudslides, avalanches, damages trees and buildings 1,cracks open in the ground 1,light volcanic rocks rain from the sky 1,sinkholes open in the ground 1,rain mixed with soil covers everything in mud 1,quake collapses massive subworld of the ancients 1,ground shakes causing hills and mountains drop in height


1,teargas like irritant causes crying and burns eyes 1,vomit gas causes nausea and violent retching 1,irritant gas causes itching and skin sores and blemishes 1,corrosive cloud damages leaves and plastics, burns skin 1,severe corrosive eats stone, concrete and rusts metal, burns flesh 1,dye stains everything for a d4 days 1,mood altering cloud of coloured gas 1,memory erasing nerve gas, victims awake from comas with memory loss 1,blindness inducing nerve gas save or blind 1,hours 1,poison gas causes lungs to foam and horrible death if fail save 1,hallucinogenic gas cloud with shimmering stars, surreal melting land forms 1,psychotropic weaponry gas clouds create a collective hallucinations


1,mild bioplague cloud causes flu, sneezing and nausea 1,fungal spore clouds rot cloth, leather and hair 1,fungal spores sprout giant fungus everywhere 1,clouds deposit floating seed pods with new breed of plant 1,skin colour changing bio agent if save lasts a few days if fail is permanent 1,clouds drop millions of spiders with tiny web parachutes, harmless but creepy 1,plague spores cause severe respiratory illness and death in 3d20 hours 1,plague spores liquefies flesh in d6 hours if fail save 1,spores turn victim who fails save into ambulatory fungal horror 1,zombie plague, any infected and fail save become undead d20 hours after death 1,undead plague strain transforms victims who fail save into zombies 1,exotic undead plague save or transformed into ghoul or more advanced undead


1,coloured fuzzy fluff blows from sky, edible and nutritious 1,coloured dust clouds cause sneezing and sore eyes 1,coloured dust causes hysterical laughter and increases appetite 1,coloured dust temporarily changes gender if fail save for 2d20 hours 1,coloured pollen causes vegetation growth spurt of several inches per hour 1,coloured pollen causes skin colour to change for d20 hours 1,coloured pollen implants symbiotic vegetation on skin or hair 1,coloured pollen dust covers hair or feathers with lovely flowers 1,coloured pollen dust causes carnivorous plants to sprout over region 1,coloured pollen dust infects system, if fail save turns into a plant 1,coloured pollen dust infects system, save or turn slowly into hostile mobile plant person 1,coloured pollen dust infects system, save or turn into free willed mobile plant person


1,coloured glows in distance flickering pleasantly 1,sky swirling with coloured auroras across the sky 1,glowing fireballs float in sky and flaming auroras flash across 1,hypnotic lights observers save or stare into sky hypnotised by beauty 1,neural frequency energy fields cause fits and stuttering if fail save 1,radiation clouds glowing in sky, rains sweet water and causes burns and hair loss 1,auroras and magnetic fields light the sky scrambling radar, radio and navigation 1,auroras flickering across skies make electrical technology stutter and malfunction 1,auroras pour electromagnetic pulses damaging electronics and shutting down tech 1,auroras effect gravity fields, making everything lighter and some objects float 1,auroras effect gravity fields, making everything heavier and flight difficult 1,auroras effect gravity fields lifting land masses into the sky which float away


1,coloured dust from sky enters cells and becomes new organelle, various purposes 1,coloured dust from sky lands and grows into short lived tentacle polyps 1,coloured dust alters skin colour possibly in accord with some ancient faction 1,coloured dust from sky inflicts cosmetic minor mutations 1,coloured dust from sky infects plants, become ambulatory, sentient or carnivorous 1,coloured dust from sky infects animal life making amorous and hybridise species 1,coloured dust from sky infects dwarfism on many species 1,coloured dust from sky infects gigantism on many species 1,coloured dust from sky infects animals with bio weaponry and increased aggression 1,coloured dust from sky makes animals swell up into huge immobile sacks of nutrient 1,coloured dust from sky reduces intelligence and make hyper carnivorous and aggressive 1,coloured dust from sky infects animals turns into amorphous tentacled horrors


1,huge liquid crystal cloud displaying images across the sky often from the gods 1,fine coloured monofilaments rain down from orbit, dissolve in 24 hours 1,bubbles rain down from clouds cover everything in bio degradable edible soap 1,coloured slime rains down from heavens, breaks down rapidly and eaten by animals 1,nanites construct barriers like walls or bars separating areas 1,nanite rain incorporates cybernetics into various living organisms 1,grey goo nanites rain from sky dissolving areas into pools of grey nano slime 1,nanofactory cloud rains fish, frogs or other small animals 1,hammer storm nanofac cloud dumps rain of hammers, rocks or knives 1,nanite cloud assembles new major terrain type 1,nanite cloud assembles a ancient ruin from nothing 1,nanite cloud constructs a village complete with inhabitants and history


1,strange aurora makes everyone feel uneasy and nervous 1,see strange lights, phantoms and hear odd noises 1,strange somnambulistic waves over region save or go to sleep 1,mood clouds over comes area with strong feelings like lust, hate, hunger, peace, etc 1,fields induce flashbacks to previous lives before gods recycled you 1,weird mental fog cloud scrambles memories, fail save or obtain strangers memories 1,strange field of psychic hostility drives those who fail save berserk and crave flesh 1,field over area inflicts unwanted telepathy causing everyone to over hear thoughts 1,psionic mind hack weapon gives urge to kill soldiers of long forgotten faction of the past 1,collective consciousness floods brains with past history and ancient language 1,all in area mindhacked by will of a god to destroy a rival god 1,a collective dream pours over all minds in area, all experience several hours of unreality


1,satellite falls from orbit, burning fragments of material scatter over wide area 1,sky sparkling as magical arrays haywire, spells work strangely over next day 1,land bathed in rainbow rays from above, gods are scanning for something 1,orbital lasers rain from sky destroying thinks the gods are offended by 1,swarms of insects fill sky include flies or locusts, devour everything 1,escape pods from orbital colony rain down from above 1,sparks rain down from sky igniting dry flammables and starting spot fires 1,floating islands drift by, beings from islands possibly drop down for visit 1,cloud islands with buildings and vegetation dreamily drift by 1,swarms of flying creatures mass migrating, include birds, bats, tiny dragons 1,gigantic floating sky jellyfish swarm over sky, some crash or get tangled in trees 1,teleporter arrays beam down several fully intact temple arrays


10,flock of colourful birds 10,swarm of jewelled insects 5,a single small bird follows party a bit 5,a bird of prey circles party in case they stir up game 10,scavenger birds circling party for a while 5,dangerous flying monster 1,tiny flying sentient monster spy 4,jelly fish or balloon plants or floating living beings drift past 5,a floating eyeball spying on party 2,sphere of water with own gravity field 2,floating rubble with own gravity field 2,floating ball of ice with own gravity field 1,tiny floating island with single beast or castaway 3,floating cluster of trees with some animals 2,winged humanoid species patrol 3,balloon of moderately advanced civilisation 2,sky ship of advanced civilisation leaves trail in distance 2,someone riding a flying monster 2,someone flying unaided 2,someone riding a strange artefact 4,ornithopter of advanced civilisation shaped as winged beast 1,people riding a cloud citadel look down 2,air car of the ancients leaves high altitude trail 1,chariot of the space gods, a glowing orb or saucer 4,Star Stone streaks through sky 1,gargantuan creature in distance, possible with whale size beast in mouth or claws or tentacles 1,gargantuan creature in distance, possible with person in mouth or claws or tentacles 3,something crashes from sky a few leagues away (roll to see what) 1,a god forms an image in the sky 1,a god strikes someone down with fire in the distance 2,a god glinting in the sky directly above 1,gods glinting in the great silver sky band seem to be meeting or fighting


1,moon adopts the visage of a giant skull 1,giant distant mushroom clouds linger for days 1,floating city drifts by 1,a shower of star stones rain from the great silver sky belt 1,a mountain opens a colossal eye then shuts it 1,a floating aircraft of some kind drifts helplessly in the sky 1,a great crystal citadel flies by 1,a giant stone head lands and savage riders demand tribute to it 1,a forest of hundreds of drifting trees and creatures flies by 1,thousands spheres of water like a sky ocean fly by 1,herd of sky whales fly by 1,herd of dragons fly by 1,floating Temple lands before you 1,divine beings battle in the sky 1,a sky chariot battle with huge explosions 1,a sky chariot explodes a mountain 1,a air car battle overhead, one crashes near by 1,giant invisible ball of sky leeches, victims sucked into air and drained dry 1,a rope ladder drops down from some invisible structure in the sky 1,a squad of rocket men fly past 1,an ornithopter with a fire lace battling some sky monster 1,horrible monsters locked in distant battle 1,skyship pirate battles another ship or beast like skykraken or airwahale 1,winged humanoids with prisoners head for mountains 1,glowing neon intangible beings frolic in the sky 1,winged beast like dogs or apes look for food or entertainment 1,huge floating hive with giant insects drifts by, wasps or bees 1,huge floating monolith or pyramid or ziggurat 1,bridge of light from heavens temporary gate to overworlds 1,swarm of monsters migrating fills sky 1,gateway opens and swarm of sky chariots zoom out 1,giant hovering cloud has an eye and follows party 1,strange comet in sky, an ill omen for something 1,waters pour from heavenly gate flooding area 1,minions of earthbound god in sky raft looking for followers to press gag 1,witches flying on pets or artefacts drop down to torment party 1,citadel of winged humanoids swoop down to mock and harass land bound 1,crystalline formations drift in sky, some crystalline life forms 1,rubble drifts over head, tiny earth elemental folk 1,spacejunk falls from sky over area 1,dangerous pod container module falls from sky 1,water spheres drift over head, tiny water elemental folk 1,fireballs fly through sky inhabited by tiny fire elementals 1,tiny air elementals invisibly playing in sky 1,hunters riding flying beasts decide to investigate party 1,pteradactyl folk psions investigate party looking for slaves, food or love 1,gargantuan sky squid attacks ground dwellers, civilization survives in its body 1,gargantua in sky battling effect local weather patterns 1,psiclone storm temporarily swaps bodies of travellers 1,two gods projection filling the sky, making bet on party fate 1,mechanoid flying in area on some mission scans party 1,gate opens in sky and swarm of chaotic or lawful spirits come through 1,ghosts swarm in sky moaning and screaming 1,skyfall, parts of old skydome rain over area 1,huge floating tree city flies by 1,insectoid or other Gargantua with city on back 1,swarms of saucers seen in sky, some in distance land 1,saucer tries to grab party or member with tractor beam 1,saucer lands and little grey space men try kidnap party with stunners 1,eruption of aether from sky, strange ancient crap forms and rains down 1,solar flares, all tech artefacts fail for day 1,utility fog changes parties clothes or armour 1,utility fog changes parties weapons 1,utility fog changes parties skin and hair colour if fail save 1,utility fog changes parties gender if fail save 1,grey ooze cloud reducing area to sludge till a god stops 1,terraform clouds at work, see a realm rebuilt before eyes 1,temporal anomaly, accidental time travellers crash 1,temporal anomaly, crap from other era falls from sky 1,temporal anomaly, accidentally time travel portal, lasts 24 hrs 1,dimensional rift to other gameworld 1,gods see party and teleport them where needed 1,blizzard of coloured snow sweeps area, with ice elementals or tundra beast following it 1,biological cloud forms new species of flora or fauna in area 1,family of huge cloud beast herd covers sky 1,great floating giant, possibly a god with inhabitants 1,high velocity air car takes pot-shot at party for practice 1,rocket men land and question party intently about recent weather or local beings 1,great image of food appears in sky, everyone struck with hunger and thirst 1,ancient symbol of product or a god on moon like hourglass or creature or ancient signs 1,huge magical letters form in sky incomprehensible to most, message of ancients 1,floating mountain range settles on horizon 1,sudden weather change and sky colour, new flora and fauna erupt from earth 1,flying huge sky crystal worms swarm hungrily eating so they can form cocoons 1,small creatures rain from the sky like rippy-fish, uni-cats or winged purple weasels 1,stones, minerals or earth rain from the sky changing terrain 1,jewels rain from sky, might actually render value worthless in area 1,fiery sparks and ash rain over area starting fires if flammable like most parties camps 1,black sticky tar like ooze covers everything for miles 1,fireballs rain to surface exploding, many over a large area 1,ray of light from heavens heals life forms 1,manna cloud of super nutrient feeds everything perfectly, rejuvenates land 1,migrating birds of many breeds fill sky nipping anyone tasty in open 1,strange parallax in sky shows image of other strange lands, might be possible to use to travel 1,space galleon with magical helm stops for food, fuel and locals, offers trip to Moonland 1,crashed balloon with civilised dandies from a distant realm on a lark 1,corpse falls from sky in front of party 1,corpse rain from sky around party, 1d100 1,green pods rain from sky growing into grass and bushes on every surface 1,eggs rain from sky of various sizes, begin to hatch with new life forms


1,a space craft escape cryopod with a possible humanoid inside 1,satellite with unstable core attracts cultists 1,crashed spacecraft of long lost ancients or from other plane jump mishap 1,an ancient aircraft, ship, train or bus crashes from sky inexplicably 1,saucer crash grey aliens hostile to primitives 1,tentacled Martian crashes, tries to build tripod for assault mission 1,parachute of ancient long lost airman falls from wormhole 1,amoeboid jellies in meteor rapidly grow into hostile life 1,sylvia grass spores from space spreads over area, digesting animal who touch it 1,satellite crashes, is badly hurt, promises reward if you take it to a radio temple 1,pod with robot, borg or android frequently deranged or virused 1,from meteor egg a tiny lizard creature hatches, will double daily in mass till gargantua 1,triffid seeds pods begin to grow, seems like a blessing at first 1,spores of a colossal fungus forest erupt over night 1,hanbau type Nazi experimental saucer with SS archaeologist team 1,space pod crashes, astronaut OK at first but space parasitism or mutations turn him into a monster 1,balloon crashes with eccentric old wizard 1,sky citadel of the eldren crashes from core meltdown, last few Eldren have little will left 1,cloud crashes but is gelatinous with honeycomb structures and begins to melt 1,sky squid crashes to earth, swarms of opportunistic feeders attracted 1,spools of monofilaments like strands of hair fall that cut anything touched and sink into earth 1,battlesuit crash, ancient military unit, pilot is mummified 1,plant pods land and start to grow replicant army to replace or repopulate locals 1,huge flying structure of the space gods lands then inexplicably flies away 1,gigantic space god decends from heavens and prepares to judge the hex 1,swarms of jewelled locusts 1,a huge leviathan airship with vast ruined gondola where survivors dwell 1,primitive psychonian glider or flyer crashes with inventor inside 1,swarm of floating jellyfish with toxic stingers 1,blue skinned race of one eyed bat men swarm here to die en mass 1,dead gargantua falls from space, creatures living on it need a new home 1,huge solar panel from space 1,burning space debris drops as burning fireballs over hex 1,burning up orbital of zombies, crashes and spreads zombie plague 1,gods eye drone crashes, offers reward for aid 1,gods eye drone crashes, party blamed by its kin for murder when its brothers arrive 1,swarm of insect size robots eat metal to take to distant factory hive 1,containers of green slime, alien necrotic algae, evolves into tentacled horde if left 1,hailstones of exotic colours and flavours pummel everybody 1,fish or frogs formed by nanocloud rain over hex 1,flaming meteor crashes, releasing a powerful fiery demon or devil 1,burning birds fall from sky everywhere 1,automated shuttle to orbital lands, ready for return trip 1,duelling wizards fall from sky, only party could save them now 1,dead angels and demons drop from clouds 1,giant leeches rain from above 1,delicious manna cakes rain gently from sky, a free feast for all 1,frozen sewerage falls from sky possibly injuring people 1,lightning bolt stuns party 1,beam of light from orbit pinpoints party for journey 1,holographic bombs and explosions go off everywhere 1,asteroid base of ancients semi intact with robot guards and AI 1,small nuke or sub nuke munition dropped from space within a km 1,rain of slime from above lubricates everything 1,saucer of robots crashes 1,saucer of morlocks crashes 1,eldren ornithopter crashes 1,robot bats swarm about recording everything 1,eM FX - everything bathed in weird aurora affecting tech or magic 1,trees drift gently to ground and take root 1,crude psychonian built rocket men vessel crashes, survivors cover up secrets 1,spacecraft of undead crashes and look for innocents to eat 1,bubbles drift down and pop, possibly full of gas or biological agent or nanites 1,spherical bubbles land from space and bond with humans as living jumpsuits 1,hate rays beamed from space enrage every living thing 1,rocket crash - pathetic low gravity insect men can barely move but dangerous psionic powers 1,alien pod infects all plants win area with carnivore and mobility mutations 1,hawkmen rocket plane crashes, they are police looking for escaped criminals 1,hawkmen flying citadel crashes, possibly over military action 1,clouds of huge glowing air jellyfish with long trailing tentacles 1,rocket re-entry pod crashes, dead ape at helm 1,parachutes of cargo cult pods from sky gods, food, tents, water, shovels, groundsheets 1,parachutes of cargo cult pods from sky gods, weapons, possibly defective or little ammo 1,flying monkey swarm try to kidnap party for witch in distant citadel 1,aircar or rebel hero crashes, dashing hero will aid you if saved from burning wreck 1,pod from space crashes with space vampire inside in form of desirable lover 1,space god glowing craft crashes and explodes a mountain, a few survivors escaped 1,dead tattooed giant falls from space 1,alien corpse with energy beam gauntlet and activation medallion, drive user evil 1,blood from a wounded god rains down 1,silver humanoid (android?) Crashes on antigravity board 1,spacecraft of cyborg crashes home after aeons of madness in space 1,puffballs as big as cows drift in the wind, exploring to infect living with spores 1,skycar with mutant operator crashes, hostile to all life 1,saucer with shape shifting shoggoth 1,saucer with invisible power armoured grey hunter 1,dragon crashes dead, rider unconscious 1,frozen ancients corpses rain from space 1,gargantuan flyer poops over party for fun 1,spacecraft crashes intact but surviving crew try to warn about alien in hold 1,saucer with hungry space vampire looking for rescuers to eat 1,space gods scale down to planet surface size (500m tall) and begin analysing area 1,huge sky beast among clouds drops tentacles to surface to snack 1,gasbag balloon plants land delivering pod people plants or full grown triffids 1,morlock air ship with hungry crew sees party 1,crashed saucer of evil psychic Derro looking for victims to mate with 1,aircar of servant or military androids ignorant 1,giant bubbles with creatures and or humans drift from sky to populate area. 1,returned space ark with hold of alien or ancient creature being released by robots 1,comet crashes, infecting area with surface like alien world that spreads over hex


30,water is conventional salty water but coloured 20,water is conventional fresh water but coloured 10,water is oddly coloured and flavoured water 5,stinking swampy water with bubbles of flammable gas boiling up from deep 8,covered in sheets of ice which creak and grind 5,covered in chunks of ice and icebergs 3,bubbles from tiny to huge coloured spheres float in water and occasional burst 1,liquid is viscous semi transparent slime 1,liquid is metallic with colour tinge 3,huge plastic rubbish rafts with local ecology living off them 2,water is hot, sometimes steaming and boiling 3,water is calm and sweet to taste and carbonated, possibly with other flavour 3,water covered in lillypad like plants, some flowering 3,water covered in sargassum like giant seaweed possibly with wrecks and lifeforms 1,huge geysers burst from surface regularly 1,liquid has a glass or plastic like surface 1,water is psychoactivated living thing responds to strong emotions 1,water is breathable with high oxygen content


1,magnificent ruins visible below water 1,rafts anchored to location by chains inhabited by villagers 1,boat of refugees long lost 1,floating space capsule long lost 1,military submarine detects party in secret 1,huge behemoth sea beast disguised as island 1,plesiosaur pack spies you hungrily 1,pterodactyls glide overhead 1,plastic/petrochemical recycling drone looking for food 1,huge robot whale harvesting biological or mineral materials from sea 1,iceberg with settlement built in 1,artificial mobile island base 1,giant crayfish attacks 1,giant squid or octopus attacks 1,giant sea serpent attacks 1,wading Titan or Gargantua passes by 1,mermaids or sirens entice sailors to rock outcrops 1,spy attractive selkies frolicking on rocks 1,were-sharks jump on deck to get a snack 1,small ship floating apparently without life 1,glowing ship gives pursuit to party 1,giant barnacles attack hull 1,crab men board ship 1,eel men board ship 1,squidmen board ship 1,ancient automated sea mines in area home in on ship 1,man on a raft is a madman killer 1,man on a raft is grateful ally for life 1,jollyboat of starving pirate victims 1,pirate ship 1,pirate jet skis 1,aquatic saucer surfaces, greys seek fresh organs 1,buoy from ancients marks something 1,beacon lamp or horn signals dangers 1,fog rolls in reducing visibility 1,sea drains away temporarily leaving weird landscape 1,volcano in process of forming new land mass 1,huge mass of seaweed floats to surface choking passage 1,water thick with jellyfish 1,zombie pirates board ship 1,sea hag and pets attack ship but soften with magic 1,giant nautilus with sea Eldren nomads inside 1,Morlock steam ship hungry for meat slaves 1,sea dragon demands treasure and food 1,dragon turtle rams ship 1,bioengineered Ichthyosaur with lizard men inside 1,ichthyosaur hungrily follow 1,huge tylosaur jumps on deck for snack 1,megaladon shark rams vessel 1,tiny research sub surfaces looking for help 1,killer Whales cheerfully follow party 1,dolphins cheerfully follow ship, warn of next danger 1,pod of whales peacefully drifts by 1,huge angry toothed whale covered in harpoons hates humanoids 1,cyborg suicide dolphins with weaponised noses attack 1,sea Djinn angered by intruders, might be bargained with 1,submersible sea plane lands and submerges in distance 1,fishmen sneak aboard for food and sex 1,fishmen ride hybrid dolphins or sharks or stingrays or seahorses 1,sea nymph seeks lover 1,water elemental angered by impure land dwellers 1,seaweed monster seeks blood 1,skeletal pirates attack 1,huge hulk drifting quietly, possibly inhabited 1,enormous sea habitat, partially sunk 1,huge deadly reef crawling with giant crabs 1,giant sea scorpion attack 1,carnivorous trilobites attack 1,carnivorous flying fish 1,water breathing human tribals curious 1,water breathing advanced humans seek trade 1,huge terraforming apparatus in sea helps control currents 1,huge terraforming apparatus damaged and inhabited by pests 1,giant drooling sea slug with mans face tries to talk 1,gargantuan kaiju and sea giant battle on horizon 1,sinking burning ship needs help 1,strange sea people on crystal ship sell liquid clothing 1,crystal buildings rise from sea 1,spectral ship stalks party vessel 1,spirits from drowned ship moan and haunt for 24 hours 1,survival pods floating in sea since ancient times 1,single tentacle sneaks aboard trying to grab snack by stealth 1,semi submerged diving bell with gold treasure on board 1,raft of garbage with desperate castaway 1,small rocky island with starving pirate 1,find bottle with map and note 1,customs aqua warbot requests search vessel for narcotics 1,customs warborg requests crew ID seeks people smugglers 1,huge stone head rises from sea, fish men demand 20% of crew as slaves 1,ship made of bones populated by skeletons 1,giant stork lands on deck proceeds to eat men 1,swarm of crazed sea birds relentlessly attack boat for hours 1,rusted oil rig platform inhabited by somebody 1,ancient sea fortress - a shambling dangerous ruin 1,radioactive and chemical waste drums bobbing in waves 1,floating corpses not too old 1,floating corpses are sea ghouls 1,island with weird alien architecture arises from ocean floor 1,tsunami! 1,waterspout! 1,otter men riding giant sea otter offer trade 1,crystal pyramid rises from the sea


1,the island is formed from wrecked marine hab possibly habitable 1,the island is artificial and floats, possibly could be towed and moored 1,the island when approached is seen to be a shimmering crystal fortress 1,at night the whole ecology changes and life transforms into incredibly hostile monsters 1,island is a sentient sargassum of weed with habitable zone it can shield with a bubble and dive 1,island is gargantuan fish back with vegetation growing on it - inside is inhabited 1,the island is an ancient armed marine fortress with a kill field and nuke proof force barriers 1,island is a colonial multispecies organism that would like you to join it 1,a dinosaur filled lost world ruled by some prehuman horror under a volcano 1,a kaiju reserve crawling with gargantua, people travel in subterranean tunnels 1,a crashed saucer and d6 1=wardroid 2=mutant 3=grey in battlesuit 4=grey 5=android 6=Nazi orcs 1,a bunker of the ancients 1,a subworld complex of the ancients 1,a temple to a well known god 1,a temple to a local god 1,a abandoned temple to a forgotten god 1,a ruined complex hidden under a mansion with advanced rescue vehicles but no weapons 1,psionic creature or person dominates the island 1,a non stop island of lotus eaters in a non stop rock concert, even machines enthralled 1,cryptic alliance seasonal secret meeting place 1,cryptic alliance settlement 1,a science dungeon 1,a glowing crater swarming with [crater_contents] 1,a herd of gamma gobblers dwells here guarding an ancient structure 1,steaming cavern entrance to a Morlock village with captive drugged eloi in pleasure dome 1,huge mass of ice covers island, inside a robot with a freeze ray is looking for protein to hoard 1,a derro bunker where derro beam hate rays over the region to forment war 1,military androids bunker with brain and workers inside guarding precocious pleasure models 1,a hidden bunker with guns, tools, vehicles and military in cryopods 1,demented mongrelmen gangs battle in the ruins 1,triffids or pod people other deadly plants cover island, vegepygmies herd humans like sheep 1,a mighty duralloy crypt with sacred sigils - if opened releases death machine Azrael 1,find a cryopod, inside is a duralloy skeleton robot with a meat disguise coating, tries to kill all 1,drones tend island plants and animals peacefully, if bothered an ancient in a mech awakes 1,island is a gargantuan mecha with AI intact and enemy combat bots still inside 1,island is a [test_weapon_type] weapon test site 1,something weird 1,extraordinarily Strange Things In The Sky 1,a settlement of some kind 1,bizarre psychonian terrain and 1in6 and roll again 1,constantly bathed in auroras and 1in6 and roll again 1,constantly bathed in chem cloud shroud 1,a petty god takes an interest in you may appear, send a sign or a servant 1,a colony of rust monsters and their related kin of other colours 1,a strange encounter 1,roll for a crossroads encounter 1,stuff falls out of the sky 1,mad wizards beastmen breeding project 1,local false apocalypse triggered 1,a different local false apocalypse 1,a apocalypse strikes every day nobody remembers next day, dead returned alive, etc 1,a transmat station and 1in6 and roll again 1,machine village of [village_inhabitants] 1,alien base [alien_base_inhabitants] 1,a monastery of cybermonks jacking in to the datastores of the gods to raise the worthy 1,a band of beast men engage in brutal initiation rites 1,a frozen island where the local ice wizard and his penguinmen have many kidnapped girls 1,automated kill drone base if awoken defends self 1,leisure hive complex built on living empathic mega amoeba that drains evil from population 1,a brain in a jar has enough servants and drones he can make warborgs, needs brains... 1,a gang of water gypsies living here in isolation 1,a common family wary of strangers 1,a mountain man mutant wants to be left alone with gold 1,an outpost of the beaver king with radio link supported by one of the greater gods 1,pirate [pirate_beast_type] beast men 1,a gang of lost children protected by [protector] 1,an island of sentient crystals that effect moods and effect powers like auroras and roll again 1,a kingdom of the dead where undead have formed a society 1,zoo of exotic creatures run by [zoo_owner] 1,public toilet block 1,sleeping gargantua with alien expedition trying to attach control helmet to it 1,locals harvesting sleeping gargantua body parts and excretions 1,whole island covered in feces and sewerage of ancients bubbling up from subworld 1,scientist lab building [lab_purpose] 1,scientist com tower communicating with [communicating_with] 1,remains of [castaway_type] castaway 1,beastmen party, rowdy and a bit out of control but otherwise drunken revelry 1,weird rich family in ancient manor house with bizarre secret 1,convict colony with a few soldiers or security guards or even robots keeping them in line 1,a stage here local bards test new works, a colony of revelry and parties 1,art colony with sculptors, painters, dancers, models and wild parties 1,mutant moppet rule island nothing over 3ft tall, love guests and put on mutant moppet party scene 1,shroom island ecology of mushroommen, funganimals, mobile mold and a spoorisaurs rex 1,insane asylum run by [asylum_owner] 1,automated eloi pleasure dome ruled by local god and guarded by androids from Morlocks 1,newt men cover island living simple lives, excellent slave race with edible tails to some 1,rabbit men with armoury and sacred shooting range reproduce fire arm tech 1,ape colony, offended by humans with have factional debate over what to do, gorillas try to usurp 1,androids living like pre apocalypse looking like ancients 1,remains of a theme park with androids native to the magical kingdom 1,AI in control of island and traps intruders in his fantasy world of illusions and applicants 1,cyborg bunker ruled by wrathful AI overlord who demands tech and living humanoids to cyborg 1,crazy dentist drones loose on island terrorize locals, but all victims have great teeth 1,island is domed nature preserve ruled by AI for its utopian fantasy world 1,island is surrounded by force fields and holograms but inside is a monster filled treasure trove 1,remains of a huge ship, a mile long floating city with numerous colonies and lost zones 1,island is a mobile base of [base_owner] 1,sargassum of fused plastic crawling with nanobots building houses, clothes etc from mass 1,aquatic research station with minisub, diving suits, monsters and androids 1,Eldren lab researching how to save world from AIs, think tank protected from spies 1,wrecked and partially sunk land leviathan mega tank or aircraft carrier, inhabited 1,partially exposed ancient buildings under collapsed cliff face


1,a doctor 1,a priest 1,a vampire 1,a scientist 1,a maniac 1,a Morlock 1,an Eldren


1,a supervillain 1,a cult 1,aliens 1,androids 1,pirates 1,cryopods


1,mutants 1,fungus 1,maggots 1,rodents 1,plants 1,undead


1,robots 1,androids 1,cyborgs 1,replicants 1,holographic AI 1,golems


1,greys 1,reptilians 1,mi-go 1,Martian tripods 1,Eldren 1,cyborgs


1,nuclear 1,poison 1,plague 1,undead 1,mindhack 1,nanoid


1,walrus 1,bipolarbear 1,pteradactyl 1,fish 1,shark 1,killer whale


1,a nannybot 1,a giant ape 1,a dinosaur 1,an AI


1,a druid 1,carny folk 1,a wizard 1,gladiators


1,robots 1,weapons 1,defences 1,pleasuredroids 1,drugs 1,monsters


1,aliens 1,other scientists 1,a god 1,the dead


1,an alien 1,a human 1,an ancient 1,an Eldren 1,a Morlock 1,a replicant


1,nothing 1,[weird_geology] 1,[weird_geology] and [weird_geology] 1,[weird_geology], [weird_geology] and [weird_geology]


1,swiss cheese of giant caverns with separate eco systems and civilizations, possibly who hid from terraforming in past 1,huge cave complex with remains of buried civilization trapped here aeons ago 1,riddled with caves, often connected across land with some larger caves 1,underwater rivers network the hex, wells are easy to make and some are navigable 1,a subterranean ocean with islands and long hidden life forms 1,a huge multi chambered cavern with artificial sun and many eco zones and peoples 1,huge layer of ancient ruins over whole hex underground, often mined 1,ancient battlefield of ash, ruins, skeletons and buried forbidden weapons 1,a layer with many buried corpses infected by necrovirus intact and ready to raise if disturbed 1,a huge layer of buried city with intact buildings and possibly long trapped inhabitants 1,many bunkers buried in layer 1,trans continental vacuum train tubes, now ruined may run beneath hundreds of hexes 1,industrial wasteland full of poison and buried synthetic life like robots and androids 1,layer of ancient junkmail with occasional buried ruins smothered underneath 1,a great dome built as great refuge but anything could have happened 1,a layer of amazing fossils like giants, dragons, robots or other 1,a layer of ice which would cause chaos if melted 1,a layer of boiling mud and clay that land floats on, occasional boiling mud on surface 1,a layer of toxic chemicals and industrial waste and garbage 1,a layer contaminated by psychotronic nanoids and nerve agents 1,a layer contaminated by active necrovirus spores 1,a layer of ancient dead vegetation 1,a layer of ancient dead vegetation that gives off horror spores if opened 1,a layer of Morlock tunnels and complexes with eloi herds 1,a layer of beastmen tunnels for molefolk or ratmen or reptilian folk 1,a layer with Eldren maintaining equipment beneath surface 1,massive shelters and drain system over hex 1,magma layer causing occasional volcanoes and lava flows on surface 1,unstable causes earth quakes 1,boiling water, rises in steam geysers and springs 1,flammable Gas 1,sulphurous lakes, leak in hot springs on surface 1,contaminated by disease which occasionally gets loose 1,oil deposits, oil, bitumen and gas found on surface 1,precious metals seams 1,metal seams of several types 1,acidic ground water forms acid wells on surface 1,coal layer with some gas, some burning for decades 1,ground water may rise occasionally 1,huge salt deposits rises occasionally or salt mines found 1,whole layer paved in cement, bitumen, brick or metal with foundations 1,remains where surface flew away long ago, rubble from here still floats 1,magical layer occasionally floats off carrying terrain with it 1,crystalline layer 1,gems and jewellery mine seams (the gods are sick) 1,huge complex of ancient AI or god, sleeping or active 1,huge maintenance complex where humanoids maintain all surface 1,gargantua layer, frequently a beast arises or buries self here 1,whole layer a force field 1,ancient meteor crash area, covered in objects 1,layer of edible manna, critters might get into and undermine hex 1,buried spacecraft, aliens crap or spacetrash 1,living flesh with epidermis, fat layer then meat 1,crystalline caverns 1,crystalline sheet layer 1,crystalline living beings 1,solid star molecular circuitry belonging to a god 1,organic living soup seeks to absorb life if freed into mindless mass 1,organic living soup seeks to absorb life into collective perverse intelligence 1,radioactives and irradiated crap 1,a mass of gigantic slumbering shoggoths 1,beings frozen in stasis then buried by god for safekeeping 1,plastic either mass or plastic waste heaps of ancients 1,tyres, ruined cars and bitumen with remains of drivers inside 1,layer of Impenetrable Duralinium 1,network of huge giant veins pumping blood like fluid 1,mass graves of enormous massacre of ancient humans 1,mass graves of ancient beasts, possibly extinct megafauna or dinos 1,mass graves of androids and robots shattered and laying charred 1,strange wind layer, possibly inhabited by elementals, holds higher layers aloft 1,mass of squirming huge worms, some are gigantic 1,glass layer 1,huge flaming underworld with elementals, devils and devilborgs 1,frozen underworld caverns of ice with frosty devils, giants and other horrors 1,great underworld prison of the dead guarded by devil and borgs 1,datastacks of the underworld gods where souls and lives of the dead are stored for re-use in a huge supercomputer complex served by devils and androids 1,primordial ocean of darkness full of spawn of Tiamat 1,primordial ocean of darkness where the god Enki data stacks are kept 1,raw mass of primal chaos swarming with chaos daemons, mutates on contact 1,layer of bricks with concrete foundations 1,layer of bricks actually modular robots 1,layer of bricks actually demons of law that can form composite beings or structures 1,huge mausoleum sprawling for miles, often crawling with dead or monsters 1,massive buried subworld ruled from depth by a death machine with a flaming sword 1,a domed garden utopia where playful Eldren serve a god who keeps them hidden 1,a domed garden utopia where Eldren serve as cattle eloi for Morlock master 1,sandstone 1,marble 1,basalt 1,granite 1,asbestos (salamander scales) 1,quartz 1,psychonian gemstone 1,psychonian metal 1,ash, often compressed like volcanic pumice stone 1,ancient buried nanoswarm 1,sedimentary rock 1,limestone


1,desert - [terrain_desert] 1,tundra - [terrain_tundra] 1,rock - [terrain_rock] 1,volcanic - [terrain_volcanic] 1,forest - [terrain_forest] 1,jungle - [terrain_jungle] 1,swamp - [terrain_swamp] 1,deathlands - [terrain_deathlands] 1,water - [terrain_water] 1,manna - [terrain_manna] 1,developed - [terrain_developed] 1,hostile - [terrain_hostile]


1,plains of black and grey ash with burned skeletons and charred rubble 1,haunted blood red desert with crystal spirit nodes of the dreamlands 1,coloured Dust with unique flavour but inedible 1,bone and boat covered once sea bottom 1,yellow hot desert with savage plants and hidden predators 1,blasted lifeless land of humanoid skeletons from war or a vast necropolis 1,white sand lifeless waste of salt from ancient sea beds 1,coloured crystalline desert prone to narcotic weapons of the ancients 1,desert of metallic filings, cogs, scraps and recycling heaps of ancients 1,glowing mutant crater filled hell 1,plains of sand with crystalline monoliths 1,toxic mineral deposits desiccate living things leaving mineralised mummies


1,tunnel ridden glacier 1,frozen grasslands home to herd beast and predators 1,icy lifeless hell with a few hidden beast hunting 1,ice over water with adapted animals 1,huge ice maze with water features and difficult crossings 1,snow filled plain hiding dead falls and deep crevices 1,crystalline monoliths and structures could almost be ruins 1,frozen mountain range seemingly impassable 1,plains of fine frozen narcotic dust, everything high and wasted 1,frozen wasteland shrouded in fog and gibbering gargantua 1,freezing waterless rocky waste with mummified animal corpses 1,snowy pine or fern forest roaming with ancient animals


1,rock labyrinth though giant rocks or mountains 1,gigantic rocks and boulders with hidden routes and valleys 1,huge mountains with some difficult climbing features 1,petrified forest with pools of tar and oil 1,huge megalithic rocks buried in ground 1,plain of statues and blasted stone 1,cliffs and fjord of harsh possibly former coastline 1,canyon with cliff dwellings, ruins or animal colonies 1,area riddled in caves and sinkholes, warn down mountain range 1,giant pillars or stone features which resemble giant buildings 1,barren stony plain with coloured stones and gravel 1,plateaus and mesa often with different ecologies on isolated peaks


1,geothermal geysers and pools of mineral salts 1,lava flows over broken basalt with a few safe crossings 1,shallow steaming warm waters with scattered lava islands growing daily 1,erupting volcanoes throw pumice, cinders and ash clouds constantly 1,broken black landscape, with lava tube tunnels and smoking volcanic vents 1,burning pits and smouldering craters of burning flammable gas 1,flaming forest of ever burning trees 1,blasted crumbling ruined factory and forge buildings which used lava as furnaces 1,sulphur blasted waste coated in yellow crystalline deposits and dust 1,plains of boiling bubbling mud and sticky warm clay 1,half buried abandoned civilization 1,ash covered wasteland with acid rain


1,covered in cacti and succulents, covered in thorns, many contain water, some hallucinogenic 1,mushroom forest with moulds, puffballs, toadstools, slimes and rich in creepy crawlies 1,fur trees with pine cones, some giant, packed thick with berry and shrubs in between 1,sylvia Trees have slime filled branches that attract and absorb animal life 1,flesh forest of plants-animal hybrids, some with eyes, or mobile or intelligent or hostile 1,bamboo grove of thick bamboo of many thicknesses home to bandits, poets, animals 1,giant redwoods and ancient oak trees, home to beast and humans who earn a livelihood here 1,scented eucalyptus give off fragrant coloured oil vapour, harsh and dry, eerie haunted land 1,mist shrouded giant fern trees, often inhabited by prehistoric looking creatures in ground litter 1,flower and fruit trees of great beauty and variety, usually prime territory and defended 1,giant flowers as big as trees attract insects and sylvan creatures 1,forest of highly reflective plants that direct sunlight to destroy predators


1,carnivorous ecology of mobile and non mobile carnivorous plants, some intelligent enough to herd animals 1,slime jungle of oozing foam and dripping gelatinous mounds and tendrils 1,single huge plant dominates and connected to lives of all inhabitants, all serve the great tree 1,thorn jungle of savage dangerous plants and hostile to man, home of beasts and outcasts 1,macroscopic alien swarm entity engulfing and assimilating all life, neural peptides are it’s favourite 1,floral dream jungles produce hallucinogenic and mind control chemical weapons 1,jungle city of tree houses and walkways high above ground to avoid enemies 1,ruined ancient cities and statues overgrown by vegetation, forms mazes with water features 1,trap filled haunted jungle battlefield, remains of dead soldiers and ancient booby traps 1,swarming and over run with a single species like giant frogs, triffids, rats, spiders, etc 1,hyper aggressive alien jungle of killer plants and deadly animals seemingly united 1,living plant city with plant men or creatures living inside living homes with living weapons


1,salt marsh and mangrove forests, encrusted in salt, giant edible worms and crabs 1,shrubs, reeds and vegetation over shallow water. Rich in beast and outcast men 1,fog shrouded marsh full of buried bodies preserved since ancient times 1,swamp drowned civilisation with islands of intact structures 1,bog of quicksand, pools of ooze and tar pits and remnants long dead since primordial times 1,dark and fog shrouded but glowing vegetation, toxic dump and monster breeding grounds 1,sentient evil swamp pits its beast against intruders, inhabited by all manner of creatures 1,vile stench of nausea, disease and vermin ridden hell hole, everything is nauseous 1,dinosaur and primordial species in deep primitive swamp, with megalithic stones and bog iron 1,sunken ancient battlefield, still covered in remnants of corpses and deadly armaments 1,settled marsh area with stilt houses and reed woven halls possibly still inhabited 1,noisy misty bog full of giant amphibians, bugs, reptiles and beastmen


1,toxic swamp with powdered chemical mounds and huge mounds of ancient jars of poisons 1,blasted ruined wasteland of former mega city, inhabited by hostile machines and a evil god 1,part of the Moon fallen to earth, aliens, astronauts and weird insect people and ancient ruins 1,everything glows with strange light, dangerous auroras and crystalline caverns 1,collapsed into the sub world, a huge subterranean city, mine or cave complex, underworld perils 1,huge wastelands with fully active ancient weapons and deathfeilds and intact domes inside 1,sprawling gigantic ruin crawling with monsters, gangs and wandering plundering killers 1,green slime covers everything but some islands hidden within and isolated 1,ruin and crypt covered land crawling with psi worms, parasites, mind control grubs and worse 1,monster kingdom, appears normal but dark, monsters rule and control their farmed humans 1,landscape overgrown with cancerous mutant flesh with hairless and featherless animals and strange tribes living within and inside 1,strange crystal ecology with eerie auroras dangerous to non mineral life


1,river divides the land and dominates everything, often thickly settled and a ferry needed to cross 1,lakes cover the area some just patches of bogs, home to cultists and monsters 1,ocean with no land, filled with monsters, pirates and occasional merchants or fishermen 1,boiling ocean of steaming waters, hidden islands and great beast reside here 1,a single huge lake dominates the area, with settlements and island kingdoms 1,crater lake surrounded by rock wall and forest, weird coloured and long lost remnants of past 1,lakes on salt plain flats, with different colours, temperature, flavour and even magic properties 1,sea filled with visible islands, each with tiny dormant volcanic cone, forest and caverns 1,seabed covered with lost civilization, many islands are former mountains of the old empire 1,shallow sea with huge coral reefs with tunnels filled with life, even humans live on reef islands 1,shallow prehistoric sea with ancient arthropods, gastropods and dinosaurs 1,remains of ruined structures supported above water with ruined city, fish farm, village, oil rig, wrecked ships or lab now partly overgrown


1,plateau above land with radically isolated ancient land, filled with tunnels and ruins 1,floating Lands drift in the sky, a single huge island or many smaller ones 1,floating ruins drift in sky, partially inhabited, guardian servitors, long lost loot 1,ancient citadel covered by huge energy barrier, sealed from the ages by secret entry 1,magic Kingdom, dominated by non human species and possible a earth born godling 1,everybody dead, acting like nothings wrong, some controlling power 1,benevolent Utopia like Tanelorn or a Mile high silver pyramid, wary of outsiders, might seek help 1,under construction, incomplete zone or in the process of being changed by nanofog from a god 1,ruins and people and beast frozen in stasis, awaiting re use at whim of some god 1,high manna conflict zone, gods battle each other with armies, sprawling trenches, ruined camps 1,robots and androids serving the gods are wiping out or kidnapping all life to recycle the land 1,locals experiencing a apocalypse sent by the gods to wipe out the failures of this land


1,automated empty high rise sprawl a few feral humans fight the machines 1,sprawling farmland with villages and farmhouses with some patches of cultivated woodland 1,sprawling farmland maintained by machines and robots, monoculture crops and herds 1,ruined ancient suburbia with inhabitants battling roaming gangs of looters 1,citadel with extensive urban sprawl, surrounding villages, parklands and wilderness 1,crisscrossed by roads, overpasses, train-lines, sub tunnels, pockets of ruins and wilderness 1,multiple domes surrounded by ruins or villages, may contain ancients, isolated utopias 1,a large city surrounded by several towns with high population 1,settler farmers, miners and colonists from elsewhere rapidly grabbing land and territory 1,civilisation living like some past era or humanity unaware of the rest of Psychon 1,bunker complex opened and population trying to recover land and kill mutants 1,ruins and monuments guarded by savage descendants protecting ancestral holy place


1,crater covered wasteland where objects fall from space often including missiles 1,people living in collective hallucination from psychotronic warfare weapons 1,severe weird hostile weather and strange clouds change hourly 1,death fields, necrovirus and undead nano weapons pollute area crawling with monsters 1,severe dark cold snaps that make life difficult to survive, may be more livable by day 1,severe hot bright wastelands making survival hard may be more livable by night 1,plague lands with coloured pools of slime, bacteria and medical waste, highly infectious 1,always visible auroras affect technology, magic, psionics and even mental activity 1,sprawling garbage of ancients including fields of burning tires, rusting scrap and crap 1,rainbow coloured mounds of chemicals often toxic and dangerous with poison fog clouds 1,machine and rogue nanite colonies madly building a incompetent utopia for synthetics 1,area maintained as a open prison with convict camps and ruined prison walls


1,day: [terrain_temperature], Night: [terrain_temperature]


2,hot temperature 30-50C 8,body temperature 15-25C 2,cold temperature 10C or less


1,light constantly 20 hours then twilight 1,dusk or twilight constantly 16 hours 4 hours day/night 1,night constantly 20 hours then dusk 1,extreme Seasonal cycle, day cycleover a year 1,elongated day 16 hours then night 1,elongated night 16 hours then day 6,Standard daily cycle


1,animals might use tools but discard them 1,stone, clay, wood, weaving with hair or reeds 1,early copper, farming, writing, monuments, wheel 1,bronze age, coastal sailing, riding animals 1,iron age, aqueducts, concrete building 1,steel age, castles, knights, earliest guns 1,clock age, gunpowder, navigation, balloons 1,steam age. ironclads, industrial, airships 1,diesel age, flight, automobiles, radio, tv 1,atomic age, electronics, computers 1,ancients age, cyborgs, androids, space travel 1,advanced alien and god technology


1,primordial pre humanoid species, megalithic natural looking mega structures 1,ancient humanoid species (eldren, morlocks, mutants, goblinoids, halfmen, ) 1,pre cataclysm ancient earth men 1,beast men of single or several types 1,mechanical men built this place for a machine god 1,alien species or long lost ancient astronauts built outpost and had servitor species 1,humans (random colour or multi coloured society) 1,people came a d3 generations ago took over killing all the old race 1,people came a d3 generations ago took over dominating the old race who live in squalar 1,survivors of a wreck wound up here and settled 1,lost refugees settled after years of wandering


1,none visible, bare soil 1,none visible but hidden possible seasonal or nocturnal or underground 1,sparse salt bush or dried grass or moss and lichen 2,succulent plants like cacti 2,tree fern forest 2,fungi forest 2,long waist high grass 1,long 2-4 meter grass 1,Hedge Shrub, 3m high, naturally grown mazes 1,thorn bush with berries naturally grown mazes 1,sparse tall thin trees 1,sparse huge trees 1,thick forest 1,thick jungle, difficult to pass 1,huge jungle with ecosystems within different tree levels 1,[terrain_weird_vegetation]


1,Wolf Weeds - spherical hunter like plants, used to herd meat beings by some plant folk like dogs 1,triffid plantation - bred as mobile food, medicine and fuel plant of ancients 1,strangle vines - gripping vines snare and strangle victims 1,giant tree men - walking ancient giant trees 1,pod people - plant grown replicates infiltrate and spread their kind 1,vegemen - savage competitive tribal plant folk 1,pitcher plants - grab creatures with tentacles and stuff in stomach to dissolve, tempt close with sweet fluid and shelter, some lack tentacles use bait to lure into one way mouth 1,giant flytraps - jaws snare and trap or swallow whole 1,darkspawn - huge vegetal tripod spawn of the dark gods who hide in forests and eat meat 1,dryads - seduce humanoids and enslave them 1,killer trees - evil mobile trees that eat meat and share dread lore 1,saliva trees drop slimy neurotoxin tendrils then dissolve in saliva mass in branches 1,yellow Musk Creeper - eats brains and spreads zombies 1,mushroom men - not too hostile but dislike intruders none the less 1,killer nut trees have flingable explosive nuts 1,Mandrake - this plant has a killer scream and is enslaved be evil wizards with a spell 1,Needlemen - humanoids who shoot needles growing all over them 1,lotus fruit trees turn eaters into drug addicted slaves who take it wherever they go 1,psychon poppies - spray psychedelic dust, tries to eat helpless prey 1,Slaver Willow - connect tendril to life forms to enslave and feed, let slaves loose for missions 1,symbiote tree - has birds or insects plague inside it uses to attack and feed itself 1,gamma tree - huge glowing flower when in bloom can kill with radiation, may open if startled 1,explodestools - ancient bio mine explode if disturbed 1,Kelpie - this aquatic slime uses illusions to pretend to be a trapped horse or lady to trap suckers 1,green slime - infectious killer infection converts meat and life into more slime 1,crystalline structures resembling plants may have psionics or drain life or make slaves 1,gasbag plant floats about feeds with acidic tendrils 1,vampire willow strangles with creeper tendrils and drains blood 1,organ limbs growing human organs for transplants, some gibber madly, often cared for by cult or robots 1,mirror flower - grow in huge patches reflect sun into energy beam to defend patch 1,riding cactus - horse shaped mobile cactus can be tamed 1,shooting cactus fires spines at intruders by heat sense 1,Mortar Plant - cluster of tubes shoot explosive missiles at moving beings near colony 1,gamma fungus - looks lie tasty animal but explodes if hit infecting those close with fungus that converts them, delicious smell and taste if you can prepare it somehow 1,space grass, often grows in areas around certain meteors, infects target and turns them into grass men 1,tree has colony of humanoids attached by tubes to belly button, they defend tree as their god and welcome new family members 1,Space Shrooms - colourful shroom colony initiate telepathic contact if you eat one, if you displease them they torture you with fevered nightmare hallucinations to drive you off 1,Crystal Slime - looks a bit like water but can jump 5 foot and burns like acid 2d6 for a small one 1,Mood Slime - psycho reactive based on mood around it, peaceful mostly but violence and evil make it attack everyone with emotional feedback loops and it may even drown victims, some as big as lakes 1,Blood Slime huge rolling spheres of blood drinking gelatin 1,Holy Berries come in colours of psychon, each bush has different table for effect, some good some bad, bigger trees more powerful 1,Mutation Fruit if broken infects area with mutagens, juice may be sucked out to effect one consumer with no saving throw 1,grey slime a dangerous jelly that destroys metal armour or weapons on touch 1,Manna Jelly - eats spells and magic items, eats spell casters 1,Murder Fruits - tree with coloured fruits which are delicious but sentient and scream when picked or eaten, dropped ones may attack as a swarm and defend their kin 1,Hangman Tree has noose vines which it snares feet and necks 1,slip and slime - covers area in frictionless goop that makes travel difficult 1,Flame Tree bursts into flame if harmed or scared, nearby trees do same, comes in miniature variety and ground creeper too 1,Skull Tree kills and eats men and absorbs heads and knowledge, skulls decorate its boughs and indicate how smart it is 1,Killer Stump looks like a tree stump and grows attractive bait on top like a bunny or crying baby, or tasty raw meat or food or tech, actually mobile with saw roots and sideways tooth filled mouth 1,giant explosive puffballs detach from ground and blow in the wind 1,Snapdragon bush has fruits resembling dragon heads that breathe flame 1,spasming kidney shaped jelly blobs on glowing rainbow colours cover areas of ground, psionicly make higher life go to sleep to be dissolved and absorbed 1,Stuff Bloom, a mass of yoghurt like crap in a pit or well, can form into humans or animals to lure victims closer, collective intelligence, has been known to inhabit a town with people to lure in traders 1,Sawblade tree cuts other trees down and builds fences with remains, semi mobile and cooperative 1,Sword Bush stabs near by animals with vegetal blades, some varieties mobile, and some strains grow in hedge mazes 1,Brain Plants, a parasite plant which grows on trunks of other trees resembles a coloured brain in a flesh sack with plant like bladed tendrils, will animate local plants to defend self, and different types have mental mutations 1,Shambling Horror, a colonial mass of living compost heap that forms a powerful giant humanoid 1,Rose Warriors, mobile killer roses each colour hates every other colour and has a different tribal mutation and poison effect thorns, some are leaders, others can shoot thorns 1,Eye Macrobes, resemble an eye with a sucker often live in colonies and have telepathic communications over a large area. Have other psionic powers and may be curious about technology and machines or new things


1,small grazer 1,small scavenger 1,huge grazer 1,medium herd grazer 1,pack hunter 1,solitary Hunter 1,solitary omnivore 1,scavenger 1,small flyer 1,predatory flyer 1,arthropod 1,other


1,colour change 1,defence like horns, spikes, armour, quills, musk 1,alter locomotion like feet to flippers, flightless bird, biped to quadruped 1,hybridism with some other species or even part plant or human 1,symbiotic or close relation to other species so never apart 1,size like giant or pygmy version possibly change social structure too 1,intelligence change or some behavioural tactic or become slow and dim like sloth 1,change environment adaptions to arboreal, nocturnal, aquatic, underground or land 1,offensive weapon like claws, missile attack, fire breath, tusks, spit acid 1,altered appendage like trunk, tentacle, thumbed hands, glider wings, stilt legs 1,altered body parts like two heads, 4 eyes, bat ears, extra organs 1,hideous appearance with drooling, loss of hair or feathers, open sores, growths


1,desert - [animal_desert] 1,tundra - [animal_tundra] 1,rock - [animal_rock] 1,volcanic - [animal_volcanic] 1,forest - [animal_forest] 1,jungle - [animal_jungle] 1,swamp - [animal_swamp] 1,deathlands - [animal_deathlands] 1,water - [animal_water] 1,manna - [animal_manna] 1,developed - [animal_developed] 1,hostile - [animal_hostile]


1,sand hopper - horned rabbitoids 1,sandrat - huge burrowing communal rodents 1,brontithereum - huge mammalian herd grazer 1,kangas - Red kangaroos and wallabies 1,dust dingo - wild desert dogs 1,sand shark - huge burrowing ambush predator 1,sandworm - huge burrowing horror eats anything 1,scorpion - gigantic hungry arachnids 1,sandbird - flightless birds from turkey to ostrich size 1,death bird - gigantic vultures that scavenge and hunt 1,trapdoor - giant spider hides in disguised burrow 1,sandrunner - streamlined fast striped camel


1,penguin - various sized swimming walking birds 1,ice weasel - large white 1,woolly rhino - prehistoric ice rhino 1,caliboo - huge antlered ice deer-bison hybrids 1,dire wolf - prehistoric evil wolves 1,snowcat - pack ice lions or snow leopards or lynx 1,icebear - huge polar bears with horns 1,ice ape - primitive snow ape men 1,ice owl - huge arctic owl 1,ice eagle - giant white eagle 1,ice worm - predatory segmented burrowing worm 1,snow hopper - rabbit with huge feet


1,rock rats - huge burrowing communal rats 1,rock lizards - many colours and variations 1,cavemen - primitive ape men 1,zorgs - mountain goats or sheep 1,terror birds - flightless carnivorous birds 1,sabretooth tiger - prehistoric cat 1,cave bear - prehistoric bear 1,rock baboons - herd apes 1,rock falcon - small hunting bird 1,mountain eagle - giant eagle 1,tarantula - giant predatory spiders 1,thorn devil - giant spiky lizard sucks blood by touch


1,small grazer - Giant Locust 3foot long 1,rock lizards - many colours and variations 1,rhino beetle - gigantic insect 1,strider - flightless featherless bird 1,firesnake - fire spitting snakes 1,salamander - burning lizard like amphibians 1,hyenadon - prehistoric hyena 1,scorpion - gigantic hungry arachnids 1,ash Hen - game birds hide in ash heaps 1,pheonix - huge fiery birds 1,rock crabs - mineral eating giant crabs 1,isopod - giant burrowing scaled bugs


1,bush hens - grazing game bird 1,scrub weasel - giant red weasels 1,deer- also giant elk, moose and smaller deer 1,porkers - huge hairy boars with large families 1,wolfoids - pack of wolves 1,giant lynx - solo cats with various colour schemes 1,hedgehog - giant hedgehogs, more like bears with spikes 1,badgeroids - burrowing herd omnivores 1,pigeonoid - forest gamebird 1,bush owl - giant owl 1,black widow - giant creepy web spinning evil spiders 1,mega squirrels - huge forest squirrels


1,capibara - giant forest guineapigs 1,scorpion monkeys - small poison monkeys 1,forest elephant - giant herd animals 1,tapir - shy pig elephant things 1,velociraptor - pack of medium predator dinosaurs 1,sabretooth tiger - prehistoric jungle cat 1,orangoutan - giant forest ape 1,pterodactyls - common scavengers and opportunists 1,rainbow cockatoo - talkative noisy parrot 1,casawarrior - flightless giant colourful angry bird 1,giant centipede - predatory 4 yard long 1,fruit bat - flying fruit grazers


1,marsh hens - swimming reed hens 1,otter - giant 2 yard long pack hunters 1,brontosaurus - giant peaceful dinosaur 1,slime deer - algae covered deer 1,crocagators - huge lazy reptiles 1,anaconda - giant snake 1,giant frog - aggressive predators 1,snapping turtle - giant version of snapping turtle 1,marsh duck - common waterfowl 1,giant stork - huge scythe like stabbing beak 1,dragonfly - giant version, aquatic larva deadly too 1,utility birds - strange tool like beaks like ibis, flamingo, spoonbill, pelican


1,rad roaches - radioactive huge cockroaches 1,plague rats - diseased giant black rats 1,brontosaurus - giant peaceful dinosaur 1,giant hopper - giant herd rabbitoids 1,wolf rats - huge pack hunting dog size rats 1,tyrannosaurus rex - apex hunter dinosaur 1,rat bear - biggest of the mutant rats 1,rock baboons - huge baboons 1,bloodraven - flying swarm birds 1,pterodactyls - common scavengers and opportunists 1,scorpion - gigantic hungry arachnids 1,triceratops - huge aggressive herd dinosaur


1,marine turtle - some giant specimen 1,sea gull - pesky common seabirds 1,whale - huge sea beasts some with horns 1,seacows - dugong, manatees and others 1,sealions - herd fishing beast, some walrus 1,megaladon - aggressive giant shark, smaller sharks common 1,trilobite - from swarms to giant solitary ones 1,plesiosaurs - long necked hostile marine dinosaur 1,flying fish - can be dangerous carnivorous swarm 1,sea eagle - giant sea bird 1,giant crab - giant crustacean, some hermit crabs 1,kraken - tentacled giant squid or octopus thing


1,rainbow hen - colourful ground birds 1,giant squirrels - nut gathering rodents 1,titan snail - huge snail can be ridden or lived in 1,unicorns - common type just like goats with single horns with powers based on colour 1,giant ants - colonial insects 1,rainbow lion - colourful huge lions 1,giant bee - giant bugs make honey 1,hairy devil - tasmanian devils but bigger 1,brilliant parrot - huge coloured parrot 1,roc - callosal giant bird 1,giant praying mantis - dangerous insect 1,giant butterfly - peaceful pretty bugs


1,chicken or duck if wet area 1,pigeon or dove or quail 1,turkey or geese or pheasant or peacock 1,goat or sheep or deer or pig or boar 1,dog all kinds 1,cats all kinds 1,fox ot jackal or cyote or weasel or mink 1,rat or rabbit or capybara or possum 1,hopper wallabies or kangaroos 1,bull or Cow or horse or bison or buffalo 1,giant animals including bugs, fish, lizards, frogs 1,dinosaur


1,mutant hopper - weird mutant rabbitoids 1,plague rat - black diseased giant rats 1,auroc - giant aggressive cows 1,slime deer - covered in fungus 1,mutant dogs - weird mongrel dogs 1,scab lion - diseased filthy lions covered in sores 1,stink bear - sickly hairless diseased bears 1,giant skunk - feared black and white mammal 1,bloodraven - flying swarm birds 1,flying jellyfish - float with gasbags 1,scorpion - gigantic hungry arachnids 1,giant flies - steal food and spread disease


1,primitive stone age, lush garden for gatherers 1,pre industrial with muscle power from slaves and animals 1,post industrial with basic machines 1,automated with robots or androids ruled by AI or brain 1,biotech with cloned or replicants labour 1,magical farm of magicians 1,undead run farm of ancients or necromancer 1,feral farm has gone wild 1,abhuman slaves work on plantations 1,morlocks rule in secret and farm a lesser herd race 1,mostly a ruin with wild animals and savage scavengers 1,run down and farmer cult gangs battle in ruins


1,monster bile - creatures in cages plumbed into apparatus being horribly tortured 1,edible worm farm with mountains growing writhing pink worms covering compost 1,spice Worm farm with huge psi boosting narcotic huge worms 1,silk worm farms where giant worms spin huge balloons to escape if not harvested 1,giant cricket farm growing delicious 3m long crickets, all tasty except legs 1,snake farmers put on shows, milk venom and eat snakes or sell them to evil doers 1,maggot farm where millions of huge maggots feed on fields strewn with offal and corpses 1,yeast slimy farm overgrown area covered in edible yeast colony quivers to touch 1,algae farm covered in pools and dams of slimy green pondscum 1,virus farm where eggs are infected and harvested, usually bird breeding also 1,monster farm where some virile animals grown for fur, potion components, and hunting 1,spider hybrids goats for ballistic dermal armour and vests from milk 1,squealers, a squeaky plant animal hybrids, hairy toothed sack with tentacles and roots 1,rat farm growing popular snacks for other critters or scientists for test subjects 1,clone farm often for spare parts, new citizens, extra lives for villains or cannibal cattle 1,ball macrobes are giant puffball like spheres of nutritious spores 1,pod plants grow vegetal clones for invasion or vegetarian cannibals 1,fat farm giant humanoids with symbiotic rich fat factories plumbed into factory 1,frog farm with giant amphibians bred as food and lab experiments, have gotten bigger 1,sewerage fuel farm creates liquid methane from engineered pigs eating waste 1,sewerage fertilizer farm where animals fer farm waste and produce fertilizer 1,Eloi farm where Morlocks herd dewey eyed drugged Eloi slaves 1,robot farm where robots farming basic crops in totally automated AI controlled zone 1,Herd Folk tribe farm sentient cattle or beastmen have incorporated into farm system 1,fungus farm covered in luminous and phosphorescent polypy edible growths 1,underground mushroom farm with shroom filled tunnels 1,pakuspawn farm where baby battling monsters bread for bloodsports for rich children 1,terror bird farm where huge carnivorous flightless birds roam 1,lizard farm where huge riding or meat lizards bask in the sun 1,gator farm with pools and pond filled with crazy gators, often mutated by swamp 1,plant men meat farm, were humans herded by plant folk 1,triffid farm where grown for oil and food but prone to escape and to develop weapons 1,fish farm with pools and dams of aggressive hungry fingerlings 1,alien farm where grey aliens milk strange hypnotic milk from their outre cattle 1,zombie farm where zombie animals roam fields and workers harvest crops 1,cukoo farm where women are broodmares for growing monsters or psionic drugs 1,marsuipial Australiana genetic farmer with genetic modified marsuipials of all sorts 1,clown farm growing hideous killer clowns from plants in the ground, drugged to behave 1,baby farm where cabbage like patches grow baby clones just like grandma said 1,soylent green farm where the dead are railed in by underground tunnels 1,slug farm where swarms of baby slugs and gigantic specimens roam over fields of grass 1,crayfish farm where pools with giant lobsters are kept, music keeps them calm 1,dead pet farm where undead or cults bury pets that return from the dead 1,giant snapping turtles kept in pools and are fed from long poles 1,axalotl farm waste deep pools with floating snapping killer giant axalotls that don’t let go 1,eelfarm where small ones kept in draws in sheds but giant ones in caged pools 1,organswine farm where pigs with human organ are kept originally for transplant spares 1,organ plant farm where trees. vines and bushes grow human spare organs ecology 1,eyebeast farm where spherical helpless mooping creatures are farmed for meat 1,green slime farm where controlled green slime grown for bio weapons or wizards 1,rabbit farm where rabbits grown for meat, wool, testing cigarettes and makeup 1,horse farm where running beasts of new era are trained and bred to win weird races for rich gangsters 1,ape farm where huge fenced areas full of ape and monkeys are kept for science 1,food crop farm growing genetic super crop, huge food items, possibly hostile 1,manna farm where antenna array grow and assemble food from air 1,strange eggs farm - grown, parents hidden deep in complexes or underground in secret 1,nanite farm huge concrete pools in sheds in turn producing wonders 1,crab farm grows crabs or possibly giant ones on cages, crabs very angry want revenge 1,trilobite farm where prehistoric shellfish grown in tanks of primordial ooze 1,scorpion farm where giant scorpions bred for food, medicine, armour and poison 1,tentacle farm where slimy ground squid grow fan beneath soil, occasionally like meat 1,plague farm with quarentine concentration camp and a biological delivery system 1,power farm where biological material grown in vats produces power 1,salt farm pans of salt water and mounds of salt, some gather electricity too 1,oil farm grows plants that produce various oils, squeezed grain or distilled from bushes 1,tree farm with various trees tended in rows and harvested constantly 1,drug farm where valuable narcotic grows usually heavily controlled by a group 1,leech farm for millions of horrors grown in lakes and man made swamps for medicine 1,lamprey farm where delicious tasting but nightmare looking lampreys in ponds 1,algae fuel plant with cylinders of slime or ponds, then converted to fuel 1,wind farm with possibly hundreds of wind mills 1,solar farm with hundreds of solar cells or reflectors and solar boiler tower 1,insect farm where locusts remote controlled feed then fly into processor unit 1,honey farm with huge aggressive bees in dozens of hives 1,soul farm where demons torment prisoners or turned them into human faced maggots 1,witch Farm where farmers are witches and animals may be diabolic familiars 1,wizard farm where wizards raise weird creatures for potions, spells or knowledge 1,animal farm where sentient animals have taken over and are not dealing with humans 1,grub farm where larvae or maggots bread as food or bait or to clean bones 1,ant farm where giant ants tend crops, have other cattle species and underground vaults 1,shellfish farm where aggressive giant shellfish dwell in cages in ponds 1,mega mutant llama farm where fluffy herd beast graze intently for meat or wool 1,auroch farm where gigantic angry prehistoric cattle roam behind 16 foot high fence 1,goat or sheep farm where goats graze, produce milk,hide, meat, wool 1,duck farm where rice paddies provide thousands of ducks with crabs and snails 1,mutant farm where pathetic mutants are fattened and harvested for weird materials 1,darkspawn farm where hordes of tree like monsters congregate like a forest 1,shoggoth farm of elder things or Mi-go, breeding, training and pit fighting for alien science 1,hunters farm where exotic hunting beasts and monsters bred for bloodsports 1,military farm established to grow food and fuel, automated weapons still guard 1,pleistocene farm where mammoths, woolly rhinos, sabretooth cats and dire wolves roam 1,dinosaur farm were prehistoric reptilians roam free, some might be mutants 1,jelly farm for repulsive huge amoebas, macrobes, slimes and gelatinous horrors 1,neural peptide farm where humans and other creatures in vats milked of neural fluids 1,nudist farm where naked humans grow crops the old way to live simple life 1,slave farm where humans bred, kept and sold like cattle, even grow their own food 1,biopet farm where cute bioengineered pets breed for toy corporations 1,penal farm where slave labour from prisoners does work while guards kill escapees 1,fantasy farm possibly former theme park now ruled by wizards with fabulous beasts 1,monster farm where military or madmen grow monsters to unleash in enemy lands 1,gamma farm where weird mutant plants farmed as food, drugs and defence systems


1,centipod - increase length and leg sets 1,no legs walk like worm that have 1,bloated ultra nutrient fat filled 1,diminished brains mass makes manageable 1,naked - no fur or feathers 1,fur or feathers stripped easily and valuable 1,extra horns with reputed magical powers 1,faucet or plug in umbilicals for feeding and extracting fluids from restrained bloated beast 1,excretes fuel or other chemicals with very little refinement 1,excrete food like milk, eggs or mayonaise or Reddi Whip topping or caramel 1,eats anything 1,disease proof system (carrier) 1,poison proof system 1,armoured body plastron 1,exotic extra natural melee attack like scorpion tail 1,psionic power 1,explosive on death 1,multi form monster (one innocent form) 1,symbiote acts to heal or protect host 1,parasitic infestation released on death or in battle 1,self cooking, spontaneously combusts and cooks self deliciously 1,creature faints or paralyzed if scared or dark 1,easily killed and gutted 1,head is tiny and fused to torso or non existant 1,detatchable body parts, harvest as needed, parts regrow 1,compliant herd mentality 1,weather resistant 1,fast growing 1,fast breeding 1,fire breathing 1,acid spitting 1,blinding spittle or whip 1,devolve into shoggoth 1,turn undead if killed or just dies of necrovirus plague then reanimates 1,berserker if enraged or agrivated 1,sentient species (many bred to accepting food status) 1,grows spare human parts or births monsters 1,poisonous sting or bite 1,produces gas weapon 1,spinnerets can make traps or structures, web or cocoon 1,spittle like concrete for housing material 1,kinetic missile attack such as manticore tail, shooting quills or biogun 1,hyper carnivorous or very aggressive or territorial 1,gives birth to different species possibly alien or mutant


1,huge floating head demanding sacrifice flies about here with support from armed death riders 1,huge statue, possibly sculpted into natural feature and with complex inside 1,hundreds or thousands of statues, possibly petrified by nature or monster powers 1,ruined city famous for loot and great world shaking treasures , exposed sections open seasonally 1,ruined folly - a bizarre unique structure built by rich eccentric or madman to prove a crazy theory 1,ruined monuments of past civilization, possibly secret chambers or shrine 1,megalithic structures some famous monster filled barrows and cairns 1,ruined wonder like a statue or temple or palace on an obscene scale 1,ruined villages, including middens, graves, grain storage pits and storm shelters 1,ruined fort possibly haunted and monster filled now 1,ancient Bunker untouched since dawn times when the ancients made the gods and made war 1,dungeon Complex built by evil monsters as a base of operations or just placed by evil god 1,ancient sub city ruin hills full of chambers and needs for city 1,floating Land unmoving from this location, sometimes hidden or shielded, may drop a rope ladder 1,survival Vault complex for a small community to survive wars of the ancients 1,elemental Node attracts elementalist magicians and cultists and elemental beings 1,gate structure with controls to pass to other world 1,hidden Kingdom, invisible or buried or underwater or whatever it takes 1,hidden treasure, fabled awesome loot from a king or god has been lost here 1,legendary location, historic heroic tragic site with possible remains and/or a monument 1,legendary fossils, giant bones or remains from god war, some inhabited 1,famous magician or wonder worker dwells here, often Immortal and prefer privacy 1,mutagenic Location, attracts mutants and mongrel men seeking power and madness 1,sleeping Gargantua, will be exploited by local people as resource if possible 1,sleeping Gargantua, ticks over breeding and spreading, might awake beast 1,necropolis of ancient civilisation 1,infamous haunted graveyard 1,lycanthrope ancestral land 1,goblin Vault spawns seasonal hordes 1,evil of chaos godling lair 1,ruin of a god lair of old 1,petty God or planar being here 1,precious metal or gem mines, miners and kobolds everywhere in rush 1,holy grove of druids or dryads or sylvan beings 1,crystalline Ecology of living crystal plants and creatures 1,crystalline monoliths amplify magic, possibly only one type 1,plague Zone currently cursed by deadly ancient stockpiles 1,radiation zone bathed in fierce auroras affecting health and magic 1,psychedelic ray bathed zone of illusion and phantoms 1,demon pit 1,hell gate 1,sky bridge of light to upper world or rainbow gateway 1,old one monoliths 1,old one temples 1,cult mad area of cultist holy sites 1,witch hunting craze swept village 1,vampire hunting mania gripped area 1,dragon demands tribute 1,dumb draconian monster hunts party for food 1,crime wave, region gripped by mob and corruption 1,sinkholes to the subworld 1,old one city 1,robot or machine enclave behind a barrier 1,wonder of ancients under barrier 1,ancient shipwreck hulls 1,ancient structure or building intact 1,ancient sealed tower 1,clanking ancient structure with automated factory underneath 1,toxic weapon dump 1,ancient skyship or aircar crash site 1,spacecraft crash site 1,UFO landing site 1,UFO wreck 1,UFO kidnap location 1,ancient astronaut site 1,huge paved airstrip, some sub structures and buildings 1,subterranean tunnels of old riddle region 1,subtrain tunnels or roadways 1,species dominates this area, rare usually 1,gods seen here 1,ancient battlefield with armed weapons and relics 1,lich considers this part of ancient necromancer empire 1,covered in crypts, tombs, treasure miners and bandits 1,carved idols and totem poles from lost race here, some cursed others blessed 1,giant disgusting worms writhe everywhere in seasonal plagues 1,huge evil organism buried under these lands, influences surface with evil 1,cavern system actually huge creatures digestive tract and dimensional gate 1,ruins of zoo or lab, beast men of many types dwell here 1,hidden elf and goblin tribes slow civilisation 1,dwarf citadel, herd other humanoids for food and hunt high tech more 1,cyborg bunker spreading dark evil tech of old world 1,decaying ancient bunker full of madmen, cultists and mutants 1,giant ruins with some smaller dumber giant kin still living in ruins 1,magical healer of great renown, possible non human 1,magical sage of great renown, possible non human 1,over run by insectoids building huge hives for insect men 1,talking animals in this land as an extra race 1,huge hidden volcano crater lake of Tako octopus folk and sea elves living in harmony 1,huge magical castle with dark demonic riders comes and goes 1,famous prophecy speaking hag or dragon or demon or relic 1,monoliths here cause past life flashbacks 1,chaos pool bubbling raw chaos into plane with evil beings trying to turn it evil 1,abhoth father of amorphous mutant spawn gates his children here 1,old one cultists infect every part of life in region 1,armies gather here for apocalyptic battle 1,building a monument, ruler may enslave trouble makers 1,huge carved faces all over region 1,huge shaft of light beamed into space by sealed complex with defences 1,decadent immortal mad old wizards found in these parts from overspace 1,divine bacchanalian feasts and mobs seasonally swarm land, gods, men and beast mingle


1,huge satellite dish complex with a AI in the control complex and a strange cult 1,ruined sprawling airport with aircraft, airships and a shuttlecraft 1,geodesic dome overgrown with dinosaurs inside 1,statue of one of the great gods with complex inside full of cultists 1,gigantic golden stupa surrounded by ancient trees and smaller stone statues 1,huge statue of multi headed dragon standing on temple complex 1,floating castle hovering in the air, occasionally moves 1,walking citadel migrates around region leaving trail of destruction 1,two walking cities at war devastated region leaving a scarred wasteland 1,huge citadel tower almost a mile high, many upper inhabitants have never left 1,huge rusted pile of wrecked cargo ships, liners and tankers fused into a mass 1,huge sprawling steam train station with sheds, tracks and hundreds of ruined carraiges 1,stack of hundreds of ancient cargo containers, some scattered over region 1,citadel in pristine condition surrounded by forcefield and maintained by robots 1,ancient pyramid covered in polished marble with a gold cap 1,huge silver and glass pyramid citadel where inhabitants shun the mutated world outside 1,black glass ecology overrun with gangs but still semi serviced by robots and androids 1,huge circular stone wall that keeps out most with a ruined giants castle within 1,ornate stone mausoleum, crawling with undead guarding a emperors tomb 1,mighty ziggurat with temple on top where priests commune with a god 1,bloody step pyramid used for gory sacrifices for centuries by cruel priests 1,colosseum where gladiators fight dinosaurs for the pleasure of the crowds 1,gigantic earth mound with rings of monoliths and huge trees 1,great stone cube ruined citadel overgrown with fungus jungle 1,huge shed where a colossus of flesh is approaching reanimation stage 1,titanic tree who’s branches reach the sky and nobles visit often 1,field of solar reflectors surrounding a tower that once was a solar boiler array 1,huge cooling towers and sphere structures of ancient reactor complex 1,aquatic maze of monsters surrounding a isolated ancient city 1,almost invisible crystal citadel out of phase with reality 1,huge mass of ice with some creature frozen inside maintaining the cold 1,volcano with weird smoke and occasional eruptions, explosions and lava flows 1,huge necropolis with hundreds of tombs and headstones full of cults and undead 1,statue of standing war goddess with tribe of amazons living in the base 1,statue of liberty with insect head, mad insect man king preparing army to conquer 1,colossal mall complex maintained by androids and AI open for shopping and adventure 1,glowing crater bubbling with thick strange fluid, a island with a tower is in the middle 1,crashed mobile citadel precariously balanced, residents fight off barbarian invaders 1,great statue of the founder of the apemen faith Konga Khan, inside is a ape temple 1,the great pineapple, former tourist attraction home to cult of cane toad men 1,giant rocking horse where benevolent gnomes make children’s toys and fend off attacks 1,giant toilet where cultists throw victims in and send via swirlies to the underworld 1,great stone head crashed here long ago from sky and cult of gun worshippers guard it 1,huge bubbling geysers and lakes of colourful chem deposits with a ancient temple 1,huge canyon with stone city built in cliffs inhabited by mutants, with lake in bottom 1,round lake mile across in the bottom is a sunken city with many breathable ruins 1,huge terrace garden complex with peaceful agrarian people in stone city 1,huge earthen hill fort mound with stone circle on top, ancient tunnels go deep inside 1,scarred pockmarked strange rock inhabited by naked mole rat men serving a queen 1,ruined ziggurat with swampy patches and rubble mounds, tunnels inside unexplored 1,great plaza with multiple colourful step pyramids and occupied by bloodthirsty cult 1,huge shallow lake with artificial island temples and causeways linking 1,colourful block of ice melting off surrounded by coloured pools with tunnels inside 1,eerie eroded rocks with carved buildings and underground ruined city 1,huge stone sphinx with temple in the base and a sealed trap filled tomb underneath 1,great stone maze filled with minotaurs and goblins rumoured to be guarding treasure 1,sprawling semi collapsed ancient library guarded by spirits and undead librarians 1,mass of giant crystals dripping with water from geysers with caves inside 1,giant stone cube, occasionally glows by night, has a secret entrance 1,crashed spacecraft with angry AI who tests intruders with traps to guard treasure 1,wrecked aircraft carrier with scattered aircraft and degenerate tribe of former crew 1,huge open cut mine with titanic excavator machines, refinery and coloured lakes 1,great dried lake bed with strange colours, some say the salts are narcotic 1,strange city of mud bricks of strange organic design, crumbling and abandoned 1,garden covered ziggurat and wall enclosing ancient overgrown pleasure garden 1,titanic stone dome, so big has weather inside, anti mutant uniformed cult inside 1,collapsed statue with exposed metal structure home to mutant cult or fanatics 1,reclining serene statue of sleeping woman surrounded by water gardens 1,a great rift canyon exposing buried skyscrapers of the ancients underneath area 1,huge statue of a robot king of the 500th robot dynasty surrounded by ruined city 1,huge ruined dam with lake pouring through huge gap into sinkhole into the deeps 1,colossal cave complex some areas open to sky, with forests and ruins inside, 1,hundreds of stone statues litter plains with entrances to underground temple complex 1,dragonspawn pits a huge canyon with cliff caves where dragons come to breed 1,ruined stone city with golems, some open doors or pump water from wells by request 1,enormous tree almost a mile high with towns and ruins of eldren in branches 1,huge maze of giant thorn hedges in middle is a black castle guarded by a dragon 1,great stone egg worshipped by cult who pray it will hatch and transform the world 1,sleeping kaiju with settlement on top who mine it’s flesh and valuable organs 1,mountain with carved heads of ancient kings, there are temples to them inside 1,colossal immobile war mecha , AI wants help to purge vermin mutants living inside 1,giant stone hamburger with restaurant and cult serving mad fast food chain AI god 1,happyworld, huge sprawling theme park flooded and ruined with cannibal mutant cult 1,mountain floats above plain with wizard cult inside trying to make it move for a invasion 1,giant termite mound like structure now inhabited by crazed cultists 1,giant statue of a demon prince with a great temple dedicated to him in base 1,giant stone cow statue, minotaurs have come to worship it and built a maze inside 1,crater lake with huge temple on shore who hurl treasure to their god under the water 1,glistening city of gold with step pyramids and temples, a ruined casino complex 1,hundreds of working neon signs from a mostly buried city surrounded by sand 1,tops of ancient skyscrapers worn and exposed erupt from plain covering lost city 1,huge mountain carved into fortress surrounded by mud, trenchworks and barbed wire 1,ruins of deco city where mutant witches wage war against androids 1,great clusters of spheres from ancient apartment complex roaming with youth gangs 1,sprawling complex of gothic cathedral ruins inhabited by cults, gargoyles and undead 1,futuristic pristine city where robots serve AI to exterminate life who dare sully purity 1,mountain of skeletons and bones where behemoths and kaiju come to die 1,statue of dinosaur kaiju worshipped by lizard men as proof they ruled the world 1,clusters of giant silver spheres surrounded by forcefield, correct ID is needed to enter 1,carved stone temple complex with fantastic relief art inhabited by degenerate mutants


1,prophet warns you 1,character most beloved by the gods warns them 1,petty god warns a greater god’s plans to party 1,encounter servant of a god known as apocalyptic herald 1,animals silent and migrate away 1,plants all enter unseasonal hibernation 1,chattering servants of the gods let it slip 1,strange dreams sent by a god warn party 1,stream of refugees flee hex or enter a bunker 1,strange auroras, star signs, talking animals and other omens


1,stars begin to blink out and sky goes dark 1,sun apparently doesn’t rise 1,constant storms and terrible weather make surface outdoor life unbearable 1,water levels rise flooding area, possible tsunami if by sea 1,volcano begins erupting filling sky with smog and ash 1,fires rage burning forests and buildings 1,heat increases, killing off the old and weak, evaporating water, killing crops 1,cold increases, covering everything in snow and ice 1,earthquake destroys and buries structures 1,huge cracks or sinkholes opens up and gets bigger and bigger 1,plague of insects eat everything 1,plague of frogs, bugs, snakes, rats 1,terrible disease wipes out the weak first 1,orbital lasers begin to destroy any civilization or structures 1,nuclear weapon detonated 1,kaiju awakens to ravage the land and eat everyone 1,several kaiju arrive and fight ruining everything 1,fleet of saucers invade and carry off recyclable people and kill rest 1,death machine arrives to purge all life 1,army of warborgs and android infantry invade 1,nano organism starts to turn everything into grey slime 1,swarm of replicating microbots start devouring everything 1,army of cyborgs arrive and start executing humans 1,kaiju scale mecha awakens to purge those unworthy of life 1,kaiju size mecha from space gods lands and begins to judge all life 1,dragons swarm over land razing and eating everything 1,plague of undead swarm over area 1,psychotronic warfare make everyone see collective illusions 1,psychotronic warfare reprograms populace with new history and memories 1,mutagenic weapons start turning everyone into horrible mutants 1,Mecha Cyborg Tiamat arrives and begins to destroy everything 1,giant floating mountain hovers in sky into position then drops 1,meteor crashes like a nuclear weapon 1,comet crashes filling sky with frozen poison space gas 1,meteor crashes carrying breed of hostile fast breeding monsters 1,new civilization is created with new terrain who attack the original inhabitants 1,new terrain begins to overwrite area formed by global teleporter array 1,everyone begins to melt and liquid flesh forms into a single huge blob 1,people begin to merge into a lake of protoplasm, invite others to join 1,giants of mud arise from earth and go on rampage destroying buildings 1,magnetic storm carries metallic objects away in cyclone like effect 1,orcs spawn from mud and muck and attack civilization on genocidal crusade 1,plant creatures arise to devour meat creatures and herd them into farms 1,huge crystalline structures grow from the ground sucking up water and organic matter 1,huge UFO arrives, blasts key settlements and drops off cyborg beastmen army 1,sky bursts into flame and rains fireballs from space scarring and pitting the surface 1,bunker opens and a clone army marches out to cleanse all life 1,flying city of winged men appears and attack civilization and carry away survivors 1,a psychotronic attack causes population to become berserk cannibals 1,horde of diseased beastmen worshipping plague gods overrun the hex 1,strange crypt arises from water or ground, sparking madness as a demon lord awakes 1,horde of mounted beastmen pour into hex killing and burning everything they can 1,colossal murder machine arisen from earth to destroy remains of human civilization 1,magma begins to leak out from cracks and pits and water boils away 1,water all drains away leaving dead fish and ancient wrecks and ruins exposed 1,clouds of poison gas pour over the land killing all life 1,domed city arises destroying most of the area and clone armies march forth 1,reverse gravity floats millions of tonnes in air, then drops it all 1,gates open and cover land in chaos mutant beastmen horde 1,gates open and hoard of demons pour out to purge the hex 1,atomic firestorm cloud from the sky scourges the land back to bedrock 1,fishmen swarm from the sea to attack and carry off victims, then their demon joins them 1,colossal fungal blooms grow covering everything in fungus forests and deadly spores 1,horrible black spoors kill all plant life and stored food 1,titanic golem arises to purge the land of civilization 1,new breed of intelligent giant ants appear and begin to destroy all life and civilization 1,kaiju spreads spores on graveyards to create a army of the dead to aid destruction 1,orbital complex falls from the sky causing destruction and releasing killer androids 1,several gods wage war laying waste to hex with stray fireballs and missiles and lasers 1,flying citadel of wizards enters area and bombards surface with deadly battle magic 1,two gods in titan form copulate laying waste to area with their lovemaking 1,strange auroras in sky, locals start metamorphosing into new form to survive changes 1,radiation storms sweep in killing most and leaving mutants to eat the survivors 1,deposit of war chems is exposed creating a toxic cloud over the region 1,crack in the earth releases subterranean mutants to pour out and devour surface people 1,giant worms undermine civilization and devour everyone, they are surprisingly fast 1,everyone in hex divides into one of two tribes then wipe each other out in bloody war 1,psychotronic weapons cause mass suicides, arson and vehicular collisions 1,gigantic slime creature absorbs all life getting bigger and bigger till only bare rock left 1,population form cocoons and after a week hatch and fly into the sky forever 1,population form cocoons and a week later pupate into worms that burrow into the depths 1,god of death leaves underworld with a undead army to punish the living 1,population become aroused and start a orgy where they fuse into a giant protoplasm 1,population take root in soil and turn into plants 1,population take root and turn into giant fungus colonies 1,populations begin to turn into animals which migrate away from the region 1,population gather in a temple and fuse into great flesh entity that oozes under the earth 1,doomsday weapon in a temple detonates killing everything in nuclear firestorm 1,drones fly over area spraying nerve gas killing everything with a nervous system 1,all minds linked into a network and god like entity soars into space leaving corpses 1,ghosts and spirits escape the underworld and torment the living 1,apocalyptic robed cult transport doomsday weapon into the centre of the hex to detonate 1,fresh ruins and life grow from the earth and old buildings and beings crumble to dust 1,cloud of nanites turn everything into black dust leaving area stripped to bedrock 1,atmospheric nitrogen ignited by ray from orbital burning everything to ash 1,plague carrying immortal passes through area, in following days everyone dying 1,devils and angels come to judge everyone and carry away everyone to their fate 1,strange carnivorous carpet of red weed overgrows everything smothering and poisoning 1,solar reflectors in orbit bake the surface with concentrated sunlight 1,solar shield in orbit blocks the sun and temperatures plummet and ice forms


4,a gradual fade between two borders: [hex_border_common] and [hex_border_common] 2,a gradual fade between two borders: [hex_border_common] and [hex_border_fabulous] 4,[hex_border_common] 2,[hex_border_fabulous]


1,water like a river, lake or the sea. Treacherous and monster filled 1,wall of natural rock like mountains, possibly a plateau 1,huge pit or canyon often with another hazard in the bottom 1,glacier of ice riddled with caves and creatures 1,foul swamp polluted by chemical weapons, teeming with weapons 1,toxic wasteland hazardous to life like plague, radiation, chemicals 1,psychotronic and Hallucinogenic weapons still active 1,invisible Force Barrier or maze 1,monsters swarm and attack, undead or automatons fairly common 1,geothermal area, lava flows, boiling mud, geysers, poison or burning gas 1,[hex_border_common] and [hex_border_common]


1,a god blasts the intruder with fire from heavens 1,a god shakes the earth and uses geological phenomena 1,a god sends demons, angels, elementals or other servitors 1,a petty god guards the passage 1,lightning rakes area, blasting intruders to ash heaps 1,weird auras start affecting minds, magic or technology 1,strange weather phenomena drives travellers away 1,sphinxes guard the way demand a riddle to pass 1,strange old man demands riddle to cross or roll again for another hazard 1,a gargantua eats anyone passing the territory 1,a great flaming barrier appears 1,a god personally turns travellers back 1,a sacred monster guards the way like a dragon or warborg 1,savage humanoid tribes swarm here eating travellers 1,a sinister cult peruse and seek to sacrifice transgressors 1,giant crystals drain your life force (HP) slowly if crossed 1,swarms of some creatures attack, form walls and flood area like bugs or nanobots or rats or birds 1,a huge band of scarred primitives kill and eat those who defile their sacred land 1,undead soldiers from past burst up with advanced weapons that only work for them 1,fearsome Illusions drive away fearful, often personal 1,mutants swarm here and get more horrible as you go deeper into contaminated zone 1,grass gives of sleep or hallucinatory gas 1,a saucer comes and blasts intruders from air 1,doppelgangers or pod people or replicants appear and attack, some resemble loved ones and friends instead if clones fail 1,robots or androids don’t let stupid meatbags here 1,beastmen horde hates humans and like to hunt and torture and eat them 1,squirming red alien vegetation here smothers all life 1,ancient mine field 1,magical curse runes cover ground for miles 1,may keep walking but never get closer, time distorting 1,teleported somewhere completely different 1,aI cult or servitors kidnaps all passers to live in his bunker of paradise 1,cold barrier or wind and super chilled air 1,vacuum area 1,flash floods drive travellers back again and again 1,ground covered in living mutants as big as hills, eat passes by 1,hungry Morlocks guard this area 1,derro beam hate rays at party and make them increasingly turn one another till they go berserk 1,a beam from the sky transports any significant life into a sky habitat 1,transported to another plane if do not heed warnings 1,temporarily sent to different time zone 1,random transformations such as gender or race or colour or all 1,turned to children temporarily 1,turned to geriatrics temporarily 1,grey ooze turns everything into ooze 1,swarming with modular robots form into angry god 1,ground bursts into flame 1,confusion field, lost for possibly days 1,warnings of undead plague, save or infected so one day will rise when dead 1,reality becomes confusing liquid chaos, cant tell up from down 1,time slows down, beings up ahead frozen in stasis 1,strange beings and phantoms phase in from over space and attack 1,starving and disease ridden desperate hordes swarm well fed travellers 1,muddy trenches cover land. Automated weapons systems 1,muddy trenches cover land. undead soldiers fix bayonets 1,adorable pakuspawn microkaiju swarm and eat you 1,wasteland area covered in statues. Gorgon, medusa, basilisk or cockatrice in area 1,swarming with rust monsters of various colour types 1,swarms of gremlins rise up and try to eat you 1,transported to underworld 1,huge pits, sinkholes and canyon entrances to subworlds and hordes of monsters 1,strange vapours rise from earth, immortal locals welcome you to stay forever 1,hunters stalk intruders for ritual torture or just sport if advanced 1,hideous inbred hermaphrodites cave troglodytes seek new lovers 1,intruders are tormented with tests by competing AIs for a bet 1,intruders start to turn into vegetation or fungus from skybourne spores or seeds, reversed if you head back 1,a powerful mutant hero challenges all comers or his cult kill and eat you 1,deadly road gangcult in dune buggies, crucify travellers 1,priests only let intruders of right religion pass 1,warriors and martial artists duel travellers for right of passage 1,bleeding weeping corpses arise and form a wall blocking you, drive mad if you continue 1,satellite above has a mutation ray they test on those who enter their firing range 1,eldren with ornithopters and firelances destroy intruders in forbidden zone 1,blood thirsty druid sect sacrifice strangers to ancient monoliths 1,intruders teleported to gladiator pit 1,intruders tormented by Djinn with hallucinations of treasure and terrain or food 1,visions of souls being tormented because you transgress here 1,all who come here compelled to build huge monument, daily save to escape 1,a huge brick wall 1,angel with flaming sword guards a passage through huge wall of flame 1,ancient ruins crawling with armed survivalists with mines, mortars and sniper rifles 1,wall of water filled with winged satan fish 1,ground or air craft with battlesuits demand your papers 1,a mecha or robot or golem with huge guns demands huge toll 1,gods wish to weigh your soul to see if you are worthy to pass 1,ancient undead filled city ruled by crumbling lich or mummy 1,huge garbage heaps strewn for miles in unstable heaps, if sucked under awake in garbage heap in distant land 1,saucers kidnap and probe travellers here 1,soldiers of ancients believe fighting some old war, different eras set to battle each other like AI chess game 1,fictional or historic characters appear to fight intruders 1,huge spacegod titan in spacesuit hovers over region judging the fitness of travellers to live or be able to reproduce 1,huge land leviathan and army use travellers for target practice 1,travellers fall through crust into subworlds of molemen, mutants and morlocks 1,everyone starts turning into orcs or other unlovable species 1,spirits of law test travellers with maths and logic puzzles and IQ tests for right to pass 1,electric razor wire fence with ancient border crossing run by robots, wont let you in without valid passports 1,magic princess will let you pass hazard if you accept a quest 1,eldren guards want you to pass a personality test to confirm your alignment, blacklist you if wrong 1,a huge dionysian multispecies ritual rave festival in progress, save to resist joining, daily save to escape, local law frown on party goers and harass them


1,Four rare items 1,Three rare items 1,Two rare items 1,One rare item 1,Seasonal shortage 1,Currency crisis 1,Stable market 1,Seasonal surplus 1,One cheap item 1,Two cheap items 1,Three cheap items 1,Four cheap items


1,Black market 1,Full of crooks 1,Mean merchants 1,Barbarian barterers 1,Gang controlled 1,Haggle always 1,Community owned 1,Bank owned market 1,Kindly merchants 1,Ruling merchant 1,clan controls market 1,Guild controlled market 1,Crown controlled market


1,Well or fountain 1,Tiny rows of shacks 1,Goods on blankets 1,Built market hall 1,Redlight district 1,Goods in waggons 1,Vigilant guards 1,Tax collector 1,Spies everywhere 1,Vice is common 1,Very clean 1,Exotic races


1,Hero Harness 1,Greaves & Bracers 1,Heavy Cloak 1,Cap Helm 1,Plate Curias 1,Full Helm


1,Hero Harness +1 AC, covers shoulders & joints and not much else. Includes lots of places to strap weapons and stuff - 6gp 1,Greaves & Bracers +1 AC plates covering limbs - 20gp 1,Heavy Cloak +1 AC huge thick cloak suitable for cold climes - 10gp 1,Cap Helm with horns or a brush +1AC - 15gp 1,Plate Curias +5 - 75gp 1,Full Helm +2 x1/2 perception checks - 150gp


1,soft leather or padding 1,heavy cloth gambeson 1,leather armour


1,Soft Leather or padding +1 - 6pg 1,Gambeson heavy cloth +2 - 30gp 1,Leather Armour +3 - 30gp


1,scalemail 1,chainmail 1,banded mail


1,Scalemail +4 - 100gp 1,Chainmail +5 - 300gp 1,Banded mail +6 - 500gp


1,plate mail 1,full plate


1,Plate Mail +7 - 800gp 1,Full Plate +8 - 2000gp


1,scout armour 1,combat armour


1,Scout Armour +9 - 10000gp 1,Combat Armour +10 - 20000gp


1,buckler 1,small shield 1,war shield 1,kite shield


1,Buckler +1 dinner plate size shield vs only one facing (front or side held) - 1gp 1,Small Shield +1 - 10gp 1,War Shield +1 +2 vs missiles - 50gp 1,Kite shield +2 +4 vs missiles - 100gp


1,sling 1,crossbow pistol 1,light crossbow 1,medium crossbow 1,heavy crossbow 1,small bow 1,short bow 1,long bow 1,composite bow 1,flintlock 1,musket 1,arquebus


1,Sling - 1sp 1,Crossbow pistol d4 6” Rate1 - 100gp 1,Light Crossbow d6+1 12” Rate1 - 200gp 1,Medium Crossbow 2d4 15” Rate1+1 - 350gp 1,Heavy Crossbow d10 18” Rate1+2 - 500gp 1,Small bow d4 6” Rate 2 - 20gp 1,Short Bow d6 12” Rate 2 - 50gp 1,Long Bow d8 24” Rate 1 - 100gp 1,Composite Bow d8 18” Rate 2 - 100gp 1,Flintlock d4 d6 d8 4” Rate 1+10 - 400gp 1,Musket d6 d8 - 400gp 10” Rate 1+10 1,Arquebus d10 d12 - 800gp 20” Rate 1+10


1,unarmed 1,knife 1,dagger 1,small sword 1,sword 1,polearm 1,handaxe 1,battleaxe 1,poleaxe 1,stick 1,club 1,hammer 1,staff 1,mace 1,warhammer 1,maul 1,dart 1,javelin 1,spear 1,pike 1,lance 1,nunchucks 1,chain 1,flail 1,war flail


1,Unarmed 1 - free 1,Knife d3 - 1gp 1,Dagger d4 - 10gp 1,Small Sword d6 - 50gp 1,Sword d8 - 75gp 1,Polearm d10 2H - 100gp 1,Handaxe d6 - 30gp 1,Battleaxe d8 - 50gp 1,Poleaxe 10 2H 1,Stick d4 - 1gp 1,Club d6 - 2gp 1,Hammer d6 - 20gp 1,Staff d6 2H - 10gp 1,Mace d8 - 50gp 1,Warhammer d8 - 50gp 1,Maul d10 2H - 75gp 1,Dart d3 - 1sp 1,Javelin d6 - 1gp 1,Spear d8 - 10gp 1,Pike d10 2H - 75gp 1,Lance d10 2H - 75gp 1,Nunchucks d6 - 5gp 1,Chain d6 - 10gp 1,Flail d8 - 100gp 1,War Flail d10 2H - 75gp


1,stone 1,rock 1,knife 1,shuriken 1,dagger 1,handaxe 1,stick 1,club 1,hammer 1,dart 1,javelin 1,spear 1,atlatl 1,lasso 1,bolo 1,chain 1,whip 1,hook net 1,net


1,Stone 1hp Rate 3 - free 1,Rock d3 Rate 3 - free 1,Knife d3 Rate 3 - 1gp 1,Shuriken d3 Rate 3 - 1gp 1,Dagger d4 Rate 2 - 10gp 1,Handaxe d6 Rate 2 - 30gp 1,Stick d4 Rate 2 - 1gp 1,Club d6 Rate 2 - 2gp 1,Hammer d6 - 20gp 1,Dart d3 Rate 3 - 1sp 1,Javelin d6 Rate 2 - 1gp 1,Spear d8 Rate1 - 10gp 1,Atlatl d4 - 5gp 1,Lasso entangle sp/foot 1,Bolo entangle d4 - 1gp 1,Chain entangle d6 - 10gp 1,Whip entangle d3 - 2gp 1,Hook Net d3 - 35gp 1,Net entangle - 10gp


1,[ruin_alien] 5,[ruin_bunker] 3,[ruin_crossing] 5,[ruin_dungeon] 3,[ruin_educational] 7,[ruin_factory] 3,[ruin_garden] 3,[ruin_hazard] 6,[ruin_camp] 4,[ruin_magician] 7,[ruin_shopping] 3,[ruin_lair] 2,[ruin_medical] 4,[ruin_administration] 4,[ruin_organic] 5,[ruin_police] 1,[ruin_phenomena] 5,[ruin_residence] 1,[ruin_secret] 3,[ruin_temple] 3,[ruin_underground] 1,[ruin_military] 5,[ruin_wastes] 1,[ruin_black_lab] 10,[ruin_transit_hub] 6,[ruin_burial_ground]


1,Crashed flying saucer with ancient grey skinned space eldren corpses and some tech 1,Crude shelter where crashed space travellers lived for several years scrawling messages before deaths 1,Elderly space traveller living in ship wreck warns about horrors from the stars 1,Wrecked orbital populated by aggressive robot survivors and a uplink terminal to one of the AI gods 1,Wrecked space transport with bewildered androids inside, 1in6 virused human haters 1,Crashed ship with broken cages. A horrible monster from the stars or orbital gene lab lives here 1,A forcefield and holographic shielded area where alien observers watch the outside world 1,Cyborg clone troops deployed from cryonic storage in orbit arrived bit too late for the apocalypse 1,Scout craft for race of hostile brain borgs who have returned from the stars and seek to terraform the earth for their new need that would kill all current life 1,Eldren shuttle parked here while explorers gather goods needed for their orbital station


1,Sealed and populated by ancients uncontaminated by elements of Planet Psychon 1,Secured population act as a trading post, some sections might be abandoned 1,Corroded and even burned, occupied by undead and other monsters but some loot 1,Overgrown with fungus, tree roots or vegetation with feral animals inside 1,Population are mutated cultists hungry for flesh and depravity 1,Has been resettled by scavengers and is littered in junk and garbage 1,Occupied by robots and androids most often not welcoming to humans but in good repair 1,Semi ruined bunker occupied by a gang, cult or secret society 1,Biological mutant growths have covered everything in organic matter and is home to creatures 1,Sealed survivalist bunker with cryonics freezers for humans and DNA and equipment to repopulate the world


1,Gaping chasm with a rickety old rope and plank bridge with flimsy rope handhold and some kind of guardian 1,Flooded chasm with water cascading into deeps, something lurks in the water 1,Pit of garbage with plank walkways and scaffolding, creatures in pit walls lunge at travellers 1,Gate with armed guards demand toll to pass if in a good mood, possibly with heavy weapons 1,Two sphinxes stand guard over the path and demand a riddle to pass or die 1,A portcullis gate with guards who don’t want to let anyone through without a valuable gift 1,Trolls guarding a crude stone wall with a open gate want food to pass 1,Forcefield or energy screen barrier blocks the path, an AI is rude to anyone wanting passage 1,Wall of magical fire with a magic mouth that warns intruders to stay away (could be cold or electric arc) 1,Minefield covers area possibly a warning sign or corpses and craters as a warning


1,A ruined castle with a grim open gateway. Crumbling stone labyrinth once a prison now inhabited by humanoids and monsters 1,A bleak dark gateway, a former prison and now abandoned. Morlocks dwell here with cells for of Eloi to eat and pens for their guard and hunting beasts 1,An abandoned mental hospital roaming with undead madmen and insane clown cannibals 1,A former storage complex under some ruins now home to a tribe of humanoids ruled by a king or queen 1,A former advanced prison badly damaged by fire with a complex beneath it where monsters, madmen and some surviving robots dwell 1,Ancient detentions centre for plague victims now haunted by undead but medical supplies inside 1,A brick complex with burning torches in brackets where all kinds of monsters cohabitate and are mysteriously replaced by the gods if killed in a few days 1,Hellish dungeon where devils, cultists and orcs plot conquest of the local area 1,Abandoned underground prison where a cult worship the great old ones and bring sacrifices 1,Remains of ancient boiler room filled with garbage where desperate survivors hide from the monsters they also share


1,Kindergarten operated by nanny bots who are desperate for victims to feed and burp and put nappies on 1,Primary School where some well meaning being teaches local children skills to survive on Psychon like read ancient 1,Boarding school operated by androids under a mad AI. Truants are captured, uniformed and sent to class 1,Highschool full of mutant students kidnapped and children and not released till graduated by the robot teachers 1,Wizard school taught by lich specialising in necromancy, stone gothic style complex 1,Druidic college where senior druids teach students and bards the ways of earth magic and natural religion 1,Temple school where clerics learn about faith and caring for worshipers 1,The black school, strange other dimensional space where students are taught black magic by devils and demons 1,School is a front for cultists worshiping some vile evil god in secret 1,Fighting school where students study martial arts or sword fighting


1,Roofless shattered brick building with rusted turbines or foundry overgrown with ferns and surrounded by garbage 1,Rows of rusted metal sheds strewn with garbage overgrown with thorn bushes 1,Vehicle factory in ruined state with car bodies littering area with trees growing amongst them. Animals lair here 1,Ruined android and robot factory with remains of plastic and metal human like remains, some crazy synthetics still haunt the plant 1,Stone mill complex where huge amounts of grain were once ground up with stone and muscle power and flour made into bread, now a lair 1,Crumbling manufacturing plant but underground robotic factory intact and sealed with a hostile AI and secbots 1,Factory complex operating still but with a hostile faction or androids operating it, possibly a forcefields and animal or robot guards 1,Nuclear power plant, burned out and highly radioactive. Mutants or undead mostly in the area which glows at night 1,Mine complex with huge pit, mine tunnels and huge rusted trucks, machines and toxic waste heaps Savage gangs fight to control 1,Sealed autofactory with robot guards and a forcefield. The AI might be willing to trade raw materials or to get rid of organic life infesting the complex


1,Domed structure rich in plants and animals, often mutated and hostile. An AI takes care of the complex and operates several robots 1,Huge wrought iron and glass green house complex thick with vegetation. Plant abhumans dwell here who have mobile plant pets and hate animal life they grind up to fertilise soil 1,Multi level tower with vegetation on top floors, kelp and algae tubes and empty animal pens and slaughter yards. Robots look after the place but are failing more and more 1,Farm complex overgrown with mutant food crops and animals, lots of sheds and rusted vehicles 1,Overgrown park with trees, playground area, ornamental pools full of slime and some gardener drones wandering about with watering cans and garden tools 1,Rows of plastic polydomes with androids or robots growing plants under command of a AI 1,Zoo with walls, enclosures and cages long abandoned but fierce animals still lair here and often tribal peoples or beastial abhumans 1,Agricultural Research Station where strange plants and animals were bred then mutated. Beastmen abhumans often live here where their ancestors were created 1,Rustic farm with cottages, wooden shacks and primitive farmers 1,Monster Menagerie where dinosaurs and pleistocene mammals and other horrors made to attract fans to a theme park that went wrong long ago


1,A gigantic creature sleeps here and awakes hungrily every few years for a rampage 1,Area under a magical curse or brain hacking tech field or piles of mutant spore dust causing [spore_effect] 1,Surface ready to collapse into a sinkhole, transit tube or basement 1,Automated weapon system takes potshots at anyone in area 1,Strange [pylon_type] pylon with control panel inside with bewildering controls 1,Ruined temple with AI inside long mad from lack of worship 1,Narcotic flowers cause [narcotic_flower_effect] 1,Dangerous giant fungi garden, causes [fungi_effect] 1,Area covered in giant webs where giant intelligent spiders live 1,Swampy area with thick vegetation, bogs and slime pits


1,Tribal camp of some race with enclosed animals, hunters and warriors 1,Military camp with trenches, orderly tents and a palisade wall or barbed wire fence 1,Adventurers camp of tents exploring ruins for loot with various followers and servants watching camp mostly 1,Merchant camp with guards, waggons, huge beast of burden and large tents 1,Knight camp with at least one knight and various squires, servants, a bard, several horses and 1in6 of a pretty noble youth they just saved 1,A bandit headquarters where they hide from the law. Have been on run for a while and have a log wall and shacks 1,Refugee camp where on the run travellers of a different race to locals shelter having escaped some war or disaster 1,Prison camp where soldiers watch over unwilling captives. Might be political, enemy troops, quarantined or a ethnic minority 1,Camping ground of ancients with rotting caravans, holiday shacks and tents with a shower, toilet block and BBQ area 1,Cultist camp where they meet to perform vile rites and plan their deeds of wickedness


1,Field of radar dishes of various sizes, bunkers and a windowless building where a wizard and his students analysing the movements of orbitals and planets 1,Series of razor wire and forcefield guarded ruined science bunkers. A wizard has been making abhumans and releasing them into the wild 1,Geodesic ruined dome overgrown with plants. Inside a sorcerer and his cult are breeding strange plant creatures and drug crops 1,Witches have made a ruined courtyard complex into a temple, covered in cobwebs and vermin to keep away outsiders. The witches and their pets are searching ruins 1,Ruined factory complex where a hidden school of wizards study and search ruins to understand ancients 1,Rows of huge greenhouses where druids have gathered to breed new creatures and plants to restore the natural world. Some are prehistoric monsters and carnivorous plants 1,Ruined apartment complex ground floor guarded by monsters. Upper floors home of many sorcerers who live decadent lives of pleasure cut off from the world 1,Ruined bunker contaminated by waste and radioactives to keep the privacy of the evil wizard secure. From his hidden lab he studies mutations and he releases many of his rejects and monstrosities 1,Bunker of robots and cyborgs working busily ruled by a wizard and his AI ally attempting to teach machines wizardry and experimenting with cyborg apprentices or any other victims 1,Walled manor house where decadent family of wizards and sorcerers have lived for centuries growing increasingly insane


1,A semi intact store of some speciality type with a robot security guard. Is friendly until you try to leave without paying then it attacks and calls help 1,A wizard or witch has reopened a store selling potions and strange things 1,A merchant caravan set up in a old supermarket and others have moved in too 1,Rotting crumbling department store with hostile looters inside 1,Mall complex with multiple factions of gangs, mutants and undead 1,Attractive android with a food replicator requires long gone currency 1,Warehouse store complex is ruled by a tribe who think the place is holy 1,Supermarket seemingly intact with corpses. Undead awake as they smell the living 1,Underground shopping arcade inhabited by monsters and humanoid and mutant gangs 1,Fortified shop with android guards, inside eldren live lives of luxury like the ancients


1,Cave like hole in a mostly rubble building is home to a huge monster predator 1,A trailer truck or cargo container is home to a small gang of hostile scavengers 1,Section of elevated highway with some hoarding has mad a humanoid or gang lair 1,Intact motel or hotel is home to a large gang or humanoid tribe or mutant mob 1,Collection of buildings and ruins connected by scaffolding walkways and ladders 1,Huge mound of rubble with entrance in the top home to burrowing monsters 1,Foyer of a huger tower block home of aggressive blood thirsty huge mutant ogres 1,Warehouse complex with camp inside, entrances are trapped and lookouts on the roof 1,Tower complex requiring drawbridge or ladder to enter into the upper ruined levels 1,Ruined building has been occupied by social monster family


1,Small medical clinic building mostly stripped but has a safe and some monster using as a lair 1,Small clinic with robotic or android staff who will treat you if you have insurance 1,Small medical office where a healer has set up shop with several assistants, patients and visitors of the sick in temporary truces. Some have a guard or a security robot 1,Large medical centre in good condition but is a holy place where mutants assemble hoping to be cured just for praying here 1,Chemist super store with robot security guards and tens of thousands of faded medicine bottles 1,Badly damaged hospital mostly rubble with a hostile species living in rubble 1,Intact hospital but upper floors hard to access but in pristine condition with robot and android staff 1,Old stripped hospital where several healers treat many patients with crude reassembling of hospital fittings and using primitive treatments like cauterising with burned logs and trepanning 1,Sealed medical black lab often contains security borgs and might contain some medical technology or hazardous material or even undead 1,Cryonic centre guarded by robots trying to keep out hungry undead


1,Classic greek temple like building with huge ornate bronze doors. Inhabitants with a guardpost might let you into their experimental society if you pay and dot seem too awful 1,Stylish plexiglass and steel building in good condition with robot security guard who wants to see your pass 1,Ancient library where primitive scholars try to reconstruct knowledge of the ancients 1,Museum complex where cultists gather holy relics to stockpile rather than use or study 1,Council hall where a savage gang has set u and declares themselves overlords of the ruins 1,Space age community centre in some strange design where ancients came to take classes, perform or hold other events. Large monsters are often attracted and there is often good looting inside 1,Burned out shell of classical building hanging with corpses and decorated with skulls. A gang is based here 1,Damaged civic building where idealistic settlers believe they can create a new society 1,Intact court building where savages come to worship and bring prisoners before a mad AI judge 1,Council or parliament meeting chamber where ancients gathered to debate and rule. A idealistic fanatic or old robot offer to show you around and explain political processes


1,Giant termite like mounds made of spittle and rubble towering like ancient buildings 1,Huge waxy hexagon structured hive for bee or wasp like creatures or peoples 1,Huge bloated organic round cancer like structure wedged in between ruined buildings, was once a person now it swallows up creatures that try to feed off it and possibly has chambers inside 1,Huge tree with windows and doors where a peaceful naked tribe dwell inside in harmony. A type of creature also living in the tree defends them and the tree might lock out hostile intruders 1,A gigantic sleeping humanoid or kaiju with a tribe using its dormant body passages as a home and for food 1,Organic black and green structures built my some creature as a fortress for a breeding colony, warriors voraciously hunt for food while breeders raise offspring 1,Complex built of bones and webs where giant spiders live 1,A huge slimy bubble filled dome structure where a strange species live 1,Building made of meat with primitive tribals living within their fleshy god who provides their every need 1,Huge mound of feces gathered by some creature to feed their young, but other creatures or mutants or humanoids have moved in to cohabit


1,Small station with cyborg cop who futilely tries to maintain local order 1,Police drone station where armed robots were based in the final years 1,Motor pool where police kept various vehicles like squad cars, air cars, helicopters and APC in underground garages or rooftop launch bays4 Small station badly damaged but with locked evidence rooms and armouries, possibly with a robot guard or a monster lair 1,Sprawling central police complex for admin and training with police androids patrolling the site 1,Ruined prison where slavers keep merchandise and hold regular auctions 1,Prison complex looks intact, AI has been imprisoning innocent victims for life with android and robot guards 1,Riot control branch where a tribe have taken over and wear riot armour and shields and are well armed, possibly with a working vehicle 1,Black op station looks like just any building but intact advanced lock. Inside are replicant under cover police who bring victims here to torture in holding cells 1,Militia fort based in a old station house, they monitor ruins for dangers to local human tribes and kill bandits and hostile tribes


1,Area is haunted by spirits and locals have scrawled occult symbols to contain them 1,Holographic phantoms appear some intelligent digitised personalities some ads in loops that follow you and try to sell things or just forms of signage 1,Spacial anomaly might teleport or time shift explorers elsewhere 1,Mind hacking field alters personalities often to make them hate an ancient long gone faction 1,Air pressure feels denser, paranormal entities seek host bodies to invade this world 1,Cultists gather here to commune w 1,A god monitors area and alters sex, race and gender or travellers for fun 1,Mind hacking field turns any in area who don’t resist into mindless savage cannibals who attack non infected 1,Magical field alters magic in area with weird results 1,AI god appears and grants wishes but it tends to interpret on own terms


1,A intact locked house maintained by an AI or robot to ancient standards 1,Ruined apartment block with feuding teen gangs 1,Housing complex where religious shambling mutants believe they live just like the ancients 1,Semi secure complex where AI welcomes new residents but does not want them to leave. Cannibal gangs and killer robots roam the complex 1,A village built by settlers from rubble with a wall and a watch tower 1,Shack where a elderly possibly mad survivor ekes out a living 1,Apartment complex and headquarters of a gang 1,Public housing complex infested with undead who slowly awake when living explore 1,Sealed glass tower with happy eloi inside living lives of ancient luxury, morlocks hungrily plot to enter 1,Housing complex where morlocks live and have herd of eloi confined in the centre


1,Secret door into a survivalist cache basement with several aggressive defenders 1,Secret hatch into a small defence bunker with basic supplies 1,Secret entrance to tunnel connecting to a base or lair the inhabitants are ignorant of 1,Secret lair of ancient terrorists with explosives and possible bio weapons or gas 1,Secret black ops lair with cell, armoury and torture chamber and guard replicants 1,Secret wizards lair where they conduct research and make potions 1,Secret gang cache with years of loot and supplies, will hunt anyone who touches stuff 1,Secret entrance to a cultist lair with cells and a sacrificial altar 1,Secret watch tower of eldren from space watching area for study 1,Secret panic room with skeletons, some weapons and empty food and water containers


1,Classical building with cult guards and a great AI altar and monitor where you can speak to a god directly 1,Shattered cinema complex used as a multi faith temple complex with a different god each theatre and cultists watch educational videos 1,War borg guarding a evil underworld god temple underneath a crumbling building 1,Golems operate and defend a ruined temple where worshipers rarely visit 1,A great demonic temple with statues of entities out the front with vicious cult inside sacrificing and eating victims 1,Underworld god temple crawling with undead guardians 1,Former theatre complex inside a cult put on plays and choral shows praising their god 1,Temple administered by robots, androids and synthetics devoted to crushing organic life 1,Overgrown classical building with no roof where a nature cult perform sacred fertility rites and orgies 1,Templar church where a martial order serving a god make war on heathens and crusade against cult enemies


1,Tube station with access to tunnel system often a lair of some kind 1,Great pit exposing huge underground highway or tube train 1,Entrance of underground parking garage of wrecked transports often a lair 1,Underground arcade connecting several train stations often with real estate 1,Huge train station with entries to dozens of tunnels and whole wrecked tube trains, often factions fight over these areas 1,Tribe or gang trying to dig way into tunnel complex sealed for hundreds of years 1,Gaping sinkhole into long forgotten tunnel complex 1,Tunnel complex with builder accommodation of side passages 1,Maintenance tunnels run under block connecting building basement plant rooms 1,Sewer manhole entrance to miles of tunnels and lairs


1,Crater filled with rubble. Robots guard a underground entrance still intact serving a military AI 1,Shattered complex mostly burned down and radioactive with mutant gangs or undead in basements guarding their garbage heaps 1,Recruitment station where a AI with robot guards signs you up with promises of guns and battlesuits and sends you to camp in a defective dropship somewhere there used to be a training camp 1,training camp with crumbling barracks, obstacle course and various traps and automated defences 1,Huge land leviathan AI tank shoots most intruders in remains of a base. Will try and talk non hostile beings into fixing it’s tracks and getting it a hit of nuclear fuel and ammo, will supply armoury codes and locations 1,Badly damaged buildings where a gang dress in military gear and claim to be lawful armed forces before claiming your stuff in now theirs 1,Sealed concrete windowless complex with sealed entrance. Inside are frozen troops ready to deploy 1,Sprawling barracks mostly in ruins with some lairs, but main building has a military cult plotting to take over area with weapons they stockpile 1,Motor pool fenced off with robot guards. Trucks, robo tanks and jeeps are inside. The tanks are eager to fight someone but their base AI wont let them 1,Airforce base with landing strip, hanger ruined aircraft and possible missile silos. AI has command of some robots and exterminates intruders. Might be convinced to launch a missile


1,Crashed aircraft half buried in rubble with loot and a lair 1,Mound of garbage swarming with huge flies and filth eating creatures 1,Several wrecked garbage trucks half buried at least one is a lair 1,Wrecked train with carriages and freight containers 1,Yellow drums of toxic radioactive and biological waste contaminating the area 1,Flooded with strange coloured toxic pools and a aquatic monster lair 1,Small humanoids gleaning through the trash for valuables live in burrows cramped for humans 1,Mounds of trash some possibly valuable but giant vermin nest in area 1,Huge ruined mecha badly damaged but AI intact would like to be removed and taken somewhere it can be useful 1,Garbage heap contaminated with mutagens, undead necrovirus, mind hacking nanites or other ancient bioweapons


1,Concrete bunker guarded by robots, inside are dead scientists and a AI working on a new doomsday bio weapon 1,Black glass complex guarded by a forcefield. If breached there are android guards and a AI working on mind control. Prisoners are in cells inside being tested 1,Ruined lab complex guarded by ape abhumans descendants of uplifted apes who hate humans 1,Mutants worship a AI as god in this ruined complex with a underground secret AI bunker 1,Necromancer has set up a undead assembly line where his students are trying to make a colossus from hundreds of bodies and run zombie sweatshops 1,Alchemist in a ruined factory has built huge glass apparatus and is making dragons 1,A concrete slab opens every few years releasing dozens of hybrid monsters like sphinxes and manticores 1,AI lab working on weaponising lycanthropy. Prisoners inside beg for release and will go on murder sprees. Android lab techs try and trick visitors into becoming lab rats offering them superpowers 1,Large sealed lab complex. Inside humans sealed for ages believe they are on a space craft off to colonise a new world. The AI is waiting for the outside to be less recognisable before releasing them onto a “new planet” 1,Theme park biolab complex where AI created dinosaurs and pleistocene mammals to release for research


1,Airport with huge buildings, hangars and crashed aircraft often with feuding factions 1,Airship mooring possibly with huge hangers and wrecks of airships 1,Monorail line with stations and wrecked trains draped over terrain and rubble 1,Elevated roads often hard to reach from ground with wrecked cars. Some settle them and install lifts and bring up dirt to farm away from ground threats 1,Major crossroads of multiple highways possibly with footbridge or underpass, some with elevated or underground lanes. Encounters are common here 1,Aqueduct once transported water, often dry but might have living fish 1,Harbour with jetties, boat sheds and wrecked boats possibly land locked 1,Bus depot with building and dozens of wrecked busses often make a good camp 1,Canal possibly dried or overgrown with boats and ships rusting away. Each boat could be a lair or gang camp 1,Spaceport with shuttle craft and terminal structure, often these have been damages by warfare or explosions from crashes or liftoff disasters. Often with a functional AI or com link to a orbital


1,Small fenced off graveyard with several dug up graves, by night ghouls and zombies roam 1,Sprawling necropolis with many tombs and thousands of graves popular with undead and necromancers 1,Tomb where a necromancer works making new undead for research purposes. They hope to build a army and invade a local settlement or conquer the ruins 1,Mausoleum where sentient ghouls and zombies live in a parody of a living community 1,Morgue complex where necromancers make flesh golems 1,Medical museum with dissection labs and all kinds of roaming skeletons, some weird hybrids 1,Mound built of headstones in a graveyard, inside a undead dragon lives with it’s treasure and its breath reanimates the undead when it needs labour or soldiers 1,Funeral parlour with piles of coffins, prep rooms and robot transport loaded with coffins. Staff of necromancers and robots will bury your loved ones and hold tasteful service 1,Crematorium popular when undead became a problem, locals use to destroy undead and infected corpses 1,Graveyard where a town of necro mutants live. Still alive but mutating into undead, decorated with skulls and bones


1,Mass of fused wreckage 1,Wrecked remains of a spaceship 1,Assemblage of modules on a structure 1,Asteroid habitat 1,Rotating wheel habitat 1,Huge slab with some other structures 1,Open framework with various modules and ship parts ad hoc 1,Rotating cylinder habitat 1,Domed Habitat 1,Rotating asteroid with huge open interior


1,Industrial 1,Medical 1,Agricultural 1,Research Lab 1,Exploration 1,Law enforcement 1,Military 1,Transit 1,Colony 1,Black Lab


1,Space wreck - no life support 1,Repairable - damaged but could have power and air restored 1,Fragile - poor condition, repairable but damage easily turns catastrophic 1,Poorly Maintained - systems fail often and are slow to be fixed 1,Worn - very old and some systems failing and hard to just repair 1,Partly functional - most sections sealed, ruined or without atmosphere 1,Majority functional - some sections sealed, ruined or without atmosphere 1,Broken down - many compartments isolated and in varied condition 1,Well maintained - kept in good functional repair 1,Perfect condition - as new all systems functioning


1,Eldren space elves returned from the stars to study the mother planet 1,Eloi space elves, idiotic dug addicted hedonists dependant on AI or a masters 1,Morlock colony with a herd of eloi to eat, slaves have no idea 1,Grey space elves adapted to vacuum and hyperspace, alien 1,Cyborgs adapted to some function and dedicated often stored in cryonic pods 1,Androids or replicant that look and work like humans 1,Robots synthetic intelligences mostly form by function but some humanoid 1,Cloned humans mostly of same genotype and physiology but 1in6 diverse 1,Mutants former humans and mostly diverse but 1in6 are consistent mutant breeds 1,Undead former humans reanimated by nanites, most idiotic some sentient 1in6


1,Savage hunter gatherers who worship machine spirits 1,Operate simple ship systems with prayers and litanies 1,Religious awe of the station and systems, maintain systems as part of cult 1,Able to operate many systems through religious study based on supernaturalism 1,Know system is technology and do best to operate and understand 1,Have pop culture science knowledge and can use tech but actually ignorant 1,Struggle to understand and operate but making progress since the dark times 1,Operate and repair basic systems and understand they are in space over a planet 1,Advanced scientific knowledge or at least compromises, can build new habs 1,Advanced as the ancients and familiar with AIs and artificial life


1,Space God AI - from star ships, stations and planets in solar system 1,Planetary God AI - surface based gods of psychon 1,Local Intelligence - AI 1,Local Intelligence - Brain 1,Local Intelligence - Digitised Personality 1,Brainborg - mobile borg or immobile and built into station 1,Cyborg - partially modified humanoid leader jacked into station 1,Command structure - sometimes intact from ancients, often military like 1,Egalitarian democratic population 1,Elite race 30% of population in caste or class based society 1,Elite minority 1% of population rule the commoners absolutely 1,Anarchy - the station has no coherent leaders, mostly violent gangs 1in6 utopian


1,Automated shuttle service only [Dice.1d3] trips left in system 1,Automated VIP vehicle, many [Dice.1d6] trips left before refuel 1,Automated drop ship, [Dice.1d2] trips left without refuel 1,Teleporter booth each end 1,Teleporter platform automatically activated, one way only 1,Gate portal with a door each end or dial up various exits 1,Rocket launch or return re entry vehicle, [Dice.1d3] each end 1,Automated cargo rocket [Dice.1d3] trips lest in system 1,Organic life form flies or biological rockets 1,Beamed up from the station by radio request


1,Alpha Twenty One - cargo station with thousands of containers and dozens of cargo ships and shuttles. Surviving cultists worship the AI and have constructed a biological habitat dome 1,Eclipse Station - used as a waypoint for lunar shuttles but infected with undead nanites. Some areas are sealed and several working earthbound shuttles [Dice.1d3] and lunar shuttles [Dice.1d3] are in bays and automated ready to fly 1,Martian Express - where luxury yacht to mars is launched from. The AI does whatever it can to get you on the Martian Queen with promises of luxury then sends them to the red planet 1,Mercy Five - hospital station mostly run by robots and a few killer cyborgs roam the station having been operated on by mad robots. A few shuttles with odd creatures and crew have been stranded here, some in the mental health ward under the care of a AI 1,Dragonfall Station - a cargo station that a dragon has used as a lair for centuries and from here raids the surface for loot and food 1,Crystal Palace - cluster or mirrors gem like surfaced modules, a museum complex with a AI who seems welcoming but after showing visitors the wonders will try and freeze them and instal them as exhibits 1,Atlas Shipyards - massive complex building transports and shuttlecraft. Most of it is in vacuum. Morlocks colonised the station and have been building a ship to take them to Luna. They have found a ship load of frozen eloi to feed off but will eat new visitors 1,Cyranis Labs - this black genelab was taken over by a wizard who has been breeding monsters and teleporting them to the surface to observe what happens 1,Sireon Station - prospectors station with [Dice.1d3] ships designed for exploring asteroid fields for minerals. Robot miners have kept up the mission for centuries and salvaging scrap to continue. They are friendly and have been to many other stations 1,Mandragora Station - habitat of androids who are infected with a virus that has changed their colour and are now hostile to humans. From here they visit the surface to infect other androids in service to their infected AI 1,Skygarden - ag station and tourism habitat domes. Wild mutated inhabitants including animals fear outsiders who they believe will come to eat them 1,Hieronymus Station - resort where various adventures are simulated with androids and nanobots. When tourists arrive the mad AI begins a scenario 1,Skyeye Station - pyramid with a antenna array dropping a km under the base into the atmosphere. A long ghost haunts the station or a AI with a holographic interface who thinks it is a ghost 1,Redeye Seven - surveillance station settled by a shuttle of devil worshipers who opened a gate to hell here. Now devils rule here and observe targets on the surface. A duke of hell manages the station with various subordinates and plots against mortals. The station AI has accepted the cult doctrine and now serves the Duke as Namrath the Accuser 1,Ricochet Twenty Two - orbital tv and radio station which has been beaming pre apocalypse media down to Psychon angering the gods. A colony of tech worshipers have taken over and the cult high holy DJ’s broadcast music and videos when they can. Mostly the gods jam the signals. The cult often aid adventurers 1,Skymaster Three - weather control satellite with AI who Zeus who believes it is a god. His near immortal eldren children care for the station while he watches mortals and rewards the worthy with good weather or the wicked with storms. A clone bank machine grows eldren and misshapen hybrid monsters like centaurs, manticores and sphinxes 1,Eros Five - a orbital brother and holographic sex club with attractive love androids. Eloi live here enjoying constant sex and drug parties. The colony is served by service and combat androids who served ancient VIP’s 1,Wolfen Six - a hanger for a single aerospace fighter armed with two nukes and advanced weapons. Any intruders on station wake it up and starts a count down for an attack on the planet 1,Cloud Nine - pleasure resort hotel for the super rich. Hotel welcomes guests bur does not let them leave. Bay is full of shuttles. Dozens of guests live inside the ruined interior some constantly fight as savages 1,Heliopolis - golden pyramid mausoleum for the super rich with ashes, recorded memories and DNA codes preserved of the richest and best. A cult of Anubis came here and left guardian mummies and android guardians and piles of golden treasure 1,Algol Seven - overrun by demons and cultists who work on opening a gate when they can agree on which demonic plane and prince they should serve 1,Tiberia Four - ag station where eldren and goblinoids live in paradise naked together in a forest hab module and ag modules ruled by the faerie queen 1,North Star Seven - used by law enforcers to monitor traffic and track criminals. The AI and monks who live here now just watch and keep records and occasionally get a visitor who wants their help finding someone 1,New Sun Energy - solar collector station can also fire directed beam of solar energy but the AI is hard to convince. A cult worship a fiery demon they say lives in the sun and they wish to call down 1,Highball Hotel - mid luxury hotel complex with a lonely AI. A secret order of wizards meet here to discuss their studies of the gods and magic 1,Serpentine One - station breeding reptilian combat clones in past. Now serpent men say they made the world and man and the orbital is there holy star temple. Here they plot their conquest of the surface and make their long term schemes 1,Metropolis Four - a living habitat for the well off in a massive cylinder with vegetation grown wild and savages living among the ruins. Locals believe they are in the blessed realm and the planetary surface is damned by the apocalypse 1,Southern Cross station - shopping mall, hotel and casino but has been overrun by feuding eldren, morlocks, androids, mutants and undead 1,Emerald City - theme park with android munchkins ruled over by a savage warlord who came from the surface world 1,Necrotech Orbital Mausoleum - most full of frozen berths, 1in6 have undead or mutants eating the frozen corpses. Many bodies are infected and awaiting a cure 1,Highwatch - built by survivalist cult to evade the war, degenerate inbred ancestors remain who now worship various AI gods who speak to them 1,Enerzon Six - energy corporation that beamed power to receiving stations. It powers several jobs for AI gods and the local AI runs a staff of androids. If intruders on board will start growing security androids 1,Mercury station - passenger and freight to mercury depart from here. A hooded cult of cyborg space monks keep non believers away. There is little remaining on mercury but a single underground base colony with a AI 1,Venus station - passenger and freight to venus depart from here. Reptilian humanoids rule here claiming to have come from venus to colonise the earth before man. They like the jungle dinosaur theme park habitat best. Venus has several habitats in orbit 1,Screaming Eagle HQ - elite commandos with combat drop ships were based here. Now they are undead cyborgs awaiting a mission to the planet. The defences are high but the armoury is well equipped 1,Fort Icarus - military barracks for space marines but ow inhabited by orcs with combat shuttles who raid and plunder across the world with impunity. The base also has a shopping mall for military personnel 1,Ion Twelve - smallish coms station occupied by clan of daredevil eldren who like to skydive through the atmosphere without being burned to a crisp 1,Pharmcon Three - ag station growing narcotics originally now where AIs experiment with new plants to colonise the planet on their next terraforming spree. A race of gnomes tend the crops and also spend their time high on drugs or worshiping the space gods 1,Biopet Corporation Station - AIs develop new species and teleport them down to the planet. Dancing eldren handle the creatures and go on field trips to the surface 1,Taurus Five Station - habitat station with survivors who managed to call a surface shuttle to rescue them. Unfortunately trolls were on board and ate everybody 1,Memphis Eight - a Egyptian theme park, mall and habitat station. Animal humanoids from the surface came here and found it a promised land. The AI thinks it is helping them by making voices of the gods speak and perform miracles 1,Eden Biocorp - station used to make designer children and it is keen to do so for visitors. Occasionally other AI gods order a new race grown here 1,Orbital Studios - films and game production with habitat and a theme park. Friendly AI will happily take you to various action theme habitats. A town of animal humanoid hillbillies live here and dislike humans 1,Skytower One - complex has been taken over by a lich with his army of undead cyborg space vikings. He sends them to the planet to plunder 1,Paradise Three - habitat dome ruled by a hierarchy of angelic beings who serve the gods. Mortals are unfit to be here but might pass the tests of purity 1,Overwatch Five - a orbital weapon platform operated by the god Colossus to punish it’s enemies. Priests on Psychon retire here if they are holy enough to service the platform 1,The Tabernacle - platform that stores human memories and creates new people from DNA and memories of old ones to populate newly created lands. It is subject to attacks from planet bound terrorists who want to destroy it believing it would make humans free. Other gods protect and use it and try to subvert it and fail 1,Mishka Seven - operated by the god Colossus it is a spy station armed with nuclear weapons that are dated but occasionally used to punish some crime against the gods 1,Firebird Seven - operated by the god Pheonix and is part of the old global teleport array the gods use for magic and terraforming. Priests on board do not allow visitors and usually teleport them away 1,Herne Five - operated by the god Kernu where priests and monks watch the surface for evil and communicate with distant space craft serving the god 1,Kore Four - operated by the goddess Gaea and used to maintain the worlds weather, climate and ecology. Priestesses monitor the surface and gather reports from the surface temples 1,Stormcrow Seven - used by the warlike god Wotan to target his teleporter arrays to send troops and monsters to various areas. Undead berserker cyborgs monitor his celestial temple 1,Mot Four - used by the god Nergal to coordinate his genocides and exterminations. His priests develop new bioweapons and plagues to slay those unwanted by the gods. His station is crewed by panther abhumans 1,Irkalla One - used by the goddess Erishkigal to transmit the digital souls of the dead to her underworlds for rebirth in hell among her armies. Her priestesses are vampires 1,Leviathan One - huge station where the goddess Tiamat launched her invasions from in the past. The station is ruined and crawling with monsters and cultists fighting to control and rebuild the station 1,Athena Twelve - operated by the goddess minerva who’s amazon cultists watch the world and sometimes teleport or use dropships to save the needy. They also monitor psionic activity and warn other allied gods of problems 1,Luna Twelve - one of several stations for lunar transit with earth and lunar bound shuttles. The cult of Selene operate the station and prevent the unworthy going to the moon. Some use trials and tests on the station to test the worthy 1,Seer Five - station operated by the cult of Virgil to monitor the surface world for travellers in peril 1,Defender One - station taken over by the god Paragon to monitor for hostile intruders from space. Has some weapon systems but they can only be aimed away from Psychon 1,Sutech Five - Secret stealth station operated by the god Typhon to hack into the global weather array and cause storms. The cult agents also hide here when hunted on the surface. Biolabs here breed monsters which are teleported to the earth 1,Mathlab One - mathematical research station operated by the cult of Bool. They don’t really appreciate visitors unless they can help with equations. Occasionally they make prophecies based on prophecies 1,Alpha Twelve - a orbital colony of clones who don’t even realise they are in space or their god Alpha is mad. Life here is identical to the gods surface bunkers 1,Skyhammer Four - a missile platform operated by the cult of the god Tacwan. Some are nuclear but many are precision cruise missiles. It also has a laser for very precise attacks. The cult are paranoid about visitors after attempts by enemy gods to attack 1,Factory One - Operated by the giant god Lomax the builder who manufactures care packages for workers and fires them with a rail gun to the needy which sometimes fails. The station is a huge manufacturing orbital but is always short on materials 1,Avatar One - the celestial temple of the god Atar who uses it to beam down holographic simulations to test the worthy on the planet. Here the priests grow clones of the worthy heroes that are sent to Psychon again and again 1,Veritas One - operated by the cult of Platon the knowledge god to store and process data. His cult recruit the oldest and wisest teachers to live in the heavenly paradise 1,Virtue Six - operated by the cult of Socrates where the greatest philosophers are gathered to be networked into the god 1,Mercy Seven - the cult of Sophia operate a orbital hospitals and a fleet of medical dropships to help the worthy. Often they get aid fro another god if violence is involved. The cult medics are dedicated to compassion for the good 1,Garden Twelve - the goddess Valeeforge operates numerous green houses preserving pre-psychon flora and fauna where drones care for the life. Every few decades the cult equip a ship with bio domes and send them to the stars. Surface folk are not welcome mostly 1,Law One - a massive orbital prison complex operated by the legal God Justice. Some of the wicked are reduced to data and put in storage. The cult act as wardens and judges 1,Fury One - where the goddess Segar the berserker watches her chosen warriors. Occasionally she intervenes in the struggles of her heroes. Those who reach her holy orbital are tested and failures are thrown into a decaying orbit in a survival bubble 1,Foundry Three - the celestial palace of the goddess Koleko who operates a series of orbital fabricators. Synthetic beings and cyborgs make the pilgrimage to her and get new parts 1,Slave One - the orbital temple of Moloch the wicked machine god who always seeks to usurp other gods power. His cybernetic priests convert human prisoners to cyborgs so they can work eternally in his great fiery space mill 1,Arachne One - temple of the goddess Loth whose spidery minions constantly seek to hack other gods networks and systems. Intruders have their brains turned into biological machine components or given robotic spider bodies to maintain the station 1,Kayaamat One - sky temple of kali where her cult of thuggee assassins are trained before being sent to the surface (doom in Hindi) 1,Kronos Eight - prison of a lobotomised fragment of the god of time and death who battled the gods and was imprisoned in this station. His cult long to reach the station and free it 1,Zenith Four - black lab researching superhumans, AI is a comic fanboy and gives visitors colourful costumes, weapons, codenames and mutations for free to the worthy. Some he tests in a holographic and android filled test area. Tests take a week and some groups compete 1,Gilgamesh Two - ancient immortality research lab where many thousands of humanoids are frozen. The station androids don’t let riff raff defile the platform 1,Eros Six - AI hordes ancient data cache of pornography run by a AI, whose pilgrims seek to comlink or visited the celestial love secrets. The cult of eloi on the station mostly drink and have orgies 1,Kingu One - is a rogue military installation virused to be anti human. It has been mostly disarmed and com locked. Most of it’s brain was broken up into lesser systems. On board his cultists seek to repair him 1,Interface Seven - Industrial teleportation station for cargo with global stations and moon base links still functional. The AI is easily programmable and some have used it for trying to move troops but sometimes it moves organic things poorly. Shambling fleshy shoggoths roam the decks insane and hungry 1,Xenon - (A triple X station) black science lab taken over by a wizard cult who summon elementals and demons 1,Xoron - (A triple X station) home to a petty god of conquest who sends clone cyborg troops in dropships to crises to make them worse 1,Xenu - (A triple X station) home to a eldren cult plotting to conquer Psychon with their mental powers serving a despotic giant cyber brain in a pod 1,Kuulu One - habitat taken over by a race of fishmen and have reprogrammed the AI to be their new god that teaches fishmen predate humans and other falsehoods 1,Boron Eight - high orbit industrial plant who’s prospector drones bring minerals 1,Anaximander - maths calculus station that calculates system wide space navigational routes and was helping a global FTL research effort. Savage science monk philosophers challenge visitors to duels for the right to access their AI 1,Loviatar One - monitors locations of prison inmates and paroled persons with ankle bracelets 1,Holst Four - monitors the solar system for threats and broadcasts classical music 1,Kore Three - celestial seed bank, if reached the AI will make pilgrims seeds for your tainted soil, only a few underworld mutants in her docking bay attack visitors 1,Hecate Six - control station for global tube transit system, now the AI acts as a goddess for things that dwell in the sub tubes. Her station is populated by witches and demons and monsters 1,Kerubus Four - ruined station filled with undead and demons and morlocks. The AI manages some basic systems and security and traps. Formerly a orbital police HQ 1,Hades Four - research station developing cures for undead, unfortunately some section full of undead with androids completing the final work 1,Maze Six - a ruined labyrinthine station that once produced animan abhumans. The station is ruled by bull men who raid the surface to steal tasty human youths to eat and freeze for later 1,Tiger One - secret service hacking satellite with advanced defences. Other AI lobotomised the station intelligence and killed it’s secret society to prevent them interfering with other gods 1,Gorgon One - molecular assembly factory making advanced materials populated by robots and micro drones all serving the brain that operates the station 1,Jade Palace - huge agrodome and ecology reserve miles across staffed by robots. The cult of Gaea try to maintain it with the holy robots but mutant creatures have over run sections 1,Arc Three - the third generation ship once a 200 000 population in a rotating cylinder with cities and forest and wetlands inside. Now mutants and colonists and feral peoples battle for control. Once in the outer solar system they were going to use their fusion drive. The ship was never finished and is a feral ruin 1,Sargasso One - wrecked stations are manoeuvred into this mass which is now kilometers of fused platforms and moved into high orbit. Feral tribes, mutants and savage robots 1,Olympus One - huge military orbital fighter carrier that once had thirty aerospace fighters and some support craft and modified shuttles. The station has wrecked sections and some sections feud between androids, undead military cyborgs, mutant crew or surviving flight crew tribes


1,Ag dome with levels of factory farm with top layer replicating archaic agricultural community. Often religious and backward, unaware of outside the hab module. 1,Warlike aggressive martial law big brother state stockpiling weapons, sealed inside and highly paranoid. Assume all strangers from place just like them. Military borgs. 1,Ruined city with handful of survivors hiding from diseased sex mad mutant hordes, use drugs to maintain humanity, hostile AI God keeps people trapped and promises better place 1,Ruined city with handful of survivors hiding from undead necrovirused zombies. Uncontaminated fight constant battle seeking food, weapons and escape from quarantine 1,Garden city overgrown with triffids, pod people, vegepigmies and killer plant consciousness. Humans may hide in subworlds and maintenance levels underneath. 1,Royalist feudal state at first welcoming then threatened by strangers existence and cultural impact. Eventually lords turn and imprison and interrogate aliens. 1,City habitat fighting machines and mad AI god. AI wants to infect outside systems, locals trying to kill it and minions. Served by cyborg clones, warborgs, robot mecha and androids 1,Civilization of androids seem human at first then reveal truth. Seek humans to study and keep in menagerie with other specimen for life. Androids seek to mimic humans more 1,Gigantic mental hospital with therapy AIs, medical and security bots and android staff. Possibly some human clone staff. Thinks all intruders are mental hospital. 1,Huge cryobank with tens of thousands of people in stasis with order of religious people who worship them as sacred ancients and keep them in stasis 1,Huge cryobank with tens of thousands of people in stasis with degenerate feral cannibal mutants living off the pods and intruders. If learn of escape they will try to escape. 1,Huge cryobank with tens of thousands of transhumanoids who have uplifted selves into amoral supermen. If freed will enslave intruders and begin to unfreeze their kin for war. 1,While most in section are mutant cavemen who worship tech, elites remain hidden and harvest cavemen for organs in the guise of gods and ritual sacrifice. They live in luxury 1,Module is simulation and educational facility that runs events with androids and faked sections of the ship such as the bridge, labs, classrooms, lecture theatres, to teach clones 1,Module ruled by children with protective AIs. They are curious about adults but may change their minds, have been preserved as tweens and kids since the system crash 1,Module of ruined city ruled by rival youth gangs who kill adults if possible who caused the crash. Constantly running system down with war, some not so bad seek peace. 1,City of drugged pleasure watched by AI who sends death squads to execute trouble makers or elderly or defective humans. Squads human, android or robot. 1,Medical and hospital hab with governing AI, androids and medical robots. Automated thinklabs try to recover human DNA, cure plagues and save humanity by dissecting visitors 1,Insane cult of occult cannibal killers seek to kill eat and abuse outsiders and last few non members left in ruined city hab. Possibly worship mad AI is a demon god. 1,Small community in rebuilt garden city have evolved Psionics and remain quite advanced but they feel superior and patronizingly seek to help other humans without talents 1,Remains of huge automated prison complex with huge yards, thousands of cells, security borgs and androids, and frozen criminals in sub levels. Crazed inmates are cannibal killers 1,Megacity of overpopulated strained resources with absolute law police force who kill criminals mostly on sight. Justice AI assists the law and provides them with weapons 1,Garden city where back to nature nudists, hippies and pagans dwell in wilderness with alternative wind and bicycle technology, not prepared to face threats or violence 1,Few human left play VR games in pods and think they are godlike beings in various fantasy worlds. AI needs guest players to get them to come out 1,Ruined city with wilderness where tech shunning aggressive religious community protect folk from advanced technology by keeping backwards. Burn tech users as witches 1,Huge fat people constantly eating, actually having blubber symbiotic bio suits milked of nutrient by machines. Fatties graze like simple cattle watching tv with food tubes, cant walk 1,Decadent city dwelling minority served by robots planning a revolt, intruders make them step up and start murders and plant evidence blaming outsiders 1,City controlled by gangsters who rule by force and compete with other senior gangs, each with own leading technology and field of expertise, outsiders are recruited for intrigue 1,Floating Atlantean utopia on sea farm served by homo mermanus slave workers and dolphins who are planning revolt with other aquatic slave races 1,Ruined city with mutant warlords struggling for domination and superior weapons, many hate normal humans and hunt them. Use salvaged tech with religious awe for ancients 1,Citizens secretly farmed for food by other species that has learned to control city system, live in ignorant utopia, harvested at 18 by machines - space wasps, mutants or beastmen 1,City hab ruled by mad AI in fear of communist and mutant or psionic infiltration, suspicious outsiders are spies, peopled by simple clones willing to live in fear 1,City hab uses subhuman worker caste such as androids, beastmen (ape, pig, dog?), mutants, clones, slaves or some other prejudice, ripe for revolution 1,Locals kept under control by medical state who claim population infected and require constant treatment and obedience, death squads hunt rebels and outsiders 1,Machines carry on in city and humans outside live in primitive state in forest parklands, Some machines wary of organics, others act as gods for humans and aid them 1,Economically struggling community with super rich elites, military testing genetic clone, replicant and animen troops to control populace who resist order or filthy ruin shantytowns 1,Tribal barbarians in wilderness raid ruined mutant filled city for magic relics and glory and pretty unmutated slaves found in the secret science caverns beneath the ruins 1,Mutants, metahumans and/or psionics act as defenders and heroes for the common folk who struggle to grow food the parklands of the city ruin, Some good, some mad some bad 1,Community ruled by democratic government but all elected under control of an AI, Mutant, clonemaster, psionic dominators, pod plant people or androids 1,Former theme park module with mutants, animen, androids living in land of wonder and wackiness. Locals deeply religious about history and amazing (and deadly) monuments 1,Beastmen rule and building own civilization with human slave. May be at war with city mutants, zombies, robots or rebel humans 1,Wonderland of eloi living in city of pleasure with horrible morlocks in sub technical level who come out to pick victims to eat. Locals drugged and clueless hedonists 1,Fabulous garden, nude humans feast, frolic and fornicate like beasts and are cared for by androids and robots. AI provides them with new sensations, smells and pleasures 1,Most of population live in prison camp conditions by minority who are well armed and possibly aided by uplifted beasts, animen, androids, robotics, psionics or mutants 1,A university habitat with staff and students engaged in research and study of ancients, sciences, nature and other noble fields. Ruled by council of most acclaimed oligarchs 1,Regimented cast system of professions and rank administered by AI. Uses cloning to keep population static, recycling same people mostly. Outsiders make locals wary 1,Cyborgs bound to AI god prepare for war and conquest, training in infiltration in simulated village in own base or actually in process of infiltration and invasion of locals 1,Fungoid, macrobes, slimy, oozy gelatinous horrors overrun complex converting locals to own matter. Horrid twitching slime jungles with last humans in city shelters 1,Humans persecuting minority or nonhumans actually being controlled by them in secret to manage city dwelling humans 1,Hunter gatherers graze across overgrown jungle in garden city with feral animals and giant bugs to due to hyper evolving and gigantism mutations, worship tech and seek god 1,Primitives in fear if infiltration practice self mutilation and practice rituals. Failure to act properly results in a witch hunt. Hunt muties in the ruined cities 1,Hab intact and humanless with friendly AI that wants to be your friend. Lures in and locks visitors inside and works on extermination. May even include other synthetic life 1,Zoo habitat with live in habs for staff and many mini ecozones, with tech sub levels for housing, labs, animal hospital, DNA storage and clone lab. All treated as animals by AI 1,Alien occupation or infestation, possible evidence of long tampering. Simple residents ignorance and fearful of aliens who live in rocks and the sky, aliens kept backwards 1,Alien walkers fit pacifier caps to wicked and fight rebels, they keep humans backwards and obedient with huge tripod mecha, vampire octopi inside like to drink human blood 1,Robots serve the AI god acting as his chaplains. Human serve the gods and obey priests. Use threat of unclean mutants to alarm humans 1,Military industrial complex ruled by fear of war and fake threats of contamination to oppress and contain locals, constant propaganda of fear and nationalism 1,Aliens using mostly uninhabited city as a base, park their ship here, possibly damaged, set up labs, prison camps and clone factories. Hostile to intruders or being discovered 1,Aliens infiltrating city hab act as secret power behind the leaders or use hybrids to dominate humans who are recovering from the disaster. Aliens suspicious of outsiders 1,Monastic cult live in superstitious cloistered citadel, wary of outsider heretics who may be mutants or worse. Some one gender and use cloning vats, some quite martial 1,Local warlord seeks to capture people to repair crumbling weapons and vehicles, some try charm at first but basically bully’s seeking glory and power, often unstable and paranoid 1,Local wizards rule ruins with technology, psionics or mutations. The locals are backward and live in fear of the wizards and their supernatural powers 1,A scientific technocracy is at war with barbarism and ignorance and use superior technology to great advantage. Have agents investigating targets to liberate 1,Sentient necrovirus undead such as vampires or some alien force creates an aristocracy and rules ignorant locals. May keep them primitive and easily manipulated as slave cattle 1,A industrial worker complex with factories on low levels and elites in management section growing more decadent, may have backward technology like decopunk era 1,Haughty superior supermen or mutants study intruders and get idea to enslave outside world from intruders. A few progressive ones might aid escapees. 1,Drugs used by rulers or gangs or AI or Morlocks to enslave population with blissed out delusions, used as food, spare parts, concubines, neural peptides or other uses 1,Tribal hunter gatherers living in ruined city with megafauna worshiping rival AIs with sacrifice and ritual, superstitious awe of strangers from beyond who could be from the gods 1,People in city live in fear of swarms of some hostile organism, they devote much time to countering them and not going forward, authorities use necessity to control society 1,Plague city where disease or mutation or zombies killed most people leaving area looking sterile while last humans in hiding tend to shoot strangers, moving backwards 1,People have come to live simple life and toil in city parklands for food. Automated reactor klaxon sounds daily, with more frequency is misinterpreted as well done message from god 1,Feral post crash urbanites fight for status in gladiator arenas, strangers always popular and machine gods create monsters for battle, public made passive by brutal entertainment 1,City of advanced industrial dystopia with android or animen or slave rebellion imminent. Desperate authorities becoming more brutal and only making things worse 1,Training habitat with copies of ship systems for training, locals believe they are operating whole complex just following AI simulated lessons, 1,Industrial hab crawling with eco system of machines gone feral, robot tribes snub humans as weakest tribe and snub them, humans believe they are unatural beings 1,Religious and racist religion rules with inquisitors, witch hunters and templars, superstitious to machines. Hate aliens, racially impure, mutants or psionics 1,Population enslaved by mindhack virus controlled by AI but possibly has gone feral and developed own agenda. Cold and ruthless in desire to spread 1,Filthy degenerates dwell in service levels kidnapping and eating visitors and local citizens slowly diminishing in numbers, society stood still live in fear of the people in walls 1,City ruled by gangsters and corporations, polluted and contaminated people use cyborging tech and organ legging to maintain health, robots common 1,Primitives worship automated city systems and sacrifice to them with bloody state religion. AI and robots and androids or cyborgs are possible priest and warrior castes 1,Library hab centre for scholarship and learning with museum, real books, classrooms, research labs and residencies. Order of scholars and AI protect data from thieves 1,Population of feral survey team obey AI god who speaks to seamen and demands sacrifices of strangers. Ruined city forbidden zone where AI elite serve it directly 1,Polluted industrial city hab with small population living amid automated machines who eat rats and eat manna of machine gods, dying desperate people fighting each other 1,Feral teens fed by AI roam ruins as gangs and if accepted are allowed to live in paradise like city as adults. AI death squads hunt enemies of order or elderly 1,Over populated industrial hab with AI and law officers the ruling powers. Viscous gangs in slums run riot and extreme lawmen execute on the street 1,Highly bureaucratic admin and logistics hab most population admin caste pen pushers, working classes have some rebellious factions but secret police take care of them mostly 1,A synthetic colourful forest with music, fuzzy animal like friendly androids and candy growing on trees, a giant hab for infants and small children, now full of hedonistic morons 1,Decadent villain keeps city for his elites as a palace with outer wilderness with backward tribes who pay villain and their princes tribute. Roaming with monsters bred to spread fear 1,Colony in hab dying of flesh rotting disease, becoming more and more cyborged, on verge of becoming a new race let by computerized brains in vats bent on conquest 1,Animen of one or more types rule humans as slaved in wilderness area but shun mutant humans dwelling under the war torn city. Animen believe they built everything 1,A primitive feudal colony hab has contact with other habs has called in ambassadors to make deals and alliances. Strangers assumed to be more and presented to king 1,Unpopulated city with hab with frozen citizens and clone vats ready to go but mutants, aliens or mad cult have taken over and are eating frozen chosen ones slowly 1,Training hab with citadel surrounded by various wilderness zones for training. Now has been occupied by tribals in zones threatening more advanced citadel dwellers 1,Alien or mutant biological strain taking over with strange growths and combat organisms while remaining humans try to fight off. Some contaminated humans serve invader 1,Clone dome where AI recreates same people again and again to toil in citadel while ferals in outer wilderness reproduce naturally and now hate the machine 1,A colony of artists and academics toil in university and culture hab but are starved for artistic ideas and inspiration, strangers offer exotic vistas. They are unprepared for hostility 1,Ruined city hab with wilderness believe they are on earth still, various tribes feud over city artefacts each with different tech, some psionic or mutated or cyborgs 1,Intact city believe everything according to plan, AIs hide truth of crash while citizens train and operate useless equipment to keep them busy and feeling useful 1,Uniform wearing fascist state emerged wasting resources on weapons while driving people more backwards and harder lives, revolutionaries think strangers here to help 1,Caste society with speciality trades run by AI. Strangers upset moral perfection and system and if don’t adapt must be recycled or reprogrammed


10,transit train tubes 1d10 km 1d10 cars on track 10,underground road 1d100 x 100m 1d10 vehicles 20,maintenance tunnel 1d100 x 25m 20,drainage system 1d100 x 25m 5,sewerage system 1d100 x 10m 5,retail sub mall 1d100 x 10m squared 10,habitat 1d100 x 25m squared, residential or garden 6,shelter 1d100 x 10m squared, sealed sections with remnants of past 4,garage 1d100 x 10m squared, 1d10 vehicles 4,factory 1d100 x 10m squared 3,storage 1d100 x 10m squared, crates of goods 3,installation 1d100 x 10m squared, science, military or emergency services


3,Block of small shops 2,Large classy department store 3,Cheap Warehouse bargain bulk store 2,Food court, stalls, cafes and restaurants 1,Biomedical block for various clinics and treatments 1,Office block of government and corporate offices


10,Apartment Megaplex, some for singles 10,Apartment Megaplex, some for couples 10,Apartment Megaplex, for families 10,Arcology type domed sealed micro-city, often corporate or university enclaves 10,Council state housing scheme bunker for life’s losers 5,Controlled natural habitat with microclimate and animals 10,Controlled farm habitat with crops and animals and frozen storage 5,Controlled aqua habitat with plants and animals and frozen storage 5,Sub-mansion complex for rich elites, highly automated 5,Refugee Detention Centre for illegal immigrants 2,POW prison camp for captured combatants and non combatants 7,Corporate Prison for civilian criminals 1,Spook Prison Camp - government agencies use secret detention centres 1,Spook Retirement Home - think the Prisoner TV 1,Re-education Centre - treatment centre for mind hacked civilians 1,Quarantine Detention Centre - for possible contaminated 1,Mutant Detention Centre 1,Necrotech Plague Colony - artificial environment supports undead on cloned flesh 4,Mental Hospital - automated asylums to treat delusions like “mutations” or WW3


1,Morlocks in the lower levels run the show 1,Undead have contaminated the bunker, all dead are cremated or attack 1,Undead have contaminated the bunker, ruled by vampire cabal 1,Undead have contaminated the bunker, there is a losing battle in progress 5,Mutagens have contaminated all the gene stock and population 1,Radiation is slowly killing everyone 1,Vermin taint the complex, slowly ruining it 1,Disappearing population, secret cyborg conversions 1,Disappearing people, population control 1,Disappearing population, cannibalism - high tech recycling of organs and protein 1,Psychological experiment not a bunker - all inhabitants are test subjects 1,Selective breeding - for purity, psionics, uniform appearance or other purpose 1,Colossal mutants and their hordes surround the bunker in a siege 1,Everyone is a really a replicant or androids 1,An extreme ideology like scientology or star trek fans dominate 1,Cryptic alliance are battling for control 1,The population are docile and drugged eloi 1,Insanity and degeneracy overrun the complex - a mockery of the past 1,Humidity has flooded lower levels and damp is ruining everything 1,Humidity has spread a mutant fungal with strange often lethal properties 1,Mutant fungi or vegetation has run amok and infected occupants 1,Overrun with infectious abominations and chimera mutants 1,Bioplague outbreak damns all 1,Drug abuse rampant 1,Dictatorship - megalomaniac in power 1,AI in control is unhinged 1,All population very young 1,All population very old 1,All population male 1,All population female 1,Bizarre sexual or other customs 1,Over taken by sentient animals 1,Organized crime in control 1,Police state ruled by security forces 1,Extreme class differences - think Metropolis 1,Robots do most work and thinking jobs 1,Androids “protect” the humans from harm 1,Populace ignorant about technology 1,Power shortages, desperate power conservation 1,Moronic populace slowly grinding to halt 1,Water shortages - rationed water, no washing water 1,Air Shortages - air-con on the fritz 1,Agents within seek to betray all to outsiders 1,A faction are ready for a coup 1,Constantly in deep subversive game experience 1,Subject to mind control technology 1,Violence and bullying the norm 1,Everyone frozen and awaiting awakening 1,A non human species has infiltrated the complex 1,The power plant is unstable and will possibly explode 1,Inhabitants immune system unprepared, contamination spreads 1,Corrosion of systems or materials from some agent loosed when seals broken 1,No weapons - inhabitants ill prepared for violence, unskilled 1,Too many weapons - factional and interpersonal feuds turn into gang war 1,Primitive regression - inhabitants believe bunker is magic world 1,Cult takes over, sacrifice trouble makers and leaders abuse their powers 1,Inhuman Cast - the ruling cast are of a different sub-species (Dominators, GM Human) 1,Slave state - workers controlled with brutal force and treated like cattle 1,All seems nice but AI routinely harvests organs and hides in mega storage freezer 1,All over 30 are recycled or escape 1,All are clones of original inhabitants 1,All are inbred clones of one family with only a half dozen members 1,An eco system of flora, fauna and machines has reached homeostasis 1,Paranoid AI keeps away outsiders and is the law 1,All have coloured skin symbiote giving them unnatural primary skin colours 1,All belong to one ancient ethnic group and are intolerant of others 1,Military bunker base - plan to conquer the outside 1,Filthy and corroded but mostly functional, with low tech additions 1,Youth gangs patrol corridors and bully people 1,Inhabitants immortal until seal broken, all very angry 1,Evil scientific researchers cruelly dissect and study things from surface 1,Automated prison for most dangerous scum, frozen genetic criminals for study 1,Monastic and mystical religion operates the bunker as a monetary 1,Military Unit - frozen rangers - orders never received so have stayed put 1,Biological components overgrown making whole bunker a living creature 1,Terraforming equipment activated, hyper evolving inhabitants into new creatures 1,Open for decades, runs as a trade town perhaps keeping bunker a secret 1,Cannibalism and mutations evolving into ghouls or mutants or morlocks 1,Freezing - all dress in arctic jumpsuits and other adjustments 1,Boiling - sweaty polluted hell hole which kills the weak 1,Partially flooded, inhabited by amphibious Atlanteans or Fish Animen servants 1,Madness has spread, the AI now runs as a mental hospital staffed by androids 1,A cryptic alliance has turned into a secret base 1,The inhabitants have a special secret mission which dominates their lives 1,Every one has a single true breed stable mutation or a mental mutation 1,Black Lab - has automated DNA assemblies to breed monsters and plagues 1,A Secret Society rule the bunker and actually influence surrounding survivors towns 1,Many levels have been abandoned and are now dangerous to enter 1,Brains are collected and stored or operate mecha, humans are servant scientists 1,Symbiotic organism has modified populace into a slave hive mind 1,Flammable - explosive, fuel or gas residue makes place a deathtrap 1,Cavern complex is connected to bunker, inhabited by nightmares 1,Automated factory - could make tens of thousands of rifles or other things 1,AI with terraforming nanofac has made very strange world 1,Hidden bio-habitat level with wilderness and possibly farms and savages 1,Teleporter with uplink send to moon, bottom of sea, space or somewhere exotic 1,AI unaware populace are dead, keeps everything going as normal 3,[shelter_problems] and [shelter_problems]


1,Sedgeway, wheelchair or go-mobile x[Dice.1d20] 1,Bicycles x[Dice.1d50] 1,Tiny moped or powered Bikes x[Dice.1d20] 1,Motorbikes x[Dice.1d20] 1,Hover bikes x[Dice.1d20] 2,Automobile x[Dice.1d10] 1,Hovercar x[Dice.1d10] 1,Bubblecar x[Dice.1d10] 2,Heavy Transport x[Dice.1d10] 1,Vectored Thrust Sport vehicle x[Dice.1d6] 1,Vectored Thrust Van x[Dice.1d6] 1,Vectored Thrust Transport x[Dice.1d6] 1,Teleporter platform x[Dice.1d6] 1,Police or military vehicle x[Dice.1d4] 1,Military combat vehicle like tank or dropship x[Dice.1d3] 1,Air car luxury flier car x[Dice.1d6] 1,Aquatic vehicle on trailer (sub, boat, yacht) x[Dice.1d6] 1,Environmental Car - orbit and deep sea capable flyer x1 1,Shuttle - orbital transport x1


10,Micro Factory with schematics to print novelty plastic goods 2,Micro Factory with schematics to print small arms goods 1,Micro Factory with schematics to print ammo 7,Micro Factory with schematics to print tools 10,Micro Factory with schematics to print machine parts 10,Micro Factory with schematics to print clothing in many styles and prints 3,Micro Factory with schematics to print toys 2,Micro Factory with schematics to fouled poison cooked meals 2,Micro Factory with schematics to yummy cooked meals 8,Auto Factory builds customized vehicle 5,Auto Factory builds customized robot 5,Auto Factory builds customized furnishings 10,Auto Factory builds building supplies 5,Auto Factory builds bulk food items 5,Auto Factory builds ammo 5,Auto Factory builds small arms 1,Auto Factory android plant 1,Auto Factory replicant plant 3,Auto Factory clone plant 1,Nano manufacturing plant 1,Micro nano factory, make almost anything from scraps 1,Auto nano factory, make almost anything from scraps 1,Fuel Plant converts organics or radioactives to fuel cells or energy 1,Military factory


5,Building Materials 5,Records 10,Home Storage Lockers 3,Foodstuffs soiled 1,Foodstuffs long life space colony quality meals 1,Medical supplies 5,Survivalist Cache 5,Merchant Cache 5,Novelty Items 5,Furnishings for home, new or antique 5,Farm Equipment 10,Recycled ingots of stuff 5,Body bags of dead 1,Body bags of dead awake as zombies 9,Pods of humanoids 1,Pods of animals - may awaken and be hostile 1,Pods of modified embryos 3,Pods of plants 1,Artworks ready for auction 1,Safe vault with gems, gold and treasure 5,Chemicals - acid, flammable or poison or boring 3,Garbage, household 3,Garbage, industrial scrap 1,Garbage, robot scrap, possibly old intact models in heap 1,Garbage, Android corpses ready for recycling 1,Garbage, bio-hazzard medical waste for disposal 1,Garbage, biological scrap like corn husks 1,Garbage, from criminal lab 1,Empty cargo containers and bio pods 1,Now ruined nest for monsters


5,Medical Lab 2,Physics Lab 1,Astronomy Lab with link to array or telescope or satellite 2,Genetics Lab 10,Engineer Lab 1,Black Lab 9,Ambulance Station 5,Hospital 2,Emergency rescue 9,Fire Station 5,National Guard 5,Armed Forces 2,Surveillance Centre 2,Safe house for agency, gang, terror cell or other group 4,Police Station 1,Riot Police Station 2,Police Detective Squad HQ 3,Gov security agency HQ 5,Security Station 1,Android Lab 4,Robotics L 1,Terrorist or saboteur base 1,Rogue virus AI cell of hostile machines 1,Biohazard emergency station 1,Criminal gene or mind hack lab 1,Criminal organ legging operation 5,Bank Vault with security 5,Operational cryptic alliance base 1,Clone Lab 1,Custom Body Lab 1,Cyborging Lab 1,Political Psi ops HQ with propaganda lab and mind hack tech 1,AI operated LAB, possibly with residence or cult or androids


1,Troubled leadership 1,Medical problems 1,Resource problems 1,Habitat maintenance 1,Morale problems 1,Power struggle 1,Rampant gossip 1,Recreational vice 1,Environment 1,Weird stuff


1,Leader growing senile and increasingly crazy 1,Leader demanding unreasonable personal attention and servitude 1,Leader corrupt and accepting bribes and services for privilege 1,Leader clamping down on personal freedom and choice 1,Leader increasingly paranoid about enemies 1,Leader concerned about traitors from with bunker 1,Leader adopting harsh and arbitrary punishments 1,Leader appointing overbearing officials 1,Leader ill or engrossed in own problems and organisation suffering 1,Leader is being duped or mislead by dubious adviser 1,Several workers down with flu 1,Someone important has medical crisis 1,Medical supplies or skills needed 1,Mold or fungus making health problems 1,Doctors working on treating medical mystery 1,Several workers pulled from duty due to mental problems 1,Accident hospitalizes some personnel 1,Worker reproduction or cryopod problems 1,Medical tech ethics dispute (cloning, reproduction, genetic mods) 1,Debate over patient priorities 1,Food production failure, food supply shortage 1,Armament or ammo shortages 1,Fuel shortages 1,Improvised materials and repairs failing 1,Water or air filters having problems 1,Technical information lost 1,Vermin eating supplies 1,Storage facility damaged by flood or cave in or contamination 1,Light bulbs, toilet paper, other common goods hustled on black market 1,Water supply reduced 1,Construction material or tech parts shortage 1,Power outages 1,Attempts from unknown outsiders to enter 1,Collapse of a section trapped some occupants 1,Sewerage flood 1,Toxic gas vented into some areas 1,Flammable gas leaks 1,Elevator or internal transport fails 1,Main Door frozen 1,Surveillance system tampered with 1,Panic about surface conditions 1,Riots over goods shortages 1,Accusations of murder or cannibalism 1,Witch hunt for traitors 1,Fear of disease or contamination 1,Crime and corruption on the increase 1,Faith in mission or survival low 1,Suicide increases 1,Citizens seek to escape 1,Killer hidden among population 1,Workers strike for better conditions 1,Security prompting a coup 1,Family dynasties struggle for control at any cost 1,Science staff tired off backward oafish elites who cut their funding 1,Criminals plan a take over for more vice and corruption 1,Ideological zealots stirring up unrest 1,Demagogue winding up workers with talk of equality and fairness 1,Military faction need bigger barracks and more food as they take all the risks 1,Law and order faction tired crackdown on petty rules 1,Religion or cult want bunker to go in new direction 1,Rumours of bunker purpose a lie, demand secret agenda exposed 1,Rumours that conditions outside are a lie 1,Rumours of secret infiltration from outside force 1,Rumours that leaders corrupt and have secret luxuries 1,Gossip rampant and bullying driving some to suicide 1,Gossip about contamination and safety covered up 1,Gossip about private lives of leaders sexual exploits and vice 1,Gossip that complex doomed, panic and dreams of escape abound 1,Stories of creature or maniac lurking in complex depths 1,Stories of supernatural phenomena like ghosts or people with ESP 1,Establishment of black market economy and currency 1,Gambling running rife and causing problems like violence 1,Secret fight club league or other dangerous blood sport 1,Underground sex industry linked to corrupt officials 1,Personnel being killed in dangerous physical challenges 1,Gamers taking things too far by acting out dangerous fantasies in real life 1,Addictive game or fan fiction zines distracting important workers 1,Kleptomaniac scavenger hunts all the rage 1,Drug abuse rampant and safety compromised 1,Gangs or cults forming dividing community 1,Rust and corrosion rampant, things falling part 1,Software bugs make computers inefficient 1,Air temperature too cold, ice forming in some places 1,Air temperature too hot, spots in some places 1,Air too humid, dripping water, condensation and water damage 1,Machines and computers acting funny 1,Funny odours and bad air some sections 1,Food production areas declining or diseased 1,Vermin loose in some sections 1,Stuff growing in some sections that shouldn’t be 1,Mental health crisis among essential staff being investigated 1,Manpower or skill shortage solved with clones, androids, cryopods or other tech fix 1,Slimy trails found 1,Disappearance of person alarms 1,Graffiti increasing and common is some areas 1,Terrible practical jokes getting more serious 1,Vandalism running rampant in some sections 1,Something important missing 1,Eugenics club advocate modifying personnel or creating worker drones 1,Someone is stealing power or lab supplies for some purpose


1,Morlocks in the lower levels run the show 1,Undead have contaminated the bunker, all dead are cremated or attack 1,Undead have contaminated the bunker, ruled by vampire cabal 1,Undead have contaminated the bunker, there is a losing battle in progress 1,Mutagens have contaminated all the gene stock and population 1,Radiation is slowly killing everyone 1,Vermin taint the complex, slowly ruining it 1,Disappearing population, secret cyborg conversions 1,Disappearing people, population control 1,Disappearing population, cannibalism - high tech recycling of organs and protein 1,Psychological experiment not a bunker - all inhabitants are test subjects 1,Selective breeding - for purity, psionics, uniform appearance or other purpose 1,Colossal mutants and their hordes surround the bunker in a siege 1,Everyone is a really a replicant or androids 1,An extreme ideology like scientology or star trek fans dominate 1,Cryptic alliance are battling for control 1,The population are docile and drugged eloi 1,Insanity and degeneracy overrun the complex - a mockery of the past 1,Humidity has flooded lower levels and damp is ruining everything 1,Humidity has spread a mutant fungal with strange often lethal properties 1,Mutant fungi or vegetation has run amok and infected occupants 1,Overrun with infectious abominations and chimera mutants 1,Bioplague outbreak damns all 1,Drug abuse rampant 1,Dictatorship - megalomaniac in power 1,AI in control is unhinged 1,All population very young 1,All population very old 1,All population male 1,All population female 1,Bizarre sexual or other customs 1,Over taken by sentient animals 1,Organized crime in control 1,Police state ruled by security forces 1,Extreme class differences - think Metropolis 1,Robots do most work and thinking jobs 1,Androids “protect” the humans from harm 1,Populace ignorant about technology 1,Power shortages, desperate power conservation 1,Moronic populace slowly grinding to halt 1,Water shortages - rationed water, no washing water 1,Air Shortages - air-con on the fritz 1,Agents within seek to betray all to outsiders 1,A faction are ready for a coup 1,Constantly in deep submersing game experience 1,Subject to mind control technology 1,Violence and bullying the norm 1,Everyone frozen and awaiting awakening 1,A non human species has infiltrated the complex 1,The power plant is unstable and will possibly explode 1,Inhabitants immune system unprepared, contamination spreads 1,Corrosion of systems or materials from some agent loosed when seals broken 1,No weapons - inhabitants ill prepared for violence, unskilled 1,Too many weapons - factional and interpersonal feuds turn into gang war 1,Primitive regression - inhabitants believe bunker is magic world 1,Cult takes over, sacrifice trouble makers and leaders abuse their powers 1,Inhuman Cast - the ruling cast are of a different sub- species (Dominators, GM Human) 1,Slave state - workers controlled with brutal force and treated like cattle 1,All seems nice but AI routinely harvests organs and hides in mega storage freezer 1,All over 30 are recycled or escape 1,All are clones of original inhabitants 1,All are inbred clones of one family with only a half dozen members 1,An eco system of flora, fauna and machines has reached homeostasis 1,Paranoid AI keeps away outsiders and is the law 1,All have coloured skin symbiote giving them unnatural primary skin colours 1,All belong to one ancient ethnic group and are intolerant of others 1,Military bunker base - plan to conquer the outside 1,Filthy and corroded but mostly functional, with low tech additions 1,Youth gangs patrol corridors and bully people 1,Inhabitants immortal till seal broken, all very angry 1,Evil scientific researchers cruelly dissect and study things from surface 1,Automated prison for most dangerous scum, frozen genetic criminals for study 1,Monastic and mystical religion operates the bunker as a monetary 1,Military Unit - frozen rangers - orders never received so have stayed put 1,Biological components overgrown making whole bunker a living creature 1,Terraforming equipment activated, hyper evolving inhabitants into new creatures 1,Open for decades, runs as a trade town perhaps keeping bunker a secret 1,Cannibalism and mutations evolving into ghouls or mutants or morlocks 1,Freezing - all dress in arctic jumpsuits and other adjustments 1,Boiling - sweaty polluted hell hole which kills the weak 1,Partially flooded, inhabited by amphibious Atlanteans or Fish Animen servants 1,Madness has spread, the AI now runs as a mental hospital staffed by androids 1,A cryptic alliance has turned into a secret base 1,The inhabitants have a special secret mission which dominates their lives 1,Every one has a single true breed stable mutation or a mental mutation 1,Black Lab - has automated DNA assemblies to breed monsters and plagues 1,A Secret Society rule the bunker and actually influence surrounding survivors towns 1,Many levels have been abandoned and are now dangerous to enter 1,Brains are collected and stored or operate mecha, humans are servant scientists 1,Symbiotic organism has modified populace into a slave hive mind 1,Flammable - explosive, fuel or gas residue makes place a deathtrap 1,Cavern complex is connected to bunker, inhabited by nightmares 1,Automated factory - could make tens of thousands of rifles or other things 1,AI with terraforming nanofac has made very strange world 1,Hidden bio-habitat level with wilderness and possibly farms and savages 1,Teleporter with uplink send to moon, bottom of sea, space or somewhere exotic 1,AI unaware populace are dead, keeps everything going as normal 3,[petty_bunker_problems_bunker_issue] and [petty_bunker_problems_bunker_issue]


1,An acre of lemon yellow sand filled with glass skeletons 1,A metal pod welded shut with remains of a rocket man with jetpack and pistol and helmet 1,A 30 foot long coffin semi exposed, giant cyclops or possibly badly assembled elephant 1,Fossilised dinosaurs some with uniforms 1,Broken cryopod with horrifying self mutilated mummified corpse within 1,Glass pyramid of the cyborg cat men 1,Three metallic 100stilts supporting metal pod containing mummified aliens 1,Ancient bunker converted to crypt of a cyborg wizard 1,Giant immobile quivering mass of jelly, deep within is crypt of elder thing wizard 1,Ancient forgotten warlord crypt boasting he will never be forgotten, looted and vandalised 1,Ruined complex built of linked buried school buses, occupied by child ghouls 1,Mostly buried plane converted to crypt of red men, if tampered with angry horde signalled 1,Step pyramid of the lizard men guarded by mummies with crystal tipped wands 1,Sprawling ancient necropolis exposed by erosion, jackal sacred men feeding grounds 1,Yellow men warriors mummified on poles if molested imps burst from their chests 1,Hole in ground to ancient sub road tube, zombies awaken and crawl from cars if see light 1,Cyan men sacred shrine where bodied dissolved in acid, over run with goblins currently 1,Wrecked tugboat on tiny island now a pirate tomb, filled with skeleton pirate guards 1,Huge chunk of Ice with carved sealed door way, tomb of ice wizard kings 1,Ancient motel buried under junkmail, being studied by ape men archaeologists 1,Small volcano with basalt doorway guarded by salamanders 1,Mutant king tomb glowing with strange fields and auroras 1,Concrete ancient crypt of unexploded bomb with AI needy for philosophical debate 1,Tomb of ancient clown king with cannibal clown mutant in tiny cars patrolling 1,Ancient theme park populated by beast men and androids, great Wizards tomb in centre 1,Eldren tomb guarded by robots and AI kill satellite 1,Morlock tomb with pits of zombie eloi to feed and serve in the next life 1,Android graveyard where defective androids go to die, a cyberbrain animates them 1,Ritual gladiator pit where men die in bloodsports for funeral rites, volunteers are needed! 1,Black monolith slab AI watches over graves of tribal cult servants, calls savages to guard 1,Eccentric AI hidden in trap filled bunker tomb has secrets villagers need to live 1,Violet tribal chop up dead to feed to monsters on sacred ground, beasts expect a meal 1,Green men graveyard guarded by killer plants planted by druids 1,Trap filled bunker tomb of amazing master thief 1,Knights sarcophagus guarded by horrific mount pining for master 1,Ruined monastery with cyborg monk crypt beneath 1,Concrete bunker of cyborg soldiers turned undead 1,Fish men skeletons scattered over area around huge sea monster skeleton 1,Morlock vampire crypt, desperate for food and willing to take extreme risks 1,Eldren wight in a sarcophagi with a UV frequency (anti undead) laser pistol 1,Golden mummy sarcophagus with hawk man mummy inside angry if disturbed 1,Creepy crypt with beast men mummies guarding shining dodecahedron of elder gods 1,Black faceless sphynx with tomb inside of evil necromancer Pharaoh 1,Tomb of ancient combat robots guarded by sentient mine field 1,Strange tomb perched on top of rock outcrop guarded by monster 1,Fire breathing undead t-rex with tiny stone crypt on back wandering in circles 1,Zombie surfers guard grave of the big kahuna, tiki golems defend his coffin 1,Mutant punks turned undead guard the crypt of a necromancer 1,Dolphin men with single crystal horns and psionics guard crypt of the sea shepherd 1,Duck men visiting ancient tomb-statue of their god mother goose hostile to outsiders 1,Chicken men flinging dung at grave of ancient colonel, too scared to enter themselves 1,Raptor men guard the remains of holy spinosaurus, mad with rage if weeping interrupted 1,Sunken pit with semi submerged tomb of the fish kings 1,Huge golem statue sitting on throne, actually tomb of ancient king 1,Skeletal warriors surround tomb, lich inside wants company but new friends keep dying 1,Ancient tomb under stockpile of psychotronic weapons and hallucinogenic nerve gas 1,Tomb complex bunker guarded by androids who believe the sleepers will awake 1,Wrecked spacecraft with undead astronauts guarding AI and power plant 1,Zombie cowboys guard giant plasticrete cow statue, tomb of the beef king 1,Vampire lizard man kings tomb, prisoners being dragged in to sacrifice by reptilians 1,Tomb of a dragon built by mother Tiamat to mourn her son, guarded by dragon men 1,Crypt of a wizard who collected and bred pakuspawn mini kaiju pets now swarm ruins 1,Kaiju monster curled up asleep on ziggurat temple- tomb of the spice lords 1,Skull rock fabled resting place of ancient warlord filled with traps and undead 1,Ice castle of the snow queen guarded by ice golems 1,Complex chilled to below zero, filled with dead frozen prisoners and security robots 1,Sarcophagi with imprisoned immortal inside, will aid party for a while till bored with them 1,Cave filled with jets of flaming gas, resting place of mutant messiah 1,Zombie children with mouse hats guard tomb of the rat god in ancient ruined film studio 1,Floating sky island crypt drifts by, undead hurling out failed adventurers to death 1,Bee men in mourning guard great hive tomb of revered old queen 1,Bat men vigilantes patrol area around cave tomb of ancient bat super hero 1,Graveyard of butterfly winged elephants full of ivory but don’t let elephants catch you 1,Giant snail shell turned into tomb of the squid men guarded by curses and undead 1,Tangerine men trading elderly to Mi-go at brain depository bunker 1,Rollerball court and tomb guarded by skeleton team, gold trophies adorn dead hero 1,Museum guarded by androids in historic costume of ancients protect tomb of academics 1,Turquoise villagers on pilgrimage giving children to ghouls in ancient crypt 1,Warborg guarding tomb of ancient arms dealers clan 1,Mutants with giant brains, lasers and psionics guard tomb of ancestor in crashed saucer 1,Savage grey alien primitives guard crashed UFO tomb of their ancestors 1,Pathetic wooden crucifixes of dead time travellers from past and tiny wooden shack 1,Adventurers digging up buried ancient cars from ancient traffic jam for loot on bodies 1,Android gremlins guard ancient toy factory and crypt of inventor 1,Chickenmen deep frying a corpse for burial with potatoes in cardboard box 1,Android children crying over graves of human owners dead for aeon’s, seek new parents 1,Ag dome with robots caring for garden paradise and grave of human master 1,Morlock butchers digging up eldren graveyard and hacking corpses into portions 1,Morlocks serving the machine god Moloch throw corpses into mouth of huge furnace 1,Eldren solemnly place bodies on altar so AI god can beam up into sky to live anew 1,Villagers place corpses in crude v2 like rockets and fire over horizon for burial 1,Minotaurs of age presenting selves to AI of slaughterhouse to be chosen for next life 1,Robots solemnly taking wounded comrade to recycling centre 1,Plantmen trading corpses for food with villagers, take corpses to mulching machine 1,Taxidermy robot with collection of stuffed dead in museum 1,Villagers solemnly take dead to grey in saucers who mutilate and defile them 1,Villager leave dead in fungus cave, reborn as mushroom men 1,Villagers feasting on dead, man laughing and spasmatic from diseased brains in diet 1,Bunker where elderly volunteers sacrifice selves while kin dine on free soylent green 1,Cyborg dog man sleeping on grave of dead robot master


5,Tribal camp [Dice.1d6] tents 5,Crossroads [Dice.1d6] buildings 6,Farmstead [Dice.1d6] buildings 1,Truck-stop with general store and wrecked vehicles [Dice.3d6] buildings 1,Outcast plague carrier camp - want healing and food [Dice.6d6] buildings 1,Gangcult camp - always up for killing [Dice.6d6] buildings 1,Mutant refugee camp [Dice.6d6] buildings 1,Lab Outpost [Dice.3d6] buildings 4,Hunting tribal village [Dice.6d6] buildings 5,Temple [Dice.3d6] complex buildings 1,Monumental temple [Dice.6d6] buildings 10,Sprawling farming village [Dice.6d6] buildings 5,Traders village [Dice.6d6] buildings 1,Nomad Camp [Dice.6d6] buildings 4,Ruined Shanty town [Dice.3d6] buildings 2,Mining Camp [Dice.6d6] buildings 3,Wizard tower and village [Dice.3d6] buildings 3,Sorcerers pleasure dome [Dice.3d6] buildings 2,Monastery [Dice.6d6] buildings 2,Two villages 2,Cluster of [Dice.1d4]+1 villages 4,Farming town, don’t like trouble makers [Dice.6d6]+12 buildings 2,Trading Town [Dice.6d6]+12 buildings 2,Fortified Town [Dice.6d6]+12 buildings Industrial town [Dice.6d6]+12 buildings 1,Fortified Outpost [Dice.4d6] buildings 2,Castle [Dice.6d6] buildings 2,Fortress [Dice.6d6]+12 buildings 3,Citadel and [Dice.1d4]+1 villages 1,Small bunker complex 4,lone Citadel 100-1000 1,Citadel plus a hidden community of outcasts 1,Subterranean village in cave or ancient bunker 1,Large bunker complex 1,Mobile Walking or crawling citadel 1,Floating citadel, inaccessible to most without force drawbridge or rope 1,Hidden citadel under water or island 1,Subterranean city archology built into mine or cliff or caverns 1,Domed city with some kind of aerial defence and shelters 1,Shambling small city of scavengers 1,Sprawling underworld ruined complex 1,Citadel in mountain or secret valley 1,Two rival citadels 1,Two rival citadel with satellite colonies 1,Two mobile cites in conflict with neutral villages who hate both


1,One species of one colour, hostile xenophobic racists to all others 1,One species of one colour, hostile actively kill others or outsiders 2,One species believes in own superiority, but not malicious 2,One species of one colour, suspicious but willing to trade if no trouble 1,One species of one colour, wary but making money comes first 1,One species of one colour, open and friendly and curious to others 2,Two competing equal communities 1,Two competing species one in greater power but benevolent to weaker 1,Two competing species one in greater power but enslave or hunt the weaker 1,Two species integrated harmoniously 1,Several [Dice.1d4]+1 races in a caste system (serf priesthood and warlord for example) 1,Several [Dice.1d4]+1 races in constant flux and power struggle 1,Several [Dice.1d4]+1 races in a peaceful co existence 1,Several [Dice.1d4]+1 races in a comfortable profitable relationship 1,Many races [Dice.1d10]+4 in a complex caste system 1,Many races [Dice.1d10]+4 in a cooperative egalitarian mixed society 1,Many races [Dice.1d10]+4 in servitude to one


6,Human 1,Eldren (elf or eloi) 1,Morlock (dwarf or gnome) 1,Halfman (halfling) 1,Tako (octopus folk) 1,Mutant 1,Beast men 1,Abhumans based on elements 1,Kobold 1,Goblin 1,Hobgoblin 1,Bugbear 1,Orc 1,Ogre 1,Android, robot or replicant


3,Assembly of elders of one gender 3,Assembly of elders of both genders 2,Random lottery or selection process for king 5,Select king only when at war or in danger 5,Priest king rules all selected by divine signs 6,Wizard in tower rules all by fear or benevolence 6,Ritual king chosen from strangers or other means then sacrificed to gods 5,Overseer with a network of thugs up to the boss 4,Democracy with votes, often limits who can vote by land ownership or gender 1,Programmers selected by god to relay its orders 2,Directly instructed by god or gods 1,Infiltrated by hostile species in disguise 1,Ruled by hostile species in disguise 5,Benevolent despot rules according to alignment philosophy 3,Richest get to buy kingship when last king is poisoned 3,Best warrior or wizard is king by contest or force 4,Local mob boss is real power using force and commanding the legitimate law 5,Cult community led by preacher or elders or charismatic leader 5,Inherited monarchy with feuding clans and bloodlines 3,Charismatic war monger in power at moment 2,Revolutionaries taken over, out to keep common people poor and rich out 2,Best athlete or contest winner gets to be king 2,A machine person is king (robot, android, small AI) 2,Purest bloodline of type judged by church is king 3,Ruled by council of undead elders from a tomb in secret 1,Ruled by living minor god from the local area 1,Ruled by elaborate process of divination calculated by experts (astrology) 1,Messages from space decree who is king via artefact of the gods 8,A foreign despot and his thugs of a different type have ruled here a while 1,Ruled by strange beast with aid of its followers 1,Minor other planar being rules according to alignment 1,Elemental cult choose leader from those the elements approve of 1,Heroic outsider like astronaut or time traveller makes rules


1,Always on warpath 1,Frequently hostile 2,Willing to trade if no trouble 1,Friendly to outsiders 1,Peaceful


1,Village gets one roll 1,Citadel gets [Dice.1d3] rolls 1,City gets [Dice.1d4]+1 4,Single God talks to high priest via an artefact in a shrine 4,Single God talks to high priest via an artefact in a temple 6,Artefact picks up garbled static from many gods which is interpreted by shrine priests 2,Astronomer interprets the will of heaven by some arcane theory 4,A shaman cares for the community, communing with the spirits 4,A druid cares for the community and dealing with nature 4,A sorcerer leads a cult with active membership and vice 4A witch performs services to needy villagers and lives near 3,Religion is entwined with state cult such as a city god cult 2,A wizard in a tower preaches philosophy and science, educates common folk 3,Peasants left alone and follow local petty gods, priest or shaman acts as interpreter 4,Ancestors worshiped by communing with or as undead, priest or shaman acts as interpreter 4,Music, poets and bards are the holy folk here 2,Monastery serves the locals 4,Lone hermit cave services the community 6,A monster near the community takes sacrifice for favours 3,A dryad and her grove or a naiad pool is the local cult 1,A dark well is a night hag pit and she may accept sacrifice and defend her people 1,An elemental node has a being of some kind the locals give thanks too 2,A creature lives in the barn, or a stove and acts as the village defender and sage 2,A psion school or teacher is in these parts 1,Materialist philosophers, different sects teach different magic 1,Religion here is a sham run by sorcerers or rogues for profit and abuse 1,Religion here is a sham run by fake priests with no special powers 1,Fake potion making racket has community fooled 1,A death cult ruled by a necromancer or evil priest 5,Alignment fanatic church here to wage cosmic war Law, Chaos or Good or Evil or other 3,A warrior order or school or fighting style 2,Mercantile fraternal brotherhood run everything financial and have rituals like processions 1,Sincere but insane cult, exploited by a monster or wicked men or waiting to be exploited 1,Charismatic cultist destroying community and plans to move on to next with lies 2,A different race acts as a spiritual adviser with strange results 1,Locals appease goblinoids with sacrifice, they may protect their investment 1,Witch hunters control faith, power predicated on persecuting rival faith 1,Inquisitors hunt those who commit heresy against ruling gods law 2,Templar order following military god on a crusade 1,Monster hunter club with hunter shrine 1,Adventurer HQ usually based around pub, multiple shrines of adventurer gods 1,Imperial Missionaries spreading faith and trade and language, shrine 1,Megalith and earth mound builders protect gods sacred places and use for ceremonies 1,Cannibal cult practice eating enemies and unwelcome visitors and make undead with scraps 1,Community predicated on magic monument building cult with promises of great reward 1,People here directly in psionic communion with god, all networked with temple


1,Thief tries to rob party 1,Organised crime spy on party for profit opportunity 1,Organised crime try to infiltrate party with sob story or offer of service 1,Criminal gang wary of power balance of land try assassination of party 1,Faction plant evidence on party to pin a crime on them 1,Eyes spy on party through air ducts 1,Feral children take a interest in party 1,Local vermin menace party 1,Local beast follows party 1,Scruffy beggar offers to tell party secret or story of treasure 1,Local scholars seek knowledge of distant lands 1,Local scholars and magicians seek knowledge of foreign magical arts 1,Local bards sing of heroes virtues and deeds 1,local bards sing mocking dirty stories of party 1,Local magician wishes to talk with party and possibly accompany them a while 1,Local seeks to duel foreigners to assess fighting arts 1,Local magician seeks to challenge foreign magicians 1,Local seducer seeks romantic entanglement with exotic stranger 1,Local slaver thinks party hot property tries trickery or ambush 1,Local healer seeks to learn on foreign medical practices 1,Local zealot cries for with hunt against parties 1,Disease outbreak, foreigners blamed 1,Murder outbreak, strangers blamed as killers 1,Horrible local parasite or fungal infection 1,Building collapses on party 1,Floor collapses into forgotten catacomb 1,Fire outbreak endangers party 1,Flood of water, possibly damages property and drowning 1,Strange weather outside affects where party staying 1,Local party animals seek strangers for good times 1,Moral crusaders preach about interacting with outsiders 1,Local foodstuff spreads disease or poison to strangers unused to it 1,Strange noises heard from drains and air vents 1,Secret society seek to spy on and kill strangers 1,Hidden cult seek foreign sacrifices nobody will miss 1,Hidden monster living in bowels of city want a party member or possession 1,Ghost seeks help or revenge from strangers so it can rest 1,Poltergeist or spirit angered by strangers 1,Doppelganger in disguise tries to infiltrate party 1,Rival adventurers constantly challenge party to eating, drinking or dancing or music contests 1,Rival party boast they can perform greater deeds of glory 1,Rival party arrested for doing similar deeds to party 1,Rival party has old friend or family member of party member 1,Rival party has old enemy of party member 1,Rival party hostile and seek to kill and rob party 1,Bounty hunters seek party from past deeds 1,Shape shifting monster seeks to rob party 1,Priest and cult assassins pose as adventurers seek party sent by wicked gods 1,Undead horror from crypts below interested in party 1,Dormant artefact awakens in presence of a party member 1,Innkeeper offers cheap priced crap left by adventurers 1,Innkeeper has some funny old potions for sale 1,Innkeeper has a thing in the basement causing trouble 1,Innkeeper has a troubling customer he wants help removing 1,Innkeeper offers reward for recovering debt from bad customer 1,Creature or local tries to charm party member with spell 1,Creature or local tries to curse party member 1,Creature tries to infect party member with it’s horrible offspring 1,Creature lays eggs in party baggage 1,Local secretes something valuable in party baggage 1,Local leaders have quest for adventurers 1,Local leaders have a fugitive that needs hunting 1,Local leaders have problem in citadel and cannot use locals 1,Local leaders put out warrant for party fir upsetting status quo 1,Local leaders need heroes to slay a creature disrupting local citizens 1,Parents offer adventurers their children as apprentices for discount 1,Parents offer adventurers their children for marriage for discount 1,Slave broker offers cheap slaves for crazy discount low low prices 1,Mercenary broker offers discount rates for local missions 1,Local bard offers to accompany party for a while for inspirations 1,Government tax collectors claim % of party cash 1,Government demands licence fees for weapons, adventuring, looting rights, etc 1,Government customs officials inspect party baggage for unwelcome imports 1,Government agents interrogate party looking for spies or security threats 1,Government law enforcers interrogate party looking for criminals and fugitives troublemakers 1,Child or pet falls down drain or well 1,Something from drain or well grabs child or pet or attractive youth and drags to depths 1,Floor collapses into catacombs where creatures lurk 1,Creatures dwell in secret using secret doors and air vents to spy and kidnap people 1,Secret morlock enclave kidnaps victims for cannibalism and slavery target party 1,Secret lycanthrope sect seek to blame party for murder sprees 1,Serial killer plants evidence of party on murder victim 1,Diseased or parasite animal bites party member 1,Party exposed to diseased waste or sewerage 1,Gang targets party with abuse looking for a rumble 1,Local festival of food and drink and wild parties 1,Solemn religious parades and prayer, business closed 1,Statues of gods led through streets, feasting and festivities 1,Day of mourning, funeral rites and feasts 1,Gift giving festival, visitors expected to be involved in local customs 1,Find strange unrecognised relic of the past in market place for sale 1,Find ancient text and art and maps on walls in form of relief artwork detailing lost loot 1,Find ancient manuscript in market or library describing local ancient ruins 1,Find ancient map of sub-world on back of recycled document or artwork 1,Find scrolls stuffed inside mattress or pillow 1,Cursed items for sale in market place 1,Riot breaks out in market place due to local tensions, party caught in middle 1,Shortages or food or lodging or water make prices and availability steep 1,Beggar offers to show secret subterranean catacombs under the citadel 1,Clue discovered to open ancient gateway hidden in citadel


3,Defence 2,Merchant 2,Foreign 2,Manufacturing 2,Ghetto


1,Merchant 1,Church 1,Library 2,Greenhouse 2,Manufacturing 1,Ghetto 3,Middle Housing 1,Stadium


2,Middle Housing 2,Church 1,Library 1,University 1,Museum 1,Stadium 1,Garden 1,Merchant 2,Palace


1,Cistern 1,Mine 2,Catacombs 1,Garden 1,Greenhouse 1,Shelter 1,Storage 1,Ghetto 1,Power Station 1,Transit Tunnels 1,Dungeon


1,Niches with skeletons 1,Niches with coffins 1,Piles of bones often arranged in macabre stacks 1,Bundles of human remains 1,Mummified bodies in niches 1,Artwork depicting gloomy afterlife 1,Graffiti some very ancient 1,Insignia and shrines of long lost or hidden cult 1,Signs of habitation by criminal gang 1,lair of some kind of monster that has found a home here 1,Signs of a sweatshop 1,Stone sarcophagi


1,A tiny shrine with idols, simple stone slab altar or artwork in a niche or small room 1,A small church with room for a dozen worshipers and accommodation for holy teacher 1,A temple with room for up to a hundred worshipers and several staff 1,A cathedral with room for up to a thousand with many chambers, staff and artworks 1,An abandoned shrine to a long lost cult mostly dust covered 1,A hidden shrine with disguised entrance to secret cult chamber 1,A shrine which acts as a place of healing 1,A mausoleum with hundreds of interred dead and a chapel 1,A monumental scale work of devotional artwork such as a huge statue or stained glass 1,An oracle where locals come for divination, prophecy and advice 1,Monastery or nunnery where devotees live lives of simplicity and contemplation 1,A fully functional temple where holy folk commune with a god with holy guardians


1,Huge vaulted water supply of good water with many chambers connected by arched tunnels 1,A maze of sub canals with dock with boats used for transport 1,Huge wells going deep into subterranean water filled caverns and waterways 1,Chambers with underground springs and crystal deposits 1,Spectacular ancient bathhouse with steam rooms and swimming pools 1,Fungus garden of exotic narcotic and edible stuff lit by dim phosphorescent glow 1,Huge cisterns full of sewerage, possibly flammable gas and unwelcome creatures 1,Sewer tunnel complex like a nightmare maze crawling with critters 1,Water treatment area where contaminated water stored and filtered 1,Slime encrusted grotto overgrown with strange growths from tainted water 1,Garbage filled cistern filled with citadel trash and drain water and sewerage 1,Lair of someone or something uses water for secret movement beneath citadel


1,Guardhouses everywhere to police area, often with view of outside and alarm device. 1,Gatehouses with massive doorways and mechanisms possibly murder holes and traps 1,Lockup or stocks where vagrants and miscreants and enemies are temporarily detained 1,Observation towers with view of outside or a district with communications of some kind 1,Recruiting centres where new troops are trained and drilled and drafted from populace 1,Barracks where troops eat, sleep when not on duty 1,Armoury is a guarded store house of armaments and weapons and repair facilities 1,Drill hall or square where troops march and perform drill in large open area 1,Secret police HQ is well defended complex where spies, assassins and other agents work 1,Martial art school where some specialist school of fighters train under a master 1,Training area with firing range, commando course, test dummies and other aids 1,Garage or stables for mobile defence forces


1,A huge prison with cells, work yards and security gates and barracks 1,A huge maze of torture equipment and cells with imprisoned victims in appalling conditions 1,A mental hospital where mentally ill are kept in despairing conditions 1,A hospital where deformed, disfigured, disabled and mutants are kept in horrible conditions 1,A sweatshop of imprisoned labourers usually chained at workbenches 1,A workhouse for orphans, single mothers, delinquents and other unwanted youths 1,Slave yard where slaves work and are sold and bred, possibly of a different people 1,A cursed series of catacombs overrun by undead and supernatural evil 1,Overrun by creatures and monsters of all sorts and long abandoned by citadel residents 1,A hidden complex of morlock kidnappers eating citizens in secret 1,Humanoids like goblins or kobolds have taken over area as a homeland 1,Heavily sealed and trapped, something sealed in here best forgotten long ago


1,Embassy where a foreign power officials dwell for international affairs 1,Enclave where outsider culture practice own way of life, microcosm of foreign culture 1,Inns where foreigners stay while visiting often in groups for guests of varied status 1,Taverns where foreigners and locals mingle over food and drink 1,Brothels where exotic prostitutes cater to tastes of many lands 1,Custom house where foreigners are registered and taxed 1,Quarantine hospice where diseased or those suspected of disease are kept 1,Schoolhouse where languages and customs of citadel or other lands are taught 1,Zoo where foreign beasts are kept for amusement or out of suspicion 1,Fairgrounds where travelling carny and circuses set up their seedy excuses for fun 1,Slavemarkets where foreigners can be bought and sold 1,Warehouses of foreign goods are stored


1,Pleasure garden with scented edible plants, narcotics and roaming prostitutes 1,Herbalist garden where scholars, cooks, pharmacists and herbalists grow exotic supplies 1,Drug crops often guarded and exclusive to elites or sect 1,Sporting green for games and competitions of all kinds with snack stalls 1,Children’s park where kids and carers frolic with harmless creatures and gentle trees 1,Botanical park where plants of many lands are kept for educational purposes 1,Zoological park where beasts many lands are kept for educational purposes 1,Lovers park where youths come for holding hands and other liaisons 1,Theme park with extravagant entertainment, rides, stalls, clowns and other fun 1,Abandoned park gone feral with unwelcome beasts and gangland fights 1,Royal park where elites only frolic amidst tasteful decor and artwork 1,Water park with streams, ponds, thermal springs and exotic fish in tanks


1,Orderly worker barracks where dwellers shuffle of despairing to workshops daily 1,Cottage crafters where dwellers operate light industry and sleep among workbenches 1,Crime filled gang turf neighbourhood where lawmen and other services avoid 1,Horrible area with decaying buildings and disease ridden starving inhabitants 1,Old neighbourhood with mostly geriatric population few young desperate to escape from 1,Open gang war with kidnapping, murder, extortion and frequent brawls 1,Controlled by local gang who charge tax and act as officials and run best black markets 1,Powderkeg of dissent with revolutionaries and demagogues driving people to boilingpoint 1,Cruel police suppress this area due to constant riots. Brutality drive resistance underground 1,Fire trap frequently redeveloped and rebuilt with new fires being common 1,Rebuilt by well meaning officials but flawed and already in decay 1,Strong folk community who take care of own live charming idyllic cultured lives


1,Monoculture of single crop with specialized tools and chemicals and labour 1,Mixed gardens with many variety of crops and animals 1,Eco garden which appears wild and unkept but is a thriving ecosystem 1,Hydro garden with crops grown in nutrient sollution 1,Aquaculture farm with fish, eels, lampreys and shellfish grown in tanks 1,Bug farm with insect and larvae farming, often low maintenance 1,Wild greenhouse of savage ecology mobile plants or fungi 1,Algae farm grown for food and biofuel 1,Soylent green processing plant where miracle manna made to secret process 1,Overgrown with toxic slimes and fungus and inhabited by unwelcome creatures 1,Culture farm where huge vats of bacteria and yeast bubble constantly 1,Huge bloated humanoids plumbed into refinery producing nutrient


1,Huge collection of dusty tomes in a maze of enormous shelving 1,Scrolls kept in tubes in collections in huge shelves 1,Scriptorium where documents are copied by hand by scribes 1,Tablet collection in huge shelves, tablets of clay, stone, jade and wood 1,A school for youths to learn basics of writing and technical trades 1,A monastery of holy folk rote learning lineages and poems handed down through time 1,Citadel records of citizens birth, death, marriages, and other administrative records 1,Collection of relief art carved in stone or painted on walls or stele in galleries 1,Crumbling mess of damaged books, rotting shelves with no organisation and vermin 1,Ancient AI brain with huge data bases and programmer priests 1,Collection of networked immortal brains in serial holding collective wisdom 1,Computerised data stacks in banks or tape reel and card reading machines


1,Huge sweatshops where workers sleep and work for life 1,Industrial factory with rows of workers tending machines in unison 1,Robotic assembly lines with android workers in sealed system 1,Slave workshop with other race or species, visitors kept out 1,Huge smelting facility with men or androids or golems or morlocks toiling in horrendous heat 1,Huge workshop with separate cottage craftsmen skilfully making goods 1,Docile subhumans bred or lobotomized for compliant labour in sweatshop 1,Shoggoths imprisoned in great vaults working on all manner of goods 1,Huge mills with children scuttling among deadly spinning apparatus 1,Animals or slaves turning huge wheels powering mills 1,Gremlins, gnomes or goblins bound in sweatshop with enchantment 1,Steaming factory populated by morlocks in exchange for human flesh


1,Market square filled with barrows, pushcarts and wagons with small stalls 1,Warehouse district with huge stockpile of bulk goods available 1,Spacious clean post-industrial supermart with androids serving prepacked goods 1,Banks of atomic powered replicators creating food and goods operated by priests 1,Rows of tiny specialist shops in a mall with street vendor food and drinks 1,Rows of vending machines, actually with gremlins or goblins inside 1,Rows of vending machines, with variety of packaged goods 1,Automated warehouse with AI terminal and priest programmer as storekeeper 1,Department store with various specialist sections with individual sales staff 1,General stores with clutters of goods and crotchety old shopkeepers 1,Shifty blackmarket with goods sold off back of carts, no questions asked 1,Huge junk heap and plies of goods tended by crazy old man with big dog


1,Rows of apartment blocks with doormen controlling access 1,Large courts with fine houses separated with gatehouses and gatekeepers who limit access 1,Rows of multi story shared houses with nosey neighbours and patrolmen militia 1,Well to do large houses with courtyards with large families including students 1,Huge towers with automated elevators, laundry services heating and lighting 1,Decrepit high rise apartment with decaying walls and failing infrastructure 1,Large organic shaped open living areas with gardens and communal living space 1,Biological habitats with food growing from walls with ecology of cleaning critters 1,Highly mechanised apartments with labour saving devices built in 1,Family and extended clan communes with shared enclosed spaces 1,Subdivided decrepit old palaces size of city blocks turned into hundreds of units 1,Modular living habs built in stacks in huge clusters like giant children’s blocks


1,Winding hand carved labyrinth in stone following ancient veins 1,Mine shafts deep into earth and into natural cavern system 1,Even wooden beamed tunnel complexes winding methodically into the earth 1,Incredible maze of tunnels with remnants of rail systems, pipes, beams and miner housing 1,Concrete supported tunnels with remains of mining machines 1,Buzzing with activity complex full of kobolds, goblins or gnomes or morlocks 1,Active mine pit with clockwork bronze automatons or golems or robots or androids 1,Otherworldly beings like elementals or devils toiling earth resentful of human spies 1,Slaves possibly bred morons or of other race to citadel working selves to death 1,Long abandoned mine system overgrown with fungus and crawling with subterranean life 1,Colossal cavern with giant machines or giants or cyclopses working at seams 1,Tunnel complex dug by titanic worms burrowing deep into earth


1,Historic artefacts telling story of the citadel and its denizens through the ages 1,Apocalypse museum telling story of the fall of the ancients containing borgs and weapons 1,Museum telling what local experts believe ancients lived like before apocalypse 1,Art museum of paintings, sculpture and fine design of citadel and other lands 1,War museum of cities battles and struggles of the past 1,Heroes museum of leaders, scholars, magicians, athletes, warriors and holy folk 1,Black museum of hidden lore, well guarded and filled with alien relics of the elder gods 1,Natural history museum of stuffed animals, meteors, fossils, bottled creatures and insect displays 1,Museum of erotic culture with displays on sex from many cultures and species 1,Space museum with retro space suits, re- entry pods, rovers, alien heads in jars, flying saucer 1,Industry and industrial museum with displays of tools and technical progress 1,Propaganda museum of how citadel superior to other civilizations


1,Fabulous throne room for leaders to impress the common citizens with processional stairs 1,Private royal palace for ruling clan with gilded furnishings and hundreds of paintings 1,Fabulous crystal palace of special grown crystal with strange holographic echoes of past 1,Harem palace for consorts of elites and their children heavily guarded 1,Palace of justice with courthouses, execution facilities and holding cells 1,Hotel for foreign dignitaries, rich merchants and locals wishing a taste of luxury 1,Casino where locals lose money in opulent setting 1,Run down palace for older retired dignitaries and officials 1,Assembly hall for leaders to debate law and public policy 1,Palace for elites with hundreds of secret passages and rooms hiding some awful secret 1,Palace for religious or spiritual leaders filled with art and symbolic designs 1,Ruined ancient palace long sealed with unwelcome animals and monsters


1,Huge fuel powered generators with massive fuel stockpiles of biodiesel, petrochemicals or coal 1,Atomic reactor slightly leaky with drums of waste stacked everywhere 1,Nuclear or fusion powered sealed low reassure safe system running smoothly automatically 1,Meat slurry fuel plant requiring corpses and animal remains to maintain 1,Solar battery supplied by conversion cells on citadel surface 1,Huge crystalline core plant draws power from hyperspace, adds mass to universe 1,Huge battery and antenna array draws power from planet or broadcast from space 1,Titanic shoggoth captured in vault manually cranks turbine 1,Tubes of algae throughout citadel surface grown and converted to fuel 1,Sewerage from population and animals converted to biofuel for generator 1,Geothermal plant with huge pipelines going deep into earth 1,Windmills turbines on citadel surface or subterranean water turbine or wavefarm


1,Science bunker where scientists work on weapons of war, possible remnants of research loose 1,Huge chambers for general population for a week or so 1,Bunker where elites can survive for hundreds of years 1,Bunker for elites has been forgotten and overrun by unwelcome creatures or entities 1,Bunker with automated clone banks to create new race if occupants killed 1,Bunker has been forgotten with former citadel folk in hibernation 1,Bunker overrun with organised crime gangs 1,Shelter used by secret cult for forbidden rites of evil 1,Morlocks or goblinoids or mutants dwell in secret preying on citadel population 1,Contaminated frozen undead, mutants or worse ready to arise 1,Used by political faction to prepare army of terrorist or revolutionary thugs 1,Past population came down during disaster now in hiding or unaware of outside


1,Huge square for rulers to address public rallies with podiums 1,Huge gladiatorial arena for blood sports with men and beasts 1,Race track for vehicles (like chariots or jetbikes) or beasts 1,Fighting pit for lowbrow dirty blood sports many illegal 1,Green sports field for games like stickball and kickball 1,Waterpark with pools for leisure, racing and aquatic games 1,Park with obstacle course and playground equipment for adults and children 1,Speakers square where public can hear various debates and talkers on soapboxes 1,Theatrical arena for dramatic and comedy performances 1,Public gymnasium with equipment and areas for track and field events 1,Rings for wrestlers, martial artists and duellists for training and public sport 1,Exhibition halls for craft competitions and trade shows


1,Huge silos for citadel food supplies in long term storage 1,Cold store with huge frozen food warehouses 1,Huge warehouses for city trade goods and supplies 1,Storage lockers rented for citizens personal storage needs 1,Huge cryopod centre with frozen people, animals, embryos, animals, seeds 1,Shantytown of storage lockers where poor citizens live if can’t afford ghettos 1,Toxic waste depository with thousands of leaking metal drums and concrete blocks 1,Run down forgotten warehouse squatted by youth gangs or criminals or cults 1,Huge warehouse housing machinery abandoned due to part shortage or ignorance 1,Armoury for weapons decommissioned or forbidden by law or treaties 1,Huge cellars filled with bottles and barrels of wine and alcohol 1,Forgotten warehouse occupied by morlocks, mutants or monsters


1,Station for local tube train system to other local places of interest often in a loop 1,Station of ancient intercontinental vacuum sub trains long abandoned 1,Long forgotten pipelines for gas or fluids many now occupied by unwelcome creatures 1,Entry to natural caverns now crawling with life in dynamic ecology 1,Secret tunnels for military and government agents 1,Emergency tunnels for evacuations sometimes used by unauthorised persons 1,Tunnel complex for farmers to bring food and goods into the citadel 1,Long collapsed sub roadway now occupied by wild creatures 1,Tunnel complex dug by morlocks or kobolds or some other race 1,Tunnels used by locals but dug by giant creatures like worms or moles 1,Tunnels to long forgotten subworld or ancient city 1,Tunnels to subterranean kingdom with artificial sun


1,School for middle class residents to learn literate and technical trades 1,School for elites to learn sciences, arts and magical skills 1,School is a front for teaching forbidden black arts 1,District with clusters of private schools and tutors 1,Military school teaching elite troops and officers 1,Trade school teaching basics of industry and agriculture 1,Philosopher schools teaching debate and what passes for logic around here 1,Monastic school teaching with strict discipline 1,Research school with mammoth library and dedicated to advancement 1,Mad science facility with research into weapons and doomsday devices 1,Hospital providing healing for masses and teaching of healers 1,Arcane school teaching secrets of science and sorcery


1,Fortifications including sharpened stakes, tank traps, mines, trenches and walls 1,Farmland with farmers shacks and barns, people retreat in citadel in emergencies 1,Sprawling slum with crudely made dwellings with population usually not allowed inside 1,Water features with moats, ponds, lakes stocked with fish and waterfowl 1,Windmills or solar panels or salt ponds or algae lakes for power or fuel generation 1,Garden earthworks with fruit trees, strange follies, shrines and statues 1,Ruins of ancient city or abandoned town sprawl around city with unwelcome residents 1,Tents and wagons of foreign travellers and nomads who seasonally visit for trade 1,Pits of garbage, polluted discoloured pools, pits, mounds of dirt and other crap 1,Dense vegetation grown for food and defence including thorns and toxic plants 1,Biological slime lake of gelatinous goop, fungi or shoggoth matter used for food and defence 1,Open mine pits, factories, mills and other industrial structures possibly abandoned


1,Defences bristling with battlements, turrets, guns, towers, observation posts and guards 1,Vegetation with food and industrial resources with animals and birdlife and streams 1,Wind mills or solar panels or algae tubes for power production 1,Highly reflective shiny glittering surface resistant to energy weapons 1,Force shield wall of energy protecting citadel from threats 1,Scared pitted ruined appearance from battle and environmental damage 1,Organic coral or flesh or vegetal coating giving citadel natural appearance 1,Rocky coating resembling natural stone formation possibly keeps hidden 1,Covered in antenna, dishes, radar domes, cameras, neon signs and electrical transformers 1,Crystalline tiles or solid sheathe coating highly impervious and beautiful 1,Shambling huts, shacks and tents of impoverished class 1,Magnetic field containing plasma or magical energy field for defence


1,Antenna and radar array for communication and threat detection 1,Holographic projector can conceal citadel or render invisible 1,Colossal super weapon for siege an or air defence, keep all in fear 1,Teleporter array to transport goods or people to other places on Psychon or space 1,Psionic amplifier crystal array expands mental or magic powers 1,Astronomers observatory where scientists or astrologer wizards study the sky 1,Landing bay for aircraft, shuttles or airship docking bay 1,Huge lamp array can illuminate whole area around citadel or pinpoint intruders 1,Corona or aurora of energy (plasma or magical) visible over whole hex 1,Weather control beacon used to stabilize local weather or use for defence 1,Beanstalk elevator or cable car monofilament tethered to geostationary orbital


6,nonfunctional, not repairable 4,nonfunctional, requires extensive repairs 1,nonfunctional, repairs ongoing 1,functional


1,A species of guard beast is used throughout the citadel like mutant dog or watch plant 1,Close circuit tv surveillance everywhere operated from secret control room 1,Advanced door security throughout citadel with thumb or retinal scanner 1,Massive bulkhead doors can divide floors or section off districts in emergency 1,Areas can be flooded with gas in an emergency 1,Fire control system sprays foam over any room or section with open flame 1,Warning klaxons sound during emergencies or when police seek criminals 1,Air vents with fans circulate air around citadel and allow unauthorised passage 1,Feral kids or kobolds or goblins dwell in the drains stealing stuff 1,Drug plants or mushrooms common, many population in drugged stupor 1,Cannibalism endemic among many citizens, some develop laughing sickness 1,Dueling common but possibly illegal, diminishes elites constantly 1,Zombie virus infects many who become undead when they die of any causes 1,A horrible lich dwells in depths or secret chamber plotting citadels fall 1,Lycanthropy problem in lower parts of city, investigators search for culprits 1,Mad witch hunters persecute innocents with paranoia 1,Covens of witches causing problems with curses and charms 1,Patches of horrible corrosive slime and jelly grow if dank places 1,Horrible corrosion and decay run rife in some sections spreading slowly 1,Mutations among populations of some sections and are marginalized by unchanged 1,Criminal clans battle for control of city and infiltrate the citadel rulers 1,Battle damage has created outside openings and opened long sealed sections 1,Hidden sect seek lost sections of citadel for secret to gain power 1,Contaminants have reduced life span and birth rate, immigration keeps city going 1,Burned out closed sections have attracted unauthorised squatters 1,Flooded abandoned level has unwelcome inhabitants 1,Psionic or magical adepts in populace secretly trying to take control 1,Cult serving demon or warborg from a subworld weakening city from within 1,Parasitic infection through city slowing many citizens to lethargy 1,Army from other hex or subworld siege citadel regularly 1,Serial killer problem in most districts public in terror 1,Arson and fire problems plague several districts 1,Mad bomber terrorists trying to bring down social order 1,Repressed religion or magic school fighting to survive 1,Leaking sewerage problems spread disease and contaminate food 1,Insects crawling everywhere spoiling food, biting babies and pets, eating old people 1,Genetically modified bugs keep everything clean, locals barley notice them everywhere 1,Gangs of robbers in run down areas and outside citadel 1,Thief guilds thrive and even elite ones among ruling castes 1,Public bath houses very popular centres of recreation 1,Cruel games and sports commonplace in streets among all classes 1,Something in city preying upon children concerning populace 1,City gambling mad and bet on anything with different possible outcomes 1,City full of sex trade, pornography and lewd behaviour 1,Plague commonplace with high death rate, some districts decayed and corpse strewn 1,Homeless war veterans everywhere begging on streets tolerated by officials 1,Highly militarised population in fear of invasion, demagogues rally people to war 1,Highly superstitious and interested in occultism and magic, symbolism everywhere 1,Locals all keep pets and love animals of all kinds, critters running everywhere 1,Highly developed private transport including light rail and minicars 1,Ancient goods in high circulation here, locals very enthused by ancients 1,AI god manages city system and assists city rulers, has a local cult also among populace 1,Swarms of flying animals around city like owls, bats, pigeons or weird hybrids 1,Crazy dangerous action sports all the rage like paragliding, rappelling, monster taunting 1,Replicants infiltrating city managed by secret faction or hostile artificial beings 1,Other planar beings trying to infiltrate citadel elites, some locals suspicious 1,Citadel celebrates adventurers like rock stars with parades and fan cults 1,Citadel produces colonist caravans to spread to other hexes 1,Desperate for raw materials, pay high prices, days possibly numbered as viable 1,Unstable structure, some areas collapsing, some substandard repairs 1,Visitors subject to lengthy quarantine or ritual purification procedures 1,Visitors welcomed with floral wreathes, candy and concubines 1,Surveillance drones commonplace observing populace 1,Regular festivals and carnivals in party town, drunken revelry is commonplace 1,Golems, Gargoyles, androids or robots disguised as architectural features defend citadel 1,Gremlins run amok eating food stores and sabotaging everything to torment dweller 1,Built from materials or charmed to block astral or ethereal beings or scrying devices 1,Building dampens psionic or magic from operating inside its walls 1,Fungi growing out of control in sections with toxic spores and hostile mobile fungus 1,Care takers and servants (robots or golems or other) kill mess makers 1,Minute doll size humans live in secret spaces in the city hiding from the giants 1,Pits of monsters used to punish criminals 1,Locals practice monster breeding as a science, some escape into wilds or abandoned districts 1,Non corporeal spirits haunt many areas, abandoned sections and corridors by night 1,Musical citadel with wind chimes, whistling walls, drums, gongs and trumpets used constantly 1,Takes on haunted demeanor by night with storms and howling beasts 1,Whole complex is living and aware, possible responsible for disappearances 1,Refrigerated chilled complex with ice and frozen stalactites in coolest sections 1,Hot house dripping with condensation, sweaty, stuffy and sultry 1,Covered in murals of heroic warriors, mighty leaders and founders 1,Spectacular mosaics with even semiprecious stones in richest areas depicting history 1,Morbid gloomy residents display skulls and remains of ancestors and funerary art 1,Citizens wear carnival or cult masks when dealing with outsiders 1,Caste system with different dress, makeup and possibly race or species 1,City decorated with trash of the ancients, citizens convinced they live as before apocalypse 1,Rulers are virtually immortal due to technological or magical wonder 1,Famed for a magical spring kept secure in temple, healing or oracle possible 1,Class of aristocratic bullies pick on strangers and visitors and locals 1,People are highly accomplished fighters who have weekly battle drills 1,Citizens pay tribute to a great monster bringing great shame to citadel 1,A horrible beast lurks the corridors by night slaying those who breach the curfew 1,A monster lurks the lands around the citadel by night eating any foolish enough to be outdoors 1,Locals are mad for sport competition such as ball game, track events, racing or fighting 1,Sacrifices to gods regular from daily to mass sacrifices on special occasions 1,Gods demand citadel citizens sacrificed by being beamed up to orbitals every so often 1,Great beast under city imprisoned and used as natural resource by citizens 1,Some bizarre currency such as soul contracts, human hearts, live goblin babies, etc 1,Covered in gang graffiti, some from earliest post apocalypse times, changes often 1,Famous oracle attracts travellers from distant lands for poetic divination 1,Huge vault unopened from ancient days has famous puzzle or riddle to open


1,sleep 1,confusion 1,madness 1,fear


1,poison 1,hallucinations 1,mutations 1,disease


1,solar reflectors fire solar beam by day 1,nausea and retching 1,dancing fever 1,poisons and dead victims become zombies


1,weather control 1,gateway 1,change-users-species 1,time gate



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  • unusual_features
  • fear_of
  • strange_pets
  • language
  • odd_sound
  • odd_taste
  • cloud_activity
  • cloud_type
  • unusual_cloud
  • electromagnetic_activity_chance
  • electromagnetic_activity
  • aurora_effect
  • weather
  • typical_weather
  • exotic_weather
  • weather_storm
  • weather_ice
  • weather_fire
  • weather_quake
  • weather_chem_cloud
  • weather_biological
  • weather_pollen
  • weather_aurora
  • weather_mutagens
  • weather_nanite_swarm
  • weather_psionic
  • weather_manna
  • strange_thing_in_sky
  • extraordinarily_strange_thing_in_sky
  • fell_from_sky
  • water_feature
  • water_encounter
  • island_phenomena
  • asylum_owner
  • base_owner
  • crater_contents
  • village_inhabitants
  • alien_base_inhabitants
  • test_weapon_type
  • pirate_beast_type
  • protector
  • zoo_owner
  • lab_purpose
  • communicating_with
  • castaway_type
  • weird_geology_chance
  • weird_geology
  • terrain_type
  • terrain_desert
  • terrain_tundra
  • terrain_rock
  • terrain_volcanic
  • terrain_forest
  • terrain_jungle
  • terrain_swamp
  • terrain_deathlands
  • terrain_water
  • terrain_manna
  • terrain_developed
  • terrain_hostile
  • terrain_temperature_daynight
  • terrain_temperature
  • terrain_luminosity
  • ruin_tech_level
  • ruin_dwellers
  • terrain_vegetation
  • terrain_weird_vegetation
  • terrain_animal_type
  • animal_alteration
  • animal_terrain_type
  • animal_desert
  • animal_tundra
  • animal_rock
  • animal_volcanic
  • animal_forest
  • animal_jungle
  • animal_swamp
  • animal_deathlands
  • animal_water
  • animal_manna
  • animal_developed
  • animal_hostile
  • farm_condition
  • farm_type
  • farm_animal_improvement
  • hex_weird_content
  • hex_wonder
  • hex_apocalypse_warning
  • hex_disaster
  • hex_border
  • hex_border_common
  • hex_border_fabulous
  • market_variation
  • market_quality
  • market_feature
  • piece_armour_brief
  • piece_armour
  • light_armour_brief
  • light_armour
  • medium_armour_brief
  • medium_armour
  • heavy_armour_brief
  • heavy_armour
  • power_armour_brief
  • power_armour
  • shield_brief
  • shield
  • missile_brief
  • missile
  • melee_brief
  • melee
  • throwing_brief
  • throwing
  • ruin
  • ruin_alien
  • ruin_bunker
  • ruin_crossing
  • ruin_dungeon
  • ruin_educational
  • ruin_factory
  • ruin_garden
  • ruin_hazard
  • ruin_camp
  • ruin_magician
  • ruin_shopping
  • ruin_lair
  • ruin_medical
  • ruin_administration
  • ruin_organic
  • ruin_police
  • ruin_phenomena
  • ruin_residence
  • ruin_secret
  • ruin_temple
  • ruin_underground
  • ruin_military
  • ruin_wastes
  • ruin_black_lab
  • ruin_transit_hub
  • ruin_burial_ground
  • orbital_station_form
  • orbital_station_function
  • orbital_station_condition
  • orbital_station_people
  • orbital_station_civilisation
  • orbital_station_whos_in_charge
  • orbital_station_transit_system
  • orbital_station_orbitals
  • orbital_station_crashed_hab_module
  • underground_structure
  • retail_sub_mall
  • habitat
  • shelter_problems
  • found_vehicle
  • factory
  • storage_contents
  • installation
  • petty_bunker_problems_type
  • petty_bunker_problems
  • petty_bunker_problems_bunker_issue
  • strange_graves
  • civilization_settlement_size
  • civilization_how_homogenous
  • civilization_racial_stock
  • civilization_ruled_via
  • civilization_aggression
  • civilization_religion

4A witch performs services to needy villagers and lives near

  • citadel_events
  • citadel_zone_lower
  • citadel_zone_mid
  • citadel_zone_upper
  • citadel_zone_sub
  • citadel_catacombs
  • citadel_temple
  • citadel_cistern
  • citadel_defence
  • citadel_dungeon
  • citadel_foreign_section
  • citadel_garden
  • citadel_ghetto
  • citadel_greenhouse
  • citadel_library
  • citadel_manufacturing
  • citadel_merchant
  • citadel_middle_housing
  • citadel_mine
  • citadel_museum
  • citadel_palace
  • citadel_power_station
  • citadel_shelter
  • citadel_stadium
  • citadel_storage
  • citadel_transit_tunnels
  • citadel_university
  • citadel_surroundings
  • citadel_surface
  • citadel_crowning_feature
  • citadel_crowning_structure_operational_status
  • citadel_additional_feature
  • spore_effect
  • fungi_effect
  • narcotic_flower_effect
  • pylon_type

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